Declan Shaw’s proposed management team revealed

Photo: Irish Independent/Piaras Ó Mídheach

Details of the proposed management team assembled by Declan Shaw has been revealed today.

The Castlebar Mitchels clubman is one of four nominees for the position of Mayo manager and Edwin McGreal has the details in the Mayo News (here) of the backroom team he has announced. The proposed backroom team comprises Paddy Christie, Richie Feeney, Dessie Sloyan and Cormac Rowland.

Ed’s piece linked above provides some useful background information on this quartet, who, between them, have a good deal of coaching experience, both at club and inter-county level.

This is the third backroom to be named in recent days by those seeking the vacant Mayo manager post, with the teams assembled by Kevin McStay and Mike Solan already revealed. This means that Ray Dempsey is now the only remaining candidate for the position who has yet to show his hand.

254 thoughts on “Declan Shaw’s proposed management team revealed

  1. There is some candidates out there now. I would say Declan would be a really honest manager and full of integrity. He’s probably not the favourite in the frame but he is experienced, intelligent and knowledgeable.

  2. I think it’s fair to say. Of the three teams announced this group look the most inexperienced in comparison.

    Cormac Rowland was he a minor in 2000/2001 from Lahardane?

    But let’s see what happens.

  3. Hello,

    I kinda like the ‘Young’ look of this group. I dare say they could interest Stephen Rochford?

    What do I know.


  4. Honest to God for a minute i thought he had named Jimmy Sloyan in the backroom team

  5. Id like to see Dempseys first but it is hard to look past the McStay / Rochford / Buckley one .

  6. I would agree nephin, not much to get excited about there, but it does add one more ingredient to the mix and another stick to beat McStay with!

  7. That lineup might be just about good enough for a Junior B Club team. Dempsey would need to come up with something a lot better, nothing to touch McStay yet.

  8. Christ at this stage, I’m expecting Dempsey to have Mickey Kerins on board. What is it with the Sligo lads. Imagine our senior players having to listen to them.

  9. @Nephin
    Ay least Dessie Sloyan knew where the posts were – end of. I’m sure he could help the lads in the scoring aspect of the game.

    Alternatively, Mayo Board might start making themselves relevant and launch a campaign for a re-design of the football itself – into the shape of a cube.. all square..

  10. You’d imagine we’ll hear Dempsey’s soon. Must be following the guidance around briefing media on teams and not respecting the recruitment process. Doesn’t strike me as a man to brief external sources before internal.

    Not a fan of the rumours but some very good talk has come from the parish next door around Dempseys team. It’s in place a while now according to men close and it’s bloody strong.

  11. The selection committee whoever they may be, will, as well as interviewing the 4 candidates and listening to the various proposals, be looking over their shoulders and sniffing the air before coming to any conclusions!!!

  12. @ Ahh not again, I agree and Mayo C.C are into a corner now somewhat. If they don’t choose the best obvious option that’s on the table so far a lot of supporters may well jump ship and season ticket holders may decrease. Unless Dempsey pulls a serious rabbit from the hat the writing could be on the wall. There is a lot of debt overhanging it seems and every cent will count going forward.
    It’s a very delicate situation and it’s getting to a
    somewhat serious level now. Supporters have given so much and I don’t mean to be dramatic but
    financially, emotionally, mentally and physically over the last 10 years that the next move from those in charge is so huge. Fatigue from the grassroot Mayo supporters is becoming an issue I think.

  13. Declan has the best club record of all the applicants but it is a big step up from club to county.

  14. We’ll have to see what comes from Knockmore. It looks like there is some kind of procedure in place with how we find out about the candidates, dictated by whom who knows.
    I have a feeling Shaw’s proposition
    could gain a fair bitta traction with the honchos.
    But as Ciarán said earlier, what would I know? Yerra, ’tis the county board after all.

  15. The County board have an obligation to select the best ticket for the good of Mayo football. So far that is, without a shred of doubt, McStay’s ticket.

    Time will tell if Dempsey can rival it and if so we’ll then have a competition.

    If the County Board don’t select the best ticket because of historic personal grievances, then they should just walk away. As pullhard mentioned above, we as fans have been through the wringer this past 10 years and a lot of us are spent. Cut the bullshit, select the best ticket and let us get re-energised. Also restore a bit of faith in the County board which is not great to be honest. Fair play to all candidates for putting nominations forward but Selecting either Solan’s or Shaw’s ticket above McStays would be a grave mistake for Mayo GAA and the county board

  16. @Nephin
    The drag on Shane Walsh’s infamous point in AI final was 20 metres.. Among other skills, this type of flair is so admired and encouraged in Galway.

    For whatever reason, Mayo just don’t promote this type of talent. I’d say most young players in Galway want to play like Shane, and most likely Keegan in Mayo.. Forwards win Ali’s..

    Dessie Sloyan was equally adept off left peg. Considerations please..

  17. I’ll be shocked if McStay gets the job, lads. He might have the strongest team behind him, but the county board will go with the cheapest option and that ain’t him. We’re in for a hard few years because the debt on McHale park means the county board aren’t going to spend money on a management team. I don’t agree with them at all because a successful intercounty team means more investment and money in Mayo GAA but I don’t believe the Mayo county board have the foresight to see this. They’ll go with the cheapest option and we’ll see the consequences in poor results, dwindling crowds and diminishing investment in Mayo GAA.

  18. @Nephin

    Dessie Sloyan was part of the Sligo team that beat Tyrone in 2002 in Croke Park along with Eamon O’Hara he was one of the stand out players on show. He was also impressive against Armagh in the Quarter final.

  19. Certainly in terms of profile these are lower down the scale, Paddy Christie is well regarded both with Ballymun his home club and with Tipperary. Not sure why we think that we are too good to have Sligo people on the background team, for example Limerick are very happy with Caroline Currid.

    Let’s see what the fourth team look like but plenty posters are jumping to conclusions just based on the names. No doubt each will have to answer questions through the process and this will decide who gets the role, plus money will also be a consideration as it would for any role.

  20. Mark Dempsey did not even win a Connsught final.Shaw trained teams to beat both corofin and Crossmaglen.
    I have nothing against Dempsey but as I said about Shaw inter county is a different ball game.

  21. It’s an interesting situation Mayo GAA find themselves in.
    Get this appointment wrong (or even be seen to get it wrong) and supporters are further alienated.
    Croke park will want a say in the appointment. They’re entitled to as part of terms and conditions of GAA appointments by our county. They want their debt paid, so they will want the one who will bring commercial success.
    As a result of this, the county board will be under immense pressure from most fans, media, croke park etc to appoint the McStay ticket (saying that without knowing who is on Dempseys).
    If they go with another one, the likely feeling out there is that the county board don’t have the best interests of Mayo GAA at heart.
    For the first time in fifty odd years, I didn’t go to a single Mayo game last year. I’ve been to Mayo games in some of the leanest years we’ve experienced but after the farce in 2021, I had enough. This appointment will determine how soon I go back to a game. Don’t get me wrong – the future of Mayo football certainly won’t depend on me. But there are others who feel the same and the numbers will grow if this appointment is not seen to be done right.

  22. Personally I was hoping that Stephen Rochford would put his name forward as the main man..I know he did make some mistakes (or equally took some risk’s that definitely didn’t come off) however Mayo were never going beat that Dublin team when they were at their very best without some risk’s, .. Under Stephen Rochford Mayo played their very best games and some of the very best games any team has ever played, and Stephen worked very well with the other’s in his management team An

    ,.. But I am not a Kevin McStay fan… Anyway whoever gets the job I wish them the very best..I by and large am not a fan of the County Board either, but no matter who they appoint they will be critiqued and most likely criticized . And that’s probably because in previous appointment’s the process left allot to be desired in the mind’s of the public.. and even in the mind’s of one or two of the current applicant’s for the Management team to be selected. .I think as a Mayo fan the best we can now hope for is a clear and equitable appointment of whoever it happens to be in the end of the day, and wish he County Board and new management team all the best in the process. ..One other thing, yesterday was Reek Sunday, several times I climbed the Reek in the very early hours of Reek Sunday and then later went to the Connacht Final in, McHale Park,Hyde Park, Tuam or Salthill and yet the entire GAA Inter County Championship is over..It leaves a big void, dosent seem right somehow!

  23. When ye say the County Board will be deciding the new management team, will this be one person only in the Board ?

  24. Willie Joe was disappointed now to see your name on some ticket because with your knowledge of football , the football scene in general and more importantly managing this site would put up there with alot ..
    I don’t no how you keep your cool with some of the comments you have to address as I certainly would a guess of the state opposite the Matter Hospital if I got near them ..

  25. Think its unfair to be critical of those who put names forward “junior b team”, ” having to listen to Sligo lads” etc. are unfair comments. These guys I would reckon, have done far more and have much greater achievements than those who criticise them. For me McStay panel look by far and away the best. As for fatigue from Mayo supporters! There was fatigue in 2010 and a very small crowd at the 2011 Connacht Final, and QF v Cork, but the fatigue soon lifted when success on the pitch came our way and the same will no doubt happen again. Look at our neighbours. They seem to suffer from almost permanent fatigue yet they arose from their lethargy this year and followed their county in large numbers in the latter stages of the championship. Successful teams will always be well followed. So it is imperative that the Co Board make the correct decision both from a playing and financial perspective. If we get things right on the field the fatigue will be replaced by energy and optimism.

  26. @Raz.. Very well said….But .I think that particular guest house opposite the Matter is full up as it is.. You would have to be pretty bad to get in… But I suppose, it would be handy for visiting if Mayo play a few games in Croke Park…We could tell the guest/guest’s exactly what the game they couldn’t attend was like, and let the traffic clear before heading west again!

  27. I am delighted Richie Feeney in on board Declan Shaws team. He was a terrific reader of the game in his playing days and is a fearless operator. He will bring a lot to Shaws management team and is well able to make the hard but correct decisions on the sideline. I am waiting to see Dempseys team before I make up my mind but of the three teams we know about I am the most excited about Shaws team.

