Design options for new Mayo jersey revealed

Mayo GAA new jersey design 1

Image: @MayoGAA via Twitter

Earlier on tonight, the County Board published on Twitter three options for a newly designed Mayo GAA jersey and they’re looking for feedback on which variant to go with. Whichever design is chosen, the new jersey will be making its inter-county debut in the New Year, which means that the current one – that will forever now be associated with the James Horan years – won’t be seen on a Mayo team again.

It was spring 2012 when the existing jersey design first saw the light of day – the evening we thumped the Dubs in the League at MacHale Park was when it made its first appearance – so a refresh was well overdue. The image above is what Elvery’s have termed Designย 1a (remember that, as I’ll sticking up a poll on this in a minute) and I’ll come clean and admit that it’s my favourite. It doesn’t have the white trim that’s included in both of the other options, which personally I think is a bit unnecessary as it detracts from the strong simplicity of the design above. I like too that the red band is back (in all three designs) albeit with a contemporary twist.

Here’s the second option (which they’ve called Design 1b):

Mayo jersey design 1bImage: @MayoGAA via Twitterย 

And here’s the third variant (which they’ve called Design 1d):

Mayo jersey design 1d

Image: @MayoGAA via Twitter

Okay, I’ve had my say on which one I think is best, now it’s your turn – which one of the three designs do you think we should go for? Time to vote on it.

Which design for the new Mayo jersey should be used?

  • Design 1a (67%, 334 Votes)
  • Design 1d (20%, 100 Votes)
  • Design 1b (14%, 68 Votes)

Total Voters: 502

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65 thoughts on “Design options for new Mayo jersey revealed

  1. 1a all the way.

    The 2nd one makes us look like Fermanagh, the 3rd makes us look like we’re trying our best not to look like Fermanagh.

    A bit of a lack of imagination with these to be fair, take away the white and there’s not much difference.

    Maybe the county board can recommend one, then we can have a think about it, and in the meantime the actual choice gets leaked and we’ll just have to accept it?

  2. 1 A is my favorite of the 3 too. That replay with Dublin (after the fog) I wont forget for a long time. Often said the Mayo team would be the death of me, damn well nearly happened that evening!

  3. Jesus Kieran donaghy is an insufferable bollox. Anyone seen his latest comments on Aidan o Shea? I hope we meet Kerry next year in the championship and beat the shite out of them and celebrate in his face!! I’m surprised the guy is even able to walk given all the chips he carries around on his shoulders.


    It’s here dave. Lots of yerra in the interview, he also spoke about how he cut out and stuck onto his wall joe Brollys article saying he was finished as a county player and looked at it every day to drive him on during injury rehab. The most ironic thing about the above article is I’m struggling to remember a more unsporting player than himself, always goading opposition players and being cynical. He comes across as an awful plonker.

  5. My vote goes to 1A too, a strong uncomplicated design, which we hope the team will resemble.
    On the Co Final poll, if the 70/30 vote for Ballintubber does not get the dander up in the reigning champions nothing ever will. I think Mitchel’s management will be quite happy.
    Good luck to both teams and, not having any ties to either, I am hoping for a classic with more emphasis on attack than defence which I think they are both capable of providing.

  6. 1a also for me. It is almost a throw back to the old Genefit geansai. I have to admit, it was a close call between 1a and 1d but the excessive white stripes of 1b was a bit much for my liking and that one fell at the first hurdle. I like the return to the red hoop around the middle and also the font used for the Maigh Eo.
    A new management, a new geansai, a new county board???
    Roll on the FBD.
    Hon Mayo.

  7. Was not crazy about any of them when I first looked last night. I think the red hoop should be a small bit thicker. 1A would be my choice. No need for white trimming bar the numbers and county name on the back.

    We are Green and Red not Green, White and Red.

  8. Donaghy needs to get over himself. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by when that gobshite isn’t spouting some shite in the papers.

    Just go away and write a book about all you have to say, that way we’ll have the option of listening to you or not fat-arse.

  9. Dan, I’m afraid Donaghy did his talking on the pitch. We decided we didn’t need to do anything. To the victor the spoils. We have given him 3 All Ireland medals. If we had a plan to make him we would not be listening to him.

  10. 1b for me but I think there should be a complete change I would really love to see a predominantly white one with green and red stripes around the centre and maybe in the sleeves pity they wouldn’t run a competition for the supporters to come up with a design !

