Connacht Championship draw on next Monday evening

The draws for the various provincial Championships in hurling and football are set to be made next week. The draws will be made live on RTÉ, split across the Morning Ireland show on Radio One and the station’s Six-One TV news programme.

It’s on the latter programme, next Monday evening, that the Connacht Championship draw will be made. They might even get George Lee to do it – it would make a welcome change from his usual diet of downbeat pronouncements about Covid infection rates.

Full details on what draws are being made and when by RTÉ are here.

Fixture details for the forthcoming National League campaign should also be out soon. The Irish Independent had some news on this today (here) and I know that some counties have already begun to confirm their own match details. There’s no white smoke from Mayo GAA in that respect yet but, by the sounds of it, this information should be available before too long.

15 thoughts on “Connacht Championship draw on next Monday evening

  1. I cannot understand the logic of needing three extra weeks to include qualifiers in this year’s championship. I reckon one extra week would do the trick, starting one week earlier. Let’s look at the possible time scale:
    June 19/20 Prelim Round [Leinster/ Ulster]
    June 26/27 Quarter Finals [All Provinces]
    July 3/4 Semi Finals. Qualifiers Round 1; Taillteann Cup Round 1
    July 10/11. Provincial Finals; Qualifiers R2, Taillteann Cup Round 2
    July 17/18 Qualifiers Round 3, Taillteann Cup Round 3
    July 24/25 Qualifiers Round 4.
    July 31/Aug 1. Rest week.
    Aug 7/8. All Ireland Quarter Finals.
    Aug 14/15 All Ireland Semi Finals.
    Aug 21/22 Rest week.
    Aug 29/30 All Ireland Final.
    Sept [All month] Covid sensible Mayo celebrations.

  2. Re above suggestion on championship time scale, I forgot that with the Taillteann Cup there will be at least one round, probably two, less of qualifiers so giving a bit more flexibility.

  3. Hello, On a dlfferent note, a 1 million euro gift is being glven to Westport St Patrick’s GAA Club from a local family. Construction at New Grounds planned to begin in June.
    Courtesy of Mayo News.

  4. Wow fantastic news for Westport GAA, that’s a massive donation. Well done to the Kenny family. That is the kind of big money the County Board needs – but the huge debt on the stadium probably puts people off investing.

  5. Is it possible we could be drawn with leitrim in a semi final for our first game in the championship? Or are are there restrictions in place. Genuine question.

  6. No restrictions. We’ve had a really bad run of luck in Connacht Championship draws recently. It’s 2012 since we were on the opposite side to Galway and Roscommon.

  7. Funny thing about 2012 championship is that neither Galway nor Roscommon got to the final that year. We met Sligo in the final and they gave us a hard enough time in it. Score 12 pts to 10.

  8. We shouldn’t fear anyone in Connaught. They should be afraid of us, though given JH’s comments on McHale Park, they may be hoping for an away draw.

  9. Catcol – No away draw for Mayo this year unless we face Sligo. We are due home ties if we meet Leitrim/Galway/Roscommon. I think the home pitch excuse is over stated at this stage..just my opinion.

  10. I thought McHale Park was closing for pitch work this year? Perhaps it’s later in the year the work will commence.

  11. Might break from habit and actually tune into rte for the first time in about 12 months, the doom peddling from George Lee and co does nothing for the spirit

    My brother is coaching a team in county down this year, he had them out training collectively this week, he said he never seen such excitement and happiness at a training session before, every man rarin to go. I cant wait to experience the same buzz when my own team returns to training. New found appreciation for team sports and being part of a group.

    In other news i was reading in indo today that Kenny family contributing 1million euro to westport gaa, thats a phenomenal lift for a club, between that and their dominance and underage Westport are going to become a formidable proposition for the next decade

  12. Easy passage would be a very welcomed change with Galway and ros knockin seven shades out of each other the other side .

  13. I remember going to a Mayo V Sligo match in Sligo years ago and the sheep were herded off the field just before the game. Our loss to Sligo in 1975 put Mayo back a lot.

  14. Our loss to Sligo in 2010 turned out to be a good thing. Johno went after Longford and James came in. We’ve never looked back.

  15. In 2026 Mayo’s 1st Connacht championship against London since 2016 will finally take place post-phoned in 2001 due to Foot and Mouth Disease & not part of the 2021 championship due to Covid-19. Should London & New York rejoin the FBD League or New York be part of the National Football League.

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