53 thoughts on “Derry match confirmed for Saturday at 6.30pm

  1. Saturday is a short turn around but the plus side if we win is they’ll have Sunday free for work / treatment on recovery

  2. Should be on the Sunday no? Bit unfair. But sure it is what it is and I’ve still no doubt our guys will get over the line.

    Derry are finished. They went all out for the league like we did last year and are flat out.

    Heard they’ve trouble in the camp to and there was a massive row in the camp not sure how true that is but heard things aren’t good anyway..

    Time to pack out mchale park with the green and red and bring as much colour noise as possible for our guys!

    Mayo by 4 or so..

  3. Hard match yesterday, same next week, as an elite footballer it’s what you want and you are trained for.

    Training or challenge matches never replicate the intensity, plus it’s now time to hammer the hammer, or as Jarlath Burns said today, it’s time for some jeopardy.

    Looking forward to it.

  4. Clare, don’t believe the ‘trouble in the camp’ stuff. Mickey Harte will have those lads gunning for Mayo on Saturday. Mediocre form or not, it’s a great opportunity for them to reignite their season and they will relish being written off. He’ll have them bouncing off the walls and you can be sure he will do what he always did as Tyrone manager against us and last year with Louth. He will set up very defensively and look to hit us on the counter. Why change a formula that has worked many times?

    On the fixture, 6 days is a joke of a turnaround after a really draining encounter against Dublin. Some say Derry travelling down nullifies that. I think most physios would disagree.

  5. @Mayonaze yeah true..

    Don’t underestimate derry at all but no one gave us a chance v dubs yesterday and our guys turned up.

    I’ve no doubt we can beat Derry but the big question is the 6 day turn around how fit are we like can we keep the same kind of tempo up for Saturday?

    I know one thing though the guys won’t give up till the second either way..

  6. We’re hopefully going to be having 13 or 14 days between 3 games.

    For every day we gain going into the Derry clash (who’ll be on 1 more than us regardless of whether we’re on 6 or 7) we’d be potentially losing 1 more against Armagh/Donegal/Kerry on the other end of a win, who’ll be on 2 weeks compared to our 7 or 8 days. I’d happily take the risk in the Derry game where they’re up against it too on injuries & recovery time and have that slightly better run towards a (hopeful) QF the week after against the fresh & rested sides.

  7. How many of the Derry league winning side are actually missing for this game ? is it 4 from their defence

  8. @Clare, …I think the medical team will play a big role this week in terms of assessing fitness. We have some lads who probably don’t have much mileage this season and could be ok, like McBrien, Cillian, Diarmuid, McHale (wasnt great yesterday but could be next Sat) just to name a few. Management have rotated a bit over the past few games and I’d be hopefully we should have enough energy reserves for Saturday (the worry would be anything after that, but at this stage I’ll gladly take it). O’Shea put in a shift yesterday but he was hanging in the Dublin goal for plenty of stretches in the second half so he was managing energy levels. He should be good for Sat.

    Ruane did not look happy walking off yesterday – was he injured?

    McLaughlin has a very fast recovery rate, so fingers crossed he is ok too.

    Either way, it’ll really take a ‘squad performance’ to get over the line.

  9. @Thedarkyfinn: Possibly just the 1 from the defence, Padraig McGrogan.

    Eoin McEvoy was back the last day, looked rusty but fit again. Gareth McKinless is back after his 2 game ban so fresh as a daisy (though he didn’t play in the league final with injury, he’d be their normal 6 with McEvoy either deeper or on the wing). Conor Doherty the big question mark when he wasn’t fit to be named against Westmeath, but could be back for Saturday yet.

    Nial Loughlin (forward, but still a big miss for them) was taking part in a separate warm up with the S&C coach before the Westmeath game. You’d expect if he was that close he might be involved again at the weekend.

  10. Big deal made about the 1 v 2 week break. When we were flying in 17 it was week on week, improving as we went. Delighted with draw. Glad we avoided Cork, ell capable of beating them no doubt but think they’d take more out of ya . Derry if not allowed get on the front foot will fold imo.Mayo by 3 plus.

