Diarmuid’s season-ending injury is an absolute disaster

Photo: Mayo Advertiser (Sportsfile)

Disaster strikes again.

Hot on the heels of Mattie Ruane’s broken collarbone, which ruled the young Breaffy midfielder out of action for the summer, comes confirmation this morning that captain Diarmuid O’Connor has also suffered a season-ending injury. The captain broke his wrist in training last night and won’t play for us again this year.

The parallels with last summer are now looking deeply ominous. Once we’d lost both Tom Parsons and Seamus O’Shea – both in the heat of action on the field of play – our hopes of progression in the Championship last year were fatally undermined. It’s hard to view the loss of Mattie and now Diarmuid in any kinder light.

The difference, of course, this year is that both players got injured on the training ground and both suffered broken bones. For this to happen once, as the saying goes, might be considered unfortunate but for two players to be felled in this way in such a short space of time has to raise serious questions about what the hell we’re doing in these sessions, not least given the catalogue of other injuries that have occurred in training so far this year.

That, however, is one best parked until our Championship run this year is over. While we’ve no option but to stumble on as best we can, it’s now hard to avoid the conclusion that the end awaiting us this summer could be a whole lot closer than even the pessimists among us might have imagined it would be.

Best wishes to Diarmuid and here’s hoping his recovery goes smoothly and swiftly.

180 thoughts on “Diarmuid’s season-ending injury is an absolute disaster

  1. Very disappointed for Diarmaid and I wish him a speedy recovery. All we can do is get on with it but it’s a big blow. I take it Seamus O’Shea or Donie Vaughan must be near ready to come back in? Gibbons could be brought back in.We need everybody we can get.

  2. Best wishes to Diarmuid on a speedy recovery.
    I wouldn’t agree with bringing in gibbons, Horan is in year one of 3, if I was him i’d Be looking to give the young players as much game time as possible in whatever games we have left this year as part of a total re-build for next year.

  3. thoughts with Diarmuid, he must be absolutely devastated. Its a hammer blow but we’re just a few days out from a mammoth challenge, lets stay positive. Injuries of this nature, ie collar and wrist, are often as a result of fairly innocuous incidents in my experience, but regardless, there’s no point speculating, they are what they are. Best of luck with your rehab Diarmuid, lets circle the wagons and make sure we are ready for this challenge on Sat night.

  4. Puckout, I get what your saying! But you do realise outside of Murray, we have no other fit midfielder?. If Seamie and Vaughan are fit to play then sound. But if not, we need Gibbons, we need cover for black cards, and the way its going more injuries. Forget this building for future for a while, we’re in a hole as it is now, we need midfielders.

  5. James McCormack an option for Midfield? Himself and Diskin often play there for Claremorris. Would be mobile at least.

  6. Puckout – Rochford had another year left too when he was effectively sacked for losing Round 3 of qualifiers.

  7. Not sure you can surmise that there’s anything ‘wrong’ with the training sessions because of a broken collarbone and a broken wrist. Those types of injuries often happen in training, a fall while jumping for a kickout could result in either of those injuries. It’s most likely just a case of very bad luck.
    I hope the players are more resilient than the tone on this blog – it’s a big blow, but the players just have to get on with it and should still be able for Armagh without DOC – many people were calling for him to be dropped after the last couple of games remember!

  8. Well that’s a real kick in the knackers.

    Not sure I’d be quite so despondent regarding the rest of the summer for us, but it’s obviously a huge blow.
    We really need COC and particularly SOS and Vaughan back now. None of this shite about them being “near”, we need them back in now.
    Of course then we have the problem of them lacking match sharpness, which is why we really needed a easier draw for this weekend, to give them all a chance to slowly work their way back to match fitness.

    To have 4 potential midfield options either out for the rest of the summer or just coming back from long term injury is beyond bad luck.
    I can see Horan going with Coen on Saturday, but we are then lacking a lot of mobility around the middle.
    Vaughan if fit or Mikey Murray would seem the more logical choice, although slightly more risky.

  9. Massive blow. Struggling to put a positive slant on it tbh. Felt we could have coped with the ruane loss but this is a killer. Down to 1 out and out midfielder currently
    We have seen nothing to suggest Vaughan or SOS will be ready for this week so can see it being mcdonagh or keegan to midfield alongside AOS.

    Actually wouldn’t mind seeing keegan there, when he moved out there onto mooney the other night it turned the game.
    In the modern game you need one fetcher/ball winner and one box to box athlete. I think with AOS/keegan that dynamic would be there

  10. Martin – you obviously didn’t heed what I said after you posted here for the first time earlier this morning. There are clear rules about what can and can’t be posted here, specifically when making allegations of the kind you’ve tried to post. The rules are here but, as a new contributor, you appear to be unaware of them so please familiarise yourself fully with the rules before attempting to post another comment. You’re also on moderation watch, by the way, as it’s obvious you need watching, given what you’ve just attempted to post.

  11. Hard to feel anything but despondent.
    Raises more questions about management.

  12. Sorry for DoC–was not having a good year but form is temporary while class is permanent. all teams have injury problems so we just have to get on with it.

  13. Agreed that Lee is a fantastic athlete, but his ability to man mark a key forward out of a game could be a key loss to the backs, especially if Aidan stays in the deeper position he’s made his own.

    Also, would there eventually be a height issue with high fielding when put up against a big athletic midfielder?

    Finally – and please edit out if it constitutes gossip WJ, but is there any news within the county about how Tom is getting on? An Aidan / Seamie pairing in midfield would lack pace and probably not be a 70 minute option.

    Throwing Murray straight into the deep end must be a 50:50 call if best, but by the looks of the injuries coming through, he should at least have exposure to some savage training sessions.

  14. A huge loss, but not as fatal as some are making out on here, I’m just glad some of you are not giving the pre-match talk on Saturday, we’d be beaten before we got off the bus! Injurys happen, we just seem to be plain unlucky in the midfield department recently. I’ve trained with teams where even a strike of the ball has broken bones. I wouldn’t read into training methods being the problem, they play a physical contact sport which can result in injurys, these things happen, life goes on. I wish Diarmuid well in his recovery and hope to see him back very soon. Let’s not forget though that his form has been poor / patchy at best lately. I honestly don’t think Management know where his best position is, he’s not a natural midfielder anyway, he should be placed centrally between midfield and the forwards, i.e. a linkman, running of shoulders and delivering ball inside. He has the engine and smarts to do this. In my oppinion he is wasted on the wing / midfield. Time for someone else to step up to the fold and fill his shoes, the season is far from over yet, keep the faith. Any news on the return of Vaughan / SoS and TP? They’re badly needed going forward, even for back-up.

  15. Sickening. Just when the Hope’s are rising about the team. Theres another blow. But we’re just supporters. It must be devastating for Diarmuid. All the hard work done all season and to be ended like that. Need all our players close to being injury free to be back in action as soon as possible. Getting very sparse in midfield options now. Hopefully someone will step up to the challenge.

