Conor Loftus our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Hogan Stand (Inpho/Evan Logan)

Well, this is a bit daft, I know – the Man of the Match in yesterday’s game clearly wasn’t wearing the Green and Red but it’s been custom on good days and bad for us to hold a poll to pick a MOTM from within our ranks.

On this occasion, following a match where precious little went right for us, the player who attracted the most votes in the MOTM poll was Conor Loftus. Well done to him.

The Crossmolina man came on as a sub for the injured Cillian O’Connor early in the game and he ended up as our leading scorer on the day with five points, four of them from frees. He did, though, blast a penalty wide too but it was that kind of day for us.

92 thoughts on “Conor Loftus our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Well done young Loftus, but i’m afraid Tom P was the best on display from our side for me too.
    Good luck to the lads next Sunday in Ballybofey.

  2. Well done young Conor Loftus and I hope to see your name as motm many more times in the years to come.

  3. I didn’t vote, simply because it was a total systems failure from everyone playing. I don’t think that given the nature of the defeat, no player could be in any way enamoured with their performance. It was far from the worst performance I’ve seen, but given the win last weekend I expected more. What worries me, other than the injuries, is that in our 3 home games this year, there was no fight, no desire and bar the last 5 mins against Dublin, there was nothing to and onto to go into the next game. Them 3 games were against other to 4 opposition!
    I do think we will get a result v donegal Sunday, simply because they are in a worse place than us, and the weeks leading up to May 13th will be needed to be utilised very very well!

  4. Very, very difficult to select a man of the match after such a rudderless, tactically inept and placid display. However, as it is the done thing it is only right that it is continued, despite what I consider to be one of the worst performances I have ever seen from a Mayo side. And that goes almost 35 years.
    Of the starting 15 there are very, very few that I would consider having done enough against Tyrone to warrant wearing the jersey next Sunday. I really feel that the more senior players let the younger lads down, big time. The stand out performers for me were Gallagher and O’Donoghue. Yes, they both made mistakes and maybe Gallagher could have been a bit more productive with his final ball at times but, both never stopped working their arses’ off and neither of them “downed tools” in the same manner that some of their more senior team mates appeared to. O’Donoghue tracked and marked and ran all game and did his utmost to keep us in the game, including risking serious injury by clearing a ball off the line while slamming into the upright. Gallagher, likewise, never stopped running and was seen in the full back line more often the Cafferkey!
    For the life of me I cannot see where Tom Parsons could even be mentioned as a contender for MotM. His terrible hospital pass put Keegan in a very dangerous position and led to his horrific injury. I stopped counting at 4 the amount of times that Tom carried the ball into the tackle, was stripped of the ball and Tyrone came away on the counter attack!
    From back to front this this was a pathetic display and a lot of people, both on the pitch and on the line, need to take a serious look at themselves and at their input to this embarrassing performance. In one respect, I am glad that Loftus missed his peno because the final scoreline will rightly highlight just how shambolic this display was.

  5. Ah yeah. Tyrone couldn’t handle Loftus. I think he tried to bury the penalty in the top corner to give the keeper no chance, but just over cooked it.
    He could be the future of Mayo football. May well destroy Donegal on Sunday if he gets 78 minutes. The onion bag was made for him.

  6. @Pebbles, Agree that Eoin ODonoghue put his body on the line jumping right at the upright. Himself and Caolan Crowe were the pick of the backs. Sorry but they really should be much higher both of those in the MOTM polls. Are people actually watching how the defenders deal with situations? If we had two more each of Crowe and ODonoghue we would have conceded far, far less.

  7. I voted for o donuhoe. Thought he deserved it for his work rate alone and he’s probably one of the few good things to come out of the league. I’d also persist with starting Gallagher. He’s more than capable once he gets his confidence up. Was not meant to be going to Ballybofey next week due to prior commitments but think I’ll make it my business to be there now. I’d hope we’d get a reaction.

  8. @NiallMc1983
    I am in the same boat with a family commitment in Dublin on Saturday night. But I am now definitely going to Ballybofey out of pure stubbornness if nothing else. I am confident the lads will give it everything and I desperately want to be there to shout them on.
    They were awful on Sunday and I was sad to see them being humiliated in such a manner. It hurt me and I have no doubt it hurt the players 10 times more. I reckon that’s what happened when Andy cut loose. That hurt can be a powerful driving force and I predict a very strong reaction v Donegal.
    Complete rest this week and a simple game plan for Sunday plus Keith Higgins and Chris Barrett ready for battle is what we need.

