Cracking night in Camden

I’m still over in London, travelling back later on this evening, with last night’s Mayo News football podcast Over for the Match event at the Oxford Arms in Camden now done and dusted. A great night it was too.

There was a big turnout at the event, where there was plenty of chat about the upcoming final and much discussion too on the exile experience and what all that means. As a London-based ex-emigrant myself all this struck a deep chord with me and it made last night’s event all the more meaningful.

We recorded oodles of audio last night and Rob – who, along with Mike, was on the red eye out of Stansted early this morning – has, I’m sure, already begun editing it for the podcast. This one will be a special edition in more ways than one and it’ll be available to listen to tomorrow.

Huge thanks to Tom and everyone at the Oxford Arms for looking after us in the warm and hospitable manner that they did. Thanks too to everyone who came along last night and helped make the event such a memorable and enjoyable one. We WILL be back with Sam. Up Mayo.

86 thoughts on “Cracking night in Camden

  1. Thanks a million for coming over fellas – really enjoyed the conversation, especially from the London GAA lads.

  2. Good man WJ
    Was my townie paul coggins at it
    Today I was back Mayo country
    Claremorris is a credit with flags and bunting everywhere
    Another town I wouldn’t name
    Could try harder as my old teacher would say

  3. Is that Bernie Mac in the photo, can’t really tell without seeing the flip flops.

    You may have been in the presence of greatness Willie Joe!

  4. Fair play to you Willie Joe for going to London and sharing the build up with our immigrants if please God Mayo win this will be sweet for all of Mayo our immigrants and the Mayo diaspora

  5. its confirmed,our 6 forwards to go man to man on dubs defence as our lads are on topof their game,what you reckon?

  6. AMayoFan…. are you Croke park or Cairde Maigheo? if you are Croke park – same as me, do you mind me asking what section??

  7. Clarke
    D O Connor
    Aiden – rotating between 11 and 14
    Kevin Mc
    Doherty ..
    Sub’s used Donnie ,loftus,Nally, corn, Kirby,
    Sorry for starting this a bit early but mind obsessed and no luck with ticket yet but hopeful …only reason didn’t start Donnie is because of hamstring ..Aiden to push up on kick outs but afraid he might be caught for pace so 14 at times … He might to the clever thing and pull his man to the wing at times and leave space for the inside forwards ..

  8. Very unfortunate that I couldn’t make the night, looking forward to the podcast. Should be in Bowes on Saturday though – getting very close now!

  9. have you your ticket sorted Willie Joe ? seems to be way harder got this year.

    What is the situation with joining cairde Mayo, im told that there is a waiting list is that correct do posters know ??

    think it will go into over drive this week …………………..Nerves and excitement …………………

    we deserve a break , please god our time will come

  10. Tickets out today for season tickets
    308AA for us which is better than a fair few have been getting …….

  11. Yup, got shoved in the corner of the cusack pitch side. As usual the season ticket holders are shafted when it comes to the final.

  12. Yes, I have the season ticket from year 1 and had central seats for 2012 and 2013. However last year I was right at the edge of the Cusack and Canal. Really the GAA should be rewarding regular attendance goers with central seats under what is effectively a loyalty programme……that’s the point of it!

    It also raises the situation whereby someone who never went to a game all year receives a centrally seated ticket in the Lower Cusack. The GAA could prevent this by simply giving CM and season ticket holders central seats……alas they’ve changed their policy on that one.

    One other rant: did anyone notice last week in the minor hurling final the similarity between the red Cork jerseys and the maroon Galway ones? Why there was not a simple jersey change seems strange?

  13. HI GUYS IF YOU ARE A SEASON TICKET HOLDER LIKE MYSELF AND HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE CORNER THIS HAPPENS WHEN YOU PLAY DUBLIN IN CROKE PARK ALWAYS AND I MEAN ALWAYS RING, 01836322 LET THEM KNOW , AND ASK WHY!! Its bad enough they got home advantage and DUBLIN JOE. We must speak out and let them know we are aware of this, PS any mayo supporter in this corner planning on sitting down and being silent give up your tickets now.

