Details of upcoming fixtures confirmed

The GAA today confirmed details of its refixed inter-county calendar for 2020 – details here. This covers both what’s left of the League and all of the match in the Championship, incorporating as well the various secondary competitions in hurling (on which a small bit anon).

For us, the fun is set to start in Tuam Stadium three weeks from Sunday. That’s when and where our National Football League Round 6 clash against Galway has been fixed for, with throw-in that afternoon set for 2pm.

Clearly, the country won’t have turned the corner on Covid-19 inside the next few weeks and so there’ll be, at most, a few hundred supporters (if that) at this crunch derby meeting. TG4 will, though, broadcast the game live.

It’s been a long time since we played a competitive match at Senior level at St Jarlath’s Park (to give it its official title). FBD games have, I know, been contested between the counties at Tuam but you have to go back as far as 2011 for the most recent time we played them in a League match there. We did a right number on them that day too so a repeat of that outcome would be very welcome in three weeks time.

The Sunday after the Galway game we’re back in League action again. Our Round 7 opponents are Tyrone and this match at MacHale Park is also set to throw in at 2pm.

Then the weekend after that we’re in Championship action. Our Connacht SFC quarter-final against Leitrim has been scheduled for Sunday, 1st November, at Páirc Seán MacDiarmada in Carrick-on-Shannon. With the clocks having by then gone back for the winter, throw-in that afternoon is at the earlier time of 1.15pm.

The following Sunday the winners from Carrick will face Connacht champions Roscommon in the semi-final. They were due to play London first but Covid travel and quarantine complications mean that this year, for the first time since 1974, the Exiles will play no part in the Championship and so the Rossies progress directly to the provincial semis. That game, at Dr Hyde Park, is set to throw in that afternoon at 1.30pm.

The Connacht final is the weekend after that but I think we’ve more than enough on our plate seeking to negotiate a path there – something we’ve failed to do in each of the last four provincial campaigns, a run of underachievement I still find hard to fathom – to be making any firm plans for the weekend of the Nestor Cup decider. For info, though, full details of all the fixtures in the 2020 Connacht SFC are here.

Finally, the county’s hurlers are in Nicky Rackard Cup action soon as well. Their opening round game in that is against Monaghan up in Castleblayney on 24th October. Throw-in for that match is 2pm.

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  1. The game in last years Fbd was a cracker, won on penalties by Galway, but the crowd ( esp from Mayo ) gave it a great atmosphere that day.
    That league game in 2011 was the real beginning of a torrid time for us, we were relegated that year and took nearly 7 years to get back. Mayo bet us out the gate that day..

  2. A poem about Mayo football and our quest for Sam, by my nephew Johnny Codd, a Wexford man, born and raised but with green and red in his DNA. This was written on the evening of the 2013 All Ireland Final.
    Just to mark the long awaited return of inter county senior football.

    Is this the land, the empty hand
    That the western winds laid bare
    Where salted surf and sweet charred turf
    Are perfumed in the air

    Is this the place that bears no trace
    Nor clue nor sight nor sound
    A fabled tale of a holy grail
    Of a kingdom long uncrowned

    And is it here where held so dear
    The hopes so long before
    Something implored could have restored
    The land that Sam forgot

    Is this the home where dreams have flown
    And faltered in their flight
    Is this the fate for those who wait
    But fail to see the light

    And shall this home for ever be known
    As the land that Sam forgot
    Cry loud and clear bereft of fear
    And pledge that it shall not

    Tiochfaidh ar la. Maigh Eo abu!

  3. Great poem. Appears from what I read that any games not on RTE or SKY will be streamed. Broadcast rights relaxed in current climate. BBC Northern Ireland also have Ulster Championship games.

