Diarmuid O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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The votes are in and counted in our final Man of the Match poll of this championship campaign. There are no prizes for guessing on how this one went either.

Diarmuid O’Connor put in a colossal shift for us against Kildare at Newbridge yesterday evening, leaving absolutely everything – and a whole load more – out on the pitch, in the process cementing his position as a real leader of the team in the middle of the park. He wins the MOTM poll with 43% of the vote.

Also featuring strongly in the poll were Paddy Durcan (25%), another young man who stood up strongly for us yesterday evening, Aidan O’Shea (14%) and Jason Doherty (4%), both of whom battled hard all evening. Well done to all of them for giving it everything in yesterday’s game on an evening when it just wasn’t to be for us. 


437 thoughts on “Diarmuid O’Connor our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Did sky sports award a man of the match? I Backed Diarmuid at 16/1. He was awesome.

  2. Good to see him on form again, I’d like to see him playing a nice ball into that Walsh lad from Kiltimach next year in the league. Nice prospect there.

  3. Makes you wonder whether he should have been used in midfield before this. Having said that I do think that the key reason for our loss was losing the aerial midfield battle in the last 10 minutes – we tired there in the closing stages.

    Worth mentioning also that 34 year-old AMoran had a good second half – still winning ball in front of his man. He scored 3 points from play after all!

  4. Well done to diarmuid Sunday game highlights on the Mayo did anyone see it am not in the humour for it they could benefit from the rest

  5. He was magnificent
    The sight of him dragging himself off the pitch injured so his team mates could take the free sums the whole team up. Also in adversity we stumbled upon his best position imo .
    If it does end up being the last game for Higgins especially I’ll be even more upset at being abroad for it.
    These summers will stay with me forever . No all Ireland but so many great days/weeks/months .
    And finally a big thanks to Willie Joe . This week made me really appreciate what an invaluable forum this is for Mayo people who live outside the country.

    The past 24 hours have given us all plenty of time for refelction. I think the break will reinvigorate all involved (not sure Rochford will be back though ) and we will have a great league as opposed to stumbling through it .
    And then who knows…………..

  6. I didnt dare watch it Cait. Nothing to be gained by watching a bunch of has beens sticking the boot in. Can see the Dubs wiping Kerry in this years final. Then I expect Dublin to tail off. I dont think Scully, O’Callaghan, Howard and McHugh are half the players of Flynn, Connolly, Brogan in their prime.

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  8. Watched the Sunday game. Shouldn’t have. Embarrassing watching them all trying to fake their sadness at Mayo being out of the championship. Should have gone to bed early!

  9. Thanks for the memories of great games won and lost. You all to a man should be proud of
    your efforts and sacrifice.
    You gave us great days in the Sun, and you will again.
    Planning for 2019 begins now.. We still have the nucleus of players to come back fighting
    next year.
    Mayo For Sam. 2019 MO Sam.

  10. Sunday Game was very decent to mayo this eve, genuine and respectful. Respect is an achievement in itself..

  11. Congrats to Diarmuid MOM. Incredible performance and our future safe with him and the others too.
    Watched the Sunday G. I thought Sean C was going to start crying for a sec!!!
    As the championship continues Mayo’s absence will be greatly felt because no team will match what they have brought to games in last few years. Of that I’m sure. They will be a huge loss in every way not to mention the support and takings at the gate.

  12. Colm Cooper did give fair and great comments bout our team and to go and rest up and not make any hasty decisions. He says we’ll be back in 2019 and so say all of us.

  13. I personally don’t remember a better performance from a man in the green and red than Diarmuids yesterday. Maybe take Keegans exploits out of the equation.
    Collosal as a word doesn’t give it justice. He covered every blade of grass, he was like a man possessed. Midfield suits him by the looks of things.

  14. That little vignette shown on the Sunday Game was unfair – too focused on the losses, the despair, the agony. That’s not the story of this Mayo team. Someone will do a rounded documentary film about this and it will be at least 85% glorious. There’s a feckin box set of Laochra Gael in that team!

  15. Look on the bright side, yes there is one, we’re up there with the elites of football, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Argentina AND we’re only got to wait until next year to get back on track

  16. Take the leaf from Kerry’s book of this year, Start around September training all the young fellas and give them all a chance in the League (great that we have maintained Div. one status). The first three games in the league will surely throw up about five or six that are good enough to stay and some to start along side those of the present panel that will be well rested and staying on.
    For the love of Jesus I beseech the County Board to put in place a business manager who will substitute the ‘biscuit tin’ and avail of the trip to New York in a correct and profitable fashion. I know from experience that New York is crammed to the rafters with Mayo’s.
    Finally WJ thanks for the blog and enjoy a long overdue respite with the family and heartfelt thanks to the present Mayo panel for their years of colossal endeavor.

  17. Well done Diarmaid Never saw you give less than 100% even on a day things weren’t going well. A truly deserved winner. Having said that I voted for Aido who I thought was collosal . And what can you say about Paddy Durcan. 4 points from wing back. Super player. People say that a pile of lads will retire. They may not but to be honest I can’t see us really challenging for AI again for a while. Sunday Game was fair enough. Mayo have earned respect and guys like Cooper and Cavanagh who were simply wonderful players know the efforts our team has made. Some here don’t like Cavanagh but sometimes we are too sensitive to anyone who says a wrong word about us. He said Galway would beat us.They did. He said we would not make the Super 8s. We didn’t. There was no sense of gloating tonight. Great players recognise and appreciate other great players. Brolly is one of the few ex players who has put the boot in in the past but in my opinion I wouldn’t consider him in the same league as Gooch or Cavanagh

  18. Well done Diarmuid, outstanding form start to finish, an all star performance, excellent display, and all of the team, they need a holiday, and time out, They will be back next year to reclaim Connaugt, and go hunting for Sam once again. Our warriors won’t throw the towel in just yet, im so proud of them guys, and so sad for them at the same time, but memories wil never fade as regards, days out watching them, as was the case last year. We were all out celebrating my brothers birthday in a well known pub in london, When they took down the mighty Kerry, That was so sweet, watching the Kerry guys leaving the pub, as they could not bare the thought that they had been well and truly beaten, by our outstanding and magnificent team, while we celebrated like crazy, and sang every Mayo song that we knew, and a few we didn’t know as well, ha’ha, a wonderful day for sure, One of many this magnificent team have given me, my family, and friends, and even neutrals.There was even a few Jamaican guys with Mayo shirts on, wonderful memories for life, so proud to be from Mayo, and Prouder still of or wonderful, mighty Warriors.

  19. I have the match recorded and plan to sit down during the course of the summer and watch it again with the kids. I want them to understand what Diarmuid did for his team, what it means to just give everything for his teammates.

    It was a staggering display, and all the more inspiring given we were struggling and needed leadership.

    Watching him I can’t but have complete confidence we’ll be dining at the top table again very soon.

  20. The hurt is still very raw this morning

    Hopefully the u20 s get to the All Ireland final

    Time for a new voice – would Michael Solan be the man ?

    With Andy as a impact player / selector / joint manager

    Prob wouldn’t work with him still playing

  21. I thought Colm Cooper and Sean Kavanagh were fair and reasonable in their analysis. There was no Smart Alec stuff, show boating or ego tripping from them unlike Brolly and Spillane. Cooper is right that everyone should take a bit of time before making any decisions about next year. That said if Rochford does decide to move on the sooner he would announce it the better in order to give the co board plenty of time to put a new management team in place. The players needn’t be in any hurry making decisions. And I agree with the comment above that the younger lads should be brought in from September and got ready for the league.

  22. Never quite get the line about players making decisions, decions need to be made for them. We need a ruthless manager now.

  23. Extremely disappointed to lose on Saturday & I think a few of our warriors may call it a day. To think that the likes of Andy may not end up with an all Ireland is a travesty. The days out those lads gave us over the years were reremarkable!!

    On a positive note, Diarmuid & Paddy came of age on Saturday night. With a nucleus of those lads plus Aido, Lee, Cillian, Kevin Mc, Jason, Harrison, Vaughan, Eoin O Donoghue, the future is not so bleak. But the transition to a new team has to happen now, no question about it. We simply have no choice.

  24. Exactly, there is no choice now , can be no sentimental stuff. We all know and appreciate what they’ve done and it will never be forgotten. Time waits for no man.

  25. This team probably peaked two years ago, last year was a bonus, this year they have noticeably declined. The decline will continue unless they introduced 4 or 5 new faces next year. I would hate to see us end up like Meath or Derry or Offaly .

  26. Just saw the draw for round 4 qualifiers. What an empty bloody feeling not seeing our name there.

  27. I don’t agree Jay. Last years final performance was, in my opinion, the best I have ever seen a Mayo team play in Croke Park. I’ve seen every championship game since the drawn semi final v Dublin in 1985. Last year was the most complete performance, especially when you consider the quality of the opposition.
    Fresh new faces are needed but we as supporters must be prepared to be patient and let these new faces make their mistakes and have their bad performances. That is all part of bedding in young players. We may have a quiet year or two but I firmly believe that what is coming through will make the difference. You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs so things may be messy before they get back to where we want to be.

    For now, we need to give the management and players space and time to rest, recover mentally and physically before regrouping towards the end of the year. I hope no one pulls out but there is no doubt that a fresh approach in personnel is needed and we must trust our bench and younger players to step up to the mark that has been set by the more experienced lads. Standards must not be allowed to drop.

  28. Fair play to Diarmuid well deserved.

    Is this the end of an era? Probably in one respect in that some players may go and we’ve broken our AISF or better streak for the first time since 2010.

    Is this the end of us at the top table for the foreseeable future? I don’t think so. The leaders on this team will change. Instead of Andy, Seamie, Boyler, Barrett, Higgins next year we may be looking at Harrison, the Durcans, Leeroy, Aido, Diarmiud and Cillian leading the way – some already are.

    We have an experienced team of players under 30 that most counties would die for. With a serious group of 23 and under (O’Donoghue, the Durcans, Diarmiud, Coen, Loftus, Hanley, Boland) who have Championship experience and another group waiting in the wings (Hall, Akram, Ruane, Carr, Reape, Flynn). Add to that this years U20’s and we have enough talent if properly nurtured to stay consistently competitive as Horan made his priority on taking over.

    We should give the lads over 30 time to make their own decisions. Focus on the younger group and play them through the league, adding in the older guys who stay as we go along (a la Donegal this yr). Prioritise Connacht next yr – a good proportion of our guys haven’t won one! It’d be great to get that under the belt and offers the most straightforward, safest route to the Super 8’s with the right amount of games.

    Finally in the managerial stakes. I’d be happy with whatever Rochford decides to do himself. He should be under no pressure, he’s brought us closer than anyone else ever has to the big pot. I’m sure he can see the need to change as well and is in a better position than anyone else. Just look at Fitzmaurice down in Kerry – was getting loads of stick from fans about not introducing young lads but they’re flying now.

  29. Christ Monaghan are blessed. 3 Division 4 teams in a row, and into the super 8’s. You couldnt pick a handier route.

    Don’t see Higgins returning next year, I think him opting out of this years league, shows he might not have the heart for it anymore. Couldn’t blame the lad one bit if thats the case. Hope im wrong.

    Andy won’t “retire”, he would have to be not called up to walk away.

    Clarke won’t go either, goalkeeper is not physically demanding, expect him to stay. Boyle will hang on aswell, but will be an impact sub (which would be great). I’d love to see the following line out in New York:
    EOD. Harrison. Crowe

    Keegan. Coen. Durcan

    Parsons. Diarmuid.

    J. Durcan. Aido. McGloughlin

    Reape. Cillian. Doc.

    Subs: Andy, Boyle, Vaughan, Seamie, R’ODonhue, Caff, Hanley, Akram, Loftus, Hennelly, Barrett.

    Not a bad subs bench….

  30. Diarmuids display saturday was probably the best I’ve ever seen from a Mayo player. Chris Barretts in last year’s final had been the best up until that.
    I do agree that the future of Mayo football is also in the fans hands and their insistence on the highest standards. We have to demand the best and expect the best.
    I’m sure in 50 and 51 the Mayo people of the time would have expected to be regular participants in AI finals. They could never have envisaged a 38 year gap before contesting their next AI.
    We have been priveleged to have been around to see one of the greatest teams of all time (and there is no debating that) play ball.
    With a good rest for the players and the proper blooding of the new lads, I believe we’ll be battling for Sam again soon. We might even have a better crop of players ready to step on to the pitch, too early yet to tell but they will have to earn their jerseys because most of the current squad will be pushing for the starters orders in 7 months time.
    On Saturday evenings game I was thinking, “oh dear” when Mayo were awarded a point that looked like it definitely wasn’t one. I thought surely it’s not going to happen. Playing in Conleth park with no hawkeye. Imagine if it had ended in a draw and we had won in extra time. Kildare would have had only themselves. to blame. Hawkeye would have saved them if that had happened.
    If this team haven’t won an all Ireland they sure have hundreds of you lads around the county out training there arse’s off trying to emulate them and have ensured there is a great young crop of talent coming down the line waiting on their chance for the green and red Jersey. Thanks to them.

  31. Finally facing the comments ..It’s tough to think about retirements when this time last week the storm of St Conleths was brewing..Gut tells me Higgins will hang up his boots..(If there were emojis used on the blog there would be a few rows of crying faces inserted here)..A break will tell alot for the others..W J just to say a massive thanks for this blog..It has been said so many times but on the best of days and more importantly the toughest the blog always has been and will continue to be a fantastic outlet for supporters..

  32. you said it revellino , the lads who will lift Sam may have been on the park in newbridge but a few of them might have been in the crowd too or watching at home . i’d like rochford to stay on for two more years , he said himself he is impressed with the U20 team maybe he can blood a few of them.

  33. So Mayo would have played Fermanagh in round 4 and Super 8 group of Monghan,Galway and Kerry ah well…

  34. Very sad isn’t it? A win last Saturday and this place would be buzzing with comments about how we’d go about beating Fermanagh……and exacting revenge on Galway in the Super 8s.

    Instead its all very quiet ……..just a horrible emptiness!

  35. In circumstances where Rochie opts out then Mayo GAA should do everything they can to get Jimmy McGuinness on board.

  36. Mayonaze, there is about as much chance of Jim McGuinness taking over as Jose Mourihno.

  37. Jimmy McGuinness has been linked with the Galway United managers job in today’s papers . So that would rule him out.

  38. Thinking about this great team and how they seem to have been ever-present at the top table over the last few years, I looked back at the AI Final of 2012 and from what I can make out (people here can correct me), NINE of the Mayo players that started the AI Final against Donegal in 2012 started on Saturday vs Kildare. There was some further overlap with subs and injured players too.
    Then I took a look at the other teams that were competitive in 2012 and how they look today:

    Donegal (contenders today): of the starting team that beat Mayo in the 2012 AI final, FIVE players (McGlynn, McGrath, McCloone, McBrearty, Murphy) started the Ulster Final against Fermanagh last month

    Dublin (serious contenders and also ever-present): of the starting team beaten by Mayo in the 2012 semi-final, FOUR players (Cluxton, Fitzsimons, McCarthy, McCauley) started the Leinster Final against Laois last month

    Cork (not really contenders today): of the starting team beaten by Donegal in the 2012 semi-final, ONE (Aidan Walsh) player started the Munster Final against Kerry last month

    Kerry (serious contenders today): of the starting team beaten by Donegal in the 2012 quarter-final, ONE player (James ODonaghue) started Munster Final against Cork last month

    Thats quite a difference and is one measure of the job that has to be undertaken over the next 2-3 years for Mayo I think.
    Planning for 2019 needs to have the flavour of a rebuild rather than just a regroup I’d suggest.
    But lots of the material is already available, including much of the current panel, and as Revellino points out, the sustained example of the current team must have a new generation or two inspired by now, so I’m sure there’s plenty to be enthusiastic about.

  39. I don’t believe its end of an era, yet. Winning the All-Ireland would most certainly mark the end, not Saturday result!

    The problem this year through the league and Championship is that we had too many injuries and players at various stages to match fitness/rehab. The last few years has taken its toll on the bodies, and extended break is exactly what the doctor ordered.

    I really hope Andy keeps to his current form into next year. Even if he doesn’t, I really hope Mayo management have the foresight to ask him to help out from development perspective on our forwards. I don’t think he is done, yet!

  40. Diarmuid made experienced strong seniors looks like he was up against U21s. He was absolutely immense, it was the greatest display I have seen from a Mayo player in all my time watching Mayo. His athleticism was off the charts, he was leaving players in his wake and his mental strength to go through the pain barrier right till the final minutes when finally his body gave out on him.
    Paddy Durcan was tremendous also, the best display I have seen from Paddy also. Four points from wing back, that must be the highest points scoring from a wing back we have had in championship in the modern era?
    On rewatch we got badly overrun in terms of legs in defence in the final 15 minutes of the game.
    We do however need a major transition next year. Remember that Diarmuid, Paddy, Aidan and JDoc had fine fine games. That is just four players. In a game we lost by two points, we had four players really top performing, so there was clearly a major dip elsewhere.
    I would say that all players over 30 have to move to bench roles for next year if still involved. Nobody over 30 had the real championship pace this year in any of our games. Kerry and Dublin have the youth and speed melded into their team since last year. We can actually have a once off very good bench if we implement a 30+ = bench selection policy. In this way the younger lads get to experience the standards and character of those players. The journey continues and the baton gets handed over in a continuous cycle over the next two seasons.
    There is a lot of talent around from ages U19 to Cillians age U26. When Cillian is U28 in two years there should be a wide array of players aged 21 – 25 from which to choose.
    We could very quickly move to a team that is much younger in age profile, much pacier and with a deeper bench that what we currently have. But, and it is big but, the younger lads need game time. You cannot develop championship composure without a lot of game time. It is absolutely killing us. Our current experienced seniors got a lot of game time in seasons where we were a mixed bag of later and early exits from the championship. Kevin McLoughlin was middlin enough 2009 and 2010. But after two years he was ready to play a starring role versus Cork in 2011. We have to see a commitment to getting proper game time into the young lads.

  41. I think we need a lot of changes in our team. We need a new goalie with a good accurate kickout. Time is probably up for Higgins,Boyle & caff in the backs. I can not see Parsons & Sos returning. Andy Moran showed no form this year . Time to regroup & cull quite a few from the panel–has our manager the balls to do it?

  42. I just checked the archive. 8 of the players involved on Saturday played on the team beaten by Longford in the qualifiers in 2010 . It would be 10 if parsons an O’Shea were fit. That’s some mileage.

  43. Who ever is in charge next year should blood new players during national league and why not improve the physical conditioning of Boland, Loftus, Ruane and Akram, they have the talent but need more power, they should be put on a programme this Autumn. We also need a forward with real pace who can win their own ball in the full forward line.

  44. Since 2011 every county outside Dublin has had their own fair share of heartbreak and upset, but RTE makes a BS clip on us. Well f**k you RTE you can stick your “coverage” up your ****.

  45. There is no way Andy will retire
    He still has plenty of offer the squad

    The more I think about omit the more excited I am for next year
    The season is more condensed now so the days of ignoring league and trying to peak mid August are gone
    Our boys now have the advantage most other teams had over us years
    We really stuttered through the league
    Next year can go at it full tilt
    Build momentum and confidence .

  46. James McCormack from Claremorris has serious potential to make a breakthough and be a top player ,tall and very athletic and very good on the ball.Would like to see more of Ciaran Treacy of Ballina has been impressive in recent club action and the Fbd , think Brian Reape deserves a rite gud chance next year in the National League scoring for fun in America from what I hear one of the most natural finishers we have in the County under 24.
    Peter Naughton from Knockmore is a good option very accurate from frees is tall too but will probably need to bulk up a fair bit over the winter along with James Durcan, Cian Hanley and Conor Loftus.I thought James Durcan struggled with the phsicality of the game the last nite especially in the first 20 mins.
    I suppose the Derry Under 20 game will tell us alot on who will have the potential to push for places in the Senior panel next year but Ryan O’Donoghue , Conor Diskin, Paddy O’Malley, Ross Egan and Lambert all looked really impressive against Roscommon in the Connacht final.

  47. I was in Newbridge on Saturday evening.
    What I saw was a fired up well conditioned Kildare outlasting us in the final minutes through the timely and judicious introduction of substitutes.
    We have neglected the back-up to our first team over the past 4 years and thus days like Saturday become inevitable.
    Hats off to James Horan for lighting the torch paper 7 years ago …. for me recent managements have been simply trying to get ‘James Horan’s team’ over the line with little or no regard to replenishment of resources.
    We now need to take the following steps.
    1. Massive input into our Under 20 team year after year to keep the conveyor belt healthy.
    2. Special status for our warriors of the past 7 years in the form of ‘winter hibernation’ to extend their careers .
    These players are not really interested in the League anyway so nothing lost.
    3. The League to be devoted solely to upcoming talent regardless of whether we are relegated or not.
    Relegation for both Kildare and Donegal in the past few months didn’t do them any harm come championship time. Remember that we only need 5/6 points to stay in Division One and it would be smart to target the first few matches while the opposition might not be up to speed . Remember also that if you go to Division Two it will take 10/11 points to get back up again.
    4. Minimum acceptable achievement every year would be to contest our provincial final as this allows access to the Super 8s with just one back door game …. even better win the provincial final giving direct access.
    The current situation of 4 back door games followed by Super 8s is just unsustainable.
    5. Fitness testing in early May to ensure all players are up to the required fitness levels for modern football followed by a final trial open to the public before the championship panel is selected.
    We need to blend our upcoming younger talent with the experience of our current crop the same way year after year. This is what will give us continuity.

  48. Boland looks chunky enough already from what I saw of him on Saturday Gerard. He was a Maor Foirne on the side of the pitch that had the TV Gantry.
    We’re likely going to need to start adding few options from the younger groups on the panel and widen the net a bit – those that have gone to the US for the summer (e.g. Brian Reape, Plunkett) will surely start to feature more, but only as long as they are better than those they are displacing in the team.
    We have to remember that it’s a big setup up from Under 20’s to the Senior level and only a few special talents can immediately make a place on the Seniors from that level.
    Diarmuid is an example of this. There are a few that will stand out and we will start to see more of – Ruane, Gallagher, Hall, Akram, Flanagan from the 2016 under 21’s who haven’t featured as much as well as the likes of Coen and Eoin O’Donoghue. Likely going to be a few more – I know Eddie Doran from Achill was a handy one at the underage level, he was on the Junior team this year. Irwin would be welcome back too, provided he makes the right moves. There’s no doubt a few others on the fringes of the panel that will get a run out in Challenge games and FBD league games.

    I’d put Saturday’s performance down to operating with a makeshift midfield from the normal starting – as was pointed out already we were losing the midfield battle in the last 10 minutes. That’s not to take away from Diarmuid who had an outstanding game, but losing both Seamie and Tom from there was always going to give is a mountain to climb and fielding ability was certainly missed. Some of our other players were not at their best – thats just how it rolled on the day.
    Might be just as well to get knocked out at this stage rather than waiting for the heat of the super 8’s and having to play 3 games there for it to ultimately end up the same for us. Kildare were worthy winners, the better team on Saturday and I wish them all the best for the rest of the Championship.

    I would expect one or 2 players to be considering their options and no doubt Rochford will be thinking about what he has to do. I’d rather see Rochford stay as I don’t see a need for change for the sake of change when it comes to the managerial position. If there is a change, it needs to be a replacement with someone better, and the only one I can think of there (in terms of being available) would be Jim McGuinness and I don’t see that happening either.

    Anyways here’s looking to a Championship start against NY next year.

    Up Mayo.

