CONFIRMED: we’re off to Croke Park for Kildare game

It’s just been confirmed officially that our Round 3 qualifier tie against Kildare next Saturday will be played as part of a double-header at Croke Park. The Cavan v Tyrone match will throw in at 5pm and our game afterwards at 7pm. Both matches will also be broadcast live on Sky Sports.

It’s not an ideal outcome, to be honest, for either set of fans – Kildare are losing a home game they’re entitled to while our supporters will have a late trek west after the final whistle – but it’s a decision largely dictated by logistics. St Conleth’s Park wouldn’t have been able to host the game and, with the Irish Derby on at the Curragh the same day, traffic in the locality would have been a bit of a mare (pardon the pun).

Allied to that, Cavan can’t host their home tie against Tyrone as Breffni Park is closed for redevelopment at the minute so the logic of playing the two matches together at HQ is fairly compelling. Plus it’s where the players want to play and it will obviously suit Sky as well.

So Croker it is. Back to HQ for us for the first time since last year’s All-Ireland final. Back to what has become in recent years a bit of a second home for us and where we’ve also played our best football. All told, then, we could be playing this one at a worse venue.

303 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: we’re off to Croke Park for Kildare game

  1. Yeah we have to be happy with this.
    I’m always a lot more confident when I see this team running out in Croke Park. Seems to bring out the best in us.

    It’s unfortunate for Kildare alright, but really they only have themselves to blame.
    The state of their county ground is pretty appalling for a county of their size and recent tradition.
    Still, they’re no strangers to Croke Park either, so a tough test awaits us.

  2. Delighted with that we usually play our best football in croke park.
    Newbridge would’ve being a lot tougher to get a result.

  3. No sympathy for Kildare, probably the only county along with Louth , not capable of hosting a game like this. Tyrone and Cavan fans can’t be too happy, that game could be played in Clones.

  4. Kildare would be crazy to move this game to Croker. looks like the county board (or maybe mgt and players) are digging in their heels on this one and rightly so. For far too long decisions have been made by the top brass in the GAA purely on financial grounds. The choice of venue may not be decided just yet!

  5. Grab All Association indeed and I spent years defending against that tag.

    Makes a mockery of the home draw an I hope Kildare stand their ground and refuse to agree to that fixture. Surely Clones would also have been a better option for Cavan and Tyrone.

  6. This would be the player’s choice. With Kildare refusing to play in Croke Park we as supporters need to keep our mouth’s shut, and not give the GAA a soft reason to move us

  7. Fair play to Kildare if true, this nonsense of venues being changed because a ground is too small is stupid and continually devalues the competition.

  8. They have no problem with their province being destroyed in no small part due to the fact that nobody ever gets home advantage apart from dublin ?

    And now it’s a problem

    They can do one!!

  9. This is so wrong, Leitrim play Monaghan at home but if they had drawn Mayo it would have to be moved. What’s the point in being drawn out first so, I just had 2 kids at Longford Kildare last Saturday night, small venue but get th children in to see their heroes. This is not anti Mayo as the same thing would have been done if it was Dublin etc, Different rules for different counties, unacceptable

  10. There must be some truth to that Leinster Leder report, there is no mention on the Kildare GAA Twitter page of the fixture in Croke Park.

    This is an issue that needs to be put to bed fairly quickly, one way or the other.

  11. Cappadonna….If it cannot accommodate the anticipated numbers of fans then it can’t and shouldn’t

  12. On what grounds can they refuse to move to Croker? Conleth’s isn’t up to the required standard. End of story. No way should any fan from either county be refused entry because the home team doesn’t have the capacity. This is the pragmatic measure. They should be well-used to games in Croker at this stage.

  13. Difficult to call this one, tickets already on sale, and it’ll be a nightmare for everyone involved if it’s moved.

  14. I hope Kildare stick to their guns here, a complete disgrace that they’re moving a home game – the next step is a home game in the super eights being moved, just wait for it

  15. Re Jay. That’s like saying Croke Park shouldn’t host an All Ireland Final when there’s a demand for about 90,000 tickets. Move it to Wembley!
    There’s nothing in the rules that says you have to have a minimum capacity. They were drawn out first and they should be entitled to their home venue regardless of what it can hold.

  16. So if Carlisle draw Liverpool in the FA cup at home, would the FA move it to Wembley because of the potential Liverpool crowd travelling. Cap Kildare ground 11 K. All ticket. Simple. Otherwise home advantage is a joke. Hope Kildare dig in but won’t hold my breath.

  17. Just wondering the people giving out about the Gaa about not having it in Newbridge would it be ok that the Season ticket holders would get to go?? 11000 people and the rest were in Thurles & Limerick and high majority of them mayo people. 6200 capacity in Newbridge it. People who play club football or management in club deserve the right to cheer on there teammates neighbours and friends.
    Croke park is like a home game for mayo supporters. Know wat time to leave where to park and where to eat and drink and most importantly it’s where this team play to dere best. So as a season ticket holder I’m delighted and if it’s 3 weeks on da bounce so be it

  18. Why is it a complete disgrace Joe? Would you be happy to be locked outside of the ground after the inevitable sell-out?

  19. Whatever chance Kildare had of winning is pushed out even further now. Croke park a home from home for Mayo exactly its where Mayo play better in.

  20. I don’t believe there are any grounds, Ultair. It’s the CCCC who set the fixtures for qualifiers, not the Kildare County Board, and they’ve fixed it for Croke Park (confirmation here). When our semi-final replay against Kerry was shifted to Limerick in 2014 we were told in no uncertain terms by Uachtarain CLG that we’d do what’s good for us and do what we’d been told. Kildare could never hope to play a Leinster match against Dublin at home so I’m not sure they’ve any valid grounds for digging their heels in here, not least given the crowd we’re likely to bring to it.

  21. facetheball, it’s the principle of HQ completely disregarding their own rules in order to maximise revenue. They don’t look at the fairness of the competitions, they look at the gate receipts.
    They go even further than that in the Super 8s and build this into the rules – every county has 1 home, 1 away and 1 neutral ground game, apart from Dublin who get 2 home games and 1 away game.

    In the case of this weekend’s game, I was under the impression that Newbridge didn’t have the capacity to even accommodate the season ticket holders in which case it should definitely be moved, but to a ground of Kildare’s choosing. But apparently, the capacity can hold all Mayo & Kildare season ticket holders, plus another couple of thousand, so Kildare have every right to host this game in their own ground, and tell HQ to go fck themselves.

  22. Yeah it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if I miss the game because I can’t get a ticket Ultair…the integrity of the competition is more important to me than seeing Mayo in a qualifier. What happens when Mayo play Dublin in the Super Eights in home draw for McHale Park and demand for tickets is about 60 k so the GAA decide to move the game to Pairc Ui Chaoimh. Will we all be in here saying, they’re dead right and it’s our own fault McHale Park isn’t up to standard?

  23. Newbridge was pretty full last spring for the leaguue game with Mayo and I’m prettty sure that the Mayo turnout would be up by 30% on that day. Would Kildare attendance not double for a championship game where they see themselves as in with an excellent chance? So where would they put them? Surely to heavens Kildare should have been able to develope a decent grounds able to accommodate a championship crowd? Why have they not? It’s not like they are a county without resources. If Kildare were drawn against Dublin in a Leinster semifinal would they not have to go to Croke Park? As Laois had to go to Kilkenny for their first round with Dublin recently and Wicklow also had to move from Aughrim. I understand that Kildare are planning to redevelope the Newbridge grounds. Which is a totally shortsighted idea as the grounds has not the space to accomodate a decent county grounds. Hope Croke Park put their foot down and treat all counties equally. Else what do they say to Laois, Wicklow and others.

  24. Turniphead…..There is no ground on the planet capable of accommodating the demand for an all Ireland final,in this case there is.

  25. Exactly Willie Joe. Were Kerry GAA forums overflowing with sympathy for us when we got shafted back in 2014. Were they ****. Some people here would want to wise up.

  26. Willie Joe, your missing the point, all ireland semi finals are played at croke Park or at neutral venues, this round was marked as home and away. Again, if Leitrim had drawn Mayo instead of Monaghan would it have to be moved away from Carrick, it sounds like they’re making it up as they go along and trust me it’s a terrible precedent

  27. Some people in here would want to take their Mayo blinkers off and cop on to whats going on in the game

  28. Cavan probably want their day out in Croker with Kingspan Breffini park still closed.
    Tyrone probably happy with an outing Croker as well.

    So 3 of the 4 teams for the double header are probably up for it.

    Fully understand Kildare digging in for Newbridge but it’s just not big enough – easy to see 15-20k Mayo & Kildare fans keen to go along. And I don’t accept this is a decision that is all about the money.

  29. Well Joe, it certainly bother me and I’m sure it would bother a lot of others if they had to miss this game because the game was sold out, while at the same time an 82000-seater stadium up the road was lying unused. Sorry, but if you think venue changes somehow impinge on the integrity of the competition then that ship sailed long, long ago.

  30. looks like whether or not it’s Croke Park is past the point of no return …… tickets for Croke Pk double header are already on sale – 25 yo-yos ! Hard to see it reversed now

  31. Well I hope everyone will stop banging on about the Gaelic Grounds from here on then Ultair

  32. Kildare County Board know full well that the game won’t be moved to Newbridge. They are kicking up a fuss to placate some of their fans who are losing their rags over this.

  33. Kildare had to travel to Castlebar, two years ago I think. Is that their issue? I am sure Mayo have been moved to Croke Park in the qualifiers despite being first out of the hat, although I would need to do some research.

  34. Amazing people on here not being able to see past demand being higher than supply as a grounds for moving this game.

    The layout of the qualifiers dictates that whoever comes out of the hat first has the right to home advantage. That should be the beginning and end of it. Newbridge has the capacity to accommodate the season ticket holders, once that is covered off then the surplus should go up for grabs. Matches are often sell-outs, the fact that this one would guaranteed to be should not strip Kildare of home advantage.

  35. But that ship sailed ages ago, Big Mike. Kildare are coming very, very late to this particular party – where was all this brave talk every time they were entitled to play at home in the Leinster championship? Every time Dublin whistle they meekly trot along to HQ. For pity’s sake, they even gave up a home League match a few years back to play Dublin under lights at Croke Park! Which begs the question, why have Kildare GAA failed to develop Conleth’s Park? Bottom line is that it’s not a fit location for a match like this. Portlaoise or Tullamore would be good alternatives – and that’s where Kildare would, by the way, have to play their Super 8 home matches if they get there – but the CCCC in their infinite wisdom are sending us to Croke Park instead.

