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Croke ParkTickets are now available for the NFL finals at Croke Park on Sunday week, where our Division 1 decider against the Donkey Ayters will be the main course on the menu (throw-in at 4 pm) following the Division 2 hors d’oeuvre served up by Armagh and Down at 2 pm.

Because it’s just the secondary national title that’s on offer on April 25th, there’s no danger of anyone getting killed in the stampede for tickets and many patrons will, I guess, leave it ’till the day itself to sort out gaining entry to HQ.  If you do opt to do this, tickets will be on sale from the GAA ticket offices on Dorset Street and on the North Circular Road (opposite Gill’s pub).

Those looking for a scatter of tickets together (I’m in this particular cohort) are probably better off buying online and anyone choosing this option needs to head here.  Tickets are priced at €25 for adults, €10 for students/OAPs and €5 for chisellers, which isn’t, I reckon, totally off the wall for a league final.  You’d never know – we might even win this one.

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  1. I think €25 is a bit expensive in the “current climate”….even if it is for a national final…to fill croker would they not be better off putting it down to €15?

    By the time you have the tank of petrol/diesel filled, a ticket got for the wife and the 2 kids, a bit of lunch. probably a bit of dinner on the way home in Feericks (not forgetting the new jerseys the kids will want!), its an expensive day out for your average Joe Bloggs….

  2. That true, of course, mayoman – I’m seeing this one as a home match, though, given all the miles I’ve put in so far this year to get to the games in McHale Park! This one, by contrast, is within walking distance for me. You’re right, though, that the €25 ticket price is likely to result in fewer people turning up than if they’d priced it a bit lower.

  3. 25 euro is not bad for a tasty double bill in fairness , would call it overpriced but not excessively so although if I was in Dublin myself that day I dare say the hors d’oeuvre would be served up in Gills with a mad dash to my seat between courses!

  4. Im with Mayoman…25 lids is not chaype and will keep numbers down further. Armagh/Down might bring 8 or 9 thousand. We’ll probably bring 5 or 6 and cork would be lucky to get 2 or three. Corks support at last years league final was in the 100’s….it was the worst turnout i had ever seen by any set of supporters. Thrown in2 or 3 thousand neutrals and your looking at around 20K which is pretty pathetic in such a big ground. If you charge 10 euros to all you could end up with 30k. Do the maths…u’ll prob find that the option wont bring in the same revenue to HQ and sure tis all about the money with them rather than promoting the game.

  5. i am disgusted that we would not have a double like have the football and hurling final together. having the hurling at seven o clock start is a joke. ye lot might disagree up galway and mayo

  6. I think its fair to say ‘the lot’ on here could not care if the hurling final was on at 4 a.m. This is hardly the place to voice your complaints about a galway hurling match. Up Mayo is right

  7. €25 isnt too bad for me but i’m in the same boat as willie joe on this only travelling in from maynooth on the train which is covered by my annual ticket for work. Up Mayo!!

  8. Having the final in Croker is a joke- the crowd will be lost there. A better option would be to have it in an 80% full Portlaoise. The GAA seem to promote what they like (International Rules) and then let the Railway Cup suffer from benign neglect, claiming the supporter interest isn’t there anymore. Similarly, the league (as An Spailpin pointed out once) comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb- the finals are almost an inconvenience.

  9. I know what you’re saying about the final being in Croker, there’s such an eerie atmosphere when it’s anything less than half full.
    But you ask any of the players and they’ll want to play there, and I think the experience of playing in Croker could be beneficial for us later on in the year (hopefully…).

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