  14. My Ball
    Re. Team
    Keith might be used as a half back with a swap with Durkan. … Durkan did a good job on Andrews last year. He can also bring him on a few runs up the pitch.

    Vaughan (or Coen) can be introduced when Dublin change their midfield. . a fresh pair of legs is critical here. Remember 2015/2016. This really swayed both replays in Dublin favour. This must be planned for.

  15. Our tickets arrived this morning. 307 A, Croke Park stewards are frantically practising PLAN B as we speak…..

  16. Mike heveran, I’m in the corner myself this year while last year v Dubs for both games had fairly central seats. As posted above someone got section 308. I’m sure there will be plenty of green and red in those central sections, the majority of those tickets go to the clubs where people like volunteers etc get them (they are just as entitled to a ticket as anyone) . If you check the terms and conditions of the season ticket point 56 clearly states (in bold print) that final tickets will be in the Cusack stand but will NOT be in the same sections as previous games. There isn’t some big conspiracy at play putting season ticket holders to the corners just because the Dubs are playing, lets not try and make out there is one. Personally I couldn’t care less where the ticket is for, I’m in the door without having to search, beg and hope to get lucky with a ticket.

  17. your in that cairde mayo spotlight …you got a ticket – stop your complaining about location

    be thankful you have 1 thousands of people looking for tickets

  18. See Sean Cavanagh bleating on in the Indo about how this Dublin team are the best ever and we wont even come close. References how we got them into an arm wrestle last year and that’s how we beat them. We might have an outside chance if we do the same to Dublin. Time will tell of course but he just seems to be stuck on the same record since last year.

    I guess its easier to kid yourself that you lost to the best team ever rather than admitting that they got their tactics wrong and seriously underperformed. Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess. They really need to get over losing last years match. Move on, we have, to the all Ireland final.

  19. Daryl, they got those tickets because they signed up, spent money to support Mayo and went to matches up and down the country. They are owed those tickets and have the right to complain about the location especially when as the years go on a lot of the Mayo supporters seem to get pushed more to the periphery of the stadium.

  20. Whilst I am delighted to have got a ticket – 311. Just missed one match with Mayo this year and that includes FBD – all bought on season ticket account with bring a friend(s) for every game. Last year I bought my tickets in Supervalu because I went to most matches with extended family. I was told that I got poor tickets because I had a poor attendance record. Dont know why I am pushed to the corner again this year but I suppose that is life.

  21. @wayne scales – I’m season ticket holder (since year 1) and sitting 307 row D.

    @MayoMick – when (not if) we win I will be along side you climbing onto the pitch. Though both of us are not the tallest I think we will find some way to get over the steward’s nets lol

  22. Ugh….Section 301…I would rather stand in the hill then sit in the corner beside it. I shouldn’t complain as I have a ticket but still as a season ticket holder with 100% attendance you would except better. Ah well.

  23. Fair play to you mayo mad . When you say volunteers do you mean Dublin volunteers because most Mayo volunteers I know can not get a ticket #!,

  24. Mike heveran, I would say club people like volunteers from Mayo, Dublin and the 30 other counties in the country. Season Ticket entitles you to a final ticket, that is all, nowhere does it say it must be centrally located. I’m lucky enough to have a season ticket but there are thousands of supporters on both sides without a season ticket who attend games just as much as anyone else and struggle to get a final ticket. Complaining about the location of a ticket is a little arrogant when so many who are just as committed cant get one.

  25. Spotlight absolutely has the right to complain, bollox to this, you have a ticket so sit down and shut up! I was shoved in the corner last year too while a Dub I work with and his whole family kept his centrally located seats in 306. Possibly this is anecdotal but I’ll be asking him again this year where his seats are for. At least I’m close enough to the pitch that I’ll be one of the first breaking through the barrier at the final whistle.

  26. All – can the complaining please stop about where you’re seated for the final? I couldn’t care less where my ticket is for, the important thing is getting in the door. The rest is just detail and certainly nothing to start moaning about.

  27. I’m in Section 308 Row C. God help those stewards if they try and stop me if we win. Also those in the rows in front of me, ye better move if we win also.