  36. The constant moving of goalposts Dave for money – why say its a home draw and then move the game? Dublin having two super eight games in Croke Park, it’s an unbelievably unfair competition and everyone just sits back and says ‘well once it doesn’t impact my team I don’t care’. Four years on we are still talking about the Gaelic Grounds and now the shoe is on the other foot and the majority are on the GAA’s side. It’s incredibly hypocritical

  37. Kildare have mismanaged their country ground and now look likely to suffer the consequences. I do feel some sympathy for them but the fact is that Croke Park has already established the precedent here with Dublin v Wicklow.

    As WJ has outlined, the CCCC sets the fixtures and they’ve tabled the match for Croke Park. They’re not likely to change their minds so the stand being taken by Kildare CB would seem forlorn at this stage.

  38. But, Cappadonna, that logic (which I don’t completely disagree with) would have seen Wicklow get to play Dublin in Aughrim this year, as they were entitled to. As I’ve already said in another comment, Kildare are a bit late in the day making this stand, given how willing they’ve been to play at Croke Park in recent years.

  39. This is not the first time Kildare has had an issue with the capacity of Newbridge. They must have realized it would come up again but did nothing about it.

  40. bad time slot for the fans , good venue for the players , we’ll take it.
    Kildare would be best off concentrating on the game now and don’t get caught up in this venue palaver

  41. If Newbridge has a big enough capacity to accommodate all season ticket holders from Mayo and Kildare, then that’s where the game should be. (And no, I don’t have a season ticket.)

    It’s not right that a county should have the rug pulled from under them like this. As others have pointed out, that could easily be us come Super 8 time, if (a) we reach the Super 8s in the first place, and (b) we are drawn at home to Dublin.

  42. Just because there’s a precedent doesn’t make it right WJ, and we shouldn’t be blind to that just because it favours us on this occasion.
    It’s because of these types of decisions that there’s such a perception of unfairness and favouring certain counties.

  43. I totally understand the upset in Kildare… We would be the same if it was us, and rightly so… However, if they refuse to play the game in Croke Park do Mayo get a bye to the next round… The 2 week break would be nice for the players 🙂

  44. Just like Wicklow shouldn’t have been moved, Laois shouldn’t have been moved, Kildare now shouldn’t be moved. It’s not strictly comparable to what happened to us in 2014 but nevertheless, we were told to get on with it. I don’t believe in an amateur game that venue size should dictate whether or not a team is entitled to a home game; but on the basis that a precedent has been set by moving Dublin games,the CCCC had little choice but to take the same action here to facilitate the large number of Mayo fans that are likely to travel.

    Kildare will have little choice but to fulfil the fixture or concede it and while I have a lot of sympathy for them, as Mayo Mark says they weren’t objecting to the moving of games when it was happening all over Leinster for the past number of years. Incidentally they have also had plenty of time to sort their stadium out and avoid being in this position in the first place.

    As a Mayo supporter I accept I might be in the minority but this decision does not sit well with me in the wider context of what is happening in the game. I am not exactly enamoured with the prospect of going to Croke Park for a 7pm throw-in and being expected to fork out double the price of last week’s ticket for the “privilege” of seeing the dirge that will be Cavan and Tyrone. And I have a massive issue with that being dictated by the GAA on the basis that Sky wanted a double-header in the same venue. But hey, I have a choice and I can just stay at home and watch it on the TV if I want. Oh wait, no I can’t!

    There are so many angles to this story but ultimately this is what our game is now; it’s dictated by money and commerciality, and that’s just the way it is.

  45. I’m not missing the point, Mike. The CCCC fix qualifier games as double-headers all the time and there’s perfect logic to sending both these games to Croke Park. Personally I’d have preferred if they’d sent ours to either Portlaoise or Tullamore but there you go. Conleth’s Park can’t take the crowd that’ll be going and Kildare have only themselves to blame for not having a proper venue that could host a game like this.

  46. They should’ve gone for 2 nearby venues for the 2 home teams this Saturday. Anyway the train is unlikely to turn back so it’s action as a distraction for Kildare. Can’t figure out why a county the size of Kildare didn’t get themselves a decent size stadium.

  47. Why bother stating in the rules that the first team out of the hat has home advantage if it’s at the whim of the CCCC to take it away!?

  48. Kildare can cry crocodile tears but they have moved league games to Croke Park themselves before. They set their own precedent.

  49. It has nothing to do with what happens in Leinster etc etc. The GAA have now set a precedent, “Round 1, 2 and 3 qualifiers will be played on a home and away basis, div 3 and div 4 teams will be entitled to home advantage….unless of course you draw the dubs or a county with a shed load of season ticket holders…no…then we’ll be moving it up the road”

  50. Some people on here would be happy to see fans locked outside the gate on a point of principle… I can’t understand it

  51. @Willie Joe any reference to the Leinster championship (where home advantage is the exception rather than the rule anyway) or “brave talk” from Kildare is whataboutery. We aren’t talking about Dublin levels of season ticket subscription here, it’s a different competition with different venue rules and Conleth’s Park is the way it is.

    Also, using previous decisions taken as a rod to beat the Kildare County Board with is unfair. None of those decisions were designed to set a precedent, and none of those decisions impact on the right to have this game at home. Back when those league games were moved between 2013-15, KCB were crippled with debt and were more than happy to get a bigger gate to ease the pain, sacrificing (what were at the end of the day) a few league games at home for the bigger picture. Knock-out championship games are a completely different gravy – 2012 v Limerick was moved to Portlaoise due to Conleth’s Park being at its worst condition ever and not getting safety certification, in 2013 the same was tried and successfully resisted for the Tyrone game (with the ground having had work done in the interim).

    Being happy to ignore the fans and players wishes of worse off counties is a disappointing thing to see among Mayo fans, its stuff you’d see on Reservoir Dubs and the like. I’ve come to expect and know a lot better through all these years of following the Green and Red with the best fans going.

  52. If we’re drawn at home to play Dublin in Super 8s, should it be moved to Croker?

  53. We’ll never find ourselves in that situation Ultair (and we have the debt to show for it) so we’ll never to worry about it. But if the shoe was on the other foot there would be plenty of outrage from these quarters. And what’s so wrong with principle? I was always led to believe having principles was a good thing myself.

  54. As I said Mike, that particular precedent was set a fair while ago. I’d also repeat the point – Kildare were in the past happy to move home league games to Croke Park so, really, I can’t see why they can object in this instance.

  55. Could it just simply be that the kildare cb are acting on instructions from cian O Neill to help stir up some sort of injustice to help drive his team on???

  56. This is not our battle to fight so I would prefer we focus on our own house ahead of Saturday evening. We got every assistance short of actual help in 2014. This is not our problem to fix so there’s little added value in any of us wading into this debate.

  57. There are so many precedents of games being moved for capacity reasons that it’s pretty much standard practice by now. I don’t see why this should be any different.

  58. How much money have the Kildare county board invested in St Conleths park to make it a modern stadium? Waterford county board were similar. Only when they lost thier home games in the Munster hurling this year – now they are deciding to modernise it.

  59. Fair points, Cappadonna, but it still leaves the question about playing a match at a venue that patently isn’t capable of hosting it. If 50% of the potential supporters who want to get to it are able to – a good 80% of them standing on the terraces – then that’d be it. It’s just not going to happen. Plus, outside Dublin, we’re the county with the biggest number of season ticket holders. We brought an enormous crowd down to Limerick for Round 1 and and even bigger one to Round 2. It’ll be bigger again, I’m sure, this Saturday.

    In any event, Croke Park is a venue Kildare know as well as we do. It’s far easier for Kildare’s supporters to get to, and get home from, than it is for our lot. But sure we’ll go where we’re told to – we did in 2014 and we will now as well.

    PS Re your Reservoir Dubs jibe, please note that most people arguing your corner here are Mayo supporters!

  60. While it means more Mayo fans can get to the game, it sets a terrible precendent that because Newbridge has a small capacity( I just learned this morning that it is cleared for 10,000) that it should be moved to a bigger venue whether they like it or not to allow more Mayo fans in!! If they have enough room for all the Mayo season ticket holders then that should be all they are required to provide. Just imagine for example we make it to the super 8’s and are in Dublin’s group they same logic apllies, McHale park can only hold 30,000 and that game would draw at least 70,000 fans from both counties!! The GAA will say its in Croke Park and Dublin get three defacto home games!! People might bring up our current crap home form but that is missing the point. The atmosphere would be electric with the Dubs in McHale park in the white hot heat of championship and we would be chomping at the bit to defend our home patch against them!! Should that be all taken away to accomodate fans who are unlucky to not get a ticket for that game? Should Ireland play England in Twickenham every year in the six nations so all fans can get tickets? Should Munster play all their European games in the Aviva so more fans can get tickets?

  61. Honestly, I think that home advantage should stand. I think that sellouts are part and parcel of sport, and so they should be. A full Newbridge would have been absolutely magic.


    I have no sympathy whatsoever for Kildare. They have had 20 years to have principles surrounding home advantage in their own province, but they and their peers were happy to watch that particular competition crumble around them.

  62. Because Anne-Marie, I believe the principles in this case are misguided. Conleth’s is just not up to hosting a game of this magnitude between two counties with large support-bases. That is not the fault of Mayo fans. Some people here and on the Kildare fan forum have mentioned that only season-ticket holders should be guaranteed entry and to hell with everyone else. That would not sit well with me. Why is it so important that Kildare get a home game? Should championship matches not be accessible to as many fans as possible in a facility that can comfortably accommodate them? To me it sounds perfectly reasonable that two big qualifier games are held on the same night in Croke Park, as has happened many many times before.

  63. All of those attempted justifications wash and break against the rock that is the right to home advantage.

    I’d wager a lot less than 50% of those who want to go to All Ireland Finals are able to due to capacity constraints. There being a finite number of tickets available to games is a reality of being a sportsfan, you just have to roll with it and do your best. The integrity of the competition structures and the principles of fairness are being ridden roughshod with this decision.

  64. I love the handle Turnip Head i had to check what I was reading when I saw Willie Joe replying using the words turnip Head I thought has the Sun got to him

  65. We must concentrate on ourselves now and winning and not get sidetracked on other county issues. We have the longer distance to do at end of the day. It doesn’t matter where it played as long as we on right side next sat even
    Where’s Swahili and Revillino to lighten things up?

  66. I have no problem with the game being in Croke Park or indeed another ground nominated by Kildare they came out of the hat first and are entitled to home advantage fair enough that’s fine. What I do have a problem with is people from Carragtigue Blacksod and Belmullet having to travel home late In the evening possibly 9 or 10
    If there’s extra time. If the Gaa hadn’t sold out our games to Sky this game could have been on at 2 pm and not 7 as dictated to by SKY does anyone else feel this is unfair? People of Erris don’t even have a decent road from Belmullet to Castlebar much less a motorway

  67. Lads, lassies… We’re missing the important point here…

    We might just get a walkover and have the weekend off!!