  16. I know these things can happen even in a light training session but how many broken bones in Galway, Roscommon, Kerry Dublin or any other county. This is shite…sorry Diarmuid to hear of your misfortune and hope you heal well and quickly.
    I’m not losing hope but I do hope that,as a team and a county we can get behind them and stop being so negative. We have the players we need. Let them free and give them their chances

  17. Well that is some sickener, Diarmuid might not be firing at full tilt recently but he is the very athlete we cannot go to Croke Park without. We are going from week to week now in full throttle championship games so there is absolutely no need for any contact training mid-week. I didn’t like the sound of the two training sessions in the post match interview but assumed it wouldn’t play out that way. He didn’t even need to cross the country for training last night, nonsense stuff. The only pair of 24 year old lads certain starters out now – ah annoying stuff.

  18. I agree with Tubberman. It’s very irresponsible to speculate on how this injury happened. In any team prep there are any amount of ways this could happen and anyone who has watched or taken part in training teams will testify to this. Also to suggest that Ruane & O’Connor’s injury are linked to the way we train is irresponsible.
    I would suggest that we leave the team prep to the people that know more than 99%(at least) of posters on this forum or any other for that matter.

  19. Yes Exile! Tom Parsons is such a loss to us! Wishing him the best with his continued recovery as i find it difficult to see him being match for 2019. I hope i am wrong!
    Our fully loaded bench from the league dwindling! I still think if we can get some guys back (donie vaughan, coc etc) and use our talented young players all is not lost!

    If we can make it through the super 8’s matthew ruane could possibly be back in the fold by then?

  20. Some really stupid comments by posters on here how the season is a write off now.Although Diarmuid is a big loss there is still a few players who can fill his role Keith Higgins in an advanced role or Murray, Vaughan, Diskin and McCormack all can play that box to box role.His form of late wasnt particularly great anyways and I think hes still not as influential as AOS, Lee or Cillian on our chances, not a heavy scorer either.Another thing because our All Ireland chances might be dented with this injury,it is still important we get to Super 8s so that our younger players get exposure to top games.
    Two years of no Super 8s would be very bad for this group.

  21. One thing I don’t want to hear or read about is “Can’t predict injuries”, “freak incident” etc.
    It’s as simple as this actual games AND in training A v B games produce injuries.
    For us to be this year playing A v B games in a year where we are down Parsons, SOS, Cillian, Donie.
    Then add the recent injury to Matthew Ruane.
    Games …… produce …… injuries. We could have been playing smaller conditioned plays. Put yellow bibs on the midfield options where we are lightest and those with existing injuries.
    Think of it like this, maybe let’s increase our volume of A v B games for the rest of the summer? What would the result be of more A v B games?
    What this backroom team lacks is Game Theory. The Roscommon match lack of a freetaking plan, the A v B games in a season full of injuries, the usage of subs so late in games in injurty time. We are blinded by foam rolling, bus schedules and carb loading schedules. What is the bloody point if we are approaching the season as naively as this in terms of the important key Controllables? As Eamon Coughlan said “Worry about the minutes before you worry about the seconds”. We don’t have control on the key aspects affecting getting 26 players fit for match day and them having a game plan that gets executed.

  22. Very disappointing news for Diarmuid and of course for us. He will be a massive loss if we make it as far as Croke Park this year.

    I’m not sure though if it’s fair to imply it’s the fault of the training regime or that it raises questions about management (the latter is a particular stretch IMO). An injury can happen any time, regardless of whether it’s in a game, in training, with your club, walking down the street. I think we have just been desperately unlucky and sometimes that’s just the way it goes. We sure are up against it now though.

    I wouldn’t agree with bringing Jason Gibbons in either. There is youth in the county – give them their chance.

  23. Oh poor Diarmuid…our captain. Feel like screaming. So awful for him, for the team and for us. We have such bad luck.

  24. So so sorry for Diarmuid – I’m sure he is sickened and deeply disappointed. What is going on in midfield in the game as a whole, not just in Mayo? It seems to be a very physical position.

    I’d be on the lookout for midfielders in general after our rate of injuries here since last year.

    I’m not despondent – more sorry for Diarmuid. We must pick up now and we must find two midfielders to match with Aidan. We have Kevin Mc to slot into a half forward role.

    The captain’s role is up for filling again now. Let’s hope Lady Luck begins to smile more kindly on us, let’s keep our nerve and let’s keep our momentum going slowly and surely as our other players return from their injuries. Overall we are less ragged, shell shocked and frayed than we were last year. We’re generally moving in a better direction health-wise than last year. Let’s take it safely and steady. Wellbeing is the most important thing – more important than winning. I’m keeping the faith, however. Slow, steady, safe with confidence.

  25. good point Supermac, Keegan a potentially interesting choice, but I guess the question is whether there is a net gain or loss if you move him there? Hard to say. I’d imagine if you started him there, if one of the opposition half forwards is making hay, you may end up moving him onto that player to man mark. I’d have thought his man marking value would always supersede any other role in a tight game? I’d imagine Vaughan will start if fit, and if not Coen. Is Mikey Murray ready physically for the white heat Armagh are likely to bring? Maybe he is, time will tell.

  26. Swallow Swoops, Captains roll is not up for filling again Paddy Durcan is Vice Captain, he will be taking on the Captains duties for the rest of the season.

  27. I wouldn’t necessarily question training myself WJ. Broken Collarbone for Ruane came in an A vs B game which I would hope would be full on while a wrist injury can happen very easily. An innocuous fall even when running, and considering what McHale Park pitch is like i’d say it’s easy enough to trip over when even jogging.

    It’s definitely not good overall. More pressure on Aiden now to really boss midfield while someone like Vaughan or even Keegan could come in as the midfield runner.

    Our strong 2019 bench is unfortunately now beginning to look a bit weaker with injuries.

  28. Im driven demented wondering what the true story is with Cillian O’Connor. I wish the county board would let us know the reason for his absence or at least indicate a time when he will be match fit.

  29. Cillian mustn’t be ready. Diarmuid’s injury can either demoralise the squad or galvanise them to push on in spite of the set-back. I hope it’s the latter.

  30. The loss of a player of Duirmuids quality will always be blow to any team but it is far from fatal to our chances of progressing to the super 8s, (talk of All Ireland’s is very premature, we are well off the pace for that kind of talk). Mayo are well stocked on the half forward line and with Vaughan, SOS, Coen, McCormack, Murray now available to partner AOS things are far from the doom and gloom some are suggesting. Also suggesting the injury is part of the training methods is stretching a lot. A wrist injury could happen at any time during training or games, just poor luck that it happened so soon after Ruane injury.

  31. Great news that SOS and Vaughan trained fully, but their match sharpness is an obvious worry.
    Much more of a worry is the lack of info on Cillian.
    I really wish we could get some clarity on this, if only to stop the crazy rumours from spreading.

  32. The question I’d have, Mike, is why we’re suffering a litany of training ground injuries this year. As well as the two lads, the injuries suffered by Seamus O’Shea, Donal Vaughan, James Carr, Fionn McDonagh and Ger Cafferkey – all of whom were out for ages, with four of them only now apparently ready again – were all, as far as I know, training related. As was Diarmuid’s eye socket injury. That’s an awful lot of bad luck, if bad luck is what it is. Then there’s Cillian and I’m really at a loss what to think there at this stage. He’s not even mentioned in that update they issued this morning!

