Details of new backroom team confirmed as appointment shambles revealed

This week’s Mayo News (paper and digital versions) has plenty on the appointment of the new management team, the short version of which has already been outlined in the comments. The most important bit, I guess, relates to the new backroom team with the paper confirming the key appointments that Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes intend to make.

The good news – which has been well trailed already – is that coach Donie Buckley has agreed to stay on with the team in the same role over the coming year. While it could be argued that a new coach would freshen up our style of play next year, Donie has been one of the main reasons we’ve been as formidable as we have over the past two years. There’s a lot to be said for continuity in this area and it’s great that the Kerryman is happy to stay on to provide this.

Ed Coughlan isn’t, though, remaining on board and the new man coming in on the strength and conditioning side is Barry Solan. You might remember that he was one of the names being mooted to replace Cian O’Neill following his departure from the set-up in the immediate aftermath of the 2012 final. The Ballaghaderreen native sounds like a very sensible addition to the backroom team.

So too does Micheál Collins, who was also part of the Connelly/Holmes management team at U21 level. The Lacken clubman, who lined out at half-back for us in the 1989 All-Ireland final, joins the new management team as a selector.

The appointments are set to be confirmed by the County Board Executive on Thursday night but that meeting looks like it will be dominated by the fallout from the appointment process itself. The Mayo News has plenty on this as well and, on the face of it, the process sounds like it was a complete shambles from start to finish.

In his piece on the issue, Ed McGreal reports that the County Board Executive committee met on Friday evening to convene an interview panel, with the format of the interview process also agreed along with the dates for the interviews. These were scheduled to take place today and tomorrow, with a report then being made to the County Board Executive on Thursday and the appointment to be formally ratified by the full County Board at its meeting next Monday.

It then transpired, however, that Kevin McStay was reportedly contacted by County Board Chairman Paddy McNicholas on Saturday morning to tell him that they were going with the two lads. No interviews were held with the nominated candidates and it’s not clear on what basis the decision was made but by the time Paddy Mc spoke with Kevin McStay the die had clearly been cast.

When word began to leak out about the decision over the course of Saturday afternoon the Board then had to issue a hurried statement later in the evening confirming what was happening. They only did so, however, after the Comical Ali line they put out during the day about interviews still having to be held had been exposed as a blatant untruth.

It’s clear that there’s considerable anger within the County Board at the amateurish and unprofessional way the decision makers in this process handled the issue. In this regard, it appears that the statement that was released on Saturday evening confirming the Connelly/Holmes appointment is also a bone of contention, as this refers to a meeting between the interview panel and the County Board Executive on Saturday that four members of the Executive are adamant did not take place.

The depth of anger amongst County Board members who were not directly involved in the process was illustrated by the decision of Executive member Gerry Bourke to tender his resignation, branding the process as a “sham”. It’s hard not to agree with him and I reckon that once you’ve read the full sequence of events as described by Ed McGreal in the paper, you’ll be of the same mind too.

What’s most annoying, I think, is that the appointment of Noel and Pat – which could, in time, prove to be a shrewd decision (though of course there’s no guarantee at this point that it will) – has been so overshadowed by the imbecilic way that the thing was handled and, in particular, by the shocking lack of respect shown to Kevin McStay. He’s also interviewed, by the way, in this week’s Mayo News and the dignified and magnanimous position he takes on the outcome of the appointment process speaks volumes for him.

It’s also the case that the shambolic appointment process reflects extremely badly on those who were responsible for running it. It goes without saying that those involved should now be held fully accountable for the monumental hames they made of it.

164 thoughts on “Details of new backroom team confirmed as appointment shambles revealed

  1. Whilst I welcome the appointment of Holmes and Connelly and delighted Buckley is staying on and welcome Barry Solan on board I am disgusted at the way the county board has gone about their business and I feel sorry for Kevin Mc Stay. On a brighter note I look forward to new additions to the panel and hope Johnathan O Donoghue from Belmullet gets a chance he’s the real deal only 24 accurate from play and a great free taker definetly worth a look

  2. Have to feel sorry for Kevin McStay, nobody should be treated like that when applying for a job. Its not right on the lads that have got the job either, it makes it unsettling in a way. Its hard to figure out why they didn’t hang on and go through with the interviews , even if they knew that the outcome was likely to be C&H . Its not as if we had a game coming up.

    Happy with the appointments though, Buckley a big plus imo and Barry Solan a diehard Mayo man as well as been well respected in his field globally is an added bonus to the team.

  3. I am happy with the backroom appointments too. Not doubt this latest fuck up by the county board only adds pressure to Noel/Pat and their team for 2015. McStay has every right to feel hard done by here.

    Who has the final say in this setup? In the heat of battle in Croke Park, who has the say on a change in tactics or player….this is what I don’t get about joint management. Maybe Noel and Pat will have all that solved together and in fairness it didn’t seem to cause issue when they were over the u-21’s so they probably have all that covered.

    I have heard Croke Park need one name put forward for matchday interviews etc and this will be Connelly. Are two managers allowed to walk the line on matchday, with all these new rules on who is allowed and not allowed on the sideline?

  4. Kevin McStay always presents as a dignified and respectful individual and can hold his high high after this latest shambles. What a pretty sick position for him to find himself in a Sunday night and it was correct for the sake of his own dignity not to play it out on TSG. If such a phone call to him is true then it really smacks of cute hoorism at best wherein the ugly call is made, the content and script of which can and no doubt will be changed in time while at the same time killing off his interest in the role. There also seems to be a hint of ‘suck that up a bit McStay for announcing your interest on TSG and take it to TSG tomorrow night’. Perhaps the only weakness in McStay’s approach is not awaiting the official email or letter informing him that his application is unsuccessful. Jez if only such blistering speed was displayed to refute the Limerick venue!

    Good news on other appointments and the speed of movement is very encouraging which must be driven by the new co-managers.

  5. Sounds bad – unequal treatment of two contenders (and is the CB Connolly a brother?), which would need to be explained.

    Reminiscent of the FAI appointment of Jack Charlton way back!

    Whatever about joint managers, Kerry have proved you can win an AI with joint captains, neither of whom were on the field at 70 mins (O’Leary coming on at 71).

  6. Look back on appointment of county manager 2004 after THAT final. Nothing changes in the county only the years.

    The clubs of Mayo of course could mandate that (A) entire co board be fired (B) managerial process be revisited. How can a managerial team be appointed without going for interview?

    Will this happen? ???????????? not a hope but expect a load of bullshit to hit the site with loads of gnashing of teeth, then let’s back the current floating mess and final in capitals…hon mayo!!!

    A former manager of our county stated ” ye are losers in Mayo and always will be” as his exasperation finally snapped. He was wrong. We are the losers , the followers, as we watch the aptly named clowns a la various Comical Alis make us the laughing stock of the nation.

  7. Talk about an own goal for the CB! highly insulting to McStay, embarrassing for Noel and Pat (as it looks like a stitch up) and towards what aim ?? What has been gained or saved by short-cutting their own processes?

    I wish Noel and Pat all the best, but what this exposes about the workings of our CB is truly shocking. The appointment of the Football Senior Manager is probably the one decision on which the CB is really under the spotlight and for it to be turned in to a fiasco makes you worried for the future of Mayo GAA.

