Cracking jersey, great gym

Photo: Mayo GAA/Michael McLaughlin

Two bit of news, with day-related hooks upon which to hang them.

First is the unveiling today of the special commemorative jersey the senior team will wear in our Connacht Championship preliminary round fixture against New York over in Gaelic Park on Sunday, 5th May.

The game in the Big Apple takes place the day after this year’s Mayo Day – or, more correctly, #MayoDay – and, to mark the occasion, Mayo GAA have partnered with Mayo County Council and Elverys to produce a limited edition retro-style jersey, the design of which was revealed today.

Rather nice it is too, with a distinct nod to the classic Eighties vogue. Indeed it’s not hugely dissimilar to the 1989 final jersey, a replica version of which is my chosen match-day gear for big games in the summer. Well wear with it, lads.

Photo: @ElaineBucko

Yesterday was, of course, International Women’s Day, which made it entirely appropriate that it was then the new Mayo LGFA purpose-built gym was officially opened. The facility is located in Swinford, where the ladies county team also play most of their home matches, and, as Jen Murphy has speculated, it could well be the first facility of its kind developed specifically for ladies football anywhere in the country.

It was also Jen Murphy who did the amazing artwork in the gym and you can see what this looks like, as well as getting a peek at the equipment in the facility, here:

Congrats to Mayo LGFA on this hugely impressive move, one that will surely help greatly in the development of ladies football within the county in the years to come.

31 thoughts on “Cracking jersey, great gym

  1. Lad’s, Seriously, Who ever ironed a Jersey never mind Togs?.. Really liked the art work in the Gym in Swinford, …. Well done Jen Murphy! ..of course it’s not a first from Jen, done some great stuff promoting the the Women’s Game for many is the year by now…. Great Stuff!

  2. Ya any news on tickets for new york game. Saw this morning they are going to be available ahead of the game

  3. Willie Joe will them Jersey’s be going on sale do u know would love one for mayo day

  4. It’s great to see the Mayo ladies progressing off the field like that with the new gym. However it’s difficult to take them seriously when there’s about a dozen of their players not involved in the senior county setup. Whenever I see the fancy video team announcements from the manager, I look though the 15 players and their clubs and just shake my head that there is nobody from Carnacon named, despite them being the best club side by far in the county. It seems most Mayo ladies fans are just happy to accept it though which I find amazing. If 12 players left the men’s setup after a disagreement with the manager it would take a bit more than a few nicely produced videos to get the Mayo fans back on the managers side. For the record I have no connection whatsoever with carnacon and I don’t think I’ve ever even set foot in the village actually. I just think the whole thing is a farce to be honest, and it will probably end up damaging the county senior ladies team for generations.

  5. Larry Duff, I’m sure the players that are on the panel take it very seriously no matter what some “supporters” think

  6. Great achievement for the hurlers today to remain in division 2A. I think we’ll be in the same division as Offaly next year since they got relegated.

  7. That’s correct, Wide Ball – I’ve just made that very same observation at the end of a short piece I’ve posted on today’s win.

  8. larry duff. i wholeheartly agree with you but i dont know what can be done. the ladies football delegates in mayo voted to eject carnacon from the mayo championship in 2018 by 30 votes to 2, and they had to appeal to connacht council to overturn that decision.MAYBE some brains from the blog might know what to do .all i know is we have lost 3 matches in a row and are now staring relegation in the face while the other counties are laughing at mayo.

  9. My sources tell me the Special edition Mayo Jersey will be released for sale very shortly but they are a limited edition and won’t be on sale after Mayo day I’ll know more early this week and will post here

  10. Looking back on the recordings of first few league games, we really have to stick with mcdonagh and reape , the potential is definitely there . I know Tyrone were poor but the energy levels we showed that day was way better than any other game so far. You’d have to think we should look at implementing a defensive structure other than the mostly man to man stuff we are at . Eleven weeks till Roscommon game I make it .

  11. Folks I was onto a few hotels regarding their availability status and I was asking them about local overflow B&B’s that they use and they advised me to google the following :-
    Tralee Accomodation – List of the best Hotels, B&B and self catering
    He said to go to the matching listibg and select a hotel and hit the blue tab with check availability & booking and then enter the required date and the number of rooms available in the hotels and various B&B’s for the Tralee area will be highlighted.

    I hope the weather is more favorable on Saturday next than it is tonight,,, it’s blowing a gale with ridiculously heavy hail showers, burrrrr. The extended forecast suggests 7-8 degrees with possible rain so it could be a nasty night. Let’s hope as the week progresses there will be a slightly more favorable outlook.

    For those of you that not being in the covered stand is not an option I would recommend that ye get to your seats no later than 5-5.30pm as with Dublin and Mayo games the crowd are keen and they don’t want to be straining to get a look over an annoying umbrella in the terraces.

  12. Mayomad of course the players involved are taking it seriously. Never said they weren’t. I just said I can’t take the Mayo ladies senior team results seriously – half the team is missing for Christ’s sake! As jimbo said, they’ve lost every single game! The only solution for me is that Peter leahy has to go and the slate wiped clean. It’s as simple as that really. I’m my view, he’s holding Mayo ladies football to ransom by staying around. He also seems, through his media and twitter comments, to be emphasising a narrative of “look at the current players still involved, they love me and are behind me 100%”. But the longer he stays there, the more the greater good of Mayo ladies football is destroyed and the divisions compounded on s long term basis. The only positive endgame here is that the best players in Mayo are all involved in the county senior team, and a new person starts to rebuild some unity between all players. As long as Leahy is there, that won’t happen. Might not sound fair, but he has to go. Life’s not fair sometimes. It’s not about setting scores or proving points. It should be about the greater good of Mayo ladies football. 2019 is looking like a write off – will 2020 be the same??