  33. Is it any wonder Willie Joe that there are rumours about certain players when you get a statement like that from co board and the previous one from the manager about players been fit in 5 or 6 days

  34. I tend to agree Willie Joe. It’s more than bad luck at this stage. The injuries we’ve been dealing with is ridiculous at this stage and I’m afraid questions would have to be asked about what’s going on in training, what sort of paces management are putting players through.
    Losing Ruane was a blow but something we could have dealt with. This is another thing entirely and just another injury to add to the long list of injuries suffered on the training ground.
    Add to that, the secrecy around Cillian. I’m starting to believe the rumours are true there.

  35. I’d agree with Ann Marie that’s it’s time to put faith in a young midfielder like Mikey Murray as opposed to the likes of Jason Gibbons But is disagree that there isn’t an issue with our training regime. Unless of course it’s down to bad luck but God knows this county has had more than enough bad luck when it comes to inter county senior football

  36. No one injury is a complete disaster but Diarmuid, Mattie, Cillian, Seamus, Tom, Donnie, Carr and Ger is! No team in Ireland could sustain that many absentees. I would hope that somehow we make it to Croke park so the younger guys that experience big games there. It’s year 1 here and it should be treated as such. Another year without super 8’s games would do nothing for our development.

  37. Something really weird going on with Cillian. A mountain of shite been spouted about him in various official Mayo gaa “updates” all season. I don’t get the secrecy??
    Some of those press releases from Mayo gaa updating squad injuries etc are so basic they look like they have been written by a 5 year old. Maddening to read. Feel really sorry for Diarmuid.

  38. I would like to wish Mayo and all the injured players the best of luck on Saturday come what may we are all human

  39. Sorry for Diarmuid and all his team mates.

    Our 2 regulars last year Tom P. and Seamie and we get 2 great men to fill the boots Mattie and Diarmuid and are now without them all.

    My heart goes out too to big Aidan. It’s almost cruelty to have him shoulder anymore of a burden on top of his mammoth performances.

    I’m nearly too numb to think of how the team should now set up.

    Think I would give a start at midfield to young Murray. Seamie can always come in later if it’s not working. I would be afraid of starting Seamie with Murray having to replace him when he tires and then things not working for Murray.

    Lee isn’t a midfielder and KMc is great for breaking ball but not a midfielder either. A great 3rd man around the midfield.

    We have to go for someone who plays midfield regularly and I would bite the bullet and stick Murray in.

  40. Jesus A lot of people here seem to have no faith in our management team at all How do ye want a team to prepare for Armagh Wearing bibs doing little solo runs covered in cotton wool or proper A v B games which keep lads on edge and allow guys on the fringes to stake a claim These bone injuries are different from muscular strains which may be because or poor warm ups etc Broken bones are freak accidents and we are desperately unlucky to have suffered two such injuries to absolutely key players As to the Co Board statement It told us who was back in full training That either suggests that Cillian is not ready yet or that he will be sprung as a surprise Saturday Overall it’s disappointing to be missing so many really good players To reach the last 8 would be an achievement

  41. The statement by Mayo GAA does state that the extent of the injury has yet to be established so maybe all is not lost if we make the Super8s.

    The biggest problem here is that so many of our injuries are concentrated in midfield – Parsons is by far the biggest blow of the lot, a tragedy actually!

    I’d be with going for Murray in midfield. He’s a natural midfielder and he’s either good enough or he’s not.

    On COC perhaps I’ll be accused of heresy but I’m not that bothered about his return. Loftus can do the free-taking and I’ve found that over the past few seasons COC has been a little ‘quiet’ in the FF line. Fact – his total from open play against Kildare and Tipp in qualifiers last year was ….0-00.

  42. Thanks for the clarification re the captaincy Mayomad. Paddy is a good man to lead also. All we can do is wish each and every one and the lads as a whole our very best.

  43. Sad about this. Saturday has a look of “ potential “ guillotine about it now. But if we escape with a win it could be a huge ( mental ) positive for the team . If we use our existing resources to the max we can still win it.



    The Armagh midfielder Jarlath Og Burns would have been targeted by both Ruane and Diarmuid.
    Imo the only options we have to contain him are to put either Lee Keegan or Donie on him. ( Donie preferred )
    We need to play with a sweeper now for sure which means that , again , Andy and Carr on the inside would be the best options to keep their defense hemmed in .

    However , the adjustments could make us defensively more sound . That’s key against a free scoring team like Armagh.

    MY ADJUSTMENTS TO LAST WEEK’S team would be .

    -McLaughlin (or Higgins ) to sweep. ( if Higgins then bring in O Donoghue to # 4 ) .
    -However preference would be McLaughlin. ( De Facto we would have a two sweeper system then-with Higgins already there. Remember McLaughlin is a left side defender so they could alternate sweeping duties )
    -Carr into the corner to play alongside Andy in a two man up front scheme
    -with Loftus’ and McDonough’s accurate foot passing we could open them up for goals.
    -Donie to midfield to mark , shadow , whatever Jarlath Og Burns and to attack at every opportunity.

    To lose four midfielders in twelve months beggars belief – but it’s nothing to do specifically with training . It’s just kind of a curse . Tongue firmly in cheek here.

  44. What exactly does “returned to full training” mean ?

    Are they ready to start on Saturday ?

    If they just returned to full training this week I doubt it very much.

  45. I heard it’s all a black op and they’re just going to sprint into the field of play on sat , Cillian, Diarmuid , Tom parsons and ciaran Mc too. I’m not sure if there’s any truth to it all though .

    On a serious level our season is fucked . Minors are more important tonight tbh .

  46. There does not seem to be much faith in management based on some comments here How do you prepare for a tough challenge like Armagh will pose Run around doing little drills wearing bibs and covered in cotton wool or proper competitive A v B games which keep everyone on edge and allows fringe players to stake a claim Bone breaks are freak accidents in contrast to muscular and hamstring injuries which can sometimes be the result of poor technique in training or inadequate warm ups etc We are desperately unlucky to suffer two such injuries in a matter of weeks As fo the Co Board statement it tells us who is training That suggests that either Cillian is not yet ready or he will be sprung as a big surprise on Saturday Anyway all in all things are not great It just shows the importance of winning your province

  47. Swahili, not far off there with MCGloughlin and Higgins. But no way would I be starting James Carr over Darren Coen. Coen was immense v Ross, had he not been sent off so early in Newry, im sure he’d a scored a few from play, again!.

  48. Jesus lads injuries happen in training sessions all the time.
    Do ya want them to be doing non contact work in every session? Have ye ever played at club level?
    It’s luck of the draw pure and simple.
    I’ve broken bones in conditioning training games and also in tackling drills.
    These are all necessary to get up to the speed and intensity of championship football.
    You could make a case maybe if you’re dealing with a glut of hamstring injuries or that kind of thing – but broken bones? Give me a break. No pun intended.

  49. No point in doing a 1997 on it and rejigging the whole team due to one injury. Stick Murray in. It’ll be a risk for sure. Fortune favours the brave and while I’m sure Diarmuid is annoyed/sad/angry/frustrated with this setback, we must move on without him.

  50. Yes indeed .Mayo Dunphy. Somehow I forgot about Darren Coen. Coffee please . Double target man up front Coen and Andy. Carr as impact sub.?

