Comments policy – a further update

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve had to take another look at the comments policy here on the site and revise it in light of events over the weekend. I’ve now done so and the revised and expanded policy is here. For ease of reference, I’ve flagged the new rules that have been added (there are seven of them in all) and have also indicated where parts of the existing policy has been amended. It’d be no harm, though, to re-familiarise yourself with the policy in full.

There are three points about the updated policy that are worth bringing to your attention. The first is that I’ve created a 48-hour post-match window and have stipulated that during this period, those commenting need to be particularly careful about what they say, especially about how individual players have performed in a match that has just occurred. This doesn’t mean that critiques of individual players aren’t allowed, it just means that any such critique has to be an intelligent one, which relates directly to incidents that occurred in the game. So, for example, saying that Mickey Joe was shite, just like he was shite last year isn’t allowed, whereas saying that Mickey Joe performed poorly, having made a number of specified errors over the course of the seventy minutes which had a bearing on the outcome, is fine.

The creation of the 48-hour post-match window doesn’t, of course, mean that the rules about how to critique players don’t apply once it expires (rule 11 remains there unaltered), it’s just that particular attention needs to be given to it during this period and criticisms made must be backed up with specific examples in the game.

The second point is that I’ve stuck in a new rule (15) and also added this point in the one about the post-match window (16) to discourage Chicken Licken, oh-woe-is-us kind of comments. The last thing the rest of us need to be reading after a game, especially a match we’ve lost or haven’t played well in, is the kind of pusillanimous hand-wringing stuff which I fear is becoming all too common of late. That’s not to say that criticisms can’t be voiced about the performance (see above) but weak-willed blubbering is something I think we can all do without.

Lastly, I have now updated the disciplinary process, which will take the form of three-strikes-and-you’re-out. A first offence will result in the comment being deleted and a public warning issued, a second offence will lead to a two-week ban on posting further comments while a third offence will lead to an indefinite ban (which may be lifted after a suitable period has elapsed). Hopefully, this isn’t a road that’ll need to be travelled often if at all.

For well over 90% of those posting comments, these rules will have no impact whatsoever, as everything you post always has been within the rules. An odd few of you inadvertently stray outside the rules now and again, which isn’t a big deal, whereas a smaller minority either can’t or refuse to abide by the rules on a regular basis. It’s this troublesome cohort that this augmented comments policy is designed to deal effectively with, and assuming it does, then the vibrant community that has developed here should continue to flourish into the future. After all, we’re all on the same side here.


51 thoughts on “Comments policy – a further update

  1. Any measures to combat the tone of some of the comments from the past 7 months is welcomed.
    Hopefully, these will be heeded.

  2. No more Blubbering Chicken Lickens! – got it WJ : )

    I do agree with you though, “negativity breeds negativity” and vice versa.

    The “Oh woe is us” brigrade can be hard to listen to sometimes, or read as the case may be.

  3. Agree with your comments on players getting unfair critism but you have to be able to.say if you think that a player is not up to the required standard to play intercounty football
    Any how the team I would select for Sun
    Hennelly T Cunniffe Caf K Higgins L Keegan D Vaughan C Boyle A O S B Moran McLoughlin J Gibbons J Doherty Cillian Freeman B Moran

  4. I disagree Philo – if players are on the county panel, then management (who know far more about them than those sitting in the stands) obviously think they’re inter-county standard. It’s just a lazy putdown to say a player isn’t county standard, which is why it’s not allowed here.

  5. Barry Moran has come from nowhere to fill two jerseys?

    I figure it’s Andy in the corner, so it’s an interesting selection with Gibbons powering through the centre.

    WJ – well done on the new rules and on-going good refereeing performances.

    And on Philor’s main point, I’ve stopped being upset with the kind of player he is referring to. Plain and simple, there are a couple of lads in the panel that can do it at club level but time after time have proven they can’t do the business in the county team.
    And you’re right WJ, the management have been sticking with those couple of lads, but not doing those lads themselves any good or the team any favours. It’s the management that are wrong in this case and it is very annoying!

