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Like the way we were paired with Galway last Monday, there was an air of inevitability about this morning’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-final draw. It would have to be us against the Dubs, wouldn’t it? Of course it would. Of course it was.

The match has now been fixed for Sunday at Croke Park with a 4pm throw-in. David Gough of Meath will ref it and it’ll be preceded at HQ by the quarter-final between Cork and Derry. Both matches will be shown live on RTÉ.

Although the Mayo/Dublin rivalry was the biggest in the game over much of the last decade, it was one in which, despite all the great battles between the two teams, Dublin invariably came out on top. In fact, after our All-Ireland semi-final win over them in 2012, we never bested them at all in League or Championship until the semi-final of the Covid-impacted Championship in 2021.

We’ve only met them once since that memorable night when we finally brought the long unbeaten run of the six-in-a-row champions to an end. That was in the League the following spring when we had five points to spare over them at Croke Park. That win, by the way, was our first League victory over Dublin in a game played in the capital since 1971.

Our loss to Kerry in last year’s All-Ireland quarter-final meant we didn’t get to face the Dubs last summer. As they were plying their trade in Division Two this spring we didn’t meet in the League this year either.

So what have they been up to this year?

Following their relegation last year from the League’s top tier, the Dubs’ mission this spring was a simple one: bounce back up. There was never really any doubt but that they’d do this, which they duly did.

They won six of their regulation League games and the sole loss was to Derry, behind whom they finished in the Division Two table. That defeat occurred in Round 5 and before then they got the better of Kildare, Limerick, Cork and Clare (in that order), with further victories after that Derry reversal coming against Meath and Louth.

Derry gave them socks in the opening half of the Division Two final as well, a match that was played at Croke Park before our Division One final against Galway. The Oak Leaf County went in two points ahead at half-time but Dublin smashed in four second half goals to win comfortably by seven points.

Leinster proved the usual predictable cakewalk for the Dubs, though Kildare ran them far closer than expected at the semi-final stage. In the quarter-final they overwhelmed Laois by 27 points but they had only two to spare over the Lilywhites. They hammered Louth by 21 points in the Leinster final, to seal their 13th provincial title in a row.

As one of the four top seeds, Dublin were drawn in Group 3 against Sligo, Roscommon and Kildare in the All-Ireland group stage. They topped this group, with two wins and a draw to advance directly to the All-Ireland quarter-final.

Their first game was the most awkward one for them, in which they found Roscommon a real handful. That game was immortalised due to the Rossies’ six-minute keep-ball at the end of the first half, which led to a laughable chorus of demands for rule changes in its wake, but which some observers noted only lasted as long as it did due to Dublin’s passivity in their attempts to get the ball back.

There was nothing passive, however, about Dublin in their remaining group matches. Kildare were expected to back up their fine Leinster showing but Dublin cruised to a comfortable nine-point win at Nowlan Park and then they routed Sligo by 24 points in the final round to emerge as group winners.

That put them in the opposite pot to us in this morning’s draw and you know the rest.

All roads now lead to Croke Park on Sunday, which, for us, sees us involved in a second knockout Championship tie in seven days. We survived the one yesterday, how do you think we’ll do this coming Sunday? Let’s end with a vote on that.

Will we down the Dubs?

  • Yes (64%, 961 Votes)
  • No (36%, 532 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,493

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167 thoughts on “Details on Dublin

  1. Only to say thanks WJ – you’re building us up nicely for the big match. All the work you and the contributors put into the blog and podcasts adds to the fun and enjoyment of following Mayo football. Personally very happy to have a crack at the Dubs on Sunday. Tickets bought and expect a great battle. We’ve a panel that can take on any team. It’s in our own hands. Up Mayo

  2. It’s probably the first time we’re facing Dublin with as broad a panel as them, which is good. The sticky bit is that, notwithstanding the morale boosting win v Galway, the plain reality is that we aren’t playing very well. We’ve not clicked yet in championship (exception in Killarney but as I’ve said before that game was different and unlike modern 2023 style championship football)…we did just enough against a misfiring Galway. So that’s my only concern now. Can we lift it? Can enough of our players find some real form? We’ll need it to progress any further.

  3. Dublin are motoring well this year overall other than the Roscommon match. Easily put away Derry in the league final and went through the group stages trying several different players.
    If they had King Con last year they would have beat Kerry.
    After our last 5 performances, wouldn’t expect us to win but will be cheering the lads on til the final whistle.
    Up Mayo!

  4. Ticketmaster are sneaky RosTown, I bet by Thursday or Friday much better seat options will become available so hang tough I would think if its just 1 or 2 adult tickets you’re looking for.

  5. Theres no way over 70k tickets have been sold already. Very unfair on people buying tickets this early in the week to end up stuck in the nally terrace. Its just scaremongering by the gaa so that people think its nearly sold out and therefore buy tickets now in desperation. Does anyone know what has happened the 5 euro discount that season ticket holders used to get for championship games? And also we can no longer sit with our family members that have season tickets. The season ticket has gotten less and less attractive each year

  6. Yes Pullhard I was looking for 2 tickets for Hogan or Cusack. No notion of buying Nally Stand tickets

  7. On the ticket front, I internetted at 5pm and there were already 2,000 plus ahead of me in the queue ( if the site can be believed ). Accepted tickets in the Gods of the Upper Hogan just to nail any anxiety in the light of Dubs, Derry , ourselves and a resurgent Cork following all clamouring for presence. Know they tend to release better tickets as days go on but the prospect of missing out was too much of a risk !

  8. Coveyexile……if you can just bear with the 3 mins it takes for the head to clear after you take your seat, the gods of the Hogan gives a mighty clear view of the full pitch and action……

  9. Just a correction Willie Joe. You put Clare instead of Sligo who were in Dublin’s group

  10. Train tickets booked up for both Mayo and Sligo trains

    Any chance of that Utopian event

    A match day train direct from Ballina (ok 1 stop in foxford), direct to Drumcondra (under the Phoenix Park) without having to get out at Hueston?
    The track is there (it’s used for commuter and freight trains), the people want it, but Iarnrod Eireann just won’t do it.

    A more Utopia ideal would be to demolish the Nally and hill and complete the stadium with a modern, safe standing lower tier.

    It could be the most efficiently run match day train ever that drops you right into the stadium from Ballina.

    Now that I have stopped dreaming, I must get the bus (which stubbornly refuses to take any bypass or Dual carriageway whatsoever) to busaras, stopping everywhere it possible can. From there, I can walk through some of the roughest neighbourhoods in the country, or take a train back out to Drumcondra.

    On top of all that, we don’t even have the Big Tree anymore

  11. It should be out this morning at some point, Joe G, though I haven’t got a specific time right now. It’s not the preview one either, this one focuses more on the Galway game but was recorded after the draw was made yesterday morning so there’ll be Dublin chat on it alright. Mike, Colm Boyle and Colm Keys are on this one.

    Thanks MikeyJ – you are, of course, correct. I’ve made that edit now.

