Cormac Reilly to ref the replay

Cormac Reilly

Photo: RTÉ

The GAA have announced today that Saturday’s All-Ireland semi-final replay will be reffed by Meath’s Cormac Reilly. He was, of course, the man in the middle for our quarter-final against Cork and, all things considered, we got a decent enough shake off him that day so I don’t think there should be any concern from our side about yet another match involving us being given to a Meath official.

As has already been pointed out in the comments, tickets are on sale for the replay on – here. These are for the uncovered stand and the terracing only, which begs the question about the 9,000 or so tickets that should be available for sale in the covered stand. I assume Cairde Mhaigheo members – and members of its Kerry equivalent – will be given first dibs at these but there’s no word yet on that and when I tried to contact the ticket office at MacHale Park a while back the number rang out.

UPDATE: The County Board has since tweeted the following:

Two good articles on yesterday’s match that I missed in this morning’s media sweep, both from the Irish Examiner – analysis by Dara Ó Cinnéide and Tony McEntee. They’re both worth a read.

Also I meant to give a mention in the previous post to the Mayo News post-match podcast but completely forgot to – it’s available to listen to here.

Finally, RTÉ confirmed on Twitter a short while ago that they will be broadcasting the replay live on Saturday evening, with their programme getting underway at 4.40pm. I know there was a rumour doing the rounds that Sky had exclusive rights on the replay – which truly would have added insult to injury – but thankfully that isn’t the case.

30 thoughts on “Cormac Reilly to ref the replay

  1. Thanks WJ. You’re flying this morning with the info.

    Be great if we could make the Clare end west terrace our own. Most fans will approach from that side on the Ennis road.

  2. Tickets for the North Stand now gone (you might get one on its own) – otherwise terrace only available

  3. leave early for match on saturday as traffic will be backed up at claregalway,clarinbridge and kilcolgan.remember 2006 in ennis when ross minors beat kerry in replay in ennis.Only 16,000 people mostly roscommon but the traffic was diabolical to and from match.I know gort is bypassed now but road to limerick will be very very busy.

    Get there early………

  4. I’d have preferred a different ref. Never like getting one we just won under. Call me superstitious..

    I thought my rage at it being played in Munster would have subsided but it’s not. I really think Mayo need to circle the wagons for Saturday. Hopefully Keegan gets the green light to play. I think the sending off was very harsh.

    Yes, we need to take the game to Kerry but it also needs to be calculated and composed.

  5. Yeah traffic will be mental…claregalway on any day is a bottleneck…clarinbridge will be too..

    Get down real early.

  6. Any word on that Keegan appeal? Is there one? When will it be heard? It was ludicrous he was put off.
    On a different note, whilst yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day in terms of support and watching those heroes produce the best 35 minutes from a Mayo team, I’ve ever seen, I was left annoyed watching the minors.
    They did well and were beaten by a better team – no qualms. What was I livid over was the treatment of Cian Hanley. He went down injured when he fell very awkwardly and it was obvious he’d damage done. To leave him on the first time wasn’t great – to not take him off when he went down in a heap a second time was outrageous and it was only when he collapsed a third time with no one near him that Gilvarry took him off. I don’t care how important he is, for that to be allowed happen is a disgrace. They talk about concussion and that in rugby – the doctor should have stepped in yesterday and made the decision. That wasn’t good enough, in my opinion and I hope the lad isn’t out too long with a serious injury.

  7. I spoke to a club player I know in Meath and he has nothing but disdain for Reilly. He has described him as fussy, intolerant and actually settles scores with players during a game.

    I thought he was okay during the Cork game (although he missed a blatant elbow on Kevin McLoughlin) and we got away with one or two decisions towards the end.

  8. Not much we can do about the ref or the venue even if it’s straight from the Garth Brooks school of ‘Event Management’.
    We need to re-focus quickly now on the things we can control.
    We emptied the tanks there yesterday so re-fuelling for another battle in 6 days is now paramount.
    We fared best yesterday when we reverted to our own hard running game … the game we are most comfortable with .. it is time to take our game to them from the off & leave them take their game to us. There is no need for us to have any inferiority complex or be overly defensive … it leads to problems for us elsewhere as we saw yesterday.
    Two things are ‘jumping off the page’ at me following yesterdays events.
    We are facing a Route 1 aerial bombardment into Donaghy at Full Forward & we better be ready for it. I think we have to man mark Donaghy from the bench in this one & the only one I can think of for this job would be Barry Moran.
    The current full back line is not capable of dealing with this threat.
    The other thing I’ve noticed is that we don’t play minute 65 to minute 73 very well as evidenced in our last two games. It’s also the reason we’re heading to Limerick on Saturday.
    When we enter the last few minutes more than 4 points up it’s all about running down the clock efficiently & NOT conceding a goal. At that stage we need everybody back working their socks off leaving no space in front of or around our full back line. We should be trying to force wides from the opposition & then taking an age with our kickouts & driving them as far as possible. Nothing wrong either with the concession of a few 45s near the corner flag as these are time consumers in a frantic last few minutes
    & help to get everyone back.