  28. If posters here were reading Billy Beanes team for the Oakland raiders they’d have rejected him and replaced him. But, his most important team member was an unknown statistics guy who really had the future direction of baseball understood.
    If one of the best teams in names in the interview process has members turn up late, has a mess of a presentation, no clear structure as to responsibilities, no budget done, talk over each other in the interview process. Just let that pass because they are strong names?
    The first test to pass is this interview process.
    We don’t have a Jack OConnor multiple winner type track record to hand the job to.
    There’s four tickets and the law of averages tells us one ticket won’t nail the interview process very well. That should take that ticket out of the running. Can’t nail the interview process it’s a good indicator you won’t nail the job at all. Conversely a superb interview process is a good indicator of future levels of detail.
    Judging based on names is not the way to go when we don’t have a Sam winning manager in the process.

  29. JP – that’s a fair point. There are already people insinuating that it will be a disgrace if McStay doesn’t get the job. What if one of the other candidates has a much more coherent plan of what needs to be done in the next couple of years?

    I would have concerns about the number of big names involved with McStay and if they can all work together.

  30. If Ray Dempsey has a good backroom team then he’d get my vote. He has done very well with limited resources at Knockmore, he’ll bring fresh ideas and select players on merit rather than on blind loyalty. When he managed the minors he commented on how young players coming out of secondary schools were so poor at the basic skills, so he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade. If Rochford was heading up the other group I’d have more faith in them. I don’t know enough about the other candidates but now is not the time for taking risks. The CB has a tough job on their hands and they have my best wishes in making the right decision. As always WJ, thanks for providing this brilliant blog for us, without it we wouldn’t be as informed on the latest GAA news in Mayo and we’d certainly be a bit more detached from it.

  31. No doubt, I was replying to Mark.But county board could pick their own candidate out of the hat.

  32. I wouldn’t be too concerned about how the candidates conduct themselves in the interviews. I’m sure they will all present themselves and their plans just fine.

    I would be more concerned on what’s sitting on the other side of the table.

    What is the panels attitude towards the candidates before the candidate enters the room for the interview ?

    What experience have the interview panel in interviewing candidates ?

    Will the interviews be based wholly on the progression of football within the county or are there other underlying circumstances like

    Financial state of accounts.
    Previous history with certain candidates.

    I’m not sure if candidates should be interviewed by people who have been entrenched in Mayo football matters for decades.

    My fear is regardless of how good a candidate comes across and how good their ticket is, there will be past experiences lurking in the minds of members of the interview panel. Experiences that will determine who eventually lands the job.

    My fear is that the end result will not be wholly based on what is best for Mayo football.

  33. Revellino I tend to agree. The one thing that I can’t wrap my head around is why the McStay ticket went public in the first place? I understand the logic of pressuring the CB with media and what not but if anything it seems to be twisting the arm of the CB. At the end of the day is that the type of process we want? And when McStay goes into that interview, I can’t imagine the people sitting across the table from him will be too happy. You don’t insult or put pressure on the man/committee who are looking to give you the job. It seems Dempsey is the only one who has shown the process any respect. For that alone you would feel he deserves a chance. Seems a principled man. But I feel even he will have to announce his team now as it’s turned into a bit of a circus

  34. Green&Red do you know that it was McStay or one of his team that went public? Or Solan? Or Shaw?

    The only people that know for sure of the nominations are the nominees and the County Board…..

  35. Paddy Ban, the level of media coverage especially the RTE links would suggest this was very much McStays work himself to get the public on side. Notice how Solan and Shaw was more local.

    Worked well also to cover off the Rochford attempt to go to Meath story that had been brewing load Flynn’s tweet thanking his team.

  36. I also have questions and concerns about the appointment process. I hope someone can find more detail than I was able to.
    It seems to be a topic that some are not concerned about which I find very surprising given the importance of this appointment and what has gone on with previous appointments.

  37. Paddy Ban, why would the county board leak management teams to the media when they said they won’t pick the next manager by social media? Why would they shoot themselves in the foot and put loads of media attention on themselves? How many comments have been posted on this blog saying McStay HAS to get the job? There doesn’t seem to be very little upside for the CB to leak that info in my opinion. Besides all 4 candidates submitted their names by Friday and McStays team was released on Thursday. When someone puts their name forward they don’t have to put their whole management team forward. It’s clear Solan and Shaw have done it to try and keep in the race after all the hype that has been built around the Mcstay team.

  38. JR, Shaw doesn’t have the best club record, McStay has as he has won the All Ireland with Brigid’s with McHale by his side. Rochford is a huge coup here, mayo in 17 but up the best performance by any Mayo team in a final since 51, they were outstanding and tactically he got it spot on. It’s amazing if you look at the Mayo from 17 final to 16 final the level of football played was huge, direct football and some of the point scoring from the mayo forwards was immense. Donie Buckley is the best trainer we have had and what went on with injuries this year can’t be repeated. I realise you can be unlucky but this year was very unfortunate. McHale goes everywhere with Mcstay and word from Roscommon is he was very well liked. I realise some players still sore from an article years ago in the western, it’s time to move on now. McHale is very much the green and red. Someone was saying Richie Feeney knows how to make the decisions on the sideline? From where an intermediate team? He has just gone in now with the seniors but a couple of weeks experience doesn’t do it at this level. A great player but that doesn’t mean he can do it on the sideline, far too soon yet. I was sure Maughan would be on Shaw’s ticket. Interesting to see Dempseys ticket but it needs to be something out of this world now to trump Mcstay.

  39. Based on previous form with Roscommon, which is the only real yardstick to judge that ticket by, McStay would be an unmitigated disaster. It’s got drama written all over it.
    Can’t comment on the rest of them yet really, Dempsey might be the best option but we’ll see what his back room team is like first.
    Best of luck to the county board members undertaking this process, it’s a big decision and I wish them well in it as I’m sure all genuine supporters do.

  40. Easy cork exile – by the sounds of things the county board are making life very difficult for themselves. But I will echo what you said. Best of luck to all involved.

  41. I cannot understand how McStay’s work with Roscommon can be called an unmitigated disaster, in the first place.
    In the second place, dismissing him because he didn’t break out of Connacht with Roscommon does not hold up for me. The man tried to get the Mayo job in 2014, didn’t get it, went in with Roscommon, had them fired up and competitive within their province and in the League. Not considered for Mayo, he still had the wits to manage at senior level. Look what he learned from that to add to his ability to manage our senior team.
    In the McStay ticket you have two former senior inter-county managers, three proven coaches and a highly respected young current club manager.
    You have three people with unfinished business for Mayo and for themselves – McStay, Rochford and Buckley.
    Dublin are not in the picture now like they were before.
    Rochford and Buckley have every reason to think they can bring something important and extra to Mayo now with the experience they have.
    That’s what I see.
    That’s not to dismiss the other proposed teams either and what they might bring.
    I still maintain that we don’t know who leaked the McStay ticket to the people.
    “It is clear that….” [no, it is not clear…]
    “We can only assume that….” [yes, all we are doing it assuming].

  42. JP it was not the Oakland Raiders who Billie Beane was involved with as they are an American football franchise. It was the Oakland A’s of baseball and neither his or his assistants intervention lead the A’s to a World Series. In fact Billie Beane never lead a team to the World Series. Therefore not really sure what your point is?

    East Cork exile you keep Referring back to McStay & McHales time at Roscommon when he had a lesser calibre of players and less resources/budget than he would have with Mayo. What is Roscommons ceiling do you think? I’d say a semi final at best if Jim Gavin was in charge.

    You are also ignoring the fact that people of the calibre of Rochford, Buckley and Mulligan are integral in this proposed management team and they weren’t there in Roscommon. The point being McStays management team in Roscommon v his management team in Mayo would be chalk and cheese with better players in Mayo and a better structure/budget.

  43. I can’t say it was even a leak swallow swoops as 2 more have revealed there ticket and in fairness to mcstay he was treated terribly last time by cb .the fact that he has got such a strong team speaks volumes about his credentials ,hopefully the cb do the right thing and don’t mess it up.
    Will they offer mcstay the job but insist he leave mchale off the ticket?

  44. Wouldn’t it be terrible in life if everyone was judged by their 1st performance in anything they did. There would be no way to improve or do a better job the next time due to the learnings from the 1st attempt. Still mcstay for me but good luck(they’ll need it and more) to whoever gets the gig.

  45. Lot of questions being asked about McStay here. When I heard his name mentioned first, I had reservations, but as head of that proposed ticket, I see him in a new light. First, to put that group together is an indication of negotiation/team building skills. Second, he seems to have covered a lot of bases, with his selection. Third, I don’t buy the criticism that it’s all ‘names’; we know exactly what we would get.

    I’m not sure how good he is/will be on the line; I’d be interested in Rossie views on this, but I do feel he will listen to others. At the same time his managerial qualities should enable to get the best out of the management team.

    A couple of other small pluses: he lives outside the county – this should help his sanity, and his media/pundit work, should give him greater objectivity in assessing players, and bring perspective on success in games and competitions.

  46. At our time, his calibre of players had won a hell of a lot of underage Connacht titles in the 10 years prior.

    Rochford and Buckley have been brilliant for Mayo. But how many times do you go back to repeating management/trainers/selectors when it’s never proven successful for us? Success being landing the big one obviously.

    Swallow swoops you are correct, cannot say for certain who leaked it. But based on national media coverage v the other tickets out out since you could take a very educated guess.

  47. You can already see from the comments in this blog how divisive an appointment Mcstay would be.
    That alone is enough to put me off his ticket.
    New blood and a fresh start is what I feel is needed

  48. Gizmobobs underage success does not translate well into senior success. Also the proposed McStay ticket is not going back to exactly what has been done before. It’s a different combination with two of the 5 returning having come so close in the past. They have the calibre. Sometimes a small tweak is all that’s needed rather than ripping up the script and starting from scratch.

