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I’m still struggling with this game-a-week business, not least when last Saturday evening we had, to all intents and purposes, an All-Ireland quarter-final knockout tie against the Ulster champions. Now, just a week later, we’re faced with an All-Ireland semi-final. Against The Greatest Time Of All Time to boot.

Which means it’s time to run the rule over Dublin and have a quick gallop through what they’e been up to since we last locked horns seriously with them in the Championship. That, I don’t need to remind you, was in the 2017 All-Ireland final.

Since then, Dublin have added another League title and another All-Ireland crown – their fourth in a row – to an already stellar haul of national honours this decade. The only sign of a stumble, if you could even call it that, came this spring when they failed, for the first time in the Jim Gavin era, to make it as far as the League final.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start this review of Dublin’s recent record instead by quickly looking at the 2018 League campaign and then work forward from there.

Dublin had a very positive runs of matches in the 2018 NFL, reeling off five straight wins to begin – over Kildare at home, Tyrone away, Donegal at home, ourselves in Castlebar and Kerry at home – before Galway held them to a draw in Salthill. Monaghan then grabbed a surprise win over them at Croke Park but by then they were already in the final. Once there they beat Galway to land their 13th League title.

Last year’s Championship proved a total cakewalk for them. Not just Leinster – which really needs to be disbanded at this stage, such is the complete lack of competition Dublin now face there – but right from start to finish.

In retrospect, the failure of both ourselves and Kerry to advance to the point where we’d have met them in last year’s Championship made it all the easier for Dublin to complete the four-in-a-row. But that was our failing. All any team has to do to win out is to beat what’s in front of them and Dublin did that, with enormous ease.

In Leinster, they beat Wicklow (by a margin of 23 points), Longford (19 points) and Laois (18 points), before seeing off slightly stronger opposition in the Super 8s, where they beat Donegal (by 5), Tyrone (by 3) and Roscommon (by 14). Wins over Galway (+9) in the semi-final and Tyrone (+6) in the final completed what was an extremely facile All-Ireland title success.

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This spring saw Dublin encounter defeats more often than they’ve been used to in the Gavin era. This trend began in Round 1 against Monaghan up in Clones, following which they beat Galway at Croke Park before losing narrowly to Kerry down in Tralee. They beat us easily back at HQ in Round 4 and then beat Roscommon away in Round 5 to get them back in contention for a place in the final. A home defeat to Tyrone in Round 6, however, ended those hopes, which meant their final round win away to Cavan was of no real consequence.

Then it was onto Leinster and the now annual lambs to the slaughter there. This year the roll-call read Louth in the quarters (+22 points), Kildare in the semis (+14) and Meath in the final (+16). What great fun the Leinster Championship is.

The games that mattered in the Super 8s were no better. Dublin had their two home games first and the wins secured there meant they had their place in the semi-final locked down before they – with a small minority of their supporters in tow – were obliged to hit the road.

Cork gave them a decent rattle in Phase 1 with their innocent, let’s-play-some-football approach, which kept the Rebels in the hunt until 15 minutes or so to go. Then Dublin floored the pedal and ended up winning by 13 points, on a scoreline of 5-18 to 1-17.

Roscommon then pitched up at Dublin’s patch for the ‘neutral’ Croke Park game and shipped an unmerciful 18-point whipping, the Connacht champions going under by 2-26 to 0-14. With Tyrone also winning their opening two games, this meant that last Sunday’s Phase 3 match between them was reduced, in effect, to a challenge match between two largely B teams.

Dublin won that too, triumphing in what some have dubbed here as the The Coma in Omagh, by 1-16 to 0-13. The result meant that Dublin topped their Super 8s group, sending them on a direct collision course with us, the runners-up in Group 1.

So the task facing us on Saturday is to take on a team that this summer has enjoyed an average winning margin across the six Championship games they’ve played of just under 15 points. A team that hasn’t lost at all in the Championship in almost five full years.

Since that loss to Donegal in the All-Ireland semi-final of 2014 – that was the day after our traumatic loss to Kerry in Limerick, so that tells you how far back it was – Dublin have played in 34 Championship matches. They’ve won 32 of those and drawn the other two.

Both those draws were, of course, against us, which, I guess, underlines our claim that we’re the only team to put up any kind of challenge to them in the last five years. Since we played out our most recent stalemate against them, however, in the 2016 All-Ireland final, they’ve won 20 Championship matches on the spin, the bulk of them by double-digit margins.

While we’re confident we’ve the ability to put it up to Dublin again on Saturday, the bookies are taking a far more jaundiced view of our prospects. They’ve installed Dublin as unbackable 1/5 favourites to win – we’re on offer at 9/2 – with the handicap set at -5.

Those are the numbers but let’s finish, as always, with the gut reaction. How do you think we’ll we do against the five-in-a-row chasing Dubs on Saturday evening?

How will we do against Dublin?

