County Board whitewash + Connelly and Holmes confirmed

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise, I know, but it’s still a bit stunning that tonight’s County Board meeting didn’t result in any resignations. Instead, all that was proffered by County Board Chairman Paddy McNicholas was a fairly lame apology for last weekend’s unedifying events, which then segued into what sounded like an incoherent debate about Kevin McStay’s “package” (the details of which, needless to say, were never revealed) but no discussion at all about the lies and the attempted cover-up. And Paddy, bless him, even got a round of applause at the end of it all.

A huge thanks, by the way, is due to Ed McGreal of the Mayo News and Michael Gallagher of the Western People who kept all and sundry updated of progress at the meeting via Twitter.

UPDATE: A report by Ed McGreal on tonight’s meeting is here and a report by Colm Gannon, which deals with the Chairman’s prepared statement to the meeting is here.

No doubt the County Board now see this as the end of the matter but I’d be surprised if supporters are of the same mind. Whatever goodwill existed up until now about those charged with running Mayo GAA has now surely evaporated. They’ve made a right laughing stock of the county through their arrogance and stupidity and the failure of club delegates to hold the Executive to account tonight demonstrates that this mixture of incompetence and high-handedness runs throughout the local organisation from top to bottom. It truly is a black night for Mayo GAA and it’ll be a very long time before the County Board regains any credibility with supporters after tonight’s whitewash.

It’s almost a forgotten footnote to tonight’s meeting that the appointment of Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes as managers for the next three years was also confirmed. Despite the deeply flawed process that resulted in their selection, the two lads deserve our best wishes as they take on this onerous job. In his parting shot as he left the post, James Horan pointed to the difficulties he’d had with the County Board and Noel and Pat will obviously need the same kind of fortitude in dealing with them. It’s not a task to be envied and that’s saying nothing of the pressures they’ll also inevitably face in trying to lead the team on to the Promised Land. They really are in the hot seat now.

102 thoughts on “County Board whitewash + Connelly and Holmes confirmed

  1. It’s done now, onwards to next year! Wish the new management team the very very best, and let’s all back them to the hilt!!!

  2. …and sweep it under the carpet???? that’s the kind of attitude that has us win no senior all ireland for 6 decades.

    f@ckin’ hell!!!!!

  3. If you’re going to mention how Calamitous this proposal from Kevin McStay was then it needs to be revealed. If it was calamitous financially how can that have been known without a full interview asking questions on costings. If it was connected with finding new players well how is that calamitous. How is it in anyways believable that Kevin McStays proposal was so calamitous that it took him out of the interview process. Kevin McStay has managed teams with meagre budgets and is a military man. Doesn’t strike me that his mgmt proposal would be all that budget busting or way on out there in terms of delivery. Dismiss the man because of his package, Mayo GAA fans have the right to know specifically what part was the problem and for what reason. Liam McHale will hopefully reveal some details showing that it wasn’t in anyways calamitous.

  4. Best of luck to Noel and Pat, with the bunch of gobshites at that meeting tonight they will need it,I’m sure they have learned already not to expect any backing or support from them.Makes you wonder what sort of fucking Muppets are club’s putting forward to represent them at these meetings. Was there not one man in there tonight with a pair of ball’s to stand up and say Fuck this,enough is enough and call for paddy Mcnicholas’s head.It’s sad to say but Mcnicholas was the only one there with a pair of ball’s.O’Neill was laughing at us a few weeks ago,Mcnicholas is laughing tonight, I bet even he didn’t think it would be that easy,he even got them to clap for Fuck sake.

  5. Like the ‘Save Conacht Rugby’ march that took place some years ago on lansdowne road…surely supporters must unite and arrange some sort of protest to save Mayo GAA..cos with these lads running the co board we are permanently screwed and anyone who things we can just turn a blind eye and get on with it, is as bad as any of the clowns were caused this mess.

    Fitzmaurice stepping down due to being ‘disillusion’…if that doesn’t scare the bejaysus out of you then something is up!

  6. Good God. Could this really be happening in a Western European Country in the year 2014. Can a fella who is clearly not fit for purpose get away with displaying such an awful lack of judgement and not be held to account for it. Did he really receive a round of applause after spouting out a load of old crap and codswallop for 20 minutes?

    Maybe, just maybe Kevin McStay has had a lucky narrow escape from the clutches of this out of date quango. Kevin McStay deserved better than this, and Mchale too.

    A new low for Mayo and that is saying something.

  7. Why was reference made to Kevin McStays proposal tonight at the County Board meeting? Surely the should have been treated as confidential to the interview committee during the interview process?

  8. Things are going from bad to worse. Can’t believe that the county board were applauded by some present at the meeting. That speaks volumes about the clowns who are involved in football in our county.

    There must have been lots of calls and pleas to some delegates over the past few nights to back them. It’s all so desperately sad. I’m speechless at the breathtaking arrogance of the senior officers of the county board.

  9. feár an chomórtais
    Did you get that direct from Paddy McNicholas.Isnt that the attitude that has us where we are tonight.Theres never any doubting the support from the stands,it’s from the board they need to be supported and I can’t see that happening

  10. From a man that knows, all that go to county board meetings are Yes Men, no point in rocking boat, as there is no backing, in my experience only half a dozen delegates have a tongue, the rest never talk.

    Clubs do need to look at who they send but no point in one , the clubs should revolt.

  11. I reckon the 3 amigos had a look at McStay’s plans and ran the numbers. Purely a financial decision in my opinion.

  12. It was a classic diversionary tactic, Toto, by the sounds of it. Send the mob off chasing a complete red herring so that the real issue never got discussed at all. So what if it meant dragging Kevin through the mud a bit more? It kept the jumpers in their positions so it all ended grand, just grand. Pints on the house, lads.

  13. Toto- the fact he had a proposal could not be confidential, each candidate would be expected to have a proposal (package even).

  14. Agree with Mayonaze. This cannot be swept under the carpet.

    Cannot understand somebody just saying “it done now lets just move on and focus on 2015 and back the team etc”.

    Unless you want 6 more decades of getting shafted both on and off the field.

    An awful wrong had been done here and needs to be corrected before anything else.

  15. From the production crew who when asked after the 2012 AIF v Donegal how come there seemed to be more Tir Conaill followers at the match. The reply.,, Green and Yellow flags stand out better than Green and Red, and anyway, it was up to the mayo crowd to shout louder.

    Like it or not folks , the county of Mayo despite what they say them selves, have a county board apparently answerable to three or four prople. What they say goes and the sheeple turning up to co board meetings go baa baa baa.