  9. Haven’t posted since the match. Very very dissapointing performance, I’d go so far as saying it’s as bad as I’ve seen a Mayo team play, we looked interested and lifeless, not convinced it’s down to them getting the bollocks run off them on a Friday night either. What has happened to our kicking game that was used so effectively last year? We are painfully slow at getting the ball into the full forward line, going sideways all the time, allows opposition to get men back, was the exact same against Galway. Two occasions in the 2nd half spring to mind where if the ball was let in early there would have been goal chances on with the amount of space that was in front of the full forward line at the time. Also, what is the point of putting AOS in at full forward for spells if the bloody ball isn’t let in to him, either play the thing in or put him back out to midfield.

    Afraid to say Cafferkey isn’t up to it anymore, the amount of chances he’s got this year is mind boggling, great servant and had it tough with the serious injury he had but clearly evident with the roastings he’s gotten that it’s had too much of an effect on him. I’ve said it a while back that we are in dire need of another mobile midfielder, it’s a position where I can see us really struggling in sooner rather than later, someone like Diarmuid O’Connor perhaps would be worth a try. Still not convinced about Coen either, works his socks off but his kick-passing is horrendous, lot of work needed on that aspect of his game, would like to see him tried at full back though, feel himself or McDonagh could do a job there. Really feel Boland has to start the next day, not sure what it is but every time he plays he offers something different, and he’s always good for a few scores too, something we are really lacking in our half forward line, very intelligent player. Badly need an injection of pace in full forward line too, not sure if Treacy is still injured and haven’t seen too much of him to be honest but by all accounts on this blog he has something about him. Alternatively someone like Paddy Durcan bursting through from a wing forward position would be very interesting to see.

    I honestly think the Donegal game could define our season, it’s huge that we stay in Division One, will really tell us where we are at if we lose and drop to Division 2. Been a dire league campaign and I do think Rochford has to take a bit of flak for not giving the likes of Akram/Reape/Treacy/McDonagh/Nally/Douglas a prolonged run and it’s really coming back to bite him in the arse now. I’d go with a team along the lines of this for Donegal.

    D O’Connor
    Treacy if fit (otherwise Gallagher)

    Bench of Barrett + Higgins (if available), Douglas, B Moran, SOS, Stretton, Doherty

  10. Fully agree with you Pebbles. I can’t understand how Tom Parsons could be considered by anyone for MOTM. Were people watching a different game? Aidan O’Shea gets roasted here for carrying the ball into traffic but Tom conceded more turnovers than Aidan ever did. Complete failure by midfield to close down Mattie Donnelly also. He could not believe the amount of space he was getting and that was even before our sweeper got sent off. All Tyrone had to do was look at our league form all year and see how slow we are getting out of the blocks. They came with a plan to smash us before we had a chance to get going, after which they simply moved up another gear.

    Taken in isolation, we usually ship a heavy defeat in the league, and it’s not usually a cause for concern. But this year has been the worst league campaign I can recall, every loss has been a bad beating where the game was over as a contest from well out. And that’s including three games at home. If that doesn’t concern people then I don’t know. Going by current form we are not going to have a long summer and there is a hell of a lot of work to be done before May 13th

  11. I know the penalty was purely academical but it shows how we take Cillains superb record from the spot for granted.

    Anyone know what is cillian record from the penalty spot for competitive games for Mayo? I’d be very surprised if it isn’t 90%+

  12. The performance was back to the bad old days when one never knew what to expect of Mayo. Let’s hope it’s a once off, Rochford interview very weak imo. We are playing a very poor Donegal team on Sunday, so all is not lost. But we need shape and patrrn to our play, or we will be sucked into a dogfight we could lose..

  13. Yea I agree Pebbles. I did not even think of Tom to be honest. Crowe and EOD away ahead all day. I went for Boland as I thought if everyone applied themselves as he did Tyrone would know they were playing away from home. Gallagher made a lot of mistakes but fought hard and he should be retained the next day. EOD Crowe lacking experience but they have a lot going for them. A run of backdoor games would bring them into a starting position.

