Deadline day for 2019 season ticket renewals

With the management situation sorted and a widespread talent-spotting process for new players underway, the focus at inter-county level is already firmly fixed on 2019. While it’s still close on three further months before next year’s League gets going it’s safe to say that plenty of supporters are already making plans for our Division One campaign in the spring.

With this in mind, it’s worth reminding all and sundry that midnight tonight is the deadline for GAA season ticket renewals for next year. The price for standard season tickets for adults in 2019 is €120 while the Cáirde Mhaigheo Club+ variant costs €200. The price for Juvenile season tickets is €30.

With the county’s allocation of season tickets fully taken up it’s only season ticket renewals that are available for purchase in advance of tonight’s deadline. It is, though, possible for holders of the standard season ticket to upgrade to the Cáirde Mhaigheo version when renewing. If you’re feeling confident about our ability to go the distance next year or if you plan to take in your fill of club championship games in 2019 then this option might be of interest to you.

To renew your season ticket for 2019, you need to log into your season ticket account – link here – and then simply follow the online instructions from there. The clock’s now ticking loudly ahead of tonight’s deadline so, if you haven’t yet sorted renewing your ticket for next year, best do it without delay.

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  1. James – the link is in the post I put up. It’s only renewals that can be purchased at this stage, I’m not sure if you’re an existing season ticket holder or not. If you aren’t then you need to wait until after tonight’s deadline to see if any tickets that haven’t been renewed are being released for sale. In recent years no tickets have been made available in this way.

  2. While it’s not heavily publicised, a small number of Mayo Season Tickets do come available most years after the deadline passes, due to a small percentage of people not renewing their tickets each year. For anyone who is looking for a season ticket it may be worthwhile to contact the season ticket office tomorrow morning to see what the situation is like this year – our group has been successful in sourcing additional season tickets this way in the past.

  3. If you have a Club + ticket you are not able to downgrade to a regular season ticket. Considering the price difference I think that is a bit of a money grab exercise. There was no issue upgrading

  4. Thanks for that reminder, Willie Joe. I got no reminder from Croke Park and was assuming the deadline was not coming until later in Nov. Again, what would we do without you.

  5. One other consideration is if you can’t make the 70% attendance you’ll still get a final ticket should we get there with CM.

  6. Thanks to the brother for reminding me to renew the Season Ticket! For those of us not blessed with the ability to wrangle, coax, blackmail or conjure out of thin air an AI Final ticket when the need arises the Season Ticket is a God send. The rest of the games aren’t half bad either.

  7. Hadn’t renewed by midnight tonight,.. but I got an email earlier yesterday stating that the renewal deadline was extended to Midnight, Friday November 2nd!

  8. FW, you need 60% attendance not 70% in both league and champo as it states in season ticket terms and conditions.

  9. Great deal if you can make most league games and takes the hustle out of searching for a final ticket. That said the seats I’ve received in recent years in Croke Park for most games have been poor.

  10. Hi all, slightly off topic, just wondering how Tom Parsons is coming along regarding his horrific injury, and if he’s still determined to make it back next year, hope im not breaking any house rules, Wille Joe, out of the country, so trying to keep up to speed,

  11. The season ticket has become very poor value in recent years. Was excellent when 75 or 80 euro a few seasons back. 120 euro now means that you get 7 league games (worth 77 euro @ €11 a game, online prices for individual games), first round of championship (normally worth €25) and a fiver off every game from there on apart from the final.
    If you only attend 4 league games say, you will be well short of getting your €120 back.
    The only real benefit is the guaranteed All Ireland ticket. Hence if your not from one of the top counties, it’s extremely poor value. That’s not what a season ticket is meant to be? Should reward loyal fans with genuine discounts.
    The revelation above that if you upgrade to a €200 ticket, you cannot downgrade the next season to €120 is yet another example of sneaky gaa pilfering of money. It should be clearly stated that this is the case before someone buys the €200 ticket. A 17 or 18 year old for example, with a €120 ST, might say “Jesus I go to lots of club games – €200 looks great value” but then find themselves in college in Dublin in 2020 and not be able to attend many club matches, but stuck paying 200 euro from now on to retain their season ticket.

  12. Can someone educate the uneducated? American so I can’t attend games (although I will welcome WJ and distant cousins to NYC). My brother has countless frequent flyer miles due to extensive work travel so we can fly free — we don’t have unlimited budgets to travel! We plan to come to the final vs Galway and then the AI semi and final. Is there a ticket option that makes sense for us? Paid a king’s ransom on the street to be in CP in 2017. Would like to remove the stress of that experience. Thanks.

