Details of league fixtures

As promised, here are the details of our 2008 league fixtures. The full fixture list is now also available on the GAA’s website.

Our campaign is as follows:

Round 1 (2nd February): away v Derry, this will be a Saturday night match under the lights at Celtic Park, throw-in 7 pm.
Round 2 (17th February): home v Donegal, 2.30 pm throw-in.
Round 3 (1st March): away v Laois – another Saturday nighter, throw-in 7pm.
Round 4 (16th March): home v Kerry, 2.30 pm throw-in.
Round 5 (30th March): away v Kildare, 2.30 pm throw-in.
Round 6 (6th April): home v Galway, 2.30 pm throw-in.
Round 7 (13th April): away v Tyrone, 2.30 pm throw-in.

A few interesting clashes to look forward to, I think. Being Dublin-based, I’m already eyeing the away matches with Laois and Kildare as bankers to get to, also the home one against Kerry, as it’s on the day before Paddy’s Day. But the opener away to Derry? I’m not sure I could face that long haul up and down again, just for a bloody league game but, then again, three months from now I might feel differently.

Meanwhile, Hogan Stand is reporting that the GAA have also published their “Master Plan” for next year’s football championship. If they have, its not yet on their own website but that would be too much like hard work I suppose. All the dates for the 2008 qualifiers are listed (now why should that interest us?) plus the make-up of the All-Ireland series, which confirms that its the Connacht v Munster champions in the semis (or whoever beats them in the quarters) this year.

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