  16. Robert Mayo, I was not clear.

    According to reports at tonights meeting, Paddy McNicholas is reported as stating that there was ‘a problem with his (Kevin McStay’s) package’.

    Kevin McStay was not interviewed so had no opportunity to explain his ‘package’ in a fair and reasonable manner. Therefore by saying that there were ‘problems with the package’ is surely breaking confidentiality?

    By the way will we ever get to hear about C/H package?

  17. Pacar that’s classy, turn on your own! All I said was it’s done now, if your still angry as I am you’ll contact your club delegate like I will and find out why they said and done nothing! All clubs in Mayo were represented there tonight, how many spoke well and asked the hard questions, 1 possibly 2. Who went for the jugular? None!! They fucking applauded! So save your anger and frustration and take it out on your club delegate who represented YOU tonite!

  18. As a Mayo supporter I fear the consequences of tonight’s inaction could have serious implications on our future actions on the field of play. How can we trust them after this . I sent the following to mayo gaa secretary . Could be worded a lot better but just had to do something . All I can see is cigars and celebrations for what appears to be control freaks .

    Dear Sir

    Tonight’s lack of clarity on relation to the job of mayo senior manager selection process has cast a very dark night for mayo GAA.
    I as a supporter of this county is mystified as to how much of a mess this inaction has caused.
    Who do the county board think is going to buy county board tickets etc when a mess like this was allowed to develop without any explanation . I am ashamed of the whole lack of process and hope this in action does not cost us our place at the GAA top table for years to come .
    Obviously our chairman believes he is bigger than everything else .

  19. Is anyone surprised. This lot hindered JH for the last 2 years. He almost won in spite of them Mayo GAA is a shambles and was papered over by our senior team for the last 4 years. Seeing Fitzmaurice resign citing disillusionment is soul destroying . Finances are going to be a major issue now as Cairde Maigh Eo and 100 euro tickets are going to be hit hard. Hope the Conn Telegraph journo who was so critical of JH after last years AIF will be equally up in arms about this.

  20. I know that many Cairde Maigheo ticket holders are not renewing this year anyway but maybe some form of protest from those of you who intend to remain in the scheme might force a change of attitude at the top table. If the board didn’t get a penny from the supporters between now and February it might make them reconsider their attitude and their positions.

    Just remember who it is you are supporting when you go in to renew your membership – and it is not the team. There are other ways to support the management and players.

  21. I would love to support some sort of financial boycott until change occurs but it would be the club that suffer.
    We are levied every year by the county board and the divisional boards and must pay up or we will not play.
    All clubs have to sell a certain amount of county board €100 tickets every Spring and send the money back to MacHale Park……if we do not sell the tickets we still must send a certain amount back. My own club must sell 80 tickets to meet our obligations…..
    From once James Horan stepped down I have supported Noel Connelly for the manager job but what happened last weekend is a disgrace and the fact that Paddy McNicholas does not acknowledge that in his statement shows that he is not fit for the job he has.
    Convention is in about 6 weeks so it will be interesting if there will be a election for the executive…..

  22. lol Anne-Marie.. definitely a strange choice of description.. Kevin must have delivered his proposal in a package, parcel or an envelope even.. thanks for lightening the mood on this utterly depressing shambles.

    While I hoped McStay would get the role it is now time to move on and I wish Noel and Pat the very best. I hope yee can bring us to the promised land lads. Maigheo Abu

  23. I’ve seen & heard it all now. What an absolute useless shower of so & so’s.
    I’ve been following this closely like many people over the past week.

    I am involved in a business. If I don’t perform or my working colleagues it’s quite simple the company suffers & we are answerable.
    If we don’t come up with the right answers or our performance is not up to scratch we are out on our ear.
    Simple business fact.

    These guy’s are clowns & wouldn’t last 2 seconds in the real world.

    I really feel sorry for the players who have put in such a serious effort over the past 4 years & having to hear all this quite unbelievable crap going on.

    You couldn’t make this kind of stuff up.
    It’s not good on any level & to be honest I don’t think you can just forget about this & move on like nothing has happened.

    Disgraceful & a pretty sad day for County Mayo.
    I will leave it at that !

  24. feár an chomórtais
    I don’t accept that it’s done now and neither should any Mayo supporter and when we speak to our respective club delegates I’m sure we’ll both get a similar answer,we didn’t want to rock the boat,the club will suffer.Maybe if the clubs put forward people that would actually stand up to them we wouldn’t be having this conversation tonight

  25. Why are people surprised at tonight’s CB meeting ? These are the same people who have managed to insult and alienate strong genuine Mayo supporters and fundraisers in Dublin and New York , The cb is now a talking shop for yes men who in most cases don’t hold positions of power or trust in their respective clubs , I’m most unsettled by the relationship between officers and Noel Connolly via his brother and cb vice chairman Michael Connolly , before he met the co board was he aware of Kevin Mcstays demand and acted accordingly ? Michael Connolly is a very prominent and active CB officer and whilst I admire his passion he really needs to answer my question .
    Tonight’s treatment of Mcstay in pushing all blame in his direction is cowardly to the extreme but absolutely expected looking at the people involved .

  26. And keep that in mind the next time you accuse me or any other person that’s posting on this site about their attitude! We are all after the same thing so to save future arguments please remember that???? none of us are happy tonight that’s why tension is running high

  27. feár an chomórtais
    Apologies if I offended you,that was not the intention,it was just the it’s done now bit that pissed me off and yes tension is high it’s just a pity it wasn’t as high in Castlebar tonight

  28. I don’t know. I just haven’t found myself that angry at this. I mean, it was sloppy. Very sloppy. But am I outraged? Not really. I may be a little blinded as I wanted Connelly/Holmes anyways.

    But, as I see it, and I am open to correction here:

    -McStay and C/H both put proposals together
    -McStay requests “not to be strung along”
    -Paddy Mc reacts to that request, which was a massive error in judgement
    -He called McStay and asked him to look at his proposal again (there was one or more unacceptable parts to that proposal according to P Mc)
    – McStay refuses, fair enough
    -Rumours leaked
    -Someone went to Newstalk and blabbed, who the eff did that?
    – Paddy and co panicked, released a ridiculous statement, shit storm truly begins
    -McHale claims Co. Board says proposal was “too radical” on national radio. P McN denies same tonight.

    Look, to be honest, I’m even more thrilled if the rumours about Shane Curran are true. He took to twitter commenting on it on Monday/Tuesday with #nepotism. An absolute disgrace and an accusation that is baseless.

    I feel bad for Noel’s brother. And to an extent I feel bad for Paddy McN. At the end of the day, they are doing a job that most of us wouldn’t. I have seen a lot of comments about delegates being “pussies” and a disgrace. Well, it’s a voluntary job as far as I know (open to correction here). Go get involved with your club, put in the hours that these people do and get yourself elected as a delegate. Not as easy as that, I accept, but it is doable.