  49. [NAME] and [NAME] are away to Chicago for the summer, might do them the world of good to live for a few months and come back recharged.
    I wanted to wait until the adrenaline, emotion and sometimes rose tented glassesness wore off before sharing my thoughts.
    Firstly there are no real reasons to complain about these lads, as always they gave everything against Kildare, but just come up short. I think we all kind of felt it was coming but notbody wanted to be the person to say it, myself included. For me the writing was on the wall when Cian and James Durban were parachuted in so late in the year, something was not right.
    I also think for a lot of the more senior players, losing this way, i.e. losing after a valiant effort is more fitting to sign off than making the super 8’s and really being put to the sword by a Dublin or Kerry trying to make a statement.
    Couldn’t put it any better than Loretto Road regarding mileage, the fact that some of these guys kept going is miraculous in itself. Also when I look around at all the “coming” teams now, it is a young mans game. The older have given us some of the best days of my life, but I think some know that it is time.
    there is now a big rebuilding job to take place. As I said previously, I didn’t want to be nostalgic etc when I said it, but I honestly think James Horan is the man for the job should he be interested, I have no idea if he is or not! The way he changed that Last All Ireland winning group of u-21’s and turned them into machines is exactly what I need now. As previous posters have said, we have the core of a decent team there, with a lot of guys also waiting in the Wings. I would love to see James Horan start again with a mixture of the younger current squad and the u-21 all Ireland winning team and persist with it. We might take a hammering the first year, maybe we won’t, but we really need to develop a new squad. I would start the league with something likes of Lee, Cillian, Aido Clarke, Jason doc as the senior group and the younger guys coming through and see where we went. Off the top of my head:
    O’Donoghue Harrison Crowe
    Keegan Coen durcan
    Diarmuid aido
    Kev Mc Cillian Ross Egan
    Loftus reape r. o donoghue

    That team is no walkover for anybody. You could pick and choose at the likes of Akram whom I highly rate, Ruane, Liam Irwin If he really wants it etc etc we still have talent in the county, We will still compete, we might take a hammering or two with the training wheels not, we might not, but this has to be ground zero.
    We will be forever in debt to the Andys, boyler, Chris, Keith, Caff, but I think it’s just time for a changing of the guard.

    Also, thanks for another great year of passing the commute Willy joe!

  50. In general I can’t stand RTÉs Gaelic football coverage, but today on the website there’s a really good article by Aidan o Rourke on our team. Well presented article that gives constructive criticism and a different angle to analyse where we go from here. Well worth the read.

  51. I’d love to see a fundraising game for Tom Parsons , sounds like he will be out of work fora while .

  52. Me too Sean. I think it would be fantastic as supporters to do this for Tom. A horrific injury.

  53. Can anyone tell me when do we play new York next year? Is there an exact date set?

  54. @mayonaze – its usually on May Bank Holiday weekend .. so 4th, 5th and 6th May 2019.

    I ended up in punch bowl nyc after the match last time. Mad place but allot of fun.

  55. Echoing Larry Duff the Aidan ORourke article on Rte is excellent.
    One of the main points ORourke makes is about our game plan being very energy sapping. Not having as much ability to take a breather by lettting it in to a big target man inside. When we use Andy or Cillian collecting it still tends to have been a high amount of running involved in that move.

  56. If Stephen Rochford did decide to leave and hopefully he doesn’t cause I think hes the man to oversee the transition period but who would be contenders for the job?? these are probably the top names I can think off!!
    Barry Solan current Mayo Under 20 manager
    James Horan Westport manager
    James Nallen former Mayo selector
    Kevin McStay and Liam McHale of Roscommon
    John Divilly UCD sigerson manager
    Maurice Sheridan NUIG sigerson manager
    Peter Forde Breaffy manager
    Tom Prendergast former selector and Ballintubber manager

  57. While its not the end of mayo football, most people agree its the end of this team as we know it. Would a pole of the top moments of the last 7 years be an idea. One the one hand it feels im righting off the team for the next couple of years, it would also bring back memories of some great moments. Sure we have all summer with nothing to do. When youve nothing to look forward to you can only look back.
    If I was to pick 5 in no particular order, (monents rather than games) it would be,
    Kevin mcloghlans goal v cork 2011
    Clarkes save v dublin 2012
    Mayo mick invading the pitch in limerick
    O sheas goal v donegal 2015
    O connors equalizer v dublin 2016

  58. Anyone know if a venue/date has been set for our All Ireland u20 semi final v Derry in 2 weeks time?

  59. Yew_tree i don’t believe it has. Logic might dictate it to be in Tullamore, given distance for teams to travel and it being quite central. And it’s a decent ground too.
    Mind you don’t be surprised if its’ schedule for the new Pairc Uí Chaoimh, Casement Park in Belfast or Innovate Wexford.

  60. If Rochford does leave and i am not saying he should btw but who is in the line up…
    Maughan, Horan, McGuinness, Andy Moran, Solan??

  61. The facts surrounding our starting 15 in 2012 v Kerry, Dublin, Donegal etc are very misleading and would have you believe that we have a team of geriatrics lining out for us. To add real insight to those figures the age profile of the teams should also be compared. We were a very young team back then, much younger than Cork, Dublin and Kerry.
    Some interesting points above but the thing that stands out for me is, Rochford asked for 2 extra years in addition to his final third year. He is on record as saying he is very impressed with the current U20 squad, he has introduced J Durcan, O’Donoghue and Hanley to this years c’ship squad and gave a lot of young lads FBD games in January. Granted, not everything worked, but I hope, and would like to think, he has an eye on the future with a view to building a younger squad. There’s no doubt we have pacy scoring forwards coming through and some of them have that arrogance or cockiness that all good forwards have. We just have to wait for them to develop physically to cope with the senior game.

  62. All – there is no management vacancy as yet. Can I please ask that discussion stops on a shortlist for a job that Stephen Rochford still holds? Thanks.

  63. Goingwellintrain – I’ve excised the names of the two players you’ve said are heading to the USA this summer. Not that I don’t believe you but I don’t think this information has been made public as yet and I’d hate to think that someone, be they relative, friend club mate or whatever of the two lads, might find this out from here first. If you have a source you can cite for this (preferably providing a link to the story, if available, otherwise the name and date of the publication is fine) then by all mean fire ahead, quoting the relevant published source. If you don’t then please don’t post that kind of info here.

  64. Sorry but all in all, weighing up the full championship right to the last game. One thing we cannot now say in Stephen Rochfords defence is that he had an eye on the future. The defence we picked on Saturday and subbed in only had one new young player in Eoin ODonoghue and only one other young player in Paddy Durcan.
    Donal Vaughan the great servant that he is was simply not fit to even come on as a sub. I don’t know how that came about as these days they do power tests etc. pre-match to gauge where players are at in terms of match readiness. Donal Vaughan is usually a very fit player but he was well off the pace coming from the bench!!
    Eoin ODonoghue who had a fine season and was moving well off of the bench last week and this week had to be content with a brief enough sub role.
    So, we always try to be logical on here, this was a very poor effort of season at transitioning.
    – Cian Hanley was home from Australia and was afforded much more latitude than any other young player.
    – James Durcan got no league minutes
    – Diarmuid who starred at midfield found himself there by accident rather than by design and had been okay at wing forward
    – Conor Loftus, I don’t know how he is supposed to develop game time ability with the scant minutes he got in league and championship
    – Finally, the Donegal game, it was the young lads who saved our bacon by playing in Kevin McLoughlin and finishing out that game strong. Kept us in Division one, the reward for most of them was being dropped
    I am struggling to think of one young player story that is a Rochford developed story in terms of a starting player. Stephen Coen and Paddy Durcan all there prior to Rochford.

  65. Spot on Pebbles – if you look at the ones that are there, they are there on merit. Throwing in lads when they’re not yet ready isn’t going to help them.
    Rochford to his credit has tried the bulk if not all of that 2016 under 21’s team in either the FBD, League or Championship at some point. If they’re good enough they’re old enough. They have to be as good or better than the ones they are replacing, otherwise they’ll fall foul of many a critic.

  66. Agree Aidan o Rourke’s article on rte website is very good.We again are falling into the mistake of making big decisions on one game. It’s not so long ago people were a bit critical of Diarmaid and not just for his sending off v Galway. Personally I always thought he was brilliant. Saying our over 30s are gone past it is too simplistic. Andy was well over 30 last year and won poty. The reason we stumbled this year surely has to take into account our injuries. We lost our midfield, but Harrison was injured, Vaughan was injured and even though Lee returned he was nowhere near his usual self. Cillian came on in second half v Galway but again was nowhere near his usual self. The above named players have not just been brilliant for Mayo, they have without doubt been some of the best players in the country for the last number of years. So the future is not all dark. A rest is needed and many will come back refreshed. Some of our players maintained their high standards this year. Clarke,Durcan, Diarmaid,Aido Kevin Mcl and Jason had pretty consistently done well. One more issue. I can’t see the point of making a big deal out of our under 20 team. It’s great they won a provincial title and they may beat Derry but at that age area Kerry are fantastic. 4 minor AI s in a row and putting up huge score at U17 and U20 this year. If we get a few lads from our U20 team it would be great. Remember our AI winning U21 team from 2006 only came of age from 2011 onwards. Hopefully a few more of our U21 team from 2016 can step up in the next few years.

  67. jp, i think your spot on. The county board need to analyse where this went wrong. Mayo need attacking forwards, (i.e) reape, loftus, (westport all ireland winning forwards) etc…. Gibbons should have been drafted into squad when parsons was injured to cover midfield. Our squad was too light, and management has to take criticism for not addresing that and badly timed substitutions. Where is Ruane, is he still in the development squad?. There was no one on that squad from last saturday who you could pick out and grab the game by the scruff of the neck and do a comer on it and rattle the back of the net. Its always been our achilles heel, and it finally caught us out, im glad we were found out at this stage, as any further would have been papering over the cracks. The dublin businesses will feel the financial hit as we always brought a crowd to town.

  68. I agree with JP. The last time we saw Fergal Boland was in the last minute against Donegal, bursting out of defence to set up a relegation saving score. Showing determination and leadership. We haven’t seen him since!!
    Next years league has to see some newbies given proper game time. I’d agree in general that the over 30s should make up our bench (but there may well be 2 or 3 exceptions to that which is totally fine). However the permanent benchwarmers need to go. Won’t mention names but Ruthlessness is required by management there.
    What’s the story with Fionn mcdonagh?
    Another lad worth keeping in mind is Gary Boylan – I know he’s playing with Sligo Rovers now but he’s on record as saying he’d love to play for Mayo in future – he did an interview with the 42.ie recently. Belmullet people have said that he was the best young player to come through their club in many a year and I know rochford was keeping in touch with him in the off season.

  69. Apologies Willie joe, point noted. Not published yet I don’t think, will be everywhere in day or two one would think, will wait till then.

  70. Thanks for that, Goinwellintrain. As I said, I’m not questioning the accuracy of what you’re posting, just the timing.

  71. The county board should be judged on the success of the senior side ultimately! The buck stops with them, IMO this team came by chance not by design. It is NOT acceptable that we have not won since ’51. Every player should have the same chance of playing county senior football regardless of where he was born. We are not harvesting the full crop, its unfair on junior/intermediate players with ambition & talent who are not allowed to play senior championship, its unfair on county management to be expected to view all club games in their current structure. Its unfair to expect a junior player to make the jump from junior club to senior inter-county. Look at Kerry, how many junior players do they have playing for them?Answer is have a championship with divisional teams involved, this will allow the cream to come to the top and management can & should attend these games. The underage structure at county level is also poor, look at the manager @ U-17, U-18 last year/this year, our resent record @ under age level – V. poor.
    What happened to the ‘Liam Horan’ report? collecting dust.

  72. fail to understand how people think players should decide to stay on or not. We need a ruthless manager who makes those decisions for them. We also need players to be introduced in the league,even if we are relegated. Players mak8ng mistakes and having bad days is all part of the beddi g in process. Let’s hope common sense will prevail with some of the older players. We need young research the standard required.

  73. Do you know what I find sad about the whole thing

    Obvo this great team may now never fulfill there dream

    Also the Mayo matches in Dublin , were great social outlets for people …. catching up with friends…, the craic at gills, big tree and the Croke Park hotel

    As I said above and I don’t want to repeat myself , it’s time for a New voice… 3 years …. no titles delivered

  74. Mayomad, the reason an open trial would be beneficial is because you’re giving out the jersey and you want the best man to fill it. It tests fitness before the start of the championship season and it gives equal status to both the incumbent and the challenger. This type of pressure raises standards and concentrates the mind of both incumbent and challenger.
    We hear a lot about what’s happening in training , then we go to the match and see the same 16/17 players all the time with no viewing of other contenders.
    Openess & transparency is no bad thing and yes some of us do like to see the alternatives.

  75. Joey,
    do we hear about whats happening in Training?. I’m not sure that we do – at least I don’t see it from anything other than rumor. I could be wrong.
    You’ll always hear about the lad that’s flying in training but is never named on the panel. Sure I’m flying in training myself but can’t get a look in.
    Agreed though training sessions being made open might not be a bad thing – would probably need to be charged for with a small entrance fee which comes with its own burden of needing fellas to collect the cash and marshaling the visitors around the place.
    Another problem with that though might be the type of lad from other counties – you’d be saving them from having to climb the trees….

  76. Anne Groden Murrisk
    Is spot on. It’s not a question of players staying on it’s a question or should they be allowed to stay on. I know this sounds very harsh as the lads were brilliant
    Servants to Mayo and owe us absolutely nothing but realistically if we are to ever win Sam again management have to be ruthless and pick players on merit and not on reputation (not saying Stephen Rochford hasn’t picked players on merit) I guess
    I’m just stating the obvious here. As regarding 2 lads going to America for the Summer playing football a change is a good as a rest and our lads deserve a break and I hope however they spend Summer/Autumn I hope they get as much happiness out of it as they have us over the last 7/8 years.

  77. Joey, so basically you want public training sessions beacuse you woyld lime to be there. There is no reason why training sessions or fitness tests should be open to the public unless you would be happy for Kevin Walsh, McStay etc to be sitting in the stands taking it all in. Mayo have a top S&C team to take care of fitness, they don’t need their business spread all over social media after training sessions.

  78. The Mayo forward not currently in the squad that we need the most is Liam Irwin. I am certain of that. He has that brazen ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude and inner belief that is absolutely necessary at inter county level. He will shoot if given a sniff of a chance. He is strong and skillful.
    I hope Rochford or whoever is there makes contact with him and encourages him to return home. Liam, if you’re reading this please come back to Mayo and put yourself in the frame!

    Strength is so incredibly key for a forward. While a number of our forwards have certainly bulked, there is a natural strength you need that Liam has. It makes a world of difference especially in big championship matches, such as we had against Kildare who are a big physical side.
    It’s key to the ball sticking and key to not being bullied out of it by mean, hefty defenders. Brian reape might be another but I’d like to see him taking games by the scruff of the neck a bit more, albeit his real talent lies in finishing, something we badly need. The eye for goal is certainly there.
    And we could name at least 3-4 of the u20 team who could be blooded in the forwards, but again I suspect natural strength is a possible impediment here.

  79. IMO none of the over 30’s who started on Saturday need to be cast aside completely but most of them will need to accept a substitute role for next year. There are, however, several lads on the extended panel who have been there 3 or 4 years and don’t look any closer to claiming a starting jersey. When the panel is being narrowed down before championship next year, any marginal call should be given to a young player.

    For example, it would be great for Paddy OMalley to get a year’s apprenticeship under David Clarke before hopefully taking over the #1 jersey in 2020. Possible team for championship next year along with their current age:

    Clarke 34

    Harrison 25
    Crowe 26
    O’Donoghue 22
    Keegan 28
    Vaughan 29
    P Durcan 23

    Coen 22
    D O’Connor 23

    McLoughlin 29
    A O’Shea 28
    J Durcan 23
    Doherty 28
    C O’Connor 26
    Loftus 23

    The likes of Higgins, Boyle, Seamie and Andy would be well capable of making an impact off the bench. There are also younger lads like James McCormack, Conor Diskin & Fionn McDonagh who have potential. We need to see them in the league.

  80. Mayomad, I’m not talking about training sessions, fitness tests or spying sessions.
    The suggestion I made was one final trial to take place between the end of the League and the start of the Championship between basically the upcoming team & the experienced team.
    The idea is to rest the experienced team for the winter & to give the upcoming team a target after they’ve played the League thus broadening our player base which is a goal I’m sure you support.
    This I believe would ease our transition to newer players year on year.
    I was in Newbridge at the weekend (and also in Thurles, Limerick & Castlebar) and I saw for myself the state of S&C.
    I saw Kildare edge that particular battle last weekend with additional players from their substitute bench … a state of affairs which I suggest makes my point for me.

  81. That’s a great point about not giving lads a choice to stay on, the first thing Micheal Donoghue did in Galway was retire David Collins, Iarla Tannion and Andy Smith. Pat Gilroy did the same with Jayo and lot of others

  82. I’m fairness to Rochford I think he was under serious pressure to win the all Ireland. Granted it didn’t happen but we came damn close. I don’t think that same pressure will be there next year which will allow him to develop players. In 2011 we became competitive based on the influx on the 2006 U21 all Ireland winners. We’re not in too dissimilar of a situation now except we also have a backbone of quality players there. We’ll be back at the top table before long. There’s good things going on at underage and I’m not talking about u20 and minor. U10’s,U12’s,U14’s are getting fantastic coaching in parts of the county.

  83. I don’t like mentioning names here but a man being called for the panel couldn’t get a start on a division 4 team over 2 games regarding an open trial for next year that’s not going to happen I have never heard or read about it in any other county it’s all well naming young lads that deserve a chance but the question is will they give the huge commitment required for a senior county place for a full year minor and U20 is for a few months only senior is on going over years.

  84. Joey – How would Kildare’s S&C have been if they were missing Feely and Moolick through injury? We don’t have any problems in that department. Whatever about some of the backroom team leaving, it is vital that we keep Barry Solan and Conor Finn involved.

  85. Anyone confused as to who actually wrote the Malachy Clerkin column in the times today ?

    I say that for two reasons . It sounds and reads an awful lot like Darragh number one. Secondly I was astonished to hear Malachy Clerkin admit recently in the Mike Finnerty interview that he helps Darragh with his column . Many did not blush at that but I blush for them . I’m like so embarrassed.

    Here is Darragh getting help with the homework and putting it in under his own name . Ah well !
    At least Breheny puts in his own stuff .

    But now , on the flip side could it be possible that Darragh is “helping “ Malachy Clerkin ? “Malachy “ ( if that’s indeed who it was )sounds awfully like the Skelpies .

    Witness these bullets

    1. “Mayo are not a powerhouse “
    2. “Dublin and Kerry might resent Mayo and the attention they get”
    3. The laws of gravity apply to Mayo. Definitely !
    4. The laws of gravity do not apply to Kerry , Dublin and Kilkenny . (They are special )

    5. No mention of Cork ! This is just another give away. Cork with 37 Combined All Ireland’s . Not special tho’ . So Gravity applies
    6. Andy Moran coming in for special treatment . “ Andy Moran has represented Mayo in 1/3 of all their All Ireland appearances. “
    7. “For a Kerryman to do that he’d have to have played in twenty All Ireland’s “. Another give away .
    8. “You hate the way the gobshites in the papers wax on and off about Mayo’s heart “ “You roll your eyes at all the poetry written about them “. “You deal in one currency winning All Ireland’s “. “That’s your blessing and your curse “ If anyone thinks Malachy Clerkin wrote this with no “help “then I’ve a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya.
    9. “If and when they are pitching at an All Ireland again they’ll have brought through some quality forwards nothing mad special “-Now I’ve been talking about Skelpie superpowers of diagnosing mental illness by looking at someone so it’s not surprising they’re also in the predicting the future business – especially when they are so good at it . Right ? And telling us that our future forwards (maybe yet unborn will not be mad special )

    Now maybe Malachy Clerkin wrote this all on his own . If that’s the case then he has a serious Skelpie problem. In his brain .The more likely thing is that he co-wrote this with Darragh.

    That’s the thing that makes the Skelpies deviants in relation to normal Kerry footballing folk. The Skelpies want to tell you your place . They want to tell you who and what you are and what you are not. What you will be and how good your forwards will be. They want to compare and contrast you with the greatest of footballing counties ( measured over a hundred years ) and make you feel small .

    Worse , they want to be the ones who give you your pride . They alone will decide that. They will call you a Mayo legend if you meet with them on their terms . They will make your excuses after inexcusable failures. They alone have these kinds of powers.

    And they have this sick anti Mayo thing ( not shared by most Kerry people )where if we show our pride they will try to swipe at it . If the Mayo heads are raised they will Skelp them. And when they are down , the inner bully comes out with low blows against Mayo. Like this article .

    Here are my counters to “Malachy’s” ( Or Darragh’s) points .

    1. If Mayo are not a powerhouse it should not need stating -unless you want to put us in our place. But then you go on to say we have been in ten Senior All Ireland’s since 1996. I dunno but that smacks of being a little “power housey “ in my book . Ten All Ireland finals in 22 years ? Definitely a powerhouse( imo )

    2. Dublin and Kerry do not resent the attention Mayo get. Only Kerry people ( and even then only a small number of them )do. Dublin do not resent Mayo because they are confident enough in themselves and their abilities. They don’t need to play stupid head games and they don’t need to put us in our place. They have our admiration . They have our respect . Real men !

    3. The laws of gravity apply to Mayo. Again not sure why this needs stating unless you are trying to say that others( you) are special and Mayo , not. And therefore we won’t rise to these heights again , anytime soon. (Imo we will be in an All Ireland Senior Final again within three years)

    4. The laws of gravity don’t apply to Kerry. They sure did last August. Of course Kerry weren’t beaten by Mayo , they just didn’t show up. Mayo beat a shadow team . They didn’t beat Kerry. Because that like is impossible. We need not mention 2014 because , well , you know , that is like embarrassing . Tyrone anyone ?

    5. You need to get over the fact that Cork have the same number of All Ireland’s as you do and they don’t go around putting other people “ in their place “
    6. What is your issue with Andy Moran ? Oh right , now I remember . He has consistently turned Kerry defenders inside and out over the past seven years. I forgot about that. Roasted Marc O in Marc’s prime. Roasted him. Won’t talk about 2017 out of a sense of decency to you ,tho you don’t deserve it.

    WTF has what happened a hundred years ago got to do with here and now ? Mayo are a phenomenal team and will continue to be a powerhouse. You simply can’t handle this. Well guess what partner you better get used to it . Mayo the powerhouse and Mayo the phenomenon is here to stay.

    Finally the dead , dead giveaway . “Mayo are like the rest “ (of the losers) You’d love nothing more than that to be true but events of the past seven years shows that we have arrived. Our supporters are the best. Our blog is the best. Our men are the best. No frigging contest !

    So Malachy I recommend you get that “Skelpie “ out of your column and out of your head and go back to writing stuff without such a gross and thinly disguised takedown of Mayo.

  86. Swahil, you’re taking that article with a very sensitive approach.

    Untill we win an all Ireland all of his article holds weight . And we will never be super power like Kerry or Dublin , ffs we beat them last year for the first time since 97 in championship.

    We will have to be patient now , it will take till 20 or 21 till we can challenge again . I would love to see a complete change of management and 5/7 retirements ,for the good of the cause .We need to change it all up now, this ponderus latteral game we play the last 12 months is dead , we need fresh ideas for a new team .

  87. Maybe you’re right Sean Burke. Maybe you’re right .But I think there’s a little truth in what I say . And I think we have been a powerhouse for seven years . Those absolutists who say you’re nothing without your All Ireland medals , I couldn’t disagree with them more.

    Your points on the need for changes are well taken .

  88. Sorry Swahili but a powerhouse in any team sport needs to have trophies to show for that label and generationally so.
    Man utd.
    The All Blacks
    Real Madrid.
    We are not a powerhouse until we win Sams (plural).

