County board hit with €5,000 fine for missile-throwing incident

The county board are apparently somewhat shocked at the severity of the fine handed out to them by the Croke Park beaks over the  St. Paddy’s Spoon affair.  I dunno: 5k doesn’t sound like a whole load to me in this post-Celtic Tiger Rip-off Ireland era and,  once a fine was mentioned, it was always going to have a few zeros behind it.  A more interesting part of the Croker judgment is the order to the county board to get their shit together and install CCTV and come up with an event management plan (whatever the hell that is) prior to the league match against Galway next month.  If all this isn’t done, then they won’t be allowed to hold the Galway match at McHale Park.  The threat of forcing us all to traipse over to that dump that is Pearse Stadium should be incentive enough for the county board to obey the instructions from on high in relation to this issue.  Oh, and don’t forget to enclose the cheque as well, lads!

4 thoughts on “County board hit with €5,000 fine for missile-throwing incident

  1. I wonder will Dublin get a similar order following the events in Parnell Park on Sunday?

  2. There’ll have to be some kind of sanction, you would have thought, both on the headbutter and on the county board. I’d say that the days of allowing anyone and everyone to wander onto the pitch at Parnell Park are at an end.

  3. While the Dublin county board are at it they may like to toss in the name of the Dublin player who broke John Finns jaw in the All Ireland semi final of 1985, its past time he was outed and shown up. However I wont hold my breath.

  4. That one might be time-barred but we should throw it on the table all the same, I suppose!

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