Confirmation that James is staying on

It’s already been well discussed here and reported elsewhere at this stage but in case you haven’t yet seen it, tonight’s statement from the County Board confirming that James Horan will remain on as manager for next year is here.

It’s obviously great news and it finally brings to an end a full month of speculation about James’ future intentions. And in case anyone is in any doubt about what those intentions are, James didn’t hold back tonight when he stated that “the ambition of this squad is to win an All-Ireland and that is an ambition that drives us all”.

The Board’s statement also confirmed that selector James Nallen won’t be part of the backroom team next year. As well as being with JH every step of the way since his appointment three years ago, the Board’s statement noted that the Crossmolina native has in fact been part of every Mayo squad since 1995. That’s one hell of a commitment and so it’s wholly understandable that Jimmy now needs to step back from his role within the Mayo management team.

James confirmed in the Board’s statement that he is looking to augment his backroom team for next year but that “it’s too early to announce anything” on that front at this stage. No doubt there’ll be further news on this before too awful long.

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  1. Glad to hear that James is staying on. I would like to thank James Nallen for all he has done for Mayo for so many years. Have met him numerous times and he is a true gent! All the best for the future and I’m sure we’ll meet many more times in the future (this side of the line!!)

  2. Delighted that jh is staying on. We can expect another trip next year, as usual. It’ll be interesting to see who’s brought in to boost the forward unit. Best wishes to James nallen, met him once, a very nice fella.
    About the funding for 2014, can the county board or jh designate someone to open an account or set it up better so the people of Mayo can actually put a few euro their way? We have a huge chance of winning Sam with this manager and team. I’m fairly sure people would throw a fiver or tenner in a collection box on a Saturday night or a Sunday after mass. It’s our team after all, if we don’t help them, who will?
    In 130,000 people there’s bound to be one with a business brain that can make 500,000 appear from the fan base and sponsors.
    Now, about those Mayo cuff links…..

  3. I agree, James Nallen has been wonderful servant to Mayo football, a selfless man that always put his club and county before himself. I wish him and his family the very best in everything that he does and hopefully he will return to Mayo football in some role in the not too distant future.

    Also delighted that JH has confirmed he’s staying on for 2014.

    But I wonder does JH’s statement that he “intends to augment his back room team for next year” mean that he recognises an obvious need for a proven experienced tactician as a selector that he will listen to and not add a yes man (or yes men) that he can trust from the environs of his trusted circle.

    ‘Augment’ will hopefully mean that he add someone (or two) that will fill a couple of voids, so we have a better chance of finishing the job next year!

  4. All the best to James Nallen gave his all for his county and is sure to be back when hes finds the time, the meantime i’d say Kevin McStay would be interested in the selector role.

  5. Great news and at least now we can begin to look forward rather than back.

    Sport is however put into perspective at times like this. Tragic news that 22 year old Galway hurler Niall Donoghue has passed away. RIP

  6. But David would that account be to pay for the support of the team or to repay the Bank? That’s the problem

  7. Glad jam horan staying on for another crack at it and best of luck to james nallen who has been a great servant to our county over the years, he really did deserve an all ire . medal with his county to go along with his club all ire. medal. Will be interesting now to see who horan brings in and if he,ll change his management style, hope he changes caff. mind about leaving and to give it 1 more lash with this team as i think there will be more retirements after the next campaign and maybe the last chance saloon for this team as we know it………
    Condolances to our neighbours in Galway on the passing of the young hurler Niall Donoghue.RIP

  8. Any views on who should come in to replace James Nallen.

    Think somebody like David Brady or Michael Moyles would be ideal.

  9. Yes, yes. David Brady would be absolutely ideal. Ringing up Newstalk, Radio 1 and everyone else to let them know exactly what we’re up to in training, at every opportunity. Yes, I couldn’t think of anyone better.

  10. Now that we know that Horan is staying for sure, does anybody think it would be a good idea to get a huge banner made like the “HEFFO” one that the Dubs had on the Hill. Actually they had two. I would suggest an image of Horans face with the trademark baseball cap on the head. Is there anybody on here good at sewing?!!. What the dubs had this year on the Hill looked good. Would it not be great if we had something similar say for the semi-final next year against Kerry. Its the type of thing that would only work on Hill 16 and would be no good at all at places like behind the goal at the graveyard end in Hyde Park. The main problem with all this is of course we have no “Heffo” like figure or former great manager who is worthy of a banner like that. (eg John o’ Mahoney or Maughan or Jack o Shea) (ya, right). Then when Horan does eventually step down we would be stuck with the banner. The banner would then look silly unless Horan did actually deliver the All Ireland during his tenure. I suppose another option is just making some huge green and red banner that would last for years anyway no matter who the manager is. Anyway i think we should make something huge that you can take into Croker. Just a suggestion. Any comments anybody or is it a daft idea? Just trying to inspire our players and help the cause. I’d say them two “HEFFO” banners were worth a pint or 2 to the Dubs.

