Date for the diary: Bowe’s III on 1st September

It’s still a bit away but the time will go by rapidly and before we know it there’ll be skin and hair flying between ourselves and the Dubs at HQ on the 2nd of September. The night before last year’s semi-final, we had the first Mayo GAA Blog-related pre-match get-together when a number of us assembled for pints in Bowe’s of Fleet Street and we had a similar gathering on the eve of this year’s league final back in April. Which means that it’s now time to set the date for the Bowe’s III convocation, which will take place on Saturday night week (1st September) with throw-in at the now normal time of some point after 9pm.

I know this could be described as tempting fate – after all, we lost both times the day after the last two sessions – but, then again, this one could be third time lucky. I’ll drink to that!

8 thoughts on “Date for the diary: Bowe’s III on 1st September

  1. See you there. Someone should bring a DVD of the 2006 semi and get them to put it on.
    Should rev us up a bit.

  2. Lads, i know there is all sorts of stories flying around at the moment, but I am hearing from someone inside the camp that Andy Morans injury is not as bad as first feared. He hasn’t done his cruciate. He has damaged a muscle at the back of his knee. He is walking perfectly and apparently could be an outside bet to make the All Ireland should we get there. Anyone else have any news on him?

  3. James Horan will love you for that if its true Bertie. And he will be ready for all Ireland if we get there? He is walking perfectly! We are sound so!

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