Conor Loftus our MOTM from yesterday’s game


Right, the votes are in and counted for our final Man of the Match poll for a game involving us in this year’s National Football League. The winner is Conor Loftus, who seals back-to-back MOTM awards for his display against Donegal yesterday where he shot six points, five – in Cillian O’Connor’s absence – from frees.

Conor wins the award having garnered 37% of the vote. Others to feature prominently in the poll for this game were Kevin McLoughlin (no surprises there), Eoin O’Donoghue, Colm Boyle, Caolan Crowe and Aidan O’Shea. Well done to all of them.

45 thoughts on “Conor Loftus our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Two of our new lads there, kinda fed up of the Mayo have no new blood theories, thought Caolan Crowe grew a bit yest not in stature but in confidence, not easy minding prob one of the players of the League but be looked more at ease and in charge in the role,

    Still p…d off about the Garda checkpoint on the way down and the delay it caused, that was just mean Maigheabu

  2. Fully deserved.. Yesterday will be the making of him, the only pity is no game for 7 weeks!

  3. Well done Conor. I hope you have a long and very successful career playing for the green and red. Great display on Sunday.

  4. Loftus is a class act.The way he strokes the ball when kicking is a thing of beauty. He has serious potential and I hope he lives up to it. If he bulks up that will be a good thing too. I do think O ‘Donoghue and Crowe are here to stay too and we have good back up now in defense . Who are the next three after that ? Would love if Shane Nally could impose himself more.But it has to be a good thing when new young leaders are emerging. That is a cause for hope.

  5. Ah yeah. Loftus was a certainty for this vote. The future of Mayo football right there in front of our eyes. This guy will lead us to some great places. He just HAS to start against Galway and indeed Sligo and Rosgommon or whoever else gets in our way en route to regaining the Connacht title. Ah yeah.

  6. Very well done to Conor. Have to give serious praise though to Colm Boyle who shows huge desire in a Mayo jersey. There were times yesterday when he very obviously out fought any Donegal men anywhere near him throwing himself into the fray over and over. In leadership terms his game on Sunday was massive.

  7. Shuffle Deck, I agree with you on Colm Boyle. It’s like as if he felt he had to make up for what happened against Tyrone. One of his trademark blockdowns in the second half was priceless. I’ve said it before that the group of players we have had since 2011 come together once in a lifetime and we should enjoy, support and admire them while we can. Colm Boyle just epitomizes the lot of them.

  8. More than deserved, that pass to andy was sublime . Thanks Wille Joe, re full back, out of the country 40 years now, so much appreciated,

  9. The entire team NEVER gave up a they played their best to the final whistle! So proud of this team and management. It also cannot be understated how the fans kept faith and cheered them toward victory! THIS is what Mayo means, THIS is who Mayo are and THIS is the very core of Mayo! Well done all!!!

  10. Well done to Conor, keep up the great work. Its good to see the poll work out as follows:

    1. Conor Loftus – Young player
    2. Kevin McLoughlin – Experienced player
    3. Eoin O’Ddonoghue – Young player
    4. Colm Boyle – Experienced player
    5. Caolan Crowe – New player
    6. Aidan O’Shea – Experienced player

    That is a good mix of players for us.

  11. Well done to Conor. Delighted for him and thought he worked very hard also. A word of caution to our followers though, dont be expecting him to do so everyday and also just because he kicked one super long range free, dont expect him to take over from Cillian. When Jason D kicked a few great frees v Kerry in Cillians absence in semi replay last year we thought we had an alternative but look at our freetaking v dubs in league when Cillian was suspended. Likewise with Conor. Be patient with him. He did some great things for us last year coming off bench especially v Derry, Cork and Kerry. Didnt get huge amount of game time in league but certainly struggled v packed defences earlier on. Needs patience, time, consistency and a bit more S and C but certainly looks a class footballer. I voted for Boyle. That mans desire, drive and will to win should be an inspiration to everyone. Good point made earlier about who was marking Gallagher who got MOM on Sunday. In fairness I thought Donegal played some great football in the middle section of the game and some of the long range points they got were brilliant, none better than McBrearty. Though relegated they played quite well in league, unlike ourselves who were poor v kerry dubs, galway and dire v tyrone. Interesting summer ahead.

  12. Conor is a real talent and will hopefully improve, he isnt a corner forward, he needs to be on the half forward line on the ball facing goal, does that mean AOS hoves to midfield to accommodate.

    To win just once, id agree, no matter how well Conor played on Sunday or indeed how well he plays for the rest of the year Cillian will be taking free kicks, that isnt going to change.

    I dont get why people are concerned about who was marking the Donegal No 4, are some suggesting on of the forwards wasnt doing enough defending. No one ever asks who was marking Leeroy when he pops up to score. Very difficult to stop a quality fast runner from deep, Mayo people should know this above all.

  13. Would have given it to Boyler myself but I’m old fashioned in giving more weighted appreciation to a good exhibition in defending!

