Cora calls it a day at county level

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It was confirmed this morning that Cora Staunton has decided that her days as a Mayo player are definitely over. Following the unrest in the camp last year, it was always a long shot as to whether or not she’d don the county colours again. Cora has now confirmed that, as she said herself, her “Mayo days are done.”

Cora Staunton is, without doubt, one of the finest Gaelic footballers the county has ever produced. She is certainly the most decorated. With an inter-county career spanning all of 24 seasons, Cora won four All-Ireland medals, three National League medals and an incredible eleven All-Star awards.

Her achievements made her a household name across the country and during her long tenure as an inter-county star she contributed greatly to putting ladies Gaelic football on the map.

Last year’s schism was always likely to mean that Cora wouldn’t play for her county again. It was an outcome she addressed in a fairly sanguine manner in her autobiography that was published late last year and so today’s news merely affirms what had been obvious for some time.

Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of the dispute, it’s regretful that the curtain wasn’t brought down on Cora’s inter-county career in a more appropriate way. It’s also the case that the way her time with Mayo ended shouldn’t cloud the enormous contribution she made to the county team while she was involved with it.

Cora’s not done yet, of course. She’s currently enjoying a second season in Australia with AFLW team Greater Western Sydney Giants and she’ll be back in harness at club level with Carnacon – with whom she’s won six All-Ireland club titles as well as countless county and provincial honours – once the season Down Under is over.

But Cora’s time with the county is, for sure, now over. And what a time it was. There truly never will be another footballer like her. Thanks for the memories Cora, and for everything you contributed to the county over all those years.

15 thoughts on “Cora calls it a day at county level

  1. Best wishes to Cora she has been a marvelous servant to Mayo football a credit to her county I can safely say had she been born a man we might be going for the 4 in a row now she was that talented and I mean that with the upmost respect. She retires with 4 all ireland senior medals not many people in Mayo can say that. We probably won’t see her likes again.

  2. Watched Cora Staunton and her team-mate Yvonne Bonner in a game recently and realised what a loss they are
    to Gaelic Football. Despite the rugby-like tackles those girls displayed fantastic skills against seasoned robust Aussie opponents, descended from generations of AFL players. In Australia, Rugby League players in their thirties go to English clubs to “wind down” their careers but those Irish girls have come to Australia to “Wind Up ” their carers!! I’m very proud of their efforts and achievements.

  3. Well Done on a brilliant career Cora. You were the most successful Mayo Gaa Player ever. You are a credit to your family, your club and your county. I don’t think we will ever see the likes of you again. Thank you for all the great days.

  4. Cora is probably the best footballer we ever produced. She should have a job as an analyst somewhere. I seen her discussing games in the past and she was excellent. There is no reason she should not be on The Sunday Game I might even end my one man boycott if she got the job.
    Of course the arseholes in Montrose would never be creative enough to come up with an idea like that and move the programme from 1969 into 2019

  5. Absolute legend. One of Ireland’s greatest sportswoman. She is up there with the likes of Sonia and Katie in terms of personal achievements. It’s been a roller coaster.

  6. There’s any amount of giving out that we could do about Cora, if we were so inclined, and it’s a pity that her inter-county career ends this way.

    But really, what an incredible talent she was for Mayo, and still is for Carnacon and the Giants.

    Not many footballers from our county can stand up and say that they delivered the goods in the All-Ireland final in Croke Park for Mayo when the need was greatest.

    Cora did, time and time again.

    I seriously doubt that ladies’ football in Mayo will ever again produce such a dominant, skilful, tough and talented player.

    Enjoy your retirement, Cora, and thanks for all you did for the green and red.

  7. Truly great servant and the most talented ever female footballer. Delivered time and again. Best of luck to Cora. She has a bit more to give in competitive sport and I hope she enjoys the few y she has left.

  8. Great player who really delivered for both her club and county. Whatever about the rights and wrongs of the issues with the county ladies team last year, I think that there is a danger that this announcement will bring it back into the spotlight, I am not sure that there is any value in that, if that is the case.

  9. Probably the greatest ever female footballer that played the game, her skill level and creative ability were a joy to behold and she is up there with our greatest female athletes. Well done Cora Staunton and good luck to you in all future endeavors

  10. Thank you Cora for your dedication,passion, enthusiasm and talent. I was one of the lucky ones to see you win against Dublin… whatever year it was. I loved your never say die attitude and you drove many a team on against the odds. Enjoy your retirement and know that you brought pride and joy to this beating Mayo heart. Continued success and joy in all you do. You’re a legend ?

  11. Best of luck to her, a great player for Mayo and without doubt the greatest ladies footballer ever. Would have been nice to see a better conclusion to her county career and what happened last year was such a pity for everyone involved in Mayo ladies football.

  12. An absolute legend of the game. Don’t think any player – male or female has dominated Gaelic games like she has. Wishing you all the best in your inter county retirement but continued success in club and AFL.

  13. what astar she is ,,,,thank u for all the wonderful displays and achievements ….u will b missed

  14. I for one am glad she passed up the opportunity to play volleyball in Balla Secondary School and went playing football in Ballinrobe instead. Good luck to you Cora!

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