    Mikey3 you will never get 100% in favour of one ticket but I guarantee you one thing. McStays ticket would be preferable to far more fans than either Shaws or Solans. Selecting either of those would be far more divisive and damaging in my opinion. I have excluded Dempsey as we don’t know the details of his ticket yet.

  49. Negotiation skills? McHale and McStay are a duo, and Rochford has brought 2 close friends in Mulligan and Buckley. 1 phone call could sort that entire ticket.

    Also, late charge indicates it was pulled together post Meath gig which everyone is glossing over. I don’t see how Mayo can be anyone’s second choice.

  50. @Our time has come, Correct it was the Oakland A’ s. I think my point was patently clear. At the time if you judged Billy Beanes management ticket by names, the general consensus would be that the unknown name is weak. That unknown name was actually transformative for the team and baseball.
    Whilst they didn’t win a series they performed well above the constraints of their budget versus other higher budget teams.
    Related to Mayo a lot of people are focusing on the names in these tickets. For all we know the weakest looking name has the best 2023/2024 knowledge.

  51. Fair enough JP but that is a massive gamble to take when you have tried and tested guaranteed on one ticket. Your proposal would either be a success or a failure without any way of knowing in advance which one. Where as we know with McStays ticket there is more probability of success over failure due to the experience in the ticket at the highest level

  52. Another poster has made some excellent points about the Roscommon record, they took some serious hammerings during the McStay/McHale tenure. Lost 2 big replays heavily,
    Some here seem to be basing some of the support for McStay on the “he got shafted the last time” logic. I agree he did get shafted but that’s not a reason to give another go. There’s no place for sentimentality in this.
    I have nothing against the man, fair play to him for wanting to put himself forward, but I just don’t think it would succeed.
    As regards criticism of the county board, I don’t see what that is based on so far in the process. They’ve put out there what they are going to do, The process they will follow and so far it appears it is being followed. I don’t think there is any evidence to suggest the publicising of back room teams is anything to do with them.

  53. East Cork exile which ticket as the best chance to get mayo over the line ?
    You can go on about rossie results under mcstay but facts are he got them over the line in terms of a connaught title and promotion to nfl div 1 on very limited resources, I don’t want to sound disrespectful to the rossies but they will always be battling against the odds in connaught.
    The fact that Buckley, mulligan ,Rochford are willing to work alongside mcstay tells me all I need to know.

  54. Castle51 would the fact that they shipped hidings in replays not worry you at all?

    I feel McStay was badly treated last time round but this shouldn’t guarantee him the job. The best ticket of the 4 should.

    For me I just feel that his ticket is far to similar to ones that haven’t got us over line with our best generation of players.

    Who ever gets gig won’t be working with as strong a squad as what went before (in year 1/2 anyway, rebuild needed and that takes time).

  55. Gizmobobs I’d have no concerns about mcstay the fact they got beaten in replays wouldn’t concern me as iv said he got them over the line ,the resources and players in ros compared to mayo are totally different. Example jack O’connor with kildare and kerry only difference mcstay won a provisional title with ross O’connor didn’t with kildare but look what he done in year 1 with kerry.

  56. Castle51, I would suggest Dempsey depending on his back room team being sensible choices.
    The formula used before of recent successful senior club management transferring into senior inter county success has worked with James Horan and Stephen Rochford.
    Granted that doesn’t guarantee success but they only people unattached who have that level of success are Jim Gavin and Jim McGuinnes neither of whom are in for it.
    McStay is too much of a celebrity manager for my liking with potentially one eye on going back to a media gig when finished, we don’t need that drama. The Rossie documentary? Bad judgement in my opinion. The Roscommon record under Anthony Cunningham post McStay is equal if not better than McStays, 1 Connacht championship and they’ve taken none of the serious hammerings that Ross did under McStay. And that’s with potentially less talent at his disposal. What would you be saying if Anthony Cunningham was going for the job?

  57. Dempsey is going for Paul Galvin, Oisin McConville and Keith Higgins – confirmed this evening

  58. Paddy Ban, careful now, wouldn’t call a tweet from a non official source as confirmed. Excellent team if true but seems light on personnel. Definitely not the full package. Patience before announcing you’ve confirmed teams!

  59. Tubberman
    Can you tell me “what has gone on in previous appointments”??
    As far as i know the CB appointed successful / popular candidates going back decades……
    James Horan (twice)
    Stephen Rochford
    John Maughan (twice)
    John O’Mahony

    adnd yes in my view Holmes & Connelley who were well qualified.
    Thus far they have published a vacancy and as far as i can see they have accepted applications…..seems pretty above board to me
    I understand that they will now have a selection committee with an ex-player and other appointees to make a selection.
    They will have and are entitled to have preferances….dont think the Kerry CB didnt know exactly who was getting the job last time out…despite the ‘open process’…..
    As far as i know the CB are democratically selected through the clubs in the County….its not like they stormed McHale park and staged a bloody coup one night …..they were appointed by our club members.Am i correct in this?.
    This idea that all they want to do is destroy GAA in Mayo by any means possible is just tiresome…sure they are not perfect but bottom line their Governance has made us one of the top Counties in the past 3 decades…..sure we have had a poor enough return in silverware however this has been driven by bad luck at times and bad decisions on the line at others……however when you look at the list of former managers above…..who would you not have appointed? ……where is the evidence of something having “gone on”?.
    Dont mean to direct all this at you alone but there seems to be an unchallenged narrative running about the CB and there is some need for balance

  60. @Our time is come, Its a good point you make that there can be a major unknown on less established candidates.
    The example I used really only worked as Billy Beane and the team bought into that statistical approach. It’s fine being 2024 in knowledge, but will everyone understand and buy in to that cutting edge.

  61. East Cork exile while I except you point that Antony cunningham has done well with ross I don’t except what you say regarding if he was in the race for mayo job we have 4 candidates that are all mayo men with different backroom teams that the cb will have to decide which is best for mayo going forward.
    In relation to the documentry it was done for 1 reason only ,money .as for dempseys backroom team until its confirmed there’s no point commenting on speculation.

  62. 1989, back up the horse like a good man. I never said the CB wanted to destroy GAA in Mayo, or anything close to it.
    I said I’d like to know the process for appointing the new management team, given what went before. You might suggest there was no controversy with previous appointments like Holmes and Connelly – I would suggest that’s stretching credibility.

  63. Anthony Cunninghams Roscommon have I believe won a single championship game in the last three years.

    They were impressive in his first year but have gone backwards since. Could very easily be framed that they’ve got worse the further away from McStays tenure they’ve gotten

  64. Just to add some points.
    Gizmobobs, you mentioned about McStay’s proposal:
    “ For me I just feel that his ticket is far to similar to ones that haven’t got us over line with our best generation of players.”

    We didn’t get over the line with Rochford and Buckley in 2016 and 2017 because Dublin were the team across the field from us. (The Greatest Team of All Time). Narrowing it down further – the Dublin bench. We pushed Dublin to the limit but didn’t have the final inch off the bench.
    That’s not lack of ability or quality from Roch & Buckley. They’re the same coaches, if not better, and Dublin are no longer the same opposition. Kerry?

    East Cork Exile, on your observation:
    “ The Rossie documentary? Bad judgement in my opinion…”

    Brave, in my opinion. Imaginative. Outside the box thinking. Loyal and devoted to his team – get them the extra money they need to compete, when money was lacking. Don’t die wondering.
    Augurs well for us to have someone with imagination, openness, don’t die wondering attitude. And bravery.

    East Cork Exile, you continue:
    “… The Roscommon record under Anthony Cunningham post McStay is equal if not better than McStays, 1 Connacht championship and they’ve taken none of the serious hammerings that Ross did under McStay.”

    I’d contend McStay raised the profile of the Rossie team from where it was before he came in (with the help of generational players). Their image and expectations were higher after.
    I’d argue Cunningham came in and built on that. It took work to put the base in. Would AC have built them to where they were in 2018? (I agree AC has done good work with them).
    How many hammerings did Roscommon suffer under McStay?
    Mayo’s fully active running game with a fully fit team can upend most teams when it clicks. Hence the crazy one-sided scoreline in replay 2017.
    Roscommon didn’t do well in the Super 8s in 2018 – that can be that the standard is far higher and once you leave the provincials. Has AC left the provincials with Ros?
    Sorry for long post. Just felt they were important points.

  65. I also wish whoever gets the job the best of luck… its an attractive gig with the players available but unfortunately they will be judged on whether they win an All Ireland or not .
    At present the McStay ticket is by far the best option

  66. Very little intercounty managerial experience in Dempseys team
    Very little managerial/coaching experience full stop outside of himself and Galvin ?
    Emotions have to be left out of it. It’s great to see Higgins there but what is he bringing ?

    Mcstays for me

  67. Km79. I see what your saying about the proposed Dempsey ticket and the McStay one. But it’s not like the McStay ticket is flush with men who have managed senior inter county teams to all Irelands. At least the supposed Dempsey ticket has men on it who have been in winning dressing rooms on all Ireland final day. If I was a player at HT in an AI final who would I be trusting more? Men who have got over the line as players or managers/selectors who have nearly got over the line? Look I suppose nothing is confirmed yet. No point speculating unless concrete announcements are made

  68. If that Dempsey ticket is true i like the look of it but still would have it behind the McStay one. If it had another top proven inter-county coach then id have it on par with McStay’s.

  69. All – it’s as well to hold off on debating and/or judging the supposed backroom of Ray Dempsey until such time as there’s some kind of reputable confirmation that the list is correct. I’ve seen nothing so far by way of such confirmation.

  70. Am I right that James horan will be interviewed by cb in relation to next appointment?

  71. We had a manager who had a pocket full of medals,the players must not have been impressed

  72. Galvin shoudlnt be let near any team, anyway he would be gone first dispute with any player.

  73. Culmore as discussed earlier and in line with Willie joes comment no point in comments on Ray dempseys ticket till its officially confirmed.

