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In case anyone was wondering what happened to some of the comments they posted on the site over the last week or so, the explanation is that I had an IT accident the other evening which resulted in the deletion of a number of them. I was ploughing through the daily inflow of comment spam (there’s usually 30 or 40 of these messages every day – who bothers to create this deluge of shite?) and unfortunately some bona fide messages got liquidated in the purge I was doing (I’m reading a great book on Stalin at the minute, hence that metaphor).

There is a feature in WordPress which should do this automatically for me (i.e. weed out the crap, not delete genuine messages) but the non-geek in me can’t get it to work, hence the human error that occurred. The same IT illiteracy on my part means that I can’t find any way of restoring the comments that have been zapped.

Apologies to all those of you whose comments got caught in this bout of friendly fire. Please be assured that, unlike J Stalin, I haven’t suddenly turned against free speech!

4 thoughts on “Deleted comments

  1. Read that book on Stalin a while back, found it very hard to get into, his style is not the easiest to read, always interrupting himself. Well i sya I read it I read the first 150 pages and we called it a draw!

  2. It’s going okay for me so far – I read his other one, Young Stalin, on holidays which I thought was superb so I decided to go the whole hog and read Part 2 of the story when I got back.

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