  11. I’m probably in the vast minority here, but in spite of my determination not to, I found myself enjoying the interview with Donaghy. I actually thought he seemed quite likeable and self-depracating and despite all his trash-talking antics on the pitch there is no doubting what this year meant to him. It’s not easy to listen to him talking about what drove him on, having been in the losing position, but let’s face it, if he was one of our own, we’d be mad about him too.

    And if you ask me, we could do with a bit more his type of temperament on the field – it seems to me like it pays dividends.

    Dan, just laughing at your comments on the jersey there – “trying not to look like Fermanagh”. ๐Ÿ˜€ Seems Mayo GAA are looking to generate some positive PR, but I have to say, I like the idea of reaching out to supporters on things like this so happy to give them credit where it’s due – in my mind it’s a world away from the bigger problems within the county board. Mind you, I hope they listen or there will be outright war if we see any white patches in the FBD ….

  12. Hey all, could we concentrate here on the issue at hand – the important question of the jersey design for next year?

    Once again Willie Joe, you have performed a great service to the the County and the fans. And, let’s give credit to the County Board for publishing options and inviting feedback on this vital issue.

    It’s been a huge gripe of mine to see changes in the jersey and the first I know about it is when it’s on a player’s back. This is one thing that supporters should decide , or heavily influence.

    I’m leaning towards 1a, agree about white trim and piping being unnecessary, and I’m not happy about the lack of a proper collar, but I’m not going to rush into a choice until I have given it more thought.

  13. All the jersey’s are very Rugby esque but I would side with 1A also.
    Any word on any new recruits to Mayo panel or player the boys are taking a look at @?

  14. You remember wrong OOB. We wore the univent jersey with red strips down chest in 93 and 94. In 95 we had white sleeves. Connollys made them. We went back to O’Neills and red sleeves in 96.

    The hoop must come back. It is part of our tradition. I’d also like our traditional green.

  15. Think that white jersey was ’95 Outside of the Boot. I remember the hiding we took from Galway in it. Mercifully, that jersey only lasted a year!!
    Prefer 1A over 1D. Not a fan of the white trim thing,
    Really liked the one from the last three years – but end of an era, beginning of something new, I guess!
    Agree with the rugby thing and the lack of a collar.
    Hopefully they won’t be skin tight – the skin tight ones just aren’t suitable for everyone!!

  16. There is quite a good website – pride in the jersey’ which details all the jerseys worn by every county for the last 20/30 years.
    Looking at the Mayo ones – i quite like the ’93 one with the red sleeves.
    That ’95 one was an atrocity, along with its green socks.
    Dear God.

  17. Out of interest, what happened to option 1C??
    Maybe the county board didn’t want to recommend this one to us because we’d find the whole package unacceptable? It might have been maroon coloured or something.

  18. It shows how bitter and blinkered fans can be, when you see a couple of the Donaghy comments above. As Anne Marie says, he came across very well in that interview. Even though he has a thick Kerry accent, he speaks very well – miles better than a lot of other more prominent GAA people. He also seems like a great character to have in a squad, self-deprecating and great craic.

    On top of all that, he is one of, if not the best, full forwards I have ever seen. He’s clearly a good basketballer, and according to Second Captains a good golfer. Let it go lads.

  19. Catcol, I’m pretty sure that the nature of this blog doesn’t forbid the conversation going off on unrelated tangents now and again, as many threads here often do, to be fair. That’s part of what makes it what it is.

    And somehow, I can’t see WJ opening up a thread on Donaghy purely for us to indulge our bitterness ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I actually met Donaghy in Kerry a few years back and he was a decent lad. No problem with him in that regard.
    But his comments about AOS were a bit rich coming from him. He’s forever goading opposition players and generally acting the maggot on the field.
    I remember one incident in particular against Armagh a few years back. Roaring in the face of Bellew (I think) after he scored a goal.

