Connacht final ticketing details

We’re up against Galway in this year’s Connacht SFC final, a match that throws in at Pearse Stadium in Salthill on Sunday week (5th May) at 4pm.

This will be our first post-Covid Nestor Cup decider. While the pandemic was raging we won the provincial title twice, beating Galway behind closed doors at Pearse Stadium in November 2020 and then beating them again in front of a restricted attendance at Croke Park the following July.

Prior to Covid, it’s all but incredible to realise that the most recent Connacht final we appeared in was the day in July 2015 when we completed a Nestor Cup five-in-a-row, beating Sligo at Dr Hyde Park. This means that, aside from those two novel Covid-era decider, the most recent time we contested a provincial final against Galway was when we met – and beat them – in Castlebar ten whole years ago.

Earlier on today Connacht GAA released ticketing details for the game, full details of which are here.

Tickets for the game are priced at €35 for the stand, €25 for the terrace, with the usual concessions.

The link for tickets is here. Tickets may also be purchased at selected Centra and SuperValu outlets.

98 thoughts on “Connacht final ticketing details

  1. Any idea why no stand tickets available on ticketmaster? Hardly a sellout already?

  2. It’s thrilling to see the Connacht SFC final gearing up with such an exciting match-up. Facing Galway at Pearse Stadium adds an extra layer of anticipation! It’s quite a comeback to have this event in front of a full audience post-Covid. The ticket prices seem reasonable too, considering the significance of the game. Looking forward to an enthralling match and hoping for a great turnout!

  3. Just a wild guess Galway Exile. Selling the shite tickets first as usual. Lots of patience required.

  4. @Galway Exile
    Season ticket holders have the stand option so that’s about 5k from Mayo and around 1k from Galway.Thats about 80% of the stands capacity.

  5. @vbet ticket prices seem reasonable? for the home up coming All ireland series group match and home Prem Quarter final it will be 25 euro for stand tickets instead of 35

  6. Got stand tickets on ticketmaster yesterday. Must have been very limited and probably poor seats. Anyone got a map of the seating in the stand?

  7. For Munster Football final the Kerry season ticket holders were not offered stand tickets. I know the stand is small in Ennis but still seems a bit off.

  8. @Justoutsideballagh: The Ticketmaster map breaks down the sections fairly well. A & L the two endlines, F the half way line, with D & H on the 60 type of thing –

    If you zoom in you can see the individual seats. Rows run from A closest to the sideline back towards GG at the back of the stand. I can’t see a way to identify the individual seat numbers (hopefully someone else can point to a way to enable that or a more detailed map view somewhere else) but worst case with just that you’d end up with a rough location between two possible seats without an awful lot of space between ’em.

  9. There is one seat in salthil i noticed at the league directly behind a column about 5 rows from the top , very unlucky if ya get that one .

  10. Quick question unfortunately I’m laid up and can’t attend the minor game this evening ,is it being televised or streamed anywhere and if so does anybody have a link for it much appreciated

  11. Fair play, that’s a big lead, assume its some sort of round robin and Galway are not out if losing.

  12. Thanks Willie Joe. Its a fair process I suppose for young lads. Gives them experience and game time.

  13. It’s a great format. U20 was brilliant this year, not for us sadly but overall it was such an improvement on the old straight knockout.

  14. Well done Mayo minors. It really strikes me how mature they seem in their play with an absence of egos and a work ethic that is a dream for coaches. So many top class displays and in fairness they have players able to take scores all over the pitch.
    The collective determination to win the ball back and then the swift, fluid transition to attack is wonderful to behold. Everyone knows at this age group an off night can be fatal but given an even break this team will take beating.
    Koby is a phenomenon but he’s only 16 and he needs to be known as Kobe McDonald not Kieran’s son as is mentioned so often in commentary.

  15. Great win for minors playing good football, just wondering is the management team letting them play and enjoy their football and not coaching them into all this keep ball and back and side passing the ball in case they loose possession. Young lads and indeed all players need to be let to play football and enjoy it… The more you enjoy it the better you play and the better you play the more you enjoy it. Winning then comes easy.

  16. Not sure about the strength of those outside Connacht but That Mayo U17 team will take some beating. Good format as already said but the only difference is U17 has All Ireland Quarter finals at U20 its straight to semi final will that be changed next year?

    The Rossies beat Leitrim in this evening’s other game by 9 points.Leitrim come to MacHale park next Friday.

