Derry decide to keep their powder dry

It’s not a decision that’s likely to find favour with the likes of Dublin, Kerry or Tyrone – all of whom are in the hunt along with us for the remaining two League semi-final places that are still up for grabs – but if we really are intent on making the play-offs then Derry’s naming of an almost completely changed team for Sunday’s Round 7 League match with us at MacHale Park is one that should make our job a whole load easier. As has already been pointed out in the comments, just one player – Emmet McGuckian – remains from the starting fifteen that lined out against Kildare last time out as Brian McIvor has named the following team and subs for Sunday:

Derry (NFL Division One v Mayo, 6/4/2014): Eoin McNicholl (Gleann an Iolair; Oisin Duffy (Forghleann), Conor McAtamney (Suaitreach), Karl McKaigue (Leacht Néill); Charlie Kielt (Cill Ria, captain), Mark Craig (Dún Geimhin), Aidan McAlynn (An Lúb); Emmett McGuckin (Machaire Fíolta), Niall Holly (Eoghan Rua); Aaron Devlin (Baile an Doire), Danny Heavron (Machaire Fíolta), Carlus McWilliams (Baile na Scrine); James Kearney (Suaitreach), Declan Mullan (Eoghan Rua), Ciaran McGoldrick (Eoghan Rua). Subs: Thomas Mallon (An Lúb), Gerard O’Kane (Gleann an Iolair), Kieran Conway (Baile na Scrine),Paudie McGuigan (Leacht Néill), Emmet Bradley (Gleann), Peter Cassidy (Baile Eachaidh), Aaron Kerrigan (Clóidigh), Neill McNicholl (Gleann an Iolair), Niall McFeely (Fothaír Ghleann), Ryan Bell (Baile an Doire)Anthony O’Neill (An Lúb), Cailean O’Boyle (Leamhaigh).

Suddenly those 1/4 odds on us to prevail on Sunday don’t look all that out of whack (hang on, they do – we’re now 1/8 with Paddy Power to do the business on Sunday). How we’ll respond when we name our team remains to be seen – for sure, James now has a bit more leeway to experiment with his starting line-up but the bottom line, I guess, is that we want to be sure of claiming the win.  In view of this, I’d say it’s more likely we’ll see a strong team named to start and if we’re in a good position early in the second half, the bench emptying could get underway at that stage.

No word yet on when we’ll be naming our team but I guess this will be done at some stage tomorrow.

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  1. To be honest, this is more annoying than anything else. I suppose I can definitely see Derry’s point, but we should hammer them really without learning anything new about ourselves. It’s certainly giving Horan a chance to start the likes of Drake, Sweeney, Richie Feeney and that.

  2. By the way, I was also disappointed with James giving out about the referee last weekend. There was no need for it, there was nothing major given against Mayo at all and to be cribbing about the referee felt a bit like sour grapes than anything else. Usually, James is quite measured when it comes to these interviews, but this was one of the more disappointing post match showings he has put in. Save it for when it’s warranted.

  3. Thought the ref wasn’t consistent and it took a lot for us to get a free. Not the reason we didn’t win but it adds to frustration when this happens. It’s same in any code, Connacht rugby same jazz.

  4. I’m sure these 14 wannabes are handy enough & I’m equally sure we’ll make hard work of it!.I think we oughtta delegate a few up to omagh to scout who takes 4th spot!

  5. I think he’s just trying to set the narrative for the season ahead, with the refs, media and HQ. although I do think C Reilly is a good ref. For sure, he missed or let some things go, but he got the big calls right and was decisive.

  6. I dunno about that Derry team starting….we’ll see. Anyway, here’s my Mayo selection to start this one.
    Cunniffe – Cafferkey – Higgins
    Keegan – S. Coen– Boyle
    Aido- Gibbons
    McLoughlin– A. Moran –Doherty
    Sweeney– Freeman- O’Connor

    IMO, Sweeney has to start and play off Freezer. Plus I’d try and vet young S Coen in at 6. I love Donnie, he’s real tough and we need him, but maybe Coen won’t be as inclined to be galloping up the field leaving the door wide open at the back. We are leaking goals and we must plug it, somehow!