  12. Hi Willie Joe
    I think that should say dublin beat Louth in the Leinster final .

  13. Not convinced by Dublin so far. Not a patch on the glory team that won the 6.They’ve been playing division 1 opposition all year. Their one match with a division 1 team resulted in a draw with Roscommon. I’d be more worried about which Mayo will turn up.

  14. Just came into my head now but did COC put his point over with his left foot? I think so.

  15. Derry went in 2 points to the good at half time. Then Dublin started playing. This is the big challenge for us. We can go toe to toe and rattle them all we like, but then we need to be air tight when they come at us.
    I have utmost respect for Dublin, even this team. But there’s a difference between respect and deference. Know them, respect them but don’t fear them.
    Maigheo le cunamh De!!

  16. Sorry WJ another little correction Dublin beat Louth in Leinstrr final not Laois.

  17. The independent reporting that no further action will be taken against Ryan o Donaghue due to footage being inconclusive.They really would make you laugh.Did they review the punch down on top of jack carneys head where the footage was totally conclusive

  18. He did Batetheblanket. The Sunday Game didn’t think it worthy of coverage though. If an opponent on the day of a similar vintage had done it they would be showing it on Reeling in the years ! But sure Cillian has done it so often for so long it’s taken for granted now. It’s easier to highlight when he has a bad day/miss than the many good days/scores !
    I had to laugh when a mayo supporter asked on here last weekend was he finished and going to retire. It’s funny how perceptions of age can be so different of himself and Shane Walsh. Only a few months between them!

  19. Looking at Ticketmaster it’s saying no tickets are available now – wonder what the story is there ?

    It’s hardly sold out ?

  20. In fairness, age is only a part of it – O’Connor has missed a good part of 2 of the last 3 seasons now, would have more of an attritional game than Walsh, isn’t as natural an athlete and would have played a heck of a lot more big championship games.

    Only a year or so between them but I would be surprised if Walsh didn’t have a longer career, he’s been relatively injury free for the decade or so he’s been playing senior inter-county

    Similarly there might be just 6 or so months between Walsh and Comer but for very similar reasons above I’d expect Walsh to last a bit longer for Galway

    But 30/31 isn’t old at all in the modern game. If O’Connor can avoid a run of injuries he still could have a few years in him yet, as he’s naturally still the best footballer Mayo have in attack imo

  21. Mayoman 45 more tickets will come available over the coming days I reckon. I imagine season ticket holders still have a couple of days to confirm if they are going or not, and there is bound to be some who can’t go and tickets will be then released

  22. Cillian has just turned 31. Andy Moran picked up player of the year in 2017 when he was 33. There were many who had written Andy off. I’ve always thought with Cillian that when the legs begin to slow he is cute enough to find another way to get the job done. Little did we know at the time that at age 31 that Andy’s best football was ahead of him. Could be the same with Cillian Shane Walsh who knows?

  23. On the subject of the mentioned food poisoning issue in the Mayo team before the Cork game, would it have been better for Kevin to just come out and say it. Rather than having supporters lambasting both the team and management all last week. I know there’s the problem of some saying he’s only making excuses. Most people would take his word for it, seeing as up to now it’s not been his form. Now if Padraigeen said it, then that would be a different matter.

  24. Should be able to pick the section you want to sit in , if they are so hellbent on keeping some sections till last , why not price the best seats accordingly , lower hogan centre €10 dearer than the corner of the upper etc

  25. I’m not sure nephin , on reflection I think it was the best course of action to say nowt .

  26. Wasn’t sure if it was ok to talk about it but the food poisoning rumor appears to have been true !
    I would assume Ruane was still feeling the after affects by Galway game

    I am getting more and more confident about the weekend. The same as I did last week .
    For the first time in a LONG time we are heading into big games with a full strength squad which makes a huge difference in terms of subs. Our bench is stronger than the dubs. 3rd game in 3 weeks and the week turn around isn’t ideal but more important than that is the injury situation. Let’s hope it stays like this !

  27. It was interesting to hear Kevin refer to the league as well when they had intense games week in week out so he’s not concerned about the 3 weeks on the run. Get through this weekend and it’s a 2 week break for all teams.

    The food poisoning incident and the awful conditions in Salthill last weekend could actually go in our favour because Dessie and Co may still not get a glimpse of where we are really at until 4pm on Sunday..

    Wonder was the chef a Kerry man (smiley’s)

  28. The good about Galway game
    Our conversion rate was generally good, apart from 7 mins before half time.
    When we got the ball, we retained it very well, and had very few turn over in tackle, compared to Cork game.
    Ran the bench, when needed. Aidan was gassed in third quarter, took him off. Cillian came on just at right time, was watching him, he was organising forwards, encouraging them, and leading by example.
    Our tackling was generally good, and made galway cough up possession more than once.
    Only really had one goal chance, and took it

    The Bad
    Our kickout stratergy, totally mess. I know the wind was bad. But having lost 13 out of 20 kickouts, is pretty bad, and if we do that against Dublin. Goodnight, god bless. While Reape has some blame in this matter, as kicked 3 ball straight out over sideline, we were well beating in midfield, and he had very little options to kick it short, form lack of movement. And when he did hit it short, we were lucky a few time, as they were 50/50 balls.
    Midfield – were wiped out. I know that strong. But Galway midfield must be at home now thinking, how did we lose that game. Hopefully Mattie back on Sunday, but even with Mattie, I be worried.
    Still giving teams goal chances- Galway failed to get a goal against us. Still cant deal with high balls. This might be hardest fix. As been happening for last 12 years, and had numerous different mangers unable to fix it. If Dublin get 3 goal chances, chances are they convert 2 of them. And that the game lost.
    Were not creating goal chances, or enough of them.

  29. But following on from my last post. I think Croke Park, should suit us. Should make easier to get short kick out away, so that might be sortable.

  30. Weather looking good for Sunday, fingers crossed it stays like that. I said it when the draw was made, pace is our biggest advantage in this game. If we keep it tight and organised for 40/50 minutes and, don’t let them get any sort of run on us, we can start running straight at them with 20/30 left. I think that will be the winning of the game and feel its definitely advantage Mayo in that scenario. I liked our game mgmt at times against Galway, but we can’t leave scores behind us like we did the last day. Had we gone in only two points down the last day, I’m convinced we would have gone on and won convincingly. I looked back at the game last night and was really impressed, in patches, with our ball retention. People have been talking about how we got cleaned out in midfield. Taking a second look and aside from the wind being such an influencing factor, Hurson and the linesmen allowed Galway foul the fielding Mayo player on at least 3 occasions in that first half, when we went long on ko’s. Its smart play by Galway in fairness, so we need to be wise to that tactic working again for the Dubs, when Reape has to go long the next day, which he will. The other thing that struck me about watching the game back was that if it wasn’t for the oxygen that Hurson gave Galway in that second half with 5 very soft frees, we could have won more comfortably. If we get a fair shake from Gough, extend out those periods of smart game management, get our match ups right and take the majority of our opportunities when they come, I cant see us losing this game. Maybe thats four if’s too many for some but I’ll take it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  31. I wonder how many of the changes at the weekend were enforced versus tactical (O’Hora enforced I believe but not sure about the rest). The changes definetly impacted our kick out options if that makes sense as I said yesterday Ruane / Loftus get a lot of primary possession. Reape just seemed not to have options but he also should have let the outfield players know they needed to give him better options. It was a bit worrying that it was like this whole game IMO. First half I thought we were wide open at times but corrections appeared to be made for the 2nd half where we were much tighter. Expect a clean bill of health next week – Jordan and Mattie midfield, Aiden in the corner with TC and Carr starting. Kevin Mc may have done enough to start too. Cillian to come on when needed. Another big one to look forward to and I think the players will be absolutely buzzing for it..I had Dublin as AI favorites at the start of the championship but my confidence in them waned after a few of their performances. A line through Roscommon tells me we have a great chance here. A couple of key match ups crucial particularly Con. I dont think their defence is the same as old (Cooper, Philly, O’sullivan now gone) and we have the pace and power to get at them…

