Dates for the diary for 2023

Mayo GAA today announced fixture dates for next year relating to Senior and U17 levels that will, no doubt, be of interest to all and sundry.

Starting with Senior, I guess the only place to start is the FBD League, the traditional pre-season warmer-upper for Connacht counties. Like this year, all of next January’s FBD fixtures will be played in the fabulous Connacht GAA Air Dome (and it is truly fabulous, I was lucky to get a look at it myself a while back).

Galway play Leitrim there in a quarter-final match on Friday, 6th January, with the winners playing ourselves on Saturday, 14th. Sligo play Roscommon on Friday, 13th, with the final set for Friday, 20th. No throw-in times have been confirmed for these fixtures as yet.

National League fixture details for next spring have yet to be released but the draw for next year’s Connacht Championship has, of course, already been made and today’s announcement by Mayo GAA also confirmed details of the Nestor Cup fixtures for 2023.

You won’t need reminding that we’ve been drawn against Roscommon in the quarter-finals. That game will take place on Sunday, 9th April at MacHale Park. You’ll also know that the winners of that game have been paired with Galway in the provincial semi-final and that tie will take place on the weekend of 22nd/23rd April. The Connacht final next year is fixed for Sunday, 7th May.

At U17 level, meanwhile, here are the details announced today for next year’s Connacht Championship for round-robin matches involving us. First team named has home advantage in each case.

  • ROUND 1: Roscommon v Mayo
  • ROUND 2: Bye
  • ROUND 3: Mayo v Galway
  • ROUND 4: Leitrim v Mayo
  • ROUND 5: Mayo v Sligo

As was the case this year, the county that tops the group in the round-robin stage qualifies directly for the Connacht final. The second- and third-placed teams contest the semi-final while the bottom two play the Shield final. No dates for any of these U17 matches have been confirmed at this stage.

55 thoughts on “Dates for the diary for 2023

  1. Wow, absolutely no dissenters about the fact we are playing all our Fbd games in the Dome ? The place holds what, ?”80 people ?

    Would Love too know what the locals think?

  2. The Dome holds about 2k.
    It’s never been filled because of Covid,will be great craic to have it sold out for the FBD Mayo games and will be some novelty and atmosphere, can’t wait (if I can get a ticket!)

  3. Be a bigger demand than 2k for a mayo v Galway game you’d imagine . All Ireland final tickets and now fbd the ordinary county team supporter won’t be able to attend .

    Anyone know when the national league fixtures will be available?

  4. God things are moving along quickly. I’m really looking forward to see some new ideas under Kevin. You would have to imagine a few interesting trials and new faces just to bring a bit of extra energy to things before the league. Will be interested to see who is going to be involved.

  5. Of course there’ll be bigger demand than 2k.
    I can’t remember when there was less than 2k at a Mayo Fbd game in recent times.
    That has to be counter balanced by the fact that the pitch will be perfect when all other pitches will be in shite and it guarantees a fast game in championship conditions. It let’s the management team get a proper look at players rather than the usually slogging around in the mud in early January.Also the novelty of 2k indoor will create serious noise and atmosphere,has there every been 2k at an indoor GAA match ever? This is something to be excited about and it’s of more benefit in the bigger picture.
    I’d love to be there and hopefully can get a ticket

  6. Between league and championship Mayo will have between 11 and 18 games next year – plenty of chances to go and support the team if you don’t get a ticket for the dome.
    I would much prefer games in January to be played in the dome and not be there – rather than sitting out in cold, wind and rain trying to watch a game that is ruined by the conditions and of no value to anyone.