  28. I find when you link your season ticket to another, so that your sitting together, you tend to get pushed out to the margins.

    Haven’t been home yet today so I don’t know where we are sitting, although if it’s beside the hill then atmosphere will be magic, if on the halfway line great and if in the corner beside the davin, then likely to be amongst my own.

    All have easy access to the turf.

  29. No, I didn’t, Ger! I’m just a bit hacked off about this First World complaining.

    I also deleted that reference to the event you mentioned. You should know full well that this is not an official fundraiser for the team and I’ve no wish to give it any airtime here.

  30. Not in yet but will be. Regards pitch invasion not going or should not happen. The very least the winners should be allowed is time to take in their achievements. Some of the players have young kids which won’t be allowed to join their fathers if 1000s of delirious mayo fans many full of drink invade the pitch. I’ll be the happiest man alive WHEN Cillian lifts the trophy but I’ll be in the stands.

  31. Ah well thats that . We should be greatful after all the support travel ect that they let us in to Croke park lets hope our team do not think this way.

  32. Hi all, Season ticket holder here, and have Section 306.

    Have been to every all Ireland Final (and replay) with Mayo, I recall Noel Durkan looking for a ticket outside the ground in 1996 (after playing in the Final 7 years previously) a game I attended myself in crutches after a leg break in a club game.

    To be honest I would banish myself to Van Diemen’s Land (AKA Tasmania) if I thought it would help us win.

    As Andy Moran says we are in this together (Players and Supporters) and I really believe a shift occurred during the Derry game, when we couldn’t get the ball over the bar (1 point in 16 attempts during a 20 minute period in the second half I think) rather than berating the team us Supporters willed the team over the line. I truly hope we can harness this connection/synergy to finally land Sam for the people of Mayo and to hell with where we are in the Stadium (or outside) lets bring a tidal wave on the 17th and win this thing.

  33. 307 am happy with that. There seem to be a lot of tickets for draws and corporate events I suppose the county board have to make money running an inter county team doesn’t come cheap but I feel sorry for all the genuine fans that cannot get tickets

  34. I’m a season ticket holder, in 307 D as well and I’m delighted with it. I’ve been in 311 and 301 for previous finals and while it’s great to have a better seat this year, you know what? I didn’t care then and neither do I give a fiddlers today where I am seated as long as I am lucky enough to be inside those gates when so many won’t be. Back in the days before season tickets I’d have bitten off your hand to get a ticket in 311 or 312.

  35. I agree, those of us with season tickets / Cairde Maigheo tickets are the lucky ones who don’t have to spend every waking hour for these few weeks searching, begging, stealing, cajoling and possibly paying over the odds for a golden ticket. I’m in section 309, OK its not 305 or 306 but as WJ said it gets us in the gate and that’s good enough for me.

  36. Well said Richie, the days of the pitch invasion are gone. Its much better for the players the way it is now when they can celebrate together. Would those moments of Joe Canning with his family and The Keady family happen if 1000s of fans invaded the field. Id hope people stay in the stands when Mayo win and let the players savour the moment with each other. Everyone will get a chance to see them up close on the lap of honour and in the weeks/months of Celebrations beyond.

  37. Richie Duck, I’m 100% with you on that too. Would be quite happy to get a foot on the sod but it wouldn’t be with the intention of swarming the players who deserve their time to celebrate with each other and their families.

  38. WHAT is wrong with people complaining about where their seats are FFS
    there is no such thing as a bad seat all ireland day,ID GLADLY sit on the black spot of the goal posts if i couldn’t get a ticket ,MAYO are in an all ireland,we need noise and colour… there are thousands of mayo supporters that would give their right arm to be as lucky as us that have ticket sorted 9 days away from the match,
    im in the davin, NOT my favourite spot BUT i couldn’t give a fiddlers, i don’t intend to need my seat much anyway,everyone up on their feet,shoulders to the wheel and help get our team over the line..
    cant fecking wait,im wound like a spring with excitement

    Cmon Mayo !

