Crowd of 5,000 to be allowed attend Connacht final?

On a rather chaotic and negative news day from a Covid-19 point of view, this morning’s report by John Fogarty in the Irish Examiner (here) that crowds of at least 5,000 might be allowed at this year’s provincial finals had the feel of a development swimming strongly against the tide.

There’ll be 8,000 punters in Croke Park this Saturday for the Leinster SHC semi-final double-header and, according to the piece linked above, the expectation is that crowds in excess of 5,000 could be allowed to attend the two hurling and four football provincial deciders next month.

Assuming we get over Leitrim the weekend after next, we’d then be playing either Galway or Roscommon in the Connacht final at MacHale Park on Sunday, 25th July. If a crowd of over 5,000 is permitted to attend that game at the Castlebar venue it means there’ll be one hell of a scramble for tickets for it.

That piece was, though, published before the Cabinet today – at the behest of NPHET – put the brakes on the full reopening of the hospitality sector early next month. It remains to be seen, in light of today’s government decision on indoor hospitality, what’s now going to happen with spectators’ attendance at outdoors sporting events.

Today’s developments mean it wouldn’t be the biggest shock of all time if the current plans to allow the fans back in numbers next month also get parked. Maybe that catfight for tickets won’t materialise after all.

10 thoughts on “Crowd of 5,000 to be allowed attend Connacht final?

  1. Not even God knows what is happening with this Covid business, esp. in Ireland. This Delta variant is around now for quite a while and it seems that NPHET is only waking up to it now – and waking up in a panic like a small child who has had a particularly bad nightmare.
    As I understand it the EU is introducing digital passports for vaccinated people who wish to travel, holidays etc. Can the same passport not be used to control admission to games? Or are we in Ireland no longer in the EU?
    Also as I understand it the seated capacity of MacHale Park is c. 40,000 which is greater than the total capacity of Hyde, Salthill or Clones. The approved capacity which is largely based on the ability to access / exit the ground in the event of a rush or emergency is a different issue altogether.
    Many of us have been supporting Mayo Co Board by paying extra for our season ticket for several years now. Do we not deserve recognition of that support now that access to tickets is a major issue?

  2. MacHale Park official allowed attendance has been dropped the last few years. I think it’s officially at 24,000 now? Which is a joke…health and safety gone mad.

  3. Would health and safety reduced figures be relevant when you’re only talking about a capacity of 5k let in , surely they could revert to how many bodies you can actually squeeze in

  4. Sean Burke,
    “squeezing bodies in” is not good Health and Safety speak. The idea of health and safety is much derided but when analysed most accidents are a combination of unlikely happenings coming together. Individually these unlikely happenings are utterly harmless but when they coincide in the same place accidents happen. The iceberg which sank the Titanic was, on its own, harmless like thousands more icebergs but when it met a speeding ship you had the accident. How many have died in crushes which seemed pointless and needless in recent years – as happened outside a dancehall in NI not so long ago.

  5. Capacity is 31,000 if there is a minor game or curtain raiser and 24,000 if it’s a stand alone fixture (like Saturday evening qualifiers or league games).

  6. Seems like there’s still more trouble in Galway football with Ronan Steede of Corofin leaving the panel this week before the Roscommon game. That’s Ian Burke, Adrian Varley, Michael Daly and Steede all gone now in the space of 6 months including their relegation to Division 2 in the League.

  7. On Sunday next, The mighty Dubs, will travel to the home of their opponent, Wexford Park for their first round clash . This is the first time in over a decade, the mighty Dubs will take such a brave step.. The feeling in the Dublin camp must be something akin to how Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, felt before they took the unpresidented step to head for the moon..One small step for the Dubs, one mighty leap for the GAA, most definitely NOT.. The Aliens in Wexford Park, will for the first time in a generation cast their eyes on an Unidentified Traveling Object, the Dubs in the Leinster Championship.. Alas, it’s only to be a temporary mirage, and the old order must remain the same.. The GAAs own precious Royal Family, must continue to enjoy every unfair advantage possible, God save their Gracious Dubs..Com’on the Wexicans anyhow!

  8. Kinda not what i meant , andy d .

    what im saying is (dont know figures so ill make them up) .

    Mchale park capacity pre hse reducing 40k
    Mchale park capacity post hse reducing 30k

    If they decide to let a percentage of capacity in , surely you can revert to pre reduced because the issues for reducing capacity become null and void , ie exits, adequate toilets per thousand etc etc

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