  68. Cappadonna….There is no ground bigger than Croke Park so you have to put up with capacity constraints in the case of an all Ireland final but there are 3 grounds within 30 miles of Newbridge laying idle that could accommodate demand for this game so it’s not quite the same.

  69. You’re losing me now, Cappadonna – that argument sounds more like a claimed Constitutional right or something. Kildare were first out of the hat but don’t have a ground that’s anywhere near capable of hosting a game like this so have to play in a stadium not that far away that can. I really think it’s you guys who have “to roll with it and do your best.” It’s not as if seeing Kildare playing at Croke Park will be a novel experience or anything.

  70. Regardless of the location, this is a good draw for Mayo. Half way to the Super 8s now and presuming we get past Kildare, I dont fear any of the provincial losers in Laois, Fermanagh, Roscommon and Cork.

  71. I think croker will suit us a lot better. Big wide open spaces as opposed to Newbridge which is a tight pitch.

    I know it’s a killer for travelling home from a late game but I think the 7pm kick off will be a lot better for the players in terms of the air temperature. Starting at five with the sunshine we are promised will sap the players energy a lot quicker, which is something we need to be mindful of in the middle of a string of back to back games.

  72. Did Kildare stand with Laois when their Leinster championship game with Dublin was moved to Kilkenny on seated capacity [not total capacity] grounds? Not that I heard of. So what is the difference now? Portlaoise is an excellent ground but the gate would have been less than in Kilkenny. Kildare cannot say that Newbridge is an excellent ground or even that it is a middling ground.
    Regards season tickets were Cairde Maigh Éo season tickets [Club+] not available [@ €200] this spring? Maybe I’m wrong but I thought that they were.

  73. I love it ! … the perfect storm is brewing …Kildare have their noses out of joint ..the GAA are getting serious stick ..SKY could not buy this publicity (maybe that’s not true ! ) .. I suggest that us Mayo folks keep our heads down…and finally that our great team go and do the job next Sat evening …

  74. Think Croker Park is far from ideal for both counties. Kildare were drawn first so if they unable to host match they should have been entitled to pick alternative venue. Portlaoise might have been their choice. Croke Park at 7 on a Saturday is harsh for Mayo supporters.They are just back from a long trek to Thurles and arriving back in Mayo at midnight or later is unfair. But worst of all where did GAA come up with their 25 euro to attend. I have no interest in watching Cavan v Tyrone and I am sure their fans have no great interest in watching us. Entry fee should be the same as if one game was played in Breffni and one in Newbridge Why are we asked to pay extra. Finally I don’t blame Kildare for wanting the game to go ahead in Newbridge.If we were drawn away to Leitrim it should go ahead in Carrick and if we were drawn away to Tyrone we would be heading to Omagh

  75. Damo Can you let us have the pairing for the Super8’s and results while you are at it.

  76. Greetings from Bueu in Galicia. No Sky Sports here, no bandwidth to stream GAAGO on Saturday- had to rely on RTE live updates to keep track. ( good, but they missed James Durcan’s goal). Will miss next Saturday also, so would love to have the problems being debated.

    Question though: why are Mayo fans carrying a torch for Kildare? These fans, YOU ALL, have travelled to Limerick and Thurles, have now an extra hour to travel on Saturday, and a choice of a drive home at 9ish, or a stay over. Leixlip to Croker not much further than Newbridge for Kildare fans. With their population they should be able to bring c 20,000 to Croker and shout down any opposition.

    Hope my roars can be heard from España.

  77. Will the Dublin v Donegal super 8 match go ahead as planned in Ballybofey as it has only a 10k capacity ??? It’s the same principle and agree with Anne Marie and Tubberman principles do matter and so do rules.

  78. As regards to Capicity of Stadium’s.. I really don’t what the real situation re Newbridge.. But McHale Park was restricted to 30,000 for the recent match with Galway.. The Hyde was something like 18,000 for the Connacht Final… I don’t know who decides these things, but Castlebar had at. Very least 3 or 4, thousand empty seat’s and The Hyde had room for a few thousand more as well… For an All seated ground like Castlebar, it doesn’t make any sense or in any safer with at least 4,000 empty seats.. I wonder is it Health and Safety gone mad or Insurance, either way… Whoever decided this is unlikely to change their mind and admit it,!.. Croke Park is a great venue for Kildare, they should realise how lucky they are to be so near to it.. Contrast that with the amount of miles that Mayo fan’s regularly travel?

  79. am posting this comment purely tongue-in-cheek and a wry smile of bemusement ….

    Mayo is like a magnet – how is it nearly every match we are in seems to have some hoo-ha surrounding it – can be before, during or after. A friend from another county made such a comment to me recently almost with envy. He says he would never miss watching a Mayo match because something will happen. Not only do our matches provide top class entertainment on the pitch but also creates headlines and drama off it. Never a dull moment when Mayo are involved ! We confound the script-writers !

    And before this is taken up the wrong way let’s be clear the drama is often to do with some other aspect of the match and not always to do with Mayo as in this instance. This debacle is not of Mayo’s doing.
    More often than not our match will be making headlines of some sort and of the 4 qualifier matches next weekend ours has been catapulted to the top of the heap for media coverage and social media commentary. I swear the GAA must love us – did they do this Croke park thing on purpose ?

    As I say my comments are made tongue-in-cheek wit a wry smile !

  80. You’re getting me wrong here WJ, I’m a Mayo fan and season ticket holder.

    Lookit, it’s not going to change now and it’d be for the best if it was put to bed as soon as possible. I merely had the time and inclination to give my two cents on why I think moving the game is wrong!

  81. McHale Park can hold 38k easily. The last day the official attendance was 30k and the stand had lots of room as did the terraces at either end. The terrace on the stand side had a very small crowd.

  82. And another thing, people might just want to be back in Mayo at a reasonable time eg before midnight.. Surly we should be playing first, Cavan, Tyrone and Kildare are all 100 miles less than the distance to Mayo.. Someone needs a kick in the arse!

  83. You had me going there, Cappadonna! I think, to be honest, many of those arguing against Croke Park are Mayo fans and I can understand that. Portlaoise or Tullamore would be betters option for our fans, as would a 5pm throw-in. I’d say the players are, though, delighted that it’s Croke Park and that it’s 7pm. The decision is, of course, related to money – and Sky Sports – but the bottom line is that Kildare have no strong grounds for complaining, given the state of Conleth’s Park and the alacrity they’ve shown about playing in Croke Park in the past.

  84. 25 euros. A big step up. More people get to go to the match, but at a price.

    From a selfish perspective, newbridge was perfect, but from a footballing one, a run out in Croke Park will benefit our new lads on the panel. So, I’m all for it…

    But maybe 15-20 euros would have been enough. I have no interest the the muck Cavan & Tryone will serve up.

  85. We’ll have to agree to disagree on my point WJ, if Roscommon get to the super 8s, they haven a ground fit to play Dublin, either have Donegal, there’s going to be a lot of games to be moved, Mayo Dublin in the super 8s, sorry lads 30k, can’t be having that

  86. Leantimes..When did the powers that be ever give a monkeys about Mayo supporters and their journey west??Saying that a 7pm kickoff will be a lot cooler than a 5pm one..

  87. This is a dangerous game for Mayo. What separated us from Tipp was a lucky goal and fitness in last 15 mins. Fitness won’t be a problem for Kildare. They are a better and more balanced team than Tipp. Forget about Carlow game. They are after two good wins on the road, have confidence back and plenty of good players to give us problems. Like Tipp they will not fear Mayo.

  88. Ballybofey holds 18000 it think and as there is no bigger venue nearby it should host Dublin ,also Dublin fans don’t travel in the kind of numbers some people seem to think. I couldn’t see them bring more than 4/5thousand to Donegal

  89. Why are some people getting their knickers in a knot. It would be stupid to play this game in Newbridge. The gaa are right for once. It’s a good draw for us. Up mayo

  90. To win just once, When did Leitrim get to play a Connacht final in Carrick? They’ve been in two in my time, 1994 v Mayo and 2000 v Galway, both played in the Hyde. If they met Roscommon in a final every Leitim man knows it would be either MacHale or Salthill. Same for Sligo’s Connacht Finals, never in Markievicz. Both Carrick and Markievicz are far superior venues to Newbridge in terms of spectator comfort and probably in capacity too.

  91. speaking with a work colleague who went to longford vs kildare game, Longford the better team, they hit crossbar and should have won. Kildare tackling was attrocious. If this is the case, and Mayo stick to gameplan ,we should win this with some to spare. Looking after players and substitutions will be very important in the next few weeks, we are light enough now with midfield injuries.

  92. I think it’s a question of degrees, Big Mike. Can anyone say for certain what Conleth’s can hold? I’ve had Kildare people onto me saying it’s 6,200 (the Wikipedia number), others say 10k, that Mayo News article I linked, quoting a Kildare GAA source, said 12k. Most of them on the terraces, which has to be an issue, and certainly no more than 12k. That’s a problem, no matter how you look at it.

    Hyde Park can accommodate close to 20k and did so successfully for the Connacht final. Ballybofey can take close to the same. A county that makes the Super 8s and has a ground that can hold 15-20,000 should, of course, be able to do so. But a ground that can take less than Parnell Park? Sure, on that basis, Dublin should be made to play their “home” Super 8 game there.

  93. Mayo John – please stop trying to post “inside” information of that kind here. This isn’t a place for spreading such gossip. What you’re claiming may be true but it may also be 100% horse shit so if it’s all the same to you please head to somewhere less discerning to peddle that particular story.

  94. Dublin to play in Ballybofey is irrelevant anyway as the Dublin vs Donegal game is fixed to be played at the “neutral venue” of Croke Park for the first round of fixtures in the Super 8’s.
    The game would have been switched to Tullamore or Portlaoise if it wasn’t for Breffni Park being unavailable as well!

  95. This thread is like watching a dirty match and hoping that eventually a game of football might actually break out. Good man South mayo exile, hopefully you’ve started the ball rolling again.
    Agree fitness won’t be a problem for kildare and also expect them to really push up on our kickouts as they have some excellent fielders. This will be tougher than tipp, I’m pretty sure of that. Due to heat we will need to hold back some players to come on, as our bench won’t get us over the line.

  96. 10 euro extra on ticket prices if the game is played in Croke Park. I think the game should be played anywhere in Leinster but Croke Park.

  97. I can sympathize with Kildare fans annoyance. Remember we are a cash row for the GAA right now and don’t forget that. Fairness and the GAA don’t go hand in hand and never have but that’s life.

    This may spur Kildare on or if they continue to make noise about it, be damaging to their chances.

    We have plenty of on field issues to be worrying about and plenty of work to do to beat Kildare.