  39. Richie Duck you just said what i was about to post.I am genuinely baffled by this “invade the pitch stuff”, to me its slightly idiotic. Watching the celebrations of the Galway hurlers last week was great, they all got time to celebrate together as a team and also with family…in fact probbaly the most iconic image from last year was Andy MOran with his little girl on the pitch, and this year Joe Canning with the family of the late Tony keady, neither of them possible with thousands of jumping roaring fans on the pitch causing mayhem. Let them have their time together doing a lap of honor with each other.

  40. Too right, just be happy to have a ticket, and as for invading the pitch in a win situation, NO, let the players enjoy it in peace and also avoid a riot with the security crowd.
    I see Oisin Mc Conville is opposing Sean Cavanaghs view, he reckons it will be close and the Mayo bucks have the power and football skills to win it if they just play their normal game. He’s one of the few that has these thoughts, other than yourselves reading this ( mayo heads) .

  41. My ticket just arrived via courier. I’m a little dissapointed to be honest. I’m one row back and two seats to the right of someone called “Michael D Higgins”, was really hoping to be on the left as is protocol. I also received a bundle of tickets with something called the “Hill 16” marked on them, one can only imagine what kind of unwashed urchins will be lurking in that area. I may give one of them to my butler’s little boy, it will make up for me accidently running over the little scamp in my Rolls Royce the other night. In the meantime I’ve been using them to light my Monte Cristo’s and they do provide an excellent even burn.

  42. Two things being mentioned in these post are idiotic, juvenile & idiotic. ….
    Seating and Going onto Pitch after game.
    Cop on and grow up.
    One of the best things following galways win on Sunday was the respect given to the players by both sets of fans.
    I hope this is replicated if Mayo are ahead at the final whistle on the 17th September at 5.05.

  43. Lads and lassies, if the grass was deemed good enough to take our people’s footsteps in 1951 (including my father’s) it should be good enough now! I know there are all sorts of H&S reasons not to go on the pitch but Lord almighty it’s gone mad. I had the bamboo stick on my flag confiscated the last day on the way into the ground as it was deemed to pose a security threat. Ironically enough it I had no problem getting it in the previous week. Like the referee – all I’m looking for is consistency!

  44. Willie Joe,… I was in the corner, both All Irelands last year and 309Z this year with a season ticket… If I had complained last year like I should have, I believe that I MIGHT have a better seat this year… I know someone very well, who did just that and will now, and his family, seating group be seated centrally…. And good luck to them… Before someone tells me that I am lucky to have a ticket… I was at every Championship match this year, and haven’t missed a championship match since the quater final of 2011 (because I decided to Climb the Reek, it was Reek Sunday,, I was down in plenty of time to see Mayo defeat the then All Ireland final champions Cork, on the Telly ) and of course you have to pay for your season ticket which I have for years… Yew Tree, 301 is dreadful..and it’s ridiculous that should think that it’s good enough .. You can also email well as ring them .. You will be told some such rubbish as all tickets are allocated on a random basis… Rubbish I say…. In 2013, I swapped Cusack Stand ticket for a centrally located Hill 16 ticket with my sister… I. and hundreds of Mayo fans, were there very early because Mayo were in the Minor final, but we were HERDED into the Cusack Stand side of the Hill, as you would with cattle at a mart, regardless of which section of the Hill we were entitled to be and I am being serious about the use of the word HEREDED ,. I and many other there objected to where we were being sent.. We were told in no uncertain terms, you go where we see fit to put ye, or you don’t get in.. . The stewards on duty with broad Dublin accents seemed annoyed that Mayo fans should have the cheek to go into the Hill at all. .. Definitely a Hill ticket anywhere is a better ticket than the corner of the lower Cusack….. Now I know there are far worse injustice in the world than this, and far far worse injustice in this little country of ours…. And it is great to have a ticket…… But, I wonder did many of ye get to see the piece on Prime Time last night, dealing with ‘ticket touting ‘. with input from the Galway and Waterford fan’s ? ..The sentiment expressed was very similar to my own and I imagine the overwhelming amount of genuine fan’s out there. It was only a short piece…. Very interesting and I’m sure if you are a genuine fan from either Dublin or Mayo, desperate to get a ticket, very frustrating….. .. A few years ago, I went to a politican looking for a ticket, I won’t say any names but his secretary told me that this particular TD didn’t have a ticket for the match himself just yet…. More rubbish…… But, anyhow, I got a phone call from the same TD the Sunday if that particular All Ireland final,which was 2006, who of course had somehow managed to miraculously get a ticket for match and was in Dublin, and he pointed me to the right man with a spare ticket.. It meant a bit of extra walking on that particular Sunday…. I had a ticket already scored (It wasn’t a great one) but kept stumm, .. Sure enough the TDs friend fixed me up with a right one…….. I kept the good ticket and gave the spare one to a friend. and Mayo fan, who just happened to ring me at the right time.. No ticket touting done, all transactions at face value.. … If you are desperately looking for a ticket, you could do worse than going to your local TD or Senator, they always seem to be well fixed up themselves… And most definitely they seem to be blessed with ‘entitlement’…. They might feel entitled to your NO 1….with an election around the corner, they definitely won’t want the competition getting you a ticket, especially if he or she is from the same party…. And if he /she definitely can’t get you a ticket. You could mention that they have done nothing to make ‘ticket touting’ illegal, ask them why is that?….

