David Clarke our MOTM from last night’s game

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Okay, the votes are in and counted in the first Mayo GAA Blog Man of the Match poll of 2017. This was an easy one to declare: by a very wide margin the winner of the award for the best Mayo player in last night’s League opener against Monaghan is goalkeeper David Clarke.

Shot-stopper supreme, the current All-Star no.1 prevented two clearcut goal-scoring opportunities created by the visitors and a fair few more not so clearcut ones in last night’s match at MacHale Park. While his restart performance wasn’t as stellar as Rory Beggan’s was for Monaghan he did okay there too. Overall, it was a hugely commanding display by the Ballina netminder.

As the above image confirms, David wins the MOTM award with 68% of all votes cast. Next came League debutant Donie Newcombe who put in a storming shift at corner-back, a performance reflected in the 10% share of the vote he attracted in the poll. Cillian O’Connor came next on 8%, followed by the night’s second League debutant Fergal Boland who polled 4%. Congrats to all of them.

With the action back again this year, it’s time to start thinking about supporting the lads via the Mayo GAA Players Welfare Lotto. The jackpot in tomorrow night’s draw is €12,400 and you can play the Lotto here.

11 thoughts on “David Clarke our MOTM from last night’s game

  1. Surprised Kevin Mc didn’t feature for MOM as he was on the ball more than any other and used ut well. Jason Doc probably no 2 in possession stakes and despite many saying we lost midfield both starters were on loads of ball. Kirby used it well and Donie mixed running into cul de sacs with some strong line breaks. Newcombe did very well but hadn’t heard of either 13 or 14 for Monaghan. Kerry should give a much better indicator of his worth.

  2. Beegan’s better restart performance was, in my opinion, largely down to Mayo not pressurising defenders on his kickout. Too often Mayo forwards were standing midway between two Monaghan defenders up to 40 m apart. What they were hoping to do is beyond my imagination.

  3. Disgraceful attack on 4 Mayo players on Facebook via that hideous Mayo gaa banter page, by none other than one of the administrators. One of the players he singled out for criticism was only a late subsitiute. It’s not even the second week of February and people are throwing players on the scrapheap. Thank god for this blog.

  4. @Mac’s left boot, I did see that (MF) was the admin who posted that one up. He says he played 3 seasons for Mayo interesting.
    That page can’t be coherent with so many different viewpoints, It comes across as a sort of tabloid MGB. Still, I follow it and enjoy many posts on it ha.

    With regard to the new faces on the block or for the block if your an MF sort of guy, the bedding in of new players will always be very difficult due to the nature of the principle award of GAA, it’s knockout do or die. If it was a league format many more players would be given the chance to bed in, one of the few benifits of that concept that I would value.
    I feel myself the Commercial minds in the GAA will aim to boost the league at the Championships expense before too long. Makes financial sense which seems to be the new ethos of the GAA. They would need to split Dublin first, maybe even third it the way it’s going.

    Hope Its not in my day that the League comes first!

  5. – Bit of perspective needed it was the first game in the league we lost, Monaghan fitter and more physical and deserved to win, we should have been 7 points down at half time. !
    – Clarke well deserved MOM followed by Boyler and Newcombe who put in a gritty performance.
    – Coen played more as a sweeper and nobody took up the actual CHB position in the first half which resulted in Monaghan driving thru and picking up scores from easy frees
    – Ball was not given into the forwards simply because we took the short kick-out on too many occasions with the usual slow build-up allowing Monaghan to double back and mark space and men
    – Lane is a ref who likes to let the game flow because those are the refs that get the big games. Hence plenty of fouls will go unpunished, got to accept that and move on.
    – Many of us are hoping that SR will have a much clearer tactical plan for the forwards in 2017, there was not one iota of forward tactics on display Sat night as only three forwards held position with KmcL, Doc and Cillian all over the place literally and metaphorically
    – Parsons should start with Kirby at MF and try Irwin instead of Evan against Kerry and one of the elder O’Sheas on the bench to bring physical power in when it’s needed.

  6. It’s terrible than the admin of a mayo gaa page would allow players to be abused. I don’t think they appreciate the effort ALL players put in every year. Posting abuse online for them and their families to read is wrong. We have the best 30 players in the county on the panel. Patience is needed with new players.

  7. I know that guy MF and I can tell you for certain he did not play 3 years with Mayo – certainly not the seniors or any level close to it either

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