  7. I don’t normally give out about referees having tried that game many years ago in my youth without much success. But this was one occasion when I felt that criticism was justified. In particular a Mayo forward [I forget who] was pulled to the ground in the second half when going though on goal in what was clearly a black card offence but apart from a free the ref ignored it. There were several other occasions when Mayo did not get even a free and the Mayo support made their feelings quite clear. You may say it wasn’t the reason we didn’t win but their was at least three points in the difference due to fouls not being called. An additional three points would have made an awful difference at the end.
    Regards the Derry team named for Sunday I would be wary of it. I don’t think that the Derry management would learn much from putting out a team with so many changes. The team which actually lines out may be much different and I would think it risky for Mayo to try too many changes as a consequence if we really want to reach a semifinal.

  8. TBH that Derry team selected more or less means a bye into the semi final for Mayo. Anyone else think semi finals for a group of 8 has run its course at this stage? either have the top two play in the final or the top two in div 1,2 play off in the semi finals.

  9. It was part of the FRC proposals to aid club fixtures to remove the Allianz semi-finals. But who knows if that will get passed.

  10. Sorry Horan’s Brigade, but did you see the match? The first half was one of the most one-sided referreeing performances I have ever witnessed. Reilly was a disgrace and missed so many intentional fouls/punches/elbows on Mayo players that is was boardering on bias. So what if he got some decisions right when he missed 3 times as many cynical fouls. And don’t give him credit for sending off Cluxton, it was his umpire that alerted him to that. His linesman in the first half, Cusack stand side, was equally as poor.
    I agree, we can’t use it as an excuse for the draw but ffs when are we going to start standing up for ourselvesd when it comes to us being screwed over by refs?

  11. He was decisive that’s true, but he was decisively incorrect a lot of the time. I looked at the game again and Dublin should have had 3 black cards, easily. Mayo forward going through on goal, central area 35 yards out, gets pulled down from behind by Connolly who is reaching in over the shoulder of the Mayo player. That is the definition of a black card. What does Reilly give? A free in. Horan was correct in his comments. In fact I thought he was quite measured considering what had just happened.

  12. Sorry I never normally give out about refs but I thought Mr. Reilly had a poor game. I feel that when or if he goes back over the tape he will admit same. Too many times Mayo players were fouled and got nothing. How Connolly and Cooper did not get black cards is a mystery. Cooper was constantly at O’Connor the whole game and blocked him off the ball numerous times. The linesman likewise was asleep. In an U16 game recently our full forward was through on goal and the goalie wrapped him up in a choke tackle as good as Paul Connell would do. He then escaped and was ready to tap the ball into the goal when the ref blew. The ref was correct in not giving a black card. The goalie was smart enough to not bring the player to ground – the subsequent penalty was saved. Where the ref was wrong and this is still happening is that he should have allowed the advantage and then brought it back if he hadn’t scored..

  13. About the referees performance – its a thankless job without a totally clear sets of rules to apply. While my Mayo bias made me think that he was less leniant on us and let the Dubs away with some questionable tackles, he was probably fair to both teams.
    There are some general points that seem to apply to the referring of Mayo games. I think that the attitude to “let the game flow” suits teams who deliberately tug and let go, tug again to slow down an attack; delay a pass etc. In my opinion, Mayo are not up to the standard of some others in this tactic. It rarely gets called back due to the advantage rule. Also, does the “four steps” solo rule apply anymore? Both Mayo and Dublin players often took 6/ 7 steps particularly near goal. What about tackling a player who is picking up the ball? Again, I think referees are inconsistent here. Is there a specific instruction for referees to follow when a player in possession is surrounded and tackled by two, three or four opposition players? It seems that different referreees have different attitudes. And lastly – the black card and the interpretation of “cynical”. i think (with my Mayo bias) that Connolly’s take down of Lee Keegan near the Dublin goal was cynical. Lee was not in a goal scoring position, but with good movement from his fellow players, could have passed to someone who could have goaled at a crucial stage in the game. Not quite up to the Joe Brolly / Tyrone rant standard, I know, but a definite black card from my perspective.
    In summary, I think that some of the “John Cuffe 1%” relates to our play being of the very tough (clean dirt we used to call it) variety and not up to the cynical standard of some other top teams. It costs us a few points in August and September.