  4. 18.10.2020 (Sun)

    Allianz Football League | Round 6

    Roinn 1

    Gaillimh v Maigh Eo, Tuam Stadium, 2pm TG4 (Live)

  5. This may be controversial but if I was James Horan I
    Would put all my energies into winning our two league games and staying up because I have a feeling Roscommon will beat us in the Hyde that will be Roscommon’s all Ireland final and they will be all out to beat us

  6. Can anybody tell me when Kilmovee are playing in the Connacht Club championship? In have a note in my phone that it is this weekend but no time or venue.
    Can anybody tell me why the LGFA are so hopeless at publicising their fixtures? How can they promote the game and encourage young players when they won’t update their website with reliable information. 20:20 how are ye? If they can’t see it they can’t be it? The only info I can get on their website at present is that the Galway v Sligo intermediate and Junior Galway v Mayo club games are both in Aghawillan, yes, Aghawillan, on 17 Oct. Times not given. But I would bet my house these games will not be in Aghawillan, which if you are unaware, is a Co Leitrim club.

  7. Apologies catool and dooniver I forgot about Leitrim certainly did not mean to disrespect them. It will be an interesting few weeks. Win the 2 league games and we’ve serious momentum going into championship..

  8. They played today, AndyD. The match took place at Kiltoom and Kilmovee beat St Brigid’s in it by 4-9 to 3-10. In fairness to them, Kilmovee provided plenty of advance notice about the game on their Twitter account (@KilmoveeLGFA) and they also gave score updates from the match today.

  9. Thanks, Willie Joe. I’m afraid I’m one of those antediluvians who refuse to use social media, twitter, facebook, etc. Why should one have to go searching individual clubs social media accounts for fixtures when they should all be available on the organising committees website. They only have to be put up once barring postponements, replays.

  10. It’s frustrating alright Andy and I’d agree that the LGFA could and should do more to publicise their games. For what it’s worth, I think Twitter is good when used as a newsfeed – it can be great for score updates from games – and you don’t have to be active on it at all to get the most out of it. There’s plenty of wild, vicious stuff on it too, of course, but that’s easily avoided.

  11. Backdoorsam, imo full priority has to go to championship. Too many Mayo supporters place far too much emphasis on Division 1 status in the league. How many All Irelands have we won during our period in the top flight? Zero.

    No one wants to get relegated but championship is all that matters. Simple. There can be some benefits of a season in Div 2 , provided immediate promotion is secured.

    If Mayo aren’t gunning to beat ros after the shambles in MacHale Park last year and those %&$#¥’s with their ‘Sam Dodgers’ banner parading around on the pitch after the full time whistle. There are plenty of us who havnt forgotten that.

  12. It has that look about it, John, but in fairness a fair bit of good work has been done on the venue in recent years and there’s nothing wrong with the pitch there. The limited ground capacity at Tuam meant it couldn’t hold any League matches that might be expected to draw a significant crowd but that’s not an issue, of course, for our match with Galway next month.

  13. Forwards I would like to see called up to County Squad for the Winter Championship

    Peter Naughton Knockmore
    Aidan Orme Knockmore
    Darren McHale Knockmore
    Conor O’Shea Breaffy
    Conor Diskin Claremorris
    Mark Moran Westport
    Colm Moran Westport
    Jack Reilly Charlestown
    Cian Hanley Ballaghadereen

  14. That’s a good list of forwards,Mayoabu20. you’ve obviously had a close eye on the club scene the last couple of months.

  15. Mayonaze you have a point there in fairness but I do think you need to be playing in Division one to stay competitive and to give young lads experience of what it takes to compete. I was a bit dismissive of Leitrim in my earlier post I’m not going to go all Johnny Cooper on it but Connacht will be competitive this year with both Galway and Roscommon very strong. It’s been a crazy year though and anything could happen I’m not expecting much from Mayo with a lot of our players in Dublin and probably unable to join up with the panel. So to win our two remaining league games and stay in Division one this year would be enough for me.