  45. Tonyk I owe you a apology. Sorry about that. You did not type the comments I had attributed to you. .

  46. Tonyk/Wayne Scales – I’m just catching up on this now and I’m glad to see, Wayne, that you’ve apologised for your earlier comment. I’ll remove the offending stuff now as well.

  47. Anyone fancy a row over which are the best sandwiches to pack for the day? Sorry WJ but it’s all a bit moany tetchy on here at the moment. As you’ve said first world problems. Any chance some debate about the game may actually break out. Like will gavin play Connolly to keep Lee out of the game, to stop Mayo putting Lee out to man mark killkenny? That’s why I log in here to read others opinions and make the odd comment myself. But also enjoy the lighter comments such as the two bulls looking down on the herd of cows. Priceless.

  48. I have to say i agree with leantimes and other posters who are not happy with their seat.
    The season ticket holders have graced the pitches of the country all year while there are lads like myself who will fly in for this match. Why not give them the best seats? I believe they have earned them and the GAA should reward their commitment.

  49. I agree wholeheartedly about pitch invasion. When the team wins (see what I did there?) they deserve their moment to celebrate with each other and their families. We can celebrate in the stands. Players don’t need to be bombarded by back slapping and so on. I’ll happily celebrate in the Cusack.

    Also, one thing that irks me. I am not lucky to have a Season Ticket. I know what it’s like worrying about getting a final ticket. It’s horrible. But when the Season Ticket came out in 08/09, I got it because that was my AI Final Ticket every year. Luck has nothing to do with it.

    Small thing, but wanted to mention it 🙂

  50. I have a ticket. I haven’t even checked what stand it is in either Cusack or Hogan. I couldn’t care less. If I had the 82000th worst seat no bother.
    Iv chaired a club, vice chaired a club n played club. I dont view it as all that much when I compare it to players and far busier club people I know.

  51. AH NOW – I think Dublin will target 3 players, AOS, COC and Andy. These players need to have big games either directly or indirectly for Mayo to win and Dublin know that. AOS has been quiet in past finals and I’m hoping he’s able to continue his form and have an All Star performance.

  52. Chicago as a previous poster stated what if Mayo targets Kilkenny by putting Keegan on him what will Connolly do then. Will they stand in a bunch in the middle of the field. Keegan following Kilkenny, Connolly following Keegan and Durcan following Connolly?

  53. Cracking nite in Camden indeed Willy Joe, as an exile living in London for the past 28 years it’s one I won’t forget. I’ve being viewing this website the last 5 years and find it both informative and enjoyable, especially for everyone living abroad. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for your return along with uncle Sam in a couple of weeks. Ps ref selfie, sure aren’t you famous in your own right. Hon Mayo!

  54. Sorry lads, I’ll steer clear of this site for a few days, until all the moaning about where you’re sitting is over. When do you think it will be finished? I had another look maybe Monday.