  51. The nonsense and non news spouted by Horan about Cillian is shocking. According to Horan he was 6 days away from fitness after the Ros game which was 25th May. These squads don’t exist in a bubble where the only info comes through the management, a lot of people will tell you the true extent of Cillian’s struggles with his knee so it’s a bit childish to keep saying otherwise.

  52. i think our only option is a 3 man midfield of AOS, McLaughlin, Durcan with Higgins pushing to wing back and Vaughan sweeping. Donoghue in at corner back

  53. Crikey.
    That’s 4 of our starting Midfielders in the doctors surgery now.
    If we didn’t have bad luck, we’d have no luck at all.

  54. The county board statement was a misstep imo. Just adds fuel to the gossip fire. Don’t think an injury required a press release really.

    My team for Saturday. Keegan at midfield with Fionn mcdonagh basically tucking in as a 3rd midfielder

    Higgins to move out to number 5. He can’t be played at corner back anymore where he is getting routinely roasted. Would have dropped Doherty only for the Doc injury. Has been poor for a good while now.really want to play boland but him and Loftus would make hf line very light



    Mcdonagh (no 10)



  55. Best wishes to Diarmuid with his recovery.

    The only option is Mikey Murray IMO. Vaughan hasn’t played in over 2 months and couldn’t even make the bench last week. Séamie has been out even longer. A tough situation for Mikey to come into but he’s a great prospect.

  56. Sickened for Diarmuid if indeed his season is over, fingers crossed it’s not as bad as reported but the omens aren’t looking good…

    But the opportunity is now there for others to step up and for some fringe players to finally make their mark. Keegan, Durcan and McLoughlin are not the answer at midfield and playing them out of position would upset the balance of the team. Vaughan and SOS are still waiting to come back in and surely Mikey Murray is worth a shot. Even without Diarmuid we are more than good enough to beat Armagh and I would still fancy us to take any of the beaten provincial finalists. It’s not over till it’s over.

    As for Cillian, is it not clear at this stage that he just isn’t fully fit and and his recovery is taking longer than expected? I’m assuming he didn’t get a mention in the statement because he didn’t fully train.

  57. I actually heard the news as regards Diarmuid late last night, and am absolutely gutted for the Guy and the Team…. I know that in his previous term as Mayo manager James Horan was a big fan of Kilkenny hurling Manager, Brian Coadys method’s… and I believe that the A v B in Kilkenny were pretty full blooded… And that’s to be expected when Guy’s really want that Jersey….It certainly had huge positives from a Kilkenny perspective…. But in hindsight where everyone is far wiser,! Was it absolutely 100% nessary for Diarmuid, and the others who played 70 minutes of a Championship Match on Saturday evening last, to be playing another full blooded A v B on the following Tuesday… I can easily answer that question, it wasn’t absoutely nessary, for Diarmuid…. However, maybe it was nessary for James Horan to have as competitive a squad as possible. .. From outside of the Mayo squad it’s not possible to judge…. It come’s across as very unfortunate the amount of injuries we have recently picked up in training, remarkable really, but I know from personal experience that injuries can be picked up in a very inocious manner…. I just don’t know myself, but am extremely frustrated and disappointed with the amount of injuries we have picked up in training…. I want to wish all the guys on the injured list all the best for a speedy and full recovery…. I will end up on a positive note, and congratulate Tom Reilly on his new role in the Mayo GAA . Wishing?him all the best!

  58. Poor poor Diarmuid. So sorry to be reading this of our lovely captain .Wishing him the very best and speedy recovery.
    Like Revellino, I too feel for Aiden, so much ex pressure now, not that he’s not able for it, playing the best football this year overall.
    We go on Sat even to support as loud as we can and trust our players young and senior to carry us through. Feel like crying for him now.

  59. Disaster and with 2 injuries in quick succession the intensity and the physicality of training needs to be reviewed particularly if we make the super 8s and 6 games in 7 weeks.

    Logical change Vaughan for doc if fit
    Option 2 Keegan to mf, Higgins wing back and Eoin o d corner back

    I thought Gibbons was horrendous when introduced vs monaghan in league and would be well off the pace if called back in.

  60. I wouldn’t be down yet, DOC was not firing on all cylinders this year, but the mystery of Cilian is mind boggling, he played against Clare in challenge he played bit with his club, to have in the pack on Saturday last against down would have given bit of gee up to the rest.
    I am resigned to the fact we will not see him this year, Saturday night is for the Carr treacy MC donagh McCormack to step up
    They will

  61. Just saw this a few seconds ago on the journal, it seems unbelievable that two of your must have players have reviewed such serious injuries in recent training. Have to say this will make it very difficult for Mayo going forward but whoever steps up will just have to produce the goods. The status of your injured players is now a critical factor as without getting one or two of them back soon it could all end too soon for mayo.

    I hope diarmuid and Mattie have every fortune in their recovery and depending on the severity of the injuries they may appear in August as they will be able to maintain very high levels of fitness with the appropriate training schedule once the bones establish bone callus at the fracture site.

  62. I do think that there is a deliberate lack of clarity coming from official sources re the injuries….probably because they don’t want to set out the full extent of the injuries and when the players will return. Will be interesting to see whether the players mentioned in the statement will be in the squad Saturday?

    Seems that accommodation is all sold out in Cbar…..Mayo/Galway hosting the Feile tournament.

  63. PS…if fit enough, Stephen Coen or Donie Vaughan to deputise for Diarmuid in Midfield, who was deputising for Mathew in the first place…. and bring Jason Gibbons back into the panel!

  64. Have to agree with mayodunphy to win just once etc re what’s going on at training

    It’s just bad luck, you can’t wrap them up in cotton wool til September. Tackling drills, small sided games etc are all essential in training this time of year. Especially when there are still places up for grabs

    I have expressed my reservations on some recent managerial decisions but in this instance I wouldn’t blame them. Bone injuries like ruane and doc are just bad fortune. If it was a spate of muscle injuries then yes I would be looking at management

  65. I would start donie in midfield and bring murray on later .
    If the only option is Murray then shame he didn’t get a few runs out in the league. this strikes me as very bad planning

  66. Anyone seen Murray play before?
    Horan must have time for him but its a big call.
    Still think we will win but its getting harder.
    We could do with a bit of good news.

  67. Disappointing for Diarmaid on a personal level. Great opportunity for Murray. If he’s good enough for panel he should be good enough to start v a lower mid division 2 team albeit one on the rise.
    Agree with Swahili if Murray’s mid Kevin in sweeping/middle third role where he’s more natural will give a level of comfort to newbies and also support to the creaking back line.
    Worst case I’ve been off beer last day or two so ready for action if needed. Keep the faith..

  68. Jesus !. You couldn’t make this stuff up. We haven’t even recovered from last years injuries, now two more self inflicted . Anyone would think we were cursed.

  69. I seen Murray play against Castlebar this year in the championship and he was very impressive. He is an athletic midfielder. Hopefully he starts against Armagh.

  70. That’s bad news for sure but the year isn’t in a hape yet.
    Coen or Leeroy in midfield with big dog.
    It’s a dose but this’ll test these fellas like little else can and I see them still winning on Saturday evening.

  71. “ Diarmuid O’Connor suffered a wrist injury in training last night. He was immediately assessed by our medical team & will undergo further examination later this week when the full extend of the injury will be confirmed “
    Am I just clutching at straws or is there some bit of hope I that statement.

