David Coldrick the ref for Kerry match

David Coldrick

Photo: Irish Times

As has already been mentioned in the comments, Meath’s David Coldrick has been given the whistle for Sunday week’s All-Ireland semi-final between our lads and Kerry. The same ref was also in charge when we last met Kerry in the championship, which was also at the semi-final stage, back in 2011. The last match involving us that he reffed was the league match against Derry (the Derry B team, to be precise) at MacHale Park back in April.

The other semi-final, involving Dublin and Donegal, will be handled by Cavan’s Joe McQuillan, who of course also took charge of Donegal’s quarter-final clash with Armagh last weekend. The same man needs no introduction to the Dubs either.

The minor semi-final between ourselves and Kerry which will act as the curtain-raiser on Sunday week will be reffed by Tyrone’s Sean Hurson.

49 thoughts on “David Coldrick the ref for Kerry match

  1. Coldrick is a good referee imo.
    See from Mayo news that Horan insisted on club championship being postponed.I fully agree.Even gets the backing of Sean Rice…well at least he reports on games now ….better than a back blank page…club v county scene a thorny issue but we wont always be in Croker in August or Sept.

  2. It could be worse, I suppose .. it’s a sign of the times when we consider Coldrick the best of a bad lot. I predict the fabled black card will make an appearance on Sunday week.

    I agree too re the postponement of the club championship if I’m honest, though it doesn’t sit well with me in theory. I just feel that while this isn’t quite last chance saloon for us, if we don’t do the business (or indeed reach another final) this year, it’s unlikely we’ll get that close again for another couple of years. So I say for one year only, while we have the best chance we possibly have, just throw everything at it, and give ourselves every piece of ammunition we have, for the sake of a few weeks.

    Knot in my stomach just thinking about it ….

  3. I’m no good at remembering what refs are like , the only thing i know is the ones i hate and he’s not one of them.

  4. I often think in hurling the referees do their best to make the games as good as possible while in football it seems to be the opposite.

    Talking about hurling, its interesting to note at the week-end Kilkenny did what Kilkenny do best, both their minor and senior teams made the All-Ireland final. Their senior team has been written off a lot the last few years but they always seem to produce their best when they really need it. Lets hope that Kerry do not do the same in the football, they are a very dangerous team. From 1 to 15 we should be the better team and have more experience too but we need to be wary of Kerry as well. The first 20 minutes of the game will be key, remember they scored 3 goals against Dublin in the first-half of last year’s All-Ireland semi-final.

  5. I live in Meath & my football friends admire the fact that we are at the quarter final stage of our SFC for a few weeks now. Playing before SF would be a step too far imo. Bye the way is it a free any more to charge with ball in hand or indeed throw the ball.

  6. Am I right in saying that means if Dublin qualify for the All Ireland Final, they won’t have their pal Joe McQuillan to ref them? The semi final refs never do the finals. Can see Dublin getting a lot of frees in the semi to help them over the line. Looking like Eddie Kinsella or Cormac Reilly for the final then.

  7. Coldrick cost Mayo dear in the 2012 league final b Cork, Keegan tripped bearing down on goal , waved play on and instead of us going 2 points ahead Cork goaled on the break and we went 4 down. Allowed Vaughan to be assailed time and time again.

    In all Ireland final refused 14 yard free to the clearly fouled O Connor. Resulting play saw Donegal score second goal. Allowed McGees and Durkin to intimidate umpires and Mayo inside line. No friend of Mayo, another McAneney

  8. As if by fate I stumbled upon the last few minutes of a free view documentary on setanta & there he was showing a human side with non stop chat during a Cork v Dublin game when he didn’t see nor didn’t consult umpires over a clear Dublin penalty claim.
    That the Dubs should get Joe McQuillan yet again is scandalous…had they Marty Duffy on a ploughed up Croke Park pitch after the US college game;who knows what could happen!