    Additionally, did anyone nominate Kevin McStay? Or did he nominate himself on RTE?

    “In light of his request and my commitment to not mess him around, I thought he would withdraw his nomination at that stage. Instead he said he was disappointed and there was no point in his attending for an interview if he had not got the backing of the principal officers of the county board. At this point I would like stress I had no interest or there was no agenda against Kevin McStay.”

    So, McStay made the call not to attend the interview if he did not have the support of the 3 main officers. Fair enough. Again, according to P Mc

    Mad situation, but probably blown a bit out of proportion is my own honest opinion.

    The right appointment has been made in my opinion, albeit in a roundabout, daft way. Onwards from here. 2015 is big for us.

  29. It bets me why, if McStay’s “package” was so unacceptable that “nobody in this room would accept it” an interview panel was set up or needed to be set up seeing as there was only one remaining candidate for the position.
    It also beats me that McStay, an Army Officer of long standing and a very reasonable and logical thinker and speaker on GAA matters in the media would come up with something so outlandish that nobody in the room at a full board meeting could accept it.
    I assume and hope that Paddy McNicholas’ term of office is coming to an end under the five year rule. Not that that guarantees any improvement in administration since his replacement will almost certainly come from the nest of dummies who were so silent in this entire mess. Meantime my wallet and chequebook will be staying in my pocket and my Cairde Maigh Éo membership will be very dependent on what happens at Convention.
    And I appeal to Kevin McStay to publish his proposals as presented to the Co Board so that all genuine supporters can make their judgement. Of course if he does so he will be accused of creating and promoting division in the county. But he owes it to himself to do so considering the terms used to describe his proposals.

  30. Tired of this bashing of the CB ,have we not reached the AI semi final the last four years under their reign .now I do believe p Mac should have gone just because he botched this so bad but he’s not ,so I say move on. I assume mc stays package was not revealed because [deleted].

  31. That’s a very serious insinuation and assumption re McStay. I also assume that this blog disassociates itself from it.

  32. That’s it, it’s a done deal. Paddy Mac should be in ” The Godfather 4″ or the sopranos. Don’t tell em nothin, paddy, don’t tell em nothin.

  33. I saw it being reported that Paddy McNicholas says that he apologised for this affair. He didn’t. The word sorry or apology did not appear. I’ve served at enough board meetings to know that “regret” but means “I wish this shit didn’t happen” without any acceptance of guilt or blame.

  34. I’m not renewing my CM membership. But I am going to support the lads by buying the Croke Park option when it us available in the next few weeks.

    Time for supporters to unite. I would suggest an email campaign to your club and to the officers

  35. Maybe part of McStays package was that Paddy and the current CB members stood aside from interfering in the running of teams, fecked off out of the way! That certainly would be “unacceptable” to the board members.
    We have the perfect platform to protest this weekend in MacHale Park with the county semi finals on Sunday. I’m with Mayonaze on this one.
    By the way, I wish Noel and Pat all the best, they certainly have my support home and away.
    Hon Mayo.

  36. Oyam 64 – you can assume all you want but not by making a claim of that kind. This isn’t the place to make groundless accusations of that kind.

  37. After the dust has settled on the bumblings of this prehistoric institiution, the bottom line is that in my frequently deleted opinion, we have the right men in charge from the choices available.

    Mayo are competing at the very top level for the last four years and could have three in a row as we rant on and on and on about the CB. I believe that Connelly and Holmes will build on the solid foundation left by James. Talk of radical change is nonesense and in my opinion self serving. Mayo don’t need radical change.

    Alot of posters are blaming the CB for the failings in this great Mayo team. Is that what supporters on this site think? Do they think that Mayo football is in a time of failure, devoid of hope, all because of the side show that is the CB?

    I for one believe that this Mayo team will go on to true greatness and will reach their full potential despite the ineptitude of the CB.

    The main focus should be to tweak the minute details between the white lines when Mayo are in the heat of the battles that we can control.

    Mayo can still be a little naive, when shrewdness is required. I don’t believe that McNicolas was responsible for the mis match on Donaghy. If Hennelly had made that kick, the limerick debacle would never have happened.

    Mayo need to remain focussed on improving the little things that we can control. It’s a cruel irony that the CB are the over seers of Mayo football during a time of almost unparrelled dominance.

  38. The delegates at that meeting last night should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. This is no way on earth McNicholas should have emerged from that meeting without a glove being laid on him. Pathetic. I know I could not in good conscience stand alongside such leadership (or lack of it). A number of posters have alluded to incompetence and mistakes but this went far beyond that. He told lies, misled the rest of the exectiive and displayed complete contempt for the rest of the delegates. How the f’ck can you applaud him off the plinth for that performance?

    I wish Noel and Pat the very best of luck and feel very sorry that the start of their tenure is buried in a mire of deceit and dishonesty. I also fervently hope that they have the willpower to go their own way and are not in any way beholden to this current board.

    We have a superb group of players at the moment who are genuinely pushing as hard as they can to get us to the promised land. And this is how we support them. It’s sickening.

  39. Quote from our ‘Chairman’ –

    “We are now in the fortunate situation,to have a competent and committed management team”.

    Can we say the same for our CB?

  40. Mayomark,

    I have to agree with the summary you’ve put across, a total mess but take the wild emotion out and it’s fairly clear that McStay was’nt that shabbely treated.
    In regards to “the package” both McHale and McStay have had plenty of media exposure time to explain what they requested.
    I know you’ve deleted certain comments on the package but plenty of people seem to be carrying the same story about it’s contents, i heard what the main stumbling point was two weeks ago, if the three main executive didn’t go for it then it was never going to pass in an inteview situation either where they would have the majority 3 v 2
    In terms of the Cairde Maigheo tickets which people talk about boycotting, i think they need to come down off the high horse. People bought them because they were good value and the run of all irelands meant guarenteed final tickets and extra tickets if they renewed again. Anyone going to mayo league games & club games on a regular basis know their value, not to mention the amount of transfers that occur with them.
    McStay was my choice originally but on we go. Club semi finals to look forward to, i’ll see you all there

  41. ‘misleading and are disingenuous comments by others ‘……………..Comment by the CB chairman last night.
    Nothing misleading from CB then at all…?
    A lot of damage done here and it will be reflected next time they have a fundraisng drive I think.
    It’s a pity it has to be this way as there are a lot of good people out there in football circles in Mayo.