  9. From experience of Munster hurling games do not make the mistake of leaving until the last minute to head to Limerick. It is a bottleneck on a Sunday and will take ages to make the journey from Mayo – so leave in loads of time. If you have a 3 journey. Leave 6 hours before throw-in. Once parked, have a bite, chill out and be ready to cheer on the lads.

  10. Horan’s Brigade, there was a lot of talk in the stands about that. It looked like Hanley didn’t want to come off, but I’d be strongly in agreement that it should be the medical staff making the call.

    Commiserations to the minor lads – they were beaten by a very strong team and should hold their heads high after a great year.

  11. I’d agree with that Anne-Marie. Hanley was determined to play on and he did until he literally could not stand up. But we have to trust the medics on this.

    His departure was a great pity as the team’s composure seemed to depart with him. Time and again they gifted possession straight back to Kerry. And their cause wasn’t helped by the umpire giving Kerry a ‘point’ at the start of the second half that was clearly wide on the Nally side of Hill 16. We went nuts in section 303 over that one!

  12. This has to be the most infurating statement ever – Well we now know where we all stand in relation to the GAA hire- anarchy –

    Liam o’Neill …
    ‘ I’m sure that Mayo are long enough in the game at this level to know that it’s in their best interests to get on with it and play the game and qualify for the final and hopefully, for them, end their barren spell.”

    End their barren spell..end their barren spell…in their best interests .. ffs its time to stop barking and start biting

  13. does anybody if there are any injury problems?? Hope not.

    Good luck to the entire squad

  14. I just seen that statement from O Neill and that last paragraph is just incredible. Is it a threat? Complain too much and we’ll make it impossible for ye? Thats what it sounds like to me.

    Again the ref is an aul bollix but sure thats the standard. What id like to ask the ref before throw in is , do the same rules apply to everyone because every fucking game i see AOS dragged out of and opposition getting away with it. Is it because he is big and powerful, is it like a way of balancing it up. Aido seems to become understandably frustrated by it too.

  15. Someone mentioned there was a chance that keegan could be cleared to play. What’s the story here? Is there time for an appeal and if so when? I feel really sorry for lee What gets me is the one match suspension. Has he and mayo not suffered enough he’s done his one match suspension. He missed most of yesterday’s match. There should be grades of red card. It would be different if he intentionally kicked and hurt the player but in this care it was at the lower end of the offence. There should be a sin bin for these offences. Players train all year for these events and then the gaa treat them like this this sending off ruined the match for me all through that first half. I was too angry with all this bullshit. But by Christ what guts our boys showed in that second half. Please god we ll continue where we left off from the throw im

  16. Lads lads , lee was punished for almost making contact, next time I back a second place finish I will see if the bookie will pay me out for almost winning, seriously though do you think the mayo team decided to draw the game so lee will be available for the final up mayo

  17. Its really very difficult but its time to try and put the emotion away, toughen and do the only thing that matters now which is finish ahead of Kerry on Saturday and do it again on the 3rd Sunday of September. The comments from the ignoramus President of the GAA put the tin hat on it today but the ferocious anger that most of us probably feel needs to be channeled in the right way and that is in supporting the team. (I made the stupid mistake of listening to Liam Hayes on today fm this evening as well and the punch bag in the gym got some going over this evening I can tell ye)
    Armagh came up with a siege mentality over f*ck all, if the blatant unfairness of the treatment that we have been subjected to over the past 24 hours doesn’t galvanise us all as a force to finally win this f*cken thing then I dont know what will. Hon Mayo!

  18. Seiriously strange parallels with “51 floating about. Fuck liam o neill and the rest, I dont care about the venue, I actually think its a plus for us, it kind of adds more pressure for kerry playing so close to home,like us playing in thd hyde or pearse stadium etc. Lets just focus on saturday and finish off the job, no bullshit just get it done which I fully expect us to do.

  19. That is a very arrogant statement by Liam o Neill! I have to say he’s a man I am not particularlly impressed by. He and some of the others with the power in Croke park need to have a good hard look at themselves and whether they are really serving the gaa or not. It is very easy to lose touch when you spend time at the higher levels of any organisation and I’m afraid that’s what happened with this fixture fcuk up!
    But surely Mayo co board knew of this arrangement long before Sunday evening?
    And I agree that AOS comes in for some terrible mauling. This needs to be highlighted before Saturday.

  20. Agreed diehard, the owl talking in the press before hand actually seems to work on occasion so why not try it

  21. I think Reilly will be fine, we can never hope to get as many frees again as we got yesterday after the sending off, we scored off 6 of them where Kerry only got 2. All systems go now for Saturday, hope we go back to our normal attacking game and not trying to contain o donoughue with 3 markers, he still scored 1-3 from play, so it made no difference.

  22. I have to say I totally agree about the treatment of Hanley in the minor match. What was the doctor doing in this situation? Surely it’s their call – not Hanley or Gilvarry (although I agree Gilvarry should have taken him off anyway). Certainly there was no excuse the second time he went down, especially when you take into consideration the same player injured his knee badly last year.