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  • Draw (7%, 76 Votes)

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92 thoughts on “Details on Dublin

  1. Goes to extra time. Then if still a draw after extra time it will be a replay I believe.

  2. My gut feeling is it will be a draw because Dublin haven’t been tested and might take them a while to get to the pitch of our intensity though we might shade it if James Carr can hit the onion net and Darren Coen rediscovers his form and range. Whatever happens we have done unbelievably well to make the Semi Finals with the horrid luck we have had with injuries. Don’t forget we are also league champions so it’s shaping up to be a good year overall

  3. Pebblesmeller on the previous topic says:
    “Make no mistake, they hate us. They hate us because they fear us.”

    As a Dub, I don’t know anyone who hates the Mayo team or Mayo people. I don’t see hate among Dublin fans and I don’t see it among Dublin players. There is respect certainly. And there is nobody taking the game on Saturday for granted.

    This Dublin machine is not the same machine you played in 2015, 2016 or 2017. It is even more Borg-like. Less flamboyant but more suffocating and ultimately just as deadly.

    For what its worth, I think Mayo’s best chance of upsetting the odds on Saturday is to bring chaos. Chaos in as many different flavours as possible and crucially at different times in the game.
    Dublin may well start this game slow and if Mayo get ahead you have to stay ahead by taking every chance that comes but also changing the pattern of play significantly, at least twice more during the game.
    The Borg will adjust and adapt so there has to be a late twist of some kind by Mayo that will leave Dublin short of time to react.
    In my view, the only way Dublin lose this game is if there is some kind of systems malfunction – Mayo may be just the team to trigger that malfunction through endeavour and ferocity but there has to be something unpredictable also.

    No hate, just respect.

  4. The records and stats are well in Dublins favour – 32 wins in 34 games is remarkable.
    They won’t panic when we bring our intensity even if they’re a bit off themselves with a few minutes to go.
    But what’s been between us in the championship – the narrowest of margins in three finals! For me it was their superior bench that tipped these right ones and I think this year we have gone a long way to balance the impact of the subs.
    Mayo to tip this one by a point.

  5. That would be my view as someone living up here too, Loreto Road. I don’t think hate comes into it at all. It’s a word bandied about far too often in sport, almost always incorrectly.

  6. It’s such a strange year for us that I’m convinced we’re gonna do this. Massive underdogs for this game, but our lads don’t do underdogs on game day very well.
    It so hilarious that 20 hrs after us, there’s another semi and not a word about Kerry or Tyrone.
    Proves once again AI championship dull/boring without Mayo in it.
    Win or lose these lads are the greatest Irish sporting team! Legends all of them. Will be remembered forever.

    Please stop commenting on our 2 amazing goalkeepers that we are blessed to have to grace the posts. Enough. God bless them both.
    Save all ye’re energy for Sat even and let’s not forget our minors need us too.
    Fab piece in Mayo news Anne Marie ‘Blink and you’ll miss it’
    Calm it all down and breath it out.
    In the bigger things in life it’s still only a football game, albeit a huge one.
    Best of luck to James and all the lads.
    Either way we know you’ll give it ye’re all and we thank you for this journey. In this together always. Mayo Abu

  7. Yeah not so sure on that one Willie Joe. Loving here as well I have to say there is at least an element of hate.
    I was at the league game and again it was there I thought directed particularly at a few of our players even when they were winning easy.
    Also I have to say i get alot of arrogance and snide comments. Not pleasant overall from a County who lost plenty themselves……
    Honestly I think they never really got o we 2006 which is amazing when you consider their success since

  8. Dublin supporters bringing a “Mayo are Shite” banner to the Tyrone game in Omagh (photos online if proof needed) might not be hateful but it certainly isn’t respectful either.

  9. Just got an Upper Hogan online It said just before I reached the end of the queue that there were only 500 left so I imagine by now they are gone.

  10. Would have loved another week (or even two) to prepare for this one

    Incredibly short timeframe to come down off the high of Saturday and get the bodies right again

    All in all, I’ve no doubt we’ll put in an extremely committed performance and probably once again give Dublin their biggest test all year, but I agree with the bookies on this one

  11. I have always found Dublin fans the most respectful in the country. The Dub is passionate about his team but is the first to congratulate you if you win(after semi some years back). I lived in Dublin for 15 years and loved their wit and general joie de vivre. We know the game will be a hard physical encounter but this is two teams that have the height of respect for each other. The way Gaa football should be played.
    The big difference this year for Mayo is we have a bench. The intensity of this game will require full on from all players. In previous years we struggled against Dublin in the last five minutes. Not this year.. Our time has come.

  12. I’ve seen that photo too Tubberman and would agree that it’s extremely lacking in respect but that’s just a few know-nothing idiots. From my experience, that attitude wouldn’t be typical of Dublin supporters generally.

    That David Clarke save was in the 2012 All-Ireland semi-final, Eyeontheball! That game was our most recent win over them too …

  13. Anybody on here got Hill tickets and intending to bring in a flare or 2?. Would be great to see green and red smoke coming from the Hill during the parade. Or a massive Mayo “floating” flag?

  14. I think the best chance of winning will come out of mayo being battle hardened and Dublin being untested. Of course the opposite of this could well happen and Dublin could be rested and mayo tired. If indeed the former is true then we really need to build a lead. If Dublin are ahead with a 10 mins to go I cannot see us pulling it back. If the latter is what transpires will could turn out to be a long day. As previous posters said I do believe our bench is better than in previous seasons.

    I say to everyone to enjoy this week, it’s August and we’re still playing football, after being told by everyone that we’re gone. Whatever happens on Saturday it has been a good year.

