Cormac Reilly is the ref for Sunday

Cormac Reilly


It’s just been announced that Meath’s Cormac Reilly has been appointed to ref our All-Ireland quarter-final against Cork on Sunday. Not a hectic choice, you’d have to say, but then again, given the generally poor quality of officials nowadays, I’d be struggling to think of significantly better alternatives. The last match he reffed that we were involved in was the league match against Dublin back in March and he also took charge of the recent Munster decider so he’ll know all about Cork’s innocent young lads who’ll need his protection the next day.

The ref for our minor All-Ireland quarter-final against Armagh has also been announced, with Roscommon’s Paddy Neilan taking charge of this one. A bit odd, you might think, that they’ve appointed someone from the same province as ourselves but this is fairly standard practice in the appointment of refs.


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  1. Can anyone tell me if I am entitled to a rebate at the cusack stand entrance on a gaa season ticket for a student given as they are selling at a reduced price as it is? If so is there a particular gate I go to ?

  2. What game is that picture from WJ? I can only think of Mayo playing Sligo once under James Horan (C Final 2012) and I don’t remember Barry getting sent off. But obviously my memory is the issue here!

  3. GBXI, Barry did get sent off in that game, right at the end. Two yellow cards – deserved too, to be fair!

  4. Just printed Season Tickets…. Section 406… Happy out,.. Roll on Sunday…Up Mayo

  5. Yeah he got a second yellow for very cynical foul near the end I remember! Blatant rugby tackle if memory serves me correct but I certainly wasn’t complaining as it stopped them bearing down on goal

    Anyhow re the ref I’m just glad it’s not Duffy or especially Deegan!

  6. Blatant rugby tackles are what we want now if someone is bearing down on goal with five minutes to go – the beauty of the black card 😉 Though I have a feeling the black card is going to be retired after this year …

  7. Definitely Anne Marie it was very funny at the time I remember the criticism we got for it, when anyone would have done it!!

    I’d certainly rather have a few lads getting some late black cards than letting a lad bear down on goal late on unopposed.

    Awful sorry to bring it up again but the Dubs league game this year springs to mind in how not to close out a match, while our semi with them in 2012 was brilliantly done by our lads in the end

    Yeah the Black has been contentious at times alright, it’s not being used half enough really-not that I’m all that much in favour of it but rules are rules. Refs don’t seem to have the balls bar in the AI Club final of course, sadly, which- from the top of my head- has been the most talked about instance really (and in fairness I do think it was deserved for Richie)

    The “sinbin” idea being floated around by plenty might be the best option going forward?

  8. @ GBXI, whatever about the second yellow card that Barry got, I distinctly remember what the first one was for – poor Eamonn O’Hara had to go off with a bloodied nose!

  9. Don’t think Reilly is great but it could have been worse. In fairness they have a very difficult almost impossible job .
    Hoping the result is right Sunday. I have never met anyone who does not do their best for their county and that includes players and managers. We should all remember that. That does not mean we cannot criticise tactics or decisions or discuss the games. Sure what else would we have to do during the summer evenings?
    Hope Freeman starts Sunday- WE need a good forward. I would start one of Andy or Alan -probably Andy.
    Also I think R.Feeney might figure Sunday- I rate him highly.

  10. Hope he does BalancedView he has the potential to be a huge impact sub

    Was only recently I was rewatching the 2012 semi when he came on for Lee, and he was immense!

  11. I just read in the Mayo News that: Tom Cunniffe, who missed the Connacht final due to an Achilles problem, will be another competitive option for us in the quarter-final, according to James Horan. Thats great news to hear. So it looks like we have pretty much a fully fit squad to pick from. That must be a first for us in a while. Even to get into the match day 26 will be a very difficult thing to do, that can only be good for us, to have plenty of competition for places.

  12. Off topic I know but I watched the highlights of the Galway game against tipp and I was very impresssed. If they can up the intensity of their play for the Kerry game they could push Kerry close. There is some serious talent in that Galway team and just needs the right man to make them into a serious team Whether Mulholland is that man remains to be seen .