  42. Fucking hell…..Is it possible to be more depressed now then after the Kerry replay?

    This can be swept under the carpet all they want but the long term damage is already showing effect. Funding is now a major issue as the CB have stated before they are the ONLY fund raising arm for the County Team… folks we are in a catch 22 here, hit the county board and we are hitting the team…….I wish we could setup our own fundraising team here directly to the running of the team but that is not possible I am guessing.

    Club AGM’s will be coming up int he net few weeks…..anyone with a voice should make their disapproval known.

    I really feel sorry for Noel and Pat at this time. This should be a happy time for them but is being overshadowed by the CB incompetence.

  43. I don’t post here too often, but feel on this occasion I must have an input.

    First off I’m not here to bat for anyone. All of the lads running for the respective management team were hero’s of mine growing up.

    There has never been a truer saying for this than ‘don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story’ – the Mayo news must have this stuck to their office wall.

    Here are some of the Facts and then the way some were reported.

    Fact 1 – At no stage did McStay say the Sat call was a call to ask him to step aside,
    Report 1 – The stepping aside was spun this way in the Mayo news, it is fair now to conclude that this was only a half story but it was still published by them.

    Fact 2 – McHale was asked the Fact 1 question again on newstalk, again he did not state that this was the reason for the call and he then managed to sidestep the direct question. The unanswered question didn’t get repeated by his interviewer.

    Fact 3 – (this is more a speculation based on the evidence) Clearly the Mayo news either did not fully report the full McStay interview (for some bizarre reason) or McStay chose to not give them the full story. Either way……

    Fact 4 – this fact 3 is backed up from evidence the following day by yet another follow up story in the Hearld where McStay made additional revelations that it was in fact L.McH that was the stumbling block in the process and he then went on to say the some players and members of the previous mgt team were involved against Liam been appointed.

    Lets now try and come to some rational analysis of these Facts to see if this is the ‘Whitewash’ that it is made out to be in the headline.

    The man that resigned appears to have done so on the basis of not knowing the full story as the executive committee could not reveal either nominated parties packages.

    I think it is abundantly clear from the above that the probability is highly likely that the ‘package’ included LMcH.

    It is safe to presume that communication between some of the old management and players was on-going.

    According to the CB explanation of things the ‘package’ was not suitable. We can safely presume that it is not what our players and some of the old management wanted.

    It is clear that McStay got this negative message from the CB at the 19th Sept meeting (executive committee one). Would they have been better to keep stump in this scenario? Perhaps? I don’t know the answer to this? Anyhow, according to reports it was KMc that ask not to be ‘left hanging’ or ‘messed around’.

    Some common ground was likely sought by the CB, i.e. alter the package to suit. Obviously KMcS stood by his man, the ‘package’ was not for shifting.

    As stated we are led to believe that McStay requested that he would not ‘be left hanging’ and not to be ‘messed around’. Until and unless this is contradicted I’m going to take this as a fact.

    So the crux of the issue is that when McStay would not change his package then the ‘not to be left hanging’ call was then made on Saturday. Fair enough?

    Obviously the chairman was caught in a muddle when McStay (for reasons that McStay can only explain) refused to withdraw his nomination (again I’m willing to accept this until it’s contradicted).

    Perhaps for a change people should take all of the facts on board and have a good think about things before jumping to knee jerk conclusions. I suggest that people read the parts in commas when reading newspapers and always be wary of bits and pieces of interviews getting published. This is particularly advisable on matters where the GAA are involved, things get taken out of context.

    I will add that I wish Noel and Pat and the whole backroom team the best of luck with this challenge. I’m sure the players don’t really give a shit and want to get back on their training programmes straightaway.

    I’m really looking forward to the league campaign and I think results in this won’t matter a dam as long as we can blend in a few new players to the team and maybe get a few existing players into different positions.

    I would also wish Kevin McStay and Liam McHale the best of luck in the future.

    Onwards and upwards. Mhaigh Eo Go Deo

  44. This is the problem with not having some people involved who don’t have their own club to look out for in the back of their minds. The delegates didn’t speak against them because they were afraid, afraid for their own club and how, if they pushed for no confidence and it didn’t pass, things might go for them afterwards. You need people there who don’t have ulterior motives, and people who the likes of McNicholas, Lambe etc, don’t have power over. Im hoping against hope that croke park get involved. Maybe it would be worth writing to them?

    Also, like any governing body, the same guys cant be there for too long a time. These lads are there too long and are too familiar with the surroundings – that is the reason McNicholas thought he could take it on himself to decide the outcome. ‘Ara sure I know what they will say’.

    Also, it is shameful the way McStay was, again, dragged through the mud and made look like a fool so McNicholas could try to justify the unjustifiable. This man has won an all-Ireland club championship, to be talked about in such a fashion is unbelievable. McNicholas is basically saying that he knows more about managing teams than McStay does. These guys cant be left to dictate the destiny of mayo football. If we do then we deserve all we get. The first thing the fans of mayo should do is make it known to mcstay that they think he was treated terribly, and we should do so in huge numbers. Maybe a facebook page? Just to show that we don’t support what is going on.

  45. Good calm argument, MayoMark. You do make a great point about the voluntary nature of county boards too and we have to remember that the guys who run the county aren’t paid professionals. Up until now I’ve tended to distance myself from GAA politics as my interest lies primarily in the sport, so I’m not sure of the backgrounds of the board members, but I’m not sure if any have them have experience of standing on other boards, managing other businesses etc, so maybe we are asking too much of the people that are there? It’s a big ask, and if you don’t have experience of it in other spheres, it’s an even more difficult one. But of course, I could be way off the mark here, and ultimately, if we are going to compete, our administration needs to be of a higher standard.

    I did also make the remark elsewhere that the almost universally male nature of county boards everywhere might have something to do with their traditional association with mismanagement criticisms, but of course, that’s far too simplistic an argument 🙂

    Regarding Paddygate, it’s the lies I can’t forgive. Not to mention the lack of a meaningful apology. And what I find it extra hard to forgive is firstly the way in which other counties – each with their own county boards and all the discontent they undoubtedly bring – have enjoyed the public airing of this mess so much, and secondly the fact that our new management team have had to contend with this (and the shameful allegations around nepotism) before they’ve even had a chance to bed in.

    Plus ca change, indeed.

  46. only in mayo could this happen there must be a way to shaft the county board the hav fucked great mayo teams and managers and will continue to do so while we the supporters allow them to do so

  47. When I said that the players don’t give a shit, I did mean on the selection process and on the whole drama surrounding it.

  48. There’s a very good argument to be made for having some kind of elected supporter representation on county boards (in general, not just in Mayo). But obviously the infrastructure isn’t yet there to support the election of such delegates.