  32. I’m assuming that this couldn’t possibly be sold out already and there is just some issue with Ticketmaster.. nothing appearing at all now.. hopefully more tickets will be released later in the week.. but in the event that someone can’t make it, I’ll be looking for one adult and one juvenile !! Train booked out as well ?

  33. Pod is up on Patreon and it’s another bumper one – Mike with Boyler and Colm Keys, looking back at the Galway game while also thinking ahead to Sunday and the Dubs.

  34. Team v Dublin .Some people on here have the wool over their eyes after all those years, the proper team was picked Sunday, that is why Mayo won, no goals conceded, as regards the ref, he disallowed a good goal,for what , Mayo should have won x 3 ,taking the missed points from both sides, somebody said Hurson was one of the better refs, as regards Mayo he is worse than Dublin Joe. AOS to the back now in front of no.3, Hession to start .Conroy 13, ROD 11, Diarmuid to midfield, half backs, Eoin mcLaughlin ,P Durcan , S Callinan , P OHora . Another fielder to fit in with Diarmuid centrefield, did public opinion change the team Sunday, this should have been done 3 months ago, the performance last Sunday was way better than the League final v Galway, some people will see this as daft the same thinking since 1967 is going nowhere .Mayo x 5-6 points, i am thinking that those few lines will be moderated as per usual. Slan

  35. Thanks a million, Willie Joe. I look forward to listening to the pod. How exciting for all of us to be in the position we are in now. So happy to think of listening to Colm Boyle later.

  36. @Change is Good – if you watch the disallowed goal back, McLoughlin takes 7 to 8 steps and is blown for overcarrying, it was the right call

  37. I’d be inclined to agree with you Change is Good. Public opinion forced management to change the team. The dogs on the street could see that there were serious issues for months, not sure why it took so long for management to spot it. I’d also be concerned that our game management from the line is poor. Maybe too many cooks and all that. I like the idea of AOS playing in front of the full back line. He’s probably the best tackler on the team, could drop back to contest high balls and is a nice kick passer too. His pace if left one on one is the issue I suppose. I’d have COC at full forward from the start. Just need him on the field for longer than 20 minutes.

  38. The big question is did our performance improve on Sunday – first half I’d say definetly not even taking the conditions into account. 2nd half we were much tighter. We lost way to many kick outs and were dominated in midfiled – those are the bare facts. We did win but recent issues have not been resolved. Moving Aiden to CHB would not work simply doesnt have the pace for it. In the corner for me next week !. I wanted Jordan in midfield on Sunday and that happened but another fielder is needed at times which we are not blessed with unless Carney. Jordan and Mattie should work fine against Dublin as it will be different to Galway

  39. Change is good, I’d say we’d have 17 or 18 on the field against the Dubs if playing all your picks. McStay said it’s a huge panel and that’s why we have them. It’s a thankless task picking the team as we all have strong opinions and players we like the look of. I’d say almost certain starters are Reape, Coyne, McBrien, Callinan, Paddy D, Diarmaid OC, Flynn, ROD. Choices will be made on Eoghan Mc vs Padraic OH and possibly Coen (although he’s very likely starter). Another debate on TC vs Carr with TC the more likely. Jack Carney put in a hard shift last day but is droppable in the interest of giving others in form games. Also midfield, I think we need Mattie but who to drop? Would like to see Cillian, Coen, O Hora on the field at the latter stages, I think they offer the most composure unless the game becomes pure chaos and the Dubs fall into it. Kevin Mc good the last day but will he be consistent at 35 if picked. Jason wasn’t as good as bygone days, is there more in him, 2 or 3 points from distance? I think their game time could be very limited with a full pick available.

  40. If Cillian is fit enough and he looks ok, he has to start next day, he is leading scorer in Country and always plays well against the Dubs and always scores in Croke Park, what other Mayo forward can score more in Croke Park. If he tires in second half, we have the likes of Carr to come in , who can also score.

  41. No disrespect but if public opinion forced management to change the team then we may as well not have a management team and just run the thing by online poll. I think McStay so far has got most things right. If you take the late collapse against Cork aside (and that could have been down to the impact of food poisoning) then we’re doing ok. Much better than the much vaunted Galway at this stage anyway!

  42. Any stab at a Dublin team?

    Newcombe Fitz Murchan
    Howard Small Gannon
    McC Fenton
    Scully Bugler Basquel
    Mannion COC KK

    Probably a risk without their best two free takers but they’ll probably feel covered with mannion and Basquel. Rock’s best days are clearly behind him

    Nothing to overly fear really, but you get the sense they could always click into gear any week. Just hope this isn’t a 2019-like game as I think the lead in is eerily similar, but Dublin haven’t been operating at the same level this campaign. Its not impossible – a tour de force performance by COC alone could win this game in itself

    Still think the win Sunday covered over a multitude of issues again – losing the match by 2 points from the goal onwards playing with a gale was definitely a worry – but as ever with Mayo I expect them to rise to the opposition’s level, and I just get the feeling we’ll sneak this one. Could see Conroy going to town, and COC and Carr to have a huge impact off the bench. Expecting a big showing from Hession too. Lads like Ruane, Carney and even Flynn (Cork aside) are due a big game also. Diarmuid usually plays well in this fixture too, although he didn’t start 2017

  43. Plenty tickets for Kerry v Tyrone games on Ticketmaster. Looks like something going on to stop public sale of tickets for Dublin v Mayo. Wonder where all tickets are gone!!

  44. I’m not so sure that public opinion changed the team against Galway. Far more likely that injuries, form and the alleged bout of food poisoning changed the team. Doherty marking Comer at one point didn’t look right and had to be a forced pre match change which we were lucky to get away with. Wouldn’t be surprised if we revert back to playing starters from previous games

  45. Honestly haven’t a bloody clue where we or dublin stand going into this.

    Dublin have been extremely poor for going on 2 years now to the point I have my doubts it’s as easy as flicking a switch for them. Bringing back cluxton sent out a terrible message too and mannion and mccaffrey seem to be slow getting up to speed.