  89. Look lets not get dragged into this powerhouse stuff. Kerry are arrogant, Dublin have the population but both of them need a strong Mayo. The system as it stands gives Kerry and Dublin free passes to the final 8 and it works against us … so be it

    We need to focus on dominating Connacht and getting straight in to the final 8. Let Kerry and Dublin think they are powerhouses if that makes them feel good….our job is to arrange a few powercuts and put their lights out !

  90. I’d have to agree with Swahili. This Mayo team have been a powerhouse for the past 7 or 8 years, Sam or no Sam.

    2013, 2016 and 2017 we lost 3 all irelands by a single point to the Dubs. Surely a single point is not the difference between been a powerhouse and not been a powerhouse.

    This Dublin powerhouse needed us to score 2 own goals to stay in the 2016 competition.

    We also helped them out by not playing our all star goalkeeper in the replay. The Dublin powerhouse also needed to have our player of the year unfairly black carded to win that years all Ireland.

    If you want to call Dublin a powerhouse then you sure as hell have to admit that this Mayo team have been a powerhouse too.

    Maybe the 3rd greatest team to ever play football. If we’re not a powerhouse then there has only ever been 1 powerhouse in senior football and that is the great kerry team.

  91. Okay, different views on what is or isn’t a powerhouse so debate is pointless.
    I do think we can become a county that wins Sams. There’s a depth of squad coming that is unprecedented and will be better than our 2014-2017 peak.
    The young lads are simply better footballers than our current panellists were at the same age.

  92. Kerry have 37 all Ireland’s, Dublin have 27 while Kilkenny hurlers have 36. You could argue based on the previous century that Cork and Tipp hurlers are also powerhouses.

    We do not compare with those counties for obvious reasons. Some people here get offended by anything.

  93. It’s certainly an interesting take on things from Clerkin, who is one of the better sports writers out there.

    Outside of the last 7 years, Mayo haven’t consistently competed at the top table like the Dublins, kerrys and Kilkennys have. It seems the school of thought is that Mayo have punched above their weight and will now withdraw back to the group of ten or so counties that have a performance or two in them every year with a good run every few years.

    My question would be why can’t we consistently compete at the top? If one thing has been shown in the last 7 years there is an insatiable hunger and passion for football within the county. This blog is another example with over 32k hits in one day recently. Surely, if we put our heads together this passion can be harnessed to drive consistent success into the future?

    Kerry would have similar issues to us in terms of geography. I imagine we could match them for passion.

    Why can’t we become the powerhouse clerkin describes?!

  94. Well that’s exactly the final piece of the jigsaw JP, depth of squad.

    Dublin’s bench have won all their recent all Irelands for them, or have been the difference. If the starting 15’s had played the entirety of the matches then we would have taken them, no doubt, but your right. They have had the depth in their squad and were able to bring top class players off the bench when in some of the cases they were actually trailing us in the latter stages of these all Irelands.

    If we can add that depth from the bench we’ll be there or there abouts again.

  95. Wide Ball , just as a point of information I think what I’m saying is not about one point in the article . It’s the whole article . Once you see it , you can’t unsee it. If you haven’t read it, please do. Clerkin said it himself on the blog that he helps Darragh write his. Some of this article I believe strongly are Darragh’s words..I am not overstating it by mentioning Darragh’s absolute disdain for Mayo. It’s a put down .I’m not being sensitive about it. I just don’t like to see our serious warrior efforts being put down .

  96. We also have generational clubs that will simply not stop supplying players.
    The pope was due in Garrymore …but it clashed with a Kelly cup game so they moved it to another future date…..
    The Popes visit that is, the Kelly cup game will go ahead having had more local interest, all of it religious in nature also 🙂

  97. Its the same as Galway in the hurling and until we won last year all our final defeats 2001/2005/2012/2015 for example and other near misses meant nothing and Kilkenny Cork and Tipp didnt want us there in the first place but we appear to have got some benefit from Leinster and we now have the elusive all Ireland win. Anything more than that one win is bonus territory for me as it was playing on my mind.

    Mayo are caught like we were in that there is no all Ireland to show for all the efforts. I think of lads like Joe Rabbitte and say Damien Hayes no All Ireland medal after years of trying really hard and sadly the likes of Andy Moran will probably join that club but men like Rabbitte and Hayes will never be forgotten in Galway no more than Moran or Keith Higgins will be forgotten in Mayo.

    I really think Mayo need to drop totally out of sight media wise for a good year and try to cut out all this second team great lads stuff you hear all the time and come back with a fresh approach and some new lads.

    The Connaught championship now with my Galway hat back on (if its ever off) is that Galway have somehow managed to drag ourselves back for the depths and we are competitive now and that will have a huge impact on Mayo going forward and the new format along with Roscommon also capable of troubling either team means in my view the easy ride through Connaught that greatly assisted Mayo towards contesting all those All-Irelands is no longer there so a focus on Connaught will have to be Rochford or his replacements main milestone for 2019/2020.

    I probably wont be posting much here anymore this year so thanks to Willie Joe for letting me rant away. Finally there were many times I thought we would never win again in my lifetime but after 29 years we got the win and it was weird for quite a while you get so used to losing. A day will come when Mayo will prevail but jesus this team came very very close and ye should always be grateful to them for their efforts.

  98. Some people better becareful what they wish for. Theirs no need for a load of retirements from the senior members. Andy, Boyle, Higgins (who still has the enginge btw) Seamie, and Barrett, could do a hell of a job in the last 20mins of a game. If higgins stays on he’s a nailed on starter on any team in the country.
    Theirs a certain amount of players who need to be cut, players who’ve been around for years, but havnt made an impression of any sort when played. Its them who need to move on and make way for 5/6 new players, who can be blooded in the league. If good enough, they should hold their place for championship. Getting rid of lads because of their birthcerts is foolish, and smacks of over reaction. A gentle transition into impact sub is required. If we achieve that next season, then we may finally have the squad to do the unthinkable.

  99. I want to echo the message earlier re: Liam Irwin. He has the brazen self-confident approach that you like to see in a forward. Remember the goal he scored in the 2013 connacht final? Wow. And what about the goal in the All Ireland 21 final with his fist from an acute angle? Class. 90% of forwards would have gathered possession. He just punched it to net. He has a natural scoring talent. The problem is does he have the appetite? I’m not living in the county but did he even make it into the breaffy senior starting 15? If he has genuine ambition to play for Mayo again then it needs to happen soon. He is the type who needs consistent conditioning. It would be a shame to allow his talent be wasted and I think if he doesn’t return he would look back with regret. I had heard he went to London??

    If I was manager of be shortlisting 10/15 lads the age of 23 in September. I’d sit them down and tell them that they’ve 5 months to get physically and mentally prepped and that they are the future and are all going to be given real time in fbd and league next spring.

  100. True Fan, your post at 5:13pm is spot on and something I’ve been saying for years. We simply do not harvest our full crop whereas Kerry do. That is why they win and we’ve not done so in 68 years. Quite simple really… reformat the club structure to allow junior and intermediate players play for divisional sides in the Mayo senior club championship. I cannot understand why on earth we are not doing this.

    Any one know???

  101. I respect and agree with all of the comments and accolades crediting this current Mayo team however Mayo will always be ‘serious contenders’ until they win an All-Ireland and no more. I find it baffling that Mayo fans are so sensitive when this is called out.

  102. Kerry players follow different traditions also.
    They get more out of the solo as an evasive weapon. A lot of them solo left hand to right foot and they are better at settling up for a shot off a bounce solo.

  103. The supposed traditional powerhouses resent the upstarts. In hurling Tipp, Cork and Kilkenny resented Clare when they were successful in the 1990s. When Clare beat Tipp twice in 1997 it absolutely drove Tipp people mad. When Tyrone beat Kerry to win All Ireland’s Kerry detested them. I remember Pat Spillane being so insulting to Armagh at half time the year Armagh beat them in the final. The GAA may be a cross community all classes welcome organisation but there is an incredible snobbery in it. You have the big 3 in hurling who couldn’t believe their collective eyes when Galway and Waterford competed for the AI last year and you have the Big 2 Dublin and Kerry who according to legend competed in the greatest matches ever played in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In actual fact about 2 at most of those matches were any good. Most notably the semi final of 1977 I think. The rest were pretty mediocre I think. And now the nation holds its breath again. Kerry are on the way back and will soon be good enough to dethrone the greatest ever team and then they will become the greatest ever team themselves. Meanwhile the upstarts from the west ,well their cycle has come to an end and anyway they only matched Kerry in the last few years because Kerry were in transition and even then they won one more AI than the upstarts. O and that other team, the purists from the West, the Tribesmen are on the rise but that’s ok because they will just be the best of the rest. Well we may not have won the big one but we competed manfully for the last 7 years. We never resorted to crap football or betrayed our principles. We had the greatest of days supporting our upstarts and we brought many many more supporters to see our team play some fantastic football than some of the aristocrats could ever hope to get.Swahili you were dead right in what you said. Up Mayo.

  104. Irwin is in London and has strong ties there , I’d Hazzard a guess he will make a life for himself there and will never feature for Mayo again in his life.

  105. Jaysus Reamonn, easy there on the easy ride we had through Connacht and in to the all irelands we were in.

    The Galway hurlers had no ride through Connacht for years and were straight in to an All Ireland semi final without lifting a hurl.

    In fact Galway contested several All Ireland hurling finals without having to play any other team to get there.

    Yea do have a fine team team now though, although the cats nearly scratched yea at the weekend.

  106. I’d agree with you Reamon in terms of Mayo dropping out of sight media wise. I think we need to set different goals for 2019. No more peaking in August/September. Get a panel of players together this November and invest time/money in getting them up to standard S&C wise.

    Tackle the league full on with as many players U24 as possible. We should have enough to stay up if we take it serious but who cares if we don’t. Lord knows we’re due a ‘Rossie Style’ easy draw in Connacht (haven’t played Leitrim since 2012). A Connacht title is very achievable for next year, anything after is a bonus.

  107. Totoo. Donegal won an all Ireland in 2012. Does that make Donegal a powerhouse ?

    Have Donegal been more of a Powerhose in modern day football than Mayo because they won the 2012 All Ireland ?

  108. You know what I would like… I would like us to win the Connacht Title next year!… Whether we are powerhouses or not, we will complete in the Connacht Championship with several new players…. I would also like the County Board all to go…. I don’t think that the Mayo County Board would have the Balls to stand up to the CCCC, like the Kildare County Board eventually did,.. Like the Roscommon County Board backed Kevin McStay.. Like our County Board didn’t when we had to play in Limerick… When in a qualifier versus Westmeath we had to go all the way to Croke Park, and Hyde Park available equal distance between us both…. The Shambolic handling of the McStay /McHale phantom interview for the Mayo Job.. The appointment of the County Chairman, Michael Connelly as leasion officer to hear any grevience player’s might have.. And his own brother joint Manager… We need people who are prepared to fight for Mayo, and have no previous realionship with any members of the CCCC.. Connacht Secretary and Ex Chairman of The Mayo County Board John Prunty… It has been obvious for years that there is an agenda with the Ruling Class in Croke Park… Those who have gone along with them are partly responsible for absolute pro Dublin bias in every thing that happens.. Only Today it was ‘Confirmed’ that Dublin were to have TWO , yes TWO match’s in the Super 8’s.. Now those members of the CCCC have some neck after last week… Plenty of well paid job’s to be had in the GAA, all paid for by the fan’s at the end of the day.. And too many in positions of power, do either nothing or too little to make the GAA a level playing field for us all.. A priest who gives out about the Catholic Church never becomes a Cardinal.. It’s the same in the GAA!

  109. When the fbd rolls around next year, tis an absolute C team we should play.
    Kerry lifted weights and did fitness work and dropped out of the McGrath cup. Unbroken fitness work. We totally disrupted our fitness prep with matches.

  110. Swahili – every single article in print media written by an ex player is ghost written by an experienced journalist. That applies to all sports. Some of these guys are too thick to write their own name – you hardly think they get free reign to write what they like in a national paper without help?? Come on!

  111. Larry Duff , I did not know that . Thanks for letting me know. I’d venture you’re right in your assessment of some of these guys abilities .

  112. Can everyone stop on about Liam Irwin as being the answer to our prayers. He’s not even the answer to Breaffys prayers.
    There is much more than just footballing ability in being an inter county footballer. There is the metal strength, total and unstinting commitment to being the best footballer you can be. The desire and sheer want to do whatever it takes to get a jersey. Many lads can tick some of those boxes, very few tick them all. That’s why some lads are in London and not on even the development panel.

  113. In response to the Malachy Clerkin article it is up to us as a county (in which I refer to Mayo men and women worldwide) to prevent the gravity pulling us back to our “natural” position. The players that have represented us since 2011 have succeeded in changing the narrative that we are successful. supporters under 18 only know us winning we need to retain that confidence. Instead of looking to perennial champions Dublin and Kerry who come from a different tradition and place from ourselves the model we should emulate is Tyrone. Like ourselves Tyrone were often the bridesmaid never reaching the promised land. They blended veterans and youth that created a powerful unit that defied history and created their own history. Helped by the financial backing of Club Tyrone. Eventually winning 3 All Ireland’s in 6 seasons. Tyrone due to their recent successes now have an overrated team while we are largely underated for not going all the way. We now need to support Mayo football by maintaining our large attendances and ensuring we help fundraising to ensure our players have the necessary resources to compete and succeed. We all have a role to play on this journey.

  114. Sorry Revellino I didnt mean it that way ye were clearly by far the best team in Connaught for years on end. Our hurlers didnt benefit from no matches and into a semi although we ambushed a team a few times in the semi. I hope there isnt two Roscommon lads doing the connaught draw next year alright. We were poor against KK but got out of jail and could have snatched it at the very end. Next weeks replay will tell us more about where we really stand. Most people I spoke to were happy with the draw. Do any Mayo people support Galway in the hurling like some Roscommon people do?

  115. Plenty of lads in that panel who are not good enough, First 15/20 are still good enough for next year though if they have the heart for it. However there is a requirement for new blood for sure. Unfortunately Senior club scene in Mayo is not producing these replacement players.

    Its at that level that change is needed to widen the net. But that’s a long term approach and I’m not sure a County board in Mayo ever has that foreseight.

  116. Congrats Diarmuid. Phenomenal game and well deserved. MAYO folk, remember the words of our own Tom Parsons…my comeback will be greater than my setback…let this be our motto for our team, our fans, our heroes, our county,our future. Believe. Maigheo go deo. Míle buiochas WJ …

  117. Reamonn , I will be enthusiastically supporting Galway footballers and hurlers for the remainder of their championship . Roscommon footballers too .

  118. Correct onehop.

    The main gravity issue with this Mayo team is their prolonged predicted decline, from the Sunday game and the likes, that were saying the team was finished years ago.

    We as supporters need to keep at it and intensify our efforts and support. Keep pushing and pushing until we bring that wall down.

    Fundraising will continue and we just need to make sure that every penny is been well spent.

  119. I have a feeling, Jim McGuiness writes his own articles.. Certainly to listen to him speaking, few that I have ever heard are so articulate!

  120. I support the Galway hurlers Reamonn. I love watching them and am lucky enough to know some of the recent Galway hurlers. True gentlemen I have to say.

    I went to Ballindereen to see some of the Galway lads and manager bring the cups to that club and I met your manager, a gentlman, and the goalie and young Connor Whelan that day.

    I explained to Michael Donoghue I was actually from Mayo and would he lend me the Liam Mcarthy for a month. He didn’t.

  121. Good one Revellino. I grew up with a lad that went onto play for years but alas no medal either. I seen him there yesterday carrying water still working for the cause. Michael Donoghue is a great guy and not prone to panic. Just mentioning managers I seen Steven Rochford and two selectors appearing to be up in the stands in the first half against Kildare which I thought was unusual. I stand corrected but is that the best place for the manager to be?

  122. I expressed my opinion Pebblesmeller, one based on what I have seen of Liam playing. I’m being as positive and constructive as possible which is needed now more than ever.
    It can take a strong manager to help mentor and encourage young players. I haven’t a clue what his situation is but it’s not as simple as saying some lads are committed and have mental strength and others don’t.

    We all admire everything the current panel have done, especially the blood, sweat and tears shed over a long grueling period for the cause.
    However they haven’t got over the line yet, harsh and all as that is to say at this time.
    Im sure the world would be short many a talented sportstar if they were cast aside and considered not up to it for not displaying “unstinting commitment” at a young age. I mean come on!!
    Talent must be nurtured at any cost. And in Mayo we have a habit of letting talented forwards through the net for whatever reason. We need to ask why this happens and try and do something about it.

  123. Whatever about the future lads, it’s time to let this one rest for just a little while as supporters. All of our energy now should be focused on an All-Ireland semi final coming up in two weeks time. We are consistently involved at every level in the latter stages of competitions. That’s what separates us from “the rest”.

    There is yet another All-Ireland final within our reach. Let’s do our utmost to help shout the lads over the line in two weeks.

  124. Looks official on the two players heading to Chicago. The Chicago club has tweeted about being delighted to get them. Fair play to them. Hope they all live it up and get a different kind of life experience.

  125. I have said this before and I will say it again the way to ensuring Mayo are at the top table is investing in top class coaching and facilities in all Mayo schools.If you go through Mayo panelists of the last 7 years most players about 80% come from the top 4 footballing schools in the County.If you are attending a school outside the top 4 schools your chances of making the Mayo Senior panel are very slim.

    St Geralds Castlebar
    Cillian O’Connor, Aidan O’Shea, Paddy Durcan,Seamie O’Shea ,James Durcan, Neil Douglas, Barry Moran, Conor O’Shea, Robbie Hennelly, Michael Hall, Donie Newcombe, Danny Kirby, Ger McDonagh,Liam Irwin, Matthew Ruane

    St Colmans Claremorris
    Colm Boyle, Shane Nally , Stephen Coen , Caolan Crowe, Enda Varley, James McCormack,James Stretton,Adam Gallagher, Michael Conroy, Brian Gallagher, Darren Coen,

    Rice College Westport
    Lee Keegan ,Jason Doherty, Kevin Keane,

    St Nathys Ballaghadareen
    Andy Moran, Cian Hanley ,David Drake, Sharoize Akram

    St Muredachs Ballina
    David Clarke, Ger Cafferkey , Kevin McLoughlin , Evan Regan, Ciaran Treacy, James Burke

    I think some players are at a disadvantage playing with small community schools, so its important the County board help these schools providing them with properly trained coaches and teachers.

  126. Bit my tongue for a few days. JP your comments are on point as usual. Sean Burke also hitting the nail on he head. Needs to be a shake up in the squad but I’m not sure if all of the older head should be heading for the exit door. There has been a lot of time provided to some players and not enough to others. Case in point Drake Conor o Shea have had at least 5 years on the panel and when the game was in the melting pot against Kildare the manager didn’t call upon them. Neither did he call upon Evan Regan or Kirby, even Hanley wasn’t seen until the 72nd minute. For Nally and Crowe, well they were there to make up the numbers wrongly in my opinion.
    Hanley wasn’t ready to contribute this year but his time will come when he gets readjusted to the round ball. There has to be places given to players who are natural scorers, they may not be athletes but they do the simple things well like point the ball over the bar. I don’t want to see Brian Reape back in corner back, his role like Andy Moran is to be a target man and scorer in chief. He was let go this year because he didn’t do enough without the ball. I have no idea how a manager could come to that conclusion when you look at the bench. James Durkin has all the speed in the world but needs more composure on the ball and is not a natural scorer. Biggest mistake that a young midfielder wasn’t blooded this year in the league. That only comes for getting game time not sitting on a shelf in a development squad. Jason Gibbons had plenty of oppportunities, Barry Moran hasn’t contributed in at least 2 years. Time for a young midfield to come in maybe two. Matthew Ruane James McCormack spring to mind. Conor Loftus is a half forward not a corner forward and would like to see him play in his best position at CHF with Aido in midfield. Would like to see Cunniffe come in and get game time at fullback. Would like to see Colm Boyle keith Higgins Donnie Vaughan Seamus o Sheaand Andy Moran all rested for next years league campaign.

    Next years league panel

    Paddy o Malley
    David Clarke

    Eoin o Donoghue
    Brendan Harrison
    Seamus Cunniffe
    Caolan Crowe
    Chris Barrett
    David Kenny
    Lee Keagan
    Paddy Durcan
    Stephen Coen
    James McCormack
    James Kelly
    Shairoze Akram
    Michael Plunkett
    Michael Hall

    Aidan o Shea
    Diarmuid o Connor
    Matthew Ruane
    Evan o Brien/ Jordan Flynn/ Nathan Moran

    Kevin McLoughlin
    Conor Loftus
    Cian Hanley
    James Durcan
    Jason Doherty
    Fergal Boland
    Cillian o Connor
    Brian Reape
    Ryan o Donoghue
    James Carr
    Ross Egan
    Adam Gallagher
    Liam Irwin / Conor Diskin
    Jack Reilly
    Ciaran Treacy
    Peter Naughton

  127. @Chris Kelly,.. My guess is that both O’Connor’s went to Davitt College, seeing as their father is a teacher there.. Maybe some other’s as well in the Castlebar area.. Unfortunately for me, I’m too old to have gone to school with any of them!

  128. They’ll be back from America before the club championship resumes I’m sure.

  129. Cillian went to Gerald’s, but Diarmuid and Liam Irwin went to Davitt College.

  130. @Leantimes
    Your guess is right on Diarmuid he went to Davitt College, but wrong on Cillian he captained St Gearlds to a Connacht Colleges A title in 2010 as I was at the match and I am nearly sure all above listed have played with St Geralds it explains the Castlebar area club dominance of Mitchels, Ballintubber and Breaffy of the last decade.

  131. I thought once you played championship in the US you couldn’t play again in Ireland that year. Its certainly the case that they couldn’t have played intercounty?

    Anyways, I’d imagine there won’t be a delay in getting that championship going again now that our intercounty season has come to an end.

  132. Maybe im totally off the grid here, but tell me in any County in Ireland , there’s isnt 15 players that cant match each other, I think they are all made of the same stuff, and given the same back up and support from H Q. I don’t think it would be a two horse race every year, Maybe Kikdare has done every County a favour, Don’t let the powers that be walk all over thd little man,

  133. It’s McBride’s CLG Chicago’s Twitter account that appears to confirm those moves, for those who don’t want to spend the next five minutes searching like I did. Hope they have a ball (but do come back, lads).

    I think Keith Duggan ghosts McGuinness’s column, Leantimes. And when Keith’s not there Sean Moran does it…

  134. The club strength explains the school strength not the other way around. If Westport, Louisburgh and Kilmeena were at previous levels Rice would be way down.
    Geralds draw the best from several clubs.
    Similar Colmans and Ballinrobe.
    Muireadeachs will revive when Ballina strengthens now. But Ballina is lifting itself up.
    Nathys draws from several clubs and Ballaghadereen improved a bit.

  135. @mayomark I believe when you play championship in the states you have to wait 3 weeks to play for your own club again after your last game in the states.
    I believe the two boys in question have transferred for 5 weeks.
    Don’t believe there any senior club championship until September anyway so they be fine for their clubs on return.
    Good luck to the two lads.dead right make the most of it while you can.

  136. Good stuff Aidan, thanks for that info.

    But I’d be surprised if they left the championship until September. Hasn’t that been a massive headache for clubs in recent years? All championship squeezed into a few weeks in September October?

    I’d say they will get the group stages ran off fairly soon

  137. @mayomark possibly but Connacht club championship prob not fixed til Oct sometime so no panic yet anyway with it.

