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2016 diary


I’ve just seen confirmation of match-related dates for next year so diaries at the ready, folks, as here they are.

First off the FBD (which, I know, you’re all waiting on with bated breath), where in Section A, our three-match January schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1: MAYO v NUIG, MacHale Park, 3rd January, 2pm
  • Round 2: MAYO v IT Sligo, Ballina, 10th January, 2pm
  • Round 3: Roscommon v MAYO, Ballinlough, 17th January, 2pm

The full list of 2016 FBD fixtures is here.

I presume the final is on the following Sunday (24th January) but, hey, let’s not be losing the run of ourselves at this stage.

The date for our senior championship opener, away to London has also been confirmed. This Connacht preliminary round tie will take place in Ruislip on 29th May (throw-in time to be confirmed).

If we race madly ahead of ourselves, forget totally what nearly befell us the last time we played over there and so assume we come through against London, our resultant Connacht semi-final against Galway would take place at MacHale Park on Saturday, 18th June at 7pm. (Yes, you did read that correctly.)  The Connacht final will be held next year on 10th July.

Dates for the U21 and minor championships are also out. We’re paired with Leitrim in the semi-finals of both next year and both ties are away ones (presumably in Carrick). The U21 semi-final will take place on either Wednesday, 16th March or Saturday, 19th March while the minor semi-final will be held on Wednesday, 29th June.

The juniors, meanwhile, have been drawn away to Sligo and that semi-final tie will be played on Wednesday, 4th May.

Full details on all of next year’s Connacht championship fixtures at senior, U21, minor and junior levels are here.

UPDATE: The 2016 NFL schedule has now been confirmed as well. Full details here (pdf).

59 thoughts on “Dates for the diary

  1. Thanks WJ.

    SKY have already decided we are beating London, by the looks of the throw in time for the semi against Galway.

  2. Will we have a manager by then? A year ago one man wanted the job and two singularly didn’t but when they became a duo they did. We had no interviews back then, more a fait accompli. Now we have only one candidate in the field but suddenly the bride is going all coy at the altar, a bit like a scene from Coronation St.

    Stephen R is ready and willing it seems to go, so what’s the hold up? Surely not trying to teach the players a lesson is it? Or coming up with some daft document to sign or is it waiting for a facilitator? And here’s where I have an issue. I saw it suggested that Elverys might forward someone.

    How gracious but seen as they are contracted to the Mayo co board for both sponsorship of the team and grounds, I would suggest that they might be better off to pass on that role. It reminds me of the chair being the team liaison link. Won’t work.

    Galway hurlers gave the unnamed facilitator down there short shrift. Tonight expect a bonfire, if their manager is ratified for the second time and insists on going to the USA with the team, then we will see the players mettle tested.

    On the other hand might this become a test of Rochfords patience? Is he prepared to hang around whilst the great and the good figure out the next dance steps? If I was him , I would find one of those myriad back channels that perforate Mayo football and my message would be clear. Appoint me by the weekend or find another patsy.

  3. WJ – any word on the league fixtures?

    I know provisional fixtures were announced a while back, but I’ve heard no confirmation since. I can’t even find the provisional fixtures anywhere…

  4. The duo were ratified on september 24th last year ..we are two months further in this year and nada to report ..managerial issue could and should have been done and dusted almost two weeks ago …This charter must be an amazing document to warrant such tlc from all involved .

  5. there used to be a song once “if I was Sebastian Coe I’d run a mile from you” well if I was Stephen Rochford I’d run a mile from the Mayo job and county board and their charter to quote an Ed Sheeran song “you need me now I don’t need you” that’s the predicament the County board are in so why don’t they get on with it and ratify him? I want Rochford to take the job he will do a good job.

  6. WJ

    For provisional NFL fixtures follow John Fogarty of The Examiner he had them and his article on his twitter page on thev14th of September. Mayo game versus Donegal is in Ballybofey.

  7. Lets not let the facts get in the way of a good dig at the powers that be but to be fair as WJ reported on this site on November 3rd and in the Mayo News (link below), Vincent Neary was reported as saying that they expect to put him forward for ratification at the County Board meeting in the third week of November, which by my calculations is this Thursday the 19th.
    So presuming that happens we are still within the timelines of this particular process so lets wait and see before the histrionics break out

  8. Provisional games and dates are

    Jan 30th away to Cork
    Feb 6th home to Dublin
    Feb 27th away to Donegal
    March 6th away to Monaghan
    March 13th home to Kerry
    March 26th away to Roscommon
    April 3rd home to Down

    Beware these are provisional and arenot confirmed on GAA site yet

  9. I’m with you, East Cork Exile – it’s best to wait and see what happens in relation to the appointment. Nothing I’ve heard to date suggests there’s any problem with it and there’s no point, absent any hard information, in engaging in idle speculation about problems that might arise with it. I know we’re in the middle of the silly season but surely there are better things to be doing at this time of year than inventing conspiracy theories about the process.