  17. Jesus lads we are talking up another Mayo underage team again. Will ye stop until they actually achieve something.
    We heard the same about our u20 team this year and our minor team of a few years ago when Galway showed them in Hyde Park how to win an all Ireland.

  18. Great win for Mayo , totally dominant..
    It was without doubt the worst display by a Galway team at underage level I’ve seen in a long time..
    The selection of the manager made all the wrong headlines in Galway earlier in the year and as many feared this is a result of that choice by the county board..
    Now again Mayo were by far streets ahead of ourselves..

  19. @Tuamstar: On a day where things weren’t going especially well for the side, you’d have to be very proud of Ethan Forde and Charlie Killeen. They showed a lot of talent and huge character battling away out there tonight. No doubt we’ll be seeing and bumping into some of those lads again over the coming years in much tighter tests.

  20. Remember we beat Galway minors before twice in Connaught and they beat us in the All Ireland final.
    Be careful.
    Good luck to the lads.
    Off the Kerry team that won four all Ireland’s in the row they just harvested 2 players, Clifford and oShea.

  21. Thought David Heaney was really impressive in the interview on the podcast. No nonsense and knows his football.

  22. JR – that is complete crap.

    A huge amount of the current Kerry panel come from those four teams. Jason Foley, Tom O’Sullivan, Killian Spillane, Gavin White, Shane Ryan, Dara Moynihan, Diarmuid O’Connor to name a few.

  23. @Quay school: Next Friday evening at home (back in MacHale Park according to David Heaney on the pod) to Leitrim and then the following Friday away to Sligo in the final round of the round-robin.

    @Nephin: Totally agree on David coming across incredibly well. Nailed the highs and the lows in equal measure. Impressive interview, as steady and reliable on the mic as he was on the field.

  24. Galway one point from three games they aren’t going to reach the semi final by the looks of it.

  25. Michael D mentioned the Leitrim game was on in Ballina next Friday evening.
    Would be a great venue for this match.

  26. You’re right TsuDhoNim. The two Galway youngsters were outstanding on a difficult evening for them. Corner back Forde really battled hard and stuck at it all evening. It’s one of those odds stats that sometimes crop up where Forde was Galway’s best player and the lad he was marking Walsh won the motm award with 5points from play.

  27. @14allnall41: Yeah, always a great atmosphere in Ballina. Ladies, underage or senior.

    Michael D mentioned it to David during the interviews too & David said it was back in MacHale Park. Not sure why the change, but probably no harm for the lads playing on the same pitch again from a familiarity & performance point of view.

    Was interesting looking at the 3 tier All Ireland structure this year. Had completely forgotten they’d made some changes there.

    Tier 1: The two Connacht provincial finalists play in the tier 1 AI QFs. So as was there.

    Tier 2: 3rd place in Connacht (beaten Semi Finalist you’d have to imagine – though it’s listed as 3rd placed rather oddly rather than beaten Semi Finalist detailed in other provinces) goes into the Tier 2 QF while 4th placed team (again no mention if this is 4th in the table or the winner of the 4th Vs 5th shield final) goes into a Tier 2 preliminary QF.

    Tier 3: 5th placed playoff against London to qualify for the Tier 3 AI QF.

  28. OK – I’m going to speculate on our AI series group – making a few assumptions about (likely) foregone conclusions:

    Scenario one – we win CF and are seed 1.
    As I understand it we are paired with Munster so Clare are our likely no 2. Third place is from one of Donegal/Tyrone, Derry, Roscommon and Monaghan (open to correction on Monaghan).
    Fourth place from one of: Meath, Cavan, Cork and Louth (Betting on Kildare to make LF)
    If Derry are in our group, at least we would have them at home.

    Scenario 2 – we would be no two seed to Kerry, and might have to play Derry away. Third and fourth teams are the same but home/away would change – for the worse.

    FrosT, TSU, JP and other ‘heads’ may have a different take.

  29. @catcol: No provincial pairings any more at senior. Open draw with an exception for no repeat Provincial Final pairings. So 33% chance of any Provincial Champion if we lose and are 2nd seeds or 33% chance of any Provincial Runner-up if we win and are 1st seeds, with Galway excluded as an option in either scenario.

    The rest is spot on there with the assumptions mentioned – personally I’d have Louth pipping Kildare along with wins for Armagh/Dublin, but it could go either way if Kildare turn things around. Crossing my fingers Kildare do show up on the day. Some of their defending has been shambolic this year, from lads that were flying it in D1 recently or taking Clifford on 1v1 in Sigerson (and winning). If half the rumours of the Davy Burke deal being done are true it’d be hard to see either Roscommon or Kildare really turning their fortunes around.