  6. I agree with you wj, we dont know how hard they train or how much pressure they are under at work or students preparing for exams , the management do

  7. I do like rule 16. Its one of the main reasons i would stay away from site due to all the negative comments. There are plenty of people in bars and clubs with that sort of attitude. Now all but there are plenty. Now looking forward to Derry on Sunday. I will leave the flat at 8am on Sunday for bus and i wont be back till half 7 Sunday nite. Tis like a trip abroad . 🙂

  8. Agree 100% with you Willie Joe. I missed being on the site in the aftermath of the Dublin match but reading what had survived your cull gives me an idea what was happening. And I have to say the ‘ochoning’ and pessimism over the winter was getting a bit wearing. I’m an inveterate optimist myself. Sometimes my optimism is not proven justified but the occasional defeat, even a big one. is easier to carry than perpetual pessimism.
    Anyway here’s to seeing off Derry on Sunday and on to a semifinal with whoever.

  9. Willie you might excuse Philor as I am sure the ‘panel’ he was referring to was that of Roscommon!!

  10. Hi Willie Joe and the Mayo Gang,
    I am very sorry for butting in but fair play Willie Joe I love the new rule about no more slagging the Dubs….that’s a welcome one!! Just kidding by the way before I get Willie Joe killed.

    Take Care All and Roll on Sunday best of luck!
    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  11. Good news is that Derry’s best player Mark Lynch isn’t playing on Sunday.

    The Derry team to play Mayo on Sunday at Castlebar (3pm) is as follows:

    1. Eoin McNicholl (Gleann an Iolair)
    2. Oisin Duffy (Forghleann)
    3. Conor McAtamney (Suaitreach)
    4. Karl McKaigue (Leacht Néill)
    5. Charlie Kielt (Cill Ria) (C)
    6. Mark Craig (Dún Geimhin)
    7. Aidan McAlynn (An Lúb)
    8. Emmett McGuckin (Machaire Fíolta)
    9. Niall Holly (Eoghan Rua)
    10. Aaron Devlin (Baile an Doire)
    11. Danny Heavron (Machaire Fíolta)
    12. Carlus McWilliams (Baile na Scrine)
    13. James Kearney (Suaitreach)
    14. Declan Mullan (Eoghan Rua)
    15. Ciaran McGoldrick (Eoghan Rua)
    16. Thomas Mallon (An Lúb)
    17. Gerard O’Kane (Gleann an Iolair)
    18. Kieran Conway (Baile na Scrine)
    19. Paudie McGuigan (Leacht Néill)
    20. Emmet Bradley (Gleann)
    21. Peter Cassidy (Baile Eachaidh)
    22. Aaron Kerrigan (Clóidigh)
    23. Neill McNicholl (Gleann an Iolair)
    24. Niall McFeely (Fothaír Ghleann)
    25. Ryan Bell (Baile an Doire)
    26. Anthony O’Neill (An Lúb)
    27. Cailean O’Boyle (Leamhaigh)

  12. Well done again WJ, I agree with your changes to the rules. The control you are exerting on this site is one of the main reasons I use it so much. Some Mayo supporters are down right embarrassing in the attitude and perspective. I am an optimist and I always have been. I don’t understand pessimism so I do not deal in it.

  13. I make it that only one of those players, Emmett McGuckin, started last week’s game against Kildare for Derry. Now thats what I call wholesale changes!

  14. yeah, 14 changes for Derry. just what we would have hoped for in terms of this game.

    pre-season i was chalking this one down as a win as i felt we would probably have more to play for than Derry going into this game, granted i thought it was because they would be relegated rather than in the semis. They are obviously really making a go of the playoffs, why else would they rest 14 players!