    Great to see Loftus stepping up though, could be a very important player yet

  14. Donegal number 4 Eoghan Ban is one of their best young players with serious drive and pace. Any player who marks him has put in a good shift. He got turned on the last play by none other than u know who.

  15. Yes for all Eoghan Ban’s nice runs Kevin Mc got round him for that brilliant point. Some papers listed Gallagher in half backs not no 4 as per his jersey so if any of our half forwards were back sweeping he would be free. In any event he’s a great find for them, like Paddy Durcan for us.

  16. Funny you mention Dillon, My Left Foot. It strikes me that Loftus has the potential to be his successor, particularly given his passing ability. Of course we need scorers, not just passers, but Loftus has plenty of scoring promise too.

    He definitely needs to bulk up though. I don’t think he’ll be a serious player for Mayo until he does.

  17. Conor done well but had ground to make up yet. Boyle had a smashing game right through. When the game is at its tightest he can turn it on like no other. Keep an eye out for James Stretton from Claremorris for down the road.

  18. Anybody notice the trend that we were dire against teams we know we will meet later in the year. Galway, Kerry, Dubs and Tyrone. Much better against sides we are less likely to face again dish ear.

    Could the thinking be “let these 4 walk over us in February”.

    Could the thinking be “We will take them later in the year”

    Could the thinking be “the worst thing Galway could do for themselves is beat us easily in February in a bad tempered match meaning we will not let that happen again 3 months later”

    Could the thinking be “Tell Jason Doherty to put that unmissable free badly wide v Dublin. We are getting a bit close to them on the scorebaord and the last thing we want is to actually catch them and win the game in March”

    No silverware is given out in spring. You get the same reward for finishing 1st or 2nd in the table as finishing 6th. Okay a shot at a league title. Not interested.

  19. Well done to Conor. Great to see this achievement two games in a row. Given time, he will settle in fully and be a great asset to the team. Jim I used to think like that during Horan’s days, we played badly because we didn’t want to give our hand away. Didn’t work then either.

  20. Mayoletsfly. I think it was taken a step further dish ear. We “downed tools” against Tyrone. You never know with Rochford. What the man has up his sleeve. Maybe nothing at all. Only saying like.

  21. I don’t think Rochford planned to secure our division 1 status with the last kick of the game but I don’t think he likes to give too much away in the league either.

  22. There was a time when mayo simply couldn’t/wouldn’t win a tight game in the last few minutes. It’s more common to happen now since the Horan era begun. Whether it’s by design or not I don’t know but we seem to get away with it a fair bit. Except in late September!!

  23. Team I would go with vs Galway
    GK – kick out accuracy and 45s are huge and H may have the edge here. Hard to believe Clarke could be dropped but I think Rochy will debate this hard.
    Sweeper for first half – need keep it tight and avoid early goals, with the system Galway play if they get ahead by 03/04 points it will be very tough to beat them
    Lot of pace in Galway forwards so would use Keith as sweeper, free role may suit him
    Would go with Harrison and Barrett in FB line if both are fit, Harrison on Comer.
    Vaughan over Coen at CB – as think he has better distribution and can take a score when opportunity arises.
    Impressed with Loftus on Sunday, but massive responsibility vs Galway.Needed for frees if Cillian not 100% and also long range points against blanket
    Assuming Cillian wont be 100% fit so may be a sub. Hard on O’Donaghue also but would think we need a super experienced and physical FB line with Eoin probably to replace Chris after 50 mins or so.

    Crowe, Harrison, Barrett
    Boyle ,Vaughan, Durcan
    A O shea, Tom Parson –
    DoC, Loftus, McLoughlin
    A Moran, Doherty
    Subs – O’Donaghue, Coen, S O’Shea, , C O’Conner, Gallagher, Nally, Hanley, Hall, Drake, Gibbons, Regan

  24. I like the look of that middle 8 Mike, exactly what I’d go with.
    But I think O’Donoghue has to play. He’s been the main positive to come from the league, I don’t think he could have done much more to cement his place. It doesn’t send out a good signal if he’s dropped and replaced by a player with zero exposure in the league and lacking serious match fitness.
    Same situation with Coen and Vaughan. Coen has had his struggles at times, but there’s clearly a player in there. He needs more time to cement his place.

    We should be looking to follow the Dublin model of bringing on our experienced impact players later in the game. I’d love to see Higgins, Barrett and SOS coming in off the bench in the 2nd half (and NOT from the 62nd minute onwards either…).
    Players like EOD, Coen (and Loftus) need to be starting these games. They are our future and they’ve shown that they are ready now.

  25. Sorry, meant to say that 7 of that middle 8 is what I’d go with, Vaughan will be seriously lacking in match sharpness.

  26. I’ve watched it back a few times now and I’m almost certain that a defender got a block on McBreartys final shot . That block kept us in div 1 as much as the McLoughlin point !
    I think it might be Hall ? He burst a gut to Get back as well

  27. Km79, when watching it back did you think Loftus had his arm held when shooting for his goal chance ? He didnt react at all as if it was a free but im convinced otherwise.

