David Clarke out for the rest of the championship?

David Clarke coming off v Roscommon

Terry Reilly is reporting in today’s Irish Examiner that first-choice goalkeeper David Clarke is almost certainly out of action for the rest of the championship. The Ballina Stephenites man came off injured at half-time in the semi-final win over Roscommon last month but it appears that the hamstring injury he’s got is a bad one, one that needs 10 to 12 weeks recuperation. If that’s the case, then that’s definitely the last we’ve seen of him for this year and it’s a desperately disappointing outcome for the player himself.

With second-choice ‘keeper Kenneth O’Malley also out – until the end of August, according to Terry’s report – with ankle ligament trouble, this means that Rob Hennelly now becomes our undisputed no.1 choice between the sticks. Rob did fine on his comeback appearance in the Connacht final and he has plenty of Croke Park experience too so what could quite easily be portrayed as an enormous crisis for us isn’t, in truth, anything like as bad as that. Unless Rob gets crocked as well, of course.

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  1. Yeah I had been told this the week before the Connacht final but I was told 8 weeks as it was a hamstring tear on his kicking leg. Gutted for Clarkie missing the rest of the year but in Robbie we have a top notch replacement.

  2. Terrible news for David Clarke. Here’s hoping he recovers quickly. Is it something in Mayo’s training that’s giving rise to so many hamstring injuries?

  3. Clarke is a big loss. His save from Brogan against the Dubs was pivotal.

    Hennelly is a good keeper and has a decent kick out but is vulnerable under the high ball.

  4. hello, As you say could be worse, and I think young Hennelly is good for a 45?

    My reckoing is that if Mayo are ‘drawn’ from the drum 1st or 2nd this increases the chances of drawing Cavan/London or Tyrone/Meath before they are snapped up by the others and would make it 50/50 for us to do so.

    Let’s hope that paper report is a bit of gossip!, The bookies seem to know something about Mayo. Nearly Saturday 8.30pm.

  5. Kilbane; Not in the slightest. Everything Robbie had to do he did well IMO.

    In Robbie we have a keeper of the higest caliber who is more than capable of stepping in for Clarke and O’Malley without the team missing a beat. 2013 could be a special year and while it is terrible for Clarke to miss out on the rest of the season, whatever length that may be, we need to believe in and trust the players that are in the panel and could appear on the field of play. Remember that when Robbie was in goals for the Mayo minors he only conceded one, maybe two, goals in the entire championship. None up until the All-Ireland final replay

  6. It’s not a crisis but it is a massive blow to Mayo’s chances. Clarke’s presence around the square and his ability to pull off saves at crucial stages had given him a reputation of being very hard to beat. Hennelly or O’Malley don’t have that, forwards won’t have the same fear of them. Time will tell how big a loss…

  7. I am fine with Robbie and his replacement though lacking in experience ia also a fine keeper.

    Remember the two goals in last yrs final?if backs do their jobs goalie wont be an issue.

    Actually Rob thrives on big occasions…cant get enough of them. No excuses on this front.

  8. not to many counties would have a keeper of robs calibre to step in at third string , we are very lucky indeed.

    in other news David Clarke is an absolute ringer for former Celtic striker Chris Sutton .



  9. Terrible news for Clarke and the Mayo team but like a few of ye have said already, Hennelly is a more than capable replacement. Alright he might not command the full back line as good as Clarke or be as strong under the high ball but that doesn’t mean he cant do a competent job either, as Clarke is one of the best (if not the best) keeper in the country. One thing he is as good if not better (hopefully) than Clarke, is from kick outs. Id say he had 80% at least kick accuracy against London, spread all around the 40. Hennelly is a good shot stopper first and foremost too. Lets hope for more luck on the injury front from now on..

  10. One save by Rob Hennelly in the All-Ireland Minor Final replay a few years ago against Tyrone in Longford really stands out as far as I am concerned. He was our keeper when we got to the All-Ireland semi final in 2011 as well, and I can’t recall him putting a foot wrong. We are blessed to have the strength in depth for the number 1 jersey that we do have.

  11. It’s bad news about Clarke all right and equally bad that O’Malley is out for QF (and semi if we got there)?

    I had ‘gone off’ Hennelly, but I was very impressed by him against London. He seemed to have had more to do than Clarke or O’Malley in the other two games. He took a right belt in blocking one of the London attacks and was back to stop a rebound with his foot.

    Furthermore, he is very assured in the square laying off the ball to set up runs from the back. This was the one (only one) area that David Clarke terrified me with his solos.

    A friend of mine (former Mayo keeper!!) is very positive about him, though noting his inclination to the odd mistake.

  12. Young fella.

    I thought he was at fault for Coopers goal in 2011. Clarkie would have taken man and ball in the lead up to that goal.

    As stated before, he’s a quality keeper. Could be much worse. Roll on 8.30pm and Saturday and the draw!

  13. Rock on Rob….spray them kickouts all over the shop, score a few 45,s .!.. All Star in the making..!..

  14. In fairness the main weakness (if you call it one in terms of goalkeepers) for Clarkie was he wasn’t really up to it for scoring 45’s. Hennelly is much better in this regard.