  98. I have sympathy for Kildare but at this point the tickets have gone on sale and we’ll have to just play it in Croke Park.
    I was happy enough hearing it might have been in Newbridge as it’s pretty much the closest one from the available pool we could have picked, but living in Dublin as I do, Croker is only a short jaunt for me and I’d walk it if I wasn’t chronically unfit and planning to have a few pints on board come what may. The walking would cut into the pint supping time so there could only ever be one winner.
    For Kildare they would want to be careful this doesn’t become a distraction for their players.

    Anyways – it is what it is and we’ve no real dog in the fight between Kildare and the CCCC.

    That said, I’m from one of the furthest reaches of Mayo from Dublin (Backdoorsam mentioned a neighbouring village) so have sympathy for and fully appreciate the journey for those that are travelling, or worse, would like to but can’t because of the additional distance/overnight stay.

  99. John Fogarty
    18m18 minutes ago
    Kildare will not play their qualifier v Mayo anywhere but Newbridge. Statement expected in the next hour or two. #GAA

  100. Kildare got little grounds for complaints. They have willing gone to Croke Park for various reasons and their lack of vision and development means they need to go there again. If they have serious aspirations about being part of super 8s then this was always going to come back at them.
    It makes sense to make this a double header for numerous reasons and there is nothing Kildare will be able to do to stop the move . Their focus would be better on accepting and preparing for Saturday

  101. I THINK we are being lulled into a false sense of security by kildare . mark my words they will be present in croke park at 7 pm for the throw in with about 20,000 supporters cheering them on .we will have to match will be another dicey match for mayo which we will probably win out at the end. but we cannot get complacent.I think the draw was predetermined by sky demands who were to televise 2 football qualifers this weekend and now we have this attractive double-header.IT is a bit too good to be true that cavan and kildare were both drawn out first when their home grounds could not host the will be a brillant evening in dublin on saturday and i really looking forward to it.the MAYO journey goes on,where it will end nobody knows.

  102. This controversy should act as a spur to Kildare county board. A county with almost 1/4 million people can well afford a 20000 plus state of the art stadium.

  103. good God there’s some debate on this topic! I get that its unfair on Kildare but I’m not overly bothered by it, would the Dubs be bothered if the same rationale was applied to us? they wouldn’t give a toss. There is an integrity aspect for the organisation as a whole to look at when making decisions like this, but that’s not going to happen between now and Sat eve. So lets drive on and meet the challenge, quick turnaround for both teams and the the venue change may end up galvanising the lillywhites and none of us need to be given cause for further galvanisation of their cause!

  104. Kildare should be allowed to nominate a ground, anywhere they want as long as it’s big enough. And if that’s not good enough then forfeit the game and let the gaa sort it out. They sold their souls to the devil in sky sports and for a team from the west to bring fans to Dublin for a game that finishes at 9 pm is a disgrace. Total disgrace.
    Why not have it at 4 ? Or 2?
    Fools is what they are, they sold out and are now being dictated to by a foreign broadcaster.
    Lest anyone think otherwise, ireland is a tiny country with a unique sporting heritage, it’s not as though the gaa will ever be la liga or the premiership , although last week the Irish independent was comparing a dub player to a particular Real Madrid player, light years apart in terms of ability and money but some Irish outlets are pretending we have something bigger than we actually have. It’s an amateur game in almost every county, and by the token you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose to watch your son or cousin playing when he’s an amateur in an amateur game.
    Kildare. Please dig your heels in, this is much bigger than a game venue issue. Forfeit the game if need be and let the gaa fine you, then refuse to pay and let the gaa have their sky sports and monster dub team to themselves.
    They won’t move the dubs super 8 home game to Semple stadium or a similar ground but think it’s ok to change the rules to suit themselves and their cronies.

  105. Olive Dublin vs Donegal is at a neutral venue
    The neutral venue is Croke Park

    But that’s fine Cos Parnell is Dublin’s Home ground

  106. My concern is thst kikdare will use this as motivation against us but as others have said, they have gone along merrily in Leinster when playing the dubs and conceded home advantage in league a few years ago. They should have a ground bigger than 10-12k, for a county with their population and supporter base. If their ground was 16k or more in sure this game would be going ahead in Newbridge, so some of this is their own fault. Understandable for a county like Carlow or leitrim to have a small capacity but not kikdare.

    Hope our lads r just focusing on the game. A professional approach and performance is required to win this one.

  107. AndyD My point is that this is a qualifier and home advantage does count. True Leitrim and Sligo can’t play Connacht finals at their home grounds but they can play provincial semi finals and qualifiers at home. When it comes to a Connacht final they can name their alternative venue which is usually the Hyde. That should be the case for Kildare also If New bridge is deemed not suitable they should be allowed to pick alternative.I thought they might choose Croke Park as they have done in the past though obviously they don’t wish to do that. I wonder was their Co Board even consulted

  108. Kildare might be taking a leaf out of Kevin McStay’s book.. Insisting on a home venue… But it will be hard for the GAA to back down now.. They have even sent the Email to Season ticket holders with the current details.. So interesting to see what will happen!

  109. Somebody posed a similar question about Donegal earlier ,but what if Kildare qualify for the super 8s and have home advantage against Dublin will we have the same carry on all over again. The GAA must take a stand .

  110. Any word on call up for Seamie( what rotten luck for a brilliant servant):

    Jason Gibbons?
    Ger Mac?
    Matty Ruane?
    The Real Deal?

  111. Just for arguments sake let’s say a few thousand extra than expected showed up to newbridge without tickets , could the Garda and stewards cope and keep people safe in such a situation ?

    When I was a very young lad , the aul fella brought me to an Ireland game at dalymount park , people shoved there way in without tickets , how people weren’t killed that night was a miracle .

    7pm throw in , lots of people with more alcohol than usual drank without tickets , potential disaster .

  112. Whilst this is just a fans forum I dont think there should be any comment on this issue at all from all Mayo sources. This is an issue for Kildare GAA. Kildare have always been a great GAA county with serious teams in football and hurling. Newbridge is a very large town with two huge GAA clubs as well as the headquarters of Kildare GAA. At the recent league game there I met with some Mayo expats living there. Some of them have children now playing for Kildare. Football is seriously strong in Kildare and these supporters were frustrated that the county team were doing so poorly. Out of respect for these serious GAA followers we should not comment at all. Wherever the match is I will be there. I dont care if I dont get my pints until 11 or 11.30 on Saturday night once we advance to the next round. I always say that if you cant add to the solution stay out of the problem -.if that option is available to you..

  113. Sensible decision in the circumstances. Kildare’s own fault they have no proper venue. If they refuse to play in Croker, they will forfeit the game and we move on and prepare for the next one. Break will do us no harm.

  114. Can Mayo just win one AI and put me out of my misery.

    That I may never have to think about the Sky deal and how it dictates game times, the inequalities of the GAA, the long drives home, paying through the nose for tickets/parking/diesel (I bring my own sandwiches, I’d be cute that way), or read the talk that goes on around these games…Kildare refusing to play in CP, Kildare being a tricky game, Kildare not having a big enough venue. Jesus wept and I’m not far off him.

    Rant over. Mayo will beat Kildare in Croke Park. And we’ll be back in the bucket on Monday. The End.

  115. Its official..RE Kildare GAA have yer walkover.. Utter disgrace.

  116. Things a starting to get out of hand now, Cian ONeill has just said Kildare will be togged out in Newbridge on Saturday night come what may.

  117. Well said Sinabhuil. Agree fully. Let’s keep our heads down and turn up to win at all cost.
    Certainly the lads will need us more than ever this wend to shout them onn. This could be a Kildare tactic too.
    Paddy Durkan said in his interview that the support is incredible and means everything to the team. So we in this together until it ends.

  118. Thoroughbred county….the GAA/Cccc whatever they wanna call themselves have never done us any favours. Sending Mayo to Croke Park for 7pm when most won’t get home til 1am is ridiculous. Remember too forcing us to play an all Ireland semi in Munster v the Munster champions?!? Nevermind the ref that rode us!

    Mayo will play this wherever we are told. It’s am issue for Kildare and Croke Park. Nothing at all to do with us
    As a side note how come kildare with a population of quarter of a million have a tiny football ground? Doesn’t make sense for such an affluent county omand one with a huge fan base.

  119. What a shit storm this is. I look forward to them threatening to boycott their next game v Dublin in HQ.

  120. Cian o neill doing a Garth brooks on it, it’s newbridge or not at all……

  121. What an absolute shambles

    But a marker has been firmly laid down ahead of more of these situations in super 8s

    Fair play to their county board and it shows how utterly pathetic and spineless ours were when Kerry replay was fixed for Limerick

  122. Cian O’Neill was on the 6 o’clock news. He says Kildare will be togged out and ready to play at 7 p.m. on Saturday in Newbridge! There seemed to be a slight suggestion that Mayo should be there too??

  123. Can’t believe we are going to win an All Ireland and have it tarred with a walkover , fs .

  124. In my opinion, Mayo needs to have a bit of principle in this issue. Kildare is entitled to this home game. Fair is fair and I admire Kildare in the stance they have taken. Play the game in Newbridge.

  125. This is nothing short of farcical. As well outlined above, its not as if Kildare never conceded home advantage before. Serves them right for not developing Newbridge or anywhere else over the years!. They had no complaints when taking their chunk of the massive gate receipts, from the numerous Leinster championship “home” games they played in croker. Limerick was a different ball game as it was supposed to be a neutral venue, big difference.

  126. @Tom Ellis this has got nothing to do with principles. This issue is entirely of Kildare own doing. Mayo Gaa have invested heavily in MacHale Park and we are still paying back loans on it. It not our fault that Kildare haven’t been organised or bother enough to do the same. As Willie Joe has said it a bit late for them to be getting on their high horse.

  127. So it looks like we will be togged out in Croke Park on Saturday and Kildare togged out in Newbridge at the same time s Kildare County Board have backed themselves into a corner with no way out in that statement. Meanwhile tickets are on sale I wonder how many Kildare supporters are buying them.

    I have to say I have very little sympathy for Kildare. For years they along with the other counties in Leinster rolled over and conceded home advantage to Dublin with none of this nonsense. What support did they offer Wicklow, Carlow and Laois in the last three years when they were not allowed play at home to Dublin. Having said that the ultimate fault lies with the GAA. At the beginning of the championship minimum standards should have been set down for county grounds who wanted to host matches if the draw worked out that way. Waterford had to give up their two home matches in the hurling and just got on with it.

  128. What a farce. Changing the rules to deny a team the home game which was clearly stated before the draw as the rules. Mayo should state they have no problem playing in Newbridge and let the GAA suits climb down from their ivory towers.