  21. Fair play Ann Marie in relation to your comment about Donaghy, for a man that has caused ye so much pain that is a very gracious post. I live near Donaghy and I can honestly say that he is an incredibly gentle and mild mannered person outside the white lines. I am an Austin Stacks Clubman and his fast growing reputation as being a trash talker is growing wings. Kieran never ever initiates that kind of behaviour but if some guy starts barking in his ear then he is well able to look after himself. Even on the interview he acknowledged that fact. I know that there are urban myths that “so ans so is a close friend of some county player and some other county player is supposed to have said X Y or Z”, I too have heard some of these stories and have asked the player that is reputed to have made the statement only to be told no that never happened and I never said that to anyone. I know Donaghy since he was a youngster and you couldn’t find a more honest player who’s only interest is getting the team over the line, in all the years watching him on the field I have never seen him once go over to another player and start bad mouthing him. I have seen him reply to those that start that caper with him, but I think everyone will respond. Now there are probably plenty of Mayo supporters that have heard varied accounts of what he said or did in the course of his meetings with Mayo over the years, but if the player that he is supposed to have said or done to we’re asked the question I don’t believe the answer would confirm the rumour. Holding the ball in Limerick for 16 seconds was un sporting but no more than has often happened in the fields of Mayo or indeed any other club pitch. Players have to do everything in their power to get over the line or to gain that extra inch in a tight game. Kerry learned that against Tyrone on three occasions, handing them the ball when the whistle blows is serving their purpose and not yours, is it unsporting to throw the ball ten feet in the opposite direction while your players pick up possible passing options for the free taker, ?? I thing it might be but do you want to win the game. In Limerick some of the Mayo players didn’t throw the ball after a Kerry free and some did, in the not too distant future all Mayo players will be delaying the opposition with whatever means in the rule book. Is it not something I like to see no but until the powers that be reward the opposing team with a 20 meter free for cynical play regardless where it occurred we will have to get used to it and its that simple. Regarding the jersey from an outsiders perspective I think the first option of only green and red is nice but I think the small flash of white in 1d lifts the jersey and makes it a little more pleasing to the eye. Anyway regardless of what they are wearing nest year the Mayo team will not stray far from the minds of any of the other top teams in the Championship next year. Just on that note will Cillian O Connor miss the first round of your Championship with Galway next year or will his sanction result in him missing the Kerry game in Tralee or Killarney in February ??

  22. But Dan he has the medals. Ours lads and our runner were trash talking, just like Pillers Dubs, and have red faces. In the last five minutes of the first game we were very quiet.

  23. Of the 3 shown, I’d go for 1A but I’d be very surprised if any of these 3 is exactly what we will get. It gives (some) people too much time to get fake jerseys made. The county board wanting the supporters to have a say, well its a bit like the White man giving some coloured beads to the Red Indians. Maybe some supporters may have something to say on Sunday at the county final as regards the standards of fair play and procedure in the said board!

  24. I think 1a is a decent design and I might get one later. Fair play to whom ever opened up the poll, what ever their reasoning. The punter is also the customer and the customers should have their say.

  25. Donaghy could have got angry all he wanted at aos, the fact is that we enabled donaghy to look like a god by leaving a smaller, lighter fella on him. It wasn’t finesse we needed to stop him, it was muscle. Crazy as it sounds I think Gavin Duffy would have shut him down. But that’s over with, time to move on and definitely learn from it.
    I’m happy that Connelly has got them together for a meeting or whatever, as long as they get a good break from the slogging and be fresh for June or July.

  26. Pat in fairness I think the Mayo dressing room must have been some place to be at half time in that game. They came out like men possessed and clearly had adrenalin pumping through their veins after that dressing room exchange. It looked like they were venting adrenalin fuelled emotion more than goading, as most of it came after the hawk eye confirmation of the point and to be fair I think they thought that was the game winning moment as there was only about four and a half minutes left. Mayo are not in the faces of opposing players winding them up from the get go like the dubs used to do and like Tyrone and a few of the Donegal players always do. I think Cillians moment was a mix of celebration and triumphalism but to be fair that is not his style and should be understood for what it was. Regarding Donaghy in 06 it was the Armagh keeper Paul Hearty not Bellew and he was asking for that as he was sledging Donaghy from the first minute to the second the ball hit the net that day.

  27. Gamechanger10, you’ll forgive me for being a biteen cynical about your claim that Donaghy never ever initiates that behaviour, ๐Ÿ˜‰ – you’ll be canonising the man next! But whether or which, you have to be able to give it as well as take it and I think it’s always been one of the more unsavoury but ingrained sides of the game. And as much as it pains me to say it (that’s a lot), for a player that by his own admission was wrecked after running from one end of the pitch to the other, there’s no denying the massive impact his very presence made on Kerry’s quest this year.

