Daring to be different

Okay, the waiting is over – a short time ago @MayoGAA revealed the new away jersey and here how they did it:

Source: @MayoGAA

According to the non-colour-blind wing of the house, the outfit is black and luminous green. If that doesn’t make all and sundry sit up and take notice I don’t know what will.

Opinion is sure to be sharply divided on this one but my tuppence worth is that it’s a laudable out-of-the-box initiative that deserves credit. It’s a new year, we go again and there’s no harm in making a bold statement as we prepare to do so.

54 thoughts on “Daring to be different

  1. I don’t like it. Looks like a sports bra integrated into a jersey. I thought it was black with green and red bands, like was on Twitter earlier

  2. Absolutely cracking kit. Will look class on Sunday. One of the best inter county kits in my opinion

  3. Not a bad jersey at all I know now what to get the nephew for his birthday! Looking forward to seeing it up close in Killarney on Sunday

  4. Really don’t see the haters point on this, sure it’s different and I suppose some people are aversed to change! Cop on, it’s just a Jersey! at least try to have an open mind, as the hash tag says, dare to be different!!

  5. I think this is great , it’s goin to get some sneers and jeers the whole #daretobedifferent malarkey but it’s all good imo.

  6. I like the new jersey.I dont care what colour the jersey is as long as we get the 2 pts on Sunday. Going down tomorrow.

  7. Love this jersey….much nicer design than the home jersey that was launched recently with those dodgy dark squares on the shoulders !!

  8. I don’t like it. It’s like a training top than a match day jersey. Black and luminous green is just a poor choice of colour design IMO.

  9. Would be a decent jersey but for the luminous green. The tag line “this year is different” could have been thought out a little better also.

  10. On the RTE website i see they preview Sundays two division 1 games. Cork v Dublin gets 6 paragraphs. Kerry v Mayo gets 2 lines. New jersey, same treatment.

    Also i see that Cormac Reilly has been named on the Kerry subs for Sunday and that would explain why he is not reffing any game this weekend.

  11. Under lights I’d wonder about the merit of the colour of this jersey.would players blend into the colour of the crowd ala Man United v Southampton all those years ago?just a thought.i do like the jersey however!

  12. Absolutely class. Outside the box thinking on this one, and a bold statement of intent. New year, old hunger. I like where we are heading.
    Just arrived in Killarney to make a weekend of it. Looking forward to the season ahead. Let the roller coaster start all over again.

  13. Sure the lads could wear black and white stripes and we wud still follow…
    Green & red, born & bred.
    I mean green & luminous
    Makes us dangerous : )

  14. It’s only a jersey, we all bleed green and red. Kerry’s away strip is blue…nothing to do with their green and gold.

  15. Not a fan of this. Thought the outside the box thinking of letting the fans have some input into the jersey selection earlier in the year was great. Why not with this one???
    Was it rushed? Juno’s point re this colour for games under lights is surely valid. Also the fact that it’s not even available to buy in the shops yet is a bit odd to say the least, especially when the lads are wearing it on Sunday.
    Anyway it’s done now ‘Dare to be different’. Let’s all hope he who dares wins!!!!!!

  16. It’s only an away jersey. Can’t get too excited with black – nothing comes near to green and red. I’m not bothered what colour an away jersey is, more concerned with up and coming younger players getting as much game time as possible. Even at the expense of a few pts here and there. Schtick it over the BAR!

  17. The Saw Doctors will have a job to change the lyrics from “Oh the green and red of Mayo” to “Oh the black and luminous of Mayo”.
    Class looking top but it’s the lads inside the top that count. A bit of a money spinner for Elverys and Mayo GAA as well and sure why not.
    I wonder will our lads do a Haka before throw-in?

  18. Well I for one think it’s brilliant, both the jersey and the tag line. We have to believe in ourselves first and foremost

  19. Would have liked to see a dark green with luminous red. This kit looks cheap and tacky and won’t stand the test of time.

  20. Did ye know Black and green were the original Roscommon colours before we adopted the primrose and blue.

  21. Not liking that jersey at all. Looks like a training top and not a different enough colour to green to avoid a clash.

  22. Like everything else, if we win it’ll be a great idea and if we lose the ‘I told ya so’ brigade will tell us that it was always a bad idea and that they knew this all along. Wear it and wear into Kerry as well is what I say! A jersey will not stand up of its own accord. It needs a MAN inside it! Now when it comes to ladies football……ah ’em…..!

  23. I like the new jersey in so far as I can judge from a picture. I agree its the man inside that counts, but we have plenty of meN in Mayo to fill it IMO

  24. Anyone else see this in the Examiner today:

    (While there is satisfaction with Donie Buckley staying on and the appointment of strength and conditioning coach Barry Solan, players have privately expressed concern about the constraints in medical support this year.) For such a yearning county, can something so important be spared? Can anything?

    What’s the story here I wonder?

  25. I bloody love this. I agree with League Legend a I love the brashness of it and the complete departure from tradition. Such a pity we’ll probably only get to see it the once!