  8. Surely now with a new management team it’s time for a new county board as well. This is not the first time they have shown they are not up to the job.A new management team, a new county board and a clean slate might be the right way to go, whatever has to be done has to be in the best interest of our team,it’s the least this great bunch of players deserve. Donie staying on is great,if he didn’t see a future for this team he would be gone.

  9. In reality it is quite common for decisions on jobs to be taken before interviews are carried out, I’m in for one at the moment in my professional career and I have a fair idea who is getting it – and it isn’t me. But I’ll go through the interview process anyway. What is ridiculous though is phoning one of the applicants before the interview to tell them to forget it – not only is that massively unprofessional, it’s also downright stupid and just asking for trouble as it allows word of the sham process to spread if the unsuccessful applicant wants it to.

    Incredibly naïve of the board (once again) to go about their business in this fashion but unfortunately we’re well used to it at this stage. Heads should roll but, of course, they won’t.

  10. I am ashamed to admit it but this county board made me feel embarrassed to be a Mayo supporter wearing the green & red that night in Connellys in New York, with their shoe box collecting money at the door. Needless to say the County board official there had a neck like a “jockeys b……s” begging for money. Why oh why are they allowed to get away with this shite for years. It was like something you’d see in the 50’s/60’s.

    The Kerry county board can go over to New York and come back bragging that they had to buy a suitcase in Macey’s to bring back the $500.000 collected there. Everything about the Kerry set up is professional. Nearly everything about the Mayo set up is professional (huge part thanks to Horan in recent years) The only thing that is amature about the Mayo set up is THE COUNTY BOARD.

    I am ashamed to admit it again, that once again THEY have made me feel embarrassed to call myself a Mayo supporter with their latest clusterfuck of a carry on.

  11. While it’s no reflection on the new lads who I wish the best the treatment of Kevin Mc Stay is unbelievable and heads should roll.a A disgraceful way to treat anyone.

  12. The lunatics are definetly running the asylum. How can something like this happen, who decided that Noel and pat should get it before asking mcstay about his plans for managing? Did the players have a say in it?
    However, it’ll hardly be reversed at this stage so good luck to all involved.
    So if solan is the strenght and conditioning man, what’s buckleys job? Coach ? What will Connelly be doing while they’re training?
    A lot of cooks in the kitchen it seems but maybe that’s the way to go, either way I get the sense that Mayo will not be slipping back into mediocrity any time soon.
    Onwards and upwards.

  13. Surely the chairman and anyone else involed in this embarrassing episode will tender their resignations? If they don’t then the remaining county board members should force their removal.
    I read where it was mentioned that the term of the current chairman is nearly up so it doesn’t make a lot of difference. I don’t agree. He ultimately is responsible and he should take the hit, regardless of whether he went on a solo run with this or not. If there is real anger within the remaining county board members then let them vent it by making the changes necessary. There is not much point in saying you are angry and then sitting quitely in the corner and doing nothing about it. From the outside looking in, as most of us are, they will all be seen to be incompetent unless they prove otherwise.
    This is not good enough. The best supported county team in the country with money pouring in to the coffers from all over the world via golf days, draws, ticket sales, donations and, most importantly of all, a loyal sponsor like Elverys deserves better. There have been huge improvements on the pitch from our minors and seniors but it seems that rate of improvement has not been matched by the people trusted to run our game within the county. It makes Horans achievement all the more remarkable when you see what he had to contend with. We see ourselves as a top 3 side committed and performing on an almost professional level. It seems however that the higher echelons of our county board are happy to operate at a division 3B level.

  14. From what I can see, Dave, Barry Solan is just a straight swap for Ed Coughlan on the S&C side, with Donie Buckley as coach (and maybe too as selector like he was this year).

  15. What a disgraceful way to behave and to treat Kevin Mcstay. There is no excuse and there should be mass resignations. It’s sickening.

  16. The CB is a joke and has been for years. McHale Park is a monument to that. But why does it continue to be filled with clowns, that’s the issue.
    I like the new set up. Keeping Buckley was vital. Holmes, Connelly & Collins represent West, South & North so all potential talent, especially from lower leagues will be spotted. Hopefully they won’t miss the next k Higgins from the east!

  17. So the information to hand is that a 5 man interview panel was set up on Friday night last to interview the interested parties this week.
    McStays gets a call on Saturday to tell him a decision has been made.
    Some of the 5 man panel hadn’t have clue this was happening.
    So the important question is who rang Mcstay and under what authority was he/she free to do so without bilateral backing.
    Was it a case that the pro NC/PH factions blind sided the KMcS/LMcH supports and turned a two horse race into technical knock out.
    I feel a Brian Lenihan “mature recollection” statement could be made in the next few days.
    Very unprofessional on McStay, a man who served his county and country with distinction

  18. My readings/comments;

    Buckley showed interest in staying and some of CoBoard decided to build mgt around him.

    Mc Stay obviously (and others ) had their own mgt teams in mind and did not fit in with the plan.

    Rumours well before Thurs deadline that Connelly/Holmes were to be appointed.

    We ranted about Liam O’Neill behaviour and we act the same ourselves. Anyone that submits their name is at least entitled to due process. May the best man win and all!

    I cannot honestly believe that a person could act so ignorantly v rest of panel and candidates!

  19. No ex forward on management team seems odd. A friend of Mc Stays told he knew from his first contact with CB that he was not getting the job.

  20. The chairman presiding over this debacle has to step down.
    I hope the delegates will insist on this at meeting later this week.

  21. Pacar….McStay won’t go near it again. It’s now it never for him. And after the treatment dished out would u blame him?

    C/H have been unfairly elected. Their appointment IMO does not reflect the genuine sentiments if the Mayo supporters.

  22. We will be very lucky now to stop all appointees/candidates from walking.
    Clearly the County Board has gone into meltdown.
    Is it true that the ‘Mayo News’ is now doing the County Board’s job & informing us of the various appointments ?
    We need somebody to pull this together and quickly.
    I have said before that we needed to be ready with a replacement as soon as JH resigned otherwise we would be inviting this shambles. You have to have a Plan B as well as Plan A because you don’t know at what point Plan A is going to crumble.
    Perhaps Plan A now would be Connelly/Holmes for 2 years followed by Plan B McStay/McHale for the following 2 years. I would have had it the other way round from the outset but ‘needs must’ at this stage.

  23. I think we have a very serious situation on our hands here. I have reflected on this chaos and the following stands out.

    An interview agenda was set out for Oct 22 and 23 with a recommendation for the 25th. The executive agreed that it seems last Friday.

    So how come a decision was announced on Saturday? Now it’s irrelevant whose to blame and whose to stand down. The fact is one of the men who put his name forward wasn’t interviewed.

    That being the case who put the current managent team in place? And are they happy with a set up where their opponent, only one by the way, wasn’t even allowed to outline his vision of Mayo going forward. I think this whole mess has a long road to run yet.