  13. Can see your point Larry but a lot of clubs are progressing with underage in ladies club .. Years ago there was only a handful of ladies club teams .. Future is bright for Mayo ladies with or without the current Carnacon ladies . Patients required for rebuilding .

  14. Myball – that’s all good but I think you are missing my point. It’s hard enough to win an all Ireland with everyone pulling in the one direction, as well all know very well. The idea that one of the best club sides of all time is totally frozen out of he county set up is wrong and does nothing to promote Mayo ladies football. Your point about ladies football growing and new clubs appearing is irrelevant to this debate. A clean slate is a clean slate. It’s not possible to move on when one side of the dispute is still in situ. To clarify, I have noting whatsoever to do with carnacon, and it appears that blame for this whole sorry saga should be apportioned to both sides of the dispute. However, one side is completely frozen out while the other is more entrenched than ever and that is wrong in my book. This kind of scenario would never be allowed to happen to the Mayo men’s team and everyone knows that deep down.

  15. (Larry Duff) I find your comment ” However it’s difficult to take them seriously when there’s about a dozen of their players not involved in the senior county setup. ” very insulting to Mayo Ladies GAA

  16. Larry – agree a lot of what you say alright. The bit about “difficult to take them seriously” might be interpreted in a number of ways which is why some have reacted negatively to that.
    Hard to know the full story of what went on but whatever it was, absolutely none of the participants come out of it looking good, be it the players that left the panel, the management team or the rather ridiculous voting by the clubs to exclude Carnacon. I have to say that was the icing on the cake for me as to how toxic the whole situation had become and there could be no good outcome after that.

    Its a very sad situation for all involved and you’d expect that the overall Mayo Ladies would have been better served if a mutually agreeable solution were put in place to allow all to overcome their differences. That did not happen and to be honest I feel that Mayo Ladies GAA is worse off as a result.

  17. Just to clarify my comments about “difficult to take them seriously”. Poorly articulated on my part. What I meant is that I feel the results of the team this year are not really meaningful, because Half of the team is missing, and thus I cant really take their results too seriously.They have lost all their games but you can’t really read much into that given their is a bunch of top players not involved. The current squad are giving it everything, and I have no doubt are looking for those little marginal gains in training and preparation that all top sports teams seek. But it has to be hugely frustrating when those girls currently involved are going to all that effort to find those incremental improvements, while there is an obvious massive step forward to be taken if every player in the county was available and they were a unified bunch again. From the outside it appears obvious that will not happen while the current manager is involved, and it’s therefore also obvious what the first step at least towards a resolution is.
    That’s just my opinion as a total outsider looking in. The greater good of Mayo football, be it men’s or ladies, should always come before any individuals.

  18. Mayo Ladies have NOT lost all their games – they won the first v Tipperary and are very much in line to retain their Div 1 status. That said I am very much opposed to the Co Board stance on the dispute and have to remind everybody that it is not just a Carnacon matter. Sarah Tierney, who was team captain at the start of 2018, is not a Carnacon player and is one of those who left the panel because of the manager’s behaviour.

  19. Larry so throw the manager under the wheels even though he did nothing wrong. The remaining players have confirmed he did nothing wrong. The large vote by other clubs would seem to indicate that Carnacon have a problem with accepting and dealing with the normal processes of running a county football team.I don’t know but I assume the club delegates do. The numbers are fairly convincing. I feel that Carnacon have to make the first move. Simple player power exercised and not worked out. This is evidenced by the remaining players attitude and statement. No player welfare issues just player power denied. Player power has been a problem here for many’s a year. Someone had to something about it. Alternative is to sack Leahy and what then will the current players say. Who will manage a team then when their actions are determined by one club and one set of players. Previous managers have left for the same reason.

  20. Sinabhuil,
    The fact that then team captain Sarah Tierney walked away from the team and explained concisely her reasons is one fact which does not fit the “it’s all down to Carnacon” argument so you ignore it. The “blame Carnacon/Cora Staunton” faction are echoed, and often are the same, as those who blame Aiden O’Shea for having an overdue influence on the senior men’s team selection. They would have us believe that Aiden dictated the change of goalkeeper for the All Ireland semi-final replay. Of course they cannot point to any evidence to support their arguments, they “just know”.
    What is Leahy’s track record in team management? What teams has he managed in the past? To my knowledge he has managed none even though he may have been part of a backroom team management structure. But as part of a backroom he would not have had to deal directly with players and I suggest that he has fallen down in that area.

  21. I read Sarah Tierney’s reasons and again these were in relation to control and asserting her power. First night back at training and she questions his tactics and again she questions his authority as regards visiting speakers. As regards bullying, etc. I have never ever been involved with a team where the manager did not assert his authority in some way. Also none of the remaining women experienced this just Sarah Tierney and the other ‘leavers’. Perhaps you should concentrate on whats written and not the writer.

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