  16. Mayoabu20, there are tight restrictions on the number of players permitted in panels for the up coming championship, there is no way of fitting 9 new players in, it’s not going to happen. There is limited time to prepare and it’s a massive jump up is standard from club football to Intercounty, every player on the panel has to be ready to play Intercounty football immediately so I cant see James going with any new players this winter. He will most likely go with experienced Intercounty players and look at new additions next year when he had the time to work with them

  17. Agree Mayomad,now is probably not the time for too much tinkering. Having said that I hope it doesn’t mean that big name players,who have lost a bit of form through injury or whatever, won’t walk back onto the team on the strength of what they did in the past. Form in training will be a factor I’m sure….and anyway some of the new lads mentioned might have a bit more celebrating to do.

  18. Agree that time is against panel expansion, but Darren McHale has to be added. Strong case for Naughton too on the basis of his freetaking alone. We are weak in this area and he seems to tick the boxes there.

    I think a big plus for us is that most of the panel are/seem to be fit and free of injury. Contrast that with March 1st. That’s a big plus for us. However, our Connacht record has been appalling in the last few years.

    One prediction I am making: Cork to beat Kerry.

  19. It’s fine to be free of injury, but several of the older players have been on the slide since 2017. How long can an older player be kept involved before long term success is being impacted?
    There has to be a focus of a team that is going to be very strong and backboned by ages u25 Diarmuid O’Connor down to current u20s. Without a more rapid turnover of older players we will continuously deprive ourselves of athletic squad depth.
    There just is no sense to tog older players lacking top level athleticism.

  20. Nothing wrong with Tuam. A real football venue. Anybody remember the league game that was a abandoned in the sixties afte a Mayo invasion or 99 with 3″ of water on the terrace

  21. Tuam, Great place for a Match, Hayshed or Not, Great for parking, the craic, the atmosphere both in the Stadium and the Town, and a few pints with real football folk…. The few allowed to attend might be able to sit down safely around the Stadium, provided you bring your own Bale of Hay or Straw. …Stick your own Bale into the Hayshed after the Match and it would be there for you when you come again… Very soon Tuam would be an all seater, and they wouldn’t owe millions to the Bank for this major upgrade, with biodegradable Seats, that could be fed to the sheep in a few years time… The Green Party would be delighted with biodegradable, reusable ideas for the Seats in Tuam Stadium… After the sheep eat the Bale’s of Hay in a few years time, the Wolves can eat the Sheep, and sure we will live happily ever after!…

  22. Jaysys Tuam is woeful for parking if you’re coming from the Galway side. Disaster of a venue. Gimme Salthill anyday. Way more parking options(if you know where to go), better facilities…nicer (safer) surroundings and Salthill prom and village on a summer’s day. Tuam may be the ‘home’ of Galway football but not ideal for anyone in the city or West of the Corrib. If you’re living in Mayo then obv Tuam makes a lot of sense cos it’s so close to home.

  23. tuam stadium was a good venue for galway football , after all its there they won their very first allireland in 1925

  24. @Mayonaze, ..Salthill is far too windy and there’s no Hayshed..And it’s far too romantic… didn’t you hear about that young fella, who lost his heart to a Galway Girl, all because her hair was black and her eyes were blue… That was the end of him as far as football was concerned, and that was awful disaster altogether… The parking in Tuam is absolutely fantastic, if your coming from the Mayo direction, which is all that matters, (and we know where to go).. and as for Salthill being safer, couldn’t you fall into the Sea… Do you remember Teresa Mannion of RTE during the storm?… ‘Don’t go swimming in the Sea, Don’t make unnessary journeys to Salthill, and Don’t take unnessary risk’s of losing two points in the National League ‘.. Wise Word’s!

  25. Ya Leantimes but things didn’t improve much when he moved to Tuam and the Tuam beat went “shimmy shammy” and he ended up “singing the song singing the song, singing the same oul songggg”

  26. Correct about 1925 All Ireland “the sweeper”. Same year as the Shed was built…By the Congested Districts Board, I think.

  27. Any good hay shed worthy of its name would be full of hay in the month of October.

    This could pose a big problem for a league match V Mayo in that same month.

    Fire hazard for starters. Health and safety should be all over this.

