Darren Coen our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Irish Times (James Crombie/Inpho)

I think we’re safe enough declaring the result of this one. Kinda need to as I want to lash up another poll now, this time about who we might pluck from the bowl in the morning.

So, without further ceremony, congrats to Darren Coen who has, with 34% of all votes cast in the poll, been voted our Man of the Match from yesterday evening’s heart-stopping Round 3 qualifier win over Armagh. Hearty well done to him.

Darren wasn’t in the team named in advance for last night’s fixture but it was no surprise when he lined out from the start. The last time he’d played for us in the Championship at MacHale Park was just over a month ago against Roscommon. He put in a MOTM performance in that game too, knocking over five superb points from play.

He was up to the same fun and games yesterday evening, this time landing four points, each one more audacious than the one that went before it. He scored with the left, he scored with the right and his four-point haul went a long way towards securing the narrowest of wins for us.

Others to feature strongly in this poll were the tigerish Colm Boyle (34%), the dashing Fionn McDonagh (15%), super sub Kevin McLoughlin (9%), the ever vigilant David Clarke (6%) and the indomitable Aidan O’Shea (5%). Well done to all of them. Onwards we go to Round 4.

16 thoughts on “Darren Coen our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Congrats to Darren. Hope he can go on from here and avoid cards if at all possible. He has to be a cert for selection for the rest of the championship.
    I may be wrong but I believe that tomorrow mornings draw decides where we fit into the Super 8’s, assuming we qualify. I think the preordained groupings are the Connacht and Munster champions and the Leinster and Ulster runners up (or whoever beats them in R4) in one group, the Leinster and Ulster champions and Connacht and Munster runners up (or whoever beats them in R4) in the other. This to meet the age old rota for All Ireland semifinals. If that is the case I hope to see us get Cavan or Meath tomorrow morning. My reason is to avoid meeting Dublin until as late as possible in the championship. If you got them in the super 8’s and still got through one could meet them again in the semifinal or, dare one say it, in the final. Once in a championship is enough, I reckon.

  2. Want Cavan but wont vote for them. I want them to finish bottom of the poll like Down did and Armagh did. We’ll get them for sure then.

  3. Correct, AndyD – it’s all explained in the post I’ve just put up containing the poll ahead of tomorrow morning’s draw.

  4. AndyD as far as I know it connacht and Leinster winner with Ulster and Munster runner up so for me I’d like to meet either Cavan or cork.(if we win next rd)we could have a decent chance of beating roscommon and whoever else follows us into group and not worry about Dublin and still progress .I know it a long road but sure we can dream anyway

  5. Well deserved Darren. I was surprised sky gave it to Colm. Hope it’s cork next weekend.

  6. i hear sky are showing 2 games on sat. evening so mayos game must be allready fixed before the draw takes place.

  7. He’s a clever footballer who can kick scores from open play.
    I think he’s improving game by game and added a positive dimension to our FF line.

    Slot C.O.C. in beside him and we’ve 2 score taking inside forwards who should play in there not come deep looking for ball. Not their job.

    Based on league final I’d start Carr beside them.

    All we need to worry about now is who to play where in 1/2 of the remaining 12 positions.

    Clarke, Harrison, Higgins (not at 4) Boyler, Keegan (if fit) Durcan, AOS, McDonagh & KmC (1/2 forward)

    3 slots open….

  8. Havent seen anyone for Mayo kick points like that since..well,since Horan (himself as someone mentioned above) he was on fire yesterday and in the ros game.Cant believe its not getting more coverage generally. Boyler was great but Coen deserves the motm,fionn and kevin scoring 1-1 (all off Kevin’s wrong foot )make them 2 and 3 imo.
    Andy was doing well and that was a strange substitution,lads on the Armagh blog think he was taken off as he was roasted by his marker,Andy would have done serious damage to that Armagh defence if left on.We have great options up front ,i think we would beat any of our potential opponents in the draw if we had our full team.

  9. This is how it’s explained in the Conn Tel. Someone tell me if it’s right, ‘cos my head is gettin’ frazzled here: if we meet and beat Cork or Cavan we end up in a group containing Dub and Ros. If we end up beating Galway or Meath we go into a group containing Donegal and Kerry. Is that correct?

  10. Yes Andy was playing well enough bar losing his man for one kickout. Loss of concentration there. Normally good at covering short kickouts.
    It might be more a case of the need to get McLoughlin on the field. Who to take off (newbies who need game time or Andy who’s had lots). Certainly Andy looked bemused. Management can’t be accused of being slow with subs this time albeit Stephen came on for an early injury.
    I doubt Cillian has 70 in him but would be happy with him getting 50 and bring on either Regan or Loftus as Doherty likely won’t be available.

  11. Agree with comment that Darren reminded me of JH who kicked some booming points in 1996

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