  14. My Team for Sunday

    Brendan Walsh
    Tom Cunniffe
    Ger Cafferkey
    Keith Higgins
    Lee Keegan
    Donal Vaughan
    Colm Boyle
    Jason Gibbons
    Tom Parsons
    Kevin Mc Loughlins
    Jason Doherty
    Cillian O’Connor
    Alan Freeman
    Barry Moran
    Mikey Sweeney

  15. Mickk, the “4 step rule” is actually a misnomer. It turns out that it is not necessarily 4 actual steps, but, the length of time it takes to make 4 steps! I questioned a ref on this before and he told me that is the directive they are given by Pat McEnaney.

  16. Ya – I think it should be the top 2 but to be honest money talks.
    A Div 1 semi-final is as good now as a 1/4 final in August. The pace and intensity will be nearly the same.

    And given the quality of the opposition in Div1, winning the League is now a major piece of silverware. Next year it will be even harder if Monaghan and Donegal make it up.

  17. I think it will be a much slower game on Sunday compared to last Saturday night. Derry have nothing really to play for and won’t risk getting injured before the semis the following week. It could be more physical but I think a weaker team on our side would see them off. And we have to think about a semi final the following week as well.

    Cuniffe, McHale, Harrison,
    Drake, Vaughan, Boyle
    AOS/Gibbons (substituted at half time if we going well)
    Higgins, Moran, Feeney
    D Coen, B Moran, COC

    Subs, Keane, Keegan, Parsons, SOS, Freeman, Sweeney, S Coen, Hennelly,

  18. I just took a quick look at our scoring/concessions between last years league and this years league (to date).
    Our attack has improved considerably when it comes to taking our goal chances.
    In 2013 we scored just 2 goals in 8 games in the league (0.25 goals per game) while to date in 2014 we have scored 12 goals in 6 games (2.0 goals per game).
    This is excellent news.
    On the defence side of things, there has been an escalation in goals conceded. 2013 conceded 7 goals in 8 games (0.87 goals per game) compared to 2014 conceding to date 13 goals in 6 games (2.16 goals per game).
    I have faith in Horan to tighten up the defence for championship and if we keep scoring goals at the rate we are, we will be difficult to beat. Goals win games and all that.

  19. Interesting Derry experiment. They have confidence in the squad and guys will bust a gut. The manager is a good one. How we respond here, do we go with a full deck, or will we mix and match. If we struggle with a full deck then questions will be asked, if we mix it up and struggle more questions. Derry got a jump on us there. Anyway seeing as Clarke and O Malley are out for another while and bearing the sudden mess Dublin seem to have gotten into with Cluxton out and the replacement not great, how fare we in that dept, Not fully confident since Clarkes injury.

  20. Yeah John we look in big bother here. I think Robbie has been responsible for more than his fair share of goals. His crazy moments in big games like the minor final and last years final have undone of good work, and he has a tendency to panic like with the quick kick-outs after conceding a goal. I think he was at fault for a quick 1.2 last Sunday and was a big reason Dublin came back.

  21. It’s an interesting stat however there’s a couple of things to bear in mind.

    1: How do the stats for the other teams match up for the past two years against it? Are there’s roughly the same i.e. goals scored more and goals conceded also more. If they are then it’s across the board that is being affected.

    2: The stat has a lot to do with the black card and defenders afraid to block direct runners and guys coming off the shoulder.

  22. “It turns out that it is not necessarily 4 actual steps, but, the length of time it takes to make 4 steps!” – That is complete nonsense.

    You have 4 steps, that’s it. Referees don’t enforce because they’re typically watching for aggressive fouls. The GAA place very little emphasis on this. It’s not fair on backs, particularly with the advent of the black card rule.

    Simplest thing to do – reduce the number of steps to 3. As some compensation we can allow attackers to bounce the ball indefinitely but crucially there would be more opportunities to tackle cleanly for the ball.

    Also, if players were allowed to lift/touch ball on the ground there would be less fouls during pick-ups, see ladies’ football for example.