  13. I agree mayomaningalway, Galway have serious potential if they could improve at the back, easier said than done though , they have the forwards to do damage to any side, simply classy footballers, that touch fro walsh to control the ball and send it over was outrageous last week.

    I fear for them if they dont deal with o donoghue and geaneey lad too. Declan o Sullivan played a massive role in the Cork hammering as well. If Galway could just mix it a bit, up their intensity , tackle harder and a bigger workrate when the dont have the ball, they would cause a shock imo.

  14. Totally agree Sean Burke.That Walsh touch was just sublime .Class stuff.Ya think their backline are in for some day of it and if anything could be their down fall then it will be the backs.

  15. Would wish galway all the best ..but kerry will be cruising in 2nd gear and will win by 6

  16. Today’s irish examiner makes interesting reading . Obviously a ploy from cork camp to unsettle us and the officials . Cillian & Kevin Mac are tactical foulers . Cork selector Ronan McCarthy makes these claims after their manager made other comments yesterday . Looks very like the Jim and Rory show from last year . Hope these comments inspire us .

  17. A bit sad Cork are trying these mind games they are coming across as a beaten team 5 days before the throw in,getting excuses lined up,any news on when the Mayo team is announced??The usual Thursday night i suppose…..

  18. Team probably announced Wednesday afternoon , I’d expect .
    Cork are really rolling out the excuses . I wasn’t confident of beating them as they have the forward power to beat any team on their day but I think they have no confidence in their own ability , particularly from 1 to 7 . Having said that we need to bring our A game on Sunday to ensure we get to semi final stage .

  19. Reilly is a good ref. He’s a fit guy, decisive and keeps up with the play, He’s reffed a lot of big games, including that dogfight last year between Tyrone and Monaghan and despite the complaints, he did a good job in keeping it under control. Also I think he reffed our match with the dubs earlier this year. We lost that of course, but not because of him, He did a decent job there too. Let’s hope he does a good job on Sunday and all his call go our way!

  20. Talking about the ref is a complete waste of time. It’s not like we can change it.

    Horan and Buckley will do their homework and figure out what Reilly will lie go and what he’s likely to pick on.

  21. Reilly is a good ref and probably the leading ref this season as all of the others seem to have dropped a clanger at one stage or the other. Reilly isn’t a fool either and he will be cute enough to see the Cork managements comments (manager first, then selector, next up tomorrow is the water-carrier, like all lies if you repeat them often enough you eventually get to believe them!!) for what they are. A pathetic attempt to influence him via the media.
    More then likely this tactic will backfire on Cork as Reilly may be more aware of being overly harsh on Mayo, and so, might end up letting a little more go than he would normally. Double-Reverse Psycology. Either way it’s all bullshit. If our tackling is spot-on we have no worries. There is only one way to respond to the comments (keep out of it McNicholas and don’t take the bait) and that is on the scoreboard.
    Hon Mayo.

  22. PJ

    What a rude reply.It is simply my view.Pity you dont say why you do not agree rather than a rant.
    I may be wrong.Just my view.Dont think it needs a response like that.

  23. If I remember correctlyPJ, Willie Joe had a post recently about this type of discourse! You might find yourself in hot water for getting out the wrong side of the bed today!
    Don’t agree with Mayobornandbred or Corick bridge re predictions—think Galway have a big one in them but not by five!

  24. Ah yes, you are correct WJ!…still, it felt like a loss…but lets not go there 😉

  25. Great Hill St Boy but I’m wary about the ‘lady in red’. Hope she doesn’t bring bad luck. Fascinating matches in prospect. We’re so lucky to be part of it. I remember when we watched from afar or if we got there at all, hoping we’d put up a decent show. This is a great time. We are serious contenders and everyone, even the three stooges in RTE rate us. It’s just great to hear that someone is complaining about us being streetwise. I wish we were.

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