  49. County board have us all by the gonads big time. If there is a protest against Cairde Mhaigh Eo tickets, it will have direct implication on the team in terms of funding, and likely performance.
    If people fail to buy the 100 euro tickets from the clubs, our clubs will be hit.
    We can write all the letters we like and keyboard bash away, they won’t give two shites.
    We had our bellies tickled by Liam O’Neill a few weeks ago and the 3 wise men of the county board are doing the same now.

  50. Willie Joe wondering is there a way an online form could be put up and signed by us the supporters and then forwarded to the County Board to let them know what the Mayo supporters feel about the whole debacle? As can be seen from the amount of comments the frustration is palpable maybe its time the county board realised exactly what we feel regarding their mismanagement?

    Thoughts anyone??

  51. Biggest fear for the new management team is money could cost us from competing at the top end of the championship. If the management team had their own fundraising person there would be no issue . All money raised would go directly to supporting team activities . I’m sure this fundraising person would easily raise sufficient funds to cover all the teams needs with a few fundraising drives . I know this won’t happen but in donegal Jim mcguinness seems to seek out individuals to fund training camps etc . In mayo all this money would have to go through the CB fundraising arm . Look what happened when the Dublin based group were fundraising without issue until the CB insisted that all fundraising be brought under the Cairde Maigheo umbrella . It’s not all over as this mess has grave consequences going forward .

  52. That’s a good attempt at spinning the party line, Highorlow, but it just won’t wash. If the version of events you’ve presented is accurate then where does this leave Friday’s Executive meeting where the interview process and timetable was agreed? If it was known by the main decision-makers then that there were insurmountable problems with Kevin McStay’s so-called ‘package’ why didn’t they deal with that issue at that stage? Why did they instead go through the charade of setting up an interview process only then to circumvent what they’d done less than 24 hours later?

    The crux of this whole sorry saga remains the way that the County Board went public with blatant untruths on Saturday when word was leaking out about what was happening. It was a cover-up, plain and simple and a pretty amateurish one at that. Rather than fess up to it last night, Paddy McNicholas chose instead to drag Kevin McStay’s name even further into the mud, yet another shameful chapter to this mess. And blaming the media coverage doesn’t wash either – that’s just the old trick of shooting the messenger.

  53. high or low, you seem to be sticking up for this county board, maybe you could answer me the following questions as “teflon” mac nicholas seems to ignore the important questions:

    Where was the county board support for horan when limerick was chosen for a semi final venue?

    Where was the county board support to rebuke liam o neills comments belittling our county? (i.e) go to limerick if ye know whats good for ye

    Did croke park buy the county boards silence and write off some or all of the costs of rebuilding mac hale park?

    Did the county board reply to the Mayo GAA strategic review in November 2010?

    I look forward to your reply.

  54. “That’s a good attempt at spinning the party line, Highorlow, but it just won’t wash. If the version of events you’ve presented is accurate then where does this leave Friday’s Executive meeting where the interview process and timetable was agreed? If it was known by the main decision-makers then that there were insurmountable problems with Kevin McStay’s so-called ‘package’ why didn’t they deal with that issue at that stage? Why did they instead go through the charade of setting up an interview process only then to circumvent what they’d done less than 24 hours later?”

    Lets deal with the main issue first:

    The reason for the non-discussion of the ‘package’ with the rest of the CB is given

    …. quote “Later on Friday, September 19 at an executive committee meeting an interview committee was set up comprising of the chairman, secretary, treasurer, coaching officer and PRO of the county board. Its purpose was to interview the nominated candidates. I did not notify the executive of of our concerns of Kevin McStay’s package out of deference to the understanding I had with Kevin McStay. I decided I would contact him the next day to clarify matters and to see could we come to an understanding that would be acceptable to him and the county board and we could then arrange the interview”

    Also, in business and other matters like a job interview where you are trying to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors you don’t reveal your hand and you certainly don’t want it revealed.

    To get to the other points you have raised, I will deal with these now.

    I have state that I don’t ‘bat’ for anyone. I’m basing my conclusions on analysis and not ‘spin’. I have dealt with my points based on what people have said openly in interviews.

    The Mayo News are the spinners and they spun a story out of control without having all of the facts.

    I have no agenda whatsoever, I’m a genuine supporter like everyone else. Frankly I’m more pissed off with the hyperbole on this than anything else.

    I agree with you on the interview process, it appears a bit shambolic, however. It’s clear the interview process and everything else remained in place in the hope of either of 2 things would happen in the ‘not left hanging’ or ‘don’t mess about’ Sat call…

    1 – That the ‘package’ would change or
    2 – If the package did not change then K.McStay would withdraw his nomination.

    As we now know neither of 1 or 2 eventuated and a 3rd thing appeared to have entered the equation i.e. McStay apparently stood his ground. The EC never thought of this scenario and were fighting fire from that point.

    There is a great American play called Glengarry Glenross which was adapted for screen with a great cast including Al Pacino.

    There is a super line in the film from Ricky Roma (Al’s character “you never open your mouth until you know what the shot is”.

    Everyone involved in this whole event should take note of that line.

  55. highorlow you still don,t get it. it was up to the interview committee to decide after meeting both applicants who to recommend . Not for the chairman to take the decision into his own hands and the resulting laughing stock he has made of the county

  56. Been there,

    Look at the numbers, 5 man panel, 3 of the panel didn’t want McStay due to the “package”. What power would the other two on the interview panel be able to exert to change the senario ?

  57. Alf Stewart,

    Perhaps if the clubs feel a little hurt it might wake them up from their sleep or are they too comatose for that?
    The clubs have to agree with the Co Board levy – after all there are something like 50 clubs in the county and only 15 members on the executive.that’s 50 votes to 15.if Junior clubs are represented at Co Board. In many counties clubs have two delegates each at Co Board which makes for an even clearer majority of club delegates.

  58. “highorlow you still don,t get it. it was up to the interview committee to decide after meeting both applicants who to recommend . Not for the chairman to take the decision into his own hands and the resulting laughing stock he has made of the county”

    Been There – re-read my list of Facts again. It’s very simple. I urge others to do the same, for the love of God.

    1 – The chairman decision appears to have been swayed by others, i.e. players and prev mgt team members.


    2 – According to the chairman he was specifically asked by K.MacS not to be ‘left hanging’ or ‘messed around’

    A red line issue was in the fold.

    Maybe it would have been best if they left Kevin hanging and ignored his reasonable request and gone through the process complete with the red line issue?

    McStay himself did state that this would be “only for the gallery really”.

    I don’t know how this would have played out though, had the scenario occured, i.e. ignoring McStay’s ‘don’t leave me hanging request’?