  74. Thanks, Castle51. For sure, discussing the merits (or otherwise) of names that haven’t been confirmed is a pointless exercise.

    In other news, we’ll have an interview on the podcast with one of the candidates for the manager’s job, which will go online for club members on Patreon tomorrow. We invited all four nominees onto the podcast but only one of them agreed to come on at this point in the process.

  75. @Willie Joe,
    That’s great,very exciting and well done on the scoop!
    Can you tell us which candidate it is?
    I’d be interested to hear any and all and looking forward to it.

  76. Players with medals in their pockets does not guarantee they are going to be good managers.
    Some of the darkest days in Mayo football was when we had the great Jack o’ Shea as manager – a man that had won probably 7 all Ireland medals.

  77. Great stuff Willie Joe!

    I think we can guess who that is… Hopefully some tough Q’s asked. Would love to see a good hard interview to test the understanding and purpose. County board won’t be happy!

  78. Its nice and all for WJ and Rob and the lads that one of the managerial candidates has agreed to come on the podcast and answer some questions. They have got a nice current scoop as journalists and fair play to them.

    But I can’t see that what will in effect, be a public “mock interview” of sorts, midway through the recruitment process, going down too well with the actual selection committee who are tasked with selecting the real one.
    Just my initial reaction to this development. Couldn’t see this happening at this juncture in the managerial appointment process in any other top county.

  79. Agreed Mikey, a bad move by all involved, particularly whichever candidate it is.

  80. Great stuff having a podcast interview ? imo I’d rather have a group pundits with mayo backgrounds I don’t see mcstay or Shaw doing interviews but 100% for giving every candidate the opportunity.
    Excellent blog.

  81. Agree with Mickey3 – do we really want what is in effect going to be a public interview process been conducted in conjunction with CB interviews.
    There will be quotes from all these interviews all over the media in the run up the appointment. The last thing we need is to have our appointment played out over the media.
    I personally would prefer to see the appointment process get done first- and interview the successful candidate then. Like a lot of issues with Mayo gaa – it could turn in to a media circus. Surprised you going down this road Willie Joe. Don’t see it happening in any other county.

  82. Mikey3 you hit the nail on the head. Fair play to WJ for landing the interview, the media doing their job which I can’t disagree with. But as for the candidate who is doing it, I think it’s crazy. Clearly media hungry. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such rubbish. Again no disrespect to the media for landing the interview, that’s their job, but the candidate that took the bait would want to reassess why they are in this process. Has this ever happened in another top county? Only mayo!!

  83. Rumour as it that dessie Farnell intends to step aside as Dublin manager but not confirmed.

  84. This may be a contradiction but I’m looking forward to the interview but don’t think he should be doing interviews before throw in.

  85. Whoever the podcast candidate is , I think its a terrible idea. It shows a lack of respect for our county board, the application process and the other candidates. There’s good Mayo men putting themselves forward to serve the county and deserve better.

  86. I believe the invitation went to all candidates on been interviewed.
    Great idea.
    Let them do the podcast interview if they want and don’t if they don’t want to.

    Maybe a moratorium the night before the interviews like an election, but for now, all systems are go.

  87. It’s a bit of a media circus started by McStay and some of his mates that he has got to know in D4.
    It’s not the normal way to apply for a job surely.
    To me McStays ticket is the worst. Look at the tripe Donegal played under Rochford, Belmullet were so defensive under Mulligan that it seemed they were going sideways and back and of course Kerry didn’t seem to want Buckley. So we need a bit of freshness at least.

  88. Ive a fair idea which candidate is being interviewed and i think its a massive own goal. I had hoped the 2 against Dublin was going to be the last of them

  89. McStay’s strengths as Ros manager was in the forward play; his weakness was defending, which never recovered after the Mayo replay. It could be argued he had the forwards but not the backs. He resorted to even playing forwards like Devanney in defense. He had a bit of bad luck with losing talented fullback like Neil Collins to first injury and then moving abroad and seemed to have a falling out with Dalys, which left his panel very thin. His strength in the forward play is probably what Mayo need the most. His teams always played with a nice attacking style, but far to open at back. But his lack of resources should be taken into consideration. He’d have a much better hand at back with Mayo.

  90. disappointed to hear one of the canditates is doing an interview. fairplay to the other three for turning down the opportunity. this is really turning into a circus. Dont know who it is but really hope they dont get the job now.

  91. Sure didn’t Touhy and Moffat both do interviews for Chairman that time. Nothing wrong with it. It should be in the public domain because it concerns us all.

  92. Thanks Dr Hyde, that’s real info on McStay’s tenure at ROS. I seem to remember them as a dangerous set of forwards when they got going. Their two goals in the QF draw with Mayo were top drawer.

  93. Am surprised that any of the potential candidates would allow themselves to be interviewed at this time.
    This will be the job of the selection committee and should be left at that.

  94. Some questions that should be put to the new manager nomimee.
    Will they talk to every club in Mayo about players who are potentially good enough to represent Mayo no matter what there Club, grade ,Age or if they had been dropped or had bad blood with JH in the last 4 years.
    Will they hold a series of trial games that will be open to the media to report on between the Divisions Boards in a County cup competition like was traditionally done at Minor level and will there mangement team scout all the upcoming Senior,Intermediate and Junior championship games.
    Will they press the CB for the availability of a proper pitch with Croke Park dimensions for training next year?
    How will they look to improve our forward play and shooting accuracy in there term of management??

  95. Have to agree fully with Mikey3

    This is in danger if becoming a circus now.

    Kudos to WJ and the pod for landing a big interview and scoop but I have reservations about one of the management tickets in particular bring a bit too fond of the spotlight,

    I believe mayo football could do with something a little more lowkey so if it is who I suspect it is I will be disappointed.

    I really don’t like the idea of anyone going rogue on the process. Then it leads to squabbling and battle lines. Would be great if we could get through one off season without all the drama and 31 other counties rubbernecking at our latest psychodramas

  96. Glad to see I’m not alone in my 1st thoughts on this.

    Agreed with southmayo exile,mikey3 ,green and red amongst others. It seems like it circumvents the recruitment process and seems quite ‘fame hungry’ of the interviewee.

    It’s getting like xfactor or one of those tory leadership sagas

  97. Shocking that this candidate sees it as a good idea to do this interview. Totally unprofessional. They should do their talking at interview. If they want after the interview to give the interview that’s totally fine.

    Also, to be honest, I’m very disappointed with the organisers of this interview/podcast. Surely a all give the interview or no one gets interviewed for the podcast should be the line. Even then it’s still wrong to be conducting these interviews. Willie Joe, you and others on here have discussed/debated at length how we always air our sh*t in public and make a circus out of matters relating to CB, managers, team etc etc and yet here it’s being announced about this interview.

    Willie, I think you run a great blog and it is a great service to us all, but I strongly suggest you and or the organisers of this podcast to think again and to hold off on this interview, for the good of the selection process and the wider good of mayo gaa. Surely its not worth the extra listenership and likes of the podcast to drag the process through the sh*t??

    Think again about this!!

  98. Thank you, Dr Hyde, for coming on to give your point of view on McStay’s time with Roscommon. Great to hear it.

  99. Whoever does this interview should be excluded from the process.They should not be appointed Mayo Manager

  100. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a bit of transparency in the process, something our county board is seemingly allergic to. Not sure why they or their “process” deserve respect when they often give little respect to the people applying for the job. If you were to believe the talk going around, this recruitment process is all for show. No harm in putting a bit of pressure on them and forcing them to explain themselves.

  101. Totally agree with Moyside and 1989, keep the media out of this selection, just makes it like another Mayo circus

  102. Agree with the comments, this is not the appropriate time for potential managers to be accepting invitations to join a podcast, plenty of time for talking between date of their appointment and Christmas!!! You can be sure their views on a whole range of issues relevant to the post will be all over the media in the coming days!

  103. Its gas. The anti cStay brigade have criticsed his tenure over Roscommon, his media profile and now presumably ( if it is him) his impending interview. Others accuse him of being divisive. If we are serious about football in our county and I think all on this blog are just take an objective look at the supposed management teams. Forget agendas and liking or disliking individuals. Which management team looks the most impressive. Which management team has the best chance of achieving success. The Co Board must look at this,
    Its not about our likes and dislikes. I know who I hope gets the job, but whoever it is I will suport them, because its not about me, its about what is best for my county.

  104. Nothing wrong with any of the Candidates coming onto a Podcast. Maybe it’s a good thing as we will see what they are really about.

  105. Surely it’s absolutely a great idea that candidates are interviewed on a public platform.

    – It bring a transparency to the process
    – It allows the supporters to get an insight
    – It gives the CB a preview of the candidates
    – Which means the CB can do a more thorough interview
    – It helps the candidates prepare for the CB interview

    Any serious candidate should see this interview as ideal preparation for the CB. For the supporters it provides a new era of transparency. I’ve no preference for any particular ticket, but the candidate that grabbed this opportunity is well ahead of the game.

    Well done!

  106. Never hear a politician refusing an interview before an election. Maybe all 4 candidates could push for the same. I don’t think it enhances or detracts from the end result but all year long posters are screaming out for information and interviews so ye can’t have it both ways. I for one will be all for it WJ.

  107. How any candidate could see this interview as a plus going forward is beyond me.Makes a mockery of the interview process and can only help the other three applicants.Surely the County board have given each of the four guidelines before their interviews about privacy.I am honestly baffled.

  108. Looks like the interviewee is Declan Shaw – Mayo News tweet mentions an interview with him

  109. As today’s edition of the Mayo News confirms, the candidate who agreed to speak with the podcast is Declan Shaw. Some of the interview he did with Rob for the podcast is reported on in the paper. The pod itself will be online for club members on Patreon later today. Just to be clear – all four were invited onto the podcast but he was the only candidate who agreed to do so at this stage in the process.

