Couldn’t have put it better myself

There’s a good article in today Indo, which touches on many of the points I raised last week (as well as last year) on the ludicrously lop-sided and downright unfair nature of the present Championship structure. I assume the piece is written by Martin Breheny – long a critic of the current set-up – but the Indo have the annoying habit of not publishing by-lines on some of their online content and I’m buggered if I’m going to pay good money for the print edition of that rag just to find out. In fairness, though, whatever about the rest of the paper, this particular piece is well-considered one and it lays out clearly the arguments against retaining the stupid structure we’re currently saddled with for the football Championship.

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t have put it better myself

  1. Indeed it was Martin Breheny. He was right to highlight the fate of Wicklow, beaten by Laois this evening. They now go on to the Tommy Murphy Cup, whereas the team they dispatched with some ease last week, Kildare, have another crack at the Championship (sorry, that should have read “have another crack at Championship“) via the back door.

    Even if they had beaten the O’Moore men this evening, they would still have to have gotten past Wexford or Meath just to have a chance of the back door if they lost the Leinster final. Madness.

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