    Looking forward to 1st Feb already and indeed next year’s championship when it’s all to play for once again.

  28. Did anyone actually see AOS celebrating in Moran’s face? Surprised that this is the first mention of it.

  29. Jeering aimed at the Mayo fans in the Mackey stand after the game in Limerick… act of a real sportsman???.-load a bollox Gamechanger aul sthock.

  30. There was an article before one the matches a while back (I’m not sure if it was the semi or the replay or the final) about Donaghy which touched on the sledging. This had direct quotes from the Kerry side where it was cheerfully admitted that he does it all the time. It was characterised as a lippy townie kind of thing. His carry-on in Limerick was, in my book, completely indefensible – not just the lying on the ball nonsense but also throwing Aidan O’Shea’s boot into the crowd and attacking Kevin McLoughlin in that extra-time schemozzle. He’s no choirboy, that’s for sure.

  31. What comment donoghy make on o Shea I have no time for donoghy over his anticts against mayo and having a go at brolly was childish.

  32. I always had great time for Donaghy. He showed great patients byding his time to make the first team. In a career of highs and lows he done really well this year.

  33. Thank’s Connellys Brigade – Pride in the Jersey is a great site.

    All our yesterdays on display here. Yet think the originals, which you see guys wearing in retro are as good as any.

  34. @Gamechanger10, What did you think of what Marc O’Se did when Alan Freeman was trying to take a practice free just before the second half was about to start? Alan Freeman put the ball on the ground to take a practice free and as he was about to run up to the ball, O’Se kicked the ball away, I thought that was very unsporting behaviour. Or what did you think about Barry John Keane moving frees into a much more favourable position before he kicked them over the bar and kicking the ball away when Paul Durcan was trying to take a kick-out in the All-Ireland final? Or Michael Geaney taking the side-line ball from much further up the field than where it should have taken place, that led to Kerry’s first penalty? Or some of the hits Shane Enright put in? Or the Kerry boys starting melees to run down the clock as well as not giving the ball back as mentioned above in relation to Kieran Donaghy lying on the ball? Or Donnacha Walsh doing a jig to make sure that Lee Keegan got sent off? At the end of the day the Kerry boys have their All-Ireland medals and good luck to them but I’d still prefer 100 times over to have Keith Higgins, Cillian O’Connor and Colm Boyle in my team compared to Kieran Donaghy, Barry John Keane and Shane Enright. Hopefully in the not too distant future our boys will have some medals as well and heres hoping that they won’t have to resort to those unsporting tactics that I listed above. Roll on 2015!

  35. Don’t like any of the jerseys. Bring back the red hoop.

    Donaghy has an arse full of medals , if I was from Kerry I wouldn’t care how he won them

  36. Personally I was not one bit impressed when Kean kicked that ball away, if Mark kicked away that ball he was getting up close and personal with freeman and setting down a marker, “I am up for this battle pal are you” ,, these battle lines are drawn in all serious games. Lots of things go on and anyone at these games sees different things going on from all sides, I am not condoning it but in the club final next Sunday in mayo there will be supporters leaving the field spitting fire about some player or other and that’s the simple truth. If Donaghy was a mayo man ye would love him up there and that’s the simple truth as ye would have won the past two All Ireland’s ,, just a thought,,

  37. Jerseys need a proper collar. They not great for auld fellas like me without collar. Re Donaghy he has his medal and well done to him but that’s not the point .Referring to AOS for unsporting behaviour is a bit rich. Did he see Donnacha Walsh s demand for a red card for Keegan. Now I consider that to be far more unsporting than what AOS is alleged to have done. Or B J Keane preventing Durkins kickout in AIF. But maybe this sort of thing is acceptable as long as you win. After all Kerry are winners as I have been told by Kerrymen recently, the same Kerrymen who told me Donegal destroyed gaelic football but saw nothing wrong with their own countymen aping Donegal this year. Sour grapes from me. No. Just the truth.

  38. I don’t like any of these jersey designs either – but if these are the only options on the table then I reluctantly go for design 1a

  39. I’m afraid I don’t get too excited about the design of jersies. Any of them would do as far as I’m concerned. What really interests me is who will be wearing them come next July / August. It really is time for a few of the young lads to start throwing shapes at winning one of those nice new jersies.