  14. 6 months ago we could have and maybe should have been all Ireland champions. Definately 1 of the top 2 teams in the country.

    Our season to date has been defined by the players we haven’t had. Take what Mayo have been missing out of any team and they are going to struggle.

    Rochford went for a 3 year term. This wasn’t so he can guide the team down to division 3 standards no, it’s because he wants the time to land Sam. He has vision and belief in these lads.

    The league hasn’t been good, how could it be. Write down the list of players who have been unavailable.

    If we can get a result in Ballybofey it would be massive. I don’t believe it’s managments fault for only the 2 wins to date in the league I just think they are without so many pieces of lasts years puzzle.

    If we had Lee keegan, Keith Higgins, Donal Vaughan, Cillian ‘Connor, Chris Barret Paddy Durkan and Brendan Harrisson all fit and rearing to go there is still no team in the country that would be happy to be playing us.

    Add to that players just recently returned who are not yet up to full match fitness like Tom Parsons and Seamie o’shea.

    We have been putting out skeletons of teams because of unavailability of our top top players.

    I do believe that if we can get everyone back and if the desire is there we will do serious damage in the summer.

  15. Eyesontheball, those names you mentioned baering Reape are still in the panel. Its easy to list off names after a defeat but these players are in the panel, at training, if they were showing well in training, outshining the other players in their position then they would be starting games. You have to prove it on the training ground before getting the starting chance. I would say the team will line out as sunday with Loftus in for Cillian and Durcan for Leeroy. Next week is not the time for experimentation

  16. @mayomad I’m aware Reape is off the panel, my point was that certain players aren’t haven’t been given a run of games to prove themselves, a couple of minutes as a sub is pointless and doesn’t do much for their confidence. Nothing beats testing yourselves against other top teams. And while I agree with your point about it not being the time for experimentation it surely could not work out any worse than what was on show on Sunday, doesn’t need to be anything drastic but just one or two tweaks to catch the opposition off guard.

  17. There are another couple of points that I think we need to face up to, and stop using them as excuses for this defeat.

    1. Deegan was getting all sorts of grief before he even threw the ball in on Sunday. Whatever about his performances v us in the past, anyone suggesting that he had a part to play in our abysmal defeat to Tyrone is both misguided and blind to the truth. A few home truths are that Boyle should have gotten a straight red for his challenge on McGeary. That was very late and very dangerous and resulted in the player being stretchered off. We would be the very first ones baying for blood, and red cards, if that happened to one of our players. McGeary was cleaning up in their back line also yet his loss did nothing to improve our forward play. Boyles second yellow was also a red card offence as his fist was closed and high!.Almost identical to Shanahans tackle on Regan that broke his jaw. Boyle was reckless, stupid and badly out of position on both occasions and certainly for his second card he should have known better.
    Colm Cavanagh got a black card for, in effect, being hauled to the ground by McLoughlin. The free was called in Mayos favour and yet McLoughlin followed in with a tame shoulder to Cavanagh, he wrapped his arms around McLoughlin and they both fell to the ground. How Cavanagh got a black for that is beyond me. Even without their defensive lynch pin we still could not find a way through.

    2. Any mention of a “blanket defense” or “typical Tyrone tactics” is just plain, lazy, stereotypical nonsense. Tyrone went man on man until we lost Boyle, then they kept 1 extra player back. Once the game was in the bag early in the second half they played possession football around their half back line and, basically, fine tuned their defensive shape and counter attacking structure. They waited for us to move up the field towards their play and then they very simply played it in to the space we had vacated and cut us open at will. There was no blocking runs, 3rd man tackles, off the ball sledging or anything like that. They didn’t need it.

    3. The 7 points to 1 gap was opened up while Moran, Keegan and Boyle were on the field. Reading some comments and reports you would swear we only went behind after those incidents. Remember Moran lost 3 of the 4 balls that went in to him and Cillian was beaten to the one ball he challenged for. Make no mistake, we were playing pure shite football even with them on the pitch.

    Now. What are we going to do about it?

  18. Mayomad seen as you know the players who are still involved in the Mayo Panel.Would you mind writing out a list of them.It would be great to know whos still involved ,Thanks.