  11. Thanks TsuDhoNim
    They are not to bad injury wise so, that makes me a bit more respectful towards them but their form looks terrible. Westmeath had all the ball the last day but couldn’t score being their downfall

  12. I think it would be easier for Dublin to face this due to there strength and depth, but it is what it is, last year we had to go to Galway and get a result and we did.
    It what it takes out of us for the week after,if we do get through hope draw is kind to us.

  13. @Mayonaze yeah true we do have a great medical team and amazing fitness team is well..

    If we do get over the line v derry I honestly think we will end up in a semi again for the first time in 3 years if we get over this it’ll be huge for us and don’t think anyone would fancy meeting us in quarters..

  14. Richie Duck. Just checked the archives on this Blog. Yes we had a run of 3 games week on week once in 17. Cork and Roscommon twice. Also Derry and Clare a week apart. Then Kerry twice in 6 days. Funny thing is our best performance of the 3 games was the last one where we hammered the Rossies.

  15. You are certainly very optimistic Clare, do you know anything about the fitness of say McLaughlin, his right leg looked badly injured for a few minutes before he came off yesterday, Ruane seemed to be annoyed when he came off through injury also.
    Much more pace is needed in the team particularly against a Kerry or Dublin further down the line ( if they get past Derry ) where is Hession and Plunkett, Callinan must be played at half back from here onwards, Coen full back ?

    Conroy a type of wing forward but more of a central position.

    Mayo defender playing behind their direct opponent yesterday, but were braver in the last quarter getting in front, particularly under the main stand side yesterday.

  16. @Bate the blanket haven’t any idea what’s so ever over eoghan mcs injury hopefully not to bad guess we will find out soon enough.

    Don’t know why mattie ruanne looked annoyed coming off hope he didn’t get an injury or anything.

    Yes always am optimotic ha I think if anytime to be optimistic it’s now we saw what the crowd dlcan work wonders to bring on a team we are a top team and just drew with the all ireland champions so if that doesn’t make you optimotic don’t know what will..

  17. McStay has managed this season’s campaign with aplomb and had a plan for the Dubs. You can be sure there were a multitude of game plans drawn up for these testy encounters. He’ll have a template in place for the Harte way too (Mickey is fairly predictable in that regard).
    Know that Derry will be fearful of meeting a resurgent and confident Mayo. I don’t buy into this Derry will be looking for a scalp nonsense. If anything, Mayo are on the front foot here and Derry are tip toeing back to the stable like an overly rated racehorse.

  18. Derry are still very dangerous..
    Against ourselves in the championship they were moving well, tough to break down and scoring well and then Mc Kinless had his moment of lunacy..
    They don’t become a bad team over night…

  19. It’s not very fair at 6.30pm for the Derry supporters to play the devil’s advocate for a moment. You’d be turning the key in the door very late on Saturday night/Sunday morning after a fairly long day if you were from there. Could be that not many of them travel especially those with families. They’d have to stay the night for sure? It wouldn’t exactly aid player morale if little support showed up, particularly if morale is fragile enough as it is as seems to be reported.
    Did we play Derry in a qualifier few years back that went to extra time on Saturday evening? Wonder were they well followed back then?

  20. It won’t be easy against Derry for sure but I think Cork would have been a tougher draw. They caused us all kinds of problems in Limerick last year and they are probably a better team this year. Derry have been a shambles so far in the championship and they were unconvincing in their four point win over Westmeath. We should have enough to beat them provided can reach the same levels of performance we did against Dublin. Get past Derry and no one will fancy facing a battle hardened Mayo team in a quarter final.

  21. @Tuamstar
    A good point you make. I saw the Galway Derry game and even with 14 men Derry were still well in the game, missed a goal chance which I think would have levelled the scores? Galway went straight up the other end and goaled themselves which finished Derry off.
    We will need to be wide awake.

  22. Pull Hard.
    Thanks to WIllie Joe’s great archives, it was 17 with an attendance of 11465. With a low number like that you would think probably a couple of thousand from Derry.