    Based on what has gone on up until now it’s likely that we could have been faced with an even bigger [twitter, blogger, media, messageboard, newstalk] circus?

  59. As incompetent and amateurish the Mayo CB have acted in this sorry debacle at small bit of perspective is needed here. I think we are all looking for a scapegoat to vent our frustration at losing to Kerry this year, our two recent final losses, our 60 odd years waiting to win the bloody thing. I think we are all guilty of wild optimism when we win and deep despair win we lose.. There is no doubt that McStay was shabbily treated and not given the respect that any candidate was entitled to, however there is a new management team in place and the CB and supporters need to support and back them. The clubs in Mayo need to meet and review their own appointment of delegates to CB as it badly needs an injection of youth and some forward thinking.. Let’s hope this fiasco can bring a new change to the way Mayo CB is run

  60. That still doesn’t hold water for me, I’m afraid, Highorlow, and the reason given last night, which you’ve set out in your comment, for why the ‘package’ wasn’t discussed with the rest of the County Board Executive at the meeting on Friday simply isn’t credible. This is now being put forward as the key reason for short-circuiting the process (as well as the ‘don’t leave me hanging on’ rationale) but if it were that important then it was senseless to set up the interview process in the first place until the issue had been dealt with and cleared up. The Board could, for example, have done this at the nomination stage (for example by refusing to accept the nomination as a valid one until the offending bit of the package had been taken out), they could have let it be dealt with during the interview process itself or they could have told the Executive at the meeting on the Friday that there was an issue with one of the nominations which could have a bearing on the interview process and that the Chairman intended to speak with the nominee to see if this could be ironed out. If any of these things had been done, the whole subsequent fiasco could well have been avoided.

  61. Pol Pot, what youth in their right mind would walk into this mess? Delegates last night kept their mouths shut for fear that they would write cheques that their clubs would have to cash. The young person would have to do the same and would probably be even more easily cowed than experienced club men. The men on the executive are no doubt good club men and good county men, but their actions betray this. To me, this points to a broken system. Until we admit that the system is unsuitable for purpose and fix that system then good men will continue to keep their mouths shut while others run the show badly. Until then, we can only dream of a county board full of energy and transparency that harnesses the good will of the people of our county rather than constantly slapping it down.

  62. Personally I blame the delegates. It was up to them last night to stand up and be counted for the clubs. They didn’t and we have the status quo in place. And around of applause to boot. God but you couldn’t make it up. Also those dismissive references by Chairman Paddy to McStay’s plan. Even though we don’t even get to hear what the bloody plan was in the first place.

    I also think you’re clutching at straws there HighorLow in terms of a bigger media circus if the correct process had been followed. The whole point of this is not that Connelly/Holmes have been ratified. It’s that the selection process was a complete sham.

    This would not be tolerated in other so called ‘big’ counties e.g. Kerry, Cork or Dublin. Heads would have been forced to roll. Bottom line It’s just another reason we are where we are and why we can’t get over the line on the big day. Very bad reflection on the GAA in the county.

  63. WJ, yes I can’t disagree with any of what you have said that should have been done.

    I’ve try to deal with what was done, which, based on the evidence at hand, I don’t believe is as bad as what is getting bandied about. This is my personal opinion and others are free to draw their own conclusions.

    Notwithstanding this it doesn’t get away from the fact that it was a shambles. I just think the shambles is a smaller one than some other people are alluding to.

    Anyone for the last few choc ices now…….

  64. Good men don’t keep their mouths shut. Good men stand up and take a hit for the ultimate victory. How can a cabal of four/right people ultimately control a counties football future?

    “Continuity” is a word flung around ad nauseam along with “package”. Can someone confirm for me that as part of this “continuity” the medical back room team has been retained in full? My belief is that it has not.

    We now come to “packages”. Seeing as McStay has been snowballed under a package of shit and innuendo , let’s have both “packages” brought into the public domain , not easy being a Mayo person this morning as our political saviour in the Dáil is continuing his own dolos re the Senate.

  65. I completely agree with MayoMark on this. And I largely agree with highorlow, in that so many people are losing the run of themselves without knowing the full story.

    It is clear that PMcN made a mess of the process and he should have made a more formal apology for that.

    It looks like the unacceptable part of the “package” that keeps getting mentioned, if I was to guess, is Liam McHale. Not that the CB have any issue with Liam McHale as such, but as stated above by highorlow, it looks like there was communication by the remaining management team/players that they wanted to Donie Buckley to stay on as trainer. McStay’s “package” has Liam McHale and no Donie Buckley involved and so this wasn’t a runner for the CB.

    Maybe as MayoMark says, it’s just that I am very happy with the new management team, but I am in absolutely no way out-raged. It was a mess of a process but I don’t care because it looks as though the best possible management team is in place.

  66. This talk of the boycott of Cairde Maigh tickets is dead right……..great value for club games but the club sees no benefit.
    I have done many gates at club matches where the CM ticket is flashed and my club loses out on gate receipts. Still waiting to see recompense from MacHale park………

  67. Ah now Willy Joe, don’t mention competent in the same sentence as this county board.

    The only competent member of the board had the decency to say no to this shambolic board and resigned.

  68. GBXI
    I too am happy with the management team that we have but does it really matter who the management is when we have a county board that can’t be trusted or can’t be relied upon to back them.As many have said the county board are going to find it very difficult to raise money after all this. Chaired tickets and €100 tickets are going to take a big hit and this has to have an affect on management and players and we all know that anything less than the standard that has been there for the last four years will not be good enough.

  69. Willie Joe, I haven’t posted for a long time so please forgive me in advance if I say something here which is against the House Rules!

    Firstly, we shouldn’t be surprised at the behaviour of the Officers, the Executive and the wider County Board. Not to mention the Clubs for their lack of action over the last number of years. We are in this mess because the Clubs have put those individuals in place and kept them in place. Until the Clubs or the Supporters do something to remove them we are in deep trouble.

    What we should be surprised with and indeed ashamed off is the fact that no one is willing to call STOP or do something about it.

    Mayo GAA is bigger than the County Board, the Clubs, the players and the supporters. It is bigger than Noel & Pat or indeed Kevin and Liam.

    The following is a quote from Liam Horan’s Strategic Plan “The love of the Green and Red is a defining characteristic of thousands upon thousands of Mayo people all over the world. Those thrilling colours stir something deep within us. We love the jersey, the history it embodies, the permanent prospect of sensation it offers. See it now in your mind’s eye – the rich, traditional Green, above the bold, unpredictable Red”

    I have lived in Dublin for the last 22 years but my roots are in the Iniskea Islands, Blacksod Bay and Ballyglass Lighthouse all located in the Barnoy of Erris. Our 2 boys were born in Dublin but they embody the soul of Mayo. They have sat and cried in Croke Park when they watched their beloved Mayo get beaten by Dublin in the 2013 final. They suffered the pain of having to attend a Dublin school the next day not to mention attending training at the local GAA Club for weeks later.