  19. TH – this is the second time in a week where I’ve had to ask you not to try using this site to ask for information that isn’t available publicly. Do this again and you’re in moderation.

  20. Realistic analysis Pebblesmeller. And I don’t think management can be held faultless. Part of their brief is to ensure we have players coming through and that they get the necessary S and C to make the breakthrough and we have competition for places. Our newcomers are quality footballers but physically not at the races. The players themselves can do a fair amount, their clubs can do a bit, but management at the top have responsibility to oversee physical development. I don’t see any great growth in physicality in Boland, Loftus and other names mentioned. They are at best impact subs. ODonaghue Coen And Gallagher should all start on Sunday.these are the guys that have to stand up and be counted. If they do we will be somewhere towads the panel required to be a force

  21. I’ve been across the pond the last week, and only got the final score via a txt. Seems it was a typical home performance by us. Tyrone did the same to us a couple of years ago I think?..hammered us out the gate. I won’t insult the posters who actually viewed the game, and we’ll take yer word on the performance. But I will say losing at home to Tyrone is a common occurence for us. They absolutely hate us up there, so not surprised they came down with an extra bit between the teeth. They can never comprehend how we are ranked higher on them in this “Top 4” craic. Some posters are saying Donegal are at a low ebb, why so? Has McBrearty or Murphy got injured?. Also, any news on Keegan and Cillian.

    Don’t think we’ll get the win next week, if McBrearty and Murphy are invoveld. We’ve played russian roullette with Div1 for years now, our time is up I think.

  22. Pebbles you are on fire. Deegan is not to blame here and far from it. Tyrone were let play well and they did. At 7 to 1 down there was going to be only one result and Cillian was the only one missing. I would add that ground conditions were the same for both teams. A far cry from what I witnessed in Newbridge. Is there going to be a responce on Sunday. Form would suggest there will be.

  23. OK thanks willie Joe and mayodunphy there is a piece on the donegal daily about the donegal team down with a bug most of them but don’t know if that will stop them I don’t think we will get the win but I would take a draw any day

  24. @Pebbles, ..100% correct analysis… We can have no complaints about the Ref last Sunday… True while Boyle was still on the field.. We were 0.07… .0.01 down… But when he was gone.. Ger Cafferkey was completely exposed at full back.. Boyle having protected the D, in front of Caff… Apart from the Monaghan match I’m afraid Ger Caff has been cleaned too many times… Remember before the first Tyrone goal Ger was exposed again and Tyrone missed a sitter of a goal chance right after the restart.. Kevin Keane must have gone backwards after his injury or surely he would still be on the panel.. And Ger McDonagh, why isn’t he getting the chance…?… Now I know that, Barrett, Vaughan and Higgins, have still to come back for Mayo in the defence.. But still, that’s the area where one of the wheels has come of our wagon in five out of the six match’s played in the league so far… Time to rectify that is before we take the field next Sunday!

  25. Mayo die Hard that piece suggests it forced 4 of them out of the Monaghan game but to be honest it’s hard to know if there is any truth in that or whether its a bit of smoke and mirrors.
    Paddy McBrearty is out for them until the championship, that is a certainty. The rest could be 100% manure for all we know.

    its here for those that want to read it.

  26. Mayo die hard, ah okay I see where its stemming from now. Could be all waffle too, I’d expect a seirious perfomance from them up in a real fortress.

  27. Things don’t look great today, but as always, it’s a bad idea to be too negative because that’s what your opponents want you to be. Tyrone would have been delighted to see the exodus of the auto “ fans” last Sunday. The Mayo team were in a fight and it wasn’t going well, if they looked around and seen their fans weren’t backing them up in the fight, it sends all the wrong signals to the players. Imagine yourself in a race and your family start walking towards the exit when it’s clear you are struggling. How would you feel?
    Anyways, I imagine most on this forum wouldn’t walk out early so I’m preaching to the choir.
    The big thing on my mind this week is that neither cillian or Leroy are badly hurt, because both are very central to summer 2018. If they are ok and we get both of them plus Higgins Barrett Vaughan Hanley and co back in harness there will be a battle of battles in Castlebar in May and anything is possible after that.
    Fingers crossed for a Mayo win.