  15. Just got my ticket now. A great relief after all the frustration yesterday. I’m going to Croke Park and I fully expect a Mayo win, yes we can take down the Dubs, no doubt about it. I voted for a win, Up Mayo!

  16. Dublin would need to completely implode and we will need to play out of our skins to win. If it’s a wet day then nothing is impossible, however, as long as Dublin players keep their composure if/when the going gets tough they will have more than enough to run out comfortable winners with 7-8 points to spare. This Dublin team have been tested in the past (by us almost exclusively) but they have always found a way to win so can’t see them folding now that they are on the cusp of immortality.

  17. Well said Loreto road and I agree Mayo have to bring some level of chaos to the game – and have something different for the last 15 mins when Dublin usually finish strongly.

  18. Carrot face…. there are few of us ‘terrace goers’ but after 3 hours queing in a supervalu yesterday all that I could get was Nally and I believe others were the same., But we will be in early so will get as close to a central position as possible. My experience tho from Croke Park stewards is that they ship Mayo supporters to the periphery of the terraces, keeping the central zones for the GAA darlings. In teh drawn game in 2016 stewards didnt allow Mayo supporters into the Hill with bamboo, the norm for a flag stick, but there were plenty of flags in the dub section of the hill so we improvised for the replay and all subsequent matches.

    If you have Hill16 tickets I would urge Mayo supporters to go to the area closest the Nally so at least we can be in close proximity.

    On Dubs fans….over the years, I have found the majority of them to be gracious post match, fair and buoyant during games. I respect the noise and colour they make, but there is without question a growing element of thuggery which I believe the GAA need to take very seriously, particularly because of the non-segregation of fans. There needs to be greater Garda presence on the Hill. Social media has done no favours to this. Worth noting that the stewards in 2016 and 17 did segregate Mayo and Dublin fans when approaching the turnstiles. Yes, we were shoved out to the corner near the Cuasck…even though we were as entitled as any Dub to go behind the goal.

  19. @tubberman…to have Dubs so upset that they have the Mayo are Shite banner is great.
    What other county has them so bothered? Mayo team & supporters always believe we can take them , we never bend the knee (Hill 16)…
    Fate is on our side & we will end their run on Saturday, how ironic…… Can’t wait….

  20. I’d say sweeping statements on fans (especially when negative) is a risky business. Really depends on who you happen to brush up against. I’ve had Dublin fans asking “Have you seen Sam?” on the way out of our replay loss, when other Dub fans in the stadium were shaking hands. I’ve been stood in front of Mayo fans yelling about the team during a minutes silence ahead of the Limerick qualifier last year.

    What I’d hope we could all agree on is the Dublin posters on this site have always been sound, and it’s great that this blog isn’t a trolling site – thanks again WJ for all the work you put it in to keep it that way

  21. Can we park the hate crap along with the goalkeeper debate please. There are idiots in every county including our own.
    I’ll be in the hill as always when we play the dubs and I’ll be having a few drinks with a few dubs that I meet there every time. I don’t even know their names nor do they know mine. We have the craic and debate before the game and at half time. I find them and most dubs in general to be very respectful of this mayo team and mayo people in general. I’ve gotten more genuine handshakes and pats on the back in commiseration than I care to remember there. Sound lot if you ask me.
    Now kerry supporters, that’s a different story.

  22. We are going into this game in a great position, reasons to be be very hopeful…

    – We now have a bench, in 2015/6/7 when we ran them so close we got zilch off our bench while dublin were introducing allstars and matchwinners. Dare i say it, we might even have a better bench then them now. Jim Gavin clearly isnt happy with the bench impact which is why Connolly has been brought back. If we are still in the game with 15 to go i would be very very confident

    – Some of Dublins big leaders have undoubtedly regressed. Cian O’Sullivan, Philly mcmahon, Andrews, Brogan and Connolly nowhere near their peak levels of 2015

    – We have the matchups for their top players, Durcan is tailor made for McCaffrey, Keegan will surely pocket Kilkenny again and i think Barrett could take Con

    – Cork exposed serious weaknesses in the Dublin fb line, they are quite small in there and running at them will present goal chances

    – We have momentum. Momentum is massive in football, talk of tiredness is overdone in my opinion, players improve with games unquestionably. Dublin havent had a tough test yet and so i think will start off the pace. Similarly i think Tyrone will beat kerry in the other game as they have improved with the fine tuning and games from coming through tough qualifier route

    You heard it here first, Tyrone v Mayo Final 🙂

  23. WJ – Is it just me or are those pre-match odds simply ridiculous and an insult to our close battles with then in the past? Then again at HT in the NLF we were at 5 to 1 I think.

    Re the keeper debate I’ve always been a huge fan of Clarke and suspicious of RH because of aerial mishaps. Here’s the thing though………..I want RH to start on Saturday. I trust him for now under the aerial ball and I fancy our chances of winning ball of his big kick-outs.

  24. …agreed with ‘Ah now’, can we park all the pearl-clutching and paranoia about Dublin fans being ‘hateful.
    There is feck all of a difference between gaels from most counties in my opinion so lets not get all holier than thou.
    Ive been at 100s of games now and the only fans i ever had issue with happened to be fellow mayo fans up in Dublin for their first outing of the year (Likely a semi final!)