  24. Reminds of a story an old selector told me a long time ago when there was a lot of selectors for the county teams, one good man nominated a player for right back and kept nominate him all the way all the way to left corner forward

  25. Joey I think jom might be free after next year, so they might well be keeping their options open , dont forget moran and morrison

  26. I agree John Cuffe…,I think there’s more to come.

    Why doesn’t the county board…or club electives reconvene…have an open vote on who they want as manager.

    Surely we cannot stand by and allow this completely undemocratic nonsense continue. The co board are meant to represent us. They do the opposite.

    McStay deserves a fair chance.

  27. a farce ,from start to finish, mayocounty board is nothing short off fawlty towers,fromgetting shafted by oneil and reilly to this, its time the clubs called an emergency agm of the county board,to explain this shambles, its time toclean house from the topdown ,im totally fucking disgusted with the county board,and thats puttingit mildly

  28. Think you may be on to something Teamsheet. Sounds plausible that they wanted to keep Buckley and Connelly/Holmes were up for that. Is Barry Solan a CB nominee or a Connelly one?

  29. We all want what’s best for Mayo . If the CB faction that went ahead with the managers appointment without the consent of the CB executive wanted the best for Mayo they would have at least waited to hear Kevin mc stays ideas and plans for the job. It appears that the management team had to be built around Donnie Buckley . Nothing against Donnie or the rest of the management team but it should be the manager(s) selecting who they want on their team . I don’t care if the county chairman is finishing in the job tomorrow or the next day he should resign and be accountable for this mess.

  30. While I was happy with the appointment of Noel and Pat I am disgusted and embarrassed by the shambles that was the appointment process. Kevin McStay deserved better treatment than this whole cluster fuck of a CB created.
    The term “lions led by donkeys” seems created for these shower. Good to see at least one CB member had the integrity to resign on the back of this debacle and hopefully many more will follow suit Thursday evening.
    The Chairman has to go.

  31. Not really surprised this happened. Can anyone remember 2006 when a management team of Moran and Morrison were removed after one year, and after reaching the All Ireland final. No one has ever explained the reason for this, was it a football one, or the aftermatch celebrations, or the availability of John O mahony. We supporters and clubs got no explanation, we moved on and we get the same again.

  32. In my opinion until this whole mess is sorted out Connelly / Holmes should do the honourable thing and step down straight away. It would appear as though their appointment as co.Managers is now tarnished as they themselves could be accused of been involved in some sort of inside dealing with the C.B. How else could a phone call be made to McStay even before any interviews had taken place, telling him his services would not be required. The whole thing stinks to high heaven 🙁

  33. Are the county board even going to make a statement regards this mess. I think they are waiting for the dust to settle . Well I think the dust won’t settle until a full explanation is recieved and the relevant persons responsible for causing this walk . Hopefully Noel and Pat won’t walk away too as that would cap it off altogether . I feel sorry for the genuine club delegates who give up their time to attend meetings , that is real meetings not fictional meetings , and they end up with their names associated with this CB. Gerry Bourke you should be proud of your actions . There is no shame in walking away from the dictatorship.

  34. No I dont think stand down, I am sure they are vety honourable men, I hope they do very well, its not their fault the county board is a shambles, we need a root and branch reform of the county board but dont hold your breath

  35. Farcical..incredible when you think of how our amateur players conduct themselves in such a professional manner and yet our county board carry on in this way..after the limerick fiasco you would imagine they( c b) would attempt to redeem themselves..wishful thinking..if county board cannot get it together how are our team supposed to fare out??

  36. how can nc/ph step down when they haven’t been ratified yet? mayo McHale?

    I thought the garth brooks/croke park farce was bad, this reaches a whole new level of incompetence/dishonesty. james horan must be shaking his head whilst patting himself on the back for the best decision he ever made in walking away….

    disillusioned, so sorry for all involved, the proposed managers, kevin mcstay, the players, the loyal supporters…its a disgrace

  37. AndyD, at the very least the County Board should have heard Mc Stay’s plans and ideas for the future and the make up of his backroom team.

  38. Oh dear, this is not good. I feel for McStay, and for Connelly and Holmes. I also feel for the players right now who must feel totally disillusioned with the whole fiasco. Indeed there might be another twist in this yet.
    As WJ noted in the piece, the choice of Noel and Pat could have been a potentially shrew one, and all this is the last thing we needed and puts a dampener on it really. It’s a very unfair starting-point for any new Managers (not to mention the utter disrespect shown McStay) if all this is true.
    This really does give out a very poor message to the rest of the Country as well about the way we appear to be handling our affairs. And while I’m sure this is the last thing we care about at this point in time, the optic speaks for itself and in many ways undermines a lot of the good work Horan has done to restore our pride. These are important things.
    Hopefully it will yet work out.

  39. Dear lord. We look like a bunch of idiots. Can you imagine them in Kerry this evening? Having pints in the pub and joking about Mayo not being able to even get a manager picked without screwing it up. You couldn’t make it up. I think Noel and pat should step aside until it’s semi sorted.

  40. JH should get a gold medal for having to put up with that lot for the last 4 years. Knew he had loads of problems with them as they hindered his efforts regularly. People on this site questioned Mayo men taking managerial jobs in other counties for not being loyal to Mayo. What would you do if you were McStay. A young ambitious knowledgeable man puts his name forward for job and is treated like this. Would you blame him for looking elsewhere when this is the shite you get from Mayo Co board, When Evans departs Ros there will be no big surprise if Kevin gets the job and then we will look the biggest idiots of all times. Shame on our Co Board. Ive bought that 100 euro ticket for a long tmie but now I hope there can be some other way of contributing to the training of the county team other than giving money to those imbeciles.

  41. Careful there, Bob – while there’s ample evidence of incompetence and a lack of fair procedure in the appointment, there’s nothing to support any allegation of corruption. As to your question about what will happen now – who knows? The Executive meeting on Thursday night will be an interesting one and in my view there should be resignations arising from this cock-up but whether or not this will happen is another matter.

  42. Sorry Willie I thought I said whatever else was thinking, is Connelly’s brother not the vice chairman of the CB? Pretty obvious to me, but I could be wrong. There is more to come of this story I’m sure

  43. Mike is Noel’s brother alright, Bob, but no suggestion has been made by anyone in the know that he had any part in the decision so I think you are wrong on it. Liam McHale was on Off The Ball just now and his take was that the presentation made by Kevin to the three County Board officers (which wasn’t an interview, just an initial pitch by the sounds of it) was “too radical” and that when Paddy McNicholas called him on Saturday he told them that they wanted greater continuity, which they felt Noel and Pat would provide.

  44. It will be a bigger surprise if Connelly and Holmes are left in position after this. This type stuff is exactly what cillian OConnor and co don’t need, can you imagine the credibility Noel and pat would have at training or on game day with the players? Zero to damn all. My thoughts. Clear out anyone involved on Thursday night, get them away from Mayo football and get the clubs to nominate people to be elected in a week or two.
    Then let mcstay and Connelly put their cases forward to an honest panel of county board men. I have no doubt Connelly or mcstay have nothing but Mayo footballs best interest at heart.

    It was strange how Mcstay spoke his case out on the Sunday game a few weeks ago, had he been told that the managers job was gone even before that? It’s all a disaster. I feel bad for mcstay, Connelly and co and the selectors already in place as of today. I wonder what Donie Buckley would say about it all ?