  28. Would like to see this team against Galway in Tuam

    1.David Clarke
    2.Eoin O’Donoghue
    3.Oisin Mullin
    4. Brendan Harrison
    5.Lee Keegan
    6.Padraic O’Hora
    7.Paddy Durcan
    8.Aidan O’Shea
    9.Matty Ruane
    10.Kevin McLoughlin
    11.Jason Doherty
    12.Diarmuid O’Connor
    13.Paul Towey
    14.Cillian O’Connor
    15.Peter Naughton

  29. I like the look of that team Mayoabu. But I’d see Peter Naughton and Cillian O’C as interchangeable, so I would fit Darren McHale in there somewhere. Also, I’ve really liked what I have seen of Paul Towey (which is not a lot), but he might struggle in the heavier going of Autumn/Winter, so perhaps James Carr?

  30. Any word on panellists. My team for what it’s worth.
    1: Reape
    2: E O’ Donohue
    3: O Mullin
    4: P OHora
    5: l Keegan
    6: K McLoughlin
    7 : P Durcan
    8: AOS
    9: M Ruane
    10 : D O’Connor
    11: JDoc / Conor O Se
    12: F Mcdonagh
    13: Cillian
    14: Carr
    15:P Naughton/ Ryan O Donohue

    Other subs
    C Barrett
    P Towey
    T Parsons
    E Regan
    D Clarke

  31. Looks like only Darren McHale, Aidan Orme and Mark Moran according to the local newspapers. Dissapointing not to see Peter Naughton and Conor Diskin in the squad with there recent club form.Some players in the current panel had poor form and injuries in the recent club championship.

  32. I was hoping Peter Naughton would make the panel.
    He had great form with Knockmore.
    Great free taker and score getter.

  33. What is wrong with Brendan Harrison? He hasn’t played all year as far as I know.
    Is the squad released on the local papers? I have heard of people being dropped from panel but haven’t seen it officially yet

  34. I think Declan Reilly said during one of the live streamings that Peter Naughton was happy enough playing club football and didn’t have the interest/time/drive for county football – I am not sure what reason he gave and I am not sure how accurate his knowledge was.
    Not every player wants to or can commit to the crazy demands of intercounty football.

  35. I haven’t seen anything from Parsons to suggest he should be starting. Seamie O’Shea has a better shout going on recent form and you’d think winter football should suit him. Aidan alongside either Mattie Ruane or Diarmuid O’Connor would be my starting midfield.

  36. Well amazing to read that our Boyler is back training! Great article on Keith – he was majestic in the county final. But as positive cases are so high every single day – how can all these league-championship games possibly go ahead?? How are our players based in Dublin going to be able to train with rest of panel?

  37. with lee keegans friend now joining jack mc caffery not playing for dublin this year i feel it is a great chance for MAYO to finally land sam. it is just something that will probably happen and us supporters having to watch it on television and no celebrations either

  38. Hope you are right, Jimbo. No need to worry about the celebrations. We can replay on TV and there are no restrictions on paint. Many tours with Sam I would imagine. Also there would be a quiet contentment far and wide. We will try and be modest.

  39. Love him or loathe him Diarmuid Connolly is getting a lot of plaudits best wishes to him in retirement but it goes to show you how good a player Lee Keegan was/is he always kept him fairly subdued.

  40. Researching the 1925 all ireland as mentioned by Jr. I see sligo played Ros 6 times in Connacht and neither team made it to the connaught final. Mayo were all ireland champions for a few weeks only for our galway neighbours to claim it when they beat us in the connaught final after the all ireland was played.seems it was crazy times back then also.

  41. Correction to the last post _after the all ireland was awarded to us on winning the semi final. No final played in 1925

  42. Irish Examiner saying that a number of Arnagh team players have tested positive. I read yesterday that Tyrone’s Niall Morgan believes championship should not go ahead – I agree with him. It is reckless, risky and dangerous ( not to mention the shorter days, bad weather, wet/soggy pitches). All for the 19 million from government.