  138. We battled Giants
    We left them bloodied

    Fallen heroes, stretchered from the park

    The winds have softened
    The flags don’t ripple now

    But stand
    Hold still
    And listen

    You can hear it
    Just about

    The roar
    The rage
    It’s still there
    Still near

    And when that wind
    It blows again
    Our flags will dance

    We will Rise
    Rise again

    No place to hide
    No cowards county

    We will again prepare for battle

    We will lift our fallen heroes

    And younger sons
    To help the cause

    And we will Rise
    Rise again.

  139. With the talent playing out in America this summer I wonder would TG4 consider televising some of the games!

  140. Reve, people will say “ the fix is in “, but I love your words there . Really !

  141. Re. Jimmy McGuinness’s article in the IT, why do I feel like I’ve read it all before…

    A small bit of preamble on the match in question… check
    A personal memory from his own playing career where things didn’t go right… check
    How Mayo remind him of such and such a team from such and such a sport who didn’t go all the way… check
    A small bit of insight into how he won such and such a game with a little bit of tactical genius… check
    Listing the out the virtues we brought to the table… check
    A paragraph or two on actual analysis of the match in question… check
    An inspirational quote or two… check

    Because when it comes to Mayo, this stuff practically writes itself. It’s been the same oul story for 30 years…

  142. – While other Mayo teams gave us fantastic days, this team due to their sheer longevity gave us more fantastic days than any other.
    – Legacy is important and while we will not be in the history books for winning Sam during 2011-2018 this team has ignited a whole new generation of young footballers that want to play football for their clubs and county and that is a great legacy as the sheer numbers of players that will come thru over the next 5/ 10 years will pay massive dividends.
    – After SR’s term was extended to 2020 I remember posting that he extended his term because he himself knew a re-building job was required. I had hoped that there would be 7/9 player turnaround on the panel and that while we would take a step back in 2018 it would benefit us in the long term. In reality we have wasted year 1 of a 3 year re-building process.
    – Do we need an evolution or a revolution now ? Is SR ruthless enough ? is there too much same voice syndrome ?.
    – Thanks to everyone involved and also to WJ and now let’s get the Mayo bandwagon behind the U-20s.

  143. Ultair, agree that the McGuinness analysis has that ‘cookie cutter’ feel about it.

    I think the key point he missed and if often missed is about what this team has done for the perception of Mayo football – it has totally changed what the Mayo ‘Brand’ stands for and I think this will be their legacy.

    if we are honest up to 2011 the Mayo football brand stood for – unpredictable, devil-may-care, naive, occasionally brilliant – basically some talented individuals, not very disciplined, not super fit and beatable for top teams.

    Now, even if we go in to 2019 without some real legends, the Mayo brands stands for something really positive – never beaten, organized, hard working, well-prepared, fit, professional.

    It’s not as good as an AI, but, I think back to the feeling I had after the 2004 and 2006 finals and then I think about how proud I feel about this Mayo team and those feelings are poles apart.

  144. Ultair , I think Jim McGuinness article is one of several potentially definitive articles that could have been written about this Mayo team . Personally I think it’s great. I have great affinity for that Buffalo team.
    Unlike Clerkin yesterday McGuinness is totally respectful and you know he means what he says. He has real heart, real softness because of what life has thrown at him. But he’s no softie.
    He’s not playing stupid head games or trying to put us in our place. He’s saying that we were a “ powerhouse “. No , I’m not going to get caught up in that except to point out one thing. All that’s left at the end ( in the absence of medals ) are record books and articles that were written. Yesterday’s article was the first to try to re write the Mayo story. To take away the greatness. McGuinness counters that beautifully and appropriately today . He says we were better than some teams who won it. No prizes for guessing who that would be ( hint it’s not Donegal). He also has the decency to remember that when all is said and done it’s not ( just) about winning. It’s about values which we learn and use in our lives. Like Olive so presciently points out ( once again) this team has and will inspire a new generation . To live those values. To be those men and women of Mayo who try again. To never give up.

  145. Mike , you are correct that the Mayo brand , the Mayo narrative is now different . But if we let them there are those in the media who will try and tarnish it like Clerkin did yesterday . We need to stand up like people who “ know what we know “. We know it in our hearts and souls ,and in every sinew and fiber of our being ,that this Mayo team were great in every single way that matters.
    We will not allow people in the media take that way from this team or from us . That is our memory now and forever. We will never forget.

  146. Mayozone … Divisional teams has played in the past, unfortunately players from the clubs showed no interest. The only way forward it to play the senior championship before the start of the intermediate /junior one.

  147. The two lads have gotten a tranfer but they will play league only. They can/will transfer back to their home clubs in time for the c’ship. As long as they don’t play c’ship out there they can play c’ship at home.

  148. That ‘cookie cutter’ remark about the Jim McGuinness article jolted me to recall this hilarious send-up of how previous pieces by the same man might have been constructed: https://askmetank.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/how-to-write-like-jimmy-mcguinness/.

    For what it’s worth, Swahili, I disagree 100% with you on Malachy Clerkin. I’ve met Malachy and have spoken with him for articles he’s done on us (he re-uses an old quote of mine in yesterday’s piece) and my clear impression would be that there’s absolutely no animus there as far as we’re concerned. I read his piece – one of the few post-Newbridge articles about us I’ve read (or intend to read) – and I can’t for the life of me see how it could be interpreted as doing us down.

  149. A couple of very funny pieces on that link WJ. I couldn’t help but laugh. Very funny stuff.

  150. @pebblesmesser the two lads can play championship out there and when they come back here.they have to wait 3 weeks from there last game out there to play here again that the only stipulation

  151. Good luck to the 2 lads in Chicago. Break will do them good.

    I agree with comments here re Liam Irwin. Irrespective of what has happened before the guy has size, serious talent and very importantly attitude. Surely the job of management is to get him on board in whatever way they can. Maybe they have tried that already and if so then try again. We can’t afford to let talent slip away

  152. FWIW, my understanding over the years was that Darragh’s Wednesday column in the IT was always ghost-written by Keith Duggan. And as little time as I have for Darragh’s “analysis”, he did after all call Mayo one of the two greatest teams of the last 30 years after last year’s All-Ireland final. He’s not the most consistent “analyst” though, so I doubt he’ll be expressing those sentiments again this week. (All these quotation marks are intended, by the way. Darragh is no Jack O’Connor.)

  153. The Jim McGuinness and Malachy Clerkin columns (whether favourable to us or not) are a bit of an obituary. There is also a piece in the Indo today that is another obituary.

    We can’t let this happen. Whatever about certain players or groups of players we cannot let their be an obituary about Mayo football – dead for another ten years to maybe rise again when they get a few nice players.

    Horan made it his mission for Mayo to be consistently competitive – not for 2 years or while he was there or 7 years but every year. Kerry are competitive every yr – in the qualifier era they’ve made the QFs every yr and only two yrs they didn’t make the semis at least (2010, 2012). Dublin made the QFs or better 16 out of 17 years since Qualifiers were introduced. Fair enough we mightn’t be Kerry or Dublin but Tyrone are consistently competitive as has been pointed out. They’ve made the QFs or better 11/17 since the Qualifiers. We’ve made 12/17 so on a very similar trajectory to them. We’re also the longest run in Div 1 of the league. Whatever about the past we’re currently consistent.

    We need to keep to this level or better it. Anything less than the Super 8’s going forward is a failure. We have the players, we have the football tradition, we have the sponsorship money, we have the support. Super 8’s should be a minimum aim next yr. Primary aim is to win Connacht back and get into the Super 8’s in handy shape to give us the best chance of progressing.

  154. Chicago has only 3 senior clubs, McBride’s Wolftones and Parnells, One game every Sunday with the odd team sitting out. they play each other 3 times total of 6 games each and the Final is played August 19th

  155. Bang on kevmy. Consistently competitive should be a mantra for us. When Kerry have “been away” from the limelight they’ve snuck an All Ireland in ’14 (as gutting as that SF was) and have been dominant in their province.

  156. Obituaries? A bit premature I think.

    Like most people on this blog I’m a bit bummed out this week. But I’m nowhere near as fed up as I was after the semi-final defeat to Kerry in 2014. That was utter, utter dejection. Swiftly followed by James Horan’s resignation to cement the ‘end-of-an-era’ feeling to that whole horrible evening.

    Not only did it feel like we’d never reach an All-Ireland final again – it felt like Kerry would lord it over us forever in the championship.

    And yet – this team resurrected itself to reach two more finals and shrug the Kingdom monkey off their backs.

    They may be older now, but it’s amazing what six months’ rest, plus the likes of Parsons, S O’S, Harrison, Vaughan and Keegan getting back to full match sharpness will do.

    Let the columnists write us off and say we’re finished. It wouldn’t be the first time. And it’ll make it all the sweeter when the Mayo giant rises again.

  157. Fair enough WJ. We don’t agree on everything . But I did lay out some points in that article of Clerkin’s that were just that. A put down. Putting us in our place . I stand by my points.

    -we follow gravity ( not like others ,our10 finals in 22 years notwithstanding )
    -our future forwards won’t be world beaters ( I mean this is raw ,stupid arrogance )
    -you roll your eyes at the poetry and what all the gobshites in the medi write about Mayo. Malachy said that ! More arrogance.
    -and we are exactly where we are supposed to be now – back in the pack!

    WJ , this may not seen like a put down to you ( Malachy’s character testimony aside ) but if it’s not putting us where we are supposed to be , in his mind , back in the chasing pack , then I think the whole intent of his article is lost.

    Malachy has no idea how we will perform next year . But ten All Ireland’s in 22 years mean we probably won’t be in the chasing pack anytime soon.

  158. When was the last time there was a proper trial of players in Mayo.
    I remember 2006 Mickey Moran had public trial matches of North, South , East and West Divisions, there was also a match in where the Mayo News Club stars played a Mayo 15.
    With Mayo been out early this year would it be an idea to play a series of trial matches after the club championships finish up.None of the current squad should take part as they deserve there rest.I always thought Jimmy Killeen from Garrymore was often overlooked by Mayo over the years usually one of the highest scorers in League or championship was never really given a fair chance, there has to be 2 or 3 players out there that might make a difference who havn’t got a chance.

  159. Aidan I stand corrected so, that’s interesting. Different in Ladies football where you can’t play c’ship for 2 clubs in the same season.
    You live and you learn, thanks.

  160. People place far too much value on the opinions of journalists nowadays. They just write opinion pieces – there opinion is of no more value than anyone else on this board. They are entitled to them just the same. Some write superficially eloquently and yet are talking complete and utter bollox (e.g. Fintan o Toole), others engage in a more contemporary dialogue with the reader but have the knack of actually engaging because they are real and passionate and comprehensible (e.g WJ) and so usually ;)are not talking bollox. But it’s hardly worth getting into a stew over. I know this because that’s exactly what I used to do when i read the Irish Times…but I came up with a great antidote….I stopped buying and reading it….no more stew…and no less enlightened for it either!

  161. I think the long summer break will do the lads the world of good. For the last 7 years they have put everything of themselves into Mayo football until the latter stages of the championship. They have lives outside of football like the rest of us. They probably want to head off for a summer travelling or are in relationships with prople who long to travel, but cant because of football commitments. Gaa players put in a huge sacrifice, putting their lives on hold for a year. Drinking bans, missing out on social activities and family gatherings due to clashing with training or matches. And then geting damn all out of it fincincally. The only reasonable answer is that they love what they do. So enjoy the summer lads and hopefully we’l see every one of ye back in 2019 hungrier than ever.

  162. Its right and good to focus on the investment in youth, the drive to ensure the best players are making their way into the county squad, the effort to effectively manage players’ development etc etc.
    These are all sensible ideas to improve Mayo’s chances to get over that final hurdle … although you’d kind of assume those things are largely being done already.

    Plus, we already know that player for player, the current bunch of Mayo players are good enough to beat anyone on a given day. They’ve done it in high stake, pressure situations. If I’m not mistaken Mayo have beaten each of Dublin, Kerry & Tyrone at AI Semi-final stage and also took down Donegal when they were AI champs.
    They just haven’t been able to beat them on THE day, the day that mattered most.

    And looking at the longer history of Mayo in AI finals – is there still a missing ingredient that might explain the continual failure to convert final appearances into wins? The ratio of wins to losses is so enormously different to other high-performing, capable counties.

    So what could be the missing ingredient, if there is one?

    Its not bottle, its not intensity, its not motivation, its not diligence, its not perseverence, its not talent, its not strength nor fitness nor preparation, not passion nor commitment nor bravery … all those qualities have been displayed by various Mayo teams but most particularly have been unquestionably and repeatedly diplayed by the current team.

    And I don’t believe its luck … not that many times. I’m even a bit reluctant to accept the broad view that this Mayo team were just unlucky to be going up against this Dublin team. Thats beginning to sounds dangerously like an excuse.

    So what else could be missing? Is it the failure to devise a fresh or unpredictable “system” (Tyrone, Donegal) Or is it simpler than that, e.g is a stronger sense of pig-headed stubbornness needed? (Armagh) Or is it the right amount of plain old, dirty-minded nastiness?? (any number of teams).

    I have posted here about my respect for this team and its supporters so don’t take this as a patronising suggestion that “Mayo are too nice” .. its a genuine question from someone who is mystified. Should Mayo be looking to inject something darker? Or something radically new?
    Or if not, what really is missing??

  163. That’s fine, Swahili, I get what you’re saying. I didn’t see it that way but, as you, we don’t have to agree on everything.

    You’re too kind, Cantini! I’d say I talk as much bollox as the next person … though clearly not anything like as much as Fintan O’Toole. He’s made an art form out of it. Seriously, though, I’d agree completely with you on the opinion pieces, and, like yourself and the Irish Times, I largely I give all that stuff a fairly wide berth most of the time.

  164. Re Obituaries.. Mark Twain, the Great American writer and humorist.. Said when a Newspaper carried false reports, firstly of his illness, and then even worse his death… ‘The report’s of my death are an exaggeration’ & he he didn’t know whether be ‘amused or annoyed’… I don’t read every single Explayer, Journalist writes about as regard’s Gaelic-football. .. Even some ex Mayo player’s, I find irritating.. Because some of them certainly don’t amuse me, and some most definitely, do annoy me… Darragh O Shea, is a case in point, so I just don’t read what he writes , or allegedly writes any more…. And I would go some way in agreeing with ‘Swahilli’s’ opinion as regard’s to the same.. I actually met Tomas O Shea before the 2016 All Ireland final, I found him alright and was left with the impression that he would like Mayo to win, a taught we definitely could!… For my money, Jim McGuiness is by a mile the best,.. When he writes and even more impressive when he speak’s… I don’t agree with everything Jim McGuiness has done or said… EG,.. I believe he made a mistake in getting rid of, Kevin Cassiddy all those years ago… But apart from that, I am hugely impressed with him… As regard’s to the opinion other’s express about us… Someone once said something like this…’Hate isn’t the opposite of love, apathy is, It’s better to be looked over, than overlooked’….. PS… Great Stuff Revellino, as regards the poem.. It deserves a title… I suggest ‘The Rising’.

  165. Loreto Road,
    good post, and to be perfectly honest, the only real answer is there is a curse. How can there not be?
    Play dublin off the field and then gift them 2 of the freakest goals imaginable. Numerous other examples are there on the taperecordings to be viewed by the sadists, , cillian and aos smashing into each other in limerick in that replay, 2 dubs crashing into each other last september and the referee gives them a free in. Pound for pound MAYO have been up there with the very best teams to ever play the game but luck has definitely not been there in the crucial moments when it was needed.
    But please dont go thinking that its over and dublin have one less pain in the ass to deal with in the coming years, this break is only going to make them stronger in 2019 and theres a lot of kids and teenagers in Mayo today that want to be like keegan and co and are learning the trade.
    Plus, someday the curse will be broken, we just dont know when.

  166. Well said Willie Joe on the manager. There is no vacancy.

    Good analysis there Olive, as always. The development squad should be maturing over the next year, and some of those u20s will do well, irrespective of how the team fares.

  167. The curse is not having a Gooch Donaghy Canavan Murphy or even Emlyn Mulligan in a Mayo Jersey a national born forward with a killer instinct.

  168. Thanks Swahili and Leantimes.

    That’s settled so. We’re all agreed. We’ll call it the rising.

  169. Willie Joe
    Is there a way to have comments appear on the blog on a most recent first basis.
    I dont know if it’s my browser or not but i have to scroll down the end to follow the conversation.
    Just a suggestion. I dont know if it’s possible

  170. Reality Check needed here….

    I, like all others, have lived with this team for the last 7 years, planned my life around them, felt the highs and the deep lows. Indeed I was similarly following a more erratic Mayo for 20 odd years before them. No question that the team since 2011 has vastly exceeded any other team since 50/51. This was the best Mayo team I have ever seen……but we still don’t have an All Ireland.

    Question – why as a county people do we so desperately crave the sympathy of others, the love of the media? Why are we so sensitive when we don’t get that sympathy or love? I’m no psychologist, but I firmly believe it is our in-build psyche as a county and contributes to acceptance of defeat and a consequential craving for sympathy.

    In any failed project situation, you perform a lessons learned so that you identify what you did right and wrong, learn from it.

    What we did right?
    – Competitively Consistent – this has been the greatest achievement, and its one that’s critical we maintain and not have to wait in cycles of 10 years for competitiveness at the top level
    – Developed physically for the modern game and had some foresight in this as others were catching up
    – Got the best out of most of our players – the AI winning 21 team of 2006 is often alluded to as being the backbone of the team, however people tend to forget that most of that team that made it through had their struggles in establishing themselves in the senior team. Off the top of my head, only Keith Higgins established himself seamlessly into the senior set-up and to a lesser extent Barry Moran at the time – others were in and out, dropped, had to fight their way back, etc. Of the whole current team you could only say Higgins, AOS, P Durcan, COC and DOC went seamlessly from underage to senior, Keegan in a somewhat different way. Shows that if you provide the environment, conditions, opportunity you can create opportunity for players to develop and maximise their potential, even if they first off struggle at senior level

    All the above to continue are imperative for Mayo

    What we did wrong
    – Very poor decision making at critical times by management (I just don’t mean the merits of this or that substitution – I mean like Dropping Clarke for 2016 replay, taking off Freeman 2013, making no Change on Donaghy 2014 replay v Kerry. For a county in our situation we HAVE to become a lot more smarter on the line.
    – Critical game management – how many times have we been caught out by a long ball into our full back line over the years, yet we persist with the same? Its criminal! And worse, successive managers have done the same. In fairness to Rochford, he addressed this in one tie v Kerry and Holmes & Connelly did v Donegal – and what was the result? We won both ties. My biggest bug bear – ending up with rookie line-outs in closing stages of Finals when our opposition have sent for the artillery – after waiting 65 odd years, this is how we manage out an all Ireland final?
    – We haven’t blooded new players sufficiently. That’s fact. Eg. Rochford has been there 3 years after taking over a team many felt needed freshness back then. Who has he brought through really? Eoin O’Donoghue and Harrisson. The two lads introduced out of nowhere to the white heat of championship this year still baffles me. As I pointed out above its rare a player transitions from underage to senior seamlessly – have we provided the right environment or opportunity for this? No. One of my big takes from last years championship was how Kerry could not accept that Mayo beat them and still don’t. If the result was reversed, would we still be saying ‘we gave it all, wasn’t to be, sure we love the journey’. Kerry didn’t accept it, there have been big changes to their team as Eamonn Fitz knew that there would be major repercussions. We need to have the same ruthlessness. If we really feel it’s a diss that Culkin says we drop back to our place in the pack, then we should find it unacceptable that we lost to Kildare like we did the last day. Kerry wouldn’t accept it, Dubs wouldn’t. If we do, then our default place is indeed back in the pack.

    If we really don’t learn lessons with a view to keeping at the level we are at and making the improvements necessary to win All Irelands, then we will still be talking about what-ifs 10 years from now. I truly admire every player that puts on a Mayo jersey, for the sacrifices and commitments they make (don’t think I could ever have done it) – so it’s the least we can do is provide them with the very best opportunity to succeed and this can only be done by learning the lessons from the past.

  171. KL..A wonderful post. You said everything I would say…Folks.. read that.. it’s our hope for the future… 🙂 😉

  172. Great post KL 100 % agree. The definition of madness is doing the exact same thing and expecting different results.

  173. KL,.. Very good post.. Why do we crave the sympathy of the nation?.. I think that’s us fan’s.. Don’t think the team mentality is the same… Player’s have to listen to allot of Bollix post defeat… I heard some of that…Admiration should be our overriding emotion if any of us, meet any of them… It may be the end???… But it’s not the end for them all… Player’s know mistakes have been made, Management, selection, substitution’s individual mistakes by player’s… But it’s not the team ethic to be negative about another member of the team, with Joe Public… And ‘Sympathy’ is the last thing any of them want!

  174. Consistently competiteve …. I’d have to argue that’s now gone , losing to Galway in connacht and getting dumped by Kildare does not hold up for that line .

    For me we got too bloody comfortable at accepting defeat in Connacht . That team was capable of doing eight in a row nestors.

    As for all the obituaries ,let them say what they want . Sure the most common narrative amongst all experts and us mere common folk after Longford 2010 was ” ahh that will set Mayo back a long time , bad times ahead for poor Mayo “. They fairly ripped the fuck out of that script .

    As long as there are males born in County Mayo , there will be top class gaelic footballers. Sin e

  175. KL – it’s arguably the best post I have read on here in years. Willie Joe’s it’s so ‘on point’ it deserves to be posted as an article.

    It should be sent to the Mayo news!:)

    I couldnt agree more re: accepting defeat. I was out in the back garden yesterday in the sun and thought to myself if Dublin, Kerry or even Galway had lost that game it would be deemed ‘UNACCEPTABLE’ in those respective counties. In Mayo it has been taken with an almost shrug of inevitability. Without wanting to sound overly critical it is a ‘loser attitude’. Losers (anyone who accepts being second or worse) breed losers and until Mayo as a whole start thinking in a more positive-aggressive frame of mind then KL is right, we will still be holding our heads in our hands in ten years time wondering why we havent won it.

  176. Dublin Donegal on at 7pm on the Saturday night in Croker
    Just to make 150% sure of Home advantage
    And yes I am aware Parnell Park is Dublin’s “Home”

  177. Great post, KL. Can’t argue with any of that.

    Pat – that’s sorted. I’m not sure why it was set up the other way but the newer comments now appear at the top. All – let me know if this works better (or not) for you.

    Km79 – that timing really is something else. Not our fight, I know, but there’s not even a pretence at being fair to Donegal and their fans with that kind of match scheduling.

  178. Thanks WJ.
    Does the comments box need to be at the top too. Maybe that’s the reason it was set the other way!?.

  179. Just my opinion WJ, but I much prefer it the other way. Now we have to scroll down to where we left off and then scroll upwards.

  180. Wj

    Yes. Much better last post at the top and the comments box should be above it too I imagine.
    Out from that, it’s a pretty flawless website and worth all the gold in the world.
    KL made a great post, maybe the best one ever. Accepting second place or looking for sympathy is a sure fire way of never winning. That post of his is required reading for any Mayo person that’s happy with the way things stand today. 4 finals in 6 years and lost them all.
    1 solitary senior but of silverware since 1971 (2001 league trophy) and even that is tainted as the better teams were not playing that year because of foot and mouth disease.
    So we can look at 89,96,96 replay,97, 04,06,12,13,16,16 replay, 17 and try to digest it.
    The media and opponents have plenty of material to throw at us and not a lot we can say back until we figure it out.

  181. I see J Brolly is pissing on our grave within 2 days of us being buried. He said in his article that he ‘was constantly amazed’ by the fact that we were competitive each time we played Dublin and that we wouldn’t have stood a chance against his Derry team of 93. The overall tone of his article was dismissive towards us.