  45. Just listened to newstalk interviews. It gets worse by the second.
    McNic told mcstay that his plans for Mayo were too radical. Now I am really starting to side with mcstay. Clearly this was a solo run by McNic. He asked mcstay to lie and say that he was removing his name from consideration. WTF

    Seriously how can noel and pat stay put now? The rules were not followed, the selection committee not consulted so what validity does their appointment have now? Nothing against pat or noël but it seems like they were appointed because they will be more pliable and more easily managed then mcstay. Oh dear…

  46. We could well find ourselves with no manager yet. We had two excellent management teams vying for the job and now one is disgusted at being shafted and the other disgusted at being tarnished. I wouldn’t be surprised if Connelly and Holmes throw in the towel in disgust. What do we do then, call McStay and say sorry Kevin, bit of a misunderstanding, any chance you’ll take the job.
    Jesus, the more you think about it, the worse it gets.

  47. Connelly and Holmes have not done anything wrong, they will not be resigning or even contemplating it.

  48. No way McStay will take it now..

    And, I can’t understand the CB wanting continuity ?? Why?? Continue to fail??

    Has this all boiled down to Buckley ?? McStay said no and Connelly said yes??
    Is he that good?? Lets remember he is there 2 years?
    I like Mchale and think he is getting a raw deal from mayo supporters, I respect his honesty there.

  49. Reminds me of the Hicks and Gillete era at Liverpool….turned the club into a laughing stock and brought them to the brink of bankruptcy.

    No winners in this mess. I feel for McStay and Connelly/Holmes. It ain’t their fault. Also they have not been appointed yet so I don’t know why people are asking them to step down.

    Explosive meeting in the cards for Thursday night. Why is our dirty laundry always being aired in public? Simply not good evough. I suspect if this happened in Cork Hurling, they would be out on the streets or on strike (in now way would I like to see a situation like that).

  50. You know what I mean there Mayo4sam, let’s not be splitting hairs here. I’ve no doubt Connelly and Holmes are good guys and given a chance would be great for Mayo football but like Dave said above, there could be a credibility issue hanging over them and neither I’m sure would want that. Removing themselves from the situation now and allowing the dust to settles, would make since to me – but then what do I know….

  51. If Connelly and Holmes step down we might as well forget about next year now…the only person that should walk over this is the Chairman and I would hope he will on Thursday night

  52. The McGreal and McHale interview from an hour ago is available now on the ‘Listen Back’ link on Newstalk….

  53. And breath.

    No one died.

    Who cares what other counties think.

    McNicholas will go and this will pass.

    Still agree with who was appointed and they’re continuity plan.

    Don’t agree with how McStay was treated.

    The sun will rise in the morning.

  54. Hi Willie Joe, I agree with Mayo McHale, Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes must now step aside until this mess is sorted. If they were to continue, it would cast a dark cloud over their management reign and they deserve better. As for Kevin McStay, he also deserves much better. He has at all times acted in a professional manner. He was asked a question on ‘The Sunday Game’ and he would have looked as if he had no interest in Mayo football, if he had not expressed an interest in the Manager’s position. At very least Kevin McStay has to get a proper interview. The position of our County Board Chairman, Paddy McNicholas, is now untenable. He has no option but to do the decent thing for Mayo football and walk away. Surely he can now see that. After he does this, a proper democratic process should be adopted to elect a new manager for our Team.

  55. They haven’t been officially appointed yet as far as I’m aware, still need ratifying Thursday night.

  56. Gerry Bourke who resigned from the Executive seems to be suggesting that before last Friday nights Co Board meeting the decision to appoint Connelly/Holmes had already been taken. If that can be proven then heads must roll…..

  57. We cannot and will not tolerate a county board that conducts its business in such an incompetent and unprofessional manner. This is completely unacceptable. The chairman must tender his resignation effective immediately. There should also be a performance evaluation of all other members of the executive wrt their handling of this appointment process.

  58. 45, we will tolerate it, , this ia a complete shambles and an insult to men like horan who didn’t put up with their shite.what a slap in the face to the players and supporters. The cb will go on as always, an embarrassment to the county. Fair play to gerry for resigning. Very disillusioned as a lot of people seem to be but nothing will happen as a result

  59. If it wasnt fucking bad enough to have to put up with ridicule for not winning an All Ireland in years now here is more amo for the Mayo haters. There is no doubt that the head man has to go and whatever other fool went along with this fiasco . Simple as that !! It needs a massive over haul .Far to much bullshite and politics in it.

  60. Just listened to the Newstalk interviews what a total mess and the nerve of McN trying to get Mcstay to “withdraw”. The one good thing I took from it is that Mike Connelly has behaved with decency unlike McN as outlined by Edwin Mcgreal

  61. I firmly believe the C&H team was financially less strenuous to Paddy Mc et al. That’s what made their decision to my mind.

  62. Liam A bit of sanity at last. To be fair the Co Bo made some good decisions on the run up to this. Buckley was needed on board, if not by some of our contributers then by a magnificant panel of players. Everyone agrees we were moving in the right direction under JH. Noel Pat and Micheal was the dream team that could continue the good work done over the last 4 years. This is not the time for revolution its a time for evolution. Take a page from the Kerry book for a change lads. Wait and see if the county board can sort out the mess on Thursday. I feel sorry for Liam and Kevin surely. I feel especially sorry for Noel Pat and Micheal. This is the standard they have to interface with for the foreseeable future. Mayo supporters all over the county are responsible for this mess as well. Our delegates pick out our leaders on the Co Bo. At your next AGM please take a closer look at who is going for delegate position. JH for chairman now that would be a great start.

  63. Still trying to understand the ramifications. Connelly and Holmes cannot be just allowed to stay in the job without being interviewed, even if everyone wanted them to it wouldn’t be right, and from where does Kevin mcstay go now? He’s already been gutted by the nonsense that went on, if you were in his shoes would you contemplate an interview by our county board? Liam mchale said it very well, “it’s a very unfortunate situation”.
    Willie joe, what do we do to petition mcnicholas resignation? Can you do some kind of thing on your site?

    This is a disaster for both mcstay and Connelly and to top it you can be sure Kerry, Dublin and co must be having a right laugh about us. Only in Mayo.

  64. Farcical as this is, those with an iota of knowledge of the working of club/ co board processes will know that the wheels will grind so slowly that we will have forgotten about this long before any radical changes so desired by posters here are even brought to the floor. That’s just the way the thing works,
    I am still happy with the approval or what ever word describes the landing of Noel and Pat in the heated seats.

  65. Can’t believe this shite is happening, is this fair to the players who give up their lives for the cause, the supporters who live breathe and follow mayo to the end. I didn’t know who was the best to appoint although my feeling was to give mcstay a chance – I was trusting the County board who are far more knowledgeable than me to decide. I am sure that some if not most of the County board are honourable and are for the best interests of mayo football but is it time for a radical overall at that level???? Have politics played a part in this fiasco????? Disgusted for our players and fans

  66. Just listened to newstalk interviews… the blood boils when I hear what went on.

    Firstly, McNicholas has to go and I’m sure he will be made go Thursday.