  13. Not Half Fast… you could look for a season ticket provided Mayo’s allocation dosent sell out €120.. Probably need to “LEND” it to some Mayo based friend to make sure that you get your 60%.. attendance..or the €200 Cairde option, and you don’t need to have the 60% attendance to qualify for an All Ireland ticket, should Mayo qualify?… I think that the law has changed as regards ticket touts in theory…In reality, I’m not sure that ticket touting will be stopped… Larry Duff, your 100% right as regards the season tickets.. not the Value they once were . . This year,, we were only allowed ONE opt-out for a single Championship Match that we didn’t attend… after that we were charged regardless of attendance or not… In 2017, we were allowed TWO opt-out”s… But something happened this year, and I’m not surprised, with the quality of entertainment on show for the Championship, and a poor run by Mayo…. Even the Dubs are staying away… And the Championship ticket prices went up in price early in the Championship, but reverted to. 2017 prices, later on…. Mayo’s absence and really poor entertainment has allot to do with it in my opinion…Any way, I have, another 18+ hour’s to decide If I will renew as the deadline date and time has been extended by two day’s.. Those executives who work for the GAA , have to be paid, definitely not volunteer’s like 99% of the GAA…. and they won’t answer any questions by Sport’s Journalist’s as to what their renumeration might be!….Sure it’s probably such a paltry amount they are ashamed to admit to being paid so little!… unless someone else can think of a more realistic reason!

  14. Leantimes, just on the opt outs. Only one opt-out has ever been available on the ST, however should a team play a certain amount of games (Think it’s around 12) then a second opt-out is made available. Mayo played an unbelievable amount of games in 2017 due to replays so a second was available. Had we gone a similar route this year then a second opt out would have been offered.

  15. @Not Half East. Unfortunetly i cant think of any ticket option that would suit.A season ticket or a CM ticket that you lend to friends or family for the games you don’t attend would probably be the best option but they are sold out and there’s a waiting list. However there will be no problems getting tickets for any game outside of the All Ireland final.

  16. Not half fast – and others: Apart from the final, you should be able to get in to any match. Supposing it is Mayo v Galway in CF (and that’s making a lot of assumptions), there will be a big crowd, but getting a ticket on the day will still be possible. Ditto any other matches bar AIF. AIF with Mayo in it? Be afraid, be very afraid.

  17. Is there actually a genuine waiting list for these tickets? Or can anyone just try buy a Mayo season ticket at one minute past 12 on the day of the deadline for renewals? If a limited amount of tickets haven’t been renewed, will they just go to whoever on a first come first served basis or does the “waiting list” kick in? Often wondered about that when I hear people talking about waiting lists..

  18. Mayomad, you could well be right there as regards the opt-out. I certainly remember Two in 2016, and only One last year… With possibly even more games now, If your team makes the Super Eight’s you could well be charged for Match’s you would not be able or want to attend, concidering that your team, might be in the Super Eight’s and already qualified for the Semi or Unable to qualify for the Semi, seems a bit greedy from the GAA!

  19. If you have a regular season ticket, you can automatically upgrade to a Chairde ticket but you can’t downgrade…bit Irish that.

  20. The season ticket isn’t great value these days.I think the GAA would prefer if there werent so many season tickets around as it takes a big chunk of final allocations out of their hands.Of course this issue is really highlighted to them when it’s a Dublin Mayo final.Thats just my own opinion on it.Im lucky enough to have a CM ticket and whilst I would prefer the standard one I’ll will continue to renew!

  21. FW, season tickets come out of the participating counties allocation for the final, they are not on top of that counties allocation. It makes no difference to the GAA how many season tickets Mayo have, Mayo get the same allocation season ticket or not. Mayo have more supporters at finals because we are much better at hoovering up neutral counties tickets.

  22. Yes I understand the system Mayomad! But there are much less tickets to distribute to clubs thus less control.

    I think the Mayo support outnumbered Dublin at the 16 final and certainly at the 17 one.Thats an amazing feat and no other county could do it.On the other side of the coin I’ll never understand how we were outnumbered 2/1 v Donegal in 2012.

    Sorry for veering off topic!

  23. Thanks for the info and sharing Leantimes, FW and catcol. It was helpful. Without Mayo friends or known family to “lend” to, the “win-win” is to save $ up front but gladly pay $$$ if I have to. I can’t wait to see a game in McHale. Looking forward to the championship game in Galway in early June after the NYC beatdown!!!!

  24. Larry Duff
    No Mayo season ticket has become available online for the last 4 seasons as every Mayo season ticket holder renews there ticket due to the fact of this been the best ever era in Mayo’s history since 1951 and with James Horans reappointment I don’t see any dwindling in the Mayo support.I am expecting the Leitrim Fbd away game in January to be the highest attended Fbd away game in Mayo’s history and bigger again if we face Galway in Tuam the week after.

  25. Not Half Fast I love your optimism. Small matter of the Rossies/Leitrim to beat too before we could even think about Galway.

  26. Not Half Fast – you are an inspiration!

    But note: the first game IS likely to be in McHale Park where Mayo (assuming we beat New York), will host Roscommon (assuming they beat Leitrim). If Leitrim win (unlikely, but not impossible), then they will host Mayo in Carrick on Shannon.

  27. Thanks Mayo Focus and catcol (again). I know the history but I am not burdened by it (since I saw the sport in a Dublin pub in 2016 for the replay => my mother’s family left Mayo in the 1840s).

    As a Boston Red Sox fan, I can relate — the breakthrough, when it finally happens, is glorious. I fully expect to see Mayo win Sam in my lifetime, hopefully sooner than later. 2019 would be just fine!

  28. Not half mast – congrats to the Red Sox on winning the World Series. It goes to show when a team finally breaks the duck and more championship wins can follow….it’s like breaking through a glass ceiling. Cubs last year also ended a long famine, America’s “lovable losers” – what an awful title to have.

    BTW – Are there Mayo trials taking place this weekend?

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