Connacht U17 decider on this evening

While all the talk right now is on the Round 2 qualifier draw that pitches us into a knockout meeting with Kildare this weekend, the immediate focus within the county shifts this evening to the U17s and their Connacht final meeting with Galway at MacHale Park (throw-in 7.30pm).

Our lads emerged unbeaten from the round-robin phase, a feat that earned them direct qualification to the final and a guaranteed place in the All-Ireland quarter-final. Galway, beaten twice in the group stage, including a right hammering dished out by our bucks, took a more scenic route to this evening’s decider but they arrive at MacHale Park this evening having won their last two matches in the competition.

This evening’s provincial final is being shown live on TG4. It’s an all-ticket affair with tickets needing to be purchased in advance – link for that here.

We’ve named our match day panel for this evening’s match and that’s as follows:

I’m otherwise engaged myself this evening so won’t be able to watch it but it’s a game that’s set to attract plenty of attention from Mayo fans. This is a talented bunch, with a good manager in Seán Deane, and it would be great to see them step up and claim provincial honours tonight.

Both sides will, regardless of the result this evening, live to fight another day in the U17 Championship, with both progressing to the All-Ireland quarter-finals. The winners play defeated Leinster finalists Kildare while the losers play Dublin, who won the Leinster title the other week.

The best of luck to the lads in this evening’s Connacht final.

44 thoughts on “Connacht U17 decider on this evening

  1. Good luck to Galway this evening. Hope its a better game than last time we played Mayo but at least the weather is fine well it is in Dublin anyway.

  2. Go neiri le foireann Mhuigeo anocht! Le cunadh De the next generation of players!
    Mhuigeo Abu!

  3. Crazy, I know but already looking forward to a whole host of this team appearing for the senior side in 3 to 4 years. I also know that good minors don’t always progress to the adult side but no harm in dreaming. Anyway expecting a tight battle tonight and hoping for another Mayo victory.

  4. Best luck to the minors and Sean Deane Danny O’Toole and backroom staff

  5. Best of luck to Mayo minors. Well coached, well managed and playing attractive football.
    Looking forward to this match.
    Up MAYO

  6. Minors dominance not being entirely reflected on the score board at half time where they lead 0:7 to 0:3. They’ve had a few wides, but other than that have been very impressive. Some of the ball going into the forward line is too drawer stuff, if we could replicate that at senior level we’d be a lot better off.

  7. Hurley and Clarke are neat looking…not bad from Mayo so far. Good defence and could be further ahead. Ar aghaidh libh foireann Mhuigheo.

  8. Strong defensively not giving Galway main forwards and time or room to cause damage. At the other end Hurley and Clarke causing damage. If this continues 2nd half it will be a comfortable Mayo win.

  9. Dire stuff by Galway. Far better in 2nd half but cant score a point. Mayo kicking so many wides will need to improve for semi final. Galway finally a point. Cant believe we are still in competition.

  10. they’re under 17s “Mayo gael”, bear that in mind, and they’re winning by 6 points

  11. Fair play to those young lads. Plenty of good prospects for future Mayo teams. Great to see Galway well beaten twice in a few weeks.

  12. Minor game
    A win is a win
    Great corner forward and great full bsck
    Weak in midfield

  13. Well done lads. A few gems in there………well actually near enough all gems.

  14. Good overall performance, very strong defence and well organised, thoroughly deserved to win

  15. Ya…easy on the lads from both teams. Doing their best and good game. Mayo deserved to win but Galway kept it interesting. Well done Mayo. Practice the kicking for next game. Maigheo abú

  16. Just catching up on the comments again, head in hands once more.

    Mayo Gael – you do realise that this was an U17 match, with lads as young as 15 or 16 playing in it? Minors in every sense, as in not adults. I’ve deleted all your comments as they’re simply not appropriate for an underage game. You’re in moderation too for obvious reasons.

    James Fleming – please stop embarrassing yourself and everyone else with nonsense talk about boycotting the match next weekend. It’s everyone’s individual choice to go to the game or not, nobody’s being press ganged to go if it doesn’t suit.

  17. Well done to the minors fair play to them. Sean Deane is a class act has his team playing great football

  18. Ah it really does make the heart glow seeing these lads lift the cup. There is such a massive gap from 17 years to senior but hopefully the academy system will no longer allow lads slip thru the net.

    So, Mayo v Kildare minor. Why on earth are these young lads only getting a 5 day turn around for an All Ireland quarter final. Grossly unfair especially when kildare and Dublin will have had 2 weeks.

  19. Congratulations to Mayo deserved winner’s today. Séan Deane has them playing a wonderful brand of football..I liked the Captains speech, .. groundsmen have the ground in great shape, keep it up ,priceless… Best of luck to Galway v Dublin next weekend and indeed ourselves v Kildare!..

  20. Great win and they should have won by more. You’d swear these lads were senior! Their skill level, teamwork and calmness under pressure is impressive. They can all play – no passengers! I thought our full back was outstanding. To me he looks a senior full back in the making.

  21. Great win for the young fellas tonight. Have to say I really enjoyed some of the passages of play when we got quick footpassing into the fullforwards. Hurley was different class, what an exciting prospect!

  22. Great win
    Was never in doubt
    Pity the GAA couldn’t have held off and seen the result first

  23. 1 3 and 15 stood out. Seemed to fall asleep for a period after half time. Nice to win all the same.

  24. Just back from the game, very enjoyable, a big crowd and a big win.
    Some serious prospects as mentioned above,Full Back MacGonagle,the 2 Hurleys,keeper looked steady,quieter game from Clarke but we know he’s a star man aswell.

  25. Brilliant , such a joy to see them lift the cup . A wonderful team and a very impressive manager . Really hope Sean Deane gets to lead them bucks as they head for 20s in the coming years . Hup Mayo , the dream that never dies .

  26. – Well done lads, you did yourselves and your county proud.
    – A few lads continue to impress as potential seniors, unfair to name them as these are all young lads who need to be given time and space to progress…
    – Some good football played as well
    – Needless to say will have to tidy up on the shooting and we are lacking a bit of pace around mid field but great result and good luck next weekend

  27. Our full back was superb and indeed all the team were a joy to watch. I noticed players from both teams were playing with their gum shields hanging out of their mouths. Surely that is dangerous and certainly provides no protection. I’m surprised the referee didn’t pull them up on this

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