  11. The name of this great blog tip’s it’s hat to one of our most iconic legends. Any man who has got the most famous lyrics in a favourite song written by Tuam men ( they know good footballers when they see them ) has to be deserving of a banner of his own even if he did never get that elusive Celtic cross.

  12. I know I said that I was giving up coming on here, as a result of numurous overly negative and critical comments by some, but, fuck it, it’s like a drug.
    Terrible news about young, too young, Niall O’Donoghue. It puts all our bitching and moaning about the All Ireland into perspective. As was said above, condolences to our neighbour Galway, his family and team mates.
    I am delighted that Horan is staying on and I think it is the correct decision for all concerned. No doubt he knows better than anyone the failings of last September and I do not think it would have reflected well on him if he had left his post early considering everything that happened in the final.
    We have no God given devine right to an All Ireland appearance, never mind to win an All Ireland, and no-one is going to hand it to you on a plate. You have to earn it. And it looks like we are going to have to earn it the hard way. Deserve has got nothing to do with it either, if that was the case we would have 3 all irelands since ’96.
    As regards a fund where the ordinary folk can contribute? I would definitely be interested in contributing but, only if it went DIRECTLY to help cover the costs of training our inter county teams, i.e. U16’s, minors, U21’s and seniors. Not to pay back inflated loans on over-priced infrastructure. The players should want for nothing.
    An example, SKODA have been pumping more money into underage Tipperary football over the last few years than Cork have been spending on their minor hurlers. The result? Their minors have won 2 of the last 3 Munster football finals and were runners up in this years final to Monaghan. Their U21’s were beaten by Cork in the 2011 Munster semi final and Cork went on to win the All Ireland. They were beaten by Cork in the Munster final this year who in turn lost to Galway in the All Ireland final. So, money alone will not bring success, but, you will not win an All Ireland without having significant financial resources behind you.
    In soccer it’s called “Soccernomics” and in baseball it’s called “Moneyball”.

  13. Nail on the head there SCSA!

    I wouldn’t be inclined to throw in a tenner when I know it’s more than likely going to pay off that white elephant that is McHale Park. What a waste of money and absolutely no one held accountable for the mis-use of funds. Then the same county board has the cheek to warn JH about expenses for his squad, the very squad that is promoting and funding Mayo GAA through their successes.

  14. Not a bad suggestion. Padden has a very distinctive and recognisable face and would look good on a giant banner. Legendary status too. Ticks a few boxes alright.

  15. Hope JH’s selector is not a ‘name’. I’m sure he knows someone who knows something.

    A lot of our ‘names’ seem to spend most of their spare time in TV or radio studios; quite worrying for 2014 when you think of the stuff they come out with.

    Ger Brennan didn’t shake his fist after scoring that massive point, but I’m sure he could be forgiven if he smiled at the thought of Liam McHale’s helpful comments on his inclusion in the Dublin team selection ahead of the final.

  16. Thanks WJ, understood.

    But regardless, JH must bring in someone that brings experience and tactical awareness to the management and he must listen to him.

    We will probably see who it is and their calibre in the coming weeks.

  17. Agree that the replacement for James Nallen should not be a name.

    JH needs a very experience and very tactically aware man that he will respect their opinions and listen to them when selecting teams and during games.

    Does anyone have any serious suggestions from within the county or in neighbouring counties that would fit this profile?

  18.… ya davy, had great time for him as a player but let himself down alot this summer with loads of guff with no substance, like afew more ex players too….

  19. I must be losing it as I thought that Monaghan were runners up to Mayo in this years Minor final. Instead I read that Tipperary were runners up to Monaghan. Must see a doctor, if I can remember that.

  20. I think that pebblesmeller was referring to the Munster final and meant Kerry, not Monaghan! Anyways ya may well be still losing it coz Monaghan were not runners up to mayo either in any final this year! You may mean Tyrone….

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