  23. “That is complete nonsense” You reckon? Well the man that told me that had just returned from a referees conference in Croke Park months ago. He is a Connaught Council accredited referee and is one of the most promising referees currently coming through the ranks.
    The question was raised at the meeting where videos of match incidents were studied and discussed. The incident in question came up where our old friend Marty Duffy was reffing a game and a player took more than 4 steps but was not called back for a free. The player in the video had taken a number of smaller steps and then released the ball. Had he taken more than 4 steps? Yes. Was it deemed a foul? No. McEneaneys direction to the referees was to interupt the rule by the length of time it takes to make 4 steps. Now, if a player is in full flight striding the length of the pitch and he takes 6 steps, that is easy to determine and time. If a player is stopping to turn back, or sideways, or looking for a player to pass the ball to, well that is a slightly different scenario and more difficult to count the steps but it is as easy to time.
    Either way, it may be written in print but it is not enforced as a hard and fast rule and the direction from on high is to be lenient unless it is obvious.

  24. It’s an interesting one John! Those Derry fellas coming in will be chomping at the bit, trying to push for precious game time in a league semi final held at HQ which is a rarity of this Derry generation.

    I’m a believer in wholesale experimentation but not at this stage of the season. From a Mayo point of view after playing in 3 FBD and 6 NL games It’s knockout football at this stage. If we’re sitting in mid-table with no threat of relegation and there was no possibility of a semi final place then radical change is welcomed. Giving fringe players game time is imperative but it must be carried out in a coherent transition. Get the job done first and then run the bench, hoping that the first couple of changes get enough game time. Injuries and suspensions always allow opportunities along with the success of a club being represented in the AI series (Castlebar & Kiltane). In my eyes it’s initially the business part of the playing season and the core of any starting 15 should be made up of a panels fundamental and strongest players.

  25. We’d should go out to win this one well i think.

    My Team for Sunday:
    Cunniffe – Caff – Higgins
    Keegan – Vaughan – Boyle
    Mc lau – Doherty – Feeney
    Sweeney – Freeman – Coc

    Get job done by 55 Mins and then run the bench…

  26. In fairness the reading of the game is difficult enough for refs but they could be helped a bit IMO with timing and smarts from our players.. If for example, AOS is making a line break with two players hanging out of him it could be (a) he’s trying to charge through (b) he’s got ahead of his man and is been pulled back or (c) its 50/50 either way and i’ll let it continue until I see how it develops. Now depending on your bias its easy have a different outlook than the ref.. Its up to the players to read the referee and adjust their style of play accordingly.. When Mikey Sweeney came on against Dublin the full backs were given him a hard time.. so he waited for his chance.. a free in was awarded.. he made his run.. waited for the ref to look, took the foul, and went to ground.. a big roar and pointing from the stand to help the referee make his mind up and he issued a yellow.. the full backs never leaves a finger on him after that and he scores 1-1.. There’s no point in AOS throwing himself to the ground the ref won’t by it.. he needs to be absolutely certain he can break the line or simply lay off a pass..

  27. You are spot on. I cannot get my head around this team and set up.

    Brilliant to reach 2 finals but both left behind. Great depth in some areas but I am not convinced on spine , 3, 6, 11 and 14. Yet despite that the team travels on. What could we achieve with a more solid spine? But that’s just me and when I get it wrong I really screw it.

  28. Yeah, I think this might be an opportunity to have Coen start. He more of a traditional CHB and maybe by playing that position we close down Route 1 for other teams. But I’m just not sure where the problem actually is! Is it in 6 or 3 ? Or has playing Keith up in the forwards upset the rythm? Whatever it is, we need to STOP leeking goals. I feel this is a game we should win if we put our strongest unit out, which I believe is above. But also nan opportunity to experiment a little, without betting the house.

