Convention reports

The 2019 Mayo GAA Convention is on tomorrow at the Broadhaven Bay Hotel, Belmullet, where throw-in is set for midday.

The Convention reports are now online. Here they are:

By the way, if you haven’t already listened to our special episode of the Mayo News football podcast, in which Rob Murphy talks with both candidates who are vying for the post of Mayo GAA Chairman, then you really should – it’s here.

6 thoughts on “Convention reports

  1. Well done Liam and hard Luck to Seamus who is a very honourable and committed person.Both ran very good and honest campaigns!
    Time is now to move on and sort out this Mayo Foundation mess and the High Court not the place to sort it either!

  2. I would expect our full time commercial director – Tom Reilly – would have a big role in putting the financial plans in place to meet the requirements of everyone – not just the overseas supporters club. We need full transparency in relation to plans and where money is been spent. There is still great potential in relation to getting funding from overseas investors.
    Thanks to Mike Connelly and the other officers who are stepping down. Most if us don’t realise the amount of their free time they have invested into Mayo GAA.

  3. To Mike Connelly and the rest of the officers, they did tremendous work over the past 5 years. Setting up Cairde Maigheo. Giving every club their fair share of All Ireland tickets, Stream lining the fiasco that went on in the previous boards, every organisation giving donations, having their say, and getting vast amount tickets in return in a case of who you know etc,

    May I add the present fiasco is a little leaning back to the past. I wish Liam Moffett and his backroom team the very best of luck for the future, and you know it may be the best thing that happened to Mayo GAA that none of the members of the last board or previous boards are not now at the top table. A new brush sweeps clean. Also its past time any club delegate over 65 years of age not be representing clubs. I have seen in the past week where some clubs have nominated the same people back again and they have been there for the last 30 years. Actually two officers from the same club are each over 70+ years of age, and none of them can use the modern technology (Emails/ Texts etc) I would propose that Chairman of every club be the person who represents the club at County Board meetings. If they are the best person to be at the helm of the club then why send in some other person who cannot get a position in the club. As you know some of the delegates wont come to club meetings and when they do they don’t even know what went on at meeting or care less. I again wish the new officers all the very best in the future and hope that 2029 wont end up like 2019 .

  4. @True Grit, understand where you are coming from as regards ‘Delegates’ …I posted a few months ago, only slightly Mischievously that Mayo GAA TV should cover County Board meeting’s…GAA Club’s could then see how their’Delagates performance ,or lack of same, as the case may also apply….I don’t think that ‘Age’ in itself should be an impediment to serving as a Delegate….Anna May McHugh runs the ‘Ploughing Championship’ very successful and better both herself and the Event seems to be getting with Age …Now no doubt about it, Anna May is exceptional, and not everyone is like 12 year old Malt Whskey and improves similarly!…I seen a picture of the gathering in Belmullet today, and in truth it did remind me, just a little (with one or two exceptions) of the Vatican….Pale, Male, Stale and Frail… More new Young blood amoung the Delegate’s would be welcome!

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