  28. It’s says in the mayo news today it will be six weeks for cillian and lee to recover. In relation to the game I won’t be panicking yet it’s only march mayo has really no work done. I seem to remember this team got beat by a awful Cavan team in the same day last year and got hammered on the same day in 2012 by donegal and in both years got to the all Ireland. 2018 version of donegal is very poor if they don’t beat them mayo are not in a good place.

  29. Mayodunphy I would love mayo to win but not many teams come to ballybofey and get the win so I would take the draw

  30. Willie Joe, I wonder if yourself and the users here could get a campaign going imploring EVERY man, woman and child that can to he in Ballybofey on Sunday. This is no ordinary league game. The reputation of our great team is on the line and it is vital for our footballing future. Anybody who has enjoyed shouting on the lads need to be behind them as loudly as they can. We know things have been horrible this year but any recriminations can be left to the final whistle.

    I would suggest that we look to get the #inthistogether #mayogaa trending on twitter

    Anyone with me

  31. A draw would do the finest!. If we man mark McBrearty with Durcan, and Aido to keep the eye on Murphy we’ll have a chance.

  32. Paddy McBrearty is out until the Championship for Donegal.
    A draw will keep us in Division 1 for next year.

  33. @Ger Bohan,. I’ll be in Ballybofey and I’m sure thousands of Mayo supporter’s will be there.. I see some here have issues with Mayo supporter’s leaving early…it was easy for me to stay until the end, and I did as I always do,.. I don’t have too far to travel… But if had far to go it very well might be a different story… In general Mayo cannot complain about their support.. It’s the best any GAA County team has ever had in the history of the game, and they the supporters have endured allot of expenses, , emotion joy but ultimately heart break time after time, year after year..Are always are loyal…Resialiant,.. .Loud… Colourful….. Good Humoured… Passionate… Supporter’s never won any match, but by Jesus we stopped the Mayo team loosing many a match… Would Mayo have came through in Limerick after extra time against Cork without the fantastic support?.. I could give several examples.. Two years ago, Galway played Derry in the qualifier championship in Salthill, about 300 people turned up…. I know that those player’s have put in an enormous effort.. That in itself does not mean that everything is as good as it should be… We are consistently starting Match’s on the back foot in Castlebar… And our home form has been dismal, despite our fantastic support…. Over 10K at the match on Sunday… That’s more than Galway and Dublin the two high flyers… If Galway had been playing as poorly as Mayo, no one would turn up at all… It was a dismal performance, but I am certain of this, the one place where no one can point a finger and that’s at the Mayo fan’s in general.. No team and I include the hugely successful current Dublin team can possibly think that they have better support than Mayo!

  34. Another thing… It’s not reasonable to suggest it’s remotely possible to play for a draw in Gaelic-football… We have no other option but to play to win!.. Sink or Swim!

  35. Tyrone were playing at a level of intensity that we simply couldn’t cope with. Interestingly, this is exactly what we usually do to teams later in the year when we are at full fitness. This really is the only game we have. We do not have forwards who can shoot the lights out even on scraps of possession. And I think this is the key to explaining Sunday and indeed our other poor performances. We need to have our best 15 on the field and fully fully fit to deploy the kind of intense play – the running, the tackling, the support play etc that has brought us to within a point of winning all Irelands.
    So far we have been playing with an understrength team who are very far from the fitness levels required to play the type of game we have become very good at. The Kildare game is a case in point – Kildare brought very little passion, physicality or intensity to the game and so we were able to get the better of them without having to dig deep.
    We need to get past Donegal and I think we just might do so. But Galway is a different challenge. Even if we were to fail on May 13th a run through the back door might not be the worst news ever. It could help us regain fitness, develop our teamwork and give new lads a chance to develop. Remember players prefer matches to endless training. It would take careful and clever management.
    Anyway all the above is a a way of saying I’m not giving up just yet. And I don’t think the team is either despite all the recent sh*** play.

  36. Next Saturday evening sees the start of the Mayo Senior club leagues, it will interesting to see how the likes of Cian Hanley ,Ciaran Treacy, Jack Reilly , Brian Reape , Peter Naughton,Ryan O’Donoghue all perform for there clubs having not featured for Mayo in the National Leagues.