    By the way, this week’s paper also has further details on the appointment process, including when the sub-committee will be put together, dealing with possible conflicts of interest, how the selection process will operate and the timeframe for its conclusion.

  110. I have to agree with Moyside and others. I feel a deep discomfort about this proposed interview. I have massive respect for you WJ and all you have done for Mayo football over many years but it might be best to reconsider this decision, tempting and all as it is. Whoever the candidate is they are likely to really annoy the CB and a lot of supporters as well. Why anyone applying for the post would think this is a good idea is beyond me unless they think they haven’t a hope of being appointed and are seeking to cause a stir.
    But then again I could be wrong! And that wouldn’t be unusual.

  111. Bad decision by Declan to do an interview in my view, but then the chances of him getting the job are very small.

  112. Disregard my previous post. I hadn’t seen WJs post when I wrote it.
    The podcast goes ahead and that’s that. Let’s see what the fall out is.

  113. I really can’t get my head around the fact that people don’t want to find out what is happening,congratulations Willie Joe on getting him for the podcast,also well done to Declan for giving his views to the podcast, I am all for transparency and feel far too much business is done without public scrutiny,hopefully it will lead to some transparency from the county board as well,for the record I believe that McStays team is the best,but well done to Declan

  114. Is it just me or does it feel like it is starting to get a bit messy now ? The CB are dragging out the process and you can just see there will be controversy and a national story by the time the process is finished. The longer we go without a manager and names being out in the media the more frustrated everyone will get.

  115. Dempseys tkt is sn exciting one..Always interested in what Mc Conville has to say and he would be a great addition to any backroom team.
    Perplexed as to.why Shaw has agreed to an interview.

  116. Seanie CH – where do you get the idea that they’re dragging out the process? They asked for nominations by last Friday and now the process moves onto the next stage with the four candidates, as per the documented policy they’ve established. Initially, it was reported that the appointment would be finalised in early September but in the Mayo News today Dermot Butler is quoted as saying that they hope to have it completed by the end of this month.

  117. Agree .. Unnecessary for Dec to do the interview .. Reality is he would probably not be favourite to get the job so presume he thinks getting his views out through the local media will help his chances …

  118. Declan while I totally agree with you my felling is the candidate most likely to give a interview is someone who’s ticket is the weakest I can’t imagine mcstay or Shaw getting involved in this and dempsey is keeping his cards close to his chest and would have a good relationship with cb.

  119. Don’t really see any issue with Shaw talking on the podcast. It will be interesting to hear his views. Doesn’t interfere with the process at all IMO.

    Who cares if national media report on what he says?

  120. I’m just curious to know why people think its wrong for a candidate to do an pre-interview inyetview?? I’ve no particular opinion on it at all but I am interested to hear from those who posted why they think it’s bad idea.

    In my opinion, of the confirmed ‘Mgnt Tickets’ the McStay one is well ahead. The Dempsey one (unconfirmed of course) looks appealing on paper but do these guys even know one another? How do you know they’d gel etc.

  121. @WillieJoe. I just feel the process we are using is one that is prolonged, other counties have shown there is a more efficient way to appoint a manager. Cork footballers had one appointed in 24 hours, Tipperary hurlers had one appointed in 3-4 days, Antrim footballers 4 weeks, Meath footballers 5-6 weeks. We are taking 10-12 weeks to appoint a manager when in reality we knew McStay, Solan and Dempsey would be likely in the running once James Horan stepped down. Shaw in fairness was a bit left field but the sub committee could have been as good as finalised by this stage.

  122. I don’t disagree with that, Seanie CH – they’re following the process but whether or not it’s the correct one is open to question alright. I guess they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t – can you imagine the furore if, as has happened elsewhere, a new manager was revealed in a matter of days?

  123. That is true, no matter what route we take someone will always see it as the wrong one. I would like to have seen it wrapped up in around 4-6 weeks but it is what its is. Looking forward to hearing what Declan Shaw has to say on the podcast.

  124. No problem with podcast interview as all 4 were invited. Maybe Shaw is the right man,with the balls to do the interview even though the rest thought the CB might not be impressed by it.

  125. A very underrated proposal from Shaw but a very serious one too.
    Shaw’s club record is streets ahead of what Horan’s was when he was appointed on both occasions and is far ahead of Dempsey’s too. He may not have won the club All Ireland like Rochford and McStay but he defeated the two club powerhouses of the time in Corofin and Crossmaglen on the way to his All Ireland club final, (stories of him being badly advised in the lead up to that club final didn’t help either).
    However, his application for the post is far from the weakest. In fact, I believe when considered carefully it runs McStay’s proposal very close.

  126. I am excited to hear what Declan Shaw has to say. Castlebar were quite formidable during his tenure and they did this without any “outstanding” individuals (Paddy Durcan the exception, but be was young at the time). A team is more the sum of its parts, and they embodied that. Took some big scalps on the way too, but unfortunately didn’t bag the all Ireland.

    McStay has the big names, but is that what we need & is it realistic financially? Dempsey’s “proposed” ticket for me is enticing. McConville & Galvin could add hugely to it….those boys are hard hitters, both have won all Irelands. I think we need that outside voice to get over the line. The only drawback I can see is there is no recognised coach on it. But perhaps there is more names on that ticket to be confirmed (all hypothetical of course)

  127. Seanie CH, fair point. But in my opinion we are approx 45 weeks late in the process because this should all have been done after last years AIF “performance”.
    By comparison Kerry acted swiftly and ruthlessly and got their reward. Tyrone did likewise in 2020 in moving on a legend of the game and got their reward. We passively stood by and offered up a pre-cleared “interview” with Midwest radio and then sat back to be kept in the dark for another 7 months.
    There can be no sentiment or submissiveness in this appointment. It needs to be cold, calculated and precise.

  128. @Pebblesmeller – I have great time for shaw and what he did with Castlebar but lets not forget he also inherited a very strong mitchels team who also made it to an all Ireland final in 2014 with the previous managment.

    Shaw did turn them into a powerhouse in Mayo football for a few years and it was a joy to watch them, however, once a few older players and the 2015-2017 backroom stepped away they regressed under him (2018 & 2019). Mayo are probably in a similar position with a few older lads going to step away in the short – medium term so whoever gets the job will have to unearth some new players. I also agree that his ticket is underrated but for me it is still well off McStay’s based on intercounty experience.

  129. @Mayo Focus – that is the one thing that would have me excited for Shaw. With the exception of paddy durcan and barry moran that Mitchels team had no top intercounty players but he managed to turn them into a team that dominated club football in the county.

  130. Did Shaw and Oreilly take over a team that Pat Homles had in an All Ireland final a year or two previous? Can’t quite remember. I might stand to be corrected but if I’m right I don’t think it’s fair to say he has a far better record then Horan or Dempsey have. It’s all subjective. But Horan took a team that was only a few years up from intermediate that had never won a senior championship before. And Dempsey took Knockmore back to the top on a back to back basis with a really young team that by most were considered 4th or 5th best in the county. And personally I’d have fancied them to win Connaught in after they won the 2020 championship when they had a full fit squad but it was suspended due to Covid. Any club team that loses 3/4 of their key players in a Connaught championship will struggle to win the big games. No doubt the oreilly and Shaw team had a good record but Shaws record when Oreilly left wasn’t as strong. Regardless of that his management team for this job is interesting but I don’t think he should be doing any interviews

  131. On another subject has anyone been keeping tabs on our lads playing in America?
    I read an article this morning which said Paul Towey scored 1-17 in the last game. Not quite championship football granted but 1-17 isn’t to be sniffed at and lets hope he can make the breakthrough for us.

  132. Mind the House, football wasn’t bad, but 13 a-side is completely different beast to intercounty, Towey still played really well and got some great scores but the extra space is a dream for smaller forwards.

  133. I see he was being marked by Michael McKernan who is no mug. 1-7 scored from play as well.
    Lets hope he can become a big player for us.

  134. Mcconville is the one that interests me most. He’s by far the best pundit on the Sunday game (along with Fitzmaurice) and based on his comments over the years, seems to have a lot more belief in the ability of Mayo to compete with the top counties than most others. Not really something you can say about Mcstay who has spent the last decade worshipping Dublin in particular and also Kerry in more recent years.
    Mcconvilles goal in the last quarter of the 2002 final and Motm performance against a brilliant Kerry team was exactly the kind of display we will need to win Sam and we will probably be similar underdogs if we make it to the final again.

  135. McStay worshipping Dublin and Kerry,,,,I have heard it all now. Dublin have been brilliant for years. Even a person with a bias against Dublin would have to admit that so surely a neutral analyst would be expected to praise them. Kerry are present champions so surely deserving of respect. Is there anything wrong with admiring the best and most successful teams. Maybe there is even something to be learned about how they go about their business..

  136. Seriously…I’d be fairly certain the McStay you hear on TV isn’t the McStay players will hear in a dressing room…or speak privately with off the field. He is no mug and a fairly ruthless operator.

  137. Whatever about the heavy hitters Dempsey might have lined up, I’m worried he might also take some of the knockmore coaching staff with him.
    Of course we wish him well, but not at the expense of our great club than Ray himself has been part of for so long!

  138. John+McHale, fair concerns from a local club level. Are their similar concerns in Belmullet if McStay gets it or would McHale do both?

  139. Find it amazing the amount of people who are against McStay for things he has said on TV.

    He’s paid to do a job, to give an unbiased open opinion on the game. If he constantly lavished praise on Mayo or complained about decisions going against them, he’d find himself out of work. If anything, RTE should not have him doing Mayo games as it puts him in an awkward position.

    People would do well to remember he is working for the national broadcaster, not a local production where biased reporting is expected.

    One incident that particular pissed me off was the abuse he got for the Eoghan McLaughlin incident. If you know Croke Park, you’d know that commentary is up on level 7 which is miles from the pitch and if you watch GAA regularly, you’d also know that broadcasters don’t like to show replays when a bad injury occurs. McStay was miles from the pitch and was waiting over a minute for a replay so all he could base it on was his first viewing (the same amount of viewings as the referee got when he didn’t consider it a free from right beside the incident). He later admitted he got his initial call wrong and apologised. But we still have Mayo people holding it against him, its utter nonsense.