  129. I’m going to Newbridge.

    We were screwed by been sent to limerick and out county board lost all their self respect.
    We need to support kildare on this. If we don’t and are given buy, sky sports money and the money men in the gaa get their way.
    What about solidarity with fellow supporters?
    Where is our association then???
    What about the kildare players right to play on their home ground?
    What about kildare supporters??
    Gaa need to cope themselves on.

  130. Mayos job now is to sit back and let Kildare and Gaa hierarchy battle it out. Id take a walk over at this stage. A week off from their hectic schedule would be invaluable. Cant see that happening though. As for mayo stepping in and agreeing to play it in Kildare, nonsense. We’ve been nice guys for long enough.

  131. Kildare need to be careful that this does not become too much of a distraction in their build up. I have sympathy with their argument. If game is moved back to Newbridge, then traffic congestion and fans not able to get tickets. Will kildare be willing to accept the game being moved to Portlaois or Tullamore? Not by the sounds of it, will be a useful excuse if they lose. As a season ticket holder, I plan to be where ever it is fixed but this is one right mess.

  132. Ah we could probably do with a break this weekend anyway. Looks pure bullshit about teams getting home fixture in Super 8s Obviously Kildare can’t host one Ross will also be under pressure Is Healy Park in Omagh up to scratch. Maybe the GAA will nominate Limerick as an alternative venue for counties playing Kerry

  133. Reamonn – have you read the rules? If not, it might be an idea if you did. We’ve no problem playing in Newbridge but it’s the CCCC who have the absolute right to set the venue. Those are the rules.

  134. @Dave Johnston, I totally agree.. if there was ever a time for heads down and closed mouths from Mayo GAA it is now… I totally agree with Kildare fighting their corner, but this has nothing to do with us. We will play the game wherever we are told to play on the day!

  135. The GPA has come out with a statement backing Kildare’s stance.

    What an unholy mess.

  136. On a plus side for us though. The last time Kildare refused to play in a double header in Croke Park was 1951. A good omen:)

  137. There is also a thing called fairness Willie Joe.You are technically correct with the CCCC but to normal people who dont carry the rulebook in their back pocket its a farce. Tell me what new Health and Safety issues have arisen in the qualifiers that dont allow Kildare to play at home but did allow them to play Division One fixtures in Newbridge. Is there a different set of rules for the qualifiers compared to Division One of the League?

  138. Kildare won’t be budging anyway, have set their stall. Let’s see how the drama unfolds. Consensus on Neswtalk, the GAA need to explain themselves fast. Contradict Kildare if they’re wrong. But the silence from that quarters is deafening. GAA helped make this farce.

  139. Hopefully our County board stay silent on this. Absolutely nothing to do with us. Gladly take a walkover at this stage.

    After all 45,000 tickets for the Pope in Knock sold out in 4 hours this morning the CCCCCCTTTHHYYKK have decided to switch the gig to Fatima

    After all 45,000 tickets for the Pope in Knock sold out in 4 hours this morning the CCCCCCTTTHHYYKK have decided to switch the gig to Fatima

  142. Reamonn, it’s very simple. It’s expected that substantially more people will attend this game than the Div 1 equivalent. Thus the need for more capacity.

  143. Mayo county board should come out from under the table and back Kildare. SKY and Croke Park are driving this money machine.

  144. The GAA (CCCC) are just a joke at this stage. How can they let a mess like this develop in the first place?
    You’d swear they just make it up as they go along (or when Sky or whoever tells them what to do).
    There never seems to be any contingency plans in place in case situations like this arise, it’s an absolute farce.

    The Mayo camp needs to keep quiet on this. We get enough bad press and sly digs thrown our way, let’s not give people an excuse to try and drag us into this mess. It’s already started on social media I see, people even blaming us for having “too big a travelling support” – well fucking hell, sorry about that like…

  145. So what Ultair. if we had Dublin in the Super 8s, MacHale Park wouldn’t be big enough either. Play it in Croker or Pairc Ui Chaoimh?

  146. Like a few earlier posters have stated –

    This is not our problem to fix. It’s between the Kildare CB and Croke Park. We need to keep our counsel and stay out of it.

  147. Farce.. Fair play to kildare , something llike this needs to happen to show the Gaa they cant change the rules. It should have been stated before the draw that certain teams drawn to play at home may get there fixture changed for attendance issues but it wasnt. The president of the GAA did the draw. Its all about the money, they are looking at Mayo and saying sure put in Croker charge them extra and they’ll come in their thousands. I admire the Kildare stance.

  148. I can’t believe that a genuine supporter would countenance a walkover. Are we that desperate. I’d have no part of that scenario.

  149. I don’t agree wit JoeBrolly very often but i think this is as big a disgrace of a decision I’ve ever seen from the GAA in terms of selling its soul- one can’t help but feel with Mayo being the second biggest fan base in the GAA they are eager for mayo to make super 8s. If this was a possibility it should have been called out beforehand- Kildare chance of pulling off a win substantially reduced against a side who has made Croker a second home in recent years.

    I hope Kildare pull out as they have threatened because it’s time GAA took a look at itself…and even if they stick to their guns there will be a bad taste left after it. For the avoidance of doubt this is in no way a reflection on Mayo who I know will play where they are sent.

  150. I’m confident 38,000 would be big enough Tubberman. Each case should be judged on its own merits.

    From the Irish Times:

    “According to Croke Park, and based on the most recent Slattery Report on venue capacities, St Conleth’s Park in Newbridge has a capacity of 9,020; if the game is deemed all-ticket, that capacity is further reduced by 10 per cent. The CCCC then gave Kildare the opportunity to nominate an alternative venue, such as Navan or Portlaoise, but that wasn’t forthcoming.”

    “Mayo beat Tipperary in the round two qualifier in Thurles on Saturday evening before an attendance of 11,257, the vast majority of which were from Mayo; given the higher stakes this Saturday it’s anticipated some 12,000 Mayo supporters will travel, with an anticipated 6,000 from Kildare.”

    Tubberman, do you think 8000 is a suitable capacity for a venue given the fan-bases of both counties and the profile of the competition?

    In 2012 Kildare had their qualifier match with Limerick switched to Portlaoise from Newbridge for the exact same reason. Where was the outrage then? Did the county board threaten to boycott the game then? Why not?

    I’m genuinely tired about all these conspiracy theories and whatnot. It sounds like a perfectly pragmatic switch to me. But maybe I’m just not a traditionalist :-/

  151. Nearly hope it’s in newbridge now to shut everyone up !
    And set a precedent for all super 8 games too……… interesting to see what will happen if Dublin are due to play in a small provincial ground ………..would also give Donegal reason to believe they should play Dublin at a neutral ground .i.e one that is not in Dublin ……

  152. Mayo would look like some idiots if they came out and backed kildare to play the game in KIldare and we ended up losing.

  153. I was told this evening that if Kildare push this to an authority outside the GAA that the GAA haven’t a leg to stand on, can’t have an open draw with explained rules agreed and then change them after the draw

  154. Reamonn, how much profits are the GAA expecting to generate from what will be a less than half-empty Croke Park? Not a huge amount I’d imagine. They will do well to break even.

    Unless of course you have some actual figures or know for a fact that this is being driven by money? (Not opinion, actual facts)

  155. Tom Ellis, Obviously nobody wants to see a walkover, BUT if we play by the rules and thats what we get, then grand. It improves our chances for winning sam and thats all I care about. Did’nt see our Kerry cousins open their mouths over the Limerick debacle, why should we care what goes on between cccc and Kildare?.kildare have backed themselves into a corner now, especially after O’Neills appearance on the News. If we’re told to be at Croker for 7pm, then there we’ll be. My big issue is, why have Kildare never complained before? When playing umpteen Leinster “home” ties in Croker?. The anti-eatablishment brigade will be out in force, but the hypocrisy of Kildare Gaa in this case is laughable.

  156. Who cares bout kildare as if they would worry bout us or any other county either….advantage mayo n we take what we can get… Lilly crocs tears here….muigheo abu

  157. The pitch in Newbridge is in the middle of a small town a shopping town there’s a big race meeting in the Curragh traffic would be a nightmare the ground would probably hold the mayo supporters alone it was a no brainer I said from early morning the game could or should not be played in Newbridge especially on a Saturday home games can only be played where a ground is deemed big enough to safely hold the expected attendance probably 14 to 16 thousand based on the last two weeks attendances and the importance of the game.

  158. it’s obviously not perfectly clear who’s in the right or there wouldn’t be such a controversy.

    Ultair, as long as all season ticket holders can be accommodated then I think the ground is big enough for a fixture where one team is supposed to have home advantage.
    If it was to be held in a neutral venue, then it should be moved to a ground that can hold the anticipated crowd.

  159. The Mayo County Board… Should NOT get involved… A problem NOT of Mayo’s making.. If we can fight our OWN battle’s I’ll be happy enough with that!… The game will go ahead possibly.. Wherever the Ref and officials are sent to… Anyone suggesting that Mayo turn up anywhere not sanctioned by the CCCC needs a rethink… Frankly Newbridge is not capable of holding the crowd Mayo would bring without mention of the Kildare support!

  160. Willie Joe that rule should be stated before the draw, otherwise they should stop saying the team drawn out first has home advantage, you have to admit yourself this is shameful by the GAA.

  161. Whether you agree with the decision or not one thing is absolutely clear the CCCC are acting within their rules so talk of an outside authority and I presume that means the High Court is just that talk. The article in the Irish Times sums it up just right. All Kildare had to do was nominate another ground and the game would have gone there with Cavan Tyrone been played in Brewster Park. So lets not get involved in conspiracy talk The Mayo County Board should absolutely not comment on this except to say Mayo will turn up wherever the game is played. As for the GPA putting their row in. Let that organisation be treated with the contempt it deserves. Did they have anything to say in favour of Wicklow playing the Dubs in Aughrim. .

  162. Tuamstar, Kildare were already aware of the possibility for this to happen, as it did for their qualifier game in 2012

  163. This was issued by the GAA last week

    “The first team drawn will have home advantage – exception: a Division 3 or 4 team from the current year’s Allianz league drawn against a Div 1 or 2 team will have home advantage.

    The draw is subject to avoidance of repeat pairings, where feasible. Possible Repeat Pairings include Monaghan v Tyrone, Tipperary v Waterford, Carlow v Kildare, Carlow v Louth.”

  164. Tubberman, we have a difference of opinion then. In my view it would be unacceptable for non-season ticket holders to be excluded from this game.

  165. If capacity of Newbridge is 9 or 10k then it should have been fixed there from the start. Season ticket holders and club members would have been accommodated. The GAA/Sky have made a balls of it with tickets already sold for Croker.

    However, I don’t agree that we should stand by Kildare now. I don’t remember Dublin pleading for Wicklow to have home advantage earlier this year, Carlow last year or Laois before that. The Munster counties didn’t stand up for Waterford hurlers this year either. Rochy and the players should put the heads down and let Kildare and the GAA bicker among themselves. Turn up where we’re told to on Saturday evening.