  10. Sorry all!!
    exact dates for NFL fixtures just now up on the Irish Independent facebook page, some slight changes to the dates John Fogarty had up in September

  11. Pairc Ui Rinn in Cork, Ballybofey in Donegal, Hyde Park in Donegal and Castleblayney in Monaghan. Nice to go to a new venue every now and then. Last time we were in Monaghan was in Inniskeen in 2011.

  12. Agree WJ if there is a schedule then stick with it. I understand where John is coming from though. He is not alone in his lack of confidence on these issues. Thanks Digits for the list of venues. Looking forward to Castleblaney already. That could be one tough day at the office.

  13. Gee, just Leitrim to beat for a place in the Connacht Final in both minor and U21.

    Talk about the luck of the draw. A good chance of reaching all 3 Connacht finals.

    What, still no white smoke from Mchale Park?



  14. It would appear to me that our player welfare lotto has not been promoted in the last month or two. It must be the only local lotto in ireland that does not have weekly prizes apart from the jackpot (I know they had some weeks during summer). Should the co board not be promoting this draw strongly as it is only relatively new.
    Somebody also told me they could get no reply from co board in relation to cm ticket for 2016.
    Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions but I hope there is nobody still sulking over events of previous weeks.

  15. Mayo.mick-Donegal isn’t half far enough to bring the hideous Hyde.Anyway haven’t the Rossies a shiny new bus with VERY low millsge…………

  16. I have been at alot worse venues than the Hyde supporting Mayo in league fixtures. Give me the Hyde any day over a long trip to Cork or Kerry. The shiny new bus has seen them tru 2 promotions and we cant seem to stop talking about it. Maybe Elverys might provide us with one instead of helping with a new manager and charters. Im still not sure why they are involved with all of that.

  17. There is a good chance that the Hyde will be unplayable next spring anyway and we will be going to Kiltoom.

  18. The Hyde is a happy hunting ground for Mayo teams in recent years, 3 of the last senior Connacht titles won there and Castlebar have won on their last two recent visit and still some Mayo supporters complain about having to travel to the Hyde? Kiltoom would be a trip to the unknown a small compact ground that few of Mayo seniors have played in but i do recall a recent U-21 defeat for Mayo in that venue. Speaking of U-21 i’m hearing Mayo will not be playing in next years Hasting cup.

  19. The only county we have beaten in a long time at U21 is Leitrim. They must be sick of us by now. Roscommon and Galway have dominated this grade in recent years. Leitrim have made as many finals as Mayo, or is it one more than us in recent years. So 2016 with home advantage, against one of the weaker counties at U21 level I believe presents Leitrim with a great chance to make another final appearance against one of the form counties. We are struggling at this grade and it may not change in 2016 , but I hope it does.

  20. U21 We have won 3 games since spring 2009 at the u21 grade. Two wins against Leitrim and one against Galway that was gifted to us on the night, as the Tribesmen set out to see how many wides they could kick in an hour. The wins against Leitrim was in Cloone and Castlebar. Will Leitrim command a price for that fixture I wonder.

  21. Done Deal I’ve seen the player lotto promoted online every week since it started, including over the last couple of weeks. In fact Mayo GAA only posted about it on their Facebook page yesterday evening, so I think all is going fine there. A couple of extra prizes would be nice alright as would an update on how it is actually going.

    No movement yet on Cairde Mhaigh Eo tickets but I imagine this extra workload has pushed everything out a bit. Still though, I’ve never seen so many people looking and asking about them so it might do them no harm to even update people on when they can expect to be able to purchase – we have asked them a number of times now with no response.

    Kinda sad we are not going to Iniskeen for the Monaghan game – I like their green and red seats 🙂

  22. Agree Anne Marie regarding the Cairde tickets. No new season tickets available, and five and a half weeks away from Christmas and not a bit of marketing going on. They must be close to the upper limits already I would guess.?

  23. I see according to the Mayo News, Vincent Neary is saying the new manager will be in place ‘at the beginning of December’, after the charter is drawn up and signed by all parties (sorry stakeholders). Facilitator Martin Conroy has met half the player panel and will meet the other half soon.

  24. I also see that Rochford has confirmed that he will be staying with the defending All-Ireland club champions ‘for as long as they remain in the championship’. So a full time job, managing a Inter county team with over 20 back room staff and then possibly a club team with another large back room team. Is it me or does anyone think this is crazy!!