  9. No point in getting hot and bothered about the referee. We cannot do anything about it.
    A thought which just occurred to me is this – if Andy Moran had been on the field at the very end of last year’s final would Cillian O’Connor have taken as long in deciding what to do with that last minute free? I think Andy would have been experienced enough to make a quick decision. And if the decision was to go for goal might he have been the best man to go for it? I recall a championship match, Crossmolina v Ballaghaderreen some years ago when he want for and got the goal in that situation. And the ball went back up the field, Cross got another similar free and Ciaran Mac trumphed Andy’s goal even though all of Ballagh and surrounding parishes knew what Ciaran would try to do. Football memories!
    But might it be a good reason for having Andy on the field in the dying minutes rather than starting?

  10. Stop complaining about the ref lads. Sounds like some people are making excuses already. Others pointing out previous examples of poor refereeing by coldrick where he didn’t even ref those games. Classic sign of small team syndrome. We are not a small team any more. Someone else mentioned Meath refs do us no favours. That person obviously wasn’t watching the cork match then where Cormac Reilly made a couple of dubious decisions in our favour very late in the game. It was great to get them of course, and I’d gladly take a few more next week.

    But next week the decisions might go against us, abd what do we do then? Whining about refs is for losers, champions just find a way to win no matter what. See Kilkenny last week. Farcical refereeing call against them with 5 minutes to go but they still found a way to win, despite limericks magnificent performance. That’s what real winners do, and that’s what we need to do, starting next Sunday week.

  11. I’ve no issue with Goldrick, I just hope he’s fit and can keep up with play! That one of the traits I admire about Reilly.
    Which brings me to another thought, McQuillan is reffing the Dublin donegal match, so unlikely he or Goldrick will get the final. That means it’s likely either Reilly or Duffy! Would the GAA appoint our neighbor to ref the final if we’re fortunate enough to make it?

  12. Goldrick will do fine. The ref won’t beat us but two other factors could.

    One is if Kerry play like they did in the Munster Final and the two corner forwards are given space to open us up. But we can do a lot to cut down the supply of ball and close down their danger men!

    The second factor that can be out undoing is totally in our (rather with JH & management) control. The team that is selected, particularly the forwards combination and the tactical subs, which were so poorly handled (or non existent) against Cork!

  13. Duffy is fast becoming a “celebrity ref” a la Graham Poll in the soccer, high fiving the players before game, smiling and laughing and joking. I thought he rode Monaghan in the first 20 minutes or so when the game actually mattered

  14. I don’t really care as long as we are in it, but it looks like Marty Duffy has a serious chance of reffing this year’s All Ireland final. Unbelievable. By far the worst inter-county ref I’ve ever seen.

  15. Yes Andy D, I recall that Mac shot that drew the county final. Unbelievable. And, if I remember correctly, the weather was absolutely filthy.

    Re the ref, can’t stand Coldrick, and can’t seem to recall any good days with him, but I’ll be happy to be disabused of that. And yes, we can’t do anything about it.

  16. Dead right WJ, I am losing it fast. Mix them up but no excuse. Celtic had problems with refs prior to Big Jock. Once Stein took over he simply made the team so good that no referee could fuck them. Posters are right, I’m wrong, forget the ref , it’s in our own hands.

  17. My feeling is that only for a few crucial debatable decisions by the ref in the Cork game we may well have nothing to look forward too. Just a thought.

    Anyways we got here by hook or by crook. One thing is for sure, unless we are able to up our game in all areas of the field we will go no further with or without a favourable ref.

    Kerry put Cork to the sword without much resistance. There is no riggle room left anymore for fuck about time. We either have a hand to play or we don’t. Kerry will find us out one way or the other.

    Almost time to show what we got inside. I have no doubt that we have it.

  18. Against Donegal in ’12 we kicked ball after ball into the full forward line and it came back out. Hard work down the field counted for nothing.

    Against Dublin last year injuries and recovery from injury meant that again the full forward line didn’t retain the ball enough, this increased pressure on the full back line as a result and of course we only lost by a point.