    McHale spoke with great dignity. He gained a lot of respect from me for that. Mc Stay also showed great dignity in the paper today.

    I feel very sorry for Noel and pat. I just wonder what donie makes of it all. I hope they all remain in situ or it will be a disaster.

    This is an absolute shambles and other counties looking in must be laughing at us.

  67. WJ There is enough anger within the Executive to sort out any member that transgressed the process. They are still in the best position to act one way or the other. You will agree that when you are not in possession of all the facts hold your peace. Dave should rethink his own position.

  68. Pat and Noel must withdraw. They engaged in the process after Pat saying he did not have time. Stinks to high heaven

  69. In the province of Munster on FRIDAY last at 3.00 p.m. I spoke to a GAA figure of national stature and repute. This man is from outside our county. He was able to inform me of the outcome of our search here in my own county for a manager/management team.

  70. Pj
    I have no position other than annoyed fan. Nothing for me to rethink. Did you hear the Mchale interview? If not, have a listen. I have my own hunch as to what might have went on, not broadcasting it is ” holding my piece”.

  71. No doubt they are laughing, well Joe brolley what do you think of THIS??

    Anne Marie, always enjoy your level headed , well thought out and passionate posts . What do you think of this?
    I propose you for secretary of a new county board!! No winky face, I am serious……

  72. Not surprised about this. Remember what they did to Moran in 2006 after getting us to All Ireland Final.
    Also treatment of Tommy Lyons last time out equally shocking. Same guys hanging around the CB for years
    Who elected these people.?
    Time for a change at the top I think. Too many Fk ups

  73. Embarrassing for the county board,feel sorry McStay he simply had no chance,who selects a new county board,I think that’s what really has to be done few those lads most certainly have to be replaced how can a team or management focus on anything,I wish the very best of luck to Connelly,Holmes and all the backroom team,

  74. Is it true that Mc Stays plan was too radical and it involved the players pushing cars around a car park in Castlebar.

  75. Time for everyone to steady on a bit. We have the right men for the job in question.

    McHale was saying again on Off the Ball how radical change was needed as we have not won the All Ireland. If he said that at their presentation it is no wonder that the county board were not impressed. I think someone might have just got out of the traps a bit quick letting too many know their thoughts.

    All will be forgotten this time next year when they win Sam!

  76. JFC…Liam McHales first response is to go on National Radio….that’s exactly the reason he shouldn’t have been let within an asses roar of the set up to begin with

    This should have been let run it’s course…..which it undoubtedly would hVe …… [deleted]

  77. The genie in the bottle could yet await releasing. What say might the players have in this mess, did they influence the board in whom they wanted?

    If it turns out that this total disaster has roots in deeper participants then the future is not rosy. I assume once championship is over then it’s the manager that invites the players back for the new season.Does Mayo have a fixed panel and does the new proposed management team have to inherit the squad just finished. This “continuity” thing puzzles me as does the speed the back room team was assembled. What was the rush boys?

  78. – Need to separate the two issues namely the selection process and the selection

    – NC/PH are in position with what is a very strong backroom team, they should be ratified so they can proceed with their plans. No issue for me with the selection.

    -The selection process has been a shambles if even half of what is reported us true. CB meeting in less than 48 hours should see P. MCH forced to resign and a public apology to Kevin McStay.

    Everything else is a side show.
    – There are plenty of honourable people on the CB.

    -McHale Park is a stadium to be proud of, compare with other county grounds. Sure its a little too big and cost too much but it is something for Mayo GAA to be proud off not to be ashamed off.

    – To heck with what other counties and the national media think. Meath had a similar issue with Banty appointment and it was a one day wonder.

    – While all if these side shows go on in Mayo; Sam and Markam are sitting pretty in Kerry tonight. We should all have in goal and that is to have one or other resident in Mayo this time next year.

    Lets get in with it.

  79. Gale – there’s a rule against making insulting and/or antagonistic comments at others. It’s no.3 on the list. Please bear in mind for future reference.

  80. Mcnicholas and those responsible must resign ASAP…and the people of Mayo must insist that the process to select a new manager be started again, from scratch.

  81. What needs to happen now is;
    a) Who even was involved in this shambles to resign or be sacked
    b) The current selection process to be aborted
    c) A new professional selection team (with no CB involvement) to set up to interview prospective candidates, a new manager appointed based on a transparent procedure.
    d) A professional fund raising structure put in place in the county/country and across all the major cities in the world to properly resource the training of the team – the player/supporters deserve this at a minimum.
    e) We the ‘royal WE’ don’t accept second place with all of the above in place from the management & team – like they do in Kerry!!!!!!

  82. Alf – same goes as with Gale’s comment a few minutes ago. It’s okay to attack the point made by another poster but not by denigrating the person who made it.

  83. No problem WJ…..I knew I was skirting the line……Im furious as you can imagine.

    Anyone who was in New York last May can see how much this team means to the county and for a bunch of bureaucrats to be so tone deaf just boggles my mind

  84. Willie Joe Didn’t realise that a ‘CB PR statement’ was regarded as an insulting and/or antagonistic comment. Its your feeling towards the CB which is clouding your judgement I feel.

  85. That’s fair enough, Whitey, understood. I think everyone, myself included, is boiling about this one. I just want to keep the criticisms being voiced to reasonable proportions.

  86. Sound WJ. I just think we need to take a hard luck at our structures, can’t just put the blinkers on and get on with it this time round.
    Hard to know if a radical change is warranted or just a tweak to get us over the line, we are close but who’s to know if we continue down exact same road we’ll get any closer.

  87. Gale – don’t start to annoy me or make insinuations about my “feeling towards the CB” or else you and I are going to fall out properly. Read the bloody house rules and comply or go find somewhere else to voice your opinions.

  88. Gale seen ur point,read the Horan report from four years ago. When it comes to finance or tranceparency our CB is a bit shy…..

  89. I’ve been keeping my powder dry on this all day, but it’s time!
    I said it on Saturday after the CB released their statement, how amateurish and poorly written it was that they couldn’t just simply spell it out! We’ll now we know why!
    This was and continues to be a complete shambles. The manner in which this new management team has been appointed just stinks so bad that IMO both Connelly and Holmes should do the right thing now and withdraw their candidacy. To be honest about it, they may lack credibility by the nature in which they have been selected, apparently by the most senior member of the Politburo!
    And john cuffe touched on a more troubling aspect to this, were the players in any way consulted on this? I’m sure many (not all) would like very much “continuity” and less “radical” changes!
    And I haven’t even spoken of how Kevin McStay has been treated in this shambles! It’s really disgraceful. He’s an educated, serious, professional and proud mayo man; and to be dealt with in this purely dishonest way, is shocking.
    It is now time for the chairman and the ppl in the CB who were responsible for this shambles to step down, or be removed at Thursday nights meeting of the CB. That’s just to start.
    Then elect or nominate a new chairman and selection committee, followed by a new and open nomination for the management job, where all candidates are interviewed and their plans discussed in some detail, not over the phone. Then make an honest and transparent selection! Sure some ppl will be happy with the selection while others will be unhappy, but at least it wil have been honest and transparent unlike what we have right now.