  29. I have a sneaky suspicion that Horan may try a couple of experiments. I think Sweeny will start .

  30. When you think about it, Kerry, Dublin or Tyrone would love to be in the position that we are in, a home game against a team who have already qualified for the semis and have made 14 changes from their last game. This is the route that we have being given to make the semi-finals, in Sport to be a winner you have to take advantage of every situation like this, we’d have been delighted with this position after our first two losses. This is a game we have to win, we can’t take it lightly. The reaction to losing a six point lead against Dublin’s 14 men was one thing, imagine if we lost this game! I do think that we need to be giving game time to some of our squad players as well. What if Aidan O’Shea got a black card in the first five minutes of a semi-final game, or Alan Freeman got injured or Doc is off form. Last year everyone said that, one of the main reasons the Dubs won the All-Ireland title was because of their bench but if you look at the players they brought on in most games, they were the same players. O’Gara, Rock, Bastic and Kevin McMenamin. Jim Gavin likes to have his best strickers on the pitch at the end of the game, as we found out on Saturday night. Alex Ferguson always used this tactic as well and it worked well for him. We should be aiming to have a selection of about 21-23 players who can be used at any time and add value to the team rather than plug holes. So players like Chris Barret (if available), Seamus O’Shea (we need to see him getting his form back), Richie Feeney, Adam Gallager, Barry Moran, Mikey Sweeney and Darren Coen should be the players we need to give some game time to. For example we missed a lot of chances against Dublin at the beginning of the second-half so if Doc is off form, bring on Adam Gallagher, if Freeman is injured, bring on Barry Moran, Seamus O’Shea for Aidan if he got black carded. Sweeney and Coen late in the game to get goals. Richie Feeney to replace Boyle or Keegan, if we lost them or to play on the half-forward line. We are very close to knowing our first choice team, so some fine tuning to add the final ingredients to the mix would be great. We need to have at least 7 or 8 really reliable players, chomping at the bit to get on and make a difference.

  31. Yes, they should just change the rule to be honest.

    The “seconds rule” is also in place for players who are on the ground holding the ball – they are allowed to hold it for the time required to make four steps. I did some quick analysis and figured it takes most inter-county footballers 2 seconds or less to run four steps, so if you’re on the ground, you should only be allowed to hold it for 2 seconds.

    But it’s all subjective. The rules should be clearer defined – it would be easier to count seconds than count steps.

  32. So what have I missed??

    Christ, I go away for a week and this place turns in to Crimea!

    Glad I missed the post game comments that have now been deleted – Horan must go??!! Fucking really?!
    Being a self confessed “happy-clapper” type when it comes to Mayo football, I think the laptop would have gone through the window.

    Fair play WJ, glad you’ve eased up on the earlier thought of jacking this in.
    It’s an invaluable resource for a lot of us, particularly those of us exiled abroad.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    I’m going to have a quick look through the new rules, just to be sure I’m still allowed to throw in a few digs about the rossies.

  33. “Strick” is actually a word I have heard used at Junior B matches/Kelly Cup matches.

    It is a happy combination of strike and struck

  34. I’m sorry but the time rule only applies to players when they’re stationary, i.e. if they are not taking any steps then they may hold onto the ball for a period of time equivalent to the use of four steps.

    That’s the letter of the law, whatever McEneaney may say.

    In basketball travelling is considered anything beyond two steps. This is regularly abused as referees concentrate on the arms and upper body to check aggressive fouling – same as football. Olympic handball permits up to three steps being taken before playing the ball, a number which would suit our game just as well.

    With the black card now in force defenders deserve more opportunities for turnovers. Tackling is an art-form but when you’re faced with attackers taking on average eight steps with the ball the backs are not on a level playing field.

  35. This black card will ruin tacking and more specifically defending . Call me old school but i like a bit of physicality in my game. No im not looking for mass brawls . But i do like county teams to be tough and warrior like .That is what i enjoy most about hurling 🙂

  36. I watched Dermot Molloy take 12 steps to round his man and toss the ball to McFadden for a goal in Donegal’s League game with Laois. What can a corner-back do in such a situation?

    The Football Development Committee – one step, forward and two steps back (or maybe ten because no-one’s counting anyway).

  37. Oh right Whitey, thats not too bad so, Dublin have a few handy ones anyway! Its interesting that Jim Gavin seems to get them into the game at the right time and they repay his faith with finding the back of the net. Gavin had 20 to 22 players ready for action at all times and all of the replacements made a difference when they came on. We should be well able to aim for that too.

  38. I have to agree about the refereeing . It was fucking shocking . The totally inconsistency from referees is beyond a joke and is making a mockery out of our game.When will t ever be sorted out ? Human error i can handle but not the total inconsistency .

  39. Well I’m sorry too Mayo3G but the rule does not apply to only stationary players. And whether we like it or not what McEnaney says DOES matter as all refs and ref assessors report to him. Rightly or wrongly. Don’t ref as he directs, well say goodbye to any promotion through the ranks.