    We should win on Sunday and now i am even more confidant, just hope we dont give too much away as we could play the Oak Leafers again in a few weeks

  15. I think it’s vital for the development of this current Mayo team to push on now and win the National League. It was a stated goal by JH a few months back after he decided to stay on for one more push. I thought is was an unrealistic goal at the time because of the inevitable slow start that comes in the early league games after contesting the previous all- Ireland’s then going on the team holiday and the late return to collective training combined with the unlucky draw of having more away games than home games most of which coincided with the early part of the league. However with one game left (a home one!) it’s in our own hands. I really think that is a brilliant achievement and right on course for where we need to be at this stage. Let’s be honest here. There is only one team in the country we would consider as good /better than us. That’s Dublin. The only potential unknown is Cork. They have the resources to win an all Ireland every year but I think it’s a big ask to see them contest this year. We have shown in the latest contests with Dublin we can stand toe to toe with them and is believe they see us as their biggest threat. I would love to meet and beat them again on the way to the league final. If that were to happen I firmly believe we will go all the way this year.

  16. Yeah Mike, I heard their manager Brian McIver say that they had 38 players in training and would be using this game to make decisions in terms of how their panel would shape up for the season ahead.

  17. Well done WJ I do hope that a bit of common sense by all is the outcome of your massive effort at keeping the site in shape.
    I would urge you to exercise zero tolerance into the future though as Im sure we will have some rough days ahead for the “lost on the line ” and the ” he’s not county standard” brigade.
    As a proud Mayo supporter I look forward to Sundays battle which no doubt it will be. I saw an interview with Steve McDonnell from early in the year where he strongly tipped Derry to do well in the league.

  18. For me this is very disappointing. I would prefer to be playing a full strength Derry team. Now we really do need to experiment ourselves because from a Derry perspective this is only a challenge match.

  19. Exactly what we should be doing.

    Beats me though why a coming team like Derry (if they are a coming team) want to experiment so much. THEY should be the ones making no changes.

  20. Long time user of this blog well done Willie Joe we are spoiled with the quality of this site and our team

  21. Great stuff WJ.
    “pusillanimous hand-wringing and weak-willed blubbering” …..I reckon there must be tablets for those! -:)

  22. My line up for Sunday would be as follows,



    A. O’Shea

    A. Gallagher

    Cunniffe at no.6 to shut down the central defensive area of the pitch. Vaughan is a terrific athlete and can carry the ball forward but is too loose defensively and leaves the full back area exposed. Cunniffe will hold that position. We must keep a clean sheet on Sunday and we need to show some progress on that front.
    Barrett needs a run out and Harrison, despite a hairy opening 10 mins v Cork and Dublin, needs exposure at this level as I believe he has undoubted ability and will be a mainstay of this side in years to come.
    I would start A. Gallagher as he has shown great potential and performed admirably to date. Like Harrison, I believe he has the technical attributes to play the game at the highest level but he needs experience. Given the wholesale changes to the Derry side I think we have an ideal chance to play some fringe players in a must win game.
    Docherty is there on form and I am a believer in the Higgins experiment. It needs further work but come September, we will have perfected it. I would use McLoughlin in a free roaming role floating between the 2 attacking lines.
    From the bench I would like to get S. O’Shea, Sweeney, McHale, D. Coen & Vaughan in. I would like to see Vaughan used in either midfield or at no.11. Just to have a look at him.

  23. By the way WJ, good work on the house rules. It’s sad that reinforcement of the rules is needed but I’d sooner that than see this wonderful site go off-line. This site provides much needed therapy and solace in our moments of despair. Which have only been twice in 3 years, in fairness.
    Now boys and girls, we can’t say we haven’t been towelt. Behave or it’s bed for the lot of us.
    Hon Mayo.

  24. Your comments Martin the Dub are always between the ditches, unlike some of our guys. But you are a Dub after all, with two very recent AI’s in your pocket and one of them at our expense. So it’s kinda easy to be nice, unlike us who’ve been waiting a lifetime – just saying…..