  23. Any disrespect towards Derry would be extremely foolish. They were really good and improved incrementally in 2022 and 2023. Were a bit naive v Galway in 22 semi final but were extremely unlucky v Kerry in last years semi. Had a great system under R Gallagher and team really bought into it. Kenagh continued to get the best out of them when he replaced Gallagher. They are now managed by an extremely shrewd Mickey Harte who won 3 All Ireland’s with Tyrone. They are also home of the all Ireland club champions. Won the league this year and were been talked about as potential AI champions only 8 weeks ago. Now I know they imploded after that But you must take into account they were missing a number of excellent players the majority of whom are in the process of returning They were ambushed in Ulster by a rejuvenated Jimmys Donegal. They were playing reasonably well v Galway before McKinless moment of madness and even with 14 missed a goal chance to equalise before Galway broke and scored a second goal. They weee poor v Armagh and looked like a team low on confidence v Westmeath. But they did win and now have a chance to resurrect their season. They have some extremely good players and you don’t become bad overnight. Mayo have a good chance of winning but to underestimate or disrespect Derry makes no sense. We of all counties should be well aware of that.

  24. Glad it’s Derry. I think the home venue is a massive plus for us. Just think of the reverse, having to drive to Celtic Park from Ballyhaunis, from anywhere, for a match at 6:30.

    We have momentum, they are struggling, but I take on board Tuam Star’s points.

  25. Big advantage for supporters but I’m not convinced for players. McLaughlin injury looked like hamstring again,, id be marking him extremely doubtful.
    All star Gareth McKinless back a big boost for Derry and they are likely to have the edge when it comes to long kickouts. I can only remember us winning one long kickout yesterday and that was a loose ball
    Mayo came good yesterday, a lot of positives. Supporters will definitely have to come out in force on Saturday night. Derry will not lie down and roll over, that’s for sure.

  26. – It was actually a great game of football yesterday with some super points from both sides.
    – We mixed the slow attack with the fast attack and had weaved through the Dublin D multiple times but did not get enough return on the scoreboard for the effort.
    – We slowed it down when the lads needed a breather so kudos to.players and management for a great effort.
    – McHugh was great, Conroy will also take a lot from the game.
    – We matched or beat them in most areas of the field most of the time. However two.of their half forwards did most of the damage. Scully was left unmarked for the whole of the first half, less so in the 2nd half until he was subbed. Costello had way too much influence for the whole game.
    – Mayo will be going into the Derry game now knowing that they can match the top teams. It will be a much more physical and cynical game but we should win it.
    – Honestly the whole fixtures mess looks more like something Clowns would put together on day release from the Circus.
    – The 3 matches in 3 weeks will have been well prepared for this time.

  27. Richie Duck. Damn right there’s plenty to be said about the 5 day break. Not even a week. What about players welfare

  28. Cp

    Interesting news alright in Breffey, always disappointing when it doesn’t work out for managers. Question is, did he walk or was he pushed? Breffey have been the Mayo of Mayo club football for so many years. You’d have to think it’s just pure frustration now at this stage for players. Fallon maybe the unlucky recipient of that fustration. However league results did leave a lot to be desired too.

  29. Totally agree we shouldn’t be writing off derry.
    .. @Tuamstar but we shouldnt be fearing anyone now we need to have that winning mentality.

    Monaghan might give Galway a test..

    Derry might go and park the bus for this one but still think we will have enough to get over the line and if we do surely people can start taking this mayo team seriously.

    That was the best display by our team in a long long time they showed heart and what it means to wear the green & red and they will show it again on saturday evening…!! Mayo by 4

  30. I don’t think Monaghan will get near Galway to be honest Clare so Galway will be well rested going into a quarterfinal as opposed to us but they would then have a 66.6% chance of facing either Dublin or Kerry

  31. @Clare our best performance since Killarney last year. Just re watched the Sunday Game highlights show of yesterday on the RTE player,,.It didnt show any of Roscommon v Cavan {listening live to Shannonside radio for that one myself on Saturday seemed a right humdinger} or Cork v Tyrone or Donegal v Clare in Castlebar very very strange by RTE. Anyway glad I went to Dr Hyde Park yesterday after all iI had advocated for the game to be held there, no playing surface in the Euros in Germany is as perfect as the sod in Roscommon..and the venue more than able to hold the crowd could have fitted in maybe 5K more. The Mayo players didnt in any way seem downhearted by the draw, singing autographs or taking selfies with the thousands of fans on the perfect grass after the match, normal for Mayo players but pretty new for Dublin players in the Championship because the Croke Park pitch is off limits..

