Details of our 2012 NFL fixtures published

The list of next year’s NFL fixtures has just been published (details here) which, hot on the heels of the Connacht GAA fixture announcement the other day, adds further detail to our 2012 footballing (and hurling) landscape. As is the norm, the list that’s been released now is just a draft one but from what I recall from previous years there are unlikely to be any major changes when it’s finalised. So then what NFL delights are on offer for us next year?

Well, our 2012 Division One campaign opens with an away match against newly-promoted Laois (which will surely be in O’Moore Park) on 4th February. That’s a Saturday so I’m assuming it’ll be an under-the-lights job which was also the case the last time we met the landlocked lads, at the same venue back in March 2008. Portlaoise is a cinch to get to from here in Dublin so that’s one in the bag already for me.

Our second match is also listed for a Saturday (11th February) and this is a real tasty one, as we’ll be welcoming the All-Ireland champions Dublin to McHale Park which surely will also be a floodlit encounter. I might even take the young Dub to that where hopefully our lads will knock a few corners off his champos.

The third round on 4th March is away to Armagh. Jaysus, I’m on a roll here – that’s a piece of proverbial cake to get to from here as well.

Then it’s a home tie against Down the following Sunday (March 11th) followed by a long away trip to Donegal the weekend after (18th March). I’ll reserve judgment on both of those for now.

Our sixth round tie is at home against Cork on 24th March and we then finish up away to Kerry on 8th April. It might be as well to have our place in the play-offs sorted out before that one, just in case like.

So once again our league schedule sees us get three home matches and four away ones. We got four homes ties last year, I know, but this is the fourth time in six years where we’ve been shortchanged on home ties in the NFL. Then again, seeing as I have those nice handy runs to Portlaoise and Armagh to look forward to, I can’t really complain, can I?

13 thoughts on “Details of our 2012 NFL fixtures published

  1. Four new away venues for me: Athletics Grounds, O’Moore Park, McCumhaill park in Ballybofey (or do Donegal play their league matches elsewhere?) and Fitzgerald Stadium in Killarney (or do they play league matches in Tralee sometimes?)

  2. Last time we played donegal in the league it was in letterkenny, and the last time we played kerry it was in tralee.

  3. They sure love to keep us on the road !
    May the gaa official who pulled that outa the hat lose all his petrol expenses in tyre punctures karma style.

  4. Four times in six years we are on the road (that explains my name!) and the county board sits on their hands in silence. Until we are heard where it matters forget about activities on the field. “Araghh Mayo…shure they dont mind travelling at all…they’ll be fine” seems to be the mantra.

    PS Eugene McGee went to town on the unfairness of the Leinster championship draw because Westmeath may experience some difficulty. He contrasted them with Mayo and their cushy Connacht draw and the unfairness of it all. I await Mondays Indo to see Eugene take up the cudgels on our behalf…I know…I am a fool!

  5. cant wait for the league and some mouth watering ties to look forward to. Survival is realistic and maybe even a little bit more. The Laois one is a must win you would have to think.

  6. Eugene McGee has a very valid point. The Provincial structures are a complete joke. Mayo will have to play one meaningul match if they are to reach the last eight in the championship. It very much suits Connacht and Munster teams the way it is set up. This will change pretty soon I would imagine. Keith Barr was on about it during the week as well. Players are already being consulted about the championship structure.
    A Champions League format is what is needed.

  7. So the next time he wants to make it perhaps he might select Kerry for example. This year they hardly had to break sweat as they played Tipp, Limerick, Cork, Limerick(again), Mayo and finally Dublin. In 1997 the won an All Ireland playing Tipp, Clare, Cavan and Mayo.

    I have no problem with fair play. I expect that Mayo are entitled to that like everybody else. McGee has a bee in his bonnet about Mayo. Generally speaking most Connacht teams play three provincial games ie Sligo 2010 v Mayo, Galway and Ros. Its the same in Leinster . This year was an anomaly. And wasn’t that why the back door was brought in. If Westmeath are good enough they will beat whats in front of them, if not , what…put them into Connacht because its seen as weak??

  8. Well said Ontheroad about Kerry 1997. What a soft All Ireland that was for them. Tipp, Clare, Cavan and a Mayo team that didn’t show up in the final. That must be the worst Kerry team ever to win an All Ireland. Another one we left after us. I think their path to the final triggered the back door system to be introduced soon after.

  9. Eugene McGee hasn’t a clue, Mayo got the luck of the draw for next years championship but the following year they could get Galway away in the first game.

    IMO the Provincial championships are here to stay for a good while yet especially if the Connacht,Munster etc top brass has a say about it.

    p.s it was well known before tonight that Andy,Cillian would win those awards but well done all the same.

  10. The day they introduce a Champions League format to GAA is the day I stop going to matches. We already have a national league, which is a version of it anyway. If people keep harping on the varying number of games, even out the provinces a little bit:

    34 teams – Average 8.5

    2 provinces 9, 2 provinces 8

    Connacht – 9
    Munster – 8
    Leinster – 9
    Ulster – 8

    Cavan to Connacht
    Longford to Connacht
    Kilkenny to Munster
    Laois to Munster

    or something like that.

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