    The thing about Brolly is he’s a populist that runs with the hare and chases with the hound. If we had beaten Dublin by a point last year he’d have proclaimed us as one of the best teams of all time. Note also how he praised Kildare last week for their stance on the venue – good old Joe (watching out the wind of public opinion blows and following suit).

    One thing missing from the post match analysis was our weakness in defence – we conceded 21 points. Our HB was eviscerated. They ran through us with such ease!

  182. It’s makes more sense to have the most recent comment first WJ
    But the post a comment box then needs to be moved to top as well

  183. Brolly is an A…hole. I hope Dublin win the AI by about 10 points–that will show just how good a team Mayo were.

  184. I think the vast majority of Mayo.supporters abhor any faux pity from the media.

    Maybe we make heroes of players too easily.
    I think if Kilkenny Hurlers were beaten yesterday you would not find one of them in a pub tonight talking selfies yet that is exactly what one of our players was doing Sunday night….

  185. That’s absolute rubbish talk Olive .
    Do you not think they are entitled to a blow out after all the hard work these AMATEUR players put in . Should they go home and go to bed to keep you happy ?
    I can just imagine the reaction of some if the players had refused photos requests in the pub too!!!
    They can’t win .
    Ridiculous expectations of amateur players .

    And as someone who has played team sports at a much lower than these guys for a long time this type of thing happens in EVERY county . I believe the fancy term for it is team building

  186. Old way was best with the comments. Long comments you now have to scroll down and then up again.

  187. Olive, seriously, a player taking selfies on Sunday?

    I have to ask you… So what?

  188. I preferred the old layout (old – new) for the comments. I don’t know of many websites where you have to scroll up to read new content.

  189. If we need a new Manager in the next year, Kevin McStay is the only man for the job.
    A new team is needed next year as the following players are coming to the end of their career , Clarke , Cafferkey , Higgins, Boyle , Barrett, S O Shea , Parsons, McLaughlin , Andy , very few of them will be starting next year and playing leading roles , some may be good enough for last 15 minutes but that’s about it. A new team needs to be put in place now and used in all games in the FBD and League , there is plenty of talent there but they have to get plenty of full games not just the last few minutes has happened in the last few years .

  190. Selfies , so what , is this for real you’re actually giving out about that ?

    I just watched a clip of them all singing together and it was class to see them enjoy themselves. Aido some singer too haha.

    “These waters are my sky. I’ll never reach my destination. If I never try. So I will sail my vessel. Till the river runs dry ”

    That’s what they were singing , fairly apt too. Good on them

  191. Have to say the age profile of our squad is being really over exaggerated. I’ve heard Boyle, parsons and few other described as being “well into their 30’s” and someone else talking about aido and McLoughlin retiring! Of course we need some fresh starters but id don’t think any team would like to face boyler or Andy coming off the bench on the 50th minute.

  192. Fair play to the lads if they were out drinking pints taking selfies and singing Garth Brooks songs if met them I’d buy each and everyone of them a pint and a half one and an ounce of tobacco and thank them for all the joy they have given us over the last 7 or 8 years

  193. I have to clarify as I have obviously left my previous comment open to mis interpretation.

    I am absolutely delighted the guys are out enjoying themselves.

    My problem is with supporters asking them for selfies in a pub…they should be allowed to enjoy themselves in peace. I think Kilkenny Hurlers would not be pestered in the same way. That was the point I was trying to make.

  194. KL, super, super post. You’re definitely tapping into something at the core there.
    Quite how one goes about changing the psychology of an entire county I don’t know … and probably that’s not even the right approach. In fact, it would be the wrong approach – Mayo are Mayo and that’s whats brilliant about it.
    However, recognising and compensating for a certain inbuilt outlook is something anyone in the leadership position around the senior team needs to be aware of and planning for.

    A side remark: as a newbie and and outsider, I don’t have any place to be making demands, I just know there’d be less scrolling up or down if there was a new post from Willie Joe for people to be replying to 🙂

  195. I am not a conservative by nature but I would like to see Rochford and his management team staying for 2 more seasons. It is not their fault that so many influential players got injured or needed surgery in 2018. My reasons folks are simple. In the last 2 years they have played the football of their lives. Going down the last day they gave it everything they had. In Ballybofey last March we watched an under strength team give it everything to stay in Div 1. The second reason is that under Rochford we have been adding new exciting players. To validate this try this out. Look up who lined out for us the last day or even during the league and compare it with the line up in 2015 six months before he took over. Rochford has assembled a fine team and management group. Right or wrong he has shown ball when it came to decision making. Do not write off or name anyone as finished when you simply do not understand what it takes to operate at such a high level. We do not have more young lads on the team in Newbridge the last day because they were not up to what is required.

  196. Donegal statement
    C.L.G. Dhún na nGall are to seek a meeting with GAA Officials to seek clarification on how any County may use a Ground as both Neutral and a Home venue re Super 8s.

    The intention of the meeting is to ensure a level playing field for every team #gaa #donegal

  197. @PJMcmanus
    This year 2018 we struggled but we will allow for injuries.
    Rochford has not shown any willingness to add in new players. We had one of the oldest defences ever togged in senior championship the last day in high temperatures and they got ate for pace.
    I disagree that the young players are not up to the standard. Eoin ODonoghue came on and immediately lifted things.
    Diarmuid OConnor played at midfield versus Roscommon in the league 2017. He was never put there again until due to losing both midfielders. For only the second game he played there he was excellent, we had reduced him to a non-impactful player at wing forward.
    No young player would have come on with Donie Vaughans lack of fitness the last day. A pretty basic repeated sprint test is able to show where a player stands in terms of fitness the week of a match.

  198. KL You must have been watching a different Mayo to me or your positives and negatives are biased to suit a particular agenda. Consistently competitive is a phrase first used in 2010 and accredited to JH. The 2017 version was a Mayo team playing the football of their lives with Dublin and Kerry. Mayo have been on a continuous improvement path implemented by JH and reinforced by Buckley and Rochford. We must be looking at 2 different teams I think. Continuous improvement is what we have today it is a tough ask for someone trying to join the squad. It is the one thing everyone in Mayo needs to understand. I have serious problems with anyone who displays little or no understanding of this but would like to give out advise on where we should go next.

  199. If it’s new posts you’re looking for, Loreto Road, then your timing isn’t hectic! I put up 40 posts in June but, with precious little raw material to go on now, it’ll be a fraction of that number every month for the rest of the year. I’m going to stick up a post at some point over the next few days about my plans for the blog for the next while, which, in short, will amount to my devoting far less time to it from here to year-end. Our early exit gives me a long overdue opportunity to step back from the world of Mayo GAA for a while, one which I intend to take.

    Mixed views on the comments at the top/bottom issue, with most, I think, saying the old way is the best. I’ll leave things as they are for now, though, and revisit the issue in a day or two, see what the majority view is and go with that. There’s no option, by the way, of shifting the comment box. That design is hard-wired in. I’m sure if you’re into writing code and such that it could be changed but I’m not that person.

  200. Best Wishes to Donegal in their efforts to ensure a level playing field… A level playing field, for Donegal should help ensure a level playing field for all… Get another big media campaign going… There’s an ‘Anti Establishment’ appetite out there, right now.. Harnesses it while you can..
    The ‘CCCC’ and the GAA Hirachey needs bringing down a peg or two…… If they go any further, Dublin will be starting match’s with a five point lead and playing with 16 men…. Oh pardon me, but hasn’t that happened in several All Ireland final’s already?

  201. First of all I want to congratulate Diarmuid . He proved that he is the new midfielder for the future. Please don’t put any of the 3 O,Sheas as a partner to him nor Coen neither. That is my opinion. I totally agree with Loreto Road, and Ann Groden Murrisk. Some other blogger said “Lads over 30 to make their own decions” That has shown why we were beaten Saturday. The one person who should go is Donie Buckley. He is here for the last 7 years, and its about time he moved on. Horan brought us to Croke Park and went, and Holmes and Connolly brought us to Croke Park.they went and Rochford brought us to Croke Park. He did not do this in 2018. Maybe a new management will bring us again to Croker in 2019, but a lot of things will be required and a lot of changes.

  202. JP I agree with much of that. However if we had won on Saturday you might have been forgiven for saying, that old defense needed game time after long layoff. Vaughan, Keegan, Barrett all needed a run with a view to get them up to speed for the super 8’s. I have to agree they are an aging defense.. EOD was great when he came on. When I arrived in Newbridge the first thing I looked at was who do we have to bring on if things are tight. EOD was the only big hitter I saw. I dont believe Rochford did not want to bring on new people it is that the ones we have were not good enough. After the introduction of EOD our intensity continued to drop off and our bench had less of an impact than theirs.

  203. Where were we going to go even if we had managed to win on Saturday ? Imagine if we had won on Saturday we were still 5 or 6 wins from lifting Sam. I looked an impossible task when Tom went down and a figment of the imagination when Seamie got injured.

    I think the whole team needed an early exit this year. The lads that are there for years need the time off to recharge. I think the recent nearly wins have to have taken a toll, a huge toll and the midfield lads getting injured was demoralising for everyone. We had a slew of other injuries to contend with on top of this.

    The whole team need to live it up for the next 4 or 5 months and really enjoy themselves. I really hope they do that. Let all the pressure go and get back to it in December for the start of the 2019 rebuilding.

    The younger lads need to get pushed on the pitch for the FBD and League when all that kicks off again in the new year.

    Rochford might not have gotten every call right and hopefully if he stays on he will have learned a lot from these things that he did not get right.

    I think the next 4 or 5 months for the players are far more important than the 5 or 6 months they have just come through. Go off and live the life and come back when yea have had your fill.

  204. @PJ McManus
    Curious as to how you can explain we are on a continuous improvement path when we just about scrapped relegation in the league, have not won connaught in the last 3 years, lost to a very mediocre Kildare Team who were relegated and lost to Carlow in the Championship.

  205. Comment box at very end…nah… I like the new posts at the start though. KL…you are so right. I’m disappointed we lost to Kildare though I know we were severely depleted. Still our calibre of players need to achieve more. I’m fed up of gallant second best team bulloney. It sickens me. We have talent power and conditioning. We are a top class team but for the life of me I’m frustrated with the trickle effect of introducing new blood. Finishing All-Irelands with a few untested rookies is pathetic and I expect more. Really you’d wonder why any up and coming young lad would bother when realistically they won’t get their chance. Frustrating is the word on my lips… time to up the game and expect to win. Strong fair and hard but ruthless… that’s what I want from my Mayo team. Go deo, Maigheo

  206. WJ you certainly deserve a good rest after a mammoth amount of work. You occupy a special place among us Mayo folk with enormous respect for what you do and how you do it.
    What can one say at the end of this particular road? I suppose “things happen”! When I saw Lee Keegan dislocate his shoulder against Tyrone I began to get a bad feeling. Similarly when Diarmuid got sent off v Galway. But when Tom Parsons did his knee I kinda knew this was the end of our chances of winning Sam in 2018. And I reckon some of the players might have felt the same – that we weren’t going to beat the Dubs this year. Losing Seamus O Shea only added to a feeling of inevitability. And I think that is what we saw in Newbridge – a tired team whose mental reserves had been stretched a bit too far.
    As to the future? God only knows. I reckon about 6/7 players will call it a day. Others who have not featured too much will be let go as well. So a new look Mayo will represent us in 2019. i only hope they retain the stubborn competitiveness we have become accustomed to. Success for me next year would be a rebuilt team capable of competing with the top teams. Winning Sam might have to wait!
    As for management I think we will see a new line up for 2019.

  207. Rather the old way!
    Some great posts in here today.
    Also that sing song clip of Aidan and team is heartening. Hope they spend the Summer acting like lads their age. I bet it will be the best of their lives.

  208. One thing worth mentioning from the last 2 games is that COC failed to score from play; to be fair that’s not good enough! I think at this stage we can agree that he’s more a HF than FF…….which brings me to my next point. We have a plethora of HFs to choose from….but very few genuine inside forwards. Paul Early on Sky remarked on this in the 2nd half last when he said AM was still our ‘go-to’ player for inside ball. We are struggling to find a genuine FF and corner forward who can win ball and stick it over the bar other than AM. Maybe Doc (but is he more a HF)……which brings me to my next point.

    I don’t think any of the key players should retire. AM did well on Saturday, Higgins and Clarke have more to offer. That said Caff and Boyle appear no more than impact subs from now. Boyle has struggled of late…..which brings me to my next point.

    The real issue now is not retirements but instead whether we can find new players. Specifically, the following positions; FB, CHB, FF line x 3. It’s fairly alarming that thus far there is no heir apparent to Caff at FB whilst Mother Nature refuses to provide us with new options in the FF line. We need new options in the FF line and in the central defensive positions in order to make progress next year along with a bit of luck……which brings me to my next point.

    One salient point also regarding our early exit was the draw. For the third year in a row we drew Galway in the 1st round and had a player sent off and one injured….then we had 4 qualifiers left to negotiate. Meanwhilst, in effect, Roscommon only had to beat Leitrim to get to Round 4 of the qualifiers with a perfectly good chance against Armagh.

    On reflection the venue saga compounded our difficulties also as Kildare played with a feverish intensity far removed from their recent performances; they had to didn’t they?

    I don’t think that we have a defeatist attitude in Mayo. I see that as something of a fallacy where sometimes we seem to think that we’re somehow different in our mindset to other counties. These things aren’t a science you know …..and to be fair this team has won its fair share of big games and tight battles to indicate the contrary. Instead sometimes we wish to see things in a certain way and when others state it we readily agree.

    Anyhow I have my flights and accommodation booked for NYC!

  209. Any chance of Gary Boylan coming back to Mayo? I know he was close last year but stuck with sligo rovers. Mayo GAA should really be doing their utmost to get this guy back on board. In Mayo we cannot afford to let such talent slip away. Pearse Hanley was allowed to. Boylan would add real talent to our attack. God knows we need it.

  210. Prefer the old system as some posts are in response to previous posts and that interaction is often an interesting read, but it’s your site WJ and you are more than entitled to present it any which way. Pp pp

  211. The perfect midfield partner with Diarmuid would be a fella called Pearce…think he wandered off to warmer climates a few years back.

    Pearce. The click is ticking. If you’re ever gonna come home and help us all out it needs to happen soon!

    Your county needs you.

  212. Think its time to forget about Pearse Hanley now mayonaze. Hes got a decent career in the Aussie rules game now for over 10 years and is unlikely to decide to head home to help Mayo win sam. And as we saw with his younger brother this year who hasnt been out there for too long, his basic ball handling skills were well below standard. The transition can be tough. Time to start focusing on the players we have within the county and actually want to play for Mayo.

  213. That’s a fine post Spotlight. Totally agree with you on the perception issue.

  214. These lads are entitled to enjoy themselves, while we are all able to go to the games, enjoy a few pints and cheer the lads on they cant and not for the last 7+ years at this point. Let them enjoy a rest and let the hair down for a bit. Sean, Anywhere I could see the video? I don’t use facebook?

  215. New comments at the end work better in my opinion. It’s no hardship to scroll down to them

  216. Just on the Donegal Co Board statement – from a Dub support point of view. I know its not specifically a Mayo matter but it is arising as a consequence of what happened last week.
    I’m a Dub and even I think its a bit unfair for Dublin to have two Croke Park games – however I think Donegal have a made a blunder here.

    Cian ONeill and Kildare Co Board showed how its done: have a clear and compelling position, have a winnable argument, maintain a balance between passion and logic and stick to your guns.
    This Donegal approach is weak, muddled, has no chance of instigating change and will undermine the ground gained for the wider community by the Kildare stand.
    The Super 8 rules never said anything about a neutral venue.
    The Donegal intervention now gives the GAA the opportunity to win an easy argument and thereby claim back some of the ground lost in the Kildare debacle.
    It smacks of the Donegal Co Board trying to catch up with loose remarks made by Declan Bonner and that other nonsense spouted by Jim McGuinness about ‘tarnished legacy’.

    Here’s a better idea.

    Donegal and others should start an orderly campaign to change the approach at Congress next year to the following:
    1) each county gets a home game, an away game (another teams ‘home’) and a NEUTRAL game
    2) NEUTRAL is defined as a location outside the province of either competing team

    If 2) was the current rule then Dublin and Donegal could play in Castlebar or Roscommon or even Sligo (or even a Munster venue albeit a bit unfair on Donegal folks). And pretty much everyone else would still be free to use Croke Park game as their NEUTRAL venue.
    One slight downside is that if, say Carlow (or Kildare this year), got to the Super 8s in a given year and ended in a group that didn’t include Dublin then they might not get to play in Croke Park at all that year (giving every team the opportunity to play in Croker at least once was part of the thinking that leads us to the double Dublin advantage) but thats probably a fair sacrifice given that every county in Leinster has a chance of playing in Croker as part of the Leinster competition anyway.

    And nobody I know in Dublin has a problem travelling to support or play at a far away venue … quite the opposite!

  217. Mayo U20 Vs Derry All Ireland Semi Final, Saturday July 14th. Carrick on Shannon.
    No time as of yet but Carrick venue highly likely. Official confirmation after Leinster U20 final this weekend. Leinster Munster fixture announced at same time.

  218. I would vote to revert to new comments at the bottom… I miss scrolling through and seeing the flow of conversation topics.

  219. Sincerest thanks Willie Joe for all the time and efforts you have invested in this blog. As a project, it has proven spectacularly successful for the manner in which it facilitates an exchange of views among the faithful as well as acting as a conduit for news and information. If I have any suggestion it would be that you might resort to the old style format where we scrolled from top to bottom. It was much more user-friendly.
    The post by KL is, to my mind, one of the best I’ve read on this platform.
    Beaten three years in a row in our own province?
    Beaten by Kildare?
    Last second kick from KMcL against Donegal in order to remain in the top flight?
    Consistently competitive? I don’t think so.
    None of this is by way of criticism of those wonderful ambassadors who have worn the red and green on our behalf and have given us wonderful days and memories. But a spade, after all, is a spade.
    Thanks again for everything, WJ.

  220. Toto If you want to start with a rollout of all the negatives in the last couple of years go ahead. You have probably got them all listed there well done. Did you see any positives at all.

  221. A trip to lovely Leitrim in the sunshine! Great stuff. We need to pack the place. All-Ireland Final up for grabs. And I can’t go a year with at least 1 All-Ireland Final!

    Need to put all our energy into this one lads and lassies.

  222. I prefer the comments the old way as the flow is better with some comments being in response to other posts.etc.
    On the general state of play we have to look now at the best way forward for us.
    For me the overwhelming reason we didn’t reach our destination over the last 7 years is down to a lack of depth.
    Across all managements we never managed to’weaponise’ our bench.
    I am not sure whether this was because our bench wasn’t good enough or if the managements were reluctant to use the bench full stop. All I know is that this needs to change or this story will go on.
    We have very special circumstances with this team and I believe that many of them have a few more seasons in them despite the obituaries. We need to protect them and manage their workload . They have been overworked these past few years and their understudies have been underworked. Look at the way the top players in rugby are managed … they don’t play every game and this affords their understudies chances … so they have the best of both worlds. I believe these players should be told that from now on they’ll only be playing between May and August each year & to plan accordingly. Meanwhile we need to develop a second team let’s call it ‘Emerging Mayo’ & have this new team play the League each year. I believe this is the only way we can extend our depth and keep challenging. I believe that both sets of players would be delighted with the new scenario … players from ‘Emerging Mayo’ delighted with the game time and players from ‘Established Mayo’ delighted with the shortened season.

  223. It makes conversations appear backwards when scrolling down through them.
    The issue with having newest comments at the top is obvious:

  224. Will u20s semi finals be a double header. If so I cannot see it taking place in Carrick on Shannon.

  225. Right – the ‘old way is best’ side have it. I’ve switched the ordering of comments back to where they were. Sorry, Pat – you were well outvoted there!

    Still doesn’t get around the fact that there’s not going to be a whole pile to talk about here over the coming months but sin scéal eile

  226. The old way is definetly the best easier to follow the flow of comments. Good article by Kieran Shannon the older lads would be unbelievable impact subs to bring off the bench. If we can get the younger lads up step up we will have some team. Easier said than done but I can’t wait for the FBD and league to hopefully see new faces. I don’t believe we will go through a huge trough if anything the hunger levels and fitness should be better than ever and we should target Connacht.

  227. Top down is better methinks Willie Joe. (But not when it comes to the GAA, of course, ahem!)
    A suggestion of a navigation button on screen that gets you to the last comment rather than scrolling down. Either way, the grieving for this year’s loss continues for another while. Cheers WJ.

  228. Thanks FBD for link to Shannon article. Agree 100% with it. Rochford has depended too much on the core group and new player development has been a disaster. So many squad players going nowhere, not given adequate chances or dropped to make space. Conor and drake in the panel for 6 years with no progress. And there are more. This has led to over familiarity in the squad and not enough competition. I strongly believe in a panel of 32 each member should be moving, either up or down the charts if you like. You’re either getting closer to a starting spot or moving down and out of the panel. This mayo squad had been paralysed for the last 3 years in particular. If after say 2 years if the likes of drake isn’t pushing for a starting place they should be dropped and someone else given a chance. The next guy might not make it either but you’ll never know unless you give them a chance. This panel has seized up and i’m not sure Rochford can change his policy at this stage.

  229. Joet – There is a list of the 5 most recent comments on the homepage. I always click on one of them to skip to most recent comment.

    Much better this way WJ!

  230. On consistently competitive I guess we have to define what we think competitive in any given year.
    Making the final? Making the semis? The Super 8’s? Staying in Div 1? Winning Connacht?

    Then we have to define what consistently is. Every year? 4 yrs out of 5? Every 2nd yr?
    Personally I think to be competitive you need to be in the top 6 teams in the country. Realistically these days no one outside that has a chance of an AI. That means staying in Div 1 every year. Making the Super 8’s every year. Winning Connacht at least every 2nd yr. Making a semi at least every 2nd yr.

    By these criteria we didn’t hit the level of competitive this year. And I think that is fair to say. There were reasons for it: mileage, age profile, strength in depth, injuries.

    Completely agree that the one thing we haven’t had in the last 7 years is strength in depth/bench. It’s a difficult one to master but throwing 4 or 5 young lads in an AIF off the bench rarely works. It’s the more experienced players who tend to make the most difference in big games. Think of Maurice Fitz, Donaghy, McMannamon, McAuley, Connolly, Brogan. The only two players to consistently make inroads for us off the bench have been Andy and Dillon.

    But you have to build that experience of big games before transitioning to the bench and have lads equally as good starting the game or it’s out of sight. Hopefully we can retain at least 6 out of the around 8 first teamers over 30. The vast majority of these should be on the bench with 5 or 6 promising others. Also agree with the need for perennial “benchers” to be given a chance starting (if they haven’t already) and see what they can do during the league. If they can’t they have to be let go from the panel to give an opportunity for fresh blood.

  231. @Lorretto Road… Donegal need to strike while iorn is hot… A hundred different issues will have priority by the time of the next Congress.. If Kildare can win the argument with the worst county ground that I have ever been in…And despite mine and other’s well made argument’s about the Capicity and lack of seating at the now ‘Newly Loved St Conthleth Park Newbridge’… & Fair Play to Kildare they made it a fortress on Saturday last all right. Revolution is in the air as far as the CCCC and Corporate GAA is concerned right now.. The value of the home venue is to the forefront of the GAA public right now.. Donegal have a great case,.. Two more will be in the Dublin side of the Super 8s, their manager’s and respective County Board’s should join in the same demand for sporting justice…. Jeepers I listened to a little of Joe Brolly,… The great Derry team of 93 would beat Mayo, according to the helusionations of Joe… The best player on that Derry team was by far Anthony Tohill, and the best Gaelic-football Analysist… I wish RTE would make a change in their own team… Joe would be getting the curley finger!