    Finally, if you are a cairde member, you could call Machale park and tell them you are not renewing until the Chairman and his selection team resign. And if your worried about your season ticket, don’t worry just tell them you will get the Croke Park season ticket.
    Anyway, I have a flight back to the US to catch, btw, welcome back Peblesmeller, where’ve you been?

  90. Gale – I fully agree with you regarding what needs to happen next in terms of the selection process.

    Agree to about funding. This has been raised before. Club Mayo Dublin was set up for this purpose and the co board effectively stamped it out. Are you surprised!?!?

    Those on about ‘tweaking’. Tweaking will get us no where. We need changes off the field first of all and a fresh approach on it. Defensively we were too loose in 2014, and we never fired on all cylinders…we stutterers our way to the last 4. Look at Donegal in 12(radical); Kerry this year…radical changes in terms of personal and approach.(granted they were lucky but u make ur own luck and we are t v good at that !!)

    It was the co board who termed radical. McStay didn’t go in using this word, it’s been used as an excuse by the co board. More of their usual shite.

  91. The players wouldn’t except McHale on the Mcstay ticket effectively ruling out Mcstay. Thus only one candidate leaving interview redundant

  92. Austin Payne – Would not agree with your analysis of the situation, you are not taking into account that other potential candidates did not apply because it was a done deal, the word was out well before Thursday last @ 11.00pm

  93. Do you know that about the players feelings on McHale or is it your guess, Austin Payne? Just asking btw.

  94. This has been slowly simmering away in my head all day, and more that has emerged, the madder I’m getting. So I think it’s probably wiser to say very little. But I will say one thing: You know you’ve reached a real low point in your county’s history when even the Rossies are laughing at you.

    MayoforSam2015, I’m flattered, but it wouldn’t be for me. Sure I know nothing about GAA 😉

  95. What a mess and it will probably get worse very soon I fear.
    What are the priorities now?
    1The team
    2 the credibility of the county board
    3 our pride and dignity as a footballing county.
    What do we do?
    1. Remove all those remotely responsible for causing this mess and replace them IMMEDIATELY with people who will lead the county board with courage, honesty and integrity.
    2. Provide the team with a top class management setup, properly appointed who will have the backing of the team and mayo gaa people
    3. Issue an immediate and fulsome apology to Kevin McStay and invite him to reapply
    4. Ensure that pat Holmes and Noel Connelly don’t walk away but allow a new process to take place
    Now is a time for real leaders to stand up and be counted and fight for the good of Mayo football like never before.

  96. Oh and by the way several of us were told last Saturday week (sep 13th) that NC and PH had the job. I dismissed it as rubbish but thinking back on it the fellas who were saying it obviously heard it from a co board officer.

  97. The process must begin again. How can C&H be taken for real if they were elected in such an underhand way???

    This stuff about players not wanting McHale is rubbish. He was and is hugely popular amongst the st brigids team that have dominated Connacht. They are no mugs and are as ambitious a club dude produced in Connacht for years…McHale seen as a very positive and morale boosting influence in the dressing room.

    Ann Marie….the rossies r laughing at the total shambles but not appointing McStay had thrilled them. Former county footballers from there see McStay as a shoe in for ros next for 2016.

    I would rule him out if the Mayo job just yet…I think a lot will happen over the coming week. It has to. Otherwise we are doomed to failure and ridicule. The public must insist on resignations and a transparent and fair election process.

    As I said already, the player should have a say.

  98. Deep breaths are needed.

    A good nights sleep should calm a few people hopefully.

    I’m thinking of setting up a stall selling pitchforks and burning torches outside McHale park Thursday evening.

    The correct candidates have been selected, the correct back room team are in place, the process is at fault along with a clearly incompetent chairman.

    Something else will happen, you’ll go to work, life goes on.

  99. There is alot of anger here and it’s understandable but Connelly/Holmes under no circumstances should be blamed for this…. Whatever happens within the county board, so be it but Connelly/Holmes are appointed and have to be let get on with things. The decision to appoint can’t and shouldn’t be changed.

    The county board as per usual have mad a total balls of things. The chairman isn’t the only one to blame… The PRO went on Midwest on Saturday saying no appointment was made…. Mayo people everywhere have been misled by gross incompetent apes and but I don’t believe they will resign because that would be the honourable thing to do….

    I find it hard to fathom all the furore about mcstay not getting the job though. Before his win with st Bridget’s his mangerial record is poor to say the least with mayo and Roscommon teams. I do feel sorry for him and it’s wrong what happened to him. I prefer Connelly as mayo manager though. I firmly believe he’s the better choice.
    t’s a fact whether people like it or not that Liam mchale was not wanted by some players. Remember his criticism of the team and James Horan in 2012 leading up to the Donegal all Ireland final????? Players never forget what’s said about them, especially by their own fellow county men in the media.

    As well as that his comments re Kerry in 2006 was awful dumb to say the least. Mchale was quoted as saying that the Kerry players calf muscles were bigger than mayos and that he knew mayo would lose the game beforehand as a result. Believe it or not, that’s the Gods honest truth and it was in the media at the time…

    It’s very embarrassing I know and the national media will have a great time with this. Spare a thought though for all the nonsense that James Horan had to put up with in his four year tenure. It’s no wonder his hair is now predominantly grey.

  100. @patriot. Well spoken. As mentioned by someone earlier, the fact that the first place McHale went to voice his opinion on this affair was a national radio show speaks volumes. I believe he was genuine with his hurt but he should have followed McStays lead and kept his powder dry.
    They have been very badly treated but I still believe that incremental changes are what’s needed and if McStay/McHale had a different approach then they were not suitable at this time.

  101. I’m not sure if Barry Solan is a straight swap for Ed Coughlan on the S&C side, Solan was with laois when they dropped down to div 2 and likewise with Kildare this spring his cv is always talked up as having worked with Katie Taylor or the polish soccer players but make no mistake Ed Coughlin will take some replacing for the work he’s done these last four years.

  102. Feel sorry for Kevin McStay in all of this lads.He comes across as a very knowledgeable and insightful guy on the Sunday Game in my opinion anyway.
    Seems to me like a shocking lack of respect to a good football man.

  103. PS – while I’m not a Mayoman – I do think it a little unfair for people to call for Connelly and Holmes to resign.
    It is surely not their fault that things have gone the way they have.
    That is a county board issue full stop surely?

  104. I don’t care about the interview process, I’m just relieved that Connelly and Holmes are in joint charge and that Buckley is staying.

    … [Deleted] …

    James Horan has let his thoughts be known on the matter by stating the Mayo got “two good men” and if their good enough for James their good enough for me. “Good Men” is an interesting choice of words for James to use to describe his successors.

    Anyway if we’re done with the behaving like fish wives at a fish wives convention, let’s just get behind the management and the team and focus on what is important.

    Let the bullshit float on by.

  105. Enough of the silly talk the new management is in place and to be officially confirmed shortly the only people that should resign is those few in the county board the are responsible for the mess of this selection process and let that be a lesson for future appointments.

    Pat,Noel together are a good management team and having Donie along side them should make for smooth transition.

  106. On no account should the current team resign.

    But by the same token , the very minimum that should be done is an apology to mcstay from the CB about the process. And that is the bare minimum.