    Mind you I’m none the wiser on Mayo either.
    Once the euphoria of Sunday wore off I rewatched it last night and mayo were actually really poor in salthill, incredibly sloppy and poor execution. Massive shifts from lads like durcan, diarmuid and a handful of others done the job but had come stayed on I have no doubt we’d be out now

    Still feeling confident about the weekend tho.
    Play all the speedmerchants

  46. Liam on the Run, what about v Armagh, Louth, Roscommon.
    Aidan confirming unaware of permutations and importance of last free v Cork isn’t exactly confidence inspiring either, or lack of changes on kickout strategy.

    But we have the players so always going be in the mix, and have serious chance regardless. Tyrone v Kerry on other side draw is another bit of luck.
    Sometimes a lucky general can be better than a good one 🙂

  47. It’s not inconceivable to think it’s a sell out at this stage bar the few season tickets which will be released for sale later in the week if not being used.

    Rough estimates:
    7K from Cork
    20K from Derry
    25K from Mayo
    30K from Dublin

    82K total

  48. @ciaran

    Re the dublin lineup, don’t think you’re too far off. Murchan has done well on conroy before so he will have that job again.

    I believe bugler is out injured for season and I still don’t know if basquel can be fully trusted against the big sides.

    Think farrell will plump for paddy small over mannion for reasons known only to himself.
    I’d say they will need a freetaker but Rock is offering nothing these days so I expect costello will get the nod.

    Con and kilkenny seem to be swapping between 11 and 13 these days so I reckon


  49. I take your point Gizmobobs it’s not been perfect and mistakes and missteps have been made but given that McStay is in his first year with Mayo he’s definitely in credit. But for anyone to say that the team for Galway was named based on public opinion is plain ridiculous.

  50. @Supermac Your forgetting one of Dublins most underrated players in recent years, Sean Bugler, he will need watching, seems to be involved in a lot of play from 11 and a real vocal point from then over the last while.

  51. Whatever about whether the changes were due to the food poisoning or tactical, I think it was great to give a few a good run out and a few a bit of a breather.

    I thought Kevin Mc looked sharp and is such an intelligent player and a cool head (maybe not for the missed point) for the younger players to have around. Jason Doherty is also another that would have benefited from the run out.

  52. I think the Dublin forwards will be – Howard, Bulger, Kilkenny, Costello (if fit), Con, Basquel. Leaves them P Small, Mannion, Scully to come in with Jack Mc, Rock is out of favour & pushing on. Their backs are harder to pick but aren’t as strong as previous. Very hard to get a read on Dublin – have looked completely disinterested at times the last 2 years even against Kerry in last years semi and yet if Con was fit they’d have won the All Ireland probably.

  53. Doubt it was public opinion that made mcstay change the team Kevin mcstay doesn’t strike me as the Kind of man who would change his team by what the public say
    He goes by what he sees in training etc.

    Well it was great to see Tommy conroy getting his first championship start since the awful injury he got what a player!

  54. It definitely wouldn’t be main reason, but could well be a contributing factor.
    Remember one his first appointments was a media manager, and as an example how his interview tone and content changed inside the hour following people on about how he was so happy clappy after blowing lead v Armagh I think it was.
    It’s not necessarily a bad thing either, some good GAA heads were calling for certain changes.

  55. FBD champs.
    National League Champs.
    Only Connacht team left in hunt for Sam.
    Went to Kerry and lowered their colours.
    Went to Salthill and hoisted the Green and Red.

    2/3 of the blog poll giving us a chance to lower Dublin’s colours this coming weekend in their own backyard.

    And we still have the usual suspects, taking every opportunity possible to take swipes at the management.

    They’ve done a great job and so has this young team whatever way next Sunday goes.

    The very best of luck to Kevin and all his troops against the Dubs.

  56. Can’t see why Dubs wouldn’t play Costello if fit. Has been able to shoot the lights out in some games in the past and a very good player. Also Small looked a good forward 2 years ago and against Kerry last year and is far younger than Mannion so why wouldn’t they start him. I’ve missed the Dubs games this year so more a shot in the dark for me how it will go but their team on paper at least is formidable. I’m not convinced though by Dessie, sure he managed one AI but had all the greats still available. Also maybe Cluxton is still a great at 41 (we’ll see) but doesn’t inspire confidence in other goalies. What happens if he gets injured along the way? On our side we’re probably 4 or 5 points off where we need to be with primary possession the main concern as efficiency was good the last day bar lead up to half time and recall one screwed shot and a missed free in 2nd half. So winning the breaks needs to be worked on. Galway had a lot of big men around that zone and as some said the hit that came in wasn’t necessary legal or penalised for a few of those.. 50 50’calls. In any event, if it can be coached in (within a few days) do it, if not just try 1% harder and we’ll win more. There’s no way Croker will be as difficult for Reape weather wise than Salthill and just in case it is, it will have helped having to experience it so recently..

  57. There was nothing wrong with the goal x Eoin, this guy is very good a little polishing will make him better, if the manager reverts back to the league team, dont bother turning up , the team last sunday should have been gelled for the last 3 months ,Hession to start in every game , AOS >close< to own goal , the midfield last Sunday is not the answer , Comer has not been fit for years, the final last year proved that, four of the Dublin team that played Roscommon are wore out. Mayo x 5-6 points slan anois.

  58. Revellino I’m not having a swipe I’m staying as I see it and providing evidence accordingly.
    I’ve called results as I’ve seen them over year And one I’ve been wrong on was Louth, which I thought we’d win.
    I think we will beat Dublin again this weekend. We’ve a young squad, but about 18 have played in all Ireland finals so they know what’s needed to get there.

    But given money being spent will be in the 7 figures it seems fair to question some elements. Management regardless how or why, have appeared to addressed some elements most were calling for. Hopefully midfield and scoring threats are next on their hit list.

  59. The GAA are being careless with player welfare so I call on the referees to protect players better and to punish players who dangerously flaunt the rules.

    For reference Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills died on the field during an NFL game in January 2023 after a direct blow to the chest which looked fairly innocuous by NFL standards. So that’s a reference point for full frontal challenges when the player can’t defend himself. The medical term given to this life threatening condition is commotio cordis. Damar Hamlin died on the field and was then resuscitated.

    On Sunday Tommy Conroy received a direct blow to the front of his chest -after the ball had been released. This particular incident was dangerous play and deserved at least a talking to the player involved as well as a card.

    The prior weekend saw a Cork player using his fist to thump Jack Carney directly on the head in full view of the referee. Some apologists in the media said they thought the referee thought the fist was open.As if that made a difference.This deserved a red card and only a red card and the referee in that instance was abdicating his duty to protect the players by not brandishing it.

    The referee was not administering the GAA’s own rules about striking an opponent in the head. Where is the ex post facto analysis ?

    Apparently Ryanodonoghuegate required review ex post facto. This is a dangerous distraction.It also sets up a “casus belli”situation against Mayo.A red herring,if ever there was one.

