County semi previews, Facebook, Into the West and the All-Star nominations

I’ve been up to my proverbials with work over the past week but it now appears likely that I’m going to hit that deadline that looked more than a bit forbidding a week ago so things are on the up.  No, wait – can it really be the case that Tommy Lyons is now the unbackable (literally) favourite for the Mayo job?

Let’s park that one for now. Before any decision is made on who’ll be in the bainisteoir‘s bib in 2011, there’s the little matter of the senior club semi-finals to be decided this coming Sunday and, in this regard, there’s a good in-depth preview on both clashes in the official Mayo GAA website which is well worth a look.  I have to head West myself this weekend and I’m planning to swing by McHale Park on Sunday for what promises to be an interesting afternoon’s football.  You’d never know, I might even rise to an audio report on proceedings.

Speaking of the official site, I now gather that it has a presence on Facebook, for those of you who are that way inclined.  I should, I know, also pitch up there at some point but that’s one that remains on the ‘to do’ list.

I’m also told that the latest edition of the Connacht GAA mag Into the West is out, which once again is bursting at the seams with all kinds of stuff relating to what’s been going on within GAA circles in the province.  The pdf version of this latest edition is available here.

Finally, I see that dish ear’s All-Star nominations have just been released.  Needless to say, this development isn’t of any direct interest to us but it’s good to see Sligo (Charlie Harrison and David Kelly) and Roscommon (Cathal Cregg and Donie Shine) getting two each this time around, with Galway’s evergreen Padraig Joyce also on the longlist.  It’s now four years since any Connacht player won an All-Star and while Harrison, Shine and Kelly in particular have decent claims to make for inclusion this year, I’d be very surprised if any of the nominees from West of the Shannon make it onto the 2010 list.

12 thoughts on “County semi previews, Facebook, Into the West and the All-Star nominations

  1. Would like to see Padraig Joyce get the All Star as it will probably be his last year (but you never know!) and also David Kelly, as his father is a Belmullet man! This year of all years there should be an even spread across the teams in the C’ship as the final did not throw up any stellar performances for the finalists to make up the bulk of the All Stars.

  2. I am completely against the idea of Maughan being given another go! His style of management is dictatorial, which is not the way modern managers operate. I am not advocating Tommy Lyons but anyone other than Maughan would be preferrable. Look at what happened him in Fermanagh and Roscommon. They couldn’t get rid of him quick enough.

  3. Yes it will be Lyons and Maughan joint Managers, i feel this would work, the Managers are only as good as the players on the field, and please County Board, let the Managers and players do the talking, and keep the Politics that is rampant in the County Board, out of Mayo Football, once and for all.

  4. interesting that the two bucks that didn’t apply in accordance to the county board guidelines seem to be the front runners now!

  5. best get used to the idea of Tommy. Not my choice by any means but he will have my full support – initially!

  6. Sorry border-rambler, seems like your man has pulled out of the race. Maughan has withdrawen says the Mayo Advitiser.
    One can only come to one conclusion, its going to be Tommy Lyons, no offence to the man but thats fecken depressing. I’m going to mass tonight, tomorrow and Sunday to pray James Horan gets it. that will probably sink him alltogether

  7. With Maughan gone , obviously he was’nt impressed with the co board, we are looking a bit threadbare at the moment. Tommy Lyons is not the man for us. Can anyone forget his exit from the Dublin job? If Lyons gets it, then the media will lock on to us like a laser. Top copy and a combination of a manager who seems to relish media contact and a county who are dammed with media abuse will leave us in tatters.
    James Horan is a prospective manager with the same starting pedigree as Kevin walsh, McCartan, Counihan and Gilroy the current Dublin manager. He (Horan) will conduct his repair work away from the glare and access of the Dublin media. On the other hand if Lyons gets it….the Herald and its comic writers will sneer us to death.

  8. Maughan withdrawal was obvious as I don’t believe he would be ratified by County Board and the word must have filtered back. And for what its worth I did not put my money on Lyons and still would not despite conclusions drawn on this blog!

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