  72. Good news, bad news, who knows! It’s hard to get the head around all of this between broken bones and returnees. It’s hard to decipher the coded messages from county board and the manager. It’s hard not to feel deflated and hopeless. BUT by God I am rearing for Armagh and to see our team take to the field. They are amazing. Can you honestly imagine that famous Dublin team without Brian Fenton and a couple of their first names on the team sheet…. they’re key players. But Mayo have been deprived of key players and we are still driving forward. We’ll soon have an A. V B. panel on the recovery table.
    Our team needs us now to believe and never give up. Remember Diarmuid in Newbridge last year. That’s Mayo. Pure determination to give everything for Mayo. Bring that as supporters and our team will be just fine. Never give up and don’t let misfortune knock us down. We’re here for this fight and we’re not beaten till the end. Come on Mayo supporters. Believe in your team and show it.
    Good luck to the minors this evening.
    Maigheo all the way

  73. Time for the young players to step up and show what they’re made of. Stephen Cohen is a very versatile player. He held Connolly scoreless from play when Keegan got black carded a few years ago who would have predicted that? f i recall correctly he had played midfield at various stages in his career

  74. Hogan Stand website are reporting today, that Cillian could be back in the squad for the Armagh game, and even back it up with quotes from James Horam, who said that Cillian is ”very very close ” .

    What to believe these days ?

  75. Nothing wrong with the training methods, you could break a wrist slipping in the shower. In no way can broken bones be a direct correlation to bad training methods. As said above, its muscle injuries like hamstrings and groins etc that can be linked to poor training schedules. Look at the minors from 2013, we all know they had questionable training methods…lots of them suffered the same injuries. Groins being the main one.

    Im glad Mayo GAA released that statement, i’d be inclined to start Vaughan, if theirs only 50mins in him so be it. Then bring in Murray or Seamie. I hope no posters on here are genuinely expecting us to be competing for Sam this year. Sam is staying in the capital. The only thing that matters for us is Armagh now. They have the quality to beat us. I’ve a horrible feeling that they will, if we hit a few wides early, you’ll hear that groan from the stand and the nervousness seeps down to the players. We need a good opening 15mins in this one.

  76. Whitey Stephen Coen is not the answer, hes a spoiler man marker at best. Not confident on the ball as he handpasses it away as soon as he gets it, Conor Diskin having watched him for Claremorris and St Colmans actuallys plays his best football outfield than in the forwards, a box to box player, has real pace and a big engine.James McCormack and Michael Murray are the other two who could fill the role.

  77. It’s terrible news but it is what it is now and we have to march on regardless. Diarmuid, after a wonderful League final hasn’t really sparked in the championship yet. He is, along with McLoughlin, Durcan, Doc and Higgins, a player we would be looking to to up his game and that would have happened given a half decent run.

    The other guys all need to step up their performance now, particularly the 4 mentioned above, and i believe that they will and if we can get Vaughan, SOS and Carr back in the panel for saturday evening then all may not be lost.

    I don’t think a major re-jig of the team is necessary, I still have nightmares about the 1997 Final when we adjusted half the bloody team to bring in a sub for a corner back – someone else mentioned that above ! We should leave Keegan where he is and start Murray with hopefully Vaughan and SOS available for twenty minutes if needed – neither could be fit enough to start at this stage.

    It’s a big blow for Diarmuid and for the team but it’s also an opportunity for someone else to step up. Hopefully whoever gets that nod will grab it with both hands.

  78. Can’t blame training methods for broken bones. Simply falling awkwardly can break a bone. As a soccer keeper I’ve already broke 2 fingers at separate times this year. Neither in a game. While Diarmuid’s injury is a significant blow coupled with Matty it’s by no means the death knell for the season. It leaves us stretched in midfield surely but look at the dubs with McCarthy who’s a wing back regularly playing in midfield. Any one of Keegan durkan mc Donagh Vaughan or seamie are more than capable of filling that roll. Keep the faith lads

  79. Disappointed for Diarmaid.
    I wouldn’t start Murray because I know so little about him and he didn’t do much when introduced the last day albeit without too much time to make an impact.
    I’d be going for S Coen on the assumption Seamie and Donie don’t have 70 in them just yet. Always gives 100% and probably physically stronger than the other options.
    Heard before Armagh game Cillian not 100%, 90 or 95. I also wouldn’t get worked up just because he didn’t get mentioned in 1 article. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the 26. Amazed how loola some people getting over news on 1 player. Horan actually did mention him recently as fighting to get in the 26 along with the other 3 recovering veterans and that any also quelled any rumours as BS. Much prefer if people focus on the positives, home game in high summer. Something to get excited about. It’s an opportunity for others to step up.

  80. Diarmuid O Connor is and will be pivotal to Mayos ambitions to win an All Ireland for the next 7/8 years. Without him we have very little if any chance. Some might say it’s pessimistic. I say it’s realistic.

    His form was poor v ros..it was ok v down. Mayo can beat lower ranked teams when missing our top players or when their input is minimal but what chance have we of beating teams like Dublin, Kerry etc without Diarmuid O C? Very very little.

    This guy almost singlehandedly won the u21 all Ireland in 2016. I went to every game. We’d have lost the connacht final and all ireland semi without him. He is crucial to Mayo moving forward.

    We were 12/1 with Paddy Power two days ago. Now we are 14/1. Given our injury/absentee list coupled with our lack of defensive structure so far this championship season I think those odds should be higher!!

  81. There seems to be a great deal of pessimism about the injury to Diarmuid. hopefully he returns well and quickly as well as the other injured players. Injuries occur all the time in training as they do sometimes in warmup for games. Its just sport/life.
    Diarmuid`s injury is an opportunity for someone else to step up to the starting 15, and no doubt there are guys in the squad just edging to go and delighted for the opportunity. There are guys in the panel that believe they should be starting before the player now in their preferred position. A setback for someone is an opportunity for someone else.
    Lets just give our support to whatever players are on the field on Saturday and leave all the pessimism outside McHale Park. Just bring your voice
    “When any setback happens in life, there’s a 3-step approach to handling it:
    1. It is what it is; accept it. It will either control you or you will control it.
    2. Harvest the good; there’s a good opportunity in everything.
    3. Forgive/forget all the rest.”

  82. Well said AxelM.
    Come on to f____. We are not giving up. (I was low until I hit Axel’s post!)That’s not the mayo way. Let’s get behind the lads and push them on. Belief in the great lads left to keep the fight. Will have to keep going back to Axel’s post to keep me on the right track.

  83. Just a thought and not being negative . If we had a fully fit squad wouldn’t parsons and ruane be a super mobile pair allowing aiden to no11 . It would change the whole attacking dynamic .
    Well next year maybe .

  84. Diarmuid and Ruane both similar recovery timelines. Maybe if we get to a final!!!! Seriously though and it’s not being negative but the reality is our chances for this year have been hit massively.

    People talk about players due to come back. They’re going to be very rusty and some are past their best days. Then you have lads like Kevin and Doherty not showing their usual form as well as our defensive issues.

    I’d give youth a fling now and put some trust in guys like EOD Murray Mcdonagh Treacy McCorm and Carr. Not saying start all but let’s see what they can do.