  140. I really thought i was up to date with all things MAYO GAA but I cannot remember KEITH HIGGINS announcing his retirment from playing inter county hurling. If he continues to play inter county hurling how can he be expected to be involved it the mayo football management team which will require 100 % commitment from Keith. If he is able to combine both roles then he is some man for one man. maybe I am underestimating KEITH HIGGINS.

  141. For me it’s Mike Solan all the way.

    A young and energetic manager that’s a proven All Ireland winner. Mike is a details man and reads the modern game better than the others. For the sake of our long term ambitions Mike Solan for me is what we need. He also is more familiar with most of the players.

  142. Mayo45 the players were prepared to die for Horan and look how that turned out the couldnt score to save their lives.

  143. It’ll be interesting to hear what Shaw has to say. Something to be said for each team; they all have strengths.

    Here’s a very rough analysis of McStay’s selection that gives some idea of the experience involved; I’m focusing on the football rather than the men.

    Coaching experience with Donegal seniors (Ulster Championship)
    Coaching experience with Monaghan seniors (Division One)

    Managerial experience with St Brigids club (All Ireland champions)
    Managerial experience with Corofin club (All Ireland champions)
    Managerial experience with Roscommon seniors (Connaught champions, AIQF, Super 8)
    Managerial experience with Belmullet club (Mayo finalists)
    Managerial experience with Mayo U21 (AI finalists)
    Playing experience – (AI club winners, Crossmolina & Ballina)
    Selectorial experience with Mayo seniors/U21 (AI finalists)

    Coaching experience with Kerry seniors (AI finalists)
    Coaching experience with Limerick seniors


    Managerial experience with The Downs club (Westmeath)
    Selectorial experience with Westmeath seniors?

  144. Mayo45 – the only term appropriate for that comment you posted is idiotic and I’ve no desire to provide a platform for that kind of stuff here.

    I’m also getting concerned that people appear to think that all the candidates and their backroom teams (even supposed ones) are fair game for all manner of disparaging comments. I’m going to have to ask everyone to bring a bit of reasonableness into what they have to say and would appreciate everyone’s support in relation to this.

  145. Highorlow for a supposedly “details man”, Mike Solan couldn’t spot that Jimmy Hyland needed to be double marked in the 2018 u-20 final – something that was obvious before a ball was thrown in

  146. Hello

    As of now,, I am backing Dempsey. Great outside and local to Mayo presence.

    I sure would not be worrying about Keith Higgins.

    May the most suitable combination be successful.

  147. No point going back over the history of prospective managers. Mistakes are made and lessons learned.
    Its what each management team offers from this point forward. In county boards hands now. Presumably all 4 will be interviewed and best man for the job selected.

  148. It’s still too soon, Paddy Ban. There’s no confirmation as yet of Ray Dempsey’s proposed backroom team and until that happens, there’s no point putting up a poll on it. I’ve another poll I need to do, however, if I get the time to do it at some point this week.

  149. Our time has come – your typical of the negativity that a minority of “supporters” on here dig in for to somehow justify and/or start an argument.

    I wish all the candidates the best of luck and won’t be judging any of them on past errors, I’d rather if comments were made in a positive light in the favour of each of the candidates. I made my view on Mike and the best you could come up with is a negative response which was a straw clutch remark in any event.

    God help WJ here whenever the manager is selected if this is what he will have to deal with.

  150. Every manager makes mistakes. Even Jim Gavin did. It’s about learning from those mistakes! That’s the key

  151. Highorlow I’m not negative, I’m just realistic and I’m not looking to start an argument. I’d love to live in your fairytale land where we ignore errors and live with a “sure everything will be grand” mentality.

    Why shouldn’t we get pulled up on our errors? They should all be judged on past errors as well as their plans.

    I’ve given you a perfect example of how Solan was not a detail orientated man as you had prophesied and then you act like I or people like me are the problem?

    As Mayo Focus has said maybe he has learned from it. Tactics are however far far easier to read and manage (less complex) at underage than at senior inter county and I’d worry about Solan’s ability given that the big one he missed was so obvious in the lead up to the u-20 final 2018.

    Am I allowed have my point of view now (which I have reasoned) or are you going to attack me again?

  152. Highorlow/our time has come – I’d be grateful if you could take the temperature down a bit in your exchanges, there’s no need to be having a go at each other in that way.

  153. According to a piece in the Mayo News today, the selection committee can only be drawn up now, as all the runners and riders are in the field. To prevent conflict of interest, or bias, the selection panel must be seen to be neutral. To be fair to the CB, regardless whether we agree with the “process” or not, they are trying to be seen to do things correctly. It may be slow and labourious but who is to say if we adopted them Cork model of managerial selection (referenced above) we would end up with the right manager either?
    At the end of the day, it’s a small world and an even smaller county so it is very likely that many of the competing managers/backroom team will know some or all of the interview panel. It’s probably unavoidable.
    We are lucky that the calibre of the four men with their hats in the ring is very high. We can argue over experience v freshness, title winners v failure in finals, known to the players or not, but what we can be sure about is the belief of all the candidates in the ability and quality of the players they hope to work with. Thta’s the most important thing.

  154. Our time has come,
    If you remember back to that 2018 final, there were three hugely significant factors that occurred in that game which were all outside of Solans control.
    1) Johnny Maughan picked up a bad injury early on in the 1 st half that forced a substitution on Solan. Cathal Horan (our centre half lynchpin throughout that campaign) was dropped back to the corner in the forced change. This removed him from his customary and best position
    2) The same Cathal Horan was very harshly black carded that removed our best defender from the game.
    3) Flynn went nuts and shoved the ref over, resulting in a straight red card.

    Even after all that I think we lost by just 2 or 3 points?? And Hyland had one of those games where everything he hit, from every angle on the pitch, went straight over the bar. His performance that day was abnormal. He has never reproduced that level of performance since.
    So, it seems very unfair to land that defeat solely at the boots of Solan. I’m afraid the Gods had a hand in things that day and they didn’t favour Mayo.

  155. Noted WJ – apologies
    Pebblesmeller points 1 & 2 are fair but Flynn got the red in injury time of the second half if I recall.
    I was sitting high in the Davin watching that game and could not believe the amount of space Hyland was given. That is why he had a great game, a bit like how Towey is scoring 1-17 in matches beyond in Chicago – space. Granted we had injuries but tactically it was naive not to deploy a sweeper in front of him. I’ll say no more on it and maybe Solan has learned and developed.

  156. I was at that u20 final too, and I’d have a similar take on it to “our time has come”. It was obvious from early on that Hyland was making hay, and there was nothing done to address it as far as I could see. we would probably have won if we doubled up on Hyland because they didn’t have much else of a threat from what I remember.
    Rod got a great goal that day too.

  157. Podcast episode featuring an interview by Rob with Declan Shaw, as well as a discussion with Rob, Ed McGreal and Tony Leen on the appointment process, is now online for club members on Patreon.

  158. @ Our Time Has Come, I completely agree with you. You made a very fair comment on the 2018 final, one which I feel was and is widely held by many supporters and you backed up your statement which is something we are asked to do – back up a comment with evidence/opinion (albeit subjective) and/or stats. Highorlow’s comment was unfair to brand you as a typical negative “supporter”. In my opinion it looked like we had no plan for Hyland that day and when changes were made in the 2nd half it was far too late. For me, that went down as a final that was ‘lost on the line’. The following year the u20’s flopped in Tuam despite being strong on paper so while I would give Solan some credit for the 2016 win, the big asterix beside that is that it was on the back of very strong 2013 and 2014 minor teams (one of which was our best in two decades and the other which lost to a very strong Kerry team in an All Ireland semi final). Those u21’s in 2016 were on a mission and to be frank, I think most managers would have won with them.

    I ask this genuinely – what has Solan done since 2019? has he been involved with any senior teams and how have they done?

  159. Just for the sake of a counter argument in light of Mike Solan getting criticised for not working out a plan for Hyland . Was it Kerry that got beat by Kildare that year , was it Jack o Conor I n charge and did hyland hit them for 1-8 , I think you’ll find that’s all true and they were the product of a minor all Ireland winning team also . Jack o Conor hasn’t done too bad since in fairness since jimmy hyland found him out .

  160. If all 4 candidates had agreed to do the Podcast, it would be lauded in Mayo as a great act of transparency and connection with the Mayo Gaa public. But now, when Declan Shaw is the only one to let the public know what his hopes and plans are, he’s slaughtered for it.
    Then to see some people turning on Willie Joe for facilitating this interview, only adds fuel to the argument that a lot of Mayo Gaa people never stop whining and whinging.

    What I find very amusing is the assessment of McStay’s inter county management so far.
    The anti McStay faction are running down and criticising his time as Roscommon manager, while the pro McStay brigade are talking up his achievements as if they had almost won an All Ireland !!. ..I believe the truth lies somewhere in between.
    As a Mayoman living in Roscommon for almost 20 years, I can tell you that Liam McHale was immensely popular with the Roscommon players.more so than McStay was. The players could relate to McHale and found him very approachable, whereas McStay was regarded as a bit aloof.
    McStay was accused internally of having favourites, and showing blind loyalty to them, even if they weren’t playing very well.
    This eventually led to resentment which seeped down through the panel and caused fractures in the group. Shortly before McStay stepped down, 10-12 players made it known that they wouldn’t be available to play for Roscommon the following year. Armed with that knowledge, Kevin stepped down.

  161. Declan Shaw comes across well in the podcast and you can tell he loves Mayo GAA. Best of luck to him and his ticket.

  162. Agreed seanie CH declan Shaw comes across very well in podcast. It’s obvious there is no ego, no airs or graces.
    Just a committed mayo man looking to put his stamp on things.
    Zones in on his expansive knowleged of the mayo club scene which is imperative to be a successful county manager. Hard to argue with it. I’ll totally admit I never heard him speak before this podcast. Best of luck to him.

