Conor Lane to ref the final

Conor Lane


As has just been mentioned in the comments, the GAA have this afternoon announced that Cork’s Conor Lane has been appointed to ref this year’s All-Ireland final. It’s the Banteer/Lyre clubman’s first final and it’s quite a step up for him because, as far as I know, he’s never even reffed a semi-final up ’till now either.

Our most recent experience of him was the Connacht semi-final defeat to Galway back in June. My main recollection of his handling of that game was that it would have required a full decapitation of Aidan O’Shea before a free was awarded for a foul on the Big Lad.

It needs to be said, though, that it was ourselves and not the ref that ultimately blew that one and how Conor Lane handled that game then shouldn’t have any bearing on how he’ll do in next month’s final. All we’ve ever said we want from any ref is 50:50 treatment and we have to hope and expect that this is what we’ll get from Conor Lane the next day. Best of luck to him on what will be an enormous occasion for him, as it’s sure to be for all of us.

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23 thoughts on “Conor Lane to ref the final

  1. McQuillan is on the line though!!!!!!!!!!!

    In fairness, we can’t complain about Lane. I can’t really remember him having any negative impact on us in any games he reffed. I have to admit, when I saw that pickey Hickey and Deegan were in the running I was worried but Lane is a good and fair appointment. A Munster man reffing a final between Connaught and Leinster is the correct call. Unless he works for AIG or O’Neills that is?

  2. Don’t know a lot about him but I fully expect Rochford and co to do a bit of homework on how he refs the game. They all see it so differently it’s inportant to know what he blows for and what he lets go. Only right that a non Connacht or Leinster official gets the game.

  3. Mayo v Dublin
    it’s a Big match to handle for 70-minutes
    GAA All Ireland final
    A WON WOULD BE NICE FOR MAYO good luck to the ref Conor Lane

  4. Id say he will be a good ref until Sunday 18 Sept. Then he will join the list. McEneany, McQuillan, Kinsella, Coldrick and king of them all Cormac Reilly. I think GAA should have gone for tom Carr. Seemed an absolute expert on black card in Mayo Tipp game

  5. When I heard Conor Lane was getting the nod as ref for the all Ireland, my initial reaction was “I can’t recall him really being a bad ref”. Normally, in the past when I heard It was joe, or Eddie, or any of the Duffy circus lads from Sligo I’d be like , ah FFS! Naming every game we’ve been wronged by them incompetent apes. So best of luck to him , I hope he makes a good name for himself and does well!

  6. I think he is inclined to let the game ‘flow’. I’m not sure whether that suits us or not.

  7. @diehard well if he lets the game “flow” we have to be ready to hit back as hard as we’re hit. I also want to to see the lads backing up aido, last year the dubs were in his face constantly trying to get a reaction. The rest of team need to get in there and show the dubs one of our own won’t be bullied. Ya can push all ya want just don’t punch. As Tom oshea said the ref can’t send us all off.

  8. At long last we don’t have a Meath P—K or a anyone from the North. I would say Conor Lane will be fair to both teams. Its about time the GAA brought someone that was not from the province that the County was representing. Better still he is not working or training teams in the County that is in AI final. We had those B——D’s for far too long and the results are there for all to see. Roll on the 18th. We will be CHAMPIONS only if we man up and think collectively for 90 mins. I met a player after Dublin beat us in the league and he said if we meet them again we will beat them. I looked at him and smiled, told him he had his chance then. Now we will see what will this player will do this time? Its all or nothing this time. Its now or never this year. Maybe “Old Moore” might be right.

  9. He reffed our Connacht final in 2013 v London. He came in for a lot of criticism for the way he let a lot of London players off the hook.

  10. I’m sure he’s delighted to get the final and good luck to him… We are due a good dollop of fortune in a final so maybe he’ll be the lucky man in the middle who blows the final whistle on our famine.

    He let an awful lot go v London that day, the London players got away with some terrible challenges and off the ball stuff. Look…if he’s fair that’s all we can ask for. God knows we’ve had our fair share of ridiculously biased and unfair refs in the past..most notably the farce that was Limerick in ’14.

    Up Mayo!

  11. Can our media men go and start highlighting AOS lack of fair play from refs now. Even exaggerate the injustice . We need to fight for this from all angles.

  12. Sean I totally agree, I always thought we are far too quiet in the media, we should be highlighting the favouritism shown towards dublin by officials, the targeting of AOS and DOC, the antics of Philly Mac and johnny cooper, the constant and I mean constant over carrying by ciaran Kilkenny. Look at the at the Dublin media machine turned Diarmuid Connolly getting a lad in a headlock into poor diarmuid being targeted. For far too long we have been too honest and too quiet in this regard

  13. Absolutely niall. Time we stopped with the soft touch type character we are associated with as a people. Play games and play it shrewdly . Not sure the likes of david brady are capable though. No offence to him

  14. @NiallMc
    I share your sentiments, however, who do we ask to spread this message? Our only high profile pundit from the county is now managing our neighbours. The majority of GAA pundits are from the Kingdom and you know what, I think they might do us a few favours over the coming weeks. After all, my enemies enemy is my friend.

  15. Agree with Sean on this one.Need to get word put how unfairly Aido and others treated.Actually fear for some of our players in terms of getting cards.Time we got break on refs.
    While Gough had ok game Sunday two big calls cost Kerry though that could be Karma!

  16. Well we need to start out by shouting it from the rooftops ourselves. The thing is, the general public are well aware of all this. Look at the comments under any related article. It’s only the dubs themselves that disagree. But the media don’t seem to want to talk about it. Probably due to the heavy presence of Dublin pundits and alot of the pundits from other counties just want to take the party line and not be controversial. I wouldn’t expect anything from Kerry pundits either, they want to push to notion that this Dublin team is the the best Dublin team ever as it somehow excuses their own team for being so far behind the last few years.

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