    Had great craic with Donegal fans last week who were a great bunch as are most GAA fans, theres a reason fans arent segregated.

    Can we park the conspiracy theories and whinging, does us no favours

  25. @Carrotface, heard rumours that there will be a large Mayo flag on the Hill / Nally on Saturday. Will be in the Hill myself, would urge any of you that have Hill / Nally tickets to get in early for the Minor game and meet in the central sections under the TV camera platform, (straight behind the goal at the back). We need to stick together and make a section of green and red. Bring your flags, voices and colours. If you have Hill / Nally tickets, don’t swap them with Dubs for stand tickets, we need to make our presence felt, seen and heard.

  26. I agree with you there Loreto Road. We have to bring a few switch ups during the game to upset the apple cart.

    As regards the Dublin fans. They bring great colour and noise to the championship. I have plenty of friends who are Dublin fans. Great people and great fun. They are as cracked about their Dublin team as I am about Mayo.

    The vast majority of the Dubs fans are the same as ourselves. They just want to win, the way it should be.

    I hope we beat yea Saturday Loreto Road. I would have a good drink if that came to pass. I mean a good drink.

  27. Every county has idiots we had one of our own on display in Castlebar for the second time since Limerick, pacing up and down trying to intimidate the referee until the Guards confined him to the corner, not good enough with kids present in my opinion.
    If the Dubs lose id expect the supporters to except as we are the team that has put it up to them, its a big ask but I think chaos will be brought, but it needs to be organized chaos. Interesting to see a Star trek fan on here, but even the Borg were brought down eventually, Species (Mayo)

  28. Hate is a strong word and it should not be associated with the GAA and its followers, keep that sort of stuff for the two tribes in Glasgow. Regarding Dublin fans, most are sound and really decent, however they, like most counties, (including ourselves), have a certain following that you just have to avoid at all times. I was at the U20 All Ireland Final last year against Kildare. It was the curtain raiser to Dublin V Roscommon in the Super 8’s. After the game was over, I congratulated the Kildare followers around me and then proceeded to make my way out of the ground. As I was going through the exit tunnel in the Lower Cusack, a group of about 6 Dublin Supporters, both genders and well on their 60’s started goading me and my friends, real hateful and abusive stuff towards me, my friends and the county of Mayo. We didn’t react, not the place, all I said back to them was we’ll see you next year. Sad thing is, they got more enjoyment out of us losing that final to Kildare than their own team winning against Roscommon. As I said not all, but probably a larger minority than others.

  29. The big problem I see is that everyone likes to admire the Dubs, even some teams and managers that played against the Dubs this year, sat back in their own half of the pitch, admired the Dubs passing the ball back and forth, gifting them possession and virtually taking the piss out of the opposition.
    I attended the Dub v Cork game, I admired Cork for having a go at them, but Lord save us Cork had no clue how to defend, and ran out of gas completely on 55 minutes, then their younger players threw the towel in and gave up.
    Hate is a strong word but its a long time since Mayo beat the Dubs, it’s a lonely walk out of Croker after a final when your team has gone down by the smallest of margins.
    I have no problem saying that I don’t like this Dublin team, for me they get away with fouling / charging and tackling that it’s not in the rule book and sledging.
    Sheer graft with a bit of luck may just swing this Mayo’s way.
    I have always admired Michael Murphy as a player but I have never seen him as physically tested or rattled as on Saturday last v Mayo.
    I love to defend Mayo here in Dublin, to listen to the remarks from some Dubs I met today, they think Mayo will be hammered.
    The only way to quieten them is to go and beat them.
    This Saturday represents my All Ireland final, some celebrations if Mayo won.
    In the modern football era of the past 20 years, Mayo have the best record of taking out the All Ireland champions from the previous year in a quarter or semi final.
    No draw Saturday please, for me this is a prolonged defeat, just beat them.

  30. To those looking to get into the Hill and avoid being pushed out to the side.
    Any point in wearing a coat over your green and red colours, and spending €2 on a Navy & Blue headband (shudder) to trick the stewards?
    I guess Westport folk could get extra use from the headband.

  31. On the question of tiredness, here’s a stab at how fresh/tired we are/might be, based on full games played:

    Hennelly/Clarke: have alternated so often, either/both should be razor sharp in attitude

    Barrett: Could be an issue here. He has been on the go right through the year.

    Harrison: Ditto

    Higgins: should be fresh. No game since Killarney effectively.

    O’Donoghue: should be rarin’ to go

    Drake: Ditto

    Leroy: Missed a game. Only played three quarters in Killarney. Approaching his best form?

    Boyler: Might be an issue.

    Durks: Should be fresh as a daisy

    McCormack/Plunkett: Should be straining on the leash

    Coen: Hasn’t played a huge amount, and good performances recently should instil confidence

    Donie V: Hasn’t been over used, though injury may be an issue

    Aido: Would have said yes, this time last week, but on the basis of Donegal and what I heard from those who were there, no. NO!

    Seamie: Has needed the games against Meath and Donegal. Should be just right.

    Mattie: How on earth has he managed to get back into contention? Fresh, to be sure, but may be ring rusty.