  26. Don’t really go for this at all. Green and red it is, or the reverse. Black shorts? On a Mayo team? Never.

    And what about consultation? Do the fans not get a say in this?

  27. Smart marketing move by O’Neills/Elverys here. Sales for this jersey likely to be much higher than the red strip. So will help the company and therefore peoples jobs within Elverys so that’s an added bonus.

    Great to ditch that red jersey too, no grá for it at all….AI 04, Meath 09, Kerry 11, Kerry 13 spring to mind…only notable games with won wearing it was replay vs Fermanagh and league semi v Kerry as few years back.

  28. Sorry Anne-Marie, I think that is a very accurate and fair article. Because it is written by a Kerry player, a brilliant Kerry player, should n’t make a difference. 😉

  29. I see John Healy (Examiner today) is saying we are/were not cynical enough to win big.

    Mmm questions abound about the Kerry match (we were out on our feet and lucky to draw in the end), but what about:

    v Sligo 2012?: ask any Sligo supporter about how we closed out that match

    v Dublin 2012?: ask any Dub the same question

    v Cork 2014?: not bad also.

    We can do better, but we are getting there.

  30. Hate it,it looks like a big advertisement for elverys.Mayo colours are Green and Red.If the county board want to make a difference then back the management and players with all they need.Time to hit the road,safe journey to all,Maigheo Abu.

  31. Who designs those things . Seems to be more a flag for the manufacturer rather than the county. The two most successful counties in the country Kerry footballers and Kilkenny hurlers don’t fuck about with their rig. Kerry’s away is Munster blue . What next, cherry pink ?

  32. I did say I couldn’t argue with it Joe Mc, so no need to apologise 🙂 I guess I’m sick to the back teeth of reading articles like this, is all.

    John Cuffe, the Kerry way kit is blue to be fair! 🙂

    Safe trip to all of you hitting the road to Killarney. Lots of the Mayo crew meeting in Tatler Jack’s later on. Edinburgh isn’t where I’d rather be right now!

  33. Why not very dark green with a bit of red as pointed out above can’t see why the move to black.
    Darragh O’C piece is very true, though hard to take.
    Though many may disagree Kerry could have been out of sight in the first quarter in Limerick but missed very easy ones, only for AOS and COC getting that goal and the penalty we were in trouble………..after that everything turned sour the ref, the not sending off , the clash of heads and the donkey and our failure to capitalize on a 7pt lead.
    Anyway here we go again, a brand new season and hopefully one laced with silverware.
    MaighEo Abú

  34. Look, the jersey will have no say on weather or not we win matches so it is up to the players .so all the best to the new management, and players, hope come September we we are still talking about them

  35. Im a big fan off the jersey, people were giving out not so long ago about the county boards in ability to cash in on the mayo “machine”, well, this seems to be a start. I’ll defo get my hands on one if for noveltys sake more than anything else. I wudnt call it black though, more of a dark navy in my eyes lol.

  36. Did anyone else see the black mayo jersey on the twitter link yesterday? It was black and had green and red on it, a beautiful looking item. I think if they designed it and went with this one that they’re going with it was a bad decision and they’ll miss much bigger sales numbers, IMO. But it’s just a jersey so what the heck.
    Best of luck to all the Mayo panel and hopefuls and lets give 2015 a lash, I’ll be watching with great interest on thoul google box early tomorrow morning.

    Come on, Mayo.

  37. Other big fish (including Kerry – v Dubs a couple of yrs ago have let good leads slip. I don’t think “closing” is our big problem rather when we are dominating (1st fall 2013 final v Dub) we fail to make it count on the scoreboard. Someone mentioned lately that de forwards got one goal from play in 2nd half v Dubs and a solitary pt from play v Donegal.
    If this is correct it speaks volumes about what goes wrong for us in the big games. It has to be addressed as Kerry, Galway, Dubs, Tyrone etc have shown u need to do de damage “up the other end”. When u do, the mistakes at de other end ara much less impartial
    I say use de league to experiment and scour de Co constantly to try to find these natural born killers.
    I’ve been to the last 7 and I am so grateful to these great guys for all their efforts over the years. Mighty spirit.
    I will go to 7 more if it.takes that long but I hope not!
    Our day will come!

    O’cinneide has mentioned a whole lot of “what ifs and “what might be’s”, without ever having said anything new or insightful. But I really like him on TV and is a genuine chap.
    G’wan ya boy ya!

  38. Natural born forwards indeed.If we had one more I’d be happy enough .IMO the only ones we have are COC ,DOC and young Gallagher looks good to me too.There was a going lad who came on for us against NUIG but I can’t think of his name. He impressed me as he didn’t fuck around he got the ball and put it straight over the bar. Id love to see good quality ball going into our forwards not lads taken too much out of it and carrying into tackles. Think a win in Killarney will do good for the lads heads.Looking forward to it but not the travelling. Hon Mayo!!!

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