  7. Why not play the intrinsic Connacht Senior Football championship on a round robin basis like the U17s?
    It works well in Munster hurling and everyone gets a fair go
    It would make for some very interesting match ups and the better teams should emerge on top
    Maybe, just maybe, Connacht teams might get more competitive as a result

    The League system is a different kettle of fish and that deserves a bit more work
    We don’t need need four divisions so how to make three divisions more competitive is the problem
    A 12 team first division would mean 11 games for each so lots of time to experiment and develop new talent
    Playing gaelic football in monsoonal rain storms is of no benefit to anyone
    There is a crying need for a roofed stadium in Ireland that all sporting codes could use
    The best footballers will want the media exposure such a scenario would see emerging
    Some form of a draft system based on both kinship and players’ desire to show their talents at the highest level will eventually emerge
    Galway’s Shane Walsh had no problem with his take it or leave it approach to support his own career interest
    A bit more lateral thinking and infrastructure development would help…

  8. @TomInFreo

    I’ve suggested similar myself. My idea was to scrap the fbd and play some of the games, the higher ranked against the lower, in that space. Include London, so there’s an even number.

    I’ve also suggested playing the provincial championships during the national league, maybe blocks of 4 weekends, two for league, one for provincial championships and the fourth off.

    Provincial championship reform does seem the next step in fixture reform. They’ve fought hard to keep their place in calendar. They really need to repay that faith by improving their product.

    In fairness to Connacht council, trying new formats at underage and playing games in the dome, are good initiatives.

    Is there scope now to play games over Christmas using the Dome?

  9. So it’s Galway v Mayo first then ? Not predicting anything but whoever gets their hands on moclair cup next week should try limit their celebrations , be a good opportunity to have a cut at Connacht

  10. They will surely cheseny but the likes of Ballina/Westport and strokestown will also fancy their chances too

  11. I’m not from Westport or Ballina but I can’t wait for this game and can only Imagine how the diehards from both clubs are feeling. If we get decent weather I reckon we’ll get a fantastic spectacle.
    As an aside, as the referee and his team walk out onto the pitch it would be lovely if both sets of supporters gave them a good reception. Without them we don’t have a game.

  12. @paddyjoejohntom: Worst comes to worst, the Connacht Council livestream the FBD League Games, so there’s another option to see the game (for a small fee, of course).

  13. Will it be winner on the day for the county finals are will they go to a replay after extra time ?

  14. Sky have finished up with the Gaa with immediate effect. Disappointing as i taught they made a great job of it, there commentary and analysis was better than Rte. Some will disagree with me

  15. Sports coveage on SKY has fallen dramatically over the years and now pulling out of GAA coverage. I like many others will be cancelling my subscription to Sky sports.
    Hope the BBC and TG4 increases their coverage.

  16. County panels can get back training as a group from 1st November. Any word on McStays panel yet.

  17. A lot of people thinking that the end of sky means all those extra games they showed will be on RTE for free to air, or even virgin or BBC.
    They are in for a rude awakening.
    It will probably be replaced by a GaaGo dodgy streaming service that charges €10 a game, or likely €200 a year, something like that.
    You could have watched sky online on Now TV for €10 a month.
    The GAA of recent times doesn’t hand out much for free anymore and it’s not going to start now.

  18. With a lot of rain falling and more forecast- will McHale park be capable of hosting 4 games in two days.
    It’s a big ask and I wonder about the wisdom of it – asking a lot of the pitch.
    From a county point of view and we looking for forwards – the performance of lads like Oisin Mcloughlin, Mark Moran Evan Regan and Conor McStay will be interesting. This is their chance to make a statement.

  19. Culmore Think last weekend they had first informal talk.

    Wouldn’t expect Regan to commit to county given he’s on a paying number currently.

  20. Agree southmayo exile.. the roads are shocking, I can only imagine how drownded pitches must be, and looks like very little let up for the week

    Surely contingency plans need to start being considered

  21. I was out and about today on farmland high, low and football pitches. Four matches on McHale Park has the potential to cut the bejaysus out of the pitch.

  22. Dont shoot the messenger, but Google maps is saying 55km, the same distance between Kilmeena and Ballina and Ballyhaunis and Ballina. Would it be an option to switch it to there at this stage.
    If this rain keeps up, Machale park will be a mess come 2.31pm on Sunday

  23. Apparently the Mayo news has an article today with some names of new faces that have been asked into the Mayo senior panel. Anyone have any details?