  25. It’s another county board farce being played out here.
    Their lack of urgency demonstrates yet again their ineptitude.
    If Rochfords takes it ( and it’s still an if) he’ll have 4 weeks before the FBD starts.

    Cowboys Ted, Cowboys

  26. Catcol,
    nothing wrong with that.

    Looking at the owl calendar i see that the 3rd week of November falls in December this year. So we are still on schedule to have the new man in place before November’s out!!

    Might we get John Mawn as a christmas present delivered especially for us in early December? Wouldn’t surprise me. The longer this gets drawn out the more i feel there could be a twist in this story yet.

  27. Hi Jim Flag,

    Didn’t actually say there was anything wrong with timetable. Just quoted MN account of Vincent Neary’s remarks.

  28. Yes TG..its feckin mental..not to mention his actual work commitments ..anyway its december now b4 anything else revealed ..bit of a joke really ..

  29. Stephen Rochford is on record in saying that he is committed to his club for as long as they are involved. I really would not expect anything else. That’s probably the feeling in the club also. Not his fault if others jump to conclusions. The next CoBo meeting is upon us. The picture will be clearer then.I hope. Anyone who thinks the CoBo are not making it up as they go along is on the wrong planet.

  30. All – I have to say I’m getting more and more hacked off with this line of debate, which is taking place in a complete vacuum and where people are jumping to conclusions about the process without any evidence to back up what they’re saying, with others then chiming in to slag off the County Board for no valid reason. Unless anyone has any hard facts to debate (and shite published in the Connaught Telegraph doesn’t count) I’d suggest Christmas shopping might be a more productive use of people’s time right now.

  31. Outside the Pale – that particular debate was put to bed a few weeks ago. I’ve no wish to see it start up here again so you can take your shit-stirring somewhere else.

  32. The County board are ‘shifting the goalposts’ so to speak. They already stated that the manager would be put in place by the third week of November, now they’re saying December?? The players will be allowed train on the 1st of December again, and if Rochford isn’t in place by then, I’ll be worried, very worried in fact.

    This charter, which I’ve no opinion either way, is holding the whole job up. As in what the charter requires, it’s all speculation so we should leave it at that. Great to be planning days and evenings out in the spring and summer again though.

  33. A bit severe on yours truly W.J. methinks. After all it is the silly season in G.A.A. ( not to be taken too seriously ) but sorry if any offence is caused. !.

  34. What did the connaught telegraph write about now. Is JH returning or is henry putting his name forward for managers job

  35. Perhaps I was, Outside the Pale, but that particular debate has been done to death and some of the stuff posted here went some way beyond silly. I don’t want all that starting up all over again.

  36. Willie Joe , while the CT has had some muck articles in the last few years and ad hominum attacks on james Horan as well, during the Pat and Noel era it was obvious they had someone in the camp with the team leaks and other stories.

    while perhaps we might not respect their output , we would do well to note it.

    I have expressed my concern about this charter on a few occasions and also on this dependency between the signature of this charter and the ratification of the manager.

    These two issues should be kept 100% separate by our county board.

    if you think debate on these issues above are not something you want here then I will honour that but as far as I am concerned this is the home of reasoned mayo gaa debate and as such if the management and contributers to this site dont keep an eye on this then no one else will.

    In my humble opinion this charter is a complete sham and a stick to beat the players with. I hope they consult the GPA and refuse to sign it. Also if they do sign it because it is weighted in their favour then it will be a sham as well. I earnestly hope I am wrong on this and a favourable outcome emerges.

    and regardless of whether my fears for this charter are just paranoia on my part , neither the charter , nor any other issue apart from his availability and his qualifications should have an effect on the ratification of Rochford.

  37. Surely the most important thing here is that once SR is ratified, that all stake holders -players, management and CB know exactly what is expected of them. Unless anybody has seen the charter and knows what is in it, i cannot see what the big drama is about it. Once they gather for training everybody will be singing from the same hymn sheet and there is no doubt about standards for everybody to reach. I remember some people on this blog this summer complaining about certain players use of social media, there comments in interviews before and after games etc… perhaps the charter covers that?? I have no idea but lets see what the process brings.
    And in relation to collective training on December 1st,, this is just an arbitrary date in my opinion, if its Dec 10th say when SR is ratified and training starts shortly after, i do not think this will have any impact whatsoever on our 2016 prospects,
    I think we just need to let the process run to a conclusion before we loose the run of ourselves with conspiracy theories.