  40. If 1A had a proper collar and the red hoop front and back then it would be a winner. The less white the better. There will probably be a new goalkeeper and away jersey as well in 2015. Would like to see the goalkeeper go back to wearing the old school red and the team in ’51 style all white when we have to change colours.

  41. Willie joe in fairness I think those comments were made in relation to his barking at his own players when they need to deal with a player from the other side who is causing problems, as in Donaghy will always be roaring at someone and the media boys will twist that comment into somethimg totally different, I think you will, acknowledge that this is typicaal and the norm to generate inches on sports pages. He is always vocal but I can assure you that he never and I mean ever goes out on a field to abuse another player. If some guy gives him grief he will take it and respond in spades. In relation to the Donegal style of play I think great credit is due to a team that has four days to prepare for the unexpected defensive style of Donegal and manage to beat them at their own game. Is it the game we want to play ??? No it isn’t and I hope we never see it again in Croke Park but that is idle chat as this defensive, talent stifling system could grow in the future. When the traditional teams meet next year we will have football the way it was intended. The one thing that will worry the non traditional teams is that if the more traditional teams bend their style they can win with football skills. If Kerry had their shooting boots on they would have won more comfortably I think. In truth we all love the Higgins O Donoghue type battles, they are what make our games so exciting and bring joy and pride to both the victor and the looser respectively regardeless of the result. When we play Mayo we are focused as they have bloody great players and are so dangerous all over the field, so all the Kerry players are focused. When we play Donegal or Tyrone we are terrified that their crippling system will beat the football skills that we have developed. I hope all football supporters will acknowledge that the joy of an encounter between the traditional teams is something that stirs memory and debate where as the AIF this year was a win for a team that had to abandon their traditions to wrestle the title from the people that invent methods to deny talent, instinct and tradition. Many might say that I am over stating the traditional line but I would argue that the best football was played between Mayo and Kerry this year and if either Mayo or Kerry met the Dubs in the final it would have been a day to remember regardless of who lifted Sam. This is what our game is built on, never mind the exchanges between our players, the skill is what they should be judged on not the petty ” I heard he said this or that ” Cafferky put Donaghy on the back foot a few times In the past so why should he be vilified for not dealing with him in the replay, I think he should have been double marked and frustrated but that is me looking at him for 20 years and knowing what he brings to the table,Cafferky is a great full back but Donghy is 6’5″ and 16 stone of raw muscle, sinew and bone, some of the bloggers think he is over weight,,, he has never been thinner or more fit as he was in 2014 and Cafferky held him to one score in the semi final he scored 1.2 against the unbeatable donegal backlineJ. ames Horan was a strong manager who expected everyone to buy into his philosophy, I think they did and Mayo were the last bloody team anyone wanted to meet in championship as a result. It’s not long ago that teams were saying when we beat Mayo we could face ???? .. Now every major team is saying get the statistician in and see where these sons of bitches are building from and where we can limit their danger men.. That’s top quality and that’s where ye want to be. In 2015 ye will be in every team sheet as the team to avoid and the back room people will be logging every imaginable statistic on every man that wears that jersey regardless of what it looks like next year. Mayo are an amazing team and they should have won several finals over the past three decades,, but they didn’t and that is where the question lies, do ye have the talent to grasp the Celtic Crossess ,,, chalk it down ye have, do ye need an extra ingredient or dimension to achieve YES YE DO, acknowledge that fact and tell the school kids the team will visit your school shortly,,,,, there is no team outside of Kerry that I would love to lift Sam other than Mayo, not because ye have failed so many times but because ye have never stopped trying to do it the right way. There have been so many tiny decisions and scenarios that denied ye but ye are close, so close,, with respect close doesn’t cut it in the mindset of champions, it’s win or nothing,, A genuine wish for ye next year, in February I think ye will kick us out the gate but that won’t worry us as we will improve, Mayo need to stay in division 1 next year, develop a few new options and start one or two players in one or two positions in the Championship and I think it’s there for them. Football any day versus that system .. Football Abu

  42. You know it’s off season when a new jersey is the topic for debate. Bring back the 1995 jersey with the white sleeves it was lovely… Not!

  43. I like all the jerseys , theyre all class. Who will be wearing them is the real question, absolutely delighted to hear a few things already .