  166. But as they stated , they are entitled to host it, be it at 9000 capacity or whatever. The gardai were happy with it. Of course it would mean a lot of people would miss out but as they stated they went to Derry in rd 1 longford last week so the first chance they get of a home draw they are entitled to host it be it at reduced capacity or whatever.

  167. And I don’t remember anyone standing up for us when forced to play Kerry in their back garden. Neutral my hole.

  168. That’s not the official rules you’re quoting there, Big Mike. The CCCC have the right to set the venue for games like this and that’s what they’ve done. That’s all there is to it.

  169. In future any ground with a capacity of less than 10000 should automatically be deemed unsuitable for championship games and grounds under 15000 should require permission on a game to game basis, that would rule out just two grounds completely.

  170. Christy could write a song about this yet. “The injustice” “The injustice”,,,,,,,,,,Fah the diddle do.

  171. I’m thinking it will be switched back to Newbridge unless the Gaa offer Kildare a sweetener which I doubt they’d take now anyway. It’s a mess but the rebel in me agree with Kildare I hope they stick to their guns.

  172. Why are they entitled to host it? They don’t have a ground with sufficient capacity.

    If the stand collapsed overnight and the ground capacity was reduced to say, 2000, would you still say they are entitled to host it?

    Games have been switched away from venues for this kind of reason many times, why has it now become such a big issue?

    If RTE were showing the game instead of Sky, I suspect people wouldn’t be as worked up over it. But throw Sky into the mix and the GAA are biggest sell-outs of all time.

  173. Does anybody know what would happen if Mayo went to Newbridge to play Kildare…would we both be kicked out of the championship for not fulfilling the fixture?

  174. One lesson to be learned from this fiasco, is that we must start winning connacht titles again, and get into the super 8’s, the direct route.

  175. Yes Yew Tree, from what I’ve seen we would also be kicked out for not fulfilling the fixture.

  176. I’m still scratchings my head. Why now? Why was this never a problem for Kildare before when they rolled over year after year to their Dublin overlords? Just watch them go to croker v Dublin next year without a peep. No sympathy whatsoever

  177. Mayonaze… We didn’t even stand up for ourselves, in the Limerick fiasco… And maybe only for Mick Barrett the shambolic refereeing might be conveniently forgotten by many… All Water under the bridge by now… But it needs to be sorted out long before Saturday.. Will Mayo fan’s travel not knowing whether the match is taking place or not?.. Possibly some Mayo fans abroad booking flights /Hotels… Baby sitters, busses booked and organised… Unacceptable that so many plans are now in Limbo (The Pope got rid Limbo not long ago)… And now between Kildare and the GAA, Limbo is back again!.. I hope the game goes ahead in Croker or possibly another venue big enough to handle the crowd, but clarity is needed immediately!

  178. The wit is brilliant ..Top ones are Mayo7 (Fatima ) , Rock (Kildare village ) & Pocaimora (Christy ) …

  179. I see this in two ways if we got a home draw and it was moved to Croke Park there would be uproar in mayo as there is in Kildare. However on the other hand if that did happen no way Kildare would have our backs they would almost certainly try make the game be played in Croke Park.

  180. If Kildare drew Tyrone or Cavan this wouldn’t be happening as no team has the following Mayo have. It suits them to stick with their own small ground. But wherever our team go we’ll go even if we have to shout outside their ground if no spaces.

  181. FFS lads this is not our problem to solve.

    We’ll fulfil the fixture wherever it’s set. That’s enough for us to concede.

  182. Like some of the calls above – we would be best served just focusing our comments here on our own teams issues and allow the matter between CCCC and Kildare to get resolved by itself. It’s not our problem. We have enough problems areas in our own team’s setup ahead of this crucial game.

  183. The director of games administration has just said the venue won’t change under any circumstances , and if Kildare don’t turn up the game will be awarded to the ball is in Kildares court now it would seem.

  184. I support Kildare on this, but I agree our CB should say absolutely nothing and let Kildare and HQ sort it out among themselves if they can – we’re not in argument with anyone.
    When it comes to it, we show up wherever the game is fixed for.

  185. I am not a lawyer but I would suggest that if the rules are laid out and published in advance of any competition, then they are binding on all sides. Which is what happened in this instance. The Limerick game is not a proper comparison and should not be trotted out here.

    For some time now the GAA hierarchy has tended to exclude or ignore anything that does not fit an apparent existing binary paradigm of money above all else.

  186. Well Mayonaze,
    Fair enough we should have a better quality grounds but even if we could afford to go back into debt (only just out of it after building centre of excellence in hawkfield putting youth development over shiney new ground) there wouldnt be much point in going for a much bigger capacity than already there. Newbridge is full maybe 4 times a year as it is, and anything over an expected 12000 were shafted up to HQ hence the stance taking. Dublin have not played league or champ in Conleths this century, early 90’s since a championship game. Could you imagine Mayo having not played Galway at home ever in that time?? A 20000 seater stadium would just be a lovely white elephant im afraid. For what its worth plans are well underway for a new stand dressing rooms and redeveloped pitch put capacity will not increase much.

  187. At the end of the day – Kildare should have been informed long ago that a game like this would never go ahead in their venue – so they are dead right to stand up for themselves.

    The issue is the GAA changing the rules on a continuous basis to suit themselves & they always get away with it because every other county suits themselves until they are the ones affected

  188. Basking in the sun in northern Spain. Nationality’s from all over Europe and second to the Barcelona jersey in popularity is the Mayo jersey. We’re box office but we’re led by clowns. Less then a year away from New York and no announcements on fundraising. We’re utilizing 10% of our potential.
    We’ll beat Kildare by 9 points pulling up

  189. A comprise is called for here. Play it in Croke Park with Cormac Reilly as the ref.

  190. As it happens, MayoGodHelpUs, I’m due to drive across the country and back earlier in the day, for non-footballing reasons, so Croke Park – and my possible walk to us – doesn’t suit me as well as a game there normally would.

  191. What’s the point in only adding a bit of capacity to the stadium. The problem will persist.
    Anyway Kildare were offered an alternative and they declined. Before hearing what the GAA had to say my position was they need to explain themselves quickly. Having seen the GAA’s comments on the matter I see them as in the right. Croker needs about 35K attending to make a profit so whatever about Sky it’s not for the stadium attendance they’re doing it. I think their H&S concerns are most likely valid and their past Limerick game in Portlaise shows precedent. I feel no no compromise will happen which is a shame for the game itself.

  192. This soft rubbish from our fans of supporting Kildare. Get over yourselves.

    Mayo are victims too but this is not our fight. We go where we are told. Let Kildare throw away their year or let them turn up and put on a performance.

    I think it is wrong what they are being forced to do but we should not be distracted

  193. As in most facets of life the tail is now wagging the GAA dog. Kildare hasnt the capacity to accommodate the supporters of both counties (due no doubt to the lack of foresight by previous CBs there) That may be acceptable (issue 8,500 tickets) if there were no alternatives but there are. Kildare must be taking a leaf out of the Kevin McStay brinkmanship book but it must not prevail on this occasion as thats a recipe for anarchy. Having said that, GAA HQ needs to learn the lesson & communicate capacity requirements in advance of stakeholders impailing themselves. If Kildare thinks its that precious, let it build a 21st century facility or better still hand the job over to all the know-alls who expect 30,000 homes to appear overnight.

  194. Yew-tree. Are you for real ?.
    Why the f— would we turn up in Newbridge when the game is fixed for Croke Parke.

  195. I do think that the whole championship from insanely quick turn arounds to this is turning into a farce

  196. Mayo Qualifiers.

    17 Games
    4 at Home
    5 Away
    8 at Neutral including 2 at Croke Park, Tyrone in 2008 and Westmeath in 2016 both in Round 4.

    I don’t know which way the draw went for these two games against Westmeath and Tyrone but there is a tendency recently to have Round 4 Games in Croke park but not always. We have played our other four Round 4 games at neutral grounds outside Croke Park.

    Two of our three Round 3 games were home and away, Kildare in 2016 and Clare in 2017 respectively, the other being Tipperary in Ennis in 2002.

    There is a pattern of make it up as you go along by the CCCC but they set the venues ,is the main rule which I can’t see Kildare getting around.

    They have a major grievance in that they had to travel to mayo two years ago but they pop up to play Dublin in Croke park on every occasion since the 90s. The GAA on the other hand will state players want to play in Croke Park, London being a notable beneficiary in 2013. Then there is the Gaels who keep Conleth Park going, the local businesses which sponsor the Team and Mayos good record at Croke Park.

    What a melting pot

    As an aside, I am London based, flights to Knock and Dublin are completely nuts for this weekend.

  197. Why could the discussion about venues not have happened BEFORE the draw this morning???Surely the powers that be should have looked at venue capacity issues & planned ahead. They knew all the possible venues! Prevention is better than cure after all ! ( perhaps they need more women involved in the planning!)

  198. “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
    ? Sun Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

    Is it possible all this uproar is intentionally being manufactured by Cian O’Neill?

    Yes, it stinks moving Kildare from their home ground. It really stinks but as rightly pointed out it has precedent. In actual fact, in retrospect one may think wasn’t it always inevitable! Which brings me back to what is Kildare trying to achieve here?? Personally, its either CON knows his team will lose and lose badly so he trying to get out of the match; or, he trying to make Mayo as unready as possible to play them.

    I reckon they will concede from there stance and play Mayo on Saturday. Lets be ready!

  199. I should imagine that Connacht Council is very popular in Croke Park just now. Their caving into Roscommon and McStay has every tail thinking that it has to wag the dog now. Cian O’Neill thinks that what McStay did he can do. That Connacht Council decision is the result of Connacht’s policy of letting each county have its turn in leading the Council regardless of the quality of candidate being put forward. Too often that candidate is selected purely on the basis of being a well liked, hail fellow, well met old gent whose time has come at last because he hung around for long enough. The Connacht Council President at the moment is a Leitrim man and in Leitrim [and Sligo and Roscommon] the tendency is for those three to band together against Galway/Mayo. So in the early ninties they had Connacht adopt the Hyde as Connacht’s primary provincial ground ahead of Castlebar/Tuam. That came to nothing because Roscommon themselves sat on their arses and did nothing while Castlebar and Salthill were redeveloped.

  200. Hard to believe that a walk over is on the cards.
    Let’s hope some cool heads find a way to resolve this.

  201. Cool heads is it, Maumtrasna View? Hits here on the site will exceed the all-time daily high inside the next hour I’d say. The world’s gone mad Ted.