    I’d be hoping for a Mayo, Clare, Monaghan/Roscommon, Westmeath style draw.
    I’ll be expecting it to end up closer to a Dublin, Mayo, Derry, Cavan.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday.

  30. @Nephin: Yeah.
    “The draw for the All-Ireland series is scheduled for Tuesday on at 3pm…”.

    Once all the 3rd and 4th seeds get locked in with the last semi-finals this weekend they’ll do the draw with “Province Champion” and “Province Runner-Up” prior to the Provincial Finals being played.

  31. Mayo U20s looking much better today with a comfortable win over Leitrim. Was I the only one with a fecking stream on Connacht GAA that didn’t start until the second half?

  32. Thanks TSU. Seems strange if the provincial champions will know what group they’re in before playing. Some team could say, we’re better off loosing the final to avoid certain opponents.

  33. @Nephin: Yeah. Really don’t like that setup of knowing in advance. Could eventually throw up some really unbalanced groups and leave folks literally contemplating if they want to win a Provincial. Should never happen.

    @JoeG: It does weird things at the start of games alright. When the countdown hits zero it often resets/jumps to 5 and keeps counting. If you refresh the page it’ll sometimes fix it (always for me personally, always using Chrome), but have seen others reporting issues that continued long after so sadly doubt you’re alone there.

  34. I cannot understand the draws being made. It is more daftness by the powers that be. It should be delayed until the provincial championships are finished. It beggars belief

  35. It’s again because of the tightness of the calendar. We’re doing the first group stage games over two weekends again. If we don’t do the draw in advance some teams would be finding out they have to play 6 days later. Connacht and Munster finalists will play the first weekend. Leinster and Ulster finalists the weekend after, and successive weekends to get back aligned.

  36. The draw could be postponed when it dawns on them its a silly move to put it mildly .

  37. This is absolutely crazy. What’s the rush anyway. Game’s won’t be played for a few weeks.

  38. Mayo U20s will play the Ulster reps in All Ireland B semi final. Fermanagh or Down who play on Monday evening.

  39. I would echo the daftness of doing the draw ahead of provincial finals. It’s also grossly unfair on Leinster & Ulster teams having to do consecutive weekends to catch up to the other groups (so all groups finish on same weekend). We will benefit, but it’s not fair.

    GAA just love complicating things that aren’t complicated. Ulster & Leinster have more teams & thus take longer to play off. Logically they should start before Connaught & Munster, so that all Provincial finals can finish on same weekend & thus evert team in All Ireland Series has the same schedule once it begins

  40. Actually had to remind myself of the Red Proposal which went up against the Green Proposal (which we have now). The Red one was a much better option to me anyways.

    The current format is certainly better than what we had prior to it. But it needs tweaking. Would love to see the Red Proposal back on the table in future

  41. With the potential implications of the draw on Tuesday in mind….

    Horrid blow for Cavan, and for anyone that enjoys watching a top class inside forward in full flight, with the news Paddy Lynch to be ruled out of the rest of the season with an ACL injury picked up on Thursday.

    Gutted for the poor lad. He’d been having a hell of a season. Fingers crossed for his recovery.

  42. Thanks TSU for clarification. Yes, it’s odd knowing in advance, but with no provincial pairings, the incentive to win Connacht couldn’t be stronger. And the possibility of drawing Derry at home rather than in Celtic Park is an additional carrot for us.

  43. @Mayo Focus Red Proposal where 6th in Div 1 wouldn’t play in the All Ireland series but teams from the lower league would?

  44. Barring a second half turnaround (you can never rule it out I know) looks like Donegal coming back to earth with a bang this week
    Wonder where all the media outlets who shot them up to no3 in the Sam rankings will have them, if they lose today?

  45. With the expected exhibition match happening in Croker we’re locked in now for the draw on Tuesday.

    1st seeds:

    2nd seeds:

    3rd seeds: Derry, Roscommon, Tyrone, Monaghan.

    4th seeds: Meath, Cavan, Cork, Westmeath.

    So we’ll have 33% chance of the 2nd seeds except Galway if we win (you’d expect Clare, Louth & whichever loses from Armagh/Donegal) or 33% chance of the 1st seeds except Galway if we lose (you’d expect Kerry, Dublin & whichever wins from Armagh/Donegal).