    @ catcol ,
    You shouldn’t get so worried about Clarkie soloing out with the ball because he played most of his school’s football with St. Muredach’s in midfield so he’s very comfortable on the ball it’s just the way he looks when he is soloing which makes him look akward. Hennelly is no stranger to doing a “Cake” on it and come soloing out of goals.

    Come to think of it it must be a Ballina thing because John Healy was tasty outfield player in his younger days too!

  15. Tough luck on DC. Hope it’s not as severe as you have reported WJ. As to Hennelly he’s a fortunate guy now to be in this position. Of the comments above most say he is not commanding enough in the small square. But at least if this is noted by JH and the backroom team it will be pointed out to him and it gives him something he he can work on.

    Another area I think we need to improve upon is our quick short kickouts.

    Cluxton is currently recognised by most as being the best keeper in the country but that’s as much to do with his ability to find a man quickly on game re-starts as anything else.

    Overall a solid dependable keeper is vital. He’s the last line of defence and nowadays the best keepers are ones who can help their team control matches as well.

  16. This is very disappointing for DC and a blow to the team. yet again, we become unsettled, the forwards, now our starting keeper, whats next?

    As for Hennelly’s added value for 45’s…we have in Cillian O’Connor possibly the best 45 taker in the country. Noone should screw with that.

    If Hennelly keeps a clean sheet and places the ball intelligently the next day, he will have done his job. Cant ask for more.

  17. Hard luck to Clark, he’s a comfort in the goal. I have good faith in hennelly though and he will do the job very well. Draw being made tonight so lets hope it’s kind to us.
    I would like to get donegal, just to clear it up and continue the champion defeating run and they are teetering but will beat Laois anyway whom should have been leathered only for wexfords 19 wides to their own 2 wides.
    Roll on evening time.

  18. Tough luck on clarkie and o malley but i have a lot of confidence in hennelly and i,m sure he,s grown up abit from a few years ago the day we lost to kerry were cooper not nearly enough burst the goal net but also the net behind the goals as well, hennelly messing about with donaghys towel he brought out after half time wit him and dropped behind henn,s goal and he decides to start having some fun throwing it into the crowd a couple of times wer i happen to be sitting and i directed a coup. of fucks in his direction[henn,s] , to concentrate on the game and nev. mind your f…… creche craic. …. Again lads no worry who we get tonite, we,re ready…c,mon Mayo.

  19. Hello, what I remember about Rob. Hennelly is his lovely sense of humour. He did a run through of the team for some reporter and was an insight into the characters on the team. You might have it archived someplace? A goalkeeper has a lot in his head. he is more than familiar with defence and forwards.

    Also in the first half against Kerry, Donaghy was trying to get a shot on goal and it ended up with Donaghy and Hennelly near the far corner. The ball was eventually cleared but he literally ‘stuck’ with Donaghy. A Kerry woman in front of me remarked ‘Look where your goalkeeper is”.

    yes, I can see him making heroic saves and I do remember the point that was going over the bar in Roscommon. May the Spirit be with them all.

  20. Howya Horse

    My understanding was that Barry was to be back in full training on Tuesday night.

  21. Bring Donegal on I guess!
    Both teams struggling a little with injury – the timing is everything.
    If Moran and Dillon are properly fit, it’s there for them.
    Better lose now if they’re not good enough than another final.

  22. Dear everybody….
    I told ye the draw (see my msg on the Monday Match Reports!!)
    Don’t doubt my inside information!!!!!!;))

  23. It will be a question of tiredness v undercooked! I think Donegal will manage the turnaround well and it would be a bad mistake to over play the impact 3 big games will have on them. I think they will manage their training to account for this.Their biggest challenge may well be injuries. Our challenge is knowing who is fit, sharp and ready for a big battle because that is what it will be. Donegal will not surrender their title without a real fight. I only hope we are ready. C’mon Mayo!

  24. Let’s hope it not a case of ‘Be careful of what you wish for’………………Imo, I think it’s a great draw for us…….The Donnies will be on their 3rd game in as many weeks, they struggle to score. We need the test……….. We have the chance to make it 3 in a row twice this year, first Connacht Championships and second, to knock out the AI champs for the third year in a row……….and finally ,to finish what we should and could have done last September.
    The Donnies will not be as happy about this as we are and will worry that if we get ahead they could collapse and if so, could be the recipients of a thorough hiding……so the key is , no easy goals given early (they will try and test Rob) and get an early lead, make them chase the game (they don’t like that and especially against a team like Mayo, they will be prone to panic)……….Rattle |Jim (he is very touchy lately………maybe the ‘edge’ is gone) and we have the discipline to over ride the ‘sledging’ and rebound it.
    On another note, what a great game between Galway and Cork, a fabulous contrast to ‘puke football’, me heart was in me mouth as I was willing The Tribesmen over the line but Cork showed great resolve, belief and a confidence that the game was never beyond them ( ingredients that could and seem to be geared to a big Sepember)….nevertheless, Galway played some great football and if they could have converted their chances in the second half they should have won, a good for Connacht football nonetheless.
    Would I be right in thinking that if we win the quarter, we will meet the winners of Tyrone v Monaghan…………if so, then that,s something to aim for as I think we should beat either.
    MaighEo Abu.

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