    What has happened over the last few weeks has sickened and maddened me to a point never reached before. To see my 2 boys suffer for their love of Mayo when our County is run by incompetent, corrupt (please don’t delete this word as I have the evidence to support it), dishonest and gutless people has once again motivated me to put my hand up and say I am willing to join or lead a Group to lobby for change in Mayo.

    In late 2010 and early 2011 I had the pleasure of working with Liam Horan in preparing the Strategic Action Plan. Within weeks it became clear that we were all wasting our time. We all knew that it was going to be a car crash but people still kept going because we felt a duty to the County to at least put an alternative view into the public domain. What began with huge positivity ended on a huge low. As the dust settled I think we all felt we had done the county some justice. The Officers and the Executive won the day and we went back to our lives. The success of the Senior Team papered over the cracks and the show continued.

    Men with no vision and minimum values stood in dressing rooms with players of huge integrity and commitment and were made feel important as a consequence of the Players efforts. I watched the Officers of our County walk the hallowed grass of Croke Park with men of the calibre of the O’Shea brothers, Cillian O’Connor, Keith Higgins, Colm Boyle and my own Clubman Chris Barrett, to name just a few and all I felt was disgust. Players who we will look back on in 20+ years as some of the finest to ever wear a Mayo Jersey were providing these individuals with a platform that they didn’t deserve. What a contradiction in the definition of a Mayo man! Hard to believe but yet so true.

    For those who have never read Liam Horans Strategic Action Plan I would urge you to do so,

    If only the key recommendations which I summarise as follows;

    Key recommendation 1 – Financial Review and formulation of five-year Financial Plan. Required because we didn’t trust the numbers or the people preparing the numbers. Subsequently proved right when Croke Park put in the Administrators.

    Key recommendation 2 – Non-executive Advisory Group. Required because we didn’t believe we could trust the Officers to run the affairs of the county in a professional manner. Do I need to give examples here??!!

    Key recommendation 3 – Director of Football Coaching. As late as last night Michael Fitzmaurice’s resignation supports why this position was required

    Key recommendation 4 – Commercial Director. We were told that Croke Park would never allow it. Mossy Quinn (your own Club man) is today the Commercial Director for Dublin GAA

    Key recommendation 5 – Mayo GAA Brand. Just look at where it is today!!!

    Key recommendation 6 – Mayo Gaelic Football Academy. As 3 above

    Key recommendation 7 – Worldwide Mayo Supporters’ Club. They said it couldn’t be done but it is now required more than ever. As an aside Padraig O’Ceidigh is now fronting this for Galway with the aim of raising € 500k per annum outside the County!

    Noel and Pat were presented as the Management Team who would provide continuity. As of yesterday the Medical Team which is one of the main support structures for the senior team was not retained as by all accounts it costs too much. The Mayo Medical Team is viewed on a national level as one of the best. Just look at the evidence this year where they had all our best players available to play for Mayo. Today they are gone.

    I would make one guess here that the main part of Kevin’s plan which was unacceptable was its cost. To put it simply Mayo GAA could not afford the professional setup that Kevin would want and the Mayo Senior Team deserve. Any reference to Liam as a reason is a red herring and a distraction from the real facts. The truth is that we could a Professional Setup if we have the right people running our affairs.

    As I have stated earlier I am willing to get involved or lead a Group to work towards having the current administration removed. There is only one way to take down a Dictatorship and that is War!

    So if the quote from Liam Horan stirs the green and red blood in any Mayo Supporter out there then please contact me @

    If nothing else I owe it to my 2 sons who today wear the Green and Red of Mayo in a Dublin school of 950 children decked out in the Blue of Dublin.

  70. Ya don’t know what he’s done wrong. A bit strange. I think he was Castlebar mitchels chairman in the last few years.

  71. I find all this about McHale being the problem part of the package rather disappointing. If that is the case then he certainly is entitled to have that explained to him and have it explained in public given the amount of noise out there. He gave a lot of unpaid service to his county as we all know and deserves that.

    The remaining management team or players should not have any say in the selection. This would indicate that they see themselves as certainties to be around for the duration and
    that is definitley not healthy. The jersey is what it is all about. The names come and go.

    It would seem we are really fortunate to have prized Buckley away from under the noses of his own county. If they even knew a faction as much about football as we do, then we would not have him. I assume that his remuneration package is in the public domain. I have not seen it, but am sure it compares favourably with Liam McHale’s remuneration for his years of service to the green and red. To fair I am sure Buckely’s desire to be part of the management team has nothing to do with pecuniary gain and everything to do with a love of the county.

  72. Is really boils my piss when other counties have dig at Mayo for being bottlers or chokers,Mayo god help us etc.Aside from the players,men like Horan etc how can we refute these claims after last nights shambles? I thought it couldn’t get any worse,it did.Nobody had the balls to ask the obvious questions. Cowardly stuff.
    I thought the worst case (I said it previous post) would be Macnicolas brass necking it out after an apology and then some bullshit about all looking to the future followed by angered members of the executive following along.Instead we get no apology,McStay dragged through the mud again and then a big clap for the chairman.A black day for Mayo football that will directly and indirectly effect future Mayo results.

    I fully support Noel and Pat,nothing to do with them.

  73. Diskin is one of the forward thinking guys.If he has gone I would applaud his morals,like Gerry Bourke.As someone mentioned Fitzmaurice going and stating that he was disillusioned tells you all you need to know.

  74. That’s a great post, PJ and at a topline level those recommendations make absolute sense. Thanks for the link – I have often meant to read that report in full and will do so over the weekend.
    Absolutely shocked to hear that the medical team is now also gone. The rot is setting in here very quickly …

  75. But the only query I have PJ is what happens next? Say, for the sake of argument, you succeed in getting a group together and somehow ousting the existing administration – what then? Where do we go from there? The county GAA landscape isn’t going to change radically – the same personnel will remain in clubs, for example. There’s a huge restructuring required in terms of how the county is run, and all the while, we have one of our best crops of players waiting in the wings to go and chase Sam again – how do we maintain their very best interests in the midst of all this upheaval?

    How do we actually go about achieving that meaningful change?