  37. Well said Pebble master
    I agree with all you said on Deegan !
    Heading down I wasn’t worried about him for this game as we were the team with the higher profile players who he will always pander too
    And so it was proven
    Boyle should have got a straight red and be suspended for Donegal match
    Andy was BLESSED not to get a straight red and a 12 week ban
    The only decision that I can think of was the bizarre decision to move a 45 in 10 yards
    I’m not even sure that’s in the GAA rule book!!!

  38. Agree 100% Ger Bohan, but, though I’ve attended all league games and one FBD match, I’m a doubtful starter for Sunday.

  39. Me too, Catcol! Kids’ matches were cancelled last weekend because of the weather but we’ve double rations of games on Saturday and Sunday so I doubt I’ll be able to travel either on Sunday.

  40. GER BOHAN. well said. we need big support in ballybofey on sunday , this is a very important game as it is not easy to be promoted from division 2 . I would urge every supporter to go to the game and bring their flags and their cheering voice AND MAKE IT LIKE A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME .THE GAME IS ON AT 3 PM. dont forget that summer time begins on sunday.I think we can win this game and all will be well again on monday morning. lets us go with a positive attitude AS I for one am sick of all the negativity since sunday. come on MAYO.

  41. @diehard, great points there in relation to Tyrone’s intensity levels, as you said their levels were well ahead of ours which had a major bearing on the outcome, traditionally Tyrone’s fitness levels are always at a higher level than ours at this time of the year.

    From reading the reports of the Donegal v Monaghan game, 8 of Monaghan’s points came from frees including 3 long range ones by Rory Beggan, their goalkeeper. So it’ll be interesting to see with Cillian O’Connor missing who will be assigned to the free taking duties next Sunday.

  42. Leantimes my comments are not a judgement of those who cannot go. It’s a long trek that may jot suit many for various reasons. My comment wqs a call to arms. We cannot underestimate the importance of this one.

    Lose to Galway and we have the back door. Fail to win Sam and we try next year. Drop to Division 2 and the good times are at risk. Sam is not won from Division 2

  43. Well said Ger Bohan – totally agree with your sentiments. We are needed now more so than those amazing days in Croker. C’mon we can do it!!

  44. It is amazing that regardless of only having 2 points Donegal have everything to play for in round 7. A get out of jail card if ever. Donegal done far better against Dublin and Kerry than we did. Unfortunately our great win against Ros last Aug will mean nothing when they leap frog us on Sunday.
    It is worse cas scenario but with neither under age or club form superior and both galway and Ros playing a div above us by 2020 we will be playing catch up. Our age profile is not encouraging in this case.
    We have to have to survive Sunday
    Never show the white feather
    Up Mayo

  45. @Ed.
    By 2020 we will have just as strong a panel as at present, more likely even stronger.

  46. how can ye have a MOTM when the team was beaten off the field conceded 2 14 and none of the starting forwards scored from play , get real

  47. @jp a stronger panel by u work that out?
    Where a few midfielders going to come from a few defenders and a few forwards to replace certain leaders that may have retired by then?

  48. Agree Ger Bohan we need real believers in Ballybofey on Sunday. If you are having any doubts about this great team then TG4 is the place to be. I will be in Ballybofey, on Sunday. I believe that this is where the hammer will fall the hardest. Where else would I want to be.

  49. The poll is run after every competitive match, Culmore, regardless of the result. Clearly, the worse the result for us the less relevant the vote is but, despite this, the MOTM poll does highlight those players whom voters think played best for us in any given match.

  50. @Ger Bohan, I am agreeing with you..& intend to be there next Sunday, making my attendance on the season ticket 100% for this year so far.. One or two post’s prior to your post were given out about Mayo supporter’s leaving early last Sunday.. I was at the match to the end, and never seen an supporter’s leaving for two reasons, firstly, my eye’s were on the pitch and secondly I was seated in front of the exits…and not looking behind me.. I know some people left early because I was also listening to Midwest on the Radio while at the match, and I heard it said over the airwaves. Probably easy to see from the media tower. My point was that Mayo supporter’s are the best their is… The performance was terrible last Sunday despite the amazing support!

  51. @Aidan.
    Most of the current panel are u29 with a major chunk u26 including Cillian.
    +2 years should improve or stay the same for the vast majority of the panel.
    Very few will get worse in two years. What they lose in pace theyll gain in composure and decision making.
    We likely lose 3-4 lads. 3-4 players some of whom not starting currently. Replacements picked from our current u23s to our u20s. That is a healthy pool of players to replace likely Andy,, Keith and David Clarke.If those even retire at all.
    Very confident we’ll have at least as good a panel. Significamt chance an even better panel.