    Yeah we didn’t close the game out well the last day but I think some of this has to be put down to the unbelievable effort we put in from the 33 min to the 66 min with 14 men. Having said that we tried to push on, both Dillon and Cunniffe had late chances for scores.

  23. Folks I know it’s a mortal sin to suggest that Aidan O Shea is anything but a golden God up there In Mayo, but Aidan is a bit of a Sean Cavanagh when it comes to going down soft. Don’t blow the fuse and read on,, Aidan is a majestic player and I’d love to have him in the green and gold of Kerry but you have to remember he is a monster of a man and the only way to compete with him on the run is to try put a hand in to try to get him to move the ball or off or to stop him advancing,, when he has inside options he is next to impossible to stop and simply brushes past all efforts to halt him. Now when his options are limited the second the tackling player puts a hand on his arm he flings the arm back and throws the legs forward and makes it look like he was upended by being pulled backwards (an almost impossible task). Now that I have committed the mortal sin I urge ye to look at what I have said and view the evidence,, O Shea should not be doing this as he is a wonderful Player and a joy to watch (most of the time). Venue a disgrace and very disrespectful to both counties. PS don’t throw spoons or coins at Donaghy in limerick please,,,

  24. Gamechanger10 – that’s utter nonsense and you know it. Aidan was fouled every single time he went forward the last day, often by more than one player, and got zero protection from the ref. By the way, I view that comment of yours as sailing very close to the wind on trolling and would point you to the house rules (specifically rule no. 21) as regards what’s acceptable and what’s not on this site.

  25. Game hanger there is a forum called the hogan stand , your last load of dribble is indicative of what goes on there, tell them I sent you.

    Oshea was actually taking punches as opposed to tackle attempts at stages, if he flailed back once or twice he is certainly not the first footballer to do that. he got a few frees but there is a lad called Donnachda Walsh who as far as I can see actually serves no other role whom he could learn from in order to maximize frees won.

  26. Don’t want to break the rules, it’s an honest observation and I am only commenting on the evidence. Aidan is an animal and impossible to stop, do you suggest we let him run past us ?? As you can imaging any effort to tackle him has to be as robust as his efforts to deny the tackling player, if he goes past he’s a great man with the fans erupting with adrenalin fuelled support and if he is shopped the opposing fans get the rewards,, if he was running at ye last Sunday would any mayo player mark him differently ??? I would respectfully suggest he would be a lot more sore on Monday morning than he was,,, honesty just honesty… The ref denied us at least three frees that would have resulted in tap over points last Sunday a fact acknowledged by the more balanced members of your site,,, if the shoe was on the other foot what would the main discussion on this site,,, look at the Kerry forum , it’s mentioned but not the only focus of the contributors !!!

  27. That’s fair enough, Gamechanger, but I still don’t accept the point you’re making. “Do you suggest we let him run past us?” you ask and then answer that point by saying that “any effort to tackle him has to be as robust as his efforts to deny the tackling player” which, in essence, means he has to be fouled if you want to stop him. Which he was, every single time he made a forward burst. This is a constant problem for Aido – because he’s a big lad, defenders are generally allowed to swing out of him in a way that wouldn’t be allowed with somebody smaller. But a foul is still a foul and we got bugger all off the ref for all the fouls committed on him.

    Overall, I think the reffing the last days was pretty much a wash and if anything we’re the ones who could be cribbing. We had a clear penalty shout not given (Cillian definitely got tugged back by Kelly, which is a penalty all day long) and Lee’s sending off was very harsh, especially given that Buckley got off scot-free. Coldrick would have known at half-time that he’d rogered us badly and I’d agree we got a few calls in our favour in the second half but over the seventy minutes we didn’t get any advantage in the reffing stakes. The lads also have to recover from that 14 vs. 15 effort for next Saturday plus we’ll be missing arguably our best player for the replay … which is being played next door to Kerry, don’t forget!

  28. Now now Willie Joe,,
    Look at what McQuillian has done to us over the past few years,, Celtic Crosses literally taken out of the pockets of those Kerry lads after they busting a gut in 2011… I agree 100% that his sending off was outrageous and more importantly a heartbreak for the poor lad and his family, the ref was applying the law but not the justice. I was sitting beside an inter county referee and I said after the incident. “he’d want to be careful, that’s a stupid yellow card to get” he immediately replied “he’ll walk I guarantee you, that is a no brainier, kick or attempt to kick, he’s gone, almost certainly” He was spot on but all in my company agreed it was very harsh,,,
    On Aidan I think he was given plenty of frees and agree he deserved them but he does enjoy theatrics !! , I thought Seamus was fouled the time he was coming out of of the defence in the last minute but overall I think we are all glad to have another crack at each other after those last five minutes even if the (w) bankers in Croker have banished us to Limerick while they enjoy the view of the cheerleaders,, Ciarrai Abu

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