  232. Good article there by Shannon.
    And for you masochists out there, our cuddly friend Breheny has a piece in the Indo.
    Now I made a pact with myself after the Holmes/Connelly interview to never read that clown again, but I did today during a moment of weakness.
    Christ what a load of absolute self-serving shite. He even manages to bring Holmes & Connelly into it again.
    So time for a new pact – I’ll NEVER read him again or even acknowledge his existence. So goodbye Martin, I’ll miss ya – like a dose of genital warts

  233. Very few posters have mentioned how well the Kildare are lads played on Saturday. More posters have refered to the fact that they lost to Carlow a division 4 side. The team that took to the field played like men that were not going to lose. I would go so far as to say they felt they couldn’t afford to lose. They did not play with that intensity in their AI final appearance in 1998 if I remember correctly. We scored 19 times and still lost. I don’t know if they can or will reproduce it again. They still deserve a lot more credit than what a lot of posters have been dishing out to them. They played football from the start to the finish. Not many counties we can still say that about these days.

  234. PJ… Of course, Kildare deserved their win, playing good football, great intensity for 80min plus!… They will beat Fermanagh as well, and good luck to them now.. I look forward Kildare beating the lard outa Kerry in Newbridge,… or… Anywhere!

  235. I don’t think Kildare will beat Fermanagh at all. I reckon they will get squeezed and Flynn will see very little ball. I actually hope they do win it but if i was a betting man I wouldnt touch them.

  236. Very good article today on mayo by Conan Doherty on Sportsjoe.ie. Dont even know how to link it to be honest. Well worth a read though.

  237. To be honest WJ I think I woulda voted that way myself in the end.
    Thanks for giving it a go!.
    Sometimes you make a change and it doesn’t work out the way you think…….
    Doesn’t only happen to the manager on match day……!

  238. It reminds me of that old joke about how many traditional Irish singers it takes to change a light bulb. The answer is one plus a pub full. The one is to change the bulb and the others to sing songs long into the night about how much better the old bulb was!

  239. How many flies does it take to screw in a light bulb.
    2, but the problem is how to get them in to it.

  240. Who/where is the source of Carrick as semi final venue?
    GAA website fixture list still showing as TBA for Mayo v Derry. Ditto Kerry v Kildare.

  241. BTW – great article from Shannon except for the manager. Bit unfair that, and as you say WJ, there is no vacancy.

  242. Heard on grapevine catcol but nothing concrete so may be in Wexford knowing the GAA !

  243. I’d pay no heed to the GAA website Catcol. The Leinster final hasn’t been played yet but somehow Kildare have already qualified for the All Ireland SF.

  244. Standards have gone to pot, Catcol, since Newbridge. Wait until I head off on hols in a few weeks – mark my words, there’ll be reliable reports of UFO sightings and the like on here.

  245. That’s a great piece by sportsjoe , it has lifted my spirits after four days of total depression. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Roll on 2019 .in the meantime enjoy your summer off lads because it might be a while before ye get another one off

  246. Really hope Mayo come back strong again soon , because I believe there will be a brief window of opportunity in the next two or three years between the decline of this Dublin team and the rise of the next great Kerry team in which the all Ireland title will be up for grabs. At the moment it looks like Galway could be in the right place at the right time.that would be a bit hard to take.

  247. Hope Kildare kick on now, and win on Saturday, which I think they will, if they play like they did against us, who knows where it will take them. Best of luck to them anyway. We will be back as Connaught Champions next year, and we will take it from there.We might be down, but we are definitely not out.The green and red will run out in Croke Park again, next year all guns blazing, and ready to go to battle with whoever they meet.

  248. Don’t think it unfair of a jounrnalist in the slightest to give his opinion on a county managerial position especially in Stephens situation,three loses to Galway in three years and an exit to Kildare in r3 of the qualifiers . And his decision making is brutal , Loftus had a right to fling the jersey at him the last day , two mins of play to go , what’s the point of that unless you’re looking to run the clock .

  249. I think a new voice would be great next year …
    for the older players and someone to bring the younger players Along

  250. Just read the Breheny piece and sorry I did. I think he needs to see a shrink, whatever is eating him isn’t healthy. In fairness the Shannon piece whether you agree with the conclusions or not is a reasoned argument

  251. I don’t think you need to worry about lack of chat on here Willie Joe. We’re going nowhere.

  252. I did not need to read Conan Doherty’s piece on the Mayo team to continue believing in these boys. But now that I have read it I will agree with every word. In my view they left the field in Newbridge as winners, and winners don’t give up.

  253. Yeah that article from Shannon, is pretty much on the money, we cant afford to be carrying passenger’s and subs need to be brought on earlier, a lot earlier, so close but no cigar, is not good enough for these warriors anymore, they deserve better, whether its new management or not, im not sure, but there certainly needs to be changes somewhere in that side of things,

  254. The main focus for now should be the U20s semi final v Derry. Lets go along and support these lads. They are the the future now.

  255. all..we could well have a few quiet seasons as supporters….or maybe not…however….we ARE supporters……dont forget that…..think of the broken legs…knees…jaws…hamstrings…..shoulders……ribs…..etc that these lads have given not least the miles on the pitch AND driving…..i was packing last sat morning for Spain hrading off with wife n kids tihrew mayo jersey in suitcase…in quiet confidence we’d get result in Newbridge…..im in cambrils reading an “old” mayo book that I started last year on the same hol as last year and for all that (have not) please do…..ots an old book and most die hard have read it not but…..house of pain”…..is a tremendous read and brings all non mayo heads up to speed to 2006…….and look at us since then…….but look at the loyalty from 1930$ Carney….connachgton…..webbs(in particular!) Corcoran…..nevin…..mcjale…gallagher….casey……and more recently….moran finnerty machale Keegan Higgins Boyle Mortimer etc ….
    mayo WILL be back …..why not..we are second best team in country without winning silverware and everyone knows it……might just take a year or two….fucking love these lads…….BUT rochford or whoever…..HAS to blood new players…….mayo abu

  256. Great piece by Shannon.
    Hopefully the older lads will stay on in supporting roles. It’s the only way we’ll have a strong bench and have a chance of winning the AI. We need the experience coming on to see it home. We simply haven’t had that in any of the finals we played and all the other winners had. Their subs made the difference when it boiled down to it. Shannon maps it out very well.

  257. I know its irrelevant now Willie Joe but in the 2018 results you have credited Mayo scoring 20 pts. I think Jason Doherty only scored 2 pts.

  258. Exactly PJMcManus. So hopefully this irritating tide of ‘Mayo are finished, dead and buried, never to rise again’ will end soon. We lost a match. Realistically we had lots of injury/fitness issues with nearly half of our first choice team – Keegan, Barrett, vaughan (Not always first choice I know!) Harrison, seamie, parsons and COC. I don’t have the footballing analytical skills of most of you so maybe I see things in simpler terms. Be realistic and we all knew it really underneath our dogged undying support, there was going to be no all Ireland this year because of all those issues. I felt it myself here in my posts – I lacked the passion and conviction I’d normally have. We were hoping against hope to get to super 8’s even if lots of us never said it aloud. Yes we over rely on the old guard and that has to change next year. All this damn talk of half the team calling it a day. Colm will be ok after a bit of a rest. Please don’t tell me Keegan, Barrett and COC won’t improve next year when they get themselves fully right. Please don’t tell me anyone realistically thinks there is not more in Andy Moran. Why would Seamie be going? Only 31 and has a 2/3 month injury, not a 2/3 month old baby. These are not geriatrics. If everyone would start being a bit more positive and not commiserate with the team they will be just fine for next year. Bad enough others are writing obituaries, they don’t need it from our own like one article I read in the Mayo news today. Would have rathered he did his tactical stuff. Put it in their heads to walk and people might get what they are asking for. Be positive!! These lads deserve more is damn right. Let them have one summer off without it being the end of the world. Might be just the final missing piece we need – rejuvenation and able to stand back and observe what’s going on when not too involved and under pressure.

  259. Well said, Sinead37! Mayo abu. With Andy, Colm, Keith, Seamie, Chris and those boys staying on, if they can see their way to. And yes, I really would like to see youth coming to the fore next year too. This is a perfect chance to rest, take the foot off the pedal, rejuvenate and as you said, be “able to stand back and observe what’s going on when not too involved and under pressure”.

  260. Your right there Sinead37. The lads had no luck this year and really did need to have a Summer off. There is no doubt that they will be back and back with a bang, not also rans. Imagine all back healthy and fresh with a few additions. We’ll put the shivers up whoever has to play us next year. I’m looking forward to it already but I hope the lads have a right blow out for themselves this Summer. They’ll be like teenagers come January.

  261. I agree 100% Sinead.
    No way 2018 was going to be the year.
    All this talk of the end of “this team” is premature.
    If we had Tom and Seamus we would have won on Saturday and we were on the same trajectory as last year and year before.
    Generally I of course agree that we need new players on the panel.
    I dont know what the story is with Brian Reape and is Matthew Ruane developing.
    It takes years to bring most players to the level of Senior County competition.
    Maybe Ryan ODonaghue can do it next year and the fact that Schlingerman is “out of contract” is notable.
    By the way I heard something about U20 game being in Croke Park. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

  262. Yes I think there Going to play U20 at break during the Michael Bubble concert… you know how the Gaa like to squeeze that competition in some where…

  263. Mayo are not finished but some of the older players need to be culled or at best used a subs–time catches up with everyone.

  264. I will be back to reality, from the holiday tomorrow, I will then put my real perspective on things.
    Kildare won’t get too far in the All Ireland series, I said before that they dont like the big Croke Park pitch, they will get hammered if they have Kerry, Galway, Donegal or the Dubs.

  265. Lads I am not in the know above anyone else but our replacement keeper will be a young guy from Westport. You heard it here first. A bit young yet but he is the same age Clarke was when he started out. Check him out on the U20 team. There is a few years left in David Clarke and remember when he was createdd they broke the mould.

  266. That piece by Shannon is spot on and damn near a blueprint for what we need to do now. Give the older guys the league off, bring in a few young players and for championship we will have a serious bench of experience ready to finish off the big games.

    Need a new manager though and the main qualification has to be ability to introduce subs at the correct time…..ie early enough to make a difference. The lateness of Rochfords subs drives me mad.

  267. I don’t think for next year we should be seeing any of our regular starters or our next best 2 or 3 subs in either the fbd or the first 4 rounds of the league.

    I haven’t seen our u20’s play but having listened to the commentaries and hope to see them in 10 days time, but by all accounts there are some very good footballers in there.

    The non impact subs have got to go. Play the u20’s and the Shane Nallys in the fbd and the 1st few games of the league. Play the Carrs and the Reapes. Get them playing senior. Sacrifice the fbd and the league and let’s find the best of the rest.

    I would have always said that it was important to stay in the top league division. I have totally changed my attitude towards that.

    Our aim should be to have the best 30 footballers in the county on the panel. I don’t care what age they are.

    The Aidan O’sheas and Lee and the likes can join the new finds for the last 3 games of the league to get up to match fitness in preperation for the 2019 championship.
    All our subs should be as good as our starting 15.

    I would love for other teams to to be referring to us as the bastards with the brilliant bench.

    Everyone knows that if we had a strong bench over the past 6 or 7 years we would have Sam by now. Probably more than 1.

    Time to say goodbye to players who in all fairness are always going to be on the bench (and no disrespect intended) and get this new generation on to the panel. They are definately out there, it’s just a case of getting the best of them.and get them playing ball.

  268. I agree with you Revellino but to do that we need a new manager Steven isn’t a man for making substitutions until the last 5 minutes and it hasn’t worked so we need a different approach and in my opinion a few new voices in his back room team And a new approach if we are to improve. Whilst I appreciate there’s no managerial vacancy at the moment I feel there does need to be a freshening up of the management team If not a new manager.

  269. Either our glass is half full or half empty. We have a core of quality players and imo enough potential players to put a competitive panel together again. It’s always going to be about a panel and there is no evidence that Rochford and co are capable of building that panel. Late substitutions indicated that he didn’t trust his subs to do a job. Negative messages filter back to the player when he is brought on in the 69th minute. It’s a big step up for fringe players to step into the shoes of our great players, but they have to be given opportunities and encouragement. Adam Gallagher is a case in point, potential to be a leading player.
    Fresh approach needed and the sooner the better. Can club championship games be refixed?

  270. Well said Revellino, should have finished that post with ‘The Rising’.
    Imagine if we had won in 2012, 2013, 2014(our rightful one!!), 2016(better team really), 2017(our 2nd rightful one, only not on paper!). Who would be the greatest team of all time?! Fine margins!! And a bit of cheating thrown in by supposed ‘greatest team of all time’ in 2016 and 2017 – because they couldn’t beat us fair and square. Mayo came back EVERY year. Who doubts these lads?! We did not have anything like our injury list this year any other time. In fairness after the shenanigans in last few mins of last years AI I wasn’t sure what we could do in future to ever get over the line as even if we are better in close final the opposition seem to be given help to win. I’m sure these hopeless thoughts lurk in players minds. Time off this summer is what we all need. Also how many lads are still alive on the ‘51 team?!?!?!??!?!!!!!

  271. Maybe it’s the players who ask, but it defies understanding why we see brilliant players lining out in fbd leagues after having played a full energy sapping season the year before.

    No reflection on this managment, but Ciaran McDonald recieved a text from an ex maanger when he was in his prime asking to attend a trial game so the manager could see if he was up to the standard. No suprise that it didn’t end well.

    I wouldn’t write off some of our stalwarts getting their hands on their deserved celtic crosses but I believe it all hinges on what happens between now and the start of the 2019 campaign. Theres gold in them there hills.

    If the fbd and league are used properly to identify the talent that’s out there we’ll be back in business again next summer.

  272. 100 percent players who ask. Keegan had nearly 2 full years without a break last year with westports run. Remember us all talking about it. He didn’t want to miss a minute. I’d say Boyle is exactly the same.
    Maybe Mayo team should spend the summer being bitter and angry at all the perceived injustices like Kerry would do and put it to good use. Kerry thought last year How dare Mayo beat us? Then got moving, planning and scheming and are ‘contenders’ again. Well Mayo should think how dare anyone bury us alive – We are the greatest team of the decade and duck anyone who thinks we are not, come back with new approach and conviction and blast them all out of the way next year. Bury everyone else kicking and screaming.

  273. Sinead37.
    Can you imagine how the mayo players must have felt at half time in last year’s AI final.
    2 Dubs collide and Dublin Joe gives an easy free in to Dublin. Dublin were under the cosh at that stage.
    Our lads had to be thinking, it doesn’t matter what we do here today, this clown is going to make sure the Dubs lift Sam again. It had to effect our lads. My blood boils.

  274. Everyone can’t be given the league off
    Systems of play have to be developed and fine tuned
    Part of our problem this year imo was the league was so disjointed with injuries etc

    The season is far more condensed now . The players have a lengthy break for the first time in 7 years .
    I’m of the opposite opinion to most. I think we should go all out to win the league and build momentum. By all means give the likes of EOD, crowe, James Durkan, hanley loftus etc starts and plenty of game time BUT along with s core group of experienced players. I think the future for Boyle and Moran in particular is as impact subs if they decide to stay on . So that should be their league role too.
    I think we could suprise a few next year………..I just hope the Dubs win it this year so they are not in a similar position to us for next year. Hungry

  275. That’s exactly what I was thinking at the end! I let all my years of angst and rage out that day on Dublin fans on the final whistle. Not one said anything back as they knew the better team had not just won. No usual quick witted Dublin reply. I couldn’t believe myself after but I don’t regret it. Those 20 or so Dubs around me saw the difference in a Mayo supporter and the rest and what this journey means. Tens of hollow victories for them. Boring. Like going to play Leitrim every game until they meet us. We are only team that makes them feel alive. Dublin players are only team that have real respect for us because they know really that we have had the measure of them. In the league game this year, it was like they stood off us when possibly they could have crushed us. Although did we also rise better for them in the end?! I don’t know.
    Jesus, I’m on a rant today. Pity I don’t have something earth moving/shattering to do as I’d ace it.
    No point in my rallying troops!! We have nowhere to go 🙁 But just be positive towards our chances next year. Nothing really to suggest we are finished. I’m going to quieten now but first Dublin might actually miss us and get caught out!!! But I’m hoping they slaughter all around them so everyone ends up missing us.

  276. The league and Div 1 status is the most important thing going forward. After that it’s the super 8’s stuff. The route one takes to the super 8 is a whole different matter. Nestor Cup in its self is for the nostalgia shelf. Div 1 is crucial for development. Posters saying try young lads many of who will not make the cut in Summer even if it means moving to Div 2 do not the foggiest notion. To stay in Div 1 you have to get 6 points and be competitive in your other games. My strategy might be to collect points early in the campaign and use 3 games to try out new players. Trying out any one in Div 2 will always give you a false reading of where you are at. False reading of your true form is for others to try out. We should play a smarter game.

  277. The Monday morning missing the mad scramble to get flights was a wrench. Do feel positive for next season after the team’s had a proper rest. Also sad to think this place might be quiet over the summer!

  278. The league has been good to Paddy Diarmuid Stephen Conor Brendan Eoin and Fergal over the last 3 years or so. We sorely missed Brendan as we would have missed Diarmuid or Paddy. So many saying that what we have is not working so change it. Take a closer look. Not the tunnel visonaries we usually get with their “lost a game ok change the manager approach to problem solving” While you are at it you might do a full review of structures and resources that are available. It’s all “Champagne taste and mild and bitter income” when things go wrong.

  279. PJ. Donegal are straight in to the super 8’s on the back of relegation from Div 1.
    I would go the “die dog or shite the liscence” route this year to try and unearth every bit of talent that’s out there. Of course every player that’s tried isn’t going to make the cut but it’s the lads that are good enough that we need to think about.
    Securing div 1 status may be important but if you haven’t done that with the main players after 4 games in the league then your definately not going to be trying the young lads for the remaining games.
    What you gain on the roundabouts you lose on the swings.

  280. Thanks Willie Joe for this great resource, great to have the blog to come to during this unsure times. Fed up with all the obituaries and all the delight poorly disguised as sympathy. Fed up with the sympathy too for that matter!! Think Shannon’s article is spot on the money. Would it be such a a big deal to change the captaincy and give someone else a chance to step up to the mark???? I too think that the mgmt’s eye was on the short term winning of Sam and not the longer term development of a footballing powerhouse. There seemed to be a fear to give young lads thier heads which as previously stated gives out the wrong message and could possibly be a self fulfilling prophecy for the player. Revillino couldnt have put it better “The non impact subs have got to go” our subs must be as good as our starters for their allotted time. Deadwood must be cut out, plus some of our underperforming starters should also get a rest on the bench keep them sharp. We are out now so our focus should be on rest and development of young lads, so what if we drop temporarily to div 2, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette……lads have to be give playing time to prove themselves, nothing succeeds like success. I’m really looking forward to 2019 now and delighted that they have been give s chance to rest out the summer, they have had heavy physical and mental toll the last few years. To the future!!

  281. Sinead37 and Revellino , you guys are on a tear. Keep it going . I heard something once about an empire that was “ suspended somewhere between history and legend “
    For us it’s the opposite .We already have legends and they are currently suspended somewhere between legend and history.
    This story is not over. This epic narrative has yet to reach its climax. Of that I’m certain .

  282. Revellino Donegal are the wrong team to compare us with. They have made the transition from Div 1 to Div 2 and back again a couple of times. Their supporters are of a strong view that it’s Div 1 or bust. They have been in decline over the last few years. You might say they are coming back again. On the other hand you might hold off until they reach a semi final at least.

  283. PJ – I’d reckon Donegal are exactly the team we most compare with…..
    – Western – Immigration, many players based away, travel distance, etc
    – Population – similar
    – Sport – largely football
    – History – Mayo 3 All Irelands, Donegal 2
    – Recent – among the top 3 / 4 since 2010 / 2011
    – Recent underage success – both sporadic with some successes
    – Age Profile of teams that met in 2012 AI Final – similar Id guess

    Case Id guess is as Donegal won an All Ireland and we didn’t, we have been more reluctant to blood new players or manage a change process, because we felt we had a team to win it rightly or wrongly, but the fact is that we haven’t and we have been effectively operating with a match day squad of 17 players for the last few years. I for one have to say I’ve been impressed with what they have brought through the last few years – surely they haven’t way more of an abundance of younger talent than we do? Anyway they are ahead of the curve on it

  284. I have at long last finally bought myself to read the comments from the blog. Saturday was a tough day. But we will be back. But one thing annoyed me about the Kildare fans. A section of them were standing behind me Saturday evening and they were saying Aidan o shea was the most overated footballer in the country and that he would have lots of time for his instagram now with Mayo out of championship. Thank god I counted 1, 2, 3, in my mind and didn’t react. How dear they say that about the legend that is Aidox. Jealous of him I’d say. Saying that all other Kildare fans were lovely people. Just the few that ruin it I suppose.

  285. ttp://www.gaa.ie/news…als-joint-statement/

    Interesting that Donegal seemed to be challenging Dublin noninating Croke Park as their home ground for their home game rather than trying to get their game changed out of Croker

    In essence what they were arguing is how Croker can be a neutral venue for one Dublin game and then a Home venue for another

    The gaa have said there is nothing to stop them or indeed any other county doing so

    Great news for mayo if we make super 8s next year so. Home game at Croke Park 😉

  286. is there a final summation podcast on the way WJ? no pressure but just checking before I sign off and try to go cold turkey on all things mayo GAA:-)

  287. Good that the Dublin / Croker issue is been challenged – the bare-faced unfairness of the direct advantages given to Dublin on the use of Croke park has always pi**ed me off.

    Maybe its time also to look at the overall fairness of the competition…..for example the seeding of Kerry and Cork in Munster is not a fair system….like it greatly reduces to likelihood that Kerry would ever have to go the lengths Mayo did in the qualifiers the last two years

  288. KL – good point re the Donegal comparison. Definitely worth looking deeper into what Donegal brought to the table in ’92 and ’12 in particular.
    Also worth asking how Donegal have an All Ireland Final win ration of 2 to 1 and Mayo have … well its a lot less healthy.

    On the flip side, one big difference is Donegal playing in the Ulster championship … every year they face a set of hurdles that provide a bigger test than a (usually) one-off showdown in Connaght. In fact, it might be argued that
    The Super 8 arrangement provides some opportunity for this in future so I’d tend to agree that aiming for Super 8 should be the first priority in any given year.

  289. truncated previous post: meant to say “it might be argued that travelling in the qualifiers in the last few years gave Mayo the same sort of toughening that Donegal get in Ulster.”

  290. Sinead37 I love your viewpoints since last night, and those of the other posters who see things that way. Those obituaries are brain-numbing.

    I also think it’s important to develop a performing panel (across the 26) and I think young players have to carry the most of the responsibility and come to the fore. Our warriors are amazing but I want to see them more in supporting roles into the future. They’ve given mammoth amounts already and we want to save them to perform in the most effective and energy efficient way, while also ensuring Mayo develops as a live force into the future.

    I tend to agree to go all out to develop these players next year and so be it, if we fall to Division 2. Roscommon have brilliant players, nothing wrong with Cavan either, for example, and both of these were in Division 2 this year. We might just have to take a risk here.