  163. Declan Shaw came across as a man who knows the Club scene in Mayo . I can see him as a potential Mayo Manager by listening to what he had to say on the podcast. Well done

  164. While I support McStay for manager I think it is rather unfair to criticise Solan for the loss to Hyland inspired Kildare in U20 final. Hyland was outstanding that day. It is very easy to say he should be double teamed or double marked. The same accusation can be thrown at P Joyce in the AI Final Why was Clifford not double marked. Sean Kelly is a top player but couldn’t cope with Clifford. We can throw the same accusation at Jack O Connor. How on earth did he do nothing to curb the greatness of Shane Walsh. Tom O Sullivan, another top class defender could not deal with Walsh. So did both managers get it terribly wrong or was it just the case that Walsh and Clifford were simply outstanding on the day and practically unmarkable. Was it a case that likewise Jimmy Hyland was simply outstanding on the day v Mayo. . Maybe its not always the fault of the manager, so having a go at Solan for something that happened that day appears a tad unfair. What’s most disappointing is that some posters on here want to criticise and tear holes in some candidates so that they can promote their own. That’s desperately negative. While its understandable that we posters may have our preferred candidate, would it not be better to focus on their positives rather than searching for something negative in the others. I am sure all 4 will do their absolute best for Mayo GAA if given the chance Whoever gets it is deserving of our support.

  165. I don’t do podcasts, but I’m sure I’ll get a flavour of the discussion over the next day or so. I certainly won’t be one to lambast anyone for doing a podcast interview or anyone who chose not to.
    I have to say the nature of the comments here this week makes me worry for whomever gets the job. Every candidate being criticised for their less than perfect records and even being lambasted personally for decisions they made on the sideline or in their professional lives. It’s nothing short of shameful.
    All these candidates have put themselves in the glare of the public, all with the same goal and all deserve far more respect than they’re getting here.

  166. Agreed Ah now. Liam McHale was robbed of his chance to star in an all ireland final because he was sent off through no fault of his own. Constant negative comments from posters here taking a cheap shot at him.
    Up to the 4 contenders to make their case and for us to trust the CB.

  167. @Observer2 from Kevin McStay in September 2018

    he refuted any media reports suggesting player unrest had played a part in his departure from Roscommon.

    “That was simply untrue, bullshit, never happened,”

    “From our panel of 34 players, we had two retirements, four lads who wanted to travel after their college courses.

    “We had two lads whose bodies were banjaxed and could not take any more and another two lads who were failing to make the matchday 26, and you would get pissed off with that.

    “In fact I would get pissed off with that myself and would be pissed off if they were not pissed off.

    “That’s what happens when you are on the seventh, eight, ninth, 10th team in the country, you are just on that borderline hanging in where you want to be competitive, but at the same time there is a lot of life choices and difficulties.

    “That’s life and that’s how it is.”

    He then claimed that some “smart-assed journalists running with the unrest story” made a “laugh out of the statement that I made as I was leaving”.

    “The bit that was missed was I did not write the statement for their comfortable lousy comments,

  168. I can’t see anything wrong whatsoever with any of the candidates doing a podcast.. Interesting to say the least. Fair Play to Declan Shaw.

  169. Fair play Declan, good interview. Clearly knows the club scene in depth and similar with the lads he’d bring with him. Interesting what he said about the media craic last year and how presumably he’d greatly improve communication.

    Felt Tony Leen was off the mark constantly referring to Kerry and Jack o’connor. It’s not comparable whatsoever. Jack was a proven winner with Kerry in both stints previously so a simple decision to bring him back. Enough said.

  170. Sure if it was all for the good of Mayo football the CB could invite the 4 candidates to take over the team jointly.

    We see where management teams can comprise of upwards of 20 in personnel when all disciplines ( stats, medical, physios ), are accounted for.

    You’d have Solan, Shaw, Dempsey and Mcstay all on the sideline and you could allow each of them to choose one of their proposed backroom team to bring with them.

    Surely then ( if each candidate is thought to be a guru in their own right ), you would have by far the strongest ticket to run the team.

    The likes of Dublin in the recent past have had many personalities on their sideline and have made it work. Sure. You have to have one primary, but Dublin have had huge stars on their sideline teams working alongside the likes of Having (Sherlock, Bernard Dunne etc).

    If these four managers are thought to be the best in the county, they would make a far stronger unit pulling together rather than trying to outdo each other on the leadup to the interviews.

    The element of pressure overload on the manager would also be dispelled of if the 4 majors took on the job together.

  171. Tony Leen said about the McStay ticket that he can see lots of Chiefs but not so sure who the Indians are. I think he’s indicating this could potentially be a good thing, ie they’ve decided to all pull together, prepared to relinquish the leader role for the overall the good of Mayo.

  172. Great podcast again especially the Declan Shaw interview. Having the same from the other 3 candidates would be brilliant. I don’t think it will have improved or harmed his chances but it clears up a lot of things regarding why he chose his team.

  173. Mc Stay can talk the talk but I would agree with a lot of valid points made on this forum regarding past managerial positions he has had.
    Brigids were already banging at the door regarding winning an all Ireland before he arrived.
    Regarding his Connacht win with Roscommon, this was backboned serious u21 success. The turnover of players during his rein with was a joke and even saw one high profile player loss out on Connacht title under him. His shoving of a referee during a super 8 game was embarrassing and he never implemented a defensive strategy where we suffered embarrassing losses to your selves and Galway and many another top 10 teams. By adding Buckley to this ticket, I am not sure it will made a difference under his watch.

  174. @Joe2 – If St Brigid’s were already knocking on the door before McStay arrived and then he got them over the line to win an all Ireland that is exactly what we need.

  175. Is there a case for reducing the teams to thirteen a side because of Paul Toweys scoring in America,because small skilful players don’t get much room especially at the top level,surely it would help weaker teams as well who would have more of a chance of being competitive

  176. @Corick Bridge, 13 a side would be the best next logical move for Gaelic football and possibly hurling
    – both sports goal scoring has declined due to stacking of defences. Much harder shut down space in 13 a side
    – larger numbers inherently favours the stronger, deeper more professional squads. Every county has ten good footballers and they count as a heavier weight in 12 outfield players versus 14 outfield players
    – there’d be less of this awful attack – defend – attack- defend very patterned almost Olympic handball pattern to the game. If you’ve seen Olympic handball it’s a shocking sport. Everyone attack, everyone defend, everything patterned. We have been evolving that direction.

  177. @Liberal role – I actually took up the Tony Leen comments the opposite way. He spoke about how everyone in the Kerry panel knew Jack was the boss. End of. I think when he was referring to the McStay ticket, he referred to a lot of egos. But those Kerry boys are cute. He never put his neck on the line as to who he would like to see as the next manager. All subjective stuff I guess

  178. 13 a side would accentuate the defensive mindset that we see in the game today. 20 years ago, defenders had much simpler jobs to do. How many times can you recall someone scoring 1-17 in a match before all these defensive systems came into play? How many times did two players (from opposing teams) score more than 8 points in an all Ireland final?
    The mindset has changed over the years to where it is largely a forwards game today. In a time where there’s 15 men inside their own half, but scoring is as high, if not higher than normal, which shows that players are getting pulled for fouls that they wouldnt have pre-2011 (jim mcguinness era). In the last 10 years, the only defenders to win footballer of the year are all attacking half backs – leeroy, jack McCaffrey, karl lacey. No mention of much better out and out defenders such as keith higgins, micheal fitzsimons or marc o se.

    In effect, true defenders are at a big disadvantage in the game today – changing it to 13 a side would only be probable if people were willing to compromise and allow more aggressive defending. Otherwise it would turn into a game of basketball esque scoring (which can become less impressive the more it is seen)

  179. Wonder will they look to one of the ultimate “rejects” for the Mayo job, Dave?

    What do people make of the Shane Walsh saga, which is probably the biggest national GAA story at the minute

    I know only too well how taxing a regular commute from Dublin to the west is, and this type of transfer is done regularly on an annual basis (plenty of our own did it too over the years) with nothing said about it.. only none are as high profile as this one. Ultimately I believe only he knows what’s best for himself. That said the optics of leaving a small rural club to join a Dublin “super-club” don’t help him in the popularity stakes, rightly or wrongly

    Not sure I’m overly enamoured with the KC club chairman essentially guilt-tripping him in national media, and coming out with bullish talk of contesting it and so on. Shane should be completely left to make up his own mind on it

    Another twist has been added to the tale according to the Indo though, where it seems such a transfer might not be as clear cut where moving residence for the purposes of 3rd level education is concerned

    Overall this has the potential to get messy. No transfer request has been officially submitted I understand, and honestly I can actually see him ultimately doing a u-turn the way its going and committing to Kilkerrin Clonberne for the next few weeks, and certainly from a PR point of view it is probably his most sensible move at the minute. He can see how he’s fixed then when he ultimately qualifies as a PE teacher.

    With everything involved (appeals from his home club, the GAA assessing the strict legality of such a move etc.), if he does try to push through I can’t see him lining out for Kilmacud as soon as he may like, and in fact it becomes even likely he may not actually play club football in 2022

  180. It’s all working out nicely for Mc Stay. County board can’t take the risk of him and that mgt team winning a Nestor Cup with the Rossies

  181. @Generation, Agree with you on 13 a side. The two rules that would need better enforcement are steps and barging, otherwise forwards have too much advantage. Agree with you that a basketball attack only both teams high scoring is boring.
    The most exciting element to the game are the unknown of turnovers. When a forward goes into contact we need to stop allowing them all this time and steps. Either attempt to play the ball off or refs quickly call the free steps or barging.
    When the defender is set you should not be allowed run at his tackle arm, you should be having to evade or pass around.
    Too many forwards can just blow a regular size defenders tackle arm out of the way with driving leg strength.
    Hurling attack score, attack score, attack score is actually not as interesting a sporting contest as used be.

