Diarmuid O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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Last night’s game was a difficult one for both players and supporters. Out on the pitch we were bullied round the place while up in the stand the big home following was very subdued while repeated chants of Kerr-eee! Kerr-eee! Kerr-eee! rang out as it became clear that we were going to get nothing from this particular contest.

In such tough conditions a few players did well for us, chief amongst whom was Diarmuid O’Connor. Two years ago Diarmuid carried us on his then U21 back right through the spring but it’s been a while since he’s been our standout player in any game. He was last night and, with 24% of all votes cast, he’s also, by popular acclaim, our Man of the Match from last night’s game.

Diarmuid bagged 2-1 for us in last night’s match and, in case you weren’t there and haven’t seen it yet, here’s his second one, which he notched from the penalty spot:


Well done to Diarmuid on the award and well done too to David Clarke, Paddy Durcan, Jason Doherty, Aidan O’Shea and Eoin O’Donoghue, all of whom battled manfully last night and who featured prominently in the voting – details below.

By the way, I mistakingly set up this particular poll on a one-player-one-vote basis, rather than the vote-for-your-top-three-performers format. It was only later on last night that I noticed this, by which time voting was well underway. I’ve no idea if this affected the outcome – along with Derek O’Mahoney’s take on refereeing I guess it’ll remain one of the mysteries from last night’s match.

19 thoughts on “Diarmuid O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Could have gone to four of that five but the rest of our players and subs were beaten by their opposite numbers. Diarmaid probably got the nod because of impact on scoreboard, though Aido set up the goal he finished well and took the penalty confidently. For me only Durcan got an 8 and the other 4 listed got a 7. Most others 5 or less. Boland has pace and could be useful v Galway if Aido moved to midfield to make space in HF line.

  2. Well done to him time to look forward to Galway I wonder would Galway be favs after the win over Donegal.

  3. Well done to Diarmuid, it was great to see him put in a big shift, a special mention for Paddy Durcan as well who was one of the few who looked fit and sharp. Both of these players are involved in colleges football at the moment so that tells us something, they probably have more training done than the other players.

    Last week we were seeing Mayo for Sam tweets and this week we were nearly seeing Rochford to go tweets, it sums up some of the Mayo supporters, no middle ground.

    Kerry were much sharper and fitter then us, so they must have a lot more training done. They could take their scores a lot easier. The crucial moment in the game was when the Kerry defender blocked the ball on the line, a goal for us then and we would have won it you’d think with the game being levelled up at the time and us having two extra men. Again we should be hitting those chances along the ground, like for Diarmuid’s first goal.

    Kerry have some great young forwards coming through but it’ll be interesting to see how they will shape up at the back as that’s where they had their main problems last year. For us, it just shows when the likes of Andy Moran, Boyler and Tom Parsons don’t start, we are a lot lesser team. You’d really like to see some new players step it up in the coming weeks, especially up front and in midfield.

  4. Now is the time to support the lads, as I’m sure they will be so disappointed. Kerry obviously have been working hard behind closed doors, and were really up for the challenge. Like Dublin last year, this could be the wake up call Mayo needed. Kerry were cynical, similar to league match v Dublin last year. On a positive, Diarmuid appears to be much fitter and confident this year, and I’m sure Cillian will improve. Must say, I’m fearful of a backlash next Sunday.

  5. Man of Aran
    Don’t mind next Sunday, May is what we are looking at. Mayo won’t improve a whole lot in 1 week so it will be advantage Galway I think in this game. 2 from 2 isn’t it now for your boys?
    Well done to Diarmuid, and the rest for trying hard too. Also well to the hurlers who put 3-15 on the board against Armagh.
    Who do Mayo put out to mark Comer next Sunday? Any sign of Kevin K yet?

  6. Fair play doc. Also want to raise a point….how did the fella who decked regan not get red? If you did that in public you’d get a sentence (unless you’re diarmuid connolly)

  7. Maybe it’s time, fans and ex players, and even the G.P.A. got together for the common good, to form some sort of committee, to evaluate referees, to instist that players recive protection at all times, and that referees are completely neutral, and from outside the province of the teams involved. ITS TIME SOMBODY STOOD UP, AND NOT TURN A BLIND EYE TO THUGGISH BEHAVIOUR, AND GBH. THAT THE GAA, PUNDITS, EX PLAYERS, MEDIA, AND A WHOLE RAFT OF INFLUENCIAL PEOPLE, SEEMS TO CONDONE BY NOT SPEAKING OUT, LAST FEW ALL IRELANDS ARE PERFECT EXAMPLES OF THIS. YET NOBODY HAS THE BALLS TO TELL LIKE IT IS. COME ON ALL YE EX PLAYERS , AND MANAGERS OUT THERE, UR SILENCE IS DEAFENING.

  8. Some observations:
    Looking at the two games two date ….
    Positives: o’ donoughue & Diarmuid seems to have rediscovered some decent firm.
    Arkram looks very promising also.

    Negatives: no game time for Loftus, Reape & Carr. Injury & Sigerson are hampering this i suppose.
    Midfield very poor in both Games. Tom & Seamie still look our two best here. Needs some options here soon.

    Clarkes kickouts.
    (surely time for another keeper to get game time)
    Form of Harrison for an experienced player.
    Coen can’t find a position.
    Scores from play are very low.
    Cillians free taking. Time for a decision to go with Doherty.

  9. The Mayo Viking, its a contact sport there are always going to be mistimed, poor tackles made and yes the odd malicious one thrown in, it happens in every field sport around the world. Committees and such wont change a thing. IMO whst needs to be done is a total overhaul of the tackle in the game, a properly defined tackle should be introduced, too much interpretation required which results in inconsistent judgments from refs. I would love to see the international rules tackle introduced in gaelic football. A clearly defined tackle, no crowding etc. Game would flow much better and would get more consistant calls from refs.

  10. Good to see Diarmuid returning to form, he’s looked burned out over the past few years, not surprising when you consider his various club, county and college commitments, allied to the lung-bursting nature of his game.

    Not a good performance generally, but nothing to get too worked up about at the same time. The objective for the league is a simple one: earn enough points to stay up. Anything else and we’re in bonus territory, especially given the geographical disadvantages we’re working against.

    Hopefully Evan Reagan recovers quickly too: whatever criticisms anyone has of his play, no-one deserves to get taken out in the manner he was on Saturday evening.

  11. Pk, I didnt refer to any specific incident, nor did I mention a fist thrown. Read my post, I said its a contact sport, injuries will happen whether accidental or malicious. Committees or review groups about refs wont have any effect.

  12. We could have won this game even though we didn’t deserve to do so.
    While David Clarke is a fantastic shot stopper he should forgo the short kick outs unless he is 100% sure to find a man
    Cillian has to be relieved from free taking and let him concentrate on his game, he is a talented player and he would benefit from not having this responsibility
    There are other players that are quite capable to do this Evan Regan on the right Jason Doherty on the left and central also forty fives.
    I am not bothered about Kerry beating us, but I am bothered how we let them horse us around after all they are only kids by comparison to us.
    Of more consideration to me is letting Galway beat us next time out, we need to do a Kerry on them and let them know that we won’t be bullied and that this won’t happen, and we need to put down a marker for the championship. Loftus and Reape must start the next day, those lads can score and Evan Regan must also start that is if he is fit.
    It is utterly ridiculous putting players in with a minute left in a game.
    We can’t let those Galway boys steal a march on us so tear in to them from the start and ask yourselves as Ciarian Fitzgerald said many years ago in a different sport WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE.

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