  85. Where are we getting the “season ending” bit from? Is that a rumour or accurate? A standard broken wrist would not take 3 months to heal surely??

  86. @Drogs….Surgery, six to eight weeks in a cast , then months of rehab.its amazing how much muscle wastage can occur with six or seven weeks of immobility. I’d say the fbd league or early national league for a comeback.

  87. Apparently from Saturday evening Cillian was ok……but then in 2013 Alan Freeman had the flu…..

  88. Semi Finals 6 weeks from next Sunday. How long does a broken wrist take to heal.

  89. Mayonaze, i don’t recall Diarmuid playing that well in the U21 Connacht final but he had a big influence in the AI semi final and AI final.

    Its a tough blow for Diarmuid and i wish him well in recovery at least it isn’t a long term injury like ACL.

    For all the talk of injuries Horan if he wanted too could start 12 or 13 of the Al 2017 final team and remember Diarmuid was a sub for that final while the two that won’t be starting on Saturday for certain are Parsons and Cillan.

    Biggest concern is the regression from 2017. Loads of mileage on the clock on a number of key players and the wear and tear is clearly visible with some of those players now. Mayo’s last 4 championship games on Irish soil was defeats to Kildare,Roscommon and less than convincing wins v Down,Tipp so the form lines are not good for Mayo against a hungry Armagh team coming to MacHale Park off the back of beating Monaghan in Clones.

  90. Everybody. It’s not even the next game we have to think about. . it’s the throw in on Saturday evening, and then every single Ball after that… The medical people will get everyone injured right, and nothing more we can do about it, only give our best wishes to everyone who has any injury….If we are still in it after next Saturday??? I think we will be (but that’s just an opinion) …We need to be careful not to pick up any more injuries in training, If that’s possible!…..Now that’s not as easily done as said either! . …James Horan has to keep it competitive, and any day of any possible football match training or otherwise there is a risk of injury…. But while Diarmuid injury, it’s very bad news for us Mayo supporter’s, someone else is going to get a chance on Saturday … I don’t know who that will be…. It could possibly be a Player making his Championship Start, pure speculation on my part. .. Let’s get behind whatever Player it happens to be…. and there might be more changes as well that have nothing to do with any injury…. I expect that will happen….. I hope that plenty of potential contenders are putting their to claim a place, and that’s a bonus of having it competitive on the training ground in the first place….. Getting the balance right, that’s the thing….. let’s be in this Championship after Saturday, and let’s?hope our Luck on the injury front improves afterwards…We are well due some good fortune!

  91. I had already wrote off our year in my head but this injury now added to what we have, I don’t think there is any hope of the famine ending this year.

    Reaching the super 8s and giving younger players experience would be a successful season at this stage in my opinion.

  92. I hope the players don’t pick up on this negative attitude from supporters.

  93. All not lost, look at Andy Moran after recovering from the dreaded ACL, all hands needed now for Armagh game, the training matches must be something fierce, Horan will deafinetly pull things back a good bit, need all guys ready and fresh for these quick turnaround back door matches, fit or half fit.

  94. @Just a taught , There will be a Very Postive and Defiant Vibe from the Mayo Supporter’s come Saturday Evening, have Absolutely no Question or Doubt about it….If some of ye want to get away from the subject of the Mayo Injury Crisis, there is a very interesting article on the ‘Irish News’ by ‘Cahair O Kane’ on the subject of the advantage’s conferred on Dublin by the Powers that be in the GAA!

  95. Disaster with Diarmuid getting injured. Wish him luck getting back. Diarmuid could have broke his wrist in a simple ball drill. Doesn’t mean it was in a match at training. Were getting no luck. Donal Vaughan hopefully is fit and will slot into midfield for Saturday. We need to bring in cover to the panel though and a I think the man that’s needed is Conor O shea. Can play midfield and in the forwards. He was released from the Mayo panel earlier in the year. I think he would be eager to get back and sure what he can he do and add something big to the Mayo team.

  96. Wishing Diarmuid a full and speedy recovery. Gutted for the lad. We don’t have too many outfield players who have both the balls and ability to kick big scores from distance. That was just one feature that made Diarmuid so vitally important to this team. Really hope James McCormack is given a go at mid field – like Diarmuid he is a serious athlete and well able to take his own scores albeit being relatively inexperienced at Senior intercounty level.

  97. All we need on Sat is lots of mobility around middle 1/3. While high fielding midfielders are great to watch they tend nowadays to be link-men who have the instinct to break & give match-changing passes. Above all we need a forward or two or three who have the composure to stick it in the net rather than the usual belting it at the goalkeeper. Speedy recovery to DOC

  98. Don’t suppose mid west are doing match commentary on the minor game this evening ?

  99. Unfortunately I don’t think that we have the squad to cope without Diarmuid and Ruane. These two were made for the wide open spaces of Croke Park had we gotten there and I think that’d the end of our chances of being real contenders. You have to wonder why the sessions are so physical at this moment

  100. Very sad to hear of Diarmuids injury! It’s a tough break for the lad.. Cillian will be involved at the weekend, I think it was an oversight in the statement and we as a group of supporters are overreacting! I would go with Vaughan on Saturday night at midfield. His mobility is badly missed this year in my opinion. I would also move Keith out a line as he is a liability currently in the corner, but his pace is crucial and is a huge attacking threat. I would have Keegan mark Rian O’Neill and have Barrett pick up Clarke. Rotate the position of sweeper and wing back between Higgins and KMc.. we need a system in place as we are simply too open to goals.. with that said I expect a 5/6 point victory!


    Barrett Harrison O’Donoghue

    Higgins/KMc (sweeper/free role//Wing back)

    Paddy Durcan Lee Higgins/KMc

    AOS Vaughan

    Mc Donagh Loftus JDoc

    D. coen Andy

    Cillian Carr and Boland to come in up front second half. Strong argument for Boland to start too, and I wouldn’t disagree if he did.

  101. @SeanBurke…..I believe Ocean fm might have live coverage, doubt Midwest will.

  102. Fair play Albany , was just told on WhatsApp that very same thing so must be right. Thanks

  103. Clarke







  104. Look , I wanted James as manager but having said that, thought Rochford was the best we ever had BUT think its pure bullshit for posters here talking about A v B games when they dont attend training .. Blaming Horan is an easy option .. No big fan of his decision making on the line but blaming him or suggesting its his training methods is something you can’t confirm is just wrong .. Maybe posters see our season unraveling and want to blame someone to vent ..
    I’d go with Murray midfield and throw caution to the wind !!
    Time to move on and get behind the lads like never before.

  105. Let’s be honest, we had little or no chance of winning the big one this year anyway so not much has changed. We can still beat Armagh.

    Barrett, Harrison, Keegan
    Higgins, Boyle, Durcan
    Murray, O’Shea
    McDonagh, Loftus, McLoughlin
    Coen, Moran

    Keegan is needed back there as it’s where Armagh are strongest. McLoughlin and Doherty switching positions could spark the 2 of them into form. Bring Vaughan into the HB line and Boland & Carr into the forwards early in the 2nd half to keep our pace and intensity up.

  106. Wishing a speedy recovery to you Diarmuid, we know this is heartbreaking for you, your family, team mates and us the loyal supporters.
    Plenty of vitamin C, D and calcium for the summer!
    Keep the team positive..we need our leader back healthy and fit. Best wishes.