    Win or lose, it’ll be a 25% chance of the 4 3rd seeds and 25% of the 4 4th seeds.

  46. Pretty terrible performance from Tyrone over all. Is it just against us that they raise their game?!

  47. @peter we just didn’t show up in 21. And our loss v them in league we had an experimental team also Tyrone have lost alot of their players from when they won in 21 so I wouldn’t say they raise their game against us.

    It’s madness having the draws before provincial finals just makes them so irrelevant even more so could they not have waited till they were finished what’s the rush like..

  48. I thought Tyrone were very good today – they looked a better football team than Donegal, but ran out of gas in extra time. Daragh Canavan – what a player, and the conditioning of every one of them is superb. And Niall Morgan? – he can be got at, and teams need to plan for that, but he’s good, very good. All that said, what is McGuinness feeding Donegal; reaching an Ulster final beating Derry and Tyrone is just amazing.

  49. From a football point of view it is great to see Ryan Mchugh back on the field.
    Somebody I always enjoyed watching who has had a rotten run with injuries.

  50. Winning next Sunday is very important for getting a good group stage. If we win and get a good draw we could have Louth Roscommon and Westmeth in our group. If we loose next Sunday and get a bad draw we could end up in a group with Dublin Derry and Cork. More motivation surely if any is needed..

  51. Yes Clare you are right but if we were second seeds we could have Dublin or Kerry for company in that group aswell!

  52. @Clare: Yup.

    Until the draw is made, winning/losing the Provincial Final only changes the odds on who we’d draw as 1st or 2nd seeds. It changes nothing about the odds (25% for any specific side) when drawing 3rd or 4th seeds (other than which order/where/when we’d be playing them).

    Winning/1st seed gives us a 66% chance of drawing 1 of Louth or Clare and avoiding a Division 1 side, with just the 33% chance of drawing the loser of Donegal/Armagh.
    Losing/2nd seed gives us a 100% chance of a Division 1 side with 1 of Dublin, Kerry or the winner of Donegal/Armagh.

  53. Ah Ok I get it now so complicated! Honestly don’t know why they couldn’t have waited till provincial are done it’s not like the round robind start next week.

    I wouldn’t be shocked at all if we got a big gun like dubs or derry in our group wasn’t shocked at all when we got kerry & Cork last year

  54. The draw will be interesting. But if we are worrying about getting Cork in our group, then we may as well forget about it. They beat us last year I know.

    If we have any serious ambitions of making the latter stages, we should be beating them without fuss.

    We got a lucky draw last year (except Kerry), managed to beat then unexpectedly & inexplicably cocked it up against Cork & butchered any chance of progressing past a semi. So maybe a tougher draw would be the best thing for us

  55. @mayo focus we should definetly be beating Cork without fuss but we seem to up our game for the bigger teams and then let the likes of louth etc nearly beat us it’s like we let our guard down and switch off or something.

    I agree after we lost to Cork I knew we were doomed for the year as to many games and also whatever confidence we had was gone after that.

  56. I think against Louth it was the fact that tactically we found it very hard to play against a team which sat deep. What was a shame about that was the hammering Kerry gave them in their game. Hopefully we’ve come on a bit in that respect. Two different games (with a weakened Ros panel, and a rake of wides), but if you’re looking for symmetry the Roscommon match suggested improvement. If Galway do go full shawl we’ll soon find out.

  57. Indeed Clare, we do seem to play better against teams who play ball too. I’d give us a shout against Kerry in a one off game, but I’d be bricking it against Tyrone 🙂

    Re Cork. Kevin Walsh is a coach with them & he is basically Rochy’s Kryptonite!! I could be wrong but I think a Rochy coached or managed team never beat him in Championship. If we draw them again & can’t beat them, it might be time to throw something different at Walsh

  58. Having the draw before the provincial finals is shambolic as is having 3 of 4 teams progress.

  59. FW has the Galway season ticket no. dropped. to that extent. 12 months ago it stood @ 2,200. I know it has dropped (as I know a few people who did not renew due to the value issue as happened across the country) but to that extent???? Where are you getting your official ST numbers from?

  60. @jr I’m in total agreement with you there. It’s bonkers having the draw before the finals – Mayo and Galway could end up evaluating the value of winning the province if the draw suits them better to lose.