    JH isn’t going to play a sweeper, he believes we have the best 15 so we pressure high up the pitch. Jason Doherty has this season become a massive presence around the middle, hard to dispossess and looks strong but it’s worth remembering that he knows where the net is (Galway) and was referred to previously as a “goal machine”? Surely a tenacious Doherty at 14 would be a massive threat. All we need is a full forward line that can win primery possession, have an eye for goal but equally force turnovers. This team would do be hard to beat:

    Higgins Cafferkey cuniffee
    Keegan Boyle Barrett
    Seamie Vaughan
    Kevin Mc Aidan Gibbons
    Freeman Doherty Cillian

    And impact subs of

    Barry M
    And Duffy potentially.

  19. As long as mayo beat Kerry I don’t mind agree with having gibbons in the forward s what about Barry Moran in full forward.

  20. Micky Mac, I would go with that team too if I was JH. Time to trust in relative youth.

  21. Just thinking, if we can’t beat Kerry the next day, then you’d really wonder if we will ever beat them in championship football. It’s arguably the best mayo side of the modern era, against a Kerry team supposedly in transition? If we can’t beat them now then when will we ever beat them? Losing is not an option, we simply have to win and book our tickets for September 21st. No other option.

  22. Mickey Mac wouldn’t start team containing NEITHER Andy or Dillon. Would definitely include one of them. We started neither v Ros and almost came a cropper. Thought our forwards did not play as well as a unit v Galway when Andy was removed and we all know what happened v Cork when Andy was called ashore. Have good time for Freeman but you simply don’t know what to expect from him. MOM in a number of league games but poor v Dubs and Derry. Same v Cork brutal wide followed by brilliant turnover to set up goal.

  23. I agree with previous comment, that , if we are to beat Kerry, this is our chance and lay down a marker for future Mayo teams. We can beat them in the league, so why not in the Championship.
    It will be an almighty battle, but our strength and experience will see us through.
    We have a strong panel, so the use of our best, impact, subs is vital.
    My strongest team, would be,
    A. O Shea
    S. O Shea
    O Connor
    O Malley

  24. @macsleftboot just to point out that Kerry are not in transition, far from it. Fitzmaurice is in his 3rd season as manager and while they aren’t close to the Kerry 03-09 vintage, they are still a good Kerry team with some very talented players. Agreed though, that Mayo haven’t had as good a chance to beat Kerry in decades.

  25. Agree with Mac’s Left Boot, complaining about the ref is small team syndrome. Cant imagine the Kerry blogs talking non stop about the ref, we have to be good enough to win with or without the ref’s help, which I think we will be. The final is another matter though. We have a good panel, however without bringing the Feeney issue up again, surely he deserves a chance, Varley has been given plenty of opportunities so perhaps now its Richie’s turn?

  26. I agree with your team but i think i would bring on Moran as an impact sub and start Freeman, would like to see Feeney getting a chance as well but i suppose we dont know what goes on in training so we have to leave to the JH to ponder this stuff.
    On another note when do club and season tickets get dished out?

  27. We were a kick of a ball away of our season ending in misery.
    I expect we will see a big improvement in the full back line and full forward line as 5-12 against Cork we were very impressive and the full forward line issues were so obvious something will change.
    JH very clever in having the press night 72hrs after beating cork, total focus on the kingdom.
    We have waited a long time to beat the kingdom in the championship, god knows they deserve one. Let’s hope it’s a double success!

  28. Are we ever going to beat Kerry ? Hope fully we will on Sunday. Maybe cillian might get a goal like he did in 2011.

  29. Yes Cait we will beat Kerry when the time comes that we are totally focused on the game at hand and have a better team than them.

  30. It’s a game we can win, Cait. But rather than asking can we beat Kerry, I’d be asking can we come on top against a team with forwards who can be very dangerous (we need to watch others apart from JOD), who can score goals and take points from long distance. Also, can we compete with the tactical cuteness of Kerry. As another poster has alluded to, this is not Fitzmaurice’s first or second day in the job and it will be seen as a key game for them in their development, for sure. Lets not take our eye off the ball here and be too shackled by history!