    To look at these three incidents and review them shows the absurd level of inconsistency when it comes to referees and player welfare,and just the general absurdity of the Sunday Game focus on the “non issue”when there are very serious issues to address.

    Now it’s very apropos to discuss player welfare with the upcoming Dublin game because the last time we played them in the semi final of 2021 there were several egregious instances of dangerous play.

    A Dublin player struck Diarmuid O Connor directly in the larynx (or as the Dublin commentator called it-the stomach)and to be fair it was the open fist. As if that makes any difference. In case anyone on here doesn’t know this – this is immediately life threatening. Do not do this. Ever! This was a direct red card and a red card only. Further sanction should have been considered.

    Same game another Dublin player took out Lee Keegan with a full frontal attack on his chest after the ball had been released leaving an undefended Lee gasping for breath on the ground.This was a red card and honestly you could tell the player involved knew the medical seriousness of it right afterwards.

    Same game another Dublin player directly punched Ryan O Donoghue into the stomach during a series of foul plays.This was all visible in real time.

    Of course”Mayo had it coming” This, this right here,is the attitude that leads to dangerous play.This and referees who go along with it

    The absurdity of the Sunday game red herring about Ryan is a massive distraction against opponents who have history of egregious”play”against Mayo (and getting away with it)

    The further context to this is that the All Ireland is more open than it has been for a long time and so there are many counties harboring ambitions of winning big.There are those who harbor no qualms about “doing what is required” -player welfare be damned.

    I call on all players on all teams to play hard and to do so without resorting to thuggish behavior. If you want to be really manly then show respect and play hard and fair.Leave the gutter behind.

    I call upon the referees to protect the players and enforce their own rules without fear or favour.

  60. Well deserved Clare, feel he’s the one player we cannot afford to have missing.

  61. Well put Revellino ! I do have faith in the mgmt team look at the changes they made for the Kerry game and it worked and the majority on here myself included never saw it coming or could fathom it, so what do we know really. We got over the line against Galway – high pressure derby game that just had to be won. I am confident that we have a good chance next Sunday and they will get it right then to..B+ season so far for me and that could move to an A come Sunday

  62. @Gizmobobs totally agree with you ! He puts so much work in all around the place he’d walk onto any team in fairness!

  63. I saw the Dublin v Derry league 2 final in April before the Mayo v Galway game.

    Dublin were very poor in the first half but improved when Mannion came on at half time which freed up space for Con. Its hard to know where they’re at. They look to be very reliant on the old guard. Can we run the legs off the old guard or will they be too cute for us?

    We have enough to take them down and if we’re close with 20 minutes to go then the bench might just swing it for us.

  64. Spot on Revellino. The same drum being bet since Kevin was appointed. Some of the rubbish last week was cringeworthy. Rochford a failed manager. How could we get anywhere with 2 Ballina men and 2 Crossmolina men involved. Sweet Jesus.

  65. I cannot wait for this game – this is a strange feeling for me – I can’t put my finger on it, I’d be tempted to say I don’t care but I do.
    I had the same feeling last week but mind you on Sunday I felt sick and the want/need to win kicked in.

    Is this akin to a free shot for us?? Is that why I feel this way.

    Looking forward to seeing the flags flying on the bridge up in the capital – one of my fav parts of the day always when heading up.

    If the lads go in with the grit and determination of last Sunday (& im sure they will), I think they can do it.

    On another note, delighted to see we’ve a management team that are willing to look at things and make a change if that’s what they think is needed.

    Best of luck to the team Sunday & Up Mayo.

  66. Change is Good, Eoin clearly took too many steps for his goal effort. The smart play was to offload to Cillian on his right shoulder. Hopefully he’ll learn from that error

  67. I think the debate all season has been very reasonable to be honest. The only major talking point was CHB, cannot think of anything else that has caused real debate. McStay himself said their was no injuries last week only Swanee was sick. My ultimate concern is how we have been playing recently. Most reasonable observers would say that we have been very poor against Roscommon, Louth, Cork and Galway with 1 great performance against Kerry. We are averaging about 14 points per game which I think is poor considering the talented players we have. We have been in the semifinals practically every year in the past 12, so we are only where we’re expected to be at this stage. This is the year for McStay and Co in my opinion if they are going to do it. 1st year bounce and all that. Our key players like Aido, COC, Paddy Durcan, DOC etc. are not going to be getting any better at this stage of their careers unfortunately.

  68. Eoghan waist balance, not sure if he took 4 steps but with head down most refs would likely penalise him.
    If ref held his whistle for 200 milliseconds longer would have been given but wouldn’t be too critical, more so looking to keep composure and not lose balance. I see him starting Sunday but O Hora coming on in later stages.
    On management I expected calls and risks and they took them and worked out but we can expect a more predictable team next week or at least people shouldn’t be disappointed if it is because subs will be used and we have good ones. I think we need Ruane for this one.

  69. Are tickets sold out, cannot get anywhere since last night on Ticketmaster, no matter what I select it say no availability ..

  70. Brian, some more will come online when season ticket holders don’t all buy their allocation

  71. @Supermac: “I believe bugler is out injured for season…”

    That from the injury in the Sligo game?

    A quick search suggests he was out fully togged and coaching kids the following day so wouldn’t have expected the injury to be anywhere near that serious. I’d be very surprised if he isn’t lining out at the weekend.

    If they hadn’t been the 24 points clear at the time against Sligo I’m fairly sure he’d have played out the final minute and injury time there too rather than them choosing to go down to 14 players.

  72. The referee gave the free against Eoghan for barging with his head down into the Galway defender. That’s what he gestured to Eoghan after he had put the ball in the back of the net. Very unlucky as it was more a stumble than a deliberate barge.

  73. Willie Joe,I’m getting an auto reply that my post was a duplicate but it’s not showing up ?

  74. We’ve been reminded of the first law of holes a few too many times recently- “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”. It might apply to our complete collapse against Cork and our repeated failure to come to terms with the kick-out problem last Sunday. By continuing to dig the hole only makes it deeper & harder to get out of!. There needs to be a range of well-rehearsed contingencies in place to minimise the loss on our own KOs – going short, dummy runs, crowding the breaking ball – akin to varying the lineout options with the oval ball?. Natural leaders like Cillian, Diarmaid (a bit less), Coen (if he could hold onto the ball) and Hession (who varied the options at least) come to the fore but Reape must be in sync with them.
    Btw – the second law of holes is commonly known as: “when you stop digging, you are still in a hole”! Last week the majority of posts were about failure to take a shot from distance – then when Kevin Mc makes space for himself and narrowly misses he get’s grief – we’re going to have some misses by the law of averages!

  75. Public opinion picking the team. Really??
    Plenty here wanted change at 6, it happened.
    Don’t remember many saying we need to drop ruane. Can’t recall anyone saying we must start Jason Doherty or Kevin mcloughlin.
    If someone actually predicted the starting team on here, the would probably have been lambasted. The management team made massive calls and we squeaked it. Surely they have to get some credit. After all if we’d lost with that starting team they’d have been crucified on here and in the local media. Can’t say I was happy with the team picked as I wasn’t. That’s why they’re on the sideline and I’m in the terrace.