  43. just to add a few facts on the 1925 all ireland , mayo were connacht champions from the year before and was chosen to play in the A.I. simi final as the connacht final was not played until the 18 october. mayo beat wexford by 2-4 to 1-4, in the simi , in the other simi kerry beat cavan 1-7 to 2-3 and both were suspended for playing illegal players . mayo were crowned champions as they had no one to play in the final . mayo then had to play galway in the connacht final on 18 of october galway winning by 2 pts. the game was played in tuam with stephen jordan from ATHENRY as referee.

  44. Its time now for Croke Park to show leadership and cease all GAA activities immediately and not return until next Spring (the earliest). (All club activity has now stopped this evening in Armagh).

  45. Sweeper, great stuff. Surely we WERE AI champions in ‘25. Tipp AI champs last year, but beaten in Munster.

  46. Good luck to Diarmuid Connolly in his retirement from inter county football.
    All bias aside, he was a class footballer.
    On and off the field he walked his own path.
    On the field at times he was sublime. Strength and balance, and athletic ability, comfortable off both feet, and the ability to see a pass.

  47. 🙂 Jimbo…I think if it goes ahead and if we happened to win, there would be wild celebrations across the county and in C’bar in particular on the Sun/Mon. Imo it would be impossible to control and to be frank, irresponsible/selfish/reckless or not, it’d be difficult not to be in the middle of it. We’ve waited long enough and had incomparable disappointment over the past 20 yrs in particular.

    When it finally happens, the joy and celebrations will be epic.

  48. Mayo are not even at the races as far as winning the all Ireland is concerned at this present time . I’m not sure what people are gauging our chances on but for me it’s Dublin & Kerry in top tier with Tyrone ,Donegal and Galway in the chasing pack , the four chasing the jacks have passed us by at this stage . Mayo could Still get a run in a normal championship but with straight knockout, Connacht final will be as far as we go & with the Roscommon game in semi it would be 50/50 . I’d always expect to beat Leitrim .

    There was a lot of praise for the club championship and rightly so for giving us some right good entertainment but in comparison to other championships I thought the quality of player was below standard as regards looking out for potential county men . Lack of hard hitting defenders especially and athletic midfielders , when you’d switch over to Tyrone and Dublin club games for example , the hard hitting and speed ie county men was very evident .

  49. Some Counties may not participate due to future Covid19 cases arising.
    Will the Gaa decide that maybe there is no point in risking amateur players travelling to other areas to play games ?.
    Will some Counties opt in while others opt out ?, therefore it wouldn’t be a proper All Ireland Championship.
    It’s now 3rd October, it’s a game of wait and see how bad the Covid19 Virus gets in the next week or two.
    Will Counties object in going to play a game in a Covid19 hot zone ?.
    I know Croke Park are now preparing for people visiting with new sealed entrance and walkways.
    There is probably too much uncertainty at the moment for us to be even thinking about County games.
    Maybe all the Mayo based Dublin players are working from home.

  50. Just looking forward to the Galway game in two weeks. This will give a better indication of where Mayo are in a football sense. My sense is that Mayo have a strong defence for the next few matches with recoveries from injury. (Galway have brought back a 36yo to their defence).

    As for the forwards I’d be happy that Mayo will have a nice mix of experience and youth under the the watchful eye of JH and C Mc+. Galway got a shock the last time in Limerick with James Carr. Tough game until the final whistle. Galway have no doubt improved but may lost some of their early league dash? I would not give up yet. Those players will give it everything.

  51. Mayo 1-19
    Donegal 2-11
    Challenge Match played in Sligo this morning
    Lee Keegan got the goal

  52. Mayo: Robert Hennelly; Oisin Mullin, Chris Barrett, Lee Keegan; Colm Boyle, Kevin McLoughlin, Eoghan McLaughlin; Tom Parsons, Mattie Ruane; Diarmuid O’Connor, Mark Moran, Fionn McDonagh; Cillian O’Connor, Aidan O’Shea, Tommy Conroy. Subs used: James Durcan, Fergal Boland, Rory Brickenden

    James Durcan seemingly had a big impact in the second half, scored four points.

