Cuthbert’s ‘mind games’ a bit brain-dead

Brian Cuthbert

Photo: The Score

As has already been mentioned in the comments, there’s a piece in The Score this morning in which Cork manager Brian Cuthbert stresses what an important role the ref will have on Sunday, where his team of ingenues are up against what he describes are our “extremely streetwise” bunch of hard chaws. While claiming that “I wouldn’t want to paint our fellas as naive young fellas” the Rebels’ boss more or less does that in what he says while also inferring that our lads will need extra watching.

Delivering public messages about how an upcoming match should be reffed is nothing new – our own man has dipped his toe in this particular water more than once – but this effort by the Corkman is one of the more transparent, and downright stupid, efforts I’ve seen in this vein. It’d be one thing if our lads had a reputation for constantly playing on the edge as well as an established track record of getting away with it but, as the world and its spouse knows full well, if we have any kind of fault in this area it’s that we’re not half nasty enough. As a result, Cuthbert’s claim comes across as dumb and more than a bit weak-willed and desperate. I’m looking forward to Sunday even more now.

It’s interesting to see, by the way, that no announcement has yet been made by the GAA on who will have the whistle for Sunday’s game. The good news is that it won’t be either David Coldrick or Rory Hickey, as they’re both on duty for the Round 4B qualifiers the previous evening, and it won’t be the more sensible Eddie Kinsella either, as he’s doing the Kerry/Galway game. That leaves, I guess, the likes of Maurice Deegan (hopefully not), Joe McQuillan, Padraig Hughes or maybe even Marty Duffy. I guess we’ll find out who it is at some point later today.

21 thoughts on “Cuthbert’s ‘mind games’ a bit brain-dead

  1. A sense of deja vu perhaps? I remember Jimmy and Gallagher in particular talking an unmerciful pile of scutter in the week leading up to our mauling of them this time last year!

    Would be lovely see a similar outcome!

    Maurice Deegan will be an absolute disaster, really, really hope it isn’t him.

  2. Think it might be round 1 to us ridiculous statement to come out with !! Want to beat them even more now … Any chance Cormac Reilly could be reffing on Sunday he would play right into Corks hands … please God he won’t I’d nearly take Marty Duffy over him …

  3. Joe Brolly’s comments had a big impact in the 12 Final. These are not as nonsensical as they seem.

  4. Maybe I’m missing something here. What exactly is the problem with what Cuthbert said?

    His quotes are:

    “Absolutely, I think the referee’s going to be very important in this game,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to paint our fellas as naive young fellas, but certainly they’re up against a team that’s extremely streetwise — every manager wants their team to be like that.

    They’re a very streetwise team, they’ve been around the block and they know how to play the game. I think they’re very sure of how they want to play and they’re a difficult team to play against, to be honest.”

    “This year teams have caused them problems and I’d be hopeful that if we can get enough ball we can cause them some problems as well.”

    Nothing wrong with a manager trying to wangle an advantage for his team any way he can, even if no-one believes Cork are naïve.

    Of course any inter-country referee worth his salt should be strong enough to ignore this stuff, but if that were the case, managers wouldn’t bother trying this kind of thing in the first place.

    If these ‘observations’ buy Cork a few handy frees on Sunday, Cuthbert will be more than happy.

  5. Surely referees have to see through this type of nonsense.Mayo have always played it fair and Cork have been less than saintly…Noel O Leary and Eoin Cadogan come to mind!Cuthbert is hoping a big player gets black card…and oh god not Marty Duffy.Im taking to the drink if that fella gets anywhere near Croke Park!

  6. Not so sure it is a wise move on his behalf. If he is hoping that refs will be stricter etc and dish out frees then it’s likely that they will be more inclined to produce the black card as well. The problem with this is that most referees then try and even up a game (in the eyes of being fair to both sides) so if one side gets one invariably the other will as well.

  7. Cuthbert is showing his inexperience at this level and it does come across as a desperation measure. I’m sure if asked to comment James will have a suitably cutting response.
    Roll on the roar on Sunday when our guys run out!!