  107. There are a few on here now saying that even though the CB made a mess of this, we should all just move on.
    It was long ago that those same ppl were blasting Liam O’Neill for telling Mayo to “just get on with it” before the replay!
    This is already a big mess so before we go any further let’s get all the details now

  108. So Paddy McNicholas is now our own Lee Harvey Oswald having shot Kennedy (mcstay) while acting alone.
    At tomorrow nights meeting, jack Ruby (the delegates) will step forward and finish off Oswald (McNicholas)
    The vice chairman will need to step up, but this vice chairman was always going to be compromised, even when the conclusion of the original “process” had finished. Now he is worse then compromised, he’s toxic and unltimately his position becomes untenable.
    Now suddenly there is a opening for new county board chairman at a time of great instability.
    Step forward an experienced campaigner, someone who knows the scene, maybe someone who has worked with Connelly & Holmes before and has a good relationship with them.
    Any of the posters here delegates for their club or know their club delegates well ? Has there been any subtle enquires made about support for the chairmans role, any canvassing ?
    If the chairman was inept enough to let this situation occur, maybe he was inept enough to take bad advice. He, like Oswald may have not acted alone. Did anyone look towards the grassy knoll.

  109. Sure apparently C&H weren’t interested in the job a few weeks ago…suddenly they are and are appointed/nominated(whatever the official term is) in a completely unfair and underhand process.

    There’s no way a few apologies and one resignation are enough.

    Despite Connellys popoularity(he is a very good man) the reality is that McStay was the popular vote. How can Mayo ever expect to succeed when we have clowns running the show. Mcnicholas snd his buddies (because you can be damn sure there are more involved) must go. If they don’t, we are even bigger fools.

    A clean new slate..a new and fair process should ensue and then whoever is elected new Mayo manager will have everyone’s support. As it stands are you all saying that you are happy to support a management team based on how this was carried out???

  110. Connelly and Holmes must withdraw their application. They have not been approved. Hell, even a rough poll of supporters here wanted McStay in a 2 to 1 vote.

    Everyone knew over a week ago that the two lads were getting it. We need a new process with a new interview committee.

    The County Chairman must go. The Vice Chairman may have stood back but he is still compromised and must go.

    A new Board must be elected and they should choose the new manager.

  111. We all want what’s good for Mayo football…a process like this is rotten to the core. Radical changes required at county board level. Sure remember after Longford the ideas Liam Goran &Co put together…all binned by the power hungry, backward and narrowminded co board.

    In the meantime…the most important people in all of this are the PLAYERS. I wonder what they think.

  112. Joe – I’ve had to delete a bit of that comment as it contains a few remarks that are uncalled for and are unfair to the individuals in question.

  113. If Connelly and Holmes step down it’s an unmitigated disaster. We have a coaching team most people agree is quite good. If they step down we don’t know what will happen. Can’t take that risk.

  114. I just can’t believe supporters who are happy to let this slide. Baz, it’s about time Mayo took a risk. Accepting the process as it is is almost complicit. It says that ‘we don’t mind if things are carried out in an underhand fashion’. This whole process stinks and now is the time to clean Mayo GAA.

    As Pat Murtagh rightly alluded to, McStay was the popular choice. He didn’t even get a fair chance and what’s more has had to put up with this mess in public. How can any of you be happy to carry on regardless…??

  115. I get what you are saying Mayonaze, but it would be unfair now to say to Connelly and Holmes that actually you’re not hired yet lads. I think heads have to roll on County Board and that is the appropriate repercussion of the sham. The risk I’m talking about is that if we lose Connelly and Holmes, we don’t know if McStay will also say I’m not interested anymore, I’ve been wronged and I’m stepping back, and then we could wind up with neither management team. That is the worst case scenario and we need to avoid that.

    Others are calling on the vice chairman to step down. Unfair to say that. He’s in a very difficult position and he has done nothing wrong.

  116. A good nights sleep has cleared the mind, the fog has lifted and clarity prevails.

    The current chair is actually the hero in all of this. His head, frazzled in smoke filled rooms full of discarded coffee cups and stubbed out fags , took the bull by the horns.

    The consensensus amongst the capos and Mayo made men was that McStay and especially McHale would wake up with a horses head on the pillow. The chair decided to cut to the nub, save on the tea, biscuits, petrol and two wasted interviews . One call would do the trick. It did.

    Thursday night the chair will apologize. The made men will nod and look
    Solemn. He may or may not resign . A new chair may step forward with no connections with either side and the good ship Mayo will sail
    Blissfully on. Won’t it?

  117. I agree with Roger – under no circumstances should Connelly and Holmes be resigning. Mayonaze, the “popular vote” counts for nothing here – every Tom Dick and Harry including yourself and myself is an expert these days. Our “expertise” means very little in the greater scheme of things. And let’s face it, not many people wanted Horan either.

    The fact that the process was a diabolical mess is nothing to do with Holmes and Connelly. They went in there with a plan, and for whatever reason, their plan was deemed the most appropriate for the immediate future, and because (contrary to popular belief) I don’t actually think everyone on the county board is a complete clown, and I believe that at least some of them actually do have the interests of Mayo football at heart, I am happy with their decision to appoint Pat and Noel. I don’t for a second believe that their positions are untenable as a result of a cock-up by someone who for some unfathomable reason, took matters into his own hands and embarrassed himself, his board and his county. I feel sorry that they have had to deal with this shitstorm before a ball has been kicked in anger.

    It’s just bizarre. I cannot for the life of me figure out why McNicholas embarked on the course of events that he did – there was absolutely no reason to do so. The decision might well have been all but made before the interviews took place, but why on earth not extend McStay and McHale the courtesy of allowing them to put forward their case regardless? What was the hurry in ruling them out? Their plan might not have been right for now, but in two or three years’ time when we are on the hunt for a new team, their fresh vision could have been just what was needed. But no, instead the actions of one or two rogue individuals have now potentially burned those bridges which strikes me as short-sighted in the extreme.

    And what is also worrying for those members of the exec is that clearly some of them quite simply couldn’t keep their mouths shut about what was meant to be a confidential process – which is why the dog on the street knew nearly a fortnight ago that this was a done deal. And that in itself demonstrates a serious lack of respect towards ALL candidates, but in particular, McHale and McStay who, regardless of your feelings towards them as potential managers, owe very little to Mayo.

    The silence from the county board in clarifying the series of events is both deafening and damning – they are clearly waiting for Thursday’s meeting before they make an announcement, but in doing so, they have made it abundantly clear that the version of events as presented by Edwin McGreal is accurate and that they have no reply or clarifications to make.

    Speaking with a calm head this morning, I just cannot see a way that McNicholas’ position is tenable. And if he doesn’t resign, it has major implications for us as a footballing county. I hope the delegates at tomorrow night’s meeting demonstrate some courage and integrity and start pushing for meaningful change at county board level. While I have genuine sympathy for those on the board who are trying their best to bring some professionalism to the setup, we have had decades of hearing about this kind of stuff, and enough is enough.