  44. I’m sorry Gamechanger but that’s just a pile of long-winded nonsense. Those comments in that article about Donaghy and sledging weren’t anything to do with winding up his own players and his trampish behaviour down in Limerick sure wasn’t either. And don’t even start me on his outburst after the All-Ireland … magnanimity in victory, eh? And as for this traditional versus the system stuff? This year was proof beyond doubt (not that proof was ever needed on this point) that Kerry will stoop to any and every dirty underhand tactic to help them win so trying to pretend that we’re somehow on the same side where it comes to how football should be played is just laughable. And coming on here trying to plamas us about what great lads we are and how close we are and blah blah blah is bordering on nauseating so if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you’d dump your old yerra bullshit somewhere else.

  45. HopeSpringsEternal I think it’s funny that you say you’d rather have Cillian, Higgins, and Boyle in your team rather than the 3 Kerry lads because the Kerry lads are unsporting and the Mayo lads aren’t. Incredibly blinkered if you think Kerry are more unsporting/cynical than Mayo! They are both pretty much the same as each other, people here giving out about Donaghy when Mayo have Aiden O’Shea who is as good as there is out there when it comes to talking shite on the pitch.

    Definitely coming across as bad losers.

  46. There is only one conclusion I can come to from reading those posts from Gamechanger, he’s enjoying taking the piss out of us. Not one sentence in his long winded comments make any since, but I’d guess that was the intention. You were right to call him out on it and I hope he has the good since to keep his shite talk for his own kind.

  47. Willie joe it is my opinion that the two best games this year were between Kerry and Mayo. I can also conform to you that before Donegal beat Dublin the most difficult prospect facing both team and management was Mayo. I’m not patronising or trying to cosy in beside anyone, I speak it as I see it and my posts are honest and true, anyway we will park it there,,,

  48. Poor effort IMO, I know that O’Neill’s basically run out three templates a year and then change colors to suit the county but these are poor.

    As someone said obviously borrowed from a rugby club somewhere

  49. I take the point about the rugby influence. If it had a green collar it would be a lot better – 1a that is.

  50. Gamechanger10, no paragraphs, no commas, too many commas, capital letters on occasion, brutal spelling and utter patronising shite.

  51. @GBXI, The point some of us are trying to make is that there seems to be one rule for the Kerry lads and another rule for other teams. Imagine if a Mayo player kicked the ball away if The Gooch was trying to take a practice free as Marc O’Se did to Alan Freeman, it would probably be the lead story on The Six One News! Of course we have players who can mix it too but we don’t try to do it in an underhand way, like the Kerry lads did. Colm Boyle laid down a marker against Galway but he did it in a fair and honest way with the use of a shoulder to shoulder charge, compare that to a full frontal charge by Shane Enright into Aidan O’Shea’s chest, was that a fair challenge? And I’d be the first one to admit that being 5 points up with 5 minutes to go in the drawn game was a game we should never have drawn. It was a game we threw away really, we have no one to blame for that but ourselves. It is ironic though that Joe Brolly kept making the point this year, that we couldn’t close out games but when we did close out a game in the 2012 All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin (by any means possible), he wrote the infamous article about us being really cynical, you can’t win sometimes!

  52. Will ye get the f…. over donaghy, he done the business for his county and bet us 3 times over the years almost on his own, hem,s a class player and can say wat ever he wants in my book, none of our management could come up with a plan for him or did,t try either after two games and extra time….if I ever meet him I,all buy him a pint and pick his brain on mayo football…….lol… for the jersey good riddance to horan era jersey, never bought it and was disgusted the day we got rid of the hoop, any wonder we had no luck and throw inthe curse and we were royally …………1a looks good and esee will always be the green above the red………

  53. I don’t particularly have a favourite in the coloring or design of any of the jerseys but I definitely won’t be buying one if the collar is a low yoke like it seems on the picture. Will they have a different type collar for the more mature mayo fans?
    What color will the alternate jersey be?
    I watched a bit of the replay last night for the first time, could only take a little of it though. It was nice to see donie Vaughan throwing that dirty little rat of a Kerry player out over the fence while his teammates tried to stop it. I imagine that there’ll be bad blood between these teams for a while to come. And Mayo should take a leaf from Kerry’s low class action book, they should fling opponents boots away into the crowd and kick the ball away at every opportunity and every other imaginable thing they can get away with. I really hope donaghy comes back for another year and that Mayo get to meet him.

  54. Will they have a red jersey like they one they wore against Kerry best of tubber against castlebar today hope ye win

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