    There’s something else I think is important. It’s this. The journey to Sam is longer now – and teams are vulnerable unless they have real strength across the panel. I’m concerned about the potential for injuries and wear and tear to players in a Super 8 series with all the games that entails. That’s why I think teams just relying on a core panel of 15 or 16 are very vulnerable. We saw shades of being that stretched this year and as a supporter it’s hard to watch. It’s a real liability, I think, and I think it saps confidence. This is also a big reason why I think it’s important that we develop a strong panel of young, performing, resilient players across the 26.** I think, in this current Super 8 dispensation, those on the panel need to be interchangeable with those on the starting 15. The Super 8 road is long. (** Maybe I’m living in a utopia here as I don’t know if those players are out there, but to paraphrase the Garth Brooks song, if we don’t look for them and try them out in the League, we’ll never know).
    I’d like to reiterate my support of Stephen Rochford’s qualities as manager. There is no vacancy and I hope he continues. If there is anything I’d like him to revise, it’s this. He focussed too sharply on the very specific goal of winning the AI with this team (you have to know what you want of course! And maximise your potential to get there) and as such perhaps other vulnerabilities arose. That’s not his fault. It could also be seen as a positive but now is the time to take stock for where we are at, and revise. I have high regard for his qualities. I’d encourage people to look at things in context and in the round.
    End of my tuppence ha’penny worth, for now.

  291. KL When I said that Donegal was the wrong team to compare us with I was referring to the fact that Mayo remained in the top 2 or 3 while Donegal were struggling during that period. I referred to they getting relegated and so they have no choice. They simply were not good enough to stay in Div 1. By contrast we will be 22 years playing there. All the other points ‘re population location etc are valid but out of context somewhat. The point is we could go play Div 2 assemble a great then find they are not so great against Dublin or Kerry. What have you learned. Remember we have been there before and we have already make these mistakes

  292. Loreto Road Compare Mayo’ s record to Galway and you will find we have lost a lot of All Ireland’s between us. Donegal by comparison are new to winning A Is. Not superior as your post might suggest. Mayo and Galway got into the game much sooner than Donegal and Donegal have been fortunate in the short race.

  293. When this great team of ours was assembled in 2010 2011 it happened while we played Div1 football. In the 2003 2004 period of rebuilding it happened while we played Div 1 football. I suppose this is where I am coming from. Today we have great players some of the best in the country and we need to add a few extra. Some peoples solution to solving this problem appears to “drop your standards ” or more accurately to say ” drop the yardstick you measure with” It does not make any sense to me. Full steam ahead in Div 1 where we can all see who is good enough and who is not. When we are not good enough for Div 1 we are not good enough for the Super 8’s.

  294. PJMcManus, but that’s the view I (respectfully) challenge. I don’t think its accurate to say Donegal were fortunate … or in reverse, that Mayo have been simply repeatedly unlucky. The winning sides that broke through and ended long droughts in the last 20-25 years – Donegal, Derry, Tyrone, Armagh (even Down and to some extent even Dublin), all brought something new that helped get them across the line.

  295. PJ – can argue either way – Donegal were in D1 this year and to be honest were very unlucky in some of the games they lost. Anyway it came down to a last minute point by us versus them to stay up – you can hardly say we are way more deserved to be staying in D1! Main point is that they were blooding youngsters. We weren’t really – we tried a few in the League, but abandoned them come championship (yet threw in two V Galway that had never played senior football for Mayo before). We have hardley been managing change in a smart way.
    Very valid point by Shannon was that the last few years we have only been trying to survive in the League – neither trying to win it or use it to blood new players.

  296. How anybody can argue that Croke Park is Mayo’s home ground is beyond me!.. Even if our recent form in McHale Park is appalling.. We haven’t won there since Derry on extra time last year… The standard of Football that Mayo have played there since then, wouldn’t win you any match’s anywhere,.. And I have been to them all, or only result was a draw with Leitrim, Galway beat us with 12 men in the FBD,.. But these performances would get you annialated in Croke Park, we actually played with a blanket versus Dublin in the league in McHale Park , despite being down a goal from the opening minute, for the whole game and done it fairly well, but that would not be possible in Croker… I have watched the whole of last Saturday’s match again.. A few thing’s struck me…Cillian, Colm,.. Chris and Lee, hardly got on any ball at all…. Andy was actually quite good (not as good as normal, but not supplied with as much good ball either). I know, Cillian is after coming back from injury, likewise Lee and Chris.. Colm seems burned out… Cafferkey was again cleaned and Kildare should have gotten more scores of their superiority in that sector.. Paddy Durcan and Diarmuid O’Connor played possibly their best ever game’s for Mayo… Clarke’s kickouts were excellent and fast with very few big men to aim at in the match , made one crucial interception.. AOS was excellent for 50/55 minutes which is normal for Aiden,.. The much maligned Stephen Coen, worked very hard and had a good first half, but not so much in the second. Doherty was very good, I question his subsistution…. Cillian or Kevin McLoughlin would have been better.. Incidentally I think it’s the first time that I can remember that I taught Kevin McLoughlin should be subistuted by Mayo in his entire Mayo career…. Either way, with the pace of the game, the really hot day, we needed substitutions much earlier… My feeling is that we needed legs on the pitch and good one’s.. Much too late bringing on Hanley and Louftus, one was because of a black card for McLoughlin.. And despite his lack of fan’s certainly on this blog, I taught that David Drake would have been a better option to start with rather than Colm Boyle. (Boyle has not been at his best all year, last year he wasn’t fantastic until we got to Croke Park, and then he found his MoJo alright ).. Anyhow I think it was a poor performance by the sideline.. A better one by the sideline might have gotten us over the line… But, really at the end of I all, We are left with no alternative but to think that it was a blessing in disguise.. With all the injuries that we have had thus year,. Some players deemed fit enough to play following injuries but nowhere near their best.. We were not going to go much further this year, how could we? .. Last year we probably didn’t even play as well in some qualifiers but with a near full deck got back to playing magnificent football in the end… Despite what Brolly and Spillane might say.. If either Kerry or Dublin were missing player’s of the quality of, Parson’s, SOS, Harrison, Vaughan, Keegan and Barrett,..I think they would have a short season as well.. The latter 3, Vaughan, Keegan and Barrett played on Saturday but since injury, none could be said to have to returned to their best!.. The player we missed the most was Tom Parson’s.. A fully fit Tom P would be in my opinion the best midfielder in Ireland.. And we badly needed another big man in the middle of the field, playing such a big a team as Kildare!.. So the best of luck to Kildare now, fully deserved winners.. I think they will have too much for Fermanagh and the confidence levels should be sky high… Confidence is worth a few points start!

  297. People are probably afraid to say it cos there’s no vacancy and it’s not popular but I really hope Steven and his backroom team resigns. I think the team and the fans need a fresh voice and a new leader. Putting on subs deep into injury time is a terrible use of players and a waste of time really. If and when a vacancy arises I’d welcome James Horan back provided he’s not too loyal to the old guard and prepared to give quality youth a chance

  298. I’ll probably end up in moderation for the above comment as there’s no vacancy yet but I’m hoping they’re will be one soon I’m very disappointed in our management since January

  299. What puzzles me. You would figure that the players who play regular senior football the last three years and are scoring heavily were a long way ahead of Cian Hanley.
    – Jack Reilly
    – David Stenson
    Cian has played some club football and I believe is still scoreless or close to it at club level.
    Reilly and Stenson have been filling their boots all year by comparison.

  300. The use of subs has been a major failing of this manager and last Saturday it was taken to a new level of ineptitude. This carry on of bringing in subs in injury time is insulting to the players involved and makes no sense under any heading. Then there is the goalkeeper debacle in the 2016 replay. I can not imagine what sort of conversation took place between the management that resulted in that decision being considered a good idea. Were there any dissenting voices in that meeting? The answer is that we don’t know because the local media have not asked that question. The poor selection decisions and appalling use of subs are issues that for some reason the local media have not tackled….it’s time they did

  301. After all the fluffy cuddly talk this week there is this….http://www.con-telegraph.ie/news/roundup/articles/2018/07/05/4158535-gaa-comment-mayo-need-a-boss-who-starts-from-the-bottom-and-builds-his-own-team/

    Hard reading. I dont agree with the comments on getting rid of the Holmes/Connelly double act. That was a disastrous appointment and trouble created by officials.

    However I do think we need a fresh voice. Stephen has done well and while he has made some mistakes, he consolidated and got the most out of James Horan’s team.

    We now need somebody to create their own team witnot without baggage. That might mean telling some heroes that they will not be involved. So be it.

    Who that man is. I don’t know. It won’t be the populist names like Jack O’Connor or Jimmy McGuinness that will get mentioned if Stephen steps down.it won’t be James Horan. It may be Mike Solan or some low key Mayo man.

    As supporters we have done the easy thing. Stuck by a winning team on great days.the same support needs to be in place on the tougher days to come. That is the real meaning of being ‘in this together’

  302. In fairness Padden has been highlighting our poor use of bench for so time. It will break the hearts of young players if it continues. No wonder Liam Irwin walked away from it all.
    More than ever if our aging players are to have a role and maybe one more bite at the cherry, we need a power packed bench.
    Is it worth risking demotion in league to give plenty of exposure to new guys? It will be interesting to see where Roscommon finish up this year. I think mayo supports would rally around the team even in div 2, if they saw it has a panel building process….Horan the man for me, no doubt about that…..

  303. KL With all due respect but your comparisons if that is what your are trying to do are unfair. First of all when we got the point for a draw against Donegal it meant we had spent 22 years at Div 1, 23 in 2019. They were on their third year. What sort of comparison is that to make. A lot of posters on here were saying Cian Hanley would be the difference this year, but I was one of the doubting Thomas on that particular one. However I believe he may make the step up in the future. Both his inclusion and that of JD surprised me but I believe the experience they have got sets them up for a better run down the road. Michael Hall is another one for the future but I believe he is not up to it yet. I know that many of the younger players are busy improving their game and I am confident that some of them will get a run in the future if they reach the standard everyone is at. Stephen Coen is a class act, and I have no doubt he will make the step up.

  304. I’m pretty sure that no one who comments on this blog in part of the Mayo senior set up. My point being we can all wildly and idly speculate who should be playing and who’s playing good club football etc….The fact remains that senior county football at the highest levels v D1 teams is so competitive that winning is essential.

    We try new players in the FBD (I’m not a fan) then bang into the NFL, you trial a few more players and before you know it you’ve lost 3 / 4 games. Then it’s survival mode, few weeks later it Connacht championship and serious pressure again.

    I don’t want us to take any steps backwards but we operate in a results business and these guys want to win and we want them to win.

    We have to trust in management and let it develop. Maybe we overachieved in the past 2 seasons but now is not the time to quit.

    Onwards and upwards and we’re never down.

  305. PJ, the comparisons with Donegal are valid IMO. When McGuiness left in 2014 he knew that team had done all they could. Important players were coming to the end. Similar to us at the end of 2017.

    Donegal struggled on in 2015 an 16 with no real success. Over the last 18 months they have managed to introduce a raft of new players and now look well set up for the next few years.

    Similar to ourselves, Donegal aren’t historically strong like Kerry/Dublin.

  306. The likes of Jack Reilly , Brian Reape, Liam Irwin, Darren McHale, and Darren Coen are lads I would like to see get chances with Mayo in the New Year as they are all big score getters in Club Football and cannot be ignored.
    We should see lads from the Development panel Ciaran Treacy, Fergal Boland ,Peter Naughton , James Carr and Adam Gallagher get chances and any of the 6 forwards on the under 20s could make the breakthrough Ross Egan , Ryan O’Donoghue, Conor Diskin, Oisin McLaughlin, Tommy Conroy, and Colm Moran.
    We need to find who are our best 6 forwards under 24 in the County.But we won’t know unless these are thrown in the National League, the next 1 or 2 potential games will tell alot of the 6 forwards.

  307. Just in relation to the old way or the new way, up or down scrolling. If the comments could be numbered them it’s easier to pick up where you left off.
    Is this possible WJ?

  308. @Mayo13BG. But we won nothing with the greatest bunch of players we’ve ever had. I think we’ve under achieved. The bar is set very high but newbies need to be given opportunities and encouragement.

  309. The three final year U20s who will probably be much more involved next year you’d imagine would be:
    – Jordan Flynn (was in for FBD, physically the strongest of the U20s, tremendous natural strength)
    – Ross Egan (was in for FBD, top scorer with Aghamore/U20s is a good indicator of where he’s at)
    – Ryan ODonoghue (Was in for FBD, has that bit of spark and pace)
    There could be a lot of current U21s to U24s involved as there are a lot of names that have anywhere from FBd to league to some championship experience.
    It is that whole five year age span of next years U21s to U25s that will see how we go next year. There is enough players there that we could well be a better side than 2018. As has been well flagged, it would be important that we get almost an instant bench put together from next years 31+s mixed with some younger lads. The good thing about that would be that it would be something to latch onto for supporters, mgmt and the squad themselves. They would know that there is a competitive bench at least. Shouldn’t be any fade out as has tended to happen.

  310. Ontheditch – Irwin didn’t walk away, he was dropped from the Panel. The reasons for that are known to many here but I don’t believe I’m allowed to post them other than to suggest he continued celebrating the under 21 success from 2016 well into 2017.

  311. I do think we need McStay as Manager in the near future , the Line has lost more games for Mayo in the last 6 to 7 years than the players . Varies from not making the right changes to making changes in the last few seconds of games to carrying players on team and panel who were not just good enough or passed the sell by date Some may say that the Managers did not have full control to go their job their way and that local politics player power etc played a big part behind the scenes . Don’t know McStay only from TV and from what I saw him do with Roscommon , but I believe he would be his own man and not allow any interference from Count Board Officials and certainly could not allow player power to influence him .

  312. @FDBinashui, that’s another skill in itself, managing youngsters and keeping them focussed on developing their talents. Not an easy job but with good men in charge at club and county level, not many fall through the net nowadays.

  313. Well said FDB. I do feel that management have got decisions wrong this year but I have read some comments on here blaming them for certain players not being on the panel. In certain cases all the skill in the world cannot make up for a lack of will and work ethic to make it. If you don’t have those traits in you at this level it can’t be laid at the door of management if you are not on a panel.

  314. Can anyone give a plausible explaination as to why both Eoin o donoghue and Conor loftus didn’t start the last day ? Everything pointed to them starting , sure what do you have to do ?

  315. I was wondering the same too Sean. Eoin’s point when he came on, was as good as any you will see.

  316. To be fair Sean, it’s not that outrageous that O’Donoghue didn’t get in ahead of Barrett, Cafferkey, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle and Durcan. There are no duds in that six.

    Loftus? Well, James Durcan was impressive against Tipp the previous week and deserved his chance to back up that display. It didn’t happen for him, just as it didn’t happen for Conor himself against Clare last year when he was started on the back of his display off the bench against Derry.

    Not that I’m apologising for the current management. Like others here, I think it has run its course.

    Certainly the time for new faces in the team is now. Give the young lads a proper chance – and have the reliables on standby. Sometimes it takes a player years to reach his potential. Look at Andy Moran as late as 2009, getting bollocked (rightly) by Mayo fans for standing still waiting for a kickout, only for a Meath man to pinch it over his head. If you’d told me that evening that he was a future Footballer of the Year I’d have asked you where you left your medication.

  317. I can’t agree with that Davy. Of the six backs you named. Some aren’t fit. Some look completely burnt out and quite frankly one of them EoD is a better footballer than him.

  318. Eoin ODonoghue this year was in our top six defenders regardless of the listed six put forward. I don’t see any horses for courses reason which would explain him not start on a baking hot day when a 22 year old was likely to go better than four 31/31/32 and 33 year olds. Eoin came on and was very obviously an improvement to the team.
    Similar, the pacey and lighter Conor Loftus was likely to be able to repeatedly cover ground much better in those conditions.

  319. EOD did get roasting against Dublin but did respond very positively by working very hard at his game. He must have been very close to starting 15. He certainly is a player for the future. Loftus must be frustrated by appearance as last minute sub. There is also a big jumpin physicality to senior level. May take awhile for Akram and others to make the progression in physacility. I’m not sure either Boland or loftuse has made that jump. Ryan O Don aghue a serious prospect. We need the management team that will get the very best out of these.
    Andy Moran could be fast tracked to part of that team. Natural motivator.

  320. Andy Moran would be a disaster in the management team, he is too close to all the team & he has no experience even at club level.

  321. I was trying to reason why management went the way they did. I wouldn’t have had a problem myself with Eoin O’D starting – or Conor, for that matter. But the impression I got from Rochford this year – and last – is that Horan’s team were going to be given their chance to win the AI, and new faces would have to wait.

    Some will maintain that he was right, and that the win over Kerry and the AI final performance prove it. But it only took a couple of injuries to blow a big hole in that approach, and new faces are clearly needed – quickly – if we’re not to become a forgotten force like Cork or Meath.

  322. If there will be a managerial vacancy Jim Mc Guinness would be a brilliant appointment but unlikely to happen as he’d stand up to the county board James Horan is unlikely to get it for the same reason so we might get stuck with a former high profile manager

  323. Look if that’s the case , I probably would of thought the same but what’s done is done. We really have to see a changing of the guard now . If it takes two seasons to challenge so be it. We should go all out to win Nestor , all Ireland dream is on hold for now realistically speaking.

  324. Paul Mannion took Eoin ODonoghue for a goal where Eoin got out of position. But hang on now, many of our established defenders have often been caught out similar against such leading lights as Limerick!! Paul Mannion has taken many an all star level of corner back for a goal. I think Mannion only scored a point after in that game.

  325. There’s a very simple explanation for why EOD and Loftus did not start. Poor management

  326. The Hose Pipe Banned.

    Due to high temperatures and drought conditions, all inter county matches will be preceeded by parading around the pitch behind the hose pipe banned.

    Hose piping originated in the rubber plantations of Leitrim some 82,000 years ago.

    All the world renowned orchestras have several hosepipers and they are almost always located in the rubber section between the brass section and the concrete steps.

    “The hose pipes will be carried on the banned members shoulders and will act as air conditioning for the 2 teams marching behind them” an excited Gaa official revealed.

    The excited Gaa official also revealed, that to ensure their place in the history of the Gaa’s evoloution the Artane boys band are to be stuffed and mounted in the Gaa museum where Jim Gavin has recently been granted planning permission for 3 apartments.

    The devious and sarcastic Gaa Uchtarahain phoned the Kildare County Board to belittingly ask if the Gaa had their Boards approval for these new plans.
    He was told,
    “We have upped our game this year”
    “In fact all the counties have upped their game this year”
    “Up Yours”.

  327. @It’s all ‘Water under the Bridge’ Now! (hosepipe ban or not) if ye will pardon the pun… Now!..We could have been better this year.. But not sufficiently better considering the amount of injuries,.. considering the amount of injuries needing surgery … Considering the amount of previously injured players deemed fit to start, but didn’t have the time to play their way back to their best…. Considering the amount of players, not injured but haven’t gotten a break from the hard coal face of Mayo football, (battery needs recharging) some for most of the decade… It’s hardly a wonder that our two best players on Saturday have comparatively few miles on the clock….. Mayo football badly needs new blood, and play the new lads… We can’t expect the newbies to be immediately as good as, Chris Barrett, Lee Keegan, Ger Cafferkey, Colm Boyle, Cillian O Connor ect at their very best… But it’s reasonable to expect that they might scale the heights achieved by those players last Saturday..

  328. EOD went off with a hamstring injury against Limerick. Only came on in both of the next 2 games. It’s likely that he, the medical team or both felt that he could only offer max 20/15 mins.

  329. In regard the future of this Mayo team there are still a lot of good footballers there the right side of thirty. We do need to unearth some new talent and hopefully some of our recent u21 winning side will step up to the mark. Some of the older lads may have to take a back seat but how great would it be look at your bench in an AI final and having the likes of Keith and Boyler to let loose on tiring legs.
    One of my worries for the future is that although this Dublin team may and I reservedly say may be on a downward curve, I fear they may be creating another monster of a team in the Kingdom. Although I hate to say it I think the best thing for this year would be for Dublin to continue to dominate. I honestly believe Kerry are the only team capable of beating them and if that occurs we will be facing into next year looking at a young Kerry team with an AI under its belt and a Dublin team hungry to win back it’s title.
    I am probably getting a little ahead of myself tho. Next year is a long way off just yet!

  330. It would be some coup to land Jim McGuinness. Horan, in a similar mould, though not a winner, but all star player. I think we would see a tougher meaner Horan, this time round, his strength in building player belief. As indeed McGuinness, great psychological approach.
    As for the curse, anyone who thinks counties are going to sit back and let us win an all Ireland when the curse has passed is in cloud cuckoo land. All the opposition have to do is invent a new mother of all curses, and convince us there’s truth in it…we could be doomed for ever more if we start falling for that kind of rubbish.

  331. I wouldn’t want to see McGuinness anywhere near the Mayo team as any achievement would be all about him. Anyway Mayo have a manager and there is no indication that’s going to change and McGuinness is concentrating on soccer. Whenever Rochford decides to call it a day it’s more than likely the next manager will be U20 Manager Sloan for a couple of years followed by the return of Horan with his Westport players.

  332. With all due respect Mayomad if McGuinness delivered an All Ireland…I couldn’t give a flying fuck if he received the plaudits if it meant we won an All Ireland. Having said that I don’t think there is a chance in hell he will take over.

  333. @mayomad that’s your opinion. Jim McGuinness is tactically outstanding, and that’s one area our management teams have been found wanting in the past. Horan is back in management, so I can’t see why the Mayo job would not appeal to him when it becomes vacant. Hopefully the county board are big enough to have patched their differences. Doing mighty work with Westport at the moment, even the training sessions are exciting… There’ll be brighter days in Mayo and in the near future….

  334. If a vacancy arose I’d love to see McGuinness take it on. But it’s not going to happen. He didn’t put in all that time at Celtic and in China to abandon his soccer ambitions now.

    MayoMark – well spotted on Eoin O’D’s injury.

  335. Speculating here: Would Mayo v Derry U20 semi be part of a double header – with Mayo v Derry U21 hurling? The latter is slated for July 14/15, according to the (much derided) GAA.IE

  336. This being knocked out early is no craic at all i have to say. We’d be waiting for the team to be named now this evening and discussing the selection. Oh well, i better build a bridge now and get over it.

  337. Ballinrobe beat Castlebar in u14A yesterday and have two teams at u14. Brilliant work and initiative with the fruition of their Robe Rockets underage program.

  338. Important now that the exisiting mangement make an early decision on their future. If a new manager is to come in best that he is in place before the county championship restarts so he can start his squad building early

  339. Dublin out of the u20 thing. May cian O’Neil is influencing the young lads in Kildare? So that’s Mayo v Derry. Kildare v kerry?
    If you play senior can you play u20 in the same season?

  340. Dave – if you play senior championship you can’t also play U20 in the same year so Kerry U20s can’t use Clifford and O’Shea.

  341. Looking forward to the u20
    I’m sure many of us will be attending !

    Just to pick up on a few posts above
    If (as I believe he will ) Stephen Rochford decides to step down then I’d be delighted to see Jim McGuiness take over . I can’t undertand why anyone wouldn’t ?
    We will still have one of the best squads in the county . Fresh. Motivated. But in need of new ideas and voices imo.
    He is a winner .
    I’d like us to be winners .
    Of the All Ireland .
    No more moral victories .

  342. If you play senior championship you cannot play u20 in the same year. However if you play u20 championship can you play senior in the same year? Kildare u20 goalkeeper tonight was senior sub keeper last week. I assume he can come on tomorrow if required by seniors but if he did he would be ruled out of u20s for rest of year

  343. That’s correct, Just a thought – it’s a one-way street. If you play U20 you can play senior championship the same year but not vice-versa.

  344. On Gaa website ‘any player on a team list submitted to an inter county referee for a senior inter county championship match in a season will not be eligible to compete in u20 competition’
    Would subs not be considered to be part of a team list. I didn’t think you could be sub senior goalkeeper last week and u20 this week.

  345. Anybody know where semi finals are going to be played next week. Hyde Park would be the fairest location for all 4 teams.