  31. Just want to get this weekend over asap so the build up can begin. I do have to dismay at people giving out about Horan…..anything to have a pop. Was talking to a man during the week who hardly ever goes to a club game giving out about Horan canceling the club games…ffs….some fellow Mayo fans would drive you round the bend.

    Though we have seen all this before with past managers…I wonder is it as bad in other counties?

  32. I agree Steve. There is no way that a senior, or minor, county team that is serious about winning an All Ireland can have their best players exposed to the rigors of the club championship whilst also being expected to go toe-for-toe with the best and toughest county sides in the country. A workable compromise where both parties give and take a little is normally the best outcome. I believe this has been achieved between the county board and the senior management set-up. The problem is, you will always have a certain amount of people that do not want to compromise and will never be happy with having to cede any ground on any issue. These people are normally called thick ****s.

  33. There are plenty of a**holes around Pebblesmeller and we have them in this county too. I prefer to think positive and support the team and management no matter what. The winter will be long enough for giving out.

    We owe Kerry big time for many a big beating we have taken from them, I believe we can and will beat them.

  34. Asking the question can we beat Kerry is like running for the winning line and looking over your shoulder to see are they close. You need total focus on the winning line and beyond…run through it, not to it. Mayo need that focus…right to the end and beyond…no time for wondering if they are catching us, just put the heart and soul into being first over the line. We are good enough if we believe we are.
    I get anxious myself waiting for games but reading this blog wouldn’t be great for the blood pressure either.
    Whether you love or like or despair of James Horan doesn’t matter a bit. What is true is that he has brought us to within sight of the promised land more than we could have ever imagined. We need the waters to part to get to the other side but by God we need to be united behind our team and management too. They have put blood sweat and many a broken heart into being here. Let them get on with it now and burst through the barriers and into the All Ireland Final once again and then we will take the next step. I cannot be there for this game as have sad affairs to deal with down west…but my heart will be there with every Mayo man, woman and child on the day. Don’t ever give up…our team deserves our whole hearted support to the very end.

    Maigheo Go Deo!

  35. The county is on the verge of something huge and Horan was dead right in protecting his players at all costs. I know we need the clubs as they supply the players but victory in September has to be number one for all involved with the game in Mayo. Otherwise we are Carlow or Wicklow or the like.

  36. The criticism of Horan is insane. Just pause for a moment and think back to Longford in 2010. Not that long ago. We were in an awful place.

    Now assess where we stand now. We’re not perfect but f’ck me we’ve made some progress. We’ll always measure ourselves in terms of getting our hands on Samuel but it’s time we gave Horan and these players some real credit for what they’ve done for the county.

  37. I agree rock, I don’t know jh or any of the management team, but they have brought us from a very bad place to one of the best teams in Ireland. The panal have given their very best. They might not get over the line but they have given everything to get sam

  38. hi there cant wait for sunday week. we all looking forward to it down here in Kerry, I am on hoiladay in mayo next week just wanted to know is mayo training open to ever one to see them train I like to c them at it best of luck sunday week

  39. You are very welcome to mayo kerrysam2015 . It will probably be next January before mayo team are training again. JH has stopped training the team for this year . With the peoples final getting the go ahead for the end of sept there was just no point in upsetting the national media . Hope you have a great holiday .

  40. wel it same down here sure Kerry have not trained since munster final it like it Dublin this year . Dublin Donegal semi is the all Ireland this year

  41. Agree with many of the above. Horan and this panel have been absolutely brilliant and if someone told me coming out of Longford in 2010 that we would qualify for the next 4 AI Semi finals I d have said he was even more loopy than brolly. This team and management may not win the cup we all crave but by God they have done everything in their power to do so and have given us supporters some super days out in the process

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