  118. Why did we only have two applicaitons for the job.?
    I think other(equally good) people that might have wanted to genuinly have a shot at this knew
    they were going to have no chance due to the thinking of the county board ‘outsiders need not apply’….
    This probably leaves us in a position where we cant risk starting the process again as we might have nobody
    willing to go for the job next time….Need a clean slate at the top and fresh open and modern thinking.

  119. So a poll on a supporters website is now the “popular vote”. Given some of the suggestions for I saw for manager, I would doubt some posters ability to choose matching socks. If we are turning the process into a popularity contest then why not go the whole hog and have a X Factor style competition in the TF.
    WJ, I would like to suggest a new thread where by people can try and out trump each other’s outrage.
    Let’s find Mayo GAA’s angriest supporter!

  120. Agree with comments above that Heads must roll before we can have any confidence in the County Board again. Up until last week that smug Laois man Liam O’Neill incurred the wrath of a good many Mayo people with his condescending comments. Now it seems our own Chairman has managed to put himself in the eye of the storm by attempting to sidestep the normal interview process that should be the basic right of any human being in this regard. One has to wonder what was the rush to appoint Connelley/Holmes, was McStay and McHale beginning to gather momentum and was he afraid if given time his own man could loose out?

    Anyway in the meantime and until all this sorry mess is sorted, Connelly and Holmes should withdraw their application and re-apply when and only when a new process in put in place, otherwise they will always be compromised.

  121. Apologies for double posting. That piece tells me that there has potentially been some contact with members of this years senior team and the county board regarding the new management.

  122. It’s such a pity that we had two candidates.
    I do believe the CB could have handled this had there been only one.
    It’s a good job there weren’t 20 candidates !
    The captain of the CB, intoxicated with the thought of building a strong team around Donie Buckley forgot about his team mates & went on an almighty solo run.
    Unfortunately he took the ball into traffic & suffered a humiliating turnover.

  123. Noel Pat and Micheal should be ratified on Thursday night. Simply the best team available to take over. They have done nothing wrong. The panel are backing the new proposals, as is the last manager. Genuine football people in Mayo back Noel and Pat on the basis of their good work done in the past. I feel sorry for Kevin McStay loosing out the way he did and he deserves an apology. He should address the record weakness he has with Mayo football in the future. I am disappointed with Liam McHale and his interview with on air. I understand his disappointment but that’s no way to build a bridge with the current panel now is it.

  124. Pat – I’ve deleted that link which you just posted (any comment with a link goes directly into moderation) as it relates to the 2010 appointment process and you’ve just posted it without any explanation as to why you’ve done so. If you want to have another go and put a bit of context on it, that’d be okay.

  125. Joey – I’ve deleted the second half of your comment as what you’ve said is a potentially libellous slur on more than one party. As a long-standing contributor here, you should know better.

    All – the outrage is now getting slightly out of hand and a bit of perspective all round wouldn’t go amiss at this stage. I’m composing a post at the minute which aims to do this.

  126. Sorry Willie Joe – understand where you are coming from.

    The context to this piece from the Mayo News is that nothing changes, it seems. Remember in 2010 how we all awaited the coronation of Tommy Lyons. Well John Maughan pulled out because of “shennagins”, and the clubs only pushed for James at the very last minute. I wonder did the County Board want to avoid a repeat ambush by the clubs.

  127. Here’s what’s going to happen IMHO:

    – Connelly and Holmes will be ratified, as they should be, having done nothing wrong. It wasn’t them that rang McStay before he was interviewed.

    – Paddy Mc hasn’t a notion of resigning. He’ll issue some kind of verbal sop to McStay – maybe. I doubt he’ll do the same for McHale.

    – There’ll be a general ‘let’s all get behind the new management team’, and people will do so because of the sly implication that doing otherwise makes them whingers that don’t have the team’s best interests at heart. And we all move on.

    Unless you’re attending club or county AGMs and voting these guys in or out, then it doesn’t matter how angry we get here lads.

    Yes, it’s a fiasco and it’s embarrassing. What’s new? The CB has “operated” in this manner for 60+ years. They’re not in it for the good of the team.

  128. Cathal – that’s an allegation (i.e. the basis on which the decision was made) which you can’t support and which I can’t allow you to make here.

  129. Your joking me Anne Marie, it’s a more toxic and dangerous position than the head of ISIS. On a serious note, as far as I’m aware the only paid position with the CB is secretary. We need a second full time person on board also. A graduate with a background in sports management and preferably advertising. Someone with the ability to tap into the vast diaspora of Mayo people world wide and the ability to manage a team fund approaching a million euro.
    Everything has professionalised in the county set up bar the administrative end of things. This shambles could be a blessing in disguise.

    And for all the people who are worried about what outsiders are thinking, we are a long long way from the shenanigans of Cork GAA and look how that’s forgotten.

  130. Sorry Willie Joe … understand the position you are in on this one & the pressure on the blog right now is enormous.
    Perhaps we all need to take a break at this stage.

  131. That’s fine, Joey – I appreciate your understanding. I want to let everyone have their say but individuals’ reputations have to be respected so you’re right that it puts the site under a bit of pressure in walking that line.

  132. Quote from Indo article -exactly what I said from the outset about McHale

    McStay also criticised some players for their feelings towards Liam McHale who McStay wished to appoint as a coach had he been selected.

    “Apparently, some players and members of James Horan’s managerial structure had a problem with some of the comments he(McHale) made over a period of time in a local newspaper. God love them if their sensitivities were a little bruised,” he added.

  133. DavyJ says:They’re not in it for the good of the team

    Well there is only one paid position on the Board….all the rest have day jobs. I would imagine most weekends of the year and some evenings taken up with GAA matters in the county if its going to a meeting or match.

    I find it hard to believe a Board has too many members there “not” for the good of the Mayo football team and GAA in the county as a whole.

    I am not trying to defend the board here but I think everyone needs to take a breath….from my sources some senior players were asked and Connelly/Holmes was the “preferred” choice and the boards due to Buckley staying on….what happened after that has caused all this mess and when you add up Horan’s comments and the NY fiasco then heads need to roll.

  134. Well said Steve,

    Too many posters here think board members spend their days hovering around croke park and rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of the GAA.
    The reality is many are at local club games, underage games and events all across the county all year.
    You’ll see many of them at gates getting abuse when trying to collect admission money or selling tickets.
    The chairman, for all his sins, is probably 40 or more years involved with his club and county. Many of these involvements i’m fairly sure were shitty tasks.
    There’s more to looking after Mayo GAA than the senior intercounty team.
    For sure heads need to roll, but anything and i mean anything to do with football in Mayo in ultimately a thankless task, damned if you do and damned if you don’t

  135. In fairness, the quotes in the Independent, are actually taken from his weekly article in the Herald. In that article he goes on to state that in all his time working in football, he has never come across a better coach than McHale, whose ‘searing honesty’ in the dressing room is something that cant be bought, and that it was McHale’s inspiration at half time in the All Ireland club final, when 4 points down, to make a number of key switches which in turn won St Brigids the match.

    They left out that bit to inflame the situation, and get a response from the likes of us. In fairness lads, what would have been so wrong with McHale? Surely McStay, as manager, would try to bring the best coach he could with him, as it was his head on the block?

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