  76. I was happy with team selected, albeit like yourself I was surprised ruane missed out.
    Will expect 2 or 3 changes again on Sunday.

  77. I’ve just checked, Food4thought, and it was in the spam bucket (in duplicate). I’ve no idea why it ended up there – WordPress can have a mind of its own at times. The comment is up now, thanks for flagging it.

  78. Ahnow, your point is well taken.If we had lost the game the nellies would be out in force,not for days or weeks but for the next 7 months !!!

  79. Mayo need a nuclear kickout strategy as the dubs will test reape by pushing up right from the start.. he should be able to get short ones off especially with some good overloading on whatever wing .. BUT.. he still may need a nuclear … long .. bunch up .. loadsa numbers hit and hope option.. he has such a long kick out he could do what Tyrone did to us 🙂 into Jack carney…

  80. I have full faith in the team and management,I don’t believe that we could get better,Mayo for Sam

  81. Well said Revelinio id agree with what you wrote but im glad we changed our number 6

  82. The goal x Eoin was on 52min. the score at that time was 0-8 1-7 if he had given that goal it would be game over. If he gave that free for charging he was wrong the lad had a slight stumble , is there a free now if you stumble , C.OC was not free to his right there was a defender there as well, what do the rules say about a stumble Hurson should admit he made a mistake, the free against COC was another mistake there was several more as well, one after the ball was played a black card offense,if Mayo lost that game the ref was to blame. Mayo x 5-6 with the right team picked, and dont do a 2016 job all over. 30 years ago (nearly) brings back bad memories.slan

  83. It’s funny how the narrative around our kickouts has changed so quickly.

    Until the Louth game it was let us take them short and we wouldn’t be able to run up a score.

    In the Kerry game, they had to stop pressing, we were getting so much joy on the long ones.

    Can Dublin press as effectively as Galway did? Galway pushed 5 guys right up on our fullback line. Can you even get away with that in Croke Park

  84. Hard to know where Dublin are at the moment, but they are certainly more free scoring than we are. I would be worried about our midfield at the moment, and particularly on breaking ball, where Galway cleaned up against us the last day. We need to have a plan to improve on this area of our play and at least break even, because if we allow Brian Fenton to rule the skies there and for the Dubs to push up on our kickout, then it could be a long evening.

  85. @Frost, interesting and agree to an extent. For example, Croke Park will be much easier for Reape next weekend because the wind will not be anywhere as strong. However, Mayo had the wind in the 2nd half and our kickouts were still poor. One over the sideline was very poor. However, Coen messed one up with poor handling skills. Some of this is lack of players showing (I would start Hession because he shows and takes the ball out of defense like Higgins used to) but Reape is to blame as well. Why he doesn’t go really long to Aidan at centre forward sometimes is beyond me. Other times he could have made it more of a 50/50 contest rather than favoring the opposition player.

    It all comes down to how well Dublin can press. I’m not sure how much hunger they have in them but we’ll see.

  86. Who said above that public opinion forced management to change the team for last Sunday….what a load of bollo**ks, Do you really think management listened and said ..oh we better go with what the public want ? Kevin Mc Stay and his team were entrusted to manage Mayo, let them manage, I have full confidence in them. OK they may make mistakes but ffs who doesn’t, give then a chance for go sake !

  87. This years championship is turning out to have no rhyme nor reason to it when you think about it. Results in games are going down to the wire a lot.
    Semis could see Mayo v Tyrone and Armagh v Cork. The iron is in the sink and the kettle is in the hot press now I think and if Mayo can manage to combine their savage hunger after 71 years and trademark chaos with the mental Mayo support thrown in for good measure it’s there for grabs.

  88. @sean in Galway… very small minority who wanted Dempsey to get the job initially finding it hard to support new management.
    Let’s hope we can all row in behind them Sunday.

  89. Holy Moley My Ball – if there are folks that still believe Dempsey was the man all that should be needed to put that to bed was his brief and unsuccessful tenure at Limerick. He obviously had the goods at Club level. Intercounty is different gravy.

  90. Can ye please give management the time and space to work their way out in every game, after all this is what management really.
    Prepare, apply and alter as the situation requires.

    I believe we haven’t seen everything so far from the current management and have that feeling that there may be a few things they are holding back.

    The Dubs on Sunday must be the only priority this week.

  91. I full faith in Kevin mcstay. He took the bull by the horn s. Abandoned the brutal tactics of the previous two weeks. Made sufficient personnel changes but having said that galway must have woken up on Monday morning wondering how did they throw it away. Onwards now to a totally different challenge. Ruane has got his wake up call and a few more. He should start on Sunday. Mobility is key in croker. Lovely to see Kevin doing it as he said when he got the job. The mayo way.. a variation of fast running and quick hands. Then kicking to the corner men. To reach the holy grail we have to be brave and not afraid to let it in. Even if we lose it inside it has to be better than what we were at.. losing it on the forty.

  92. Just a question, does / can Reape use two feet on kickouts fairly frequently and accurately?

    This would be a huge bonus.

  93. Any questions over whether this management team was the correct appointment ended down in Killarney imo

    That was exactly the kind of performance, on exactly the kind of stage that we were hoping management would deliver.

    Eerily similar to 2019. Management’s first year, won league, lost to Rossies, went to Killarney, lost a group game, knocked out Galway, and now Dublin in Croke Park.

  94. Anyone else getting very frustrated with ticket master? Every now and then a few tickets appear but when I go to choose them they’re gone? Could there be a load of touts hoovering them up?

  95. Amc no issue with tickets for Saturday so this relates to Sunday only.

  96. FBDinaShui and how did the Roscommon venture end for McStay? If you were to base on the hammerings he got and been ousted he would never have got the Mayo job.

    Management done well the last day, and after 20 games finally made some of the changes needed.
    A kick out strategy will be key, next day out. Hopefully this can be worked out.

    GBXI agree we should probably go long the odd time. But that’s obviously not in the tactics book for some reason, maybe management will change it this week and allow Reape to boom some out, as well lose a 50/50 in their half as around the middle.

  97. Gizmo, McStay got as far, if not further, than any manager with the Rossies. Think you’re being a tad unfair there.

  98. Liberal, you’re a tad harsh on whoever won the two in a row with them 🙂
    But you could be right, my comparison was to FBD comparing it to Dempsey. Roscommon is out and out Football county, comparing them with Limerick football is like comparing horses and donkeys, they are two different animals.

  99. As I’ve said, management done very well the weekend.
    And I expect the win again this weekend.
    But given money involved they cannot be immune for criticism. But any criticism must be fair and evidence based, which I think most contributers have been, e.g. the lack of understanding on importance of last free v Cork. That scenario should have been talked through week prior.

  100. Of course 2 hops but a goal could have eliminated need froma prelim. It just seems a bizarre oversiinot to know the situation.

  101. Dropping it in there and hoping someone got contact to finish it to the net seemed to be the plan,get the draw and a week’s rest which made sense.

