Comments policy – a reminder

As we face into a new year of football action, it seems an opportune time to remind everyone about the rules on posting comments here on the blog.

People come and go on the blog and, with a new year just getting going, I’m aware that some newbies may not even realise that a comments policy exists for the blog. It does and you’ll find it here.

The house rules are largely self-explanatory. There’s the usual stuff about polite discourse generally, augmented by specific rules about types of comments that have been found to cause trouble down the years.

Pared down to its essentials, if you don’t pick fights with other contributors, steer clear of posting insulting comments about named individuals and are fair-minded in what you have to say about the performances of named players in matches, then the chances are that what you post in the comments will fall well within what’s acceptable from the point of view of the house rules.

There are, happily, no real problems to report on the comments front at the minute. Contributors are doing the bulk of the heavy lifting in this regard, by ensuring that what they post is fair and reasonable, which in turn has meant that the general tenor of the debate in the comments has been positive, constructive and informative.

Thanks to all of you for making this happen and here’s to another year of informed Mayo-related discussion in 2023.

14 thoughts on “Comments policy – a reminder

  1. Thanks to you WJ for providing us with a forum where we can make comments and read interesting and enlightened comments from a large majority of posters. It really is an excellent service for us all.

  2. I must say that the vast majority of posters on this blog are fair and respectful even though we can’t always agree, but that’s what makes it so interesting.

  3. Apolagies at @willie joe for the other day I did not mean to offend anybody or post to many times sorry if I did offend anybody.

  4. Just reading the Tuam Heralds report on last Saturdays FBD game Padraic Joyce was quoted by the media afterwards ” on behalf of Galway football, I’d like to wish Lee Keegan a happy retirement, a great player over the years, a monumental footballer, he probably changed the way defending was done. He could defend, he could attack, he could do everything, a fantastic player and we wish him well in his retirement ”

    Very refreshing by PJ and I must echo his words.

  5. @Willoe joe thanks I also had covid so had a bit of cabin fever I think haha. Great blog and I will make sure not to break any house rules in future.

  6. A lot of respect to PJ for that, hes put Galway football back on the map again and put pride in the jersey after a terrible 15 years from 2002 to 2017.Wasnt long ago Kevin Walsh said there was players refusing to play with Galway.

  7. Well done Willie Joe on putting up guidelines and rules for everyone who contributes articles on here .I will for sure Will be contributing on this blog .Thanks again WJ

  8. I would not get carried away with Galway 2022
    They beat a very weakened Mayo by a point
    Then they drew Armagh and Derry ,2 teams that have not featured for years
    A Rolls Royce performance by Walsh kept them in the final.
    Having said all that winning is great sauce.
    I feel Dublin left the All Ireland behind them and no way Walsh would have been allowed to rule thre roost.

  9. Thing is Jr that Galway should have put Mayo away in that game, if they learn then Mayo are never coming back.

  10. Chesneychet, a word of advice – “should have” and “if they learn” mean sweet fanny adams!
    Mayo would have 4 or 5 all irelands in the last decade if “should” and “if” could be changed to “did”.

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