  25. It might be a challenge match for them but it’s not for us, make changes when the game is won, not before. Seeing as we’ve gotten ourselves this far, a League semi-final is the very least we deserve…..

  26. We take bad results like the world is goin to end. We find it very hard n mayo to keep things n perspective. Heaven one week. Hell the next.

  27. Good to see we’re all calming down, including you W J . Glad to see you didn’t decide to pack it all in.
    I especially like rule 17 , Go to the pub and rant, as I did that night , in Dublin with some family and friends up from home. I ranted about the last two minutes, but at least my audience was small. As I posted earlier, after watching it again on tv, I changed my mind about a few things.
    The 48 hour rule is just what we need. Of course everyone was annoyed that we let them off the hook, but we must remember , this is our team, our neighbours sons, our blood.
    So all together now to our destination .

  28. As a season ticket holder I’m trying to print off the ticket for the Derry Match but it won’t allow me too.. Does anyone know if this is an allocated ticket match or do you just get your card scanned as normal?

  29. Well said, Nephin – those are my exact sentiments. I did my fair share of ranting too coming out of the ground but it was never the kind of stuff that needed to be broadcast to the wider world. And you’re right – they’re our stock, not some overpaid professional soccer team, so they shouldn’t have to take the kind of potshots that someone on a hundred grand a week can afford (literally) to laugh off.

  30. Would be almost certain, it’s scan the card as usual, or not scan as sometimes happens.

  31. Good man Nephin, words of wisdom for sure, and no harm to give Willie Joe a tick either 🙂 Does your name give us a clue as to your home stead ? just wondering as I grew up across the lake from that magnificent mountain, in good old Knockmore …….

  32. It’s scan card also on email was “Please note that only one card per person will be scanned”. must be some people caught chancing their arm.

  33. I’m with Mayo McHale – put them to the sword.

    Then, all going well make the changes, to give time to those that deserved it!

    But for God sake stop the leaks – Keith is a brilliant back, but just an usnthusiatic a regular standard forward. We’re leaking scores at a wholesale rate, so get over it and move him back to a defensive role.

  34. And we learn nothing?
    We already know what those players in those positions can do. We are running out of chances to try new players/new tactics/formations and this Sunday is the time to try them. If we go with your suggestions and we win what have we learned??? We go into the championship none the wiser than last year.

  35. I think it is only the Croke Park matches that you print the tickets offs for. It makes sense really?? The HQ of the GAA and the season ticket doesn’t scan there!!! Mind you, it didn’t scan in a lot of other venues as well 🙂

  36. Derry are not a bunch of mugs. Yes we should beat them easily this weekend but in the event of a rematch in the league semi they will be all guns blazing and are more than capable of winning the league and making an impact later this season. McIver is a shrewd manager and has previous form in breaking mayo hearts in big league games. He managed Donegal to victory over us in the 2007 league final. I would rate them ahead of Donegal and on a par with Tyrone and cork in terms of overall standings going into the championship, i.e. very real contenders

  37. Vaughan at MF….Have we ever tried this….I do not think we have but defo be worth a shot….

  38. Thanks guys.. unlike others here I have been lucky with recording of attendance so far.. fingers crossed for sunday

  39. Hi Mayo McHale,
    I know what its like to be waiting as we had to wait 16 years to get one and I thought we would never see it again when I think of the beatings we got from Kerry, Tyrone and Mayo etc… it was hard to take. Its not easy but I know you guys never lose faith and to be honest you shouldn’t after what I seen on Saturday you have a lot of talent.

    Kind Regards,
    Martin the Dub

  40. Farr,Take 2 at half time,3 at the full whistle,5 if ya are about to post here….n if yarr still down go an have a blhast a pints!

  41. Well I’m not sure what they but they do sound sore don’t they. But I agree that the blast a pints is as good as any! 🙂

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