  346. GAA dragging their heels big-time on this one. Obviously not seen as big moneyspinner or given much priority.

  347. I’ll be shouting for any Team in Primrose /Yellow and Blue today… I had the sound turned down on the Telly and looking at the fan’s, thinking didn’t the Rossies bring allot of Fan’s, but sure wasn’t it Sweden Fan’s in.. Sweden and Roscommon for me after extra time, penalties and free’s!

  348. Can everyone please start showing a little more respect to Stephen Rochford amd his management team and NOT be talking about other managers in their positions. In truth, no one, not Horan nor H&C , has brought us closer to an All Ireland win. Beaten by 2 points in over 225 mins of football including 2 own goals against us!
    People have short memories. Let’s be fair, Horan brought us from nowhere to Finals but his teams were very predictable and could only play one way. In 2013, when we were chasing scores, he left Higgins man marking Eoghan O’Gara even though O’Gara couldn’t walk because his hamstring was ripped. O’Gara hobbled doen the field to bring Higgins deep in to our defense. Another Dub was concussed and they had no more subs but we left a man on him also.
    Regardless, Rochford deserves more respect than some are showing him here, and in the media. Personnaly I hope he stays on. Try managing yourselves on the line and see just how much impact a manager actually has once the game starts. Not much is the answer.

  349. So Roscommon make the super 8s by defeating leitrim and Armagh ……….
    In Munster Cork are also only a second win away from the super 8s due to Munster being seeded
    The luck of the draw in Connacht ………..
    But it’s unfair that some provinces can seed teams when others don’t imo

  350. “Try managing yourselves on the line and see just how much impact a manager actually has once the game starts. Not much is the answer.”

    With the greatest of respect pebbles think you did more in favour of the against argument than the for .

    He has made many mistakes but all unsuccessful managers do I suppose . His failure to beat Galway three years is startling and for a game that was targeted this year we were very lathergic and lacking in ideas . Can you explain Mayo s game plan in 2019 , it was a really shite season , they were very poor in league and championship . That is the truth . Loftus showed really well in 2017 , his goal v Derry and his pass v Kerry for goal , them two plays in itself said he needed to play v Kildare , throw in the conditions and it was stupid stuff not to start him ahead of Andy if need be . Stop talking too scientific , it’s a game of fooking football Conor loftus is a young energetic natural footballer .if he makes a hundred mistakes on his way to becoming a starter wtf about it , we have to go with it.

    Colm Boyle was struggling all year with fitness , last year he didn’t seem as lacking in fitness to my eye yet he was systematically brought off , yet to my eye I could see he was snookered this year long before he was subbed . Bad management like it or lump it , it is what it is.

  351. From a mayo supporter on the gaza strip, aka the Ballaghaderreen border. The rossies making the super 8s adds insult to injury. Theyre a hard lot to listen to at the best of times.

  352. @Pebblesmeller …I think Mayo fan’s have every right to speculate manager’s position… (Same goes for every single player, regardless of All Star’s or being Captain) It’s not as if we actually won anything in Stephen Rochford tenure so far… Of course no point in changing your management unless and until you can get better… For me (and Stephen Rochford is not the only one to make this mistake, playing injured places, or player’s not fully recovered from injuries is something that should never happen).. Mayo have a big panel, and wherever any player is in the pecking order, any uninjured player there is certainly a better prospect to represent Mayo than an All Star not at 100% fitness… Now did this happen last Saturday?… Bringing on Subs on the hottest day I was ever at a football match, with time almost up is astonishing, one of these changes was because of a black card!.. And it’s something that has been the norm for Stephen Rochford entire Mayo career… Questions have to be asked,.. Same goes for some cast iron starter’s for Mayo, were they or are they the best we had available on the day?.. Stephen Rochford certainly had Mayo in fantastic health last two years when we eventually got to play Dublin, but my God during that time, we played some amount of get out of jail card’s… The questions are fair!… It is unquestionable that the Mayo Senior team will be in intransgression… Maybe a new voice might be a good thing… For 3 year’s some Mayo fringe players have not gotten a chance.. And Stephen Rochford and Co have been conservative in picking a very rigid and predictable Mayo 15, to the determinant of the other panel members.. This will Not help bring young players through.. No doubt that the players Stephen Rochford has picked have been, and some still are the best player’s ever to play for Mayo, but during this time, several if indeed not of these All Star’s have at times suffered from lack of form, from time to time … And it’s difficult to believe the Mayo did not have better options during these times… Examples, I think Ger Cafferkey has not been near the form that won him an All Star… What about Crowe… Colm Boyle has been off the pace all this year… Cillian hasn’t scored from play in his last two match’s..In fact how many times did he touch the ball in play versus Kildare?.. We needed fresh legs on the pitch early in the second half in my case, what about bringing on Conor Louftus for Cillian (watch the match again and you will be amazed how few times Cillian actually touched the ball in play )…. Whoever manages Mayo, we now need to go down the road that Donegal took during the league… It may have cost Donegal Div One status…. But with us being so conservative, we were very lucky to stay up…
    Wear and tear, incredible hard luck with injuries, eventually caught up with us…. Is Stephen Rochford the man to be ruthless and adventurous for Mayo now?… It’s a fair question!

  353. Rochford never progressed to building a panel of players, a super bench to win games. He didn’t have enough faith in them himself to bring them on early enough and give them an opportunity to make an impact. Soul destroying for the players themselves.
    I’m not convinced that the players are not in the county. That’s just an easy opt out. Even McHale park is no longer a stronghold for us.
    I do believe we can get back up there again in a short space of time but not under Rochford…

  354. Dave J….just er.. remind them of the humiliation we dished out to them in Croke Park last year. 22 points I believe?

  355. Mayonaze. It doesnt work im afraid. I thought after that annihilation, theyd have kept quiet for at least a year. But they were still rattling on about having the best 6 forwards in the country within a few weeks.

  356. Having faith in someone is one thing but why insult a player by introducing with two mins left on the clock when chasing a game . Like it wasn’t to run down the clock obviously. Far too much trust/faith is given to managers , some of them are pure luck bluffers with a middlin back room team.

  357. At least Kildare seem to be putting Fermanagh away easily enough, fair play to them

  358. Spot on sean burke. Boyle was routinely subbed too early last year and not subbed early enough this year. In fact it’s doubtful he should have been a starter this year,. Also the little game time given to Loftus was plain wrong, Rank bad management and instead of learning year on year he is getting worse in my opinion.

  359. Great to see Kildare win so well tonight. I thought they wouldnt perform after beating us last week. It will be interesting to see how the Super 8s go next weekend.

  360. England better not win the World Cup or we’ll have to listen to the Galway brigade on about Johnny Donnellan lifting the cup in 66

  361. I agree with Pebbles.. I think people are being far to harsh on Rochford and seem to be intent on only picking out his failings. For a bit of balance.. did he not bring us to within a few minutes of winning an All-Ireland last year beating Kerry enroute. He must have some idea what he’s at. We then turn around within a few months and stay up in Division 1 football. For the first time in a long time these players can switch off and live life away from county football for 6 – 7 months and that applies to the manager, the supporters and Willie Joe. Taking a step back can often be a very good thing. It renews appetite, gives perspective and gives time to make good decisions (should I stay or should i go). People are saying we should target the league and win connaught for 2019.. yes of course we should and it’s a lot easier say that when you have time away. Keith Higgins for example just wants to be enjoying his sport and loves hurling. I’d say some of these players are sick to death with the demands of playing football all the time. Being knocked out when we were was a relief because the injuries we had were insurmountable.. simple as. Not even Jim McGuinness would have got us through the Super 8’s. I hope Rochford stays and if people want to judge him.. then judge him on next year’s league and Connaught Championship. I watched all last year’s FBD and league games and I didn’t see any new player putting up there hands aside from EOD. It’s all good and well doing it at club but you need to show it at County and to say that Rochford has a closed door policy is simply not true. From what ive seen the proclaimers to the Crown are simply not good enough so far. Hopefully 2019 will prove different

  362. Delighted for Roscommon and Kildare and I hope they take a few more scalps.
    They both play lovely attacking football, and deserve their rewards.
    But the coming opposition won’t be so accommodating.
    However, “He who dares wins”. And they both will dare.
    Good luck to them both.

  363. Would be nice to hear the venue for the game next weekend announced. Not least so we can all focus on talking about these lads and the fact that we are 60 mins from another all Ireland final!

    Great opportunity for us. I hope to void this summer brings a massive crowd for this one. Let’s drive these boys over the line

  364. Ridiculous how there’s still no time/venue for the u20 game. What’s the hold up?

    Should have been announced straight after the Leinster final on Friday evening.

  365. Sean Burke as an outsider Rossie i disagree with your middleing backroom team comment. Fair enough i think McEntee adds nothing and is a controversial character but Donie Buckley is second to non in my eyes. I know he has been there year’s and no all ireland but theres a reason each management team keep him on. How he has developed Mayo players in the tackle is outrageous. From forwards back Mayo are the best team in country at turning over the ball. The may have lacked some back ground team and managers but i would give anything to have Buckley with Roscommon for a year or two

  366. Fair play to Kildare and Roscommon, Even on ur last legs we could have beaten Kildare, had the subs been brought on in time, and not a few with a couple of minutes left, so annoyed about that, all or nothing, fresh legs for gods sake, when we were wilting. Revellino if u remember the post u did last year about my Mayo flag it would be appreciated, many thanks, and Up Mayo.

  367. @Mayo Viking.
    Feck yea. I’m after spending the last 40 minutes goin through the archives looking for that poem for yea.

    Anyway, I found it. Enjoy.

    My Mayo Flag

    We all might come from Ireland
    And from Connacht that’s inside
    But it’s because I come from Mayo
    That my heart it bursts with pride

    I’ve met countless other people
    From every corner of the earth
    But the ones I’ve always loved most
    Are from the county of my birth

    When the football trumpets call us
    To the Croke Park battle scene
    We’ll fight for final glory
    Under Mayo’s red and green

    Our flag it stands for courage
    And for passion and for pride
    And we’ll never leave defeated
    With that flag that’s by our side

    They said after last year’s final
    That Mayo had come and been
    But you’ll never ever ever
    Drive away the red and green

    Of all the things I’ve ever owned
    All the places that I’ve been
    My most treasured of possessions
    Is my flag of red and green

    Every time I lift my flag up
    I hold it tight against my breast
    My heart it beats like thunder
    Almost bursting through my chest

    My life is written on my flag
    My father’s face I’ve seen
    Of the greatest gifts he left me
    Was my love for red and green

    Whatever happens sunday
    Already know I’m goin to cry
    And there’s one thing that I’m sure of
    My Mayo flag I’ll fly

    I love I love my Mayo flag
    Stands for everything I’ve been
    I thank the Lord near every day
    I support the red and green

    When we win the war on Sunday
    When we lay Goliath low
    I’ll wrap my flag around me
    Green and red from head to toe

    When life’s light will someday fade away
    And they lay me on my bed
    I’ll be making my last journey
    With my flag beneath my head

    And when the anthem plays in years to come
    And the team looks to the sky
    There is one thing that their sure to see
    They’ll see my old flag fly

    There’s one thing that I’ll ask you Lord
    Let O’Connor lift that cup
    I want to see my green and red
    To see it hoisted up

  368. Km78, Mayo and Galway for that matter have benefited as much as any team in Ireland with easy draws over the century, made even easier during times when Ros, Sligo and Leitrim were in doldrums and are thinly populated counties. Ros still had to beat a team that made 1/4 last year when Armagh beat Kildare. Still, Mayo should be in Super 8s and it will be all the poorer without ye.

  369. Seeing both Kildare and Roscommon in the Super 8s hard to take, time for big changes in Mayo now both in Management and Players. Plenty of Sundays now to have trial games and give everyone a chance to show their skills , then pick a panel of 30 and get them into serious training by 1st of October and have them ready for first games in January and have a plan to play best team in all games and win every game no matter what competition it is

  370. Rossies set targets and keep acchieving. Anything from here in is a bonus for you. Looking forward to games involving Galway and Roscommon now. Strong connacht is good for all.

  371. I don’t believe a strong Connacht benefits us in any way. A weak Leinster/Munster has definitely helped Dublin and Kerry over the years.

  372. I fear Rochford will be remembered as the manager who
    Won no silverware not even the FBD and didn’t trust his own subs bench

  373. Culmore. Do you not think on the basis that over half the team are based in Dublin having them in serious training from Oct 1 may be a little problematic? Do you not think that having guys in serious training for 11 months of the year could possibly lead to burnout? And after all those trials you suggest only play the best 15 every game…i mean why would you bother testing any new lads in the FBD or league..Maybe we should send them away to training camp over the Christmas holidays too!!

  374. Walterwhite nothing wrong with training in Dublin , even junior club players now have their training programme on their phone , if players dont come back to collective training sessions in proper state of fitness ,well then drop them from panel. What we are doing has not worked especially this year . We played a complete new team in FBD and none of them made the panel , under social media pressure brought in a player who had not played for a few years and that was a failure. Playing competitive games is much better than training, that’s why I say always field your best team and get into a winning mode

  375. @revellino stick to the football please this is a mayo Gaa blog not a poetry blog.

  376. Leeroy is a pundit on the Saturday game next weekend for the Dublin v Donegal game.

  377. @Aidan. Goodman.

    Request 1: Post poem please.
    Request 2: Don’t post poem please.

    Now there is the dilemma ?

    Stick up your phone number there Aidan and I’ll be able to phone yea anytime I need advice 🙂

    I’d say you could.be a detective the shrewd way you worked out that this was a Gaa Blog. I thought it was a cooking blog.

  378. It’s all very well calling for new management. But who. Whoever is in charge must be ultra professional, modern and really on the the game. JH was. Rochford s team was. I suspect Noel and Pat were not but I don’t know for sure. These players need and are used to a professional set up which gives them the chance to maximise their chances, so new management for the sake of new management is a waste of time. There is really only one successful manager each year and he is the manager of the winning team. Maybe we get carried away about managers. According to some people John Maugham cost us All Irelands. For others James Horan cost us All Irelands and now Stephen Rochford cost us All Irelands. Isn’t it ironic that these 3 guys have done so much for football in Mayo yet get the finger pointed at them for their supposed inadequacies in not delivering the big one. While Rochford is often slow in bring in subs he could never be accused of being conservative Replacing Clarke in 2016 and putting Aido full back v Kerry were amazing decisions with varying results. Promoting J Durcan and Hanley this year we’re also strange decisions. What killed us this year was the injuries in Spring and Summer.Other than that we would be in the Super 8s now. Well done Kildare and Ross. They play football the way it should be played and are backed by large numbers of genuine supporters.

  379. Culmore.it’s not realistic to expect to playing your first 15 in FBD in January which in my opinion is nothing but a mucky mouse competition. Also there is nothing wrong with players maintaining their fitness levels but that isn’t what you stated in original post…’serious training’ is how you put it..to me ‘serious training’ is collective.
    Can’t argue with the fact we’ve been poor this year. However we were within a width of a post of winning an AI last year. Also we have too many players either injured or coming back from injury this year and all the training in the world wasn’t going to fix that.
    If your solution is to expect our first 15 to playing FBD from January believe me we won’t need to worry about what is happening in August.

  380. @ to win just once. I don’t think anyone is asking for new management for the sake of change. To win just once we have to up our game and that includes management. You look at games coming up in super 8 and count the number of games that we’re won by players coming of the bench.our failure was that we left them on the bench and bench players did not quite bridge the gap between our super core players and themselves. Imo management did not help develop these players mentally and physically. Players like Conor o Shea Adam Gallagher and others can play great club football but are not comfortable at county level. Does not seem to matter what Shane Nally does at club level. Crowe looked like he was bridging the Gap but didn’t get those few extra games or game time
    Personally I did not see any great targets for FBD games, league was roller coaster living on the edge and then some strange decisions in championship. Like Sean Bourke and other poster losing to Galway in our home patch does not sit comfortably.
    Change in management yes but a more shrewd tactically management required.
    I do feel Horan is a wiser man nowadays, can see that in the way he is managing at club level. And McGuinness a master tactician. But def not change management for change sake.
    Brighter days are closer than we think. The right tweaks and we are back at the top table.

  381. @revellino as good as your poetry might be and you seem to have a talent with words but this is a Gaa blog and no ya don’t need to be a detective to work that out.

    the great thing about this site is many people have varying views on mayo football some valid some not but people are entitled to there opinion on mayo Gaa here as long as there within house rules.

    I think willie joe will need to update these rules for next season as I have talked to numerous people that are sick of some of the nonsense that has nothing to do with mayo Gaa on the pitch that have being posted up on this blog this summer.
    People are tuning out with some of the utter garbage that we have witnessed here this year.

  382. Pat Spillane has an article in Sunday world today about why we haven’t won an all Ireland last 7/8 years.
    10 points in fact.

  383. Revelinio I don’t know you from
    Adam but I have the say that’s a very nice heartfelt piece of poetry and please God one day O’Connor or another son of the plains of sweet Mayo will lift Sam and I’ll write a poem myself.

  384. @ Backdoorsam. Thanks very much. I hope that someday, and hopefully not too far in to the future that I’ll be reading the poem you write celebrating Mayo winning the All Ireland..Wouldn’t that be some feeling.
    I think we will be back at the business end again next year and hopefully get another crack at it. Look at how well the Galway hurlers are going now and they had their own heartbreak over the last 30 years. We’ll all be fresh and ready for next year and someday it’s going to happen.

  385. Tyrone always play their best team and go al lout to win every competition even the McKenna Cup every year and they are now in the Super 8 s

  386. With all due respect Culmore if that’s your best argument…How many All Irelands will Tyrone win do you think? I don’t have the stats but I doubt very much their first 15 in the McKenna Cup will be the same as the Super 8s. Also they came within an inch of their lives of being knocked out by Meath a couple of weeks ago. Mayo are not in the Super 8s due to not being able to beat Galway which they would have done in my opinion if DOC hadn’t got sent off and we hadn’t lost Tom. Mayo would be in the Super 8s in my opinionif we had the soft draw Roscommon had. Mayo would be in the Super 8s in my opinion if we used our panel more effectively against Kildare instead of using just 3 subs on a hot day and bringing on one of them in injury time. These are all valid reasons in my opinion…if you think we are not there because we are not playing our best 15 in January…well quite frankly I think that’s nonsense.

  387. Are there any financial implications for Mayo by getting knocked out so early?

  388. @ sean Burke I’m sure there is huge financial implications for mayo.not being at the business end like we have being will effect fundraising etc not to mention takings from the gate!
    Plus we only had one home championship game this year!

  389. Has any decision been made on the venue for the U20 game v Derry. Fair play to you Revellino that was an excellent poem you posted earlier.No harm to lighten the tone here..There is no football {Senior } to be played until next January.. Has there ever been as many comments on the one topic before Willie Joe.

  390. Kinda nice to have a summer off lads!! 2019 will be epic we all feel.We”ll be hungry as a pack of bears. Kerry flattered to decieve against cork and dublin are on a downword spiral we all feel. We were shattered against kildare. We haven’t had a break for 7 years!!!! Some quality time with friends/wives/fiances/girlfriends…..holidays and beers and come back refreshed in ’19. No need to worry about who’s watching us for nearly 6 plus months and to feel human again. To fully recover from all niggling unjuries will be a blessing. A foor injury thats been there but not going away really. Watch us in 7 months time fans!!!!!!

  391. I expect the u20 game to go ahead in Carrick on Shannon. Wherever the venue important that we show up in numbers and get behind our future next weekend.

  392. Keep on writing and rocking Revellino as far as I’m concerned!.. I see earlier in the year, Dublin GAA boss man, Séan Shanley was raging at ‘Injustice’ of Dublin hurlers having to play Tipperary at a neutral venue ‘Semple Stadium’ in a ‘ONE’ match.. My God the hypocrisy of it all.. Can he not see the inbuilt advantage of ‘Croke Park’.. almost always, for virtually every competition?… You can read all about it on’ Sports Joe ‘.. I tried to post the link, but ye will have to look it up for yerselves!… Are the RTE GAA pundits improving?… Last week when I was in Newbridge or somewhere, at a match while listening to the commentary from RTE radio at the same time..
    None other than Michael Meehan was on duty and did a very good job.. Likewise the same Michael Meehan done a very good job on RTE TV yesterday analysis of the Armagh /Roscommon match.. And it’s even getting better, because none other than our own ‘Lee Keegan’ is giving his expert opinion on the upcoming Donegal /Dublin match to be played in Croke Park or Nowhere, as well!

  393. walter you have a lot of IFs there , the facts are Tyrone, Kildare, Roscommon are in the Super 8s we are not, remember if your Aunt had Balls she would be your Uncle.

  394. Luck of the draw does play a part Culmore. Monaghan got 3 division 4 teams on the bounce in the qualifiers. Roscommon beat Leitrim and Armagh to reach the super 8s. I would say us beating Limerick and Tipperary is more impressive than that.

    I agree with your overall point about getting new blood into the panel. Some of the incumbents just haven’t done it at senior level. There are a few more who haven’t been given a fair chance IMO and that comes back to management.

  395. No way of eliminating the luck of the draw and with a bit of luck we could be in super 8 but would that be to our advantage.
    I don’t think so because we are very focussed on winning Sam and in my opinion we did not have the panel of players.
    Worn out, niglly injured players like Lee Keegan are going to get opportunity to recover and recharge. Opportunity for management and co board to reflect on our objectives. Ring in changes Imo.
    We have the u20 to enjoy. Let’s get behind them. Tough task v a very good Derry did coming up.

  396. And how many AI finals have those counties been in in recent years Culmore? How many injuries to key players have those counties got Culmore? They aren’t as big an an if as your bizaare suggestion that if we play our strongest 15 for FBD and have the lads training hard in October..we would win an AI. Tell me this when are you going to try out new guys if you play your strongest 15 for every game. What you are suggesting is laughable . I suggest you throw it out there to debate at the beginning of Willie Joe’s next post and see what sort of reaction you get to your brilliant plan for the Mayo team.

  397. For the record Culmore there was only two players for Tyrone that started against Cork last time out that started the McKenna Cup final against Donegal….How does that stack up against your Tyrone always play their best 15 theory…Sure don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story hey?

  398. Warring party’s,.. There are no absolute’s, rights or wrongs.. I listened to a singer tonight who could make you think.!… And She wasn’t even singing !..And everybody knows!

  399. Read a Joe Brolly column yesterday where his only agenda seemed to be to debunk Jim mcguinness and his scientific methods. He had some fair points in what he said but boy did he seem to be out to undermine mcguinness more so than the methods themselves. Seemed like a personnel attack on mcguinness and I felt there was a nastiness to it.

  400. Joe Brolly is not worth reading, because there is a personal agenda about everything he writes. All he is concerned about if feathering his own nest, and the longer that newspaper editors and RTE producers pander to his “opinions” in order to attract readers and viewers, the longer they will sustain his life-system. Sometime, somehow, somebody will take him down a peck or two.

  401. Thanks a million Revellino.Brought a tear to my eye once again, brilliant, never mind the begrudgers, jealously is an awful thing, let’s see their efforts?

  402. Didn’t think there was any substance to Brolly article beyond personal attack. Very unproffesional, there’s obviously a history. And Brolly won’t let go either. He will trash out more of the same when opportunity presents itself.
    Let him put his neck on the line by managing some squad that would have him. His ramblings on romanticised experiences with GAA clubs have little appeal outside of the characters in the stories. Would not be missed by me if rte dispensed with his services. Broken gramaphone record nothing to offer.

  403. Really love that poem Revellino. When you posted it first, I sent it to all my family and everyone, young and old enjoyed it. Well done.

  404. Thanks Nephin and all who liked that one.

    Your handle reminds me that its a few years since I climbed Nephin. A lovely climb. And in to Leonards in Lahardane after for a pint if the thirst hits. Yea had a great year yourselves in the football this year. I might meet you on the windy gap some time in the future.

    Rgds Revellino.

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