Diarmuid O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday


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Well, this was an easy one. The one name on everyone’s lips leaving MacHale Park yesterday evening was that of Diarmuid O’Connor, whose scintillating display – capped by a scoring return of 1-5 – was one of the prime reasons we’d prevailed over Kildare.

That’s now been reflected in the voting for the Man of the Match award in relation to yesterday’s game, in which Diarmuid has emerged the runaway winner with 75% of the vote. Next in the poll came Colm Boyle on 6%, David Clarke on 4%, Evan Regan (3%) and Kevin McLoughlin (also 3%).

Well done to all of them but especially to Diarmuid for a truly standout performance last night. We really are fortunate to have a player of his calibre in our ranks. Long may he continue to excel in the Green and Red.

23 thoughts on “Diarmuid O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday

  1. I think a lot of us forget Diarmuid actually missed the vast majority of the Galway match, which looking back was an absolutely massive loss. A real case of what could have been if we had him!

    I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say he’s our best player at this present time

  2. He’s getting better and better. An absolute class act. Thinking of what may have been if he was there against Galway. But onwards we go. He already has a foot in for YPOY. A serious talent

  3. He’s only 20 and in my opinion he’s already one the the best players around. Savage footballer. Thank God he’s from Ballintubber.

  4. re YPOTY, It wouldn’t shock me if Eamonn Brannigan got it actually. He’s a new exciting talent who is a key part of this Galway attack, who are already being compared to the young 98 offering. Something about Galway forward lines seem to attract a lot of fawning when they play decent in Croke Park

    I fear Diarmuid is too “mainstream” a choice and they’ll try and go left field. Especially if we don’t clear the quarters

    Which of course is all ridiculous it’s clear as day he’s by far the best 21 year old or under in Ireland on form

  5. Congrats to Diarmuid, he is some man for one man, keep up the great work!

    If I have counted correctly, reading back through WJ excellent archive, I reckon that 28 players have now played for us in the championship so far in the games against London, Galway, Fermanagh and Kildare. That’s great to see. I reckon in some recent years we probably only ever got up to 19, 20 or 21 players used in the whole season. Plenty of players are getting their chance to impress this year and those who are performing best, are holding onto their places. All successful teams operate on this policy. Roll on the next game!

  6. Good man Diarmuid is right. A great talent for sure and while he’s shaping up to be one of our best and, if he can stay injury free, possibly our best ever. He has it all in spades and and a wonderful atitude also. He’ll draw lots of attention going forward now and my hope is that he gets some level of protection from the cynicism we saw after he goaled last evening. There’s a bit of a glint coming back to the Mayo eye and he’s a big part of that.
    As regards the draw….who cares. We have to be able to beat anyone to be the best of everyone. Hon Mayo.

  7. No wonder Diarmuid is odd-on favourite to again be named Young Footballer of the Year!
    He will thus follow in the footsteps of Cillian who also won the accolade two years in a row. Will Diarmuid, still only 20 years old, be eligible to win the Young Footballer once more next year?

  8. You have to be eligible for the under 21 grade, so in 2017 that means born in 1996 or after (anyone feel old? 😀 )

    Diarmuid is 1995 so this is his last year under 21

  9. Congrats, Diarmuid. Those early points were inspiring. And then to top it off with THAT goal!
    Did anybody thing it significant that Donegal lost out today after Murphy missed a free which would have put them two up? And Cavan lost out yesterday after Seanie Johnston missed an easy free which would have put them four up. It tends to emphasise the importance of freetaking in my opinion, especially late in a game. Missing one is as good if not better than a score to the opposition.

  10. What a talent. I said early last year that he looked like a young Michael Donnellan, well he is now better than Donnellan was at that age in my opinion. Best young player I’ve seen come out of Mayo. Every chance he’ll go down as the best we’ve ever produced.

  11. Well done to diarmuid what a player hope we don’t get Donegal to day I think that they would have to much for us as we are not playing that well Westmeath would do just fine for now give us Donegal then

  12. I reckon his 400/800 times would be national club runner. For a big man you don’t expect him to have such pace.
    He can go left or right. Top class talent.

  13. I don’t agree, Pebbles. It’s all about staying on the horse now and I’m not sure a battle of attrition against Donegal would necessarily be what we need or want at this stage.

  14. There’s no way we wanted Donegal at this stage. We’re still building slowly and have a few injuries to nurse too.

  15. I think that is a good draw. Gives us one more match to work on our defensive system and also to sort midfield. Hope it’s in Croker. A good performance and a win there would set us up nicely for a quarter final.
    Maigh Eo ABU

  16. If you watch Diarmuid on the pitch, you can see him instructing players where to move to, his awareness of the team setup is incredible. He was telling Keith Higgins where to stand, for a player his age, that’s incredible leadership

  17. Saw match on sky it showed a shot diarmuid telling cillian what do very funny. Also can Mayo meet Galway again.

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