    Tom P: Miraculous, but will certainly be ring rusty. But, 5 or 7 minutes…

    Fionn Mac: Only now getting a good run of games. Fresh to be sure.

    Kevin Mac: has tiredness overall caught up with him? Still a 30 minute role is suiting him

    Jason Doc: Likely out and a big loss, but would have felt he was on the tiredness side up to Saturday

    Fergal Boland: Bring it on, is what he would say

    Conor Loftus: No problem with over playing

    Ciaran Tracey: Rarin to go

    Cillian: Has only played 4 games, which he needed badly.

    Darren: Some issues here perhaps. Substitution may have dented his confidence, but won’t leave him tired.

    James Carr: Should be thriving on all this.

    Andy: Shouldn’t be thriving on all this, but will.

  32. I hadn’t seen that banner in Omagh before now. Its embarrassing.
    Fair comments all round.

    Revellino, if you win on Saturday I too would have a drink to your success. Though probably not as good a drink as you would 🙂

    I think most Dubs would much prefer to be finally toppled by Mayo than to stumble to either of the other two remaining teams (or anyone else for that matter).

  33. We have nothing to lose. They have everything to lose. It’s all on the line. Let’s go and enjoy this one.

  34. Hi all first time poster, long time reader.I really enjoy the passion and the banter from everyone and the odd laugh I get from some regular posters, but what I most enjoy is the respect people have for each other, I think its great people from other counties can come and comment on the forum with out giving or receiving any abuse. TBH I completely avoid some of the other online forums and papers for the negativity alone. I love the game and I love the team and its hard to read some of the stuff people post. I have such respect for Dublin and I have to say any time we have played them I have always found them great craic and respectful. Everyone has a few bad eggs ourselves included and I would hate for all of us to be tarred with the same brush!
    Delighted to have got my ticket today and hoping for a fantastic game on Saturday! Mayo Abu!

  35. Loreto Road good post. Chaos rules supreme. Your description of Dublin as Borg like is excellent. Mayo need to keep Gavin and Sherlock guessing and adjusting their team to counteract us. In person I dont think I have ever met a bad Dublin supporter- a bit loud maybe at times but that’s just the big city factor. What they don’t do is plamas you. I really hate it when that happens. Definitely the response a few years ago when we beat them in the semi final was as gracious as could be. You need to ignore the online social media commentary. These forums are full of trolls and sick people. Mayo supporters should not get sucked into this, stay classy and support our great football teams without putting down opposition supporters or players.

  36. @Mark….and win it….!

    I know it’s a big IF, but we must believe we can. However let’s all remember, there’s no trophy being handed out this weekend for any teams. If we do get over the line, keep a lid on things.The amount of ‘it would be typical of Mayo to beat Dublin and then lose the final’ texts and comments are getting annoying! Something I am sure other Galway based Mayo supporters are hearing plenty of!

    The bookies have us at 9/2…it’s familiar territory. Let’s just give it a lash Saturday and see where it takes us.

  37. Dublin have the much better scoring efficiency, that is unlikely to change that much on Saturday.
    What we need to do is do better than usual on kickouts and turnovers. Easily typed, hard achieved against this Dublin team. In my view we simply need more posession as we are usually several % behind Dublin in scoring efficiency.

  38. I’m going for the win here. All things considered, the starting lineups, the one to one match up’s, game day intensity, injuries, and the benches, I just think we might have enough to get past them, by a hair.

    Btw, just got me season tix, section 304 not bad.

  39. What are you thinking on match ups:
    No.4. Does Higgins come back in at corner back or does o donoghue take his place? Keith hasn’t been great against Rock from memory
    No. 7 If Durcan is wing forward who is number 7? Stephen Coen, Donal Vaughan (going by JH he should be back) or Higgins. Personally id love to have Vaughan to come on. Is Coen pacy enough fro Howard or scully Is the fact Keith was named at wing back for the meath game of any significance in Horans thinking.
    No. 11 What to do, Diarmuid would be great if he could come straight in or does Aido mover here and Ruane start or does Kevin Mc start.
    No. 14 Does Andy start or does Darren Coen keep his place
    No. 15 Does Carr start

  40. Our scoring as mentioned is gonna have to take a massive increase in order for us to win, everything will need to go our way and hope Dublin are not at full throttle.

    Head says Dublin but heart as always thinks we could spring a surprise. The fighting qualities of this Mayo team mean you can never write them off but it’s such a tall order sat eve.

    I see the same team starting as v Donegal or at least that’s what will be named I’m guessing.

  41. I’m planning to have the time of my life at this one!! I feel released and like there is nothing to lose anymore. Let’s enjoy the ride! Standing ovation for the green and red come what may. I love our team.

  42. 11 Nally Stand!? Jaysus well done! The greater good 🙂

    Well done everybody going in the terraces. Any dilution is a little help

  43. Saturday’s game against Donegal was a big game both physically and emotionally and that cannot be underestimated. If you look back at 2015, we had a 6 day turnaround for the semi final replay. The last 15 mins our concentration started to wane and then we physically got over ran. We went from 4 points ahead to losing by 7 in the last 15 minutes. In 2016, we had a 2 week break and no such problem.

  44. @Sinead, I may buy 2 Nally from you, if for sale.
    I have 3 lower Davin tickets, section 315 but I prefer following a game on my feet.
    The Nally extends to right behind the goal at the Hill.