  55. I saw the answer to this here before but I’ve forgotten. I usually ask the steward whether my seat is to the left or right of the aisle. So the question is.. if i was walking down the aisle 303 and my seat was no. 20 (on any given row) would my seat be in to the right or left? I cant remember what number the seats start at along the aisle and what numbers they finish at in the centre! I should know at this stage but I do be fierce distracted altogether seeing who’s going to be playing and the likes 🙂 Would be nice to know if i’m heading closer to the end line or the 21 yard line.

  56. Toe to hand,.. If your number seat number is 1-14 you turn to the right, and 15 – 28 you turn to the left, for the lower Cusack anyway… So for sections 301-305 you are better with the high numbers (above 14) & 306-311 better off with the numbers 14 & and under!

  57. do anyone see on hoganstand a mayo coucilar doing coagh patrick backwords if mayo win on sunday. sorry spelling bad

  58. Seems like a lifetime ago now since Darragh Berry did that documentary about Mayo. I can still hear Mike Finnertys words “its just not meant to be” after last years replay loss. Willie Joe how long ago was that?

  59. I see the REGULAR CONSERVATIVES win out in any debate on here. The people with season tickets who feel let down by the gaa have a point and the attempt to make fun of this is wrong.

  60. Ultimately, I have a season ticket because I go to most matches anyway, get a discount on the tickets and guaranteed to get one to the final if we get there.

    That’s a pretty good deal, and in my opinion, rewards my loyalty.

    I have been to different locations in the finals down the year’s, and the only constant has been that we have not won out. I was in the cusack centre in 2006, and was not a pretty sight. The sense of entitlement is hard too take sometimes, I expect that there will be more Mayo supporters than not in the central areas but would give up my ticket if I was guaranteed the result!

  61. Jesus Mikey I’d gladly give up mine just to see us with it

    It’s gone beyond more than sport … it’s an obsession

  62. The days of the pitch invasion are over and good riddance as well. For those of you advocating its return last weeks pictures should put an end to that argument. The picture of Joe Canning standing beside the late great Tony Keady’s daughter and widow is one that will live long in the memory. Further how would you feel or have felt in 2013 and last year to see the Hill emptying as they invaded the pitch and smothering our team before they had a chance to catch their breath and get of the pitch. I don’t mean they would be harmed by any Dublin supporter its just not a pretty sight or fair to the players on both sides.

  63. Fair enough people pissed off and others think it’s unreasonable. Not sure why only certain views are allowed here WJ. Appreciate need for rules but once you don’t agree with somebody seems a bit mad to castigate them. It’s your show but that kind of stuff is off putting.

  64. It’s because I have a point of view too, Cynthia, even if I do accept your implied point that I’m ref and player at the same time on some issues. On this one, I feel strongly that it’s sad and a bit pathetic to be whining about where your ticket is for when thousands are searching frantically for a ticket of any sort. Also I wouldn’t agree with your bit about “only certain views are allowed here” – all kinds of views on all manner of issues are expressed here all the time and I doubt very much that the site would have grown to what it’s become if, as you allege, only certain views were allowed.

  65. Sinabhuil, think something like what you describe will actually happen so could be a case of who blinks first.
    Chicago, would have to agree that the three you pick out may very well be targeted as the majority of scores would come from or through them, that is of course assuming Aiden is back at 11. All 3 need to be on top top form.

  66. Mikey… You had a great ticket for the 2006 final, middle of the Cusack… But it wasn’t a season ticket because that was before the season ticket came out…. I too have been everywhere in Croker All Ireland day… 1997 a elderly neighbour of mine was onto Midwest Radio every day just to make sure that I got a ticket.. I was coming home from Berlin for the final without a ticket… She got me a premium ticket and I didn’t even have to pay anything for it… Wrong result.took the good out of it. . In 2005 for the All Ireland club finals, I finally got into a corporate box, with a good friend… The Anglo Irish Bank no less.. Now I didn’t know any of other people there because I never had any dealing with Anglo…. Free Drink and Food, not that I took any…Almost ruined the day, total bore in the corporate box…. I never forgave my friend for introducing me to such boring people.. Much rather mix with the real fans that actually care about the result… A coincidence of the All Ireland Club finals in 2005. Both teams hurling and football wore Green and Red, and both were officially called, James Stephens.. Which is the full of Ballina James Stephens, the same as the hurling club from Killkenny.. A good question for a table quiz, sometime,

  67. I don’t think the blog should have to be marshalled but I think it’s a good job it is. Sometimes the old emotions run high and some people begin to get a little carried away. Myself included.