  28. That’s gas I commented to my husband while watching the match that Conor loftus’s Arm was held when taking a shot for something. Can’t remember at what stage. Also when loftus missed a free, did Ye see the almighty push in the back he was given after by a donegal player? Loftus barely reacted again.

  29. I thought that too Km79 got a fist /finger on it definitely put it off … thought Caolan Crowe did a great job holding Mc B to 2 points from play delighted the young guns stood up and were counted 🙂

  30. Km79 I was delighted to have an excuse to watch it back… Hall may have got a fingertip to it and he certainly made a massive effort to get back and put pressure on McBrearty… great to see such hunger there.

  31. Yes, agree with you AM Livnhope that Caolan Crowe did a fine job. For the points McBrearty got, he did the sensible thing and pushed him out as far as possible. McBrearty had to, (and did) produce a wonder point, but Caolan did all the right things and really got on top in the second half.

  32. Well done Conor. As for Kevin Mc – i have so enjoyed watching that point! Glorious. On now to May we go! (On another note – Bernard Flynn is still on about Andy two weeks on)

  33. i would agree to start A.O.S and Parsons in the middle of the field.
    we have had a very poor league in this critical position.

    Hopefully substitutions when needed will be decided earlier than sunday last .
    3 points down some fellas were out on their feet due to lack of game time
    Barry moran brought in in the 69 th min
    Alan Freeman in the 70 th min.

  34. @Mike,… Clarke will be the Mayo goalkeeper… Versus Tyrone when We Mayo were terrible, Clarke was faultless for both goals,.. We had a lot of kickouts.. Tyrone slowed down the kickout several times, with an extra ball somehow finding its way into the parrellogram on several occasions, but with well over 20 restart’s only once did he fail to find his man.. That’s really good stats.
    Similar versus Donegal… I accept he’s not as fast at finding his target as Cluxton, or maybe Hennelly.. But the Best Shot stopper in Ireland, and that’s including soccer…
    No one has ever reached restart efficency of Stephen Cluxton, but Rory Beggan, Neil Morgan and David Clarke have all narrowed the gap in that regard…with the assistance of the outfield player’s, can’t be done without those as well . It’s great to have Robbie Hennelly,.. He’s a really good goalkeeper, but if fully fit Clarke would be my choice…. Almost as certain to start as a fully fit Lee Keegan in my opinion…

  35. Top Scorers from play in Mayo Senior League Round 1

    Evan O’Brien Ballinrobe 2-2 v Ballagh
    David Stenson Castlebar 3-3 v Charlestown
    Brian Gallagher Claremorris 1-3 v Crossmolina
    James McCormack Claremorris 1-3 v Crossmoli
    Ross Egan Aghamore 1-2 v Ballina
    Jamsie Finnerty Ballintubber 1-2 v Breaffy
    Colm Geraghty Westport 0-3 v Moy Davitts
    Darren Coen Hollymount 0-3 v Garrymore
    Kevin Quinn Ballinrobe 1-2 v Ballagh

    Mayo Panelists of 2018 that togged in Round 1
    Seamus Cunniffe Ballagh
    Sharorize Akram Ballagh
    Cian Hanley Ballagh
    Paddy O’Malley Westport
    Fionn McDonagh Westport 0-3 1f
    Brian Reape Moy Davitts 0-1 1f
    Matthew Ruane Breaffy 0-2 MotM v Ballintubber
    Michael Plunkett Balluntubber
    Jason Gibbons Ballintubber
    James Stetton Claremorris 0-1
    James McCormack Claremorris 1-3 1f
    Peter Naughton Knockmore 0-7 5f
    Ger McDonagh Castlebar
    Danny Kirby Castlebar

    Keep an eye on the 3 big town teams Mitchels ,Claremorris and Westport all with comfortable wins the weekend!!

  36. @TH. Massive thanks for that detailed post on the weekends club performances. David Stenson a standout with 3-3!!
    Yes noticed the three big town teams and I thought that was a good result for Ballinrobe.

  37. With some of the super 8 being played at home venues are we going to see this shite of an extra ball being thrown on to the pitch when we’re trying to take a quick kick out? It really puts us at a disadvantage.

  38. On that extra ball on the pitch issue, from what I could see on the day a major part of the problem was that the concrete wall behind the goal wasn’t that far from the end-line and on a few occasions all that was happening was that the ball was simply bouncing back off the wall and back onto the pitch. There was one instance late on, alright, when one of the Donegal players went on beside the posts and booted a second ball onto the pitch to slow down the restart but this wasn’t an orchestrated, ongoing thing and shouldn’t be portrayed as such.

  39. anyone see Hanley play for club at weekend, what was his fitness like and his ball handling like after his lay off , will he make panel for championship ?

  40. I’m confounded on how and why there is any logical debate on Mayo’s Number 1.
    Cop on , and move on fairly lively !
    Have a guess where Mayo’s weakness is?

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