  38. I’d agree pretty much 100% with what you’ve said there, Wayne. Just to answer Roger’s point, I’ve no problem with reasoned debate taking place here but much of what’s being said about the appointment process and the charter has been made in a vacuum. I don’t think that qualifies as reasoned debate and I don’t believe that much of what’s been said has been at all helpful. What may or may not be in the charter isn’t, as I understand it, in the public domain so expressing opinions on what it’s about or what it’s worth might be is simply jumping to conclusions in the absence of any hard facts, which is what I want to avoid. As I said the other week (and have repeated more than once since) I think we all need to take a step back and let the process reach completion. All we’re talking about is a short space of time, following which we can hopefully put all of the stuff that’s been swirling around the last while behind us and, at last, start to think about how we might fare out on the field in 2016.

  39. sound job Willie Joe , I’ll return to giving out when the charter negotiations explode!

    In the meantime i think we will fare out very well on the field, the players must surely be motivated and I am impressed with the managers credentials. Looking forward to see which players make the breakthrough this year as well. Pat and Noel were not afraid to give youth its head, lets hope the Rochmeister is of the same mindset.

  40. On another note. Who is looking good for the club under 21 championships?

    I’ve seen a couple of C games and Bonnniconlon seem to be going well. I’d expect Ballyhaunis, Kilmaine to get through to semis too and couldn’t call Ardnaree/Ballinrobe.

  41. Lest egos get in the way, remember:
    You can achieve anything, if you don’t care who gets the credit.

  42. Wensamsuun – in answer to your question, if you stop posting supercilious nonsense, I’ll think about letting your comments back up on the site. Keep up what you’re doing, though, and you can forget it.

  43. I agree with the lads above Leitrim in both minor and 21 . And London in the first round ,I’ll be washing my hair all of those days . The other matches however I’ll be able to attend as my conditioner would of set in. On the road again.Here we go again. Here’s hope as far as the connaught final.

  44. Wensamsuun – you said plenty to the contrary about them in previous comments, which was why I didn’t take that one at face value. I’m not going to get into a protracted debate with you on this: you know the rules on posting comments, if you stick to them and stop acting the smart-arse your comments will go up, if not they won’t. It’s that simple.

  45. Settle down lads, settle down. People are jumping to conclusions regarding the county board, Stephen Rochford and the mysterious charter. We’ll know when it’s all agreed behind closed doors and that’s the way it should be. The county board can’t win, they get slated for by passing process and quickly appointing the last managers and now get criticised for dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and following due process.
    A charter type document is nothing new and is common in most club sides never mind county sides. Of course it’s not legally binding and it’s more a proof of everyone’s committment to the cause and the standards expected of each other. It strengthens team unity and spirit. Plus, it lays it out clear and concise what will happen if anyone steps out of line. Everyone knows from the very start where they stand.
    Charters are fine unless you are Davy Fitz and go off charter when trying to make a point to the larger group at the expense of a couple of individuals. But, he has the Celtic Crosses to back him up!
    January 3rd not far now ?

  46. Amazing how jittery we get when not privy to due process; I feel nervous and impatient about the whole thing too but I think I’m in agreement with Pebblesmeller on this one. Let the county board do their thing; while the process is taking longer than anticipated I’d sooner it was done right and fairly (that is, of course, assuming it is done right and that Rochford is being kept in the loop).

    For those of us nervous about the contents of this charter, let us not forget that we are not dealing with a bunch of players so meek that they will sign what’s handed to them without question. This is, it seems, a consultative process, where the players get their say as much as the county board does, and the information available to the public indicates that they engaging with this process, so have some faith in them. They are smart and savvy and will not settle. You can be sure that if they are not happy with what they are being asked to sign, they won’t be shy about saying so. Likewise the county board. But the whole point of a consulative process is to gain agreement across the group – and as said above at least everyone is clear from the outset about expectations.

    In theory, a healthy exercise; in practice, we’ll see how it plays out.

    I understand that the facilitor (Martin Conroy?) is not himself working for Elverys, but that Elverys are paying for it – is this correct? Ultimately it is Elverys’ interest to ensure that peace reigns within Mayo GAA and that both players and board are happy.

  47. never mind the county board and all that crack. i have a bigger issue regarding the future of mayo football far beyond the next managers tenour. the welfare of our good underage footballers is in serious jeopardy. alot of our all ire winning minor team of 2013 are crocked due to over training and fixture pile up. mayo news reported it recently and it is shocking. to think of all the operations alot of that panel had to get done in recent years. its preventing more footballers from at least trying to make the transition to u21 and senior level. if we dont protect these guys better it dont matter who is in charge of mayo. he simply wont have the new guys coming through pushing for places. true, not all of underage will be good enough to make the transition but those that are good enough should not be wore out before he celebrates his 21st birthday. i spoke to me nephew who plays with a very promising forward that has played at inter county level . that forward earlier this year had DOUBLE HIP REPLACEMENT. He was training and playin matches for club. mayo u21 and senior all at same time. its unsustainable. the future of our game is in serious trouble if changes are not made. the gaa are responsible to put this right.

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