  61. Now it’s just a thought. But if Jim McGuinness can turn around, pretty much the same Donegal team, that’s been getting beat up and down the country the last 3 years, into genuine contenders in the space of 12 months.
    It doesn’t really hold to up to Mayo just don’t have the players to be top 4 at the moment argument.

  62. @peter I don’t think donegal are serious contenders? I mean ok they are in a ulster final but they beat a flat out Derry team and only just about managed to beat Tyrone.

    They will get to quarters but I wouldn’t have them ahead of ourselves anyways.

  63. I suppose the timing of the games is the problem in relation to the draw being made tomorrow. If they wait until after the provincial championship lt would mean connacht and munster teams would not know the groups until 6 days b4 their 1st group game so again the powers that be are failing again.

  64. Group (1) of death scenario – we could get Ulster losers Armagh/Donegal as no 2, Derry as no 3 and Monaghan as no 4. As second seeds we could have these also with an away match against Derry rather than a home one.

    However, I detect (and I’m prone to it myself), a ‘we should sail through – and we shouldn’t be there if we can’t’ attitude towards the second division teams, not to mention the Rossies and Monaghan as well. We have to treat teams in the group with the utmost respect from seeds two to four, or one to four. Nothing less will get us through. Every team will be trying to make a statement, and ‘lesser’ teams will regard Mayo as a potential soft touch that could get them two vital points. There’s is difference in lower division attitude; it’s let’s give this one mighty push and we could catch this crowd. A Mayo attitude towards them tends to be one of containment, ‘let’s get through this, with minimal fuss, avoid injuries, see it out and move on’. I think this is a fatal approach; it characterised our game against Louth, and it came home to roost in the Cork match.

    Let ‘Full tilt from here on in’ be the battle cry.

  65. @claire maybe not time will tell, the next test they’ll need is against a Kerry or Dublin, pretty impressive to have knocked Derry and Tyrone out in the space of two weeks, and I’d probably have them as my favourites for the Ulster final now.

  66. @claire but also if they win Ulster, they’ll avoid a Kerry or Dublin for a while yet.

  67. Every day is a school day and i personally never thought a manager could make that much of an impact , mcguinness has a touch of tactical awareness others dont though . He has now proven his salt to doubters like me .

    There is one more point id like to take issue with some of ye felt the whole ” bring the mayo roar ” was cringe etc , the fact ye find it cringe is the problem imo . Someone said you wouldnt see dessie , jack o or mcguinnes do the likes , this is the same mcguinness who paraded the anglo celt through Donegal townand roused the crowd along the streets . Dessie who has the hill16 and jack o who has a crowd that are the proudest county in Ireland and bask in all things kerry.
    One day ill get my point across that we need more real gusto as a support base not faux passion like mayo 4 sam tripe .

  68. @peter yeah that’s true fair enough maybe they will prove me wrong ulster must be the toughest province to come out of to be fair.

    Leinster championship is such a joke actually felt sorry for offally yesterday.

  69. McGuinness has certainly improved Donegal but yesterday I thought it was a poor enough game with many mistakes and a very high wide count. Tyrone were the better team in normal time and probably left this game after them. I wouldn’t have Donegal down as contenders based on yesterday’s evidence

  70. Mad, how draw for Sam group stages on before Connacht SFC final, played, really can take gloss of winning the connaught, depending on draw. Best draw, I see if we win. Clare or Louth/ Monaghan or Roscommon / Meath or Westmeath.

  71. @Clare, the Leinster championship would be a great competition if they took Dublin out of it.

  72. Could anyone advise how one would get a stand ticket? I’ve been cleared to travel after hip surgery, but that emphasised I should only go to the stand.

  73. @JR that’s what I mean yeah it’s totally unfair I think it was Sean cavanagh who said Dublin should be taken out of leinster and put into munster or connacht imagine that though!

  74. @Catcol

    I’d contact Galway GAA directly – (091) 862500
    There will almost certainly be a section of the stand reserved for those with Mobility Impairments – which you from your description would at present qualify for.

    Calling is generally the best course of action as there are often more helpful services available than we realise, both for yourself and whoever you might be going to the game with.

  75. @catcol

    I have a stand ticket for sale as I cannot make the game

    Let me know if interested. Thanks

  76. Hi Shaney, another poster – thank you very much Anne – has contacted me with an offer. Thanks very much all the same.

  77. Hi looking for adult stand ticket
    And juvenile stand
    Bringing young lad to first mayo match only 5
    Is it assinged seating in the.stands does any one know

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