  102. Why was the last free so important , not on your Nelly did we want prelim game in mchale park if that’s what ya mean .

  103. 2hops that would make sense, but Aidan O’Shea said himself in an interview with Gordon Manning, “I didn’t know, somebody just said ‘kill it’ and I didn’t even do that! I didn’t realise until after the game that it was going to be second to third.”
    So quite odd situation you have to say.

    But it’s on to Dubs now, kick out strategy and a greater return from our forwards and it should be onwards to the SF.

  104. I hadn’t heard that Gizmo… anyway as you say time to salivate about the Dubs now.

  105. Aido quoted after match in today’s Indo.
    He said he hadn’t a clue re significance of that last free. Someone told him to “kill it”, but it dropped short.

  106. Gizmo I’m basing my views on Dempsey’s short tenure at limerick on what Colm Parkinson has the background on it. If what Parkinson reported on his podcast was true then we had a lucky escape not getting Dempsey, or we’d be back where we were with the birds of the similar feather Pat and Noel.

  107. Isn’t it amazing the way things change during the season it doesn’t seem long ago roscommon and Galway were preparing for a connaught final and we were twiddling our thumbs and our neighbours smirking at our troubles and now we’re still involved and they’re checking the fbd fixtures for next year. It goes to show it’s not over till it’s over and anything can happen.

  108. Well tbh I for one am glad it missed the target..
    Home adv and Mc Hale pk dont neccessarlly go hand in hand..
    As for Sunday, has it ever been as up in the air re Mayo v Dublin??No clue what team will show up on either side.
    Kickouts, midfield a massive challenge for us..
    Dublin ” undercooked” is the term bandied this week..
    Dublin salivating over the prospect of J Small on ROD.
    Interesting match up for sure..
    So much to ponder!!Would love to be a fly on the wall of team.meets this week..

  109. Not to get ahead of ourselves but does anyone know is it an open draw again for semi finals

  110. It depends on the outcome of the 1/4 finals as to whether there will be a draw. If Mayo and Kerry both win then there might not be a draw, as they in theory should avoid each other.

  111. I dont really understand why some people feel the need to have a go at both Roscommon and Galway in the week that we need to prepare for the team (Dublin) that have been given all the unfair advantages not just over us but everyone else as well. When a big championship game is on, Mayo v Galway/Roscommon trust me I only see things with Green and Red glasses. But after the game is over, if we were out and Roscommon and Galway were through I would wish them the best. Bragging rights versus our neighbours for the Winter months is not what I hope Mayo is about. There is a big prize on offer, ask yourselves this question, after all those All Ireland final defeats, so many in very recent memory, is having the bragging rights over our neighbours any real consolation when Sam has once again eluded us?.. Co’Mon Mayo.

  112. @Leantimes

    This is one of those that puzzles me. You can cheer on Roscommon as much as you want, but I won’t be joining you. Galway I could.

    Each to their own.

  113. On a positive note, Dublin will definitely struggle to work out our current kickout strategy, defensive strategy, attacking strategy and the make up of our starting team. In be very confident that next Sunday our management team will bring something different again to the table. Croke Park will definitely bring out the best in the Mayo lads.

  114. Two years ago we were 11/4 to beat Dublin in the semi final , at the moment the bookies have us at 7/4 to win on Sunday , what more do you need to know .

  115. @FBDinashui, Colm Parkinson? The bastion of truth we all rely on …..
    Well I’m basing my opinion on selector and player walkouts, and losing games by an average of 13pts a game.

  116. Agree west is best. As Conan Doherty said on refs podcast “Mayo Chaos”. Horanball or whatever you want to call it, but there’s no doubt about it we certainly bring an X-factor.
    Management made some positive changes the last day, and in game changes were quicker. I expect 2-3 changes to starting team again next week.
    Bring it on.

  117. New York Tommy – there’s no pre-set grouping for the semi-final, in the way there always used to be in the past. It’s an open draw BUT prior meetings in the Championship will be avoided where possible. Depending on who makes it through this weekend, there may or may not be a need for a draw for the semis. All a bit confusing, I know, but that’s the official line on it, as explained so well by Colm Keys on the latest episode of the podcast.

  118. @Daithi, I always shout for Connacht teams regardless, the lines drawn on maps, by English Aristocrats to divide the lands of the Gael among themselves, and to further divide the Gaels of Ireland among themselves, those lines are now County borders, the Provence is a Gaelic construct. We have bigger fish to fry right now. You know that without our neighbouring rivals , We wouldnt be what we are ourselves, I have big hopes for what we yet might achieve in this years Championship. Up the West.

  119. @Regina, yeah, Aido even referenced that, saying they were happy playing in Salthill.

    McHale Park pitch is an absolute disgrace, a shit show of a pitch. You don’t need to be a horticulturist to know that grass needs far longer to really thicken, roots to strengthen and bed in. A poor call by the board, but in fairness they were under severe pressure so I’d give them a pass on that. Limited funds was always the problem.

    They should cut their losses, dig the whole thing up again and get Gaa HQ to advise, ie the overseers of the sod in Croker.

    We might be buying a few more tiles yet……

  120. Best of luck to Mayo on Sun. You have to believe it’s a game that Mayo can win. The one Dublin player that has really impressed me this year is Colm Basquel – quality player. Also, Cork improving with every game. I feel there will be a few more twists next weekend. We still have the hurlers involved – so, we may yet bring Liam and Sam west on holiday this summer.

  121. You should try living in the present Gizmo instead of hanging on to dark memories.

    Its fun.

    Join the rest of us and enjoy the great year we are enjoying.

  122. Revelling, excellent contribution as always. As I said “bring it on” and “onwards and upwards to the SF”.

    I’m very much looking forward to being middle of lower Hogan again Sunday. We have great crop of players. The 14/1 at start year is looking tastier and tastier.

  123. Fair enough Gizmo, if you think we’d be better off with someone who’s tenure in Limerick lasted less than a single league – and it’s funny you mention walkouts as a reason to have a preference for Dempsey – then we’ll just have to differ.
    I’m certainly happier to have had the current management in place rather than the alternatives that were available in the recent appointment process.

  124. That’s the spirit Gizmo. I don’t know about the 14-1 but victory by victory is how we are going to get this thing done. Sunday is a massive test but we’ll face in to it with plenty of courage and hopefully come out with the win.

  125. Anyone for starting Eoghan on Sunday? Definitely gets my strong vote. This might be a contentious one.

    For me, he was all over that performance on Sunday, all the good we did. Granted he made mistakes but overall he’s a definite game changer. We all see things differently from the stands.

  126. We will know one way or the other after Sunday, I hope ye are right. I have great faith in DOC, COC etc.

  127. Liberal. Yes I think so, definitely has a few bits to tidy up on but he’s made for Croke Park. Let’s not forget, we’re facing the Dubs this time, after two wins against them in championship and league, unlike previously when they had about 15 straight wins against us, bar one draw.