    People generally don’t like rules but things would descend in to bedlam without them.

    Think WJ with all the work he puts in has very right to call the shots. If some people don’t agree with that, sure isn’t that what the blog is all about. A matter of opinion.

    I disagree with some things I read on here but sure if I agreed with it all, where would be the fun in that.

    Alot of people get alot of entertainment and great reading from the blog so I would suggest that we are.lucky to have it to vent our dreams and our madness.

    Keep up the great work WJ

  68. Energy is gold.

    I think we really need to watch out for the wrestling on the pitch that Dublin will be trying to get us involved in.

    1 minute of a player testing his strength against another player saps the energy like nothing else. Jim Gavin will be instructing his players to wrestle as much as they can with the mayo lads. He will do this for 40 or 45 minutes with a smile on his face knowing that when he puts on his talented subs they will be marked by somone who is not operating at full pelt.

    I really hope that stephen instills in the players to keep the energy for the football and not the fiascos that dublin will try and get us involved in.

    I think we’ve paid the price in past finals by trying to match the opposition in the hard man stakes.

    Let’s save the energy for the football.

    Energy is gold.

  69. Hi Willie Joe and Hi All….I hope you are all well. I had the pleasure of meeting Willie Joe once and we had a good chat and to be fair he is a gentleman. Like most of you I go to every O’Byrne Cup, League and Championship match and it’s a really frustrating feeling having no ticket yet. I was in Croker last Feb with my Son and it was -2 and probably 19000 people there so for those of you lucky enough to have a ticket please be Grateful

  70. I’m living and working in the Midlands… Involved in the underage coaching here I could not attend as many league matches as I would have liked and even the Galway match as my ‘new club’ that my kids play for train and have matches on Sunday mornings . I’m not complaining ,I really love it but spare a thought for yer fellow men and women who love Mayo but as it stands will not get a ticket but the cairde tickets were not an option .PS we are all in this together so keep it positive and let’s all get behind our warriors .

  71. As a Ballyhaunis man myself it was nice to see Paul Coggins been interviewed i Knew Paul from many years ago -a real gentleman who has done wonders for the London team
    Well done everyone

  72. I’m the secretary of a GAA club overseas. Usually, we get one (in a rare and special year, two) All-Ireland football ticket(s). For hurling, it is usually a bit easier, especially if Kilkenny are involved in the final, as they often are. We usually only get the one football ticket as we’re very active by the standards of overseas GAA clubs, travelling thousands of kilometres to go to football, hurling and handball tournaments every year; some smaller and less active clubs never get any.

    This year, due to unprecedented demand (three times more requests for tickets were made than usual), we weren’t allocated any by the County Board, initially.

    I had to fight like a dog with the County Board to make sure that we got one in the end ! In fairness to them, when I pointed out that we had gone to all the tournaments etc. they were quick enough to come up with one for us.

    Won’t be going myself this year due to pre-scheduled commitments, but we’ll be having a draw this evening to select the lucky recipient. As we have an usually high number of Dubs in the club, there is statistically a high chance of one of them getting it, but sure I’ll try to shake the bucket in favour of our one other Mayo member 😉

    The point of the longwinded story above is that maybe some people should remind themselves of how great it is to be guaranteed a ticket, rather than cribbing about where they’ll be seated. There will be thousands of Mayo people from Vancouver to Wellington wishing they were in your shoes on Sunday afternoon (or morning or evening, depending on where they’re based!) so please do your best to enjoy the occasion and get behind the lads.

    Hon Mayo!

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