  53. How can the championship go ahead if the numbers keep going up?? Was it safe for that challenge match to be on – 58 cases in Donegal today alone. And our Dublin based players travelling across the country too.

  54. Know this is kinda a Mayo news blog but Western People have report on match on Twitter. Teams and scorers etc

  55. Go again, I would have to agree with you there. A few weeks ago it looked like the championship would actually happen but with the numbers raising it looks less likely now. I feel the decision will be make for the GAA fairly soon. The North look in real trouble and will have to impose stricter restrictions soon before things get out of hand, this will affect the Ulster Championship. All Ireland will not go ahead if one of the provinces is under lockdown.

  56. The government want the intercounty championship to go ahead. They’ve put up millions of Euro and it will only be cancelled if the country goes to level 5. Club activity is more likely to be stopped as that involves thousands of clubs compared to 60ish intercounty squads.

  57. If and its a big if that the NFL restarts and championship commences in a few weeks it looks like this will be James Horans first choice 15.

    R Hennelly,
    O Mullin, C Barrett, L Keegan
    C Boyle,K McLoughlin,P Durcan
    T Parsons, M Ruane;
    D O’Connor, J Doherty, F McDonagh;
    C O’Connor, A O’Shea, Boland

  58. Donegal at level 3 – yet a challenge game goes ahead and amateur players travelling. Is that not a risk? Last week the Donegal team were self isolating and their county final has been put off until 11th October. They also have very high positive covid numbers .

  59. Wide Ball, not entirely correct. Level 5 restrictions do not apply to Northern Ireland. The North can stop the Ulster Championship which is likely considering their recent numbers. This will effectively end the All Ireland, it will not go ahead if one province is unable to participate

  60. The north have been much more lax with restrictions up to now, letting 400 spectators in for games. Stopping the Ulster championship would be well down their agenda when pubs are open.

  61. We hurtling towards level 4 which means training can still take place and matches can go ahead behind closed doors. But with teams travelling to play each other it will put them at more risk. Hopefully we won’t return to Level 5 that would put an end to games. I think the GAA should act now and protect the health of their players and mentors who are amateurs after all and postpone or cancel any games until next year.

  62. Northern Ireland is at level 5, they just don’t realise it yet, look at the number of cases this past few days.

  63. We can’t shut down forever. Life has to continue with some normality. This virus could continue for years to come. For some people, especially the elderly who are socially isolated. The gaa championship is the only thing they have to look forward to as we face into what is going to be a very tough winter. The championship should go ahead if at all possible.

  64. The levels don’t come down just to case numbers. How many in hospital, ICU and deaths are closely monitored. End April there was close to 800 in hospital right now with simliar weekly case numbers it’s 134 in hospital. Only 3 with Covid in Connacht hospitals I might add.

  65. Lads this is a football forum. I am only interested in football banter. As regards the virus can we leave this to the more newsy type of outlets. I am not at all interested in amateur opinions on the virus and possible shutdowns. Leave this to NPHET, the government and Croke Parks interaction with them. Can we not just stick to the here and now which means challenge matches and an upcoming championship. I am interested in your opinions on matches, players, tactics, etc.. Please keep it football.

  66. Kilmovee Ladies Connacht Club campaign ended a short while ago , beaten by Leitrim senior champions Glencar Manorhamilton 2 = 15 to 3 = 9.
    In fairness the Leitrim team were the better on the day with better, more accurate passing, a very high workrate and a wider range of scoring options. With no programme available and my seeing Kilmovee in action for the first time I am depending on memory of “Western” reports of the Co final and the St Brigid’s games to try to make sense of what I was seeing. Sinead and Lisa Cafferkey did not get too much freedom and who I presume was Shauna Golden was the main striker to borrow the phrase from soccer. I think she got the three goals but midway through the second half just after the third goal, which left Kilmovee five points in arrears, she also got a yellow card. She returned shortly after a Manorhamilton player also got yellow giving Kilmovee the advantage in numbers for the last five minutes but they could not make it count.
    It will take a good team to beat Manorhamilton who I’m told are a relatively young team and first time winners in Leitrim.
    Anybody know how Carnacon fared v Kilkerrin Clonberne?