  76. PJ Monaghan that is a post worth reading again and again and it’s people like you with a lot of inside information that needs to be heard. It strikes me the board are made up of yes men who are full of their own importance and only there for the ride. And Club members who put them there should have no complaints. Yes change is needed but as we all know change comes dropping slow…….

  77. I’m tired of all this…
    – Fcuked over by GAA HQ after Kerry Replay
    – Fcuked over by Ref in Limerick
    – Co Board Fcuking up a simple Interview Process
    – Fcking sick of Mayo fans, as Pat Pot says ‘ wild optimism when we win and deep despair win we lose’
    – Sick of Mayos in the media, too fcuking many of them, sick of them running to the media when there is a good story
    – And finally sick and tired of people on here making wild unfounded assertions, serving their own agendas, escalating drama where there is no need

    Wake me up when January comes…..I’ll post next when there is football to talk about
    Best of luck to the Management team

  78. Willie Joe I haven’t commented this year for various reasons and I trust I won’t be put into moderation, (as usual).

    I will not comment on anything that has happened except the County Board. First of all some posters are making their case with “facts”. Most of those “facts” are conceptual, tailored according their own opinions, thus making them not accurate.

    The media are the only people who can and will “spill the beans”, so they have to be praised, not ridiculed for that. They are not perfect all the the time but they are there for all to see.

    Now, my point. If the famous chairman was an Englishman, in the centre of this cock-up, he would have almost instantly resigned, because it was the honourable thing to do. Where was the honour????

    Now, most of the delegates (or should I say, sheep) enabled, and will enable, this person to function in the way that he does. They just went ” baa,baa, baa” . Don’t give me the shite about them not being paid, giving up their free time, etc. etc, etc,. Every one of them is there because, for their own reasons, they choose to be. So lets water down the sympathy a little. The undeniable fact is that they have a responsibility to promote, to the best of their ability, the good of football in Mayo, and anything that affects that, is to be criticised.

    The whole Co. Board has a responsibility to Mayo football and they should be ashamed of themselves if they are real Mayo men. If they are ridiculed in the Press, on Twitter and Facebook, great !! They deserve every fucking bit of it.

  79. Just read PJ Monaghan’s post and its heart stirring stuff and depressing at the same time when you look at what was proposed. If anything this county board can be accused of is lacking vision and from what I can see being afraid of the master in Croke Park.

    I would be on board if we decide to launch an offensive

  80. I wanted Donie to be retained at all costs they done that. I favoured Holmes/Connelly over McStay/McHale slightly they done that. I support Barry’s appointment also. I will renew my Cairde Muigheo ticket because I want to support a great Mayo team. I am very disapointed in Paddy for all of this mess. I will give my full support to Noel and Pat to the bitter end. I cannot afford the time to get involved myself and exert the changes that need to happen. I can only play a small part. Looking forward to the FBD and Tralee in 2015. Up Mayo

  81. Update (from

    “Assistant treasurer Michael Diskin has become the second member of the Mayo county board executive to resign in the wake of the controversy surrounding the process which saw Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes appointed as the new football management.

    Diskin – who was heavily involved in the establishment of the Cairde Mhaigheo fundraising group – had expressed his unhappiness with how the appointment process was handled. His resignation follows that of cultural officer Gerry Bourke earlier this week, with at least one further resignation expected.”

    Shame, I know this man is a hard working passionate Mayo man and most definitely most part of the problem. Seems the good men are falling on their swords.

  82. Trust is at the heart of all successful organizations. When you put people in charge of an organisation you do so because you trust them. You trust them to pursue the mission of the organizations with integrity and honesty. That is THE most basic requirement.

    I can forgive incompetence, bungling, lack of understanding of proper procedure and a whole host of other shortcomings. But I will not forgive dishonesty. Posters here are presenting facts – well one fact for sure is that someone told lies and attempted a coverup.
    When those in charge break trust they no longer deserve to be in charge. The fact that those to whom they were accountable last night didn’t hold them to account in a proper manner is very disheartening and points to a cancer deeply embedded in the body politic of Mayo football.
    This is not about mcStay or mchale or Connelly (for whom I have great sympathy) It is not about bungling and incompetence.
    It is about TRUST.

  83. Oyam64,

    The rules on this site are to be respectful of poster no matter what their view so I’ll try to do so, fairly difficult when you come up with a post like that.
    Horan and the players success in the last few years is all the more remarkable when you consider they achieved it all in spit of rather than with the help of the county board.Thats a fairly sweeping generalisation I realise but I think its fair enough.

    On what level could you consider the actions of the big players in the CB acceptable over the last few weeks? The icing on the cake was last night.

  84. P J Monaghan,
    I feel duty-bound to commit my thoughts to print and compliment you on the wonderfully eloquent and passionate manner in which you have expressed your feelings and those of so many more of us. I live in the west but have family and friends in a similar situation to your own, domiciled outside this wonderful county of ours. Their children, like your two boys, wear the red and green and are proud to do so.

    The ironic and almost tragic thing in all of this recent debacle is that we, as a county, are so tantalisingly close to to the nirvana of ultimate football breakthrough. As we’ve been for the past couple of years. And, might I add, despite what is going on beneath the surface and behind the scenes.

    I earnestly and sincerely hope that our day will come and that your two boys, my two girls (Dublin and Galway) and my nieces and nephews (Dublin and Limerick) get their just reward for their devotion to the red and green.

    Again, we’ll said, PJ

  85. Oyam 64 – you’re starting to annoy me now. You’re repeating an allegation which you cannot possibly substantiate and which if false (and I don’t know if it is or not but I suspect you don’t either) is potentially libellous. You’ve abused the hospitality of this site twice now in doing this and if you’re stupid enough to attempt to do so a third time that’ll be it from you here, I’m afraid.

  86. As has been mentioned previously, I think that the main stumbling block here was the presence of Liam McH on the ticket, and rightly or wrongly, the players had a big say in this. In no way condoning the subsequent actions, but it may be the case the the CB do not want to publicise this as the reason, I hear that actually McStay’s proposals were not too costly as he had factored this in as a potential barrier to getting the role.

    Fair dues to anyone willing to become involved in CB activities, it is a thankless task, (even at club level). Sometimes, people get involved as they are willing, although not always best suited to the role itself. This is always a potential issue with voluntary organisations.

    I was always a supporter of the strategic review, This may get a second chance if there is a change at CB level although I would not be too hopeful on this matter either,

  87. Ok I accept I may have crossed the line as it concerns my theory on KmcS ,but I feel it’s very harsh to bash a voluntary organization and it’s members ,I think the county board do a very hard job and to try and please all is not realistic ,fw if you read my first post I did say p Mac should go but at this point I don’t think it matters , I hope the right men got the job and we’ll be back in CP next year

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