  202. I wouldn’t say no to a walkover. Let the lads rest up.

    TonyK, off you go to Newbridge on Saturday, I’ll gladly stay at home. For now, it’s popcorn time.

  203. @williejoe – is a poll call for whether the match will go ahead on Saturday or not?

  204. Mayo should stay silent on this. Turn up where ever game is fixed. Do not make the same mistake as Meath made in 2010,holding meetings etc. Both messes were made by the GAA-let them solve it.

  205. Logic has it we will roughly bring 8000 to this game wherever it would be if it newbridge that creates a problem for supporters.

    Also if we told to go newbridge we should stand up and say we want the game earlier than 7 as it takes a lot longer to get to newbridge from mayo as it would take to get to Croke it at 3 or 5 .

  206. Mm hits the nail on the head there. There was no forward planning whatsoever. At this stage I’m warming to the idea of a bye however .It would give the lads a welcome extra weeks rest. And the fantastic fans I meet in thurles would save a few Bob. By the way there was a fantastic old mayo boy doing the rounds in the pubs in thurles singing mayo songs. He was a Richard Harris lookalike . Did anyone hear him? Up mayo.

  207. There should have been a GAA Stadium built in Athlone (The Centre of Ireland) similar to Pairc U Caoimh that would cater for all counties around and not to be bringing Mayo Fans or any other fans from different counties all the way to Croke Park . and leave Croke Park for All Ireland semi finals and finals both in hurling and football
    Does anyone agree with my above statement,
    I thought i would put it out there

  208. The Gardai only gave approval for it to throw-in at 7 in Newbridge, Aidan. There’s some race meeting on at that time.

    I agree with JR, let the management, players and County Board keep quiet on this one. Let Kildare and the GAA have it out.

    We should be prepared and ready for Croke Park on Saturday, be it a walk over or beating Kildare. I’d rather the walk over but this isn’t our argument.

    FWIW I think Kildare have backed themselves into a corner here and their fight is unwinnable. If they want to throw away their season over principle then so be it – we’ll take their place and move on.

  209. Mayo will have to plan for a game this weekend whether it happens or not. I would suggest they might have a training venue booked somewhere in the East or Midlands in case it doesn’t go ahead. Agree a forfeit is a good situation for Mayo but it would be a farce for the GAA.

  210. Can’t believe some of the mayo supporters on twitter tonight saying we should show up in Newbridge on Saturday evening, or they for real this isn’t our fight we show up where we’re told to show up and right now that’s in Croke Park and I can’t see that changing so less fuss we make of it the better. Yeah I can kind of see Kildares point but at the same time they never kick up a fuss when they concede to play the Dubs in Croke Park and anyways I don’t really care about Kildare all that matters is that Mayo concentrate on themselves and getting through each game straight to the Super 8s where we belong. Think some of our supporters have completely lost the run of themselves tho and they have a short memory didn’t see anyone sticking up for us when we were forced to play Kerry down in Limerick, seriously some of our supporters would really want to calm down GAA have again tonight said if Kildare don’t show up the game will be awarded to Mayo so I’m presuming if we also don’t show up then we’ll both be disqualified maybe some of the supporters would want to keep this in mind and keep their mouths closed as I said it’s not our fight let them off and try sort it out between themselves without us getting involved!!

  211. Kill Deer. The poor aul animals. One shot. Bang bang.

    The unfortunate side to this for Mayo is.
    We are currently gearing everything towards a game next Saturday evening.
    Do we have a game or not on Saturday ?

    Believe me, training towards a game in 5 days time is much different to preparing for a game in 12 days time.

    I agree. It should have been made clear before any draw this morning, that home advantage would be moved if Teams A B or whatever were drawn at home.

    The CCCC The cocked up constipated Clowns committee.

  212. A walkover doesn’t sit right with me at all. It really sullies our qualifier adventure! But this is not our fight.

    I want us to play this weekend. I’m certain the lads want a game as well

  213. The other problem Kildare have is this must no be a ginormous distraction in the County. Players need to be planning for the game, video analysis, recovery sessions etc and this whole thing is an unnecessary stress they’ve put on themselves. Sometimes it can unite a team but I think more likely the opposite will happen.

  214. if you have a ticket bought now for Croker does it mean it will be valid for Newbridge if its refixed?

  215. Of course Kildare fear Mayo. Could smell it off them in Newbridge back in March. Now they are doing their best to get home advantage. A home advantage I actually think they are entitled to. But to be honest any advantage our lads can get at the moment I’m all on for. And by the way nobody would be standing up for us either in similar situation. Maybe we will get a week off. Keep fighting Kildare GAA. Mayo keep heads down and focussed.
    Brilliant post Heimat – definitely mayo are a force of attraction!!

  216. I agree with MM. A few sensible women could have solved this situation.
    Now its become a testoserone High Noon – Gunfight at the OK Corral kind of thing. There’ll be blood on the ground no matter what happens.

  217. It’s hard to see how this can be resolved. The Kildare board and the GAA have both made their position very clear, I can’t see any wiggle room.
    If Kildare do cave, then Cian O’Neill and some of the county board will surely have to walk. They would have lost all credibility.

    KOB – I was minutes away from booking a flight from London to Dublin for the weekend before I read a comment on here about Kildare refusing to move from Newbridge (see how helpful this site can be?!).
    The GAA’s gross incompetence and inability to plan for this eventuality (a fairly reasonable eventuality as well, considering there were only 4 fixtures to be arranged) very nearly cost me a fair old whack. I was lucky, but what about the people who got in very early and booked flights/trains/hotels etc. on the assumption the game was going ahead in Dublin?
    But of course, the supporters money is only an important factor when it’s filling up the GAA’s own coffers

  218. Just for my tupence worth,
    Across the pond, for FA cup games, when Yeovil Town are drawn against Man Utd, Liverpool or Man City, they play there home games at HOME. Capacity 9565. No one says move it. The same with St. Conleths Park, that’s the size of the venue play the game there.

  219. It’s all gone a bit mad alright. I was going to come on earlier today and post about how all the various analysts in such and such a podcast have written off us completely. The current narrative is that the big four now consists of Dublin, Kerry, Donegal and Galway and that our potentially gruelling run of games and the loss of our first-choice midfield have rendered us hopeless. But instead here we are seriously discussing a walkover! Very foolish behaviour from Kildare. I’m glad it’s just a bus journey for me but I feel sorry for fans on either side who will be inconvenienced by all this. The next few days will be interesting

  220. Both sides seem cock sure they have right on their side and are not for turning. If this position remains then it’s a walkover for us on Sat. I have no problem with that. My only fear is that this row progresses to an outside independent body like the Disputes Resolution Arbitrators (DRA) and we get moved somewhere else or have our schedule interfered with in some way. Lets stay quite and be ready for them.

  221. Does anyone have an idea on how to shore up the squad after all the injuries.
    I am way more interested in that than the venue on Saturday…..

  222. Its possible its all a scam to divert attention for our fans and players away from the game and rally the masses in Kildare to what is being promoted as big brother kicking lumps out of the little guy. Could that be it. Honestly I cant see Kildare not playing it as they have every chance of an upset.

  223. I AM DIZZY in the head with all this nonsense.the cccc and gaa bosses have final say over venues for games.that should be end of story. we have to know by wednesday at latest is game going ahead.i dont want to go to dublin to see mayo take the field and kildare not to turn up.

  224. WJ. You might have to add a maybe and a ? to the heading on this thread.

    I wonder what are sky sports been told at the moment ?

    There might be a slot in Croke Park for Garth Brooks yet.

  225. This is a total distraction for the Mayo team, managment and fans. Imagine now if Kildare fulfill the fixture. They will be so fired up, it won’t be funny.

  226. Honesty, what difference does it make if we are distracted?

    As Roger Milla said earlier, Kildare have taken up their whole day with this. Roch probably watched their last two games already. This won’t effect our camp. I’m certain of that.

    Also, I see scores of supporters from across the country calling for us to stand with Kildare. I guess it’s time to pay all this counties back for their support in 2014.

  227. @Shuffydeck.. I accept that their is an ‘Urban Myth’ as regard’s the amount of people needed in Croke Park for it to make a profit, (actually break even) .. I have heard several versions of the amount needed and you say 35,000 But think about it.. It has no basis in reality, and Croke Park has allot of volunteers, I actually got to know some of them, so many times that I have been there…………………………..
    @Liam Jones ….Your right, the Mayo fan’s in Thurles last Saturday are a credit to the county… I was in Hayes Hotel and Lar Corbett’s didn’t see the singing Richard Harris lookalike you speak about…. Not sure whether it’s a compliment or not to be a Richard Harris lookalike… On the one hand, he was a Hollywood Star, but on the other hand he’s dead… Fair Play to him anyhow!….. Anyways as I was making my getaway from Semple Stadium,. ‘Moonlight in Mayo’ could be heard over the public address system… Not my favourite, but not a bad choice either, and that’s the only Mayo song I heard in Thurles on Saturday!…. Any white smoke on the Kildare /Gaa row in the meantime?

  228. Don’t be bothering yourselves with all this talk folks. It will be sorted out well before the weekend. In fact, there will be a massive turnout in Croker when its sorted – as everyone will want to go now. Once the Kildare Board are sent their potential punishment if they don’t show up – they will get their bus ready and facing for Croke Park. The threat of expulsion from the Senior, U20 and U17 championship for a few years wont be long whipping them into place. Anyone who knows anything about the CCCC will know that they don’t change for anyone, and have their ways to make you do what your told.

  229. Any word on squad additions?

    I presume we will have an A v B Mayo training match to watch on Saturday evening at least?

  230. The cccc will do what they are told by sky sports. They flash the cash. Then the cccc will threaten the upstarts and we probably will see a game at the weekend.

  231. @Knotted Hankie, you are too funny!
    I don’t think it will distract our players – not yet any way. At least I hope it won’t. Hard focus if you think something might not happen. Initially I thought Mayo should back Kildare but not anymore. Let’s look after ourselves. Everyone always digging the boot into us. Of course our support will be down in numbers with not knowing whether or not to travel.

  232. Bloody hell, were they or were they not offered the chance to nominate another ground? If so, then it blows this bullshit about sky out of the equasion.

  233. Make no mistake Kildare will be in Croke park
    Kildare reved up by this manufacturered crisis
    Mayo distracted thinking they might get a walkover (Seeds are planted)

    Brillant and ballesy by Cian o Neill He is controling the nattrative (even dressed up in a suit to go on the news)

    We need to stop feeding the story and ignore it as the distraction it is….

    Mayo need to be really focused and prepared for the fight……

  234. I believe they were told if they came out of the pot 1st that they had home adavantage.

  235. They’ll never have seen such excitement over a fixture in Kildare.And Im not meaning to sound patronising..All comes back to Sky and their double header..Money talks.