  45. Living and playing football in Dublin for the last number of years I have learned two things about Dublin football fans. There is those that have not a clue and those who know their football.

    That banner displayed in Omagh is the clueless. The “educated fans”who I have being speaking to are cautious for Saturday.

    So I would agree no hate exists from the dubs only a poor shot at banter!

  46. Whenever a big team falls no one sees it coming and then everyone should have seen it coming . Our lads are hardened from battle and they need to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war .Dublin haven’t faced a team like them and can be beaten for sure . This is the one.

  47. Sometimes going in against a team you don’t know what to expect, if they will pull any major changes in personnel or positions, will they switch up their style, will they bring the intensity, etc.

    Against Dublin on the other hand you know exactly what to expect.

    Pretty much only 7 forwards have started all year (Howard, Kilkenny, Scully, O’Callaghan, Mannion, Costello/Rock). Midfield is going to be Fenton and McAuley/McCarthy (most likely McCarthy if fully fit). There is a little more questions in the backs but honestly I see Gavin reverting to type here and going with McMahon, Fitzsimons, Byrne, Cooper, O’Sullivan, McCaffrey. If there is to be a change I would see Murchan coming in for Byrne, with possibly O’Sullivan also missing out for John Small)

    So I think we may be able to plan for them a little better than they can for us. Things to watch out for are Costello, McAuley, Byrne and J Small starting, if they do I think it will be better for us. The other big one is the bench, personally I’d prefer if it was stacked with the older players – O’Carroll, O’Sullivan, Lowndes, Brogan, O’Gara, Connolly, McManamon, Andrews, Rock. Do they have as much in the tank hunger wise, speed wise as they used to?

  48. That’s a very bold statement WJ – Leinster needs to be dismantled because Dublin face no opposition…all the bolder considering Meath made the super 8s and final scores notwithstanding gave Kerry Mayo and Donegal plenty of food for thought for 60-65 mins. I think they will come in for the experience.

    But I don’t want to give impression I back the provincial system- I think it all should be disbanded – just interested in what you propose in place of Leinster because I understand that to apply to all provinces.

    Kerry manager has hit the nail on the head when he said super 8s mean “the rich get richer”…he couldn’t be more right and any GAA fan concerned about the long term health of the sport should not be blinded from that reality by the buzz of being in the super 8s.

  49. Don’t know about ye, but I’m looking forward to David Bowie and “let’s dance” at some stage in Croker, it’s being on the Public Address music playlist consistently for years now. Just taught id share that with ye!!

  50. Mayo88 I prob exactly 2 for sale. Will let you know ASAP and then maybe WJ can get us in contact

  51. Is there any official word regarding Caffery and Regan? I’m a big fan of Caffery and I was looking forward to seeing him come back and was hoping he would be back to his best .. but he doesn’t seem to have made it to program this year (is he injured or maybe not in the form he use to have?)

  52. Just after leaving Elverys in Castlebar there and they have a few printed Hill 16 tickets left. Get them while ya can……….

  53. Mayo88, great point. Many moons ago, remember watching Douglas derail the Tyson Express with my old man. One of the lines, from that night, which sticks with me to this day was Larry Merchant saying in the 9th round “James Douglas is not a big puncher but where other fighters have stopped to admire their work, when they had Tyson in trouble, he has kept punching.”

    We all know that our team has flaws but they are not insurmountable and should we find ourselves up in the 62nd minute, like in 2017, hopefully we won’t stop to admire our work.

  54. Unfortunately the reality is that the one or two clowns you encounter at a game often linger much longer than the multitudes of sound supporters.

    We all have our tales of misbehaving fans. I can recall a Dublin woman (old enough to behave better) sitting beside me at the final in 2017. Perfectly amicable right through the game. After the game I shook her husbands hand and wished them both well. She then leaned into me, told us she can’t stand Mayo and that we’d never win it. I was absolutely fucking dumbfounded. Her husband was mortified and simply dragged her away.

    On the flip side I’ve seen plenty of our own – having had their full fill of Arthur on the long train/bus journey up – behave like complete tossers when they get into Croker. None of us can stand over – with any great certainty – the behaviour of the entire clan.

  55. Meath only made the Super 8s, Cantini, because they had the good fortune to draw Clare in Round 4 of the qualifiers. If they’d pulled ourselves or Tyrone then they certainly wouldn’t have and they were well out of their depth when they got there too.

    You’re right that any change at provincial level would need to apply across all four of them. My point – a throwaway remark, really – on Leinster was that it’s a complete joke at this stage, to the extent that playing it out each year is a pointless exercise, given Dublin’s huge dominance there. Reform is needed across the board on Championship structure, not least given that the Super 8s have been such a disaster. This weekend we’ll be playing our seventh Championship match in eight weekends, with just a one-week break ahead of an All-Ireland semi-final, playing (away) against a team that had the luxury of fielding its B team last weekend. The structure is beyond parody at this stage and this needs to be addressed, though not, I’d suggest, in these few short days ahead of the All-Ireland semi-final!