  52. Leantimes The supporters who make the trek to Ballybofey, and still believe in this fine bunch of players are best placed to decide..

  53. @jp can’t agree with you.take in 2020 you could have the following retired clarke higgins Boyle Seamus o Shea Andy Moran Barry Moran.
    Judging on underage last few years we have being very poor at minor level and I cannot see where these replacements will come from overnight.
    That’s why this new mayo way coaching plan is key to what happens in 5/8/10 years down the road.
    One thing that has amazed me the last few years is our school sides have being pretty successful but that has failed to transfer to county minor level where as In Galway the opposite is the case!

  54. It really annoys me when I see some people on here banging on about supporters leaving early. What fight were we in on Sunday? We had thrown in the towel after 20 minutes. I had an 8 hour round trip to watch Mayo on Sunday, it would’ve been 9 but I left with 15 minutes to go. I don’t mind the trip, it’s my choice – I haven’t missed a match this year but I won’t go around preaching to others about how they’re somehow a better supporter because they waited until the end. This isn’t playschool.

  55. @PJ You’ll find that there are many supporters who for whatever reason cannot make it to Ballybofey. Alot of them I’m sure will be watching on Tg4. This doesn’t make these supporters any less for not been able to.get to the match. Fair play to all who can make the trip and to those who cannot for whatever reason, I hope they enjoy it in Tg4 or midwest and that everyone is happy sunday evening.

  56. I assume all refs reports would have been received and reviewed at this stage …………no mention of CCCC is good news

  57. Km79. There shouldn’t be any worries in this regard. People who have been dealt with in the past usually have prior misdemeanours and infractions have had bad intent. Andy is as fair a player as has ever pulled on a jersey. There was absolutely no mal intent from Andy.

  58. @Aidan only two of those (Andy and Keith) look difficult to replace from current or future panellists.
    You don’t need to fully replace players who leave. In 2020 will our first choice 15/26 be stronger than at present is the problem that needs solving.
    Ever watch or read Moneyball? You need to replace the performance impact of the player, not the player themselves in a one to one swap.

  59. @PJ McManus.. I hope Ballybofey is big enough to hold all of us …Player’s play, Management manages and Supporter’s support.. I suggest that a change at full back will have a bigger positive effect than any amount of support!

  60. @jp the player(s) to replace the performance impact of another player still needs to have the quality.

    We have being blessed with a quality group of players last few years but all good things come to a halt.i just cannot see at the minute a smooth transition over from one team to another.

    On the evidence of our underage structures last few years we have being abysmal to say the least.and I believe that after this season the graph of the team will be on a downward trend.

    Good teams come and go in phases.look at Meath where they were at and where they are now.

    I think Mayo fans will need to be realistic after this season because it could be a few years before we challenge at the top table again.

  61. Joe
    Imagine you’re a player on the pitch, things haven’t went well on the day and you look up to see the fans walking out, what would you think? You have travelled from Dublin to training in Mayo and back again that night a few times a week, go without the beer, carry the bruises and bumps into work and college and try to be happy as much as possible even though you’re easy prey for the smart Alec’s at work, on tv, on forums, in newspapers etc, that run you down because you’ve lost those finals. And all because you’re just trying your best to break the cycle of losing!!
    Joe, the extra 15 minutes wouldn’t make a difference to you, so why leave? I can’t understsnd why you’d travel that far and the leave early. Did you leave in 2006 semifinal when they were 7 points down to dublin or in 2015 when they were also well behind with time running out? You can say what you like Joe, but you’re not the type i would like to ride into battle with.
    Onwards to ballybofey and no matter what, don’t turn the heads and walk away if it’s not going right. Shout a few words of encouragement, it may help a player to know that someone thinks he’s going to win the next ball or make the right pass.

  62. The Star reporting a dislocated shoulder for Keegan with a possible six week turnaround. Not ideal but at least it gives him a good shot at the Championship, possibly even Galway with a bit of luck. I, for one, am relieved, thought it could be a whole lot worse on Sunday.
    I can post the link, if you like Willie Joe, I don’t think it’s just rumour.

