Cork team named: Murphy in at full-forward

Cork announced their team for Sunday’s showdown with our lads a bit earlier this evening and here it is:

Cork (All-Ireland Quarter-Final v Mayo, 31/7/2011): Alan Quirke (Valley Rovers); Eoin Cotter (Douglas), Michael Shields (St. Finbarr’s), Eoin Cadogan (Douglas); Noel O’Leary (Cillna Martra), John Miskella (Ballincollig), Paudie Kissane (Clyda Rovers); Alan O’Connor (St. Colum’s), Aidan Walsh (Kanturk); Fintan Goold (Macroom), Patrick Kelly (Ballincollig), Pearse O’Neill (Aghada); Donncha O’Connor (Ballydesmond); Nicholas Murphy (Carrigaline), Paul Kerrigan (Nemo Rangers).

This line-out shows just one change from that which started against Down last Saturday, with the injured Daniel Goulding being replaced (as had been rumoured earlier on today) by veteran Nicholas Murphy.  The Carrigaline man will start at 14, with Donncha O’Connor shifting across to Goulding’s place at top-of-the-right. With the Donkey Ayters putting out virtually the same team as the one that steamrolled the Mournemen the last day, I think we can now officially take any poor-mouthing from them about their ‘injury crisis’ with a generous helping of sodium chloride.


24 thoughts on “Cork team named: Murphy in at full-forward

  1. Looks like they are trying the Kerry tactics that have unhinged us before – If they do I hope we have a plan from the 1st minute for it and not make up one when we are 8 down after 8 min! Very best of luck to the lads on Sunday.

  2. I doubt Nic will start full-forward (or anywhere for that matter) – I’d assume Fiachra Lynch will get the nod in the corner with Donnacha in full. We shall see anyway.

  3. Cute cork hoors or so they think. I’m sure horan won’t fall for panic moves. Murphy has no match time and doesn’t play ff so he might be a third midfielder hoping to pull cafferky out and make more space there. That will let caff stay back or go out and crowd midfield. Either way let’s not let it upset our battleplan. If they had 15 Murphys so what. Put him on his arse first ball and look him in the eye as you tell him not today lad, not today.

  4. I have a good feeling bout Sunday don’t ask me why but I do ! I love mayo going in as underdogs and all the pressure on the opposition . History shows we perform best in these situations but I guess we shall have to wait and see 🙂 Maigh Eo Abu

  5. Too be fair they have alot of injuries in the forward line & wouldn’t have to play a midfielder there if they didn’t.

    For me Donncha O’Connor, O’Neill are the two biggest dangers if we do a good job marking them we’ll win.

  6. Have to agree with Remember, one good shoulder on Nicolas Murphy and the game is as good as won for Mayo.

  7. According to ‘Da Paper’ Murphy has operated at full forward for Cork before in league games against Monaghan and Dublin last season so we have to be prepared that he will line up there.

  8. Had a read of the Western last night – Michael Gallagher had a nice fiery spread on the pride of the Green and Red.
    Then later on I watched the Committee Room – assume it’s a repeat – and it made me think about his article again. There is absolutely zero respect for Mayo in this championship, Micko and Shane Ryan hardly mentioned the fact that we’ll be playing at all, it’s all Cork Kerry semi. How I would love it if we beat them – to quote Keegan!
    Best of luck to James and the lads on Sunday, I hope the lack of hype will help, but I’d appeal to Mayo supporters to go to the game. I hear the uptake of tickets in the clubs is just above zero. I know we’re in recession lads and lassies but your county needs you in Croker on Sunday roaring like a good thing.
    Up the Green and Red.

  9. Joe Brolly didn’t do us any favours (when did he ever?) with his outburst against Canty and Cork on the Sunday game last weekend. I can see that as a spur to this Cork team who seem to think they are not getting the credit they deserve for winning the AI last year. We will have to beat them at their best to win this I feel, but wouldn’t that be all the sweeter.

  10. I can’t see anything but a Cork win but you never know. I’ll always let my heart rule my head in such matters though so I’ll be watching this game believing we can win it.

    As a proud Mayoman I’ll looking for a performance full of guts and endeavour. If we get that then I’ll be happy.

  11. Lads you cant fault our optimism when it comes down to it, some might say foolish optimism but like our players, no matter how many times we get knocked down we keep coming back.

  12. I wouln’t worry about what Brolly or any of the other pundits have said about us. Brollys reference to Cork not beating Kerry has only focussed their minds on that game. They know they won’t get any credit for betaing us. If they hammer us it’s “so what – isn’t that what we predicted”.
    It would actually be better for them to get a good game from us and possibly scrape through as then they would be better focussd for the games after.
    I don’t think Concor Counihan either wants another easy game or hammering by his team. All it’s worth to them is building up their indestructible reputation to be shot down later at a different and far tougher level.

    And he knows if that happened it would only hurt Cork more.

  13. Dummy team, like naming Canty and Jamie O’Sullivan last Saturday for Down. Would be amazed if Nicholas Murphy lines out on Sunday.

    Cork people worried about this game; not sure what to expect from Mayo, given that the bad weather for the Galway and Roscommon games makes their form meaningless coming into this. Think it might be close myself.

  14. The odds have dropped to 9/2!

    Are people gathering anywhere in particular before/after the match?

  15. What’s a good Mayo pub for Saturday night ? By the way I don’t mean the barge, coppers faces or placeslike that. Cheers

  16. Cassidys, nice pub on Camden st where some ex mayo greats are known to inbibe,owned by former Dublin great Robbie Kelleher also inhabited on occasion by Donegalers

  17. Nice one huys – where’s Kehoes by the way ? i was thinking of Mulligans as well but a lot depends on my host.

  18. An Spailpin has a great piece on his blog for those of you of the positive persuasion. I read it and now expect us to win by 20 points! (revenge for ’93…)

  19. Theres a lot of talk about the size of this Cork team compared to Mayo. I checked the player profiles and here it is mano a mano:

    Quirke Hennelly
    6’4 5’11
    13st 10 12st 12

    Cotter Varley
    6′ 5’9
    13st 12st 6

    Shields Freeman
    6′ 6’1
    13st 13st 3

    Cadogan O’Connor
    6’2 5’11
    14st 2 12st 4

    O’Leary Moran
    5’11 5’10
    13st 10 13st 3

    Miskella Dillon
    5’11 5’10
    12st 10 12st 2

    Kissane McLoughlin
    6’1 5,10
    13st 7 12st 4

    O’Connor AOS
    6’4 6’4
    14st 5 14st 11

    Walsh SOS
    6’3 6’2
    14 st 14st 7

    Goold Mortimor
    6’1 5’11
    14st 12st 3

    Kelly Vaughan
    6′ 5’11
    13st 13st 3

    O’Neill Feeney
    6’5 6’2
    16st 12st 12

    O’Connor Cunniffe
    6′ 5’11
    12st 13st 3

    Murphy Cafferkey
    6’5 6’1
    14st 12st 11

    Kerrigan Higgins
    6′ 5’10
    13st 5 12st 8

  20. I love good research like that 🙂 Having said that, what would Colm Corkery be at 😛

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