  56. With scoring rate I think it had improved a good bit until Donegal game which was played in poor conditions so that stat is somewhat skewed. I do think we could improve a bit in that regard and certainly not be dropping balls short as Keegan sometimes does trying to be too precise. His point at the end of the Down game was pure class, would like more of that. Carr looks a very fine shooter and extremely good on his so called weaker foot. Cillian still has the predator instinct. Andy’s last point v Donegal was like something you’d see from an up and coming superstar. Fionn is pretty accurate and Boland has the odd off day with shooting but generally good shooter too and with fisted points. We’d need at least one forward getting 4 points or a few getting 3. Kevin Mc often good for 2 as is Diarmaid. I’d prefer Andy starting to Coen as he has the smarts to keep Dublin guessing all the time. I think Darren can contribute to our cause though.

  57. The gaa should hand over the sales and distribution of match tickets to somone like ticket master.

    Popular bands often sell out multiple shows and tens of thousands of tickets are often all purchased in minutes.

    This stone age nonsense of queuing for hours and still ending up with nothing but high blood pressure, and the nonsense of “more tickets to be released in the morning” is a complete and utter joke.

  58. As for Dublin fans, the only County I ever encountered nasty stuff from with Mayo was Dublin in 2006 and 2017. The latter was so bad I considered writing to Jim Gavin and Cluxton to ask them is this the type of “fans” Dublin want to bring along. It happened in the Mayo part of the Hill.
    I did once hear very nasty stuff as a neutral at a Cork Clare hurling championship game in the 90s where the Cork offenders were totally quietened when Clare won the game late. At Dublin league games it’s the salt of the earth true Dublin fans but some big games attract a nasty soccer element. Would be nice to snuff it out as the banter at most GAA matches is quite unique. Great to be able to bring kids and not worry too much about nasty stuff. A statement from Gavin at some appropriate stage would go a long way. I think Roscommon Board issued a statement a few years back about some of their own supporters and it worked well to tone theirs down.

  59. Interesting to hear some folks on social media today say they were unable to get tickets today. Clubs have been told that they will get what they requested. I know several people that got tickets online today, some of them went back later to buy more. No problem in my local SuperValu. Mainly upper stand and lower davin. Surprising other could get tickets and not them.

  60. The debate about the Super 8 will continue and I think even though the GAA will see it through its 3 year term, I think they should keep it, but be a little bit more creative in what teams are in it and the schedule.
    I’ suggest bringing the league standings into it…that is, all teams that finish in Div 1 plus the top 2 teams from Div 2 go on to play for the All Ireland. The have 2 groups of 5 counties, with the top 4 league finishers on opposite sides of the groups (2 in each). Sure there would be many artifacts and details to iron out but its doable.
    The benefit of this is that its gives the National League performance a new life and makes it extremely important and linked to the Championship.
    And before everyone screams bloody murder about the provincial championships, they can still be played and won bragging rights and all…but obviously would have lesser value (much as they do today, with the exception of maybe Ulster)

  61. It’s the dreaded ACL for Jason. I want to thank him for his hard work as always this year – he epitomises the spirit of this team and County. Like Tom Parsons, I’ve no doubt whatsoever his comeback will be bigger than his setback and I look forward to seeing him back in the green and red next summer. All the best with the rehab Jason.

  62. Absolutely nothing to lose here. If you told me after the Roscommon game we’d be playing Dublin in a semi final i’d have rang the paramedics to give you a once over. This year has been a major success. In all honesty, the Nestor cup is only a direct flight ticket to the Super 8’s, the longer multiple stop over route is annoying, but once you get there, none of that matters. We’ve been rode sideways with bad luck, injury after injury after injury, and yet we’re still standing. All of the pressure is on Dublin for this, can they handle it? I think they can.

    Im not expecting us to win this at all. If we kept below 6 points i’d be reasonably happy. Im just going to up enjoy the occasion, a packed Croker in mid August is where its at, proper championship football. The first time its been sold out all year, the Gaa must be delighted we’re still around. All this talk about hurling, yet the attendances are shocking!.

    I’ve said all year Gavin will be gone after the 5 in a row, im sure one or two players will call it off too. 2020 will be one of the most open championships in years. We are now laying a serious foundation to be big big challengers next year. Plenty of Counties including our provincial champions haven’t contested a semi final in nearly 30 years, our new additions are experiencing it in their first year!!!….that experience simply cannot be underestimated going forward.

  63. Best of luck to our lads on Saturday dreading it and can’t wait! On the hate craic some eejits stoke this shit and they are on both sides. I’m bringing 2 brought up Dubs in Mayo jerseys one of them with a real Dub boyfriend. Its all good people still interested in August compare to last year! Mind you my garden looked great last year.

  64. We need 3 goals to win and have to target their main weakness and have the guys to do it. If their full backs saw AOS and TP walking towards them, they would sh** themselves!

  65. Mayodunphy we are now big big challengers already this year any year you get to a semi final you have a chance we have to be positive and go for it. Wishing Jason a
    Speedy recovery he’s in awful hard luck to get a terrible injury like that I wish him well and please God we will see him back playing for Mayo again. He is a huge huge loss

  66. @Sinead37, I will take those 2 Nally ( Hill) tickets, where will me meet for payment and collection, I am based in Dublin.