  63. Fair enough Dave, I completely disagree with you and cannot see your point of view at all, it was without doubt one of the worst Mayo performances in the league that I have witnessed in the past 20 years, and any words of encouragement shouted from the stands clearly had zero impact.

  64. My Team For Sunday
    3.McDonagh/Barrett if avalilable
    4.Crowe/Higgins if available
    15.Dougie for frees, best free taker in the County
    as he showed v Monaghan

  65. @Dave, As someone who intends to be there on Sunday in Ballybofey .. I disagree, player’s looking up and taking notice of people leaving early..What the hell is any player even half worthy of wearing a Green and Red Jersey worrying about fan’s leaving or staying.? . . I was only a supporter at last Sundays match and seriously I didn’t even notice anyone leaving, not in this instance that I would blame anyone either.! … Mayo supporter’s are the best, and I think that the Mayo player’s know this… I know personally a few Mayo player’s and on occasion, some of them have said to me that they played bad on a particular day and of course I agreed with them on these particular occasion as well, because it happened to be the truth ..I was alot happier the day’s that I said to the same one or two that I do know, that they played very well.. Individual player’s have played poorly many is the time for Mayo, but for whatever reason several were well below par last Sunday, as was our game plan, (whatever it was, it certainly a mystery to me) It happens, but such a collective systems failure can hardly be praised… I am certain of my own passion and loyalty for Mayo football…. That doesn’t mean that reality should be ignored!… It also doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting something with a more positive Vibe on this blog, as I come home from Ballybofey next Sunday…or Monday depending on whether I am doing the driving or not..? . Let’s hope that is indeed he case!

  66. Are you serious? The damn game lasts 70-75 minutes and you travel a distance to get there only to decide to leave if it’s not going well. You would be called a “ snowflake”, you melt at the first sign of trouble and head for the gates. Good luck and keep walking.

  67. The Mayo News has the same story, Rochford’s Brigade. Fire ahead and post the link if you want, I’ll do a quick piece this morning on it if I get the chance.

  68. Is there any such thing as a bad supporter ?

    There’s them that give in and there’s them that give out.
    Personally I have met and enjoy all types of supporters. Attitudes can be funny.
    You have your supporter who before a ball is even thrown in will be heard to remark ” we’re f****d”.
    There are others who roar at other supporters “will yea get behind them”, and yea 12 points behind and yer arse getting dragged up and down the pitch.
    Then yea have the individual proclaiming “wouldn’t I have put that over myself” and him on his 12th pint.
    I saw a goalie taking a bad kickout one day, it hardly rose 2 yards off the ground. The lad beside me turned and said ” he wouldn’t rise a duck”.
    In one particular match the kerry goalie took a poor kickout which screwed off his boot and headed straight for a Dublin player. The Dublin supporter roared at the kerry supporters how the Kerry goalie couldn’t kick snow off a rope. The Dublin player then let the ball through his hands and a kerry supporter roared back”if it was a bag of cocaine he wouldn’t have dropped it”.
    There’s supporters who light candles for their team.
    There is no doubt that Mayo do have the best supporters in the country. They might have very different ways of expressing their support but their hearts are always in the right place.

  69. Has anyone’s else’s season tickets not being updated after Sunday’s match? This seems to be a regular occcurence with the scanning machines in Castlebar

  70. @Backdoorsam. Go to the mini league prediction thread. Think there was people commenting there about their tickets not scanning.

  71. On Lee, I see why the house rules are there now as I had heard a more doom and gloom dislocated shoulder story on Monday morning. 6 weeks is great news really.

  72. That’s exactly it, Sinead! That ludicrous rumour about him from last summer would have been bandied about as gospel by some as well.

  73. Thanks Revelino the wagons are circled and we are aheading Northwards towards the hills after Sunday School is done we has some mighty big fish to fry up yonder

  74. Revellino I agree 100 per cent with you on that point. Especially where family matters and young children are the reason. It is most definitely a question of priorities first which is the point you are trying to make. It is everyone else that will make the difference.

  75. That’s pretty good news about Lee Keegan being back in six weeks. We’ve had a few dislocated shoulders in the last few years and it took a lot longer than that for the players to recover. Mind you all of them required surgery.

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