  67. Didn’t realise he is eligible for sligo but I can’t understand why he is not in with mayo if he has the commitment to play County.

  68. What is it with us missing out on great Knockmore Forward Padraig Brogan in 89 Cork wouldn’t be able to touch him he was in great form for the club that year. Kevin O Neill in 96 could have made a massive difference and now we lose out on Peter Naughton who will only get better and better

  69. Sinabhuil, I like your optimism but this is the reality right now due to the stranglehold from the Virus.
    Business and livelihood have collapsed for many people.
    Constantly having to wears masks in public and some even in the workplace.
    The fear of getting on an Airplane and going to another Country.
    Always maintain a safe distance from others and constantly washing our hands
    Not visiting older family members in case they may pick up the Virus.
    Not going out to Pubs or Restaurants.

    If we are honest with ourselves I would say many people couldn’t care less if an All Ireland went ahead this year, sure it’s not going to be much use when crowds will be very limited.
    I was one that stated there should be a Div 1 style All Ireland during the lockdown in April, but now I have changed my mind.
    The Vaccine when rolled out will change everything.

  70. I don’t think that was the point Sinabhuil was making, Mayo88. What you say is all reasonable but the point he was making, which I’d largely agree with, is that this really isn’t the place for amateur opining about Covid.

    Justin Morgan – can you provide any kind of basis for your comment? I presume you have one and that it’s not just idle speculation on your part.

    Andy – Carnacon were well beaten yesterday. The final score was Kilkerrin/Clonberne 2-19 Carnacon 2-6.

  71. Knockmore have a history of been treated poorly by County Managers ,First Maughan now Horan!

  72. Mayo.88 We are all aware of all the risks..Some of us just want to talk/read about something apart from.Covid for 5 mins a day..And we’ll be living with this for quite some time.I’ve stopped thinking about a vaccine..
    Sorry Sinabhuil!! I do agree with everything in your post.

  73. Can everyone just leave off for now on this Peter Naughton thing? As of now, it’s no more than idle speculation but, in true online fashion, two plus two has already been pronounced to be twenty-two on it.

  74. How old is Naughton? Did he play county underage? Not that that’s always required!

    If he is even close to good enough surely he wouldn’t slip between the nets, so to speak!

    Also , I fully agred with what Sinabhuil said

  75. Naughton didn’t play underage, he was unlucky his final year at U21 when it was changed to U20 in 2018, same age group as James Carr and James Lyons. So he would be 23. Rockford did call called him into the senior panel in 2018 and was on the development panel but hasn’t been involved under Horan. His younger brother Adam was involved with the Mayo U20s this year and is underage again next year. He was rules out of this years senior championship because of injury

  76. Agreed with Sinabhuil
    Naughton didn’t play underage, he was unlucky his final year at U21 when it was changed to U20 in 2018, same age group as James Carr and James Lyons. So he would be 23. Rockford did call called him into the senior panel in 2018 and was on the development panel but hasn’t been involved under Horan. His younger brother Adam was involved with the Mayo U20s this year and is underage again next year. He was rules out of this years senior championship because of injury

  77. Justin Morgan
    Seen the post myself on Peter Naughton. Felt he should have been called in, Two footed player in form and who knows where the posts are. No wonder Sligo wanted him.

  78. Naughton a class act. Won minor county and connacht B title with knockmore but never got go county then i think. Father be a Castleconnor man. The one game i recall he played for Mayo was fbd game on horrible day machale park. Came on scored peach of point and then got a goal.

  79. That’s okay, Justin, I just wanted to know what source you were basing it on. Bit of an odd one if true but stranger things have happened I suppose. Hard to think beyond poor old Jason and his latest injury tonight, though. No-one could ever accuse us of too much good luck, that’s for sure. Gutted for him.

  80. @Big Mike, Rockford was a fictional detective in the 70s who had the physicality and sharp wits to have made a good corner forward.

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