  24. Only 4 players mentioned
    Mikey Murray Ballina
    Oisin McLaughlin Westport
    Ethan Gibbons Castlebar
    Jack Coyne Ballyhaunis

    Some members of James Horans 2022 squad have been dropped

    New S and C coach is Owen Tarrant from Clare who has worked with Super 14 Rugby teams in New Zealand and Munster Rugby.David Joyce from Castlebar Mitchels will be involved in athletic performance.
    Garry Matthews is the new Goalkeeping coach he worked with Pat Gilroy and Stephen Cluxton in the 2011 All Ireland campaign.

  25. You’re quite right there about Sky Mikey3, with less competition RTE have even less motivation to add any reasonable analysis to games. At least they’ve had a clear out and we won’t have the likes of O’Rourke lamenting how lads don’t all have short back and sides haircuts and Sunday-going-to-mass shoes on, as well as others using it to dish out personalised attacks or as leveraging their presence on the channel as a source of influence to benefit their own counties.
    Hopefully our licence fee can go towards decent analysis á la what Peter Canavan used to do on Sky. I won’t hold my breath.

  26. Line Ball you never needed a Sky Sports subscription to watch the GAA matches. Sky Arena (408) on which we watched GAA was part of the basic Sky package. Of course, they never told us that when we were negotiating packages. I put it to a Sky agent and he admitted that was the position

  27. @Sam Og

    Any mention of who exactly has been dropped?

    Odd list of players given most are still involved in club championship.

    I wonder what being “dropped” from a county panel in 2022 actually entails. I’d imagine those lads are still on S&C programs etc The idea of a “panel” is rapidly fading. Time to start thinking in the new lexicon of “training group”

  28. What RTE have committed to in terms of life games is substantial and will be expensive to do. Won’t be a lot of money left over for big expensive names.

    I’d expect a period of a lot of different faces on RTEs coverage over the next year as they try to find out what works and what doesn’t, while trying to balance the books.

    I’d imagine it’ll be a more diverse cast, including more women and journalists than previous. I’d expect the quality to be uneven for awhile at least.

    The mention of a new highlights show and “enhanced digital in-game and post-match digital highlight clip rights.” are interesting and it’ll be interesting to see how RTE approaches both. There’s scope in both instances for more detailed mid week analysis, which is something that’s lacking currently.

  29. Connacht final on May 7 just does not sound right nor does AI Final in July, but that’s the way we have gone now with the split season. There was a large chunk of the summer after we lost to kerry that the club scene lay idle. While i have no issue at all with county players going to America to play a bit of football and to have a break, there is just something not right that we are so concerned about the weather and the effect on the pitch as we look forward to the County Final. Its a shame for Ballina and Westport and indeed for all the other clubs pplaying this weekend that the weather has the potential to affect these huge games in a negative manner On the issue of sky ending their deal with the gaa, that is disappointing, Thdy provided great coverage of games on saturday evenings and people who gave out about having to pay sky subscription to watch their county play were missing the point. If sky hadn’t televised the games, they wouldn’t have been on tv at all and all you would get would have been 2 or 3 minutes on The Sunday Game. Hopefully Virgin media or tg4 will get involved and share a larger amount of games with rte.

  30. Just after hearing that rte are showing the same amou nt of games as last year with Virgin media not involved. Worse than ever. Those who criticised the gaa for putting some games on a subscription service can now criticise them for putting some games on gaago or whatever its called. Fact is that we supporters are worse off now without sky coverage

  31. My guess is that the dismal year Mayo had in 2022 might have something to do with SKYs decisions, The Green and Reds perpetual drama on the pitch,’s magnificent abundance of support and craziness of our comebacks. Mayo are a phenomenon in the world of GAA, even despite our lack of All Ireland titles.. Very much undersold by the GAA and, sometimes our vast colourful support from apparently all over the world not respected enough by even our own County Board.

  32. I’d say it was more to do with simple economics myself..

    I’d agree with to win just onces sentiment. We were blessed to have access to so many games, pay wall or no pay wall. It was an option at least. RTE etc. Were not in position to air everything.l as have to cover other sports.

  33. Mayo only missed out on the semi finals and final in 2022, which would have been on RTE anyway. Don’t see why that would be an issue for Sky.

