Connacht U20 Championship fixtures confirmed

Fixture details for this year’s Connacht U20 football Championship have been confirmed. Mayo GAA have all these details for our matches – here.

The provincial U20 campaign gets underway later this month and, like last year, all matches (bar the final) will be played on Wednesday evenings. Unlike previous years, however, this time around the provincial U20 Championship will be played off on a round-robin basis, using the same format that has been employed at U17 in recent years.

Here’s the schedule facing us in this year’s Connacht U20 Championship:

  • ROUND 1: Roscommon v Mayo, Wednesday 20th March, Dr Hyde Park at 5.30pm
  • ROUND 2: Mayo v Galway, Wednesday 27th March, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, 7pm
  • ROUND 3: Leitrim v Mayo, Wednesday 3rd April, Ballinamore, throw-in time TBD
  • ROUND 4: Bye
  • ROUND 5: Mayo v Sligo, Wednesday 12th April, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, throw-in time TBD

The team that tops the round-robin stage goes straight into the Connacht final, with a semi-final contested by the teams who finish second and third. The provincial semi-final is fixed for Wednesday, 24th April, and the final for Saturday, 4th May.

20 thoughts on “Connacht U20 Championship fixtures confirmed

  1. That’s only for the opening round, when the clocks haven’t changed. There are no lights in Hyde Park so 5.30pm is probably as late as it could be.

  2. Not ideal for lads in college in places like Limerick and Dublin having to travel down midweek for games. Could the games not be played on a Saturday afternoon

  3. U20 has tier 2 competition for those teams that don’t reach the Connacht Final as far as I know.

    U17 tier 1,2 and 3 and how each team does in their provincial championship will decide which tier they go into.

  4. So this championship is starting in less then 3 weeks and we have no idea of the panel it would be nice like sligo did a few days ago to announce the full panel of players for the mayo supporters to see who’s involved its not like its a secret.

  5. Maybe panel isn’t full confirmed yet as there
    might be lads carrying injuries etc…
    Hard age group to get together. I hope the style of football they play is better this season

  6. Ontheroad13: Starts in less than 2 weeks at this point.

    They’ll announce the full panel of players available for selection (and captain/vice captain(s)), they always do, but usually ~1 week out from the first game. Most likely Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

    Notable Sligo are the only Connacht team to release the panel details yet (other provinces are already into the competition so no surprise they released earlier) and it came with the inclusion of a (clever – leaning on the LOI) player sponsorship promotion to help raise funds, so very much a vested financial interest in getting out ahead of the curve. You’d expect to see all the others releasing in the coming week.

    Excited to see the panel & can’t wait until the football itself starts. Some cracking players should be involved. The likes of Conal Dawson, Tom O’Flaherty and Diarmuid Duffy that have been in and around the senior setup in recent times and plenty of exceptional young talent coming through right across the pitch. The switch to round-robin a huge plus too, has been a serious benefit for players at minor the last few years (especially for weaker counties to keep getting those competitive games) so delighted they finally brought it to the 20s.

  7. I’m hoping Darragh Reilly will be involved. For me he’s got all the attributes, strong build, athletic and can shoot from 30 yards +

  8. Think the U20s lost to Kerry by point or two earlier.

    Squad usually does be announced. It’s up to the management to provide the squad details to the CB. If like seniors they may give some the names and wait till game day for rest. 🙂
    James Carr back training so good chance he’ll get some time v Derry.

  9. 2021 U17s knockout format and lost to Roscommon in the Connacht Quarter final 4-13 to 2-12

    2022 U17s won the group format Connacht championship. Lost the All Ireland final to Galway who they beat twice before that match.

    2023 U17s won the group format Connacht championship. Lost the AI quarter final to Monaghan 1-15 to 1-8

    I’m guessing at lot of this years U20 starters will come from that 2022 U17 team. Won’t be many of the 2023 U17s involved they’ll be more U20s in 2025/26

  10. @mayomagic: Yeah. Tough for an u18 to get a start at 20s but wouldn’t be too surprised to see a reasonable number of the ’23 crew involved in the panel. Any of Eoin McGreal, Yousif Coghill, Rio Mortimer, Colm Lynch, Tommy Lydon, Dara Neary, Gavin Forry & Darragh Beirne you’d have in with a decent shout of a spot this year. And none of those you’d be shocked if they were ever named to start depending on needs/availability.

    Starting spots will be fairly competitive and you’d expect dominated by the u19 and u20 lads alright. Glancing at last years team 8 (David Dolan, Paul Gilmore, Sean Morahan, Conal Dawson, Tom O’Flaherty, James Maheady, Dara Hurley & Adam Beirne) of the lads involved are still underage this year. A number more (Niall Hurley, Ronan Clarke & Diarmuid Duffy) I think I remember were hoped to be involved last year but missed out due to injury.

    So yeah, it’ll be a fairly fierce competition for places, be it for first 15, a match day 26 or just those spots on the panel. It’ll be interesting to see how the management go in terms of physicality/size vs speed/skill type of thing when balancing their choices.

  11. Good run out for the u20s today. Noticeable amount of scoring forwards on display.
    Imagine they’re trying to keep their preparations under wraps so won’t give away too much. Panel is basically the u17 team that got to the all Ireland final with two or three older lads mixed in.
    If they get a dry day they will play lovely stuff. Bit soft at the back maybe. Lacking size.

  12. Great info here posters. Slightly off topic, I rewatched the second half of the Rossie match, paying particular attention to our fabled third quarter. Some of the early points were lucky breaks, but when we got five up we hit our stride.

    Also, Aidan O’Shea, did a couple of wonderful things: in the first minute he came out of nowhere with a massive shoulder on the Rossie 24 who was in possession. Ball was spilled and following an untidy ruck, McQuillan threw it in, Aido caught it with one hand, and was fouled. Reape missed the free a very kickable one.

    His value added is huge.

  13. Agree with posters that U20 will be a very competitive championship in Connacht this year. Sligo will have to be favourite’s in my view with at least 10 of their all Ireland finalist team from last year and I expect both Galway and Roscommon also to be strong. Round robin format also is great opportunity to give football to larger squad over 6 weeks. Mayo will have to target a semi spot at a min from the round robin format and then see from there in a knockout format. Have watched a couple of their challenge games and hoping lads can be very competitive in the Hyde next week.

  14. So am i right in saying , 20s have lost all three challenge games , kildare , galway and kerry .

  15. Did they not beat Kildare, Sean? Wouldn’t be too worried about challenges. As long as the games are competitive, you’d never know what management were trying etc

  16. Fully agree Mayoanze , I know they have been good and competitive and given game time to almost all of the squad. However I think it’s going to be a super competitive Connacht championship and with the round robin structure we will be spoilt over the few weeks with championship football games to go to mid week and then the U17 stating mid April .

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