  8. This won’t be an issue. It’s bizarre, I don’t want us to play particularly well Sunday. I’d take a scuttery 1 point win right now.

  9. Anybody notice Cadogan’s knee first fall on the calf of Marren after 10 or 15 mins on Sunday, my guess is it took a fair bit out of marren, missed the free right after. cynical to say the least. Horan or backroom team take note, as umpires seem clueless to this kind of stuff.

    Hughes is a tool, should not be allowed into croke park never mind reffing after his first half performance in Leinster final. There seems to be a significant shortage of competent referee’s at the moment.

  10. Nothing new in a manager trying out the “mind games” tactic in the build up to a big game. The problem for Cuthbert is that normally the statement issued is based around something factual, something that they readers/listeners can reflect on and say “yeah, Cuthbert has a point there”. However, in this instance, the readers/listeners will more likely say “what is he on about, if anything Mayo are lacking in that department!”.
    It smacks of an inexperienced manager clutching at straws.
    It’s all nonsense anyway and I don’t think for a minute that it will feature much in our lads preparations. Remember, todays newspapers wrap tomorrows chips!

  11. Thanks Willie Joe at least I’m out of my misery now … Had a feeling it would be him he’s a disaster !!! Can’t change the ref unfortunately … our lads should be well used to his antics I suppose !!! Maigheo Abu!!!

  12. Can’t wait up mayo and galway I have funny feeling about mayo and galway they could meet again

  13. Livenhope it’s a bad sign alright but to be honest I’m not sure any of the candidates wouldn’t be a “disaster” in their own way if ya get me!! Standard certainly isn’t wonderful nowadays!

    Anyhow hopefully we can do enough damage on the scoreboard and beat them comfortably so it won’t come down to a few dodgy calls 🙂

  14. That was the greatest compliment that Cuthbert could have given Horan. Isn’t it about time we became “streetwise” and shook off that poor unfortunates naive tag? Horan is molding these fellas into winners that have the mentality of doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Remember, no nice naive team has ever won the All Ireland – if I am wrong please point it out to me. I am delighted that other counties now see us as being “streetwise” as it means they now fear us, the psychology has changed both within the county and outside. Other counties no longer see the mentally fragile Mayo teams of the past. It doesn’t mean that this group of players are nasty or are bad characters, it just means they are now winners and you’re going to have to be a serious team to beat us in a battle. I also believe that us Mayo fans need to start believing in this. When the players need us behind them most i.e. in a tight All Ireland Final with 15 minutes to go and a couple of things have gone wrong, sometimes we go missing as supporters. Everyone will say that is understandable given our record but if the players are changing, maybe us supporters should start believing we can win tight games and get behind the team when they need it most. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on that.

  15. I agree with you sensing sam this is a serious team who have given everything this last few years, I dont think we should fear anyone, respect to james and all the players on the panel roll on sunday

  16. Cuthbert’s comments were just what I wanted to hear.

    As Ciaran points out above, the last time similar comments were made were before the Donegal QF last year.
    I remember being completely convinced that we would win after Gallagher’s shite talk.

    It smacks of desperation and indicates a serious lack of confidence in his team.
    But you know, why not give them a bit of a rattle early on anyway? Just to test out the poor Cork ladeens. Away you go Boyler…

  17. The term “Streetwise” conjures up the image of corner boys and shifty characters.

    “Battle Hardened” would be a more appropriate and respectful terminology for our lads. It’s all just bullshit anyways and stinks off desperation. Unless Cuthbert is stupid (and I don’t think that he is) he knew exactly what he was saying.

    Once the ball is thrown in, it will be down to our battle hardened lads on the field. There are plenty of streetwise lads knocking around Dublin . Cuthbert can remonstrate with them on the way back down.

    Mayo show him streetwise with dignity.

  18. Honestly I don’t see the problem with Cuthberts comments. Sure our man does the same thing! Nothing new here.

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