  182. Joe2 Mayo have been banging on the door to win AI for quite a while. Wouldn’t it be great if McStay or indeed anyone could now come in and get them over the line as happened with St Brigids

  183. Yes Green&Red, he’s a very clever and cute pundit for sure and I can certainly see how what he said could be interpreted different ways….
    I must have another listen!!

  184. @Gweestion.

    Not precisely what you asked, but in the 2020 AI final Rock scored 1 – 5 and Cillian scored 0 – 9 points.

  185. It’s reported that mcstay had no intention of applying for mayo job but was contacted by cb and asked to put his name in the ring .I do hope mcstay lands the job but if the report is correct it’s very unfair on the other candidates when the cb talk of a process were candidates put name’s forward and all the while contact someone to encourage them to enter the race.

  186. Castle51, I think it’s a very accepted thing that County Boards can and should headhunt the potentially best people. I’ve certainly heard this point in various coverage over the past few weeks.

  187. It was mentioned weeks ago on either podcast or in Mayo News that numerous managers were contacted to see if they were interested in applying

  188. Castle51, understand that this would bring into serious disrepute the process here. If the touted tickets are true there is an equally strong ticket coming down the pipe.

    County board need to do this to the letter. At the minute only one candidate is sticking to the brief.

  189. @Ciaran. Re Shane Walsh. Serious joke the way he is being treated. A player should be allowed to play for whatever club he wishes to play for. Shame on the Chairman of his club for trying to stop him. He clearly needs some other things in his life other than GAA to give him some perspective. It’s a free country and an amateur sport. All these rules need to change, antiquated beyond belief in 2022! It’s only a game at the end of the day.

    The fact that a player these days has to actually ask for a transfer in an amateur sport – I wonder how that would hold up in the High Court? – not very well I am guessing.

  190. @Ciaran. I might also add, Walsh is 29. Not your typical student.

    Even a 20yr old student, should be allowed do as he wishes. Some lads, actually want to enjoy their lives a bit more, (or focus on exams) as opposed to trucking across the country every weekend.

  191. Anyone thinking that “back channels” are not used by representatives of the CB to potential managers, in an effort to “sound them out”, is naive in the extreme. Contacts are sussed out at club level never mind at county level and it is only right that this is done.
    The names are in the hat, they are all good, honest Mayo men who will try their utmost to win Sam, so, let them be. Over to the CB now to do this right and fair.

  192. A bit of history, in Dan oNeils book he stated that he got a wallet on notes when he left the Mitchels to play club football com in Louth and win an all Ireland in 57.He later changed jobs and captained the Mitchells to win 2 county finals.The chairman of the county board told him he would never play for Mayo again but had to change his mind.
    A young Mitchells lad called waldron won an all Ireland with croke.
    Martin Carney played with Islaneady in the late seventies when not living there.

  193. The only problem with player transfers is that rich clubs can coax the better players to come and play for them.

    You could have certain wealthy clubs winning all Ireland’s with several players who have been coaxed to come and play for them.

    That makes these rich clubs a little bit Mancityish, and takes away from the integrity of the club championship.

  194. Two yellows is it possible that 1 individual on cb has gone on a solo and approached a candidate?if so it seriously fractures the process that the management committee have in place.
    I think the time from James horan stepping aside and the appointment of a new manager is crazy and leads to all sorts of speculation. Iv no problem with the cb speaking with horan and looking for feedback on the the championship just gone and what improvements are required going forward.
    Regardless of who gets the job its imperative that all candidates are treated fairly and not discouraged from applying again if unsuccessful this time around.

  195. Castle51/Two Yellows – you’ve both got a fair bit of supposition going on there, from which inferences and conclusions are then being drawn. You say, Castle51, that “it’s been reported” – where has what you’ve said been reported? Please don’t point to some loon on Twitter or equivalent in doing so. The debate on here about the appointment process needs to be a fair one, grounded in the facts, so it needs to stick to the facts as they’re known.

  196. @revillino. I hear you re the mancityish angle…but so what if Walsh get a few quid to join. He more than deserves it. It will mean he can focus on his studies etc. It also opens up a spot for a young lad on his club team. Everybody is a winner.

    Wait until Walsh wants to transfer to Dublin ;0) a la Darcy.

  197. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. I see certain “commentators” out side the county are describing it as a circus.
    Yet if anyone looked at detail you can see that the CB have declared a process, and are following the process.
    Alternatative just shotgun a candidate in like Cork hurlers did and there’d be uproar on that as well.

  198. @east cork exile – My worry is the process adapted by the CB is too prolonged. The longer the names of potential managers are in the mix for the job and the longer we go without a manager being appointed the easier it is for story’s to grow legs and rumours to spread about certain candidates being “shafted” by the CB. There will be little for the national media to talk about over the next few months in regards to the inter county game.

  199. Willie joe it’s in the connaught telegraph date Aug 2nd ,heading, is this the dream team ? Piece by Tom Kelly.
    I’m a bit more educated wille joe to be using twitter as a media source .

  200. The Gaa code on transfers clearly states a transfer cannot be granted for residency purposes for higher education.

  201. No problem Willie joe iv total respect for blog and very important to have house rules.
    It will be interesting who gets the roscommon job my banker is john Maughan, we could have a seriously competitive connaught championship next year.

  202. @mayoman in meath. Thanks for pointing that out. So I assume the GAA will refuse to register Walsh as a kilmacud player? That would be a travesty for human rights…..surely the GAA will realise soon it’s not the 1980’s we are living in. Hopefully Kilmacud have the balls to take it to court – The GAA seem to lose anytime the court intervenes!

  203. Isn’t it unusual that 3 of the Contenders have named their main men but no such news from the Dempsey Camp.

  204. The Rossies might decide to continue with the strategy of converting former hurling managers and use Mulryan’s millions to go after Cody!

  205. Mayo 88 – I suppose it’s nice to see that Dempsey isn’t interested in getting involved in the media circus that was caused by candidates putting their team out there. You don’t really see that type of carry on in other counties. Ever since the first ticket was released, the mayo management position has been front and centre of national news. Good to see one candidate isn’t looking for media attention. Just focused on developing a management team that can offer the best to the county.

  206. Corick Bridge – he hasn’t. That team that’s on the social media sites came from our good friend on twitter. That’s why everyone is putting the word “proposed” in front of it. None of the news outlets have confirmed it yet because that source on twitter wouldn’t be strong enough. At least that’s my understanding of it

  207. As Tony Leen rightly says, the only important people in the process right now are those on the interview panel.

  208. Hi, Castle51,

    Can you say please if the CT of the 2nd August suggesting the same backroom team as stated in this blog earlier in the week p

    Or has anyone else seen the CT.



  209. @Louis.

    It might take alot of millions to tempt Cody, because the icy handshake was supposedly due to the very fact that Henry had taken up the reins of a foreign land and gone to help outside his own county.

  210. Hi ciaran2 yes the same back room team as posted on this blog the only thing in the article that caught my eye was that mcstay wasn’t going to put his name forward but was contacted by cb.

  211. Great to have 4 good candidates. What about an outsider on interview panel.Do not remember any CB official playing for Mayo

  212. Jr County boards in general don’t like someone from outside doing there job for them .in a ideal world cb will make appointments and some times they work and sometimes they don’t.
    I think as a general point all supporters want is fairness in the way managers are appointed however the amount of in-house politics that goes on is shocking, my comment is County boards so not finger pointing at just mayo.
    A outsider on a selection committee is a good idea imo.

  213. The CB haven’t done too bad given they’ve picked managers who’ve taken us to 11 All Ireland finals. We were fractions of millimetres away. People always love to have someone to blame and something to bitch about. The missing piece of the puzzle is how to get it together on final day. Obviously given where we’re at right now it may take a few more years to even get an opportunity to contest another final. But contest we will.

    Shaw made the point about the consistently competitive Club championship especially from the quarters onwards and how this obviously compliments the county set-up. So our player development in Mayo is to a high standard overall.

  214. Liberal role in the tie, having a consistently competitive club championship means that there are consistently a good few teams around the same standard – it doesn’t mean that standard is particularly high.
    Mayo teams haven’t made much impression outside the county in recent years (at senior level), so the standard relative to other counties is debatable.

  215. Maybe not Tubberman but the point is that it inevitably brings players on.

  216. Croke Park expert to have the club all ireland finalised by January just before the league starts ,no major headache for inter County managers looking to hit the ground running.

  217. They need to move the Sigerson to December Castle 51. There were a huge amount of injuries to young lads for many counties last year due to overload of inter county training ramping up, matches (FBD league etc) and sigerson. Moving Sigerson to December is an open goal as far as I can see

  218. Agree Tubberman, the Castlebar team of the 2010s (a fine side) are a long way ahead of the best club sides the county has to offer at present.

    Its not a vintage championship these days by any means – Mountbellew, Moycullen and Corofin would be the 3 best teams in Mayo, while Pearses in Roscommon would fancy themselves to win it too, and Brigids and Clann would give it a fair old rattle aswell. We’re a while waiting now for Westport to truly emerge and Ballina definitely have potential, and I’m sure Castlebar will come again. They’re the main hopes going forward really to take it to a new level. Breaffy, Knockmore and Btubber have all hit a ceiling in truth, and while all will continue to be competitive within the county, I can’t see any winning a Connacht title in the near future tbh

    With regard to Sigerson in December, that’s a no-go due to exams.. there honestly isnt any better time to play it logistically than its current slot. The Sigerson is just a competition plenty will never warm to and that’s understandable too
    Remember it used to clash with BOTH the national league and the intercounty under 21 campaign, so the current format at least is an improvement on that score

  219. December doesn’t give Sigerson teams much time to prepare, no need to train with county if training for Sigerson.FBD etc should be abandoned.if used for injury fund let Gaa headquarters pay up.
    If you are on a scholarship college will expect you to play

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