  236. @Sinead 37..That’s a very good point you make.. The Mayo travelling support is worth plenty to Mayo, especially when our back’s are to the wall… Whether deliberately or not if Kildare succeeded in lessening the amount of Mayo support, it’s worth something to Kildare.. Something to be aware of, and not let happen!.. On any case I am convinced that Cian O Neil is trying to win this match before I ever takes place, and not by playing football!

  237. I can see us all now sitting in Croke Park Saturday night, not a lillywhite in sight, watching the midges flying around and listening to the band playing where have all the flowers gone.

  238. I think O’Neill is a doctor so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he was already wearing a suit BEFORE the Six One interview. However, with the warm weather, maybe not – I personally would have went short sleeved and left the jacket at home.

    This is getting silly now.

  239. Go home the lot of you, you’ve had your fill. Hits here today have topped 32k (and counting), so 2,000 more than the previous all-time daily high, which was the day after last year’s All-Ireland final. I’m telling you, Mary, it’s all gone viral on us.

  240. And the more I think about it I’m beginning to think it will distract our guys. It’s needs sorting once and for all soon. Something similar happened to me in work once. It messed with my focus for nearly a week before it was finally sorted. I thought something wasn’t happening, then it was and then not and on again. In the end I refused to do whatever as my head was wrecked and my goodwill gone. Didn’t know whether I was coming or going. Mayo should prepare like normal and not let anything deter them. Are Kildare ultimately that afraid of us to not play?!

  241. I think we should insist that Kildare and CCCC/GAA/xxddfgtr/howsyerfather need to commit to the venue by Thursday latest. If Kildare do not commit, then award the walkover Thursday


    Because, if this stays uncertain, there is a risk the uncertainty will reduce the travelling support from Mayo. Will people get their kids in the car to drive 4 hours for a possible no-show and walkover? I think some will not. Hence, the uncertainty could be a big advantage to Kildare. Cian O’Neill might not be smart enough to have planned this from the start, but I bet he has figured it out before me!

    As for me personally, I plan to be in Croke park 6pm sat evening, 1 hour before the set time. I’ll have 3 hours by bus, not too bad. If the venue is changed, ditto, I’ll be there, touch wood!

  242. I noticed that Cian ONeill did not mention the Co Board in his interview so has he gone on a solo run? If he has and the Board agree to play at CP then he has no option but to resign. If he did the interview backed by the Board then they have little option other than to stick tough or resign. No winners here

  243. I can’t see this being a scam because if Kildare Co. Board and Cian O Neil back down on this now they will be completely ridiculed and have to arrive in Croagh Parke with their tails between their legs. Growing up we were always told to pick your fights and when you do pick a fight then you stand full square behind that decision. The key here is to have a good just cause and as much as it pains me to say this.. I’m sorry but Kildare dont have one. Their actions/behaviour in similiar situations up to now has set a precedent.. a precedent of selling out and collusion that has made the Leinster championship a non event year after year. I can see the reason for their stance but that ship sailed years ago.. they had a chance getting on back then but they didnt…all this is way way to late. This is not our fight, we will have plenty of our own fights to pick before to long, with good reason too

  244. Kildare are certainly not afraid of playing us and talk of this being a major coup by Kildare to distract us is nonsense I think. In any case Mayo approach games in such a professional manner an earthquake wouldn’t distract them never mind this stroke the GAA are pulling. I love Gaelic Football and always will but the GAA are clearly in the wrong here. Sky are dictating terms and the greed GAA come to the fore in plain sight. The GAA should have been more careful about who they were getting into bed with.
    The tail is now wagging the dog!
    I hope Kildare stand their ground, it will come at a cost but humility is sometimes worth the suffering.
    It would be great to see Mayo GAA come out and publically stand together with Kildare but that’s not goina happen.

    Maigh Eo Abú

  245. And greenandredtothebone, initially I thought our team should turn up in Newbridge to support but I don’t think anyone would do it for us so I think Mayo GAA need to keep quiet and get on with it.

  246. Croker suits our lads better. Big fat full stop. Enough for me. If we get a week off good and well – recuperation time. So what if a walkover sullies our AI win ? We will take it anyway we get it!!

  247. One salient point in all of this – have people noticed the silence of the GAA on this bar issuing statements. That’s never a good sign. Irrespective of the rights of the CCCC, the quality of Newbridge as a ground, Kildare games in CP etc. the fact remains they were entitled to home advantage for this match. Any circumstances that prevented this arrangement should have outlined BEFORE the draw was made e.g. the disclosure that repeat pairings were not permitted.

    The substantive point in all of this is the fact that the GAA have changed the rules as it suits them.

    I’m sorry but despite the tangential arguments being trotted out about CCCC rights etc. the GAA has allowed an unsatisfactory situation develop which should not have happened.

    In future, for all draws that have to be carried out the GAA should fully disclose all stipulations regarding venue choice BEFORE the draw is made……and not after the fact!

  248. So revellino what your saying is sky sports are in charge.
    Jesus it’s geting better and better on this site
    Everyone needs to relax

  249. If this has been Leitrim for example I’d have a bit of sympathy
    But Kildare who have readily given up Home
    advantage to the Dubs over the last couple of decades ????? And why I wonder ……………
    Give me a break.
    This is not Mayo’s problem .

    No matter what what it goes it will not benefit us now either make no mistake .
    And Cian O Neill is fully aware of that .

    Talk of turning up in Newbridge to give them moral support is absolutely ludicrous and just not believable to be quite honest !

    Nice to see the GPA out in support . Where were they 4 years ago …….

  250. County Board: say nothing.
    Players: say nothing.
    Posters: less said the better.
    Management: heads down; prepare to play in either venue.
    Fans: prepare to attend at either venue.

  251. Go to bed Willie Joe . You’ll wake up and realise we are playing Leitrim in Carrick !! . Honestly , its a mess but not our mess .Lads will prepare/recover for match on Sat regardless of where its played and they are the important ones .

  252. I’m saying New York Tommy that sky sports have a schedule to put out. They also have a contract with the gaa.
    There is an onus on the gaa to provide sky with whatever they told them they were going to provide them with.
    Did sky sports know abut this double header before the kildare county board or anybody else knew about it ???
    The gaa are pandering to their master who through their own fault is sky sports and as long as they sell their rights away they will dance to somebody else’s tune.

  253. The game will go ahead as planned on Saturday and we will win comfortably.

    That’s all that’s going to happen.

    Croke park will give them money just to ease the shenanigans if that has not already happened.

    Plus officially they’ve got no backing for a protest, no other counties getting behind them, GPA or another committee!

    All these things matter if your planning a coup.

    All O Neill is doing is testing the water!

    So that said, everyone going to the match on Saturday enjoy.

  254. Don’t think Kildare are pulling a fast one, it would make them a laughing stock if that were found out. They genuinely feel aggrieved. I think the suggestion above that this be resolved by Thursday is only fair to Mayo travelling supporters. If not resolved then Kildare get thrown out of the Championship.

  255. Apparently the IRFU have offered the AVIVA stadium as an alternative but Kildare have declined because they reckon Cian Hanley will have too much of an advantage with the oval ball

  256. I would love to know if sky knew about this venue change and double header before the county boards.

    I never though that the most talked about game of.the year would be a 3rd Round qualifier against kildare.

  257. Revellino, you are correct and right, the Celtic tiger years resulted in an ever increasing ethos of greed in the organisation. The Dubs are the cash cow and the hugely talented marketing gurus in the likes of Sky Sports see a nice little earner in the GAA package. Problem is they will cherry pick what they deem useful and throw the precieved waste into the financial bin. They have no idea or interest in the principles on which the bedrock of our organisation were formed. If we are not careful the greedy gatekeepers will allow anyone with a fat wallet to enter and dictate their preferred direction the association should take so they can grab as much as they can and in time gain total control of the game from the start of the S8’s to the All Ireland Final. This is not a good road to chose, maybe this current issue with next weekends game will shine a sustained light on some of the poor long term decisions being made at the Trough in HQ

  258. Declan Foley, I think you’re spot on, this for all we know could be a game played out in public by Cian O Neill. On one hand, pandering to the Kildare GAA family by being seen to take on the might of the CCCC knowing that in time his County will relent and agree in the interest of Kildare football to play the match in Croke Park. In the meantime, hoping in some way this whole shenanigans thing might distract the Mayo camp and give his team an edge. In this regard, Mayo would be well advised to keep the head down, stay away from giving any interviews and be good and ready for the game come Saturday evening. Should the CCCC stick to their guns and Kildare likewise then Mayo have no option but to show up in Croke Park and be ready to play. This is not our fight, and we owe no loyalty to anyone but our selves and Mayo supporters who say otherwise are in my opinion misguided.

  259. I doubt that Sky will allow a walk over. They possibly could extract a penalty from the GAA if they don’t have an event to show owing to an internal wrangle. Croke Park and Kildare GAA need to talk and soon. We need to stay quiet and stay out of this.

  260. Worst case scenario…. The GAA play the game in Newbridge… Every Mayo season ticket holder buys the maximum number of tickets allowed … No Kildare fan at the ground at all… Look it needs to be sorted out by Tuesday 12 High Noon… Too much to organise,… Trains, Planes and Automobiles!… .

  261. Apart from the Kildare issue.
    What is the story with Cavan. Is there pitch out of use. With Tyrone’s experience in Crokepark you would think any other venue would be better to them. There game would not be in Croke Park only for the Kildare home draw.
    As for Kildare venue. Them not developing their ground is as mad as us over developing ours. We can’t be on a high horse either, the GAA didn’t have to bail Kildare GAA

  262. The Breffni Park pitch is being redeveloped. It’s out of commission all summer, as far as I know. That job’s up ahead for us too.

  263. On a different note, playing club games during championship seems folly. Galway have lost Ciaran Duggan to a broken wrist, a fairly important player to their setup.

  264. What has Colm O’Rourke, Oliver Callinan, Joe Brolly and Sean Cavanagh got in common?

    They all think Sky sports are somehow responsible for the venue issues? Yeah that’s one thing they have in common….but probably not the most relevant thing.

    Seems Sky have certainly no hand in this as highlighted by breaking ranks with the GAA by making their statement. They would have kept their mouths shut if they were anyway involved – probably was a rumour for the CCCC to leave hanging.

  265. I am struggling a little bit with all this sky conspiracy talk. What difference does it make to sky where the fuck the game is. Surely the agreement is they get to show a set number of games from each qualifying round..there is no way of knowing in advance teams venues etc. I doubt it makes much difference to them in the whole scheme of things sending cameras to two different venues. For what its worth I agree with Kildare’s stance…if they got a home draw they should be entitled to such. Having said that I cannot see them going ahead and forfeiting the game…I think they will play in Croke Park and will be compensated financially for forgoing the home draw.

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