  107. Hi,
    Just a thought but would Jason Doherty not be okay in midfield. He seems good when he is that area?The goalscoring touch is not his strong point at present.
    I read the Donegal goalkeeper was understudy to Slingermann? at Sligo Rovers.
    Just maybe as a few have said this injury is a start for another. Mc Donagh Loftus and Treacy for the hf line.

  108. jr, What on earth do you mean in saying Diarmuid was not having a good season. Did you see him in the league final? Maybe he did not hit the same heights in the two games since but he is still a huge loss.
    Talking about building for next year is nonsense, this year is mid season so why not keep going because next season may not be any better injurywise and some others will be another year older.
    I would like to see Mikkey Murray getting the start next Sat and see where we go from there. He proably has a good deal more football under his belt than either Seamus or Donie and has more pace that Stephen Coen. Wonder where Jason Gibbons is fitness wise? He can hardly be up to pace for county football given how little club football is being played.

  109. Leantimes, really like your last posts. Let’s keep moving forward. We have gutsy talented players and bit by bit is the way to go. Posters here are a credit today with your attitudes, in my book – with your belief, defiance and backing our team. Just had to say that. May we have lots of good luck and let the chips fall where they will, as Swahili said earlier.

  110. For anyone who’s interested, the minor game is live on Ocean FM through their website but not through a radio app.

  111. Sligo have a strong breeze in the second half , we are nine up . Eleven wides seems poor with the wind .

  112. Swallow Swoops you are so right… we are so lucky with Mayo…teams and supporters…believe and trust that this cloud is also an opportunity. We’ll see positives and just imagine the competition when everyone is available. I love our team and expect the very best for them and from them. Diarmuid and Cillian and Mattie and Tom and Donie and all…. they’ll be fekkin animals when they get back from this enforced rest…. believe. Believe in Mayo and continued good luck to the minors tonight… Maigheo go deo

  113. We cannot predict but we can do our best bit by bit. We also know we have character when we need to have it – at least I think so. If we can, let’s enjoy Saturday and see where the road takes us from there. (Good on you AxleM!)

  114. Eleven points up , about 15 mins to go , surely we can’t let it go and as I bloody type Sligo hit the net grrrrr

  115. No patch up job at midfield Saturday please. We have lads who play midfield for their clubs. Natural midfielders. Give them their shot.

    Patch up work might, just might get us to the super 8’s but won’t cut it in the super 8’s.

    Murray, Diskin or McCormack. They need their chance now, and game time.

    Change the forwards around alright and the backs as well but not as cover for midfield.

  116. Minors flying now ,delighted for them , well done to all involved , bring on Galway .four goals scored by Paul Walsh , that’s some nights work . Is he castlebar ?

  117. A chink of light on a dark day, I guessing the u17 final will be in Tuam ?

  118. Thank you AxleM.
    The movie that is Mayo rolls onn. Believe these lads will give it their all because that’s what they know well to do esp when things get tough.

  119. Mark my words Aidan O’Shea will throw this Mayo team on his back for this game .

  120. 5-7 to 1-10… well done young lads. Showing the way to the net…mighty result. 5th July in Galway… Tuam I expect for final. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the tables now. Come on Mayo…

  121. Congrats to mayo minors. It with no disrespect to those players that I have to say – and would have said it win or lose – that Prenty should hang his head in shame throwing the predetermined rules of the competition that team finishing second has home venue in the bin and fixing the game for Castlebar. Truly shameful stuff and I would be somewhat critical of the Sligo county board for capitulating so softly – but nevertheless there is something to be said for walking the higher path. We should have learned something from Kildare.

  122. Great result for the minors. Fair play to them. They have every chance of beating Galway – it’s all on the day at that level.

  123. Sounds like a question for fourgoalsmagee… I’ve no idea though. Good question JP.

  124. Galway will be a tough to beat in Tuam but at least this means we get (minimum) 2 more championship games. That can only help the development of 16/17 year olds.

  125. James fleming, Cian Hanley is gone stateside for the summer along with Sharoize Akram. Whatever happened to Shane Nally? A well spoken of midfield prospect two seasons ago.

  126. The answer to that is hiding in plain sight, JP – the Minor results are all there in the archive here on the site, it’ll take a bit of trawling though then, though, to answer that question!

  127. @James Flemming, we can throw Cian Hanley into the Mayo midfield if the rest of the Mayo Team migrate to Boston.. . Other than that it’s a long shot…. and know about tickets for the Match on Saturday?

  128. Mayo will beat Armagh on Saturday next. The problem of injuries to Mattie and Diarmaid will raise their head in the next round and definitely if we make the Super 8’s.
    You dont race your Thoroughbred twice a week and then expect him to win the big race at the weekend. It makes no sense to me. There are going to be injuries.
    Now I don’t know what goes on at Mayo Training in these A v B games but surely Management should be practicing where our faults lye
    Goalkeeper Restarts
    Goal taking
    Point taking
    Man Marking
    Finish up with a kick about after these drills. Surely to god there is no need to be copying Brian Coadys Kilkenny in going hell for leather in AvB Matches at training.
    What about tactics for games? Where were they v Roscommon? What was our game plan v Down?
    Did we have one?
    Look at the Down game imo we were very lucky to win the game. If Down had brought their scoring boots we would be OUT of the Championship.
    The Down Forwards cut through our back lines time and again . Have we done drills to fix ?
    We kicked wides again v Down have we done the drills for scoring?
    We missed goals v Down was this fixed at training?
    What is Mayo doing at Training I ask?
    I think Mikie Murray should start at CF. We need speed and mobility to feed off Aidan. If Murray is good enough to be in the squad NOW is the time to start him . Otherwise go with the same Team that started v Down.
    Now is not the time to start making wholesale changes. Lets roar on the Mayo on Saturday night and pray Diarmaid and Mattie get well soon.
    Mhuigheo Abu.

  129. It’s not season ending I don’t think that’s been said. It’s 6.5 weeks to semi finals and 9.5 weeks to the final. When DOC broke his wrist in 2015 he was back in 6 weeks

  130. Gutted for Diarmuid, our rotten luck is hard to fathom. What else is there to say. We must move on.
    Presumably captaincy now goes to Paddy Durcan as he is vice at present? I’d be happy with that.

  131. Considerations to Diarmuud. A huge disappointment for him. He is a match winner for us and arguably our 3rd most important player after AOS and Leeroy. I would agree we try and play a midfielder and mikey Murray seems to be front of Q with JH.
    The situation regarding Cillian seems strange and I thought the way JH answered the question about him on the podcast strange as well. He hesitated all most unsure how to answer. It came across to me like he was hiding something and there is more to than fitness issues….i still think we can beat Armagh but it adds more anxiety…

  132. Leantimes. Tickets on sale Supervalu. 20euros- 5euro juvenile. General seating. Got mine yesterday

  133. Thank you guys for enlightening me on Cian Hanley. Didn’t the Flying Doctor travel over from the States to play for Mayo

  134. Best of luck to Diarmuid in his recovery! No reason why we can’t beat Armagh even with him out of the team. We have the depth but JH needs to throw caution to the wind and start using his panel more. Looks like he has no alternative now but to do so. If we get to the Super 8s and get a few more games under us who knows where we might end up. The only player who I feel is truly indispensable to the team at the moment is the big man in the middle. My heart sank when I saw him take a heavy knock up in Newry only for him to pop back up after a few nervous moments. Keep the faith all!

