Connacht Minor final fixed for Hyde Park on Friday evening

The county’s Minor footballers are set to take on Roscommon on Friday evening in the Connacht MFC final. The game has been fixed for Dr Hyde Park where throw-in is 7.30pm.

If you’re planning on going to the game – and, if you haven’t yet seen this Mayo team in the flesh, they’re well worth a look – the ticket link for it is here.

The game is being streamed live by TG4 on their YouTube channel (link here) and, if I get a chance (which I may not do, for reasons I don’t need to expand on), I’ll embed the live stream here. TG4 will also show the game in full on deferred coverage later on Friday night.

We’ll also have a Final Whistle podcast show from Hyde Park, which will be online not long after the game concludes.

The best of luck to the lads as they shoot for provincial honours the next evening.

10 thoughts on “Connacht Minor final fixed for Hyde Park on Friday evening

  1. Yes, Rober it’d be nice but most importantly we want to see this continue to u20. 17’s are so young and it’s no real indication of future senior success but u20 is far more reliable. In the greater scheme of things, winning at minor is no use if it doesn’t spill forward to 20’s. A really good u20 nowadays is on a senior panel. It may another year or two later before they become established but if a lad isn’t making a senior panel by the time he’s 21 then chances are he’ll only be an average standard and a team dominated by ‘average standard’ players ain’t winning an All Ireland. That’s the end goal.

  2. I often wonder if a player is 10% off the senior standard at 21 is the effort really put in to close that gap? Pretty sure the prep effort falls away for lads post u20.

  3. A concern I would have that ties in with that @JP would be the recent experiment of playing 18 year olds for our u-20 team. These were all good minors and played with great self belief.
    But an 18 year olds ego is easily deflated. Young lads don’t like losing,particularly if they are used to success in other codes where they also excel.
    So we could see a number of those turn their back on football and return to other sports where the pressure is not as high and so enjoy it more.

  4. @Mayonaze

    If Mayo are to win tomorrow and make it three in a row minor titles serious questions will need to be asked if Mayo don’t at least win one U20 Connacht title in 2025,26 or 27.

    Tyrone’s U20 team this year was in no small part to what they did at U17 level. Ulster minor champions in 2021 and 2022 and they left the 2021 All Ireland title behind them at U17 and that disappointment drove them on at U20 level this year.

  5. In case anyone gets in a panic later, the game is live on the website and on there App, as distinct from TG4 YouTube.

    Don’t Shoot the Messenger.

  6. I don’t really like the attitude of viewing underage players as mere cannon fodder for the senior team. Their competitions are very important in their own right and it is a great achievemennt to win a Connacht or an All Ireland title at any level.

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