  32. There was a Saturday game on Saturday night that showed all those games Leantimes

  33. Best performance from Mayo this year. Aido getting better with age. Conroy much more effective on the 45. If and please God we will get past Derry where will the QF be played? Maigheo Abú.

  34. @our time has come ah that was more tongue in cheek with me over monaghan and Galway probably me being a bit petty to ha Galway got a very handy draw to be honest.

    I’m glad we avoided Cork though I’d be very weary if we got Cork after last year..

    @leantimes yes definetly our best since killarney.. If we can play like that consistently the sky is the limit for the rest of the season.. Still think we will go far this year..

    Don’t get ciaran whelans comments after saying it’s a massive pyshocoligical blow for us come off it I would hate to see what he would say it if we lost if anything this has given us all a massive boost for the team themselves and it’s brought supporters back that had lost the faith a bit..!

  35. Derry will obviously be a tough encounter but hopefully we have enough momentum to see us through. Finally got to see the match again and still convinced it should have been a penalty against Fenton, but never mind. What’s done is done.
    One of the most pleasing things to come out of the game was Reape’s kickouts. Pretty clear that a lot of work has been done on the training pitch and continually securing your own ball gives the whole team and indeed the fans ability boost.

  36. I hear all QFs to be played in Croke Park. I’m expecting ours to be at 4pm on the Sunday.

  37. Watched Sunday game last night
    Jackie Hurley told us the game was in Cavan and told us how Dublin were able to win !
    What a joke.

  38. Anyup that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    They haven’t a clue. There is a list as long as my arm of similar cock ups, which I won’t get into.

    We drew the game. We didn’t lose. We were the ones leading the game at the death & the Dubs were the ones chasing it. That so rarely happens in our games against them. We were almost always the ones desperately searching for an equaliser.

    Our management & players should be absolutely buzzing after the performance. Paddy Andrews said he didnt think we had the gear in us anymore, but we do. I was of the same opinion. Bring on Derry!

  39. The Sunday game is an absolute joke I stopped watching it a while ago.

    How dubs won the game? Ridiculous..

    We were the much better team in 2nd half and should have really won and should have been a penalty for Ryan O D for Fenton tackle.

    Absolute joke but feck them out guys should be so proud of themselves and management to we are back.. But we never went away just lost the confidence for a while!

  40. Too many artificial intelligence bots running the show at RTE. Cheeky algorithms getting it assways.

  41. And also said it already but the amount of dubs giving out about the ref and umpire doing their best to win the match for mayo is sooo pathetic the amount of calls they’ve had in their favour on semis /finals they never complained

    They just cant take it when they are nearly beaten and don’t hammer every team if they were taken out of leinster and put into connacht or ulster they would be taken off their pedalstal..!

  42. I think Ryan getting the free late on after his great catch and spin from Brickenden’s pass was a disadvantage…Ryan was away and would be bearing down on goal,it wasn’t a free anyway. If he wanted a free from there he could have called the mark, assuming Brickenden was beyond the 45 ,which I can’t remember.
    I’d love to see Buckley getting Sam to be on his toes more. He’s getting caught on his heels a bit. Used to happen to Leroy a bit too,but his burst of pace usually got him back in position.
    Sam is a great player,if he had the stance of a Keith Higgins type it would improve this aspect of his game I feel.

  43. Green&red Going by the WhatsApp messages it looks like the players have pushed “another” manager out.the rumour is Sean Deane will take over but not too many will want to go in there with the record of managers in recent years

  44. @2 hops ya I think we might have been better off if ref didn’t give the free to ROD. He seemed to be away.
    Pretty sure the ball hopped before him,, so it couldn’t have been a mark. It was a beautiful pass by Brick though

  45. Are there two different people running the account that goes by “Clare”?

    One post by this poster says that “Derry are finished”, then a subsequent post says “Totally agree we shouldn’t be writing off derry.”.

    Just wondering as I find the posts from this account relentless at times.

  46. @unstopable..

    I still think Derry will be finished after Saturday.

    What I meant is we should keep our guard up against them and go as hard and fast as we did v Dublin.

  47. The ball did hop in front of o Donaghue and Fitzsimmons did put both hands on his back but I think there was another Dublin player on the scene as o Donaghue bounced back up so probably not a goal chance

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