    Their games will be shown on GAAGO now by the sounds of things. It’s a decent service for watching games but the analysis Canavan and McGuiness did on Sky will be missed.

  34. GAAGo has massive potential. But it usually only works for those “outside” Ireland. If they make all games available on there, it could be a big money spinner!

  35. Would anyone know the time for the Mayo Roscommon game on the 9th ?

    I am top table for a wedding that day unfortunately so trying to come up with necessary tactics to watch the game

  36. @Clubman51

    I don’t think there’s any announcements on times yet. Going on previous years, rte/tg4 will announce early on in the League.

    It’s a little odd that we have a hard date for this game yet, everything else seems to be “weekend of”. There might be a practical reason for this, Connacht council will be hosting games in London, new York and castlebar on the same weekend, or more sceptically it may just be so some big wigs can get back from London or New York in time.

    Both these would suggest the later of the two Sunday tv throw ins, and I don’t see any football fixtures on that weekend that would compete with it for top billing. Not a clue on the hurling though.

    I’d be a little wary of it being moved to Saturday evening to launch someone’s Saturday evening championship coverage but the hard date would suggest Connacht council would try to resist that. A quick look online to see the scheduling in previous years where there were games in London new York and at home on the same weekend would probably be your best indicator, assuming they’re consistent. If there are restraints on when the match can be played due to this, you’d imagine that they were present in the past too

  37. No way the big wigs will come early from New York for a local championship game.The NY game is traditionally on a Sunday

  38. Pity so much of the bite will be gone from that Mayo Roscommon game, and indeed Mayo Galway if Mayo get through

    While its always “nice to win” and all that, the stark reality is that both the winner and loser are certainly going to be in the last 16 group stage – and both Mayo and Galway (and surely Roscommon) are basically guaranteed a last 12 spot either way… and that’s when the action properly gets going, and early round provincial games are then a distant memory.

    Say what you want about group seedings and stuff, but with 12 teams out of 16 qualifying, and one of the Connacht cannon-fodder (no offence), an average Munster team, and an average Leinster Team all being amongst the 16, it looks like the group themselves will amount to nothing more than shadow boxing. You couldn’t even discount some counties throwing out shadow sides in some of these games

    A pity, but that’s the way of it I guess – at least though with the provincials now being more or less rendered pointless its a further step towards their ultimate demise. Not before time sadly

  39. There is a big incentive to finish top of your group in the round of 16 – it means you go straight into the quarter finals. For Teams finishing 2nd and 3rd- for them to reach the quarter finals they have to play a knockout game against a team from another group in order to get through. This is at a time when the games are coming nearly every weekend – so one game less would be very welcome at that stage.

  40. The 2nd v 3rd place games are daft imo. Hopefully they won’t last and the much more sensible 1&2 go on to the Sam Maguire quarter finals, 3&4 go into a Sam Maguire shield quarter final.

    Could be a nice little edge to the Mayo Roscommon game. It might not have that much importance in the big scheme of things but both sides are looking at it from a long way out. Both have new management, neither are Connacht champions, will be at least the second meeting of the two sides of the season. I doubt that there’ll be any quarter given.

    I think Galway are the most likely of the big three to question the importance of Connacht this year. Reigning champions, settled management, a bigger gap between league and provincials, and won’t know who they’ve to beat until late in day. This year I felt it was important for Galway to win Connacht, next year I don’t think they really need to

  41. Dont go suggesting a Shield competition – once you are knocked out you are out. Shield competition is played under Bord na Nog and that is fair enough for that level – gives extra games etc.. but in my opinion adult intercounty doesnt need these games.

  42. FrostT, winning connaght means your seeded going into All Ireland series and thus likely to avoid Dublin and Kerry. So even though Connaght is some what devalued its still worth winning.

    It is ridiculous 2nd and 3rd will still be in the race after group stage, this is obviously in place to ensure all the top counties make the quarters. There will be times when a group contains 3 of the big counties so can’t risk a big one getting knocked out early. It should be 1st and 2nd through end of. Then again if Mayo finish 3rd, don’t think we would be complaining much about this setup.

  43. We might yet be delighted that team that finishes third in group remain in the competition

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