  40. The Mayo team has been named:

    1) Robbie Hennelly – Breaffy
    2) Tom Cunniffe – Castlebar Mitchels
    3) Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4) Kevin Keane – Westport
    5) Lee Keegan – Westport
    6) Donal Vaughan – Ballinrobe
    7) Colm Boyle – Davitts
    8) Tom Parsons – Charlestown Sarsfields
    9) Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    10) Keith Higgins – Ballyhaunis
    11) Andy Moran – Ballaghaderreen (Capt.)
    12) Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    13) Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    14) Alan Freeman – Aghamore
    15) Cillian O’Connor – Ballintubber

  41. team for sunday

    1) Robbie Hennelly – Breaffy
    2) Tom Cunniffe – Castlebar Mitchels
    3) Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4) Kevin Keane – Westport
    5) Lee Keegan – Westport
    6) Donal Vaughan – Ballinrobe
    7) Colm Boyle – Davitts
    8) Tom Parsons – Charlestown Sarsfields
    9) Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    10) Keith Higgins – Ballyhaunis
    11) Andy Moran – Ballaghaderreen (Capt.)
    12) Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    13) Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    14) Alan Freeman – Aghamore
    15) Cillian O’Connor – Ballintubber

  42. Mayo take on Derry this Sunday 6th April at 3.00p.m. in Elverys MacHale Park in the final round of the Allianz Football League Division 1. James Horan has made three changes to the starting team from that which drew with Dublin last Saturday evening in Croke Park. Into the side this weekend come Kevin Keane, Tom Parsons & Seamus O’Shea for Brendan Harrison, Aidan O’Shea & Jason Gibbons respectively. The Mayo Senior Football Team to face Derry this coming Sunday is as follows:

    1) Robbie Hennelly – Breaffy
    2) Tom Cunniffe – Castlebar Mitchels
    3) Ger Cafferkey – Ballina Stephenites
    4) Kevin Keane – Westport
    5) Lee Keegan – Westport
    6) Donal Vaughan – Ballinrobe
    7) Colm Boyle – Davitts
    8) Tom Parsons – Charlestown Sarsfields
    9) Seamus O’Shea – Breaffy
    10) Keith Higgins – Ballyhaunis
    11) Andy Moran – Ballaghaderreen (Capt.)
    12) Jason Doherty – Burrishoole
    13) Kevin McLoughlin – Knockmore
    14) Alan Freeman – Aghamore
    15) Cillian O’Connor – Ballintubber

    James Horan – Manager
    Tom Prendergsat – Selector
    Donie Buckley – Selector
    Ed Coughlan – Trainer
    Sean Moffatt – Doctor

  43. I agree 100%. Competition for places and players picked on form as opposed to past performances will lead to a much healthier squad.

  44. slightly surprised at the midfield pairing but the lads might be going well in training and now given them their chance.

  45. One of the lads may have an injury . Its third party news so i dont really like saying anything . Id say rest is the main reason to give parsons and seamie a try out. Id say if we get to the league semis AOS and Gibbons will be named.

  46. Well I’m even sorrier Pebbles but the official rule-book clearly states that players are only allowed take a maximum of 4 steps with the ball. If they are stationary they may only hold onto to the ball for the lenght of time it would normally take to make 4 steps.

    Them’s the rules. Anyone can google the rule-book themselves and check it out. Referees may be encouraged to apply rules-of-thumb to assist in spotting technical fouls but the ruling is none the less very clear.

    I will agree with you that it is difficult for referees. I would reduce the number of steps to 3 – easier to spot, harder to abuse and more opportunities for tackles.

  47. It’s very difficult to go to a match nowadays without someone giving out about the referee. As the rules of GAA are generally left up to people’s interpretation, people are never going to be totally satisfied with the referee. However, us not winning was not down to the referee’s failings – it was down almost entirely to us not closing out the game and our own failings in that regard. I just don’t like that Horan came out and heaped the blame on the referee. He should be above that at this stage, it serves no purpose but to look like sour grapes as I stated above. If he had made big decisions against us like sending off players, penalties etc., it would be one thing but giving out for a few frees not being given to us is another. He generally doesn’t give out about referees after matches, unless there is a purpose to it. I would prefer it if he was more measured and focused in on our own performance and inadequacies in closing the game out.

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