  128. @Liberal I’d def start eoghan to as @Nephin said few bits to tidy up but hes some player when he gets going and he will want some pay back after 21 semi with that injury he got to I’d say he’ll want to throw in a goal or two :p haha

    Say he can’t wait for it .

  129. FBDinashui, Limerick a non footballing county is no Roscommon and they may not have liked what was needed to get up to the teams with the big money and resources. We will likely never know what actually happened, like we don’t know why selectors and players left under McStay.
    How did Dempsey do when he was over Mayo underage teams? Got to all Ireland’s I believe, with many of the players of past 10 or so years come through him? He was never suspended for throwing stuff at referees either.

    I actually would have been a fan of an external manager at time, with no ties to county, no nepotism or favourites, no ties with CB etc. no guarantee an external one would work of course, I just wanted something different and new more than anything at the time.

    But the management team we got have us still in the hunt as expected for team we have, and are starting to make the calls. If we win and I get the money in can stand ya a pint 🙂

  130. There’s a lot of players suited to Croker and Eoghan is certainly included. Diarmuid seems in good form and good rip it up this weekend. He must be running at least 10km a game lately. His performance on Sunday was akin to the Newbridge or nowhere game and he really set the template with others following suit.
    There’s an awful lot of speed on our team actually with Tommy C, McBrien, Hession, Durcan and Ruane coming to mind.

  131. Pull hard would you start all speedsters or keep one in reserve? If go all speed at start you’ll likely be bringing in older heads like Kevin and Jason towards end.

  132. I would let the choke out early doors and bring all the ferraris to the showdown Gizmo and try to create utter chaos. You need to give the Mayo crowd some energy and not allow the hill to start their ‘come on you boys in blue’ craic. Its promised a dry day but not overly warm. I’d possibly keep Hession in reserve until 50 to 55 mark and bring the cute experienced heads like Cillian, McLoughlin and Doherty on as well to control and create frees or scores.

  133. Yes Nephin. The thing about Eoghan is that the little bits he needs to improve on are so small. I don’t know, sometimes I think it’s almost an over enthusiasm with him. Small blips, yet they can prove costly. But .. he has ALL the other attributes that IC players can only ever dream of. To my mind, he’s worth the gamble. This is where the management team can earn their corn. Calm him down a little, brush up on basic skills. But I love him as a player. I’d start him all day long.

    Him bearing down on goal on Sunday, I think we were all worried he’d overplay it, which he did!! But even to get into that position is total elite. Next time Eoghan just slip the ball to Cillo who was to your right….

    He is next level even now, just small improvements needed …

  134. You could also say Gizmo that Roscommon football is no Mayo either, but you would then have to explain how did K Mcstay lead a Roscommon club to the AI club title.

    We don’t have to totally rely on Kevin either as his sidekick Rochy also won an AI club championship as manager also. So we are in very good hands.

    Some mixed up people believe that Rochy managed Donegal – He didn’t.

    What alot of people would agree on though, is that maybe Mayo’s best ever performances happened under Rochys stewardship.

  135. Gizmo, I understand why you are standing up for Dempsey and commend your loyalty to one of your own but there’s no need for that sly dig at McStay. For your information it was a linesman he had the disagreement with and the stuff you refer to was a football. Leave it alone now. Time to concentrate on Dessie and the Dubs.

  136. Apologies, physical interference with a linesman it was. You right though I’ll leave it now my point was proven based on fact as opposed to rumour to FBD.

  137. Would put Eoghan on McCaffrey to cover his runs and attack him.

    He needs to be cut him some slack on his errors has missed a lot of football which is going to impact sharpness etc.

  138. @Liberal, he’s brilliant to watch. I counted 5 turnovers from him last Sunday. OK he got turned over once and gave away 2 frees but he was a little more composure away from having 1-1 to his name. If you’re at the game on Sunday just watch how he gets around the pitch. Absolute elite level athlete. His tackling borders on over aggressive but you can bet Donie Buckley is encouraging that. I’d play him around mid field like last week. Every chance he gets or creates a goal.

  139. The energy of Eoghan looked something else on Sunday. He was just bouncing around the place. It must be infectious to the other players.
    I also really like his tackling. He’s not afraid to get in close and make a nuisance of himself.
    Centerfield, your suggestion to put Eoghan on McCaffrey just made me smile in delight. I think McCaffrey is a gamechanger and it’s brilliant to have someone to match his speed.
    Now, who to put on Mannion, another gamechanger?
    MaigheogalinGaillimh, I’m really looking forward to this game too.
    I wonder how Rochy is feeling having input into a team to go up against the Dubs. First time for him in Championship since that game in 2017. I’d say he and the management team are relishing it.
    Just please let us avoid the 2019 scenario – press kickout – go to Fenton at midfield. Repeat. Reape needs to get his precision boots on. He can do that.
    And as Olive said yesterday, we have scores to settle with these lads, lots of ‘em.

  140. Absolutely GBXI. I’m convinced that the majority of his detractors on here were watching it on the box on Sunday with the kettle on.

  141. He was the most emotional and relieved player when we won on Sunday. He puts his all into it.

  142. POD cast was very interesting. Boyle clearly thinks McBrien & other backs getting forward in front of the ball is dangerous and also stalls the attack. It has been noticeable to me how often he ended up in the FF position and this leaves big gaps at the back. Twice Docherty was up against Comer which was not ideal at all!.
    Any ideas on here about what we do at MF

  143. It seems to be a pattern. Sometimes it seems our backs are closest to the goal. Is it a plan to get our shooters free while they occupy the full back line.

  144. Lads Eoghan is a great prospect but he is not the finished article yet and too raw in the tackle. He needs to improve this and his composure shooting in front of goal. Once he does he’ll be one of the best in the country. I’d still start him but it’s important to be able to control your adrenaline and stay on the right side of the ref. Gough is picky – we know that in advance so need to play to that

  145. Just a thought today,if public opinion is picking the team ,who will we blame when something goes wrong?

  146. Hi, I have two tickets for section 726 hogan stand (near Davin), row S. I ended up getting other tickets so I don’t need these two now. What’s the best way to make sure they go to another Mayo supporter? Each cost €40 but I’d take €40 for the two.

  147. Agree on Eoghan, a powerful runner with aggression but very prone to foul and needs to improve on decision making.
    My stab at a team the next day:
    Coyne (Costello)
    McBrien (Con)
    O’Hora (Basquel)

    Durcan (Kilkenny)

    Ruane (Fenton)



    A few debatable ones there lads, Carney unlucky to miss out but believe we need Mattie at MF. Hession was outstanding against Cork so starts for me.
    James Carr adds that bit of fire power up front and eye for a goal and overall I think we have only scored 1-10,0-11 and 0-14 in our last three games so could do with it.

    Tommy running at them from deep and Flynn/DOC helping with the midfield battle which will be crucial. Eoghan Mc, Cillian, Mchugh, Carney, and Kevin Mc off the bench in the second half.

    For me, they have more weak links than us. CLuxton at 41 needs to be tested and their full back line is suspect. The midfield battle will be huge, have a feeling we will win it.

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