  135. I am looking for a ticket for the Munster Hurling Final next Sunday Can anyone help?

  136. @No doubt, I have a season ticket thanks all the same for the info… The Minor’s were certainly exciting to watch this evening… the Ref gave everything to Sligo in the second half…. Had to feel for the Sligo keeper as I walked arross the Pitch after the match, he cut a disconsolate figure in the Bacon Factory Goal, not that he had any chance with any of the Goals….Pitch is in immaculate condition for Saturday….It should be a great occasion!

  137. DOC has been a game changer for us in the past. He’s a sad loss; hope his recovery is speedy.

  138. Qualification for Super8 would now be a great achievement given yer injuries. Beating Armagh is still well possible and then draw Cavan or Meath in the decider and it can be done. Messier would be Cork playing with attacking confidence or bogey side Galway. Massive match for Mayo football on Saturday folks ye probably got to win it given what happened last year 2 years no Super8 will set ye back somewhat.

  139. I don’t understand some posters who claim we had no chance of winning it this season anyway. Like..think about it…apart from Dublin, what other team is out there that we would feel are genuinely better than us? (When we are playing with a full hand). I was confident even after the ros game that provided we avoided injuries to key players and hit a bit of form thst we had every chance if being in contention and I still have a sense the dubs are a little vulnerable this year. They are firm favourites but there’ll be hairy moments for them before the season is out.

    With Ruane and Diarmuid effectively out for the majority of the summer. The rotten luck of injured midfielders. Cillian absent..Carr injured more than fit. Kev and Doherty poor form…it’s just not looking like it’s gonna happen. Yes, we’ll all follow the lads to the end but far too many things are wrong now and time is against us. It would take a sporting miracle to win it in 2019.

    I still think we can make the 8’s with what we have. Provided we are tight at the back. But the thin squad is going to be the issue.

    Much of it just down to bad luck.

  140. Been out all evening preparing with club volunteers preparing our ground for Féile and was looking forward to sitting down to catch up with posts on this blog. And then I read in ONE contribution that Cian Hanley and David Drake are the men we should look to for a solution to our midfield situation. Nothing against either player but, as far as I know, the former is in North America and I’m not aware of any awe-inspiring performances by the latter at midfield on any team at any time.

  141. My biggest concern is the impact these injuries might have on the morale of the older more senior players who might begin to see their chances of ever getting an all Ireland medal starting to evaporate. Our game over the last few years was characterised by a huge workrate, massive intensity and dogged defending. All it takes is a small loss of intensity to produce a poor performance.
    I am utterly amazed that so many of our lads still have the energy and enthusiasm despite all they have been through. They truly deserve our admiration and support whatever happens on Saturday. Even if they are on the wane they won’t go away quietly or timidly!

  142. I liked the cut of Murray when he came on last Saturday, short stint I know, but he gave a great 20 yard fist pass up the line that led to a point. Seems to have vision anyhow and looked composed.

    Hard luck on Diarmuid but someone will step up to the plate now.

  143. Is Danny Kirby gone off the panel also? Thought he might have been a decent replacement midfield.

  144. Really sad for Diarmuid, good luck and speedy recovery to him. Wouldn’t agree that it’s a disaster though.
    Yes its a setback and he’s a huge loss, but its also an opportunity for someone else to put their hand up.
    A v B games have by their nature to have intensity to them. There’s players looking to push their way on to the starting team, and championship games are full of intensity, so players train at that level so they can bring that intensity to the match day. So I would say less of the Doom and Gloom and a bit more positivity. “We are what we think” There are players coming back from injury and there is depth in the squad. Really looking forward to Saturday night, a big crowd in McHale Park, lets get behind whatever team is selected, and give them plenty of support. Maigh Eo Abu.

  145. There were quite a few suggestions for Murray last week to start against Down. I wanted DOC, but with that option gone, it’s time for MM this week. Do not move Lee around. As much as a pairing with AOS would be wild, he’s too valuable marking one of the threats. Clarke? I don’t expect to breathe for a couple of hours on Saturday, but we will escape (and then we are drawing the Laois/Offaly winner of Monday!).

  146. @no thalf fast. Should we hopefully be in the pot on Monday morning. Our choice of opponent will be Cork, Cavan, Meath or Galway.

  147. Thanks for educating me. Let’s draw Galway then. I was planning to come over for the CC in June against them. Let’s take care of unfinished business in Q4.

  148. Simmayo – just getting back to you belatedly on your question about the podcast. Yes, there is one this week, the preview episode will be online today at some point. Aaron Kernan is the special guest on it as we preview Saturday’s match.

  149. anyone who is addicted to the Mayo News Podcast like myself make sure you download billy joe padden on OTB last night talking about his experiences in Armagh and the game itself. That will tide you through until the podcast is up !

  150. Word from Armagh today is that they have significant injury worries themselves…
    James Morgan, their best defender is definitely out.
    Grimley is a major doubt which would be a huge blow to them as he would have likely been assigned to spoiling AOS.
    Andrew Murnin, they type of player we struggle badly with, a ball winning full forward also out.

    If that is the case i would be confident of getting past them, Armagh wouldnt have the strength in depth we have.

  151. Billy Joe was excellent on OTB last night , in particular his comments on the culture of forwards in Mayo was very interesting and explains a lot when considering why we find it so difficult to develop inside forwards compared to other counties.

  152. @Mayomad … Agreed, Billy Joe is an excellent analysist of the game…. I get his reasoning as to why Mayo have not been as good as we would like in MacHale Park…With Mayo tending to impove as the year went on, the tighter Pitch, and the slower ground in Castlebar in comparison to Croke Park, .. Well the year is moving on, the surface of MacHale Park is even better than Croke Park right now, even if the demensions are still slightly less… The Ball can be moved fast, and the home Support will be as good as ever experienced in Croke Park as well…. I’m expecting some game of football and the best team have no excuses, the weather will be fine by the looks of it….

  153. Ya, excellent, articulate stuff from BJP last night. Interesting that he expects Cillian to play a major part on Saturday. If young Murray is as good as we hear I’d love to see him thrown in at the deep end, but we all know James doesn’t like that sort of hero call. Logic dictates Donie if fit beside Aido, with maybe KMcG or Fionn feeding off that. Above all else KH needs to be freed from that torture chamber and played either as sweeper if that’s the approach, or coming on later to supply impact. Up front, I’ve loved watching DC right since, I think, the first FBD game in Carrick. His movement is as good as I’ve seen from a Mayo inside forward in years, including Andy. I’m expecting a couple of major performances from Darren soon, hopefully starting on Saturday. Heads up. We’ve got this.

  154. Look diarmuid has done nothing since league final , should have been replaced with 1or2more during Roscommon game, ruane is a huge loss ,playing great stuff ,it has been said above let the young men a chance to prove themselves, and I think down the roadway we need is a young coach that says fk it going to try build a team with all the young talent we. Have, and let him live by the sword and die by the sword,. the fact that someone said we have to start Andy, for god’s sake the man is 35′,there is something not right in the camp ,forgive my rant

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