  67. We have to go to Croker believing we can win MayoDunphy. And we can win. Sure we are playing a skilful and athletic team in Dublin who have all the aces. But we are a very good team who have the heart to win.
    Forget about chaos. This requires application of strategy, skill and athleticism. If we can maintain a high score to shot ratio and stop Dublin scoring goals we will win. Judging the defensive performance last Saturday we can stop Dublin in their tracks. Gavin will try and blitz us in the first ten minutes. He will try to put us back on our haunches and erode our confidence. The game will still be in the balance in the last ten minutes. This is where our bench will win the game for us. Let’s be positive. No negativity. Keep shouting and roaring regardless. Keep the faith. No wavering and believe in the magic of Mayo.

  68. for me the biggest issue we’ve had against the Dubs is the goal concession rate

    13 Final 2 goals
    15 Game1 2 goals
    15 game2 3 goals
    16 game1 2 goals
    16 game2. 1 goal
    17. 1goal

    11 goals conceded across 6 matches.
    Averaging 1.83 goals per match.

    Dubs conceded 6goals in above matches

    the time we kept clean sheet against them in 12 we beat them. Donegal caused them problems under McGuinnes because they didn’t concede goals easily

    must not concede goals Saturday. That mean Sweeper, tactical fouling blacks/yellows taken if needed and probably Clarke in goal

  69. Yeah we gifted them many of the above goals, including the two we scored for them. Hopefully we wont have a starting handicap as bad this time.

  70. Given the news around Doc’s injury it’s now more or less certain that we’ll have to start McLoughlin. I’d also expect Mattie Ruane to play close to 30 mins.

    I was surprised the last day that young Treacy didn’t make the 26. He’s an athletic player and I think this weekend might suit him. He’s performed well in Croker this year and can cover the open space. Needs to learn he can’t (yet) carry through a tackle but I think he’d be very useful when the game opens up.

  71. A load of people over on Mayo Banter page trying to swap tickets now it would make you sick.Another thing that annoys me is people whinging and giving out about the Gaa for its handling of the tickets yesterday, the system crashed big deal, most of these people have no involvement with there Local Gaa club yet all they do is give out about the Association when they couldn’t get there match ticket, just decide to head to the biggest game of the year and join the bandwagon parade.Don’t have a problem with people who attend Fbd games in January, attend Away National League games and the main thing help out in there Local Gaa clubs they all fully deserve there Tickets.

  72. On fans I have never had much of an issue with Dublin fans I met in Croker or its environs. What I am amazed about is some of their online warriors. Some of these ignorami seem to really detest us. They were more angered about Leeroy and Andy winning POTY awards than enjoying their own achievements. When Clarke beat “Clucko” to the All Star awards they went into meltdown. Then their websites such as reservoir dubs went on the abusive attacks. You’d swear Keegan throwing the GPS device at Rock was the biggest crime ever, but their entire full forward line taking out our defenders so as we could not get off a quick kick out was fine. The dubs who come on here such as Martin, the dub, outta the blue and Jaden whom I haven’t come across for a while appear knowledgeable, decent sportspeople. This Dublin team and their manager have been fantastic and never come across as arrogant or disrespectful. They deserve to be overwhelming favourites on Saturday. While not Dublin’s fault everything seems to he to their advantage. Their first test in 2 years should have been Sunday but Tyrone decided against that. They have had a stroll while Mayo have had to dig deep and go to the well every time they played.No other team play their neutral matches at home and no team has the financial backing which the dubs get. That is not to take away anything from them. Asking Mayo to play a 7th match in 8 weeks is a disgrace and that’s not sour grapes in advance. Had we got a fair crack of the whip and a two week break they might have some chance but expecting them to play with the same or greater intensity is just too big an ask. We were all thrilled and emotional after Saturday last and that emotion is carrying over as evidenced by the majority voting for a Mayo win. Playing Dublin in a final where we were fully rested and prepared would allow us a chance. What we have to do on Saturday next is just too big an ask. Hopefully we are again able to defy the critics this weekend. If we get over this it will be one of the greatest results in our history.

  73. The logical result is a 8-12 point win for Dublin as they soak up Mayo pressure and then close it out with 10 mins plus injury time to play. Cork gave them some problems but at times I thought they were toying with Cork in that match, an arrogance only allowable to supreme champions. I would really fear for Mayo in this game particularly if their poor shot conversion rate is maintained and where is the evidence this can be resolved when its impacted them for so many times. As the man on the podcast says Mayo need to bring chaos to Dublin but sustaining it for the 75+ is a big ask but not unachievable in a one off match if lads were to play above themselves as we have seen down through the years in GAA and in other sports. It would require a Mayo performance for the ages to defeat Dublin and then only getting you into a final not winning it. All signs point to a Dublin win so the Mayo lads have no overbearing fan pressure on them as they are expected to lose so can play with abandon. Im really looking forward to the game and I hope ye all enjoy it and its a contest right to the end but as ive said above it could turn into a very long match for Mayo.

  74. Absolute disaster for Jason. Gutted for him. So feckin innocuous.

    Seems to be a lot of terrace tickets in Mayo. Would we have taken a quarter of them?

  75. Fearbolg – that’s a person-not-ball infraction there. You seem to have ongoing problems in this area so I’